My opinions on recent presidents

October 11, 2014

Carter is my favorite president, because he was a farmer, a peanut farmer, and the world was mellow back then.

Reagon ushered in the uptight everyman a yuppie era, which I hated. He took america from a seventies simplicity, that did what is to be produced, into wall street mumbo jumbo, and an alianation of the good values that bond us.

Reagan also enlarged the military, and was a war monger and scary internationally. He was a dark shadow, economically, and internationally, completely unneeded evils.

Reagan, like Bush w Cheney, at least had the improper appearance of being a puppet to Meese, and two other triumphervtate of advisor; someone in office as electable, not leading, subervient to the military wing; something marking Nixon. Reagan and Bush, and to a deegree, O.

Nixon was worse, he was the one who had to have the kennedy brothers murdered to benefit from the presidency, he had the charactor and corruption to make that leap, he was dysfuctional and a psychological mess on it, regarding viet nam and in general. He was a little child in office, all paranoid authoring the dirtiest tricks. famously slandering muskie to tears so tricky dicks dem opponent would be the defeatable mcgovern. That his dirty tricks were never realized by the american public, the way we realize those mass murderers of today, clearly, and ashamed, is a chapter Amerrica is not allowed to read. And this is the difference, going through bad things, taking on, growing pains. Nixon was responsible for many viet nam deaths, insofar ascribed to the presidency. This whole little wars are acceptable in two bit areas of the world, is nixonian, he’s a part of the roman republican tradition of legitamizing military deaths via two bit historical imperialism.

Clinton oversaw a sunny time in America, with his sax and sexual distractions. However there was a lot of sprawling “deveopment” in the nineties, destruction of farmland and forest, as I call it, that he didn’t address in the least, had no policy to the americans forest and farmland all benefit from.

Bush was a dark nightmare compared to Clinton. Everyone jumped Clinton for jumping Monica Lewinsky, but Bush was the guard on duty when 9/11 happened, and instead of taking the blame and correcting the lapses that allowed it, he plays that into a huge anti-terror industy, which deep down, I would be good at.

Then Obama, who you’d think would care about the blacks in prison, and more deaths in black neighborhoods, and the black economic failure as catalyzing an examination of capitalism, doesnt ask minoriteis once to not kill each other, and any man of any color, that shirks from the issues of his color, is fundamentally not a leader, but a vulnerable exploiited, hanging on to the rudder as best as possible, indonesian elementary school graduate.

Kennedy, you’d wish, had not done marylin monroe and sleazed so many chicks, and passed marylin onto his brother, who made his brother attorney general, without the public noticing, the way the whole public didnt get what an unfair fouling political athlete nixon was, that if your brother is attorney general, who is going to police your abuse of power. It exposes the flaw of government policing government, ten fold, but no one got how structurally wrong that is, to put the bond of blood in executive-judiciary

Eisenhower, I guess is another favorite president of mine. I respect military people, and people who death missed, for the fear it puts in them, is a good thing. However analgomous to Reagan ushering in the investment class with tax breaks, so eisenhower ushered in the tv, commute to the city, don’t produce, be middle class, just what do you do, advertising executive, glorification of banking, money is more important, bullshit.

Truman was from an era of a school tenure of eight yrs or just knowing the bible, graduating from college at 17 was normal, and if the people liked your haugtiness, they ask you to be judge, so you mediate. Other than that I don’t know

My Opinions on TV Shows:

I didnt watch TV much lately, but looked into it again debating my cable;

Sons of Anarchy. Way cool show because it’s based on Romulus, in Roman History, the founder of Rome. THe leader of the Sons of Anarchy gang is the youngest, and the whole thing evokes the early years of Rome.

Shark Tank: Those billionaires are the worst. Most small business should be given a shot, thats the nature of capitalism to encourage small business. So all those rejjections made those billionaires not look like intelligient people, but people who really don’t know what they are doing: getting greedy over ten percent when they are already worth billions; yea nickle and diming at this late in the game; shows you what on paper may be true, in person, aint.


Now the worst thing about the government these days is its continual bombing of arabs when arabs have no choice but to be islamic, rather than trying to free arabs from Islam and have theiir own destiny., and you watch this going on TV, and you watch the lack of coverage of a crooked judiciary, and all the idolotry so far descended and warped from original intent, that the originialist sin of it all, is that this is the federal government on TV, like a tv channel of bombing, the reasnable civilian can’t reach, and this is totally unacceptable, and not the idea of government at all, to be so out of reach as to faciliate the bombing of innocent arabs no more capable of resisting Islam, than Americans able to do away with the diabolical system that enables a president to bomb milllions of arabs, without taking on islamic ideology, which would be nonviolent and nore effective, and generate less vincdication upon us as the blamees for our president’s unreasonable and murderous or killing or violent, action

I’m supposed to be able to talk to someone reasonable, but there doesnt seem to be anyone reasonable out there, so listen to me, you.

“Tyre” by R.B. Bement, an author of work on ancient history travels by mule caravan across lebanon, Isreal and Syria, in 1853, to many old cities and historic sites

October 10, 2014

In 1853 an author of several works on ancient history, R.B. Bement, traveled by ship to Palestine and disembarked at beyroot, he spells it, and trveled south by mule caravan to and through isreal, and the north east to damascus, writing about the ancient sites and ruins, like Hebron, where abraham lived, and how Lake Galillee flows into the dead sea. And the groves and orchards and gardens and desert mountains and outlaws, so conceptually, an interesting book he calls “Tyre” after a city south of beyroot, north of isreal.

And like a good travel, several distinct impressions are made. in this writing that leap out and sear the mind. The first is that upon landing in beyroot, the authorities play this con game, where they insist there is an infected passenger, and they quarentine the whole ship, charging for meals, awful accomodations, and charging by the night, then let people go for a feè. This is almost funny in light of recent and close outbreaks of rare disease.

The second thing is his demonstration that the jews or Isrealites, are not some great tribe, but one of the worse ones, known for poor agricultural skills, never building ships, and learning to do so that and other skills, by apprentecing to more skilled tribes. They were not a rich trading tribe. They didnt have great trade. Once the jews are understood as a cruder tribe, the anti-semetism, of those that never read the old testament from start to finish, may be tempered.

I suppose, theoretically,  they give their mind and brain to a resolution and introspect and reflection upon heaven and greater power and what and where they are. In this sense, the jews are The Kingdom of god, it becomes a metaphor, for searching out the brains, as expanding as mind does, and from there, understanding the control upon the kingdom of god, and what goes on or can, within it.

It is for this reason, the name Jeurusulum comes about, from the cannite words for war and peace, Jeuru, and sullum. This R.B. Brement assures us, reflects the jewish dedication of mind to establishing peace in the war waged on us by heaven or absent universe, what can not be drawn, as graven images, forbidden as one of the two prime rules of the old testament.

Another thing we learn about the Isrealites through this book
Like america, saxons, 400 yrs;
What idolotry is
Ham, worshipped trade and commerce, canaan like america from the hills, lots of people to understand, rome, ruled by another,

Solomon in trouble for lilies, peace, pomegrants, prosperrity, and network of unity brotherly love, all associated with trade and uniting to trade, diminsihses war, theory…..rather than faith and pagan, recognize not see what can work; all nations enriched isrealites under solomn phoenicians under hiram, syrians under resin, fraternal regatrd balbec

Ham believed in or king like metaphor, for each went his way to peopled city, so the people did come back, over focus and metaphor of war, and water. Cannan built factories vessels, cities, so crude, sacrifficial, commercial a part of defflection, what is library, knowledge, of misrepresentation and ignorance of the human race? An elaborate cover up or constructions of ideas and perspective and observation?

Phoneicias creation myth is it came from Ham, doesnt reference the flood Ham links to cain and cain to adam

Anti tribal, isolate and weaponize, sidon, several houses, liked to build and trenches, coonstructio in myth, preserve country side, give back. According, Phoneicia and jjews run back to adam, thus an old testament to jews, and only start at abraham, the ways of back there.

Make a deal, pay for peace, can do it with russia, cant trust isis, beyond mordern coognitated practice. F


September 28, 2014

War with isis enables further extension of islamic authority in arab states at the expense of tribalism and more reasonable principle. It will pump alot of money into homeland security and the nsa, the identification of isis as a threat, and thats total bs if both upper tiers, ofmthe u.s and islam, are sickly agreeing to war. Can u see past the propoganda to the reasonable principle that if both upper echelons benefit from war, we really should question the war this way. So much of what is spied on doesnt have much info, so in that sense spying is a worthless job, or, also, spying on everyone gains non related info that can be used against americans by other americans with nefarious intent. This principe can be seen to exist. It shows such a violent height of foolishness as to require mature discussion insofar as it causes a lot of damage and doesnt seem wise or desirable reality.. Is this mature discussion possible?Let’s look at this again. It’s inconsiderable the agency of american government, and islamic government would consider it a benefit for people to die in the name of war that merely strengthens and serves the interest, repressive interests, of the government of the respective governments involved. This is a real horrible situation to consider. And how can it possibly be allowed? Unless the nature of totalitarianism is a rule of us that serves something else, and ominious situation to broach, and yet quite the nature of true government to truly represent us.Now the U.S. Is the worlds policement, and we have to understand the U.S. Has always served european interests by being the bad guy. First by relieving europe of its population worries by being very mean and rude to the native tribes so their overflowing population could move here. This was done by a constitution binding a large variegated regional area to a federal government, that was thus a monster with one set of eyes for fifty states so to speak, eyes which could not be shared easily and were focused on taking indian land avaricely????……Now this same federal bind makes us the world policemen, serving european interests yet again. Who benefits from our policing? Europe is able to appear the good guy and the communist menace is peskily invaded, and complications avoided. But now what has happened? The international police force we are, with bases from bad germany to arab nations, which we pay for, has taken on a life that benefits from these military interactions. The excuse to spy on its own citizens, weighted foreign policy to intervention, without further rational than perpetuity and increase.Think about it folks, the opportu ity to spy and gain information that can be used against people across the board across the board, may be lucrative enough to buy into isis.Now that is what it is, but the point is to try to deal with it, do something about it, from the fulcrum of its very irrationality and insensibility. Thats the idea of government, to deal with the hard ideas and issues, whose dealtness with, benefits all.Is the u.s. by design, designed to serve european interests? Thats an important question to ask, in our interests.How can this not be noticed? Its like we’re mere avatars. There is a control of history, and a negative one. Whats going on here:, inquiring minds?There has to be some check by the people on not approving spendimg for this morally ambiguos if not outright deadly imperialism of ours. Obviously congress cant stand up to those military goons and vote to defund war, even though thats the course the federslist capers and constitution advocate, which begs the question, is our congress actually threatened to approve war funding every six weeks? Is that a chimera in the mind, doubtless, it has the same effect,Which begs to question just how do the people assert their funds are not to be used for war desired by governments, and not the people. When will we see an islamic state fall to the people, or better tribes?: surely the farther away and more diplomatic we are.Lets look at the purpose of this, to kill and be harmful to earth. How do we marshall this? These negatives are flowing trough government. A government then which is purposely distant and unaccessible to the people and reason’s expression, the distance and disdain, purposefully created to insulate what really goes on from some rudder and ballast that would impede what is able t flow through government, war. Yet nor are the people galvanized. Yet war, is not facilitated through the people, but government. Who is more likely then, to converse on this? The people, or the government?I think its possible to say europe avoids islamic conflict by understanding Islam seriously oppresses arab people and arab tribes, and therefore lacks an intellectual credibility requiring such action. And Europe understands the soft skeleton of islamic control is only strengthened and hardened when engaged in conflict; otherwise, like the soviet union, Islam could fall of its own weight, especially if the option exiists to revert to an arab tribal system more.the only way these systems make sense, is if we are supposed to be a dark bad planet eeking out horrible things on a daily purpose to possible obtain some goal, or to survive.We may perceive these words, but not ably respond, being dictated to, by the very forces that run these roughshod this. Dealing what understoodThe situation is this, before we progress, we have to ask the arabs if they want to be muslim because they have no choice, and what they think of the tribes in arab land. Because if arabs are oppressed by islam, kerrys “let arab land be ruled by muslims not militants” will fail. To just ask thisnquestion and get an answer is huge, but we cant progress without apprehending the oppression and lack of choice about islam.:-)to achievemthis arab dialogue, we have to also lookmat the situation in america and askmus each other ourselves, do we like and want our system of school and capitalism, or could we come up w something better, like putting our heads together, making decisions in local peaceful assemblies w ayes and nays? Concerned parents leading children, discussing what we want? Because arab and america has like this lack of choice regarding years of our life, lack of thinking together, how can this be? We must ask our selves? Its not apathy, its a control we need to discuss

 This is an out of control situation to listen to reason starts with the relegation of school, and there is no way you can think the tips and peaks of the NSA and ship of general, so to speak, can be for militarized regimes with all the accountriaments therein within, its hard to conceive anyone being for that; so its about crossing the distance and reaching them, or being reached by them, to just discuss whether they are cognizant of the scenario I delineated above; and if this so, just what do we really think of this situation upon earth?……..Another plan, code named Al Capone, involves the IRS. We engage the irs, the irs funds the government, they are normal benign bureacrats behind a desk too much doing customer service out the wazoo. If anyone understands tax dolllars cant go to wars that just increase the regimes running them, that’s not real war, or is it the only war there is? And maybe its time for the IRS to stop this nonsense. Sure they were made too insure the federal government can do what it pleases, but that hasnt condemned tto an immorality, at least I hope so; I hope they understand themselves as an enforcement agency, devoid of morality, that therefore then can be capable of comprehending the not even immorality, but sheer phoniness of what the word war would otherwise mean.

in the nineties, islam was a two bit organization people associated with farrakhan and well behaved black prisoners; now, after over a decade of war, when youd think how everyone sees the suicide bombers and sunnis killing shiites as huge islamic turn-offs, Islam is bigger than ever, and farrarkhan a mere speck of sand; Why? Because we force islam to flex its muscle and lift weights and grow muscular to survive us, and thus islam is growing while we war,, and larger, than it was, embodying more foolish ignorant hopes, and actually coming closer to the dream of an Islamic ruled world, something that couldnt even be imagined in the nineties; So Islamic leadership, wants these wars, so it flexs islam further in self-defense, and our regime wants this war so it can get information on citizens it potentially can extort with, and just further be able to mess with the natural dissent of society, whereas in the clinton era, dissent seemed encouraged, and a rather sunny thing to do. That feeling had nothing to do with Hilary Clinton, and everything to do with bill. For Hilary to ride that coattail is shameless. What I mean to ask, is could the NSA and Homeland Sec. Et al contra vu army-navy, want threatening Isis, for the billions of tax dollars that come with it? Now that’s a serious question. And there is a way it seems true. Could the IRS demand action on this?


September 28, 2014

Let’s review some pts. Spirituality is greater than courage because courage comes from spirituality, and not spirituality from courage.. 2) Machiavelli is considered a doushebag because in early roman history when romulus’s tribe was just starting to take over other tribes, one of the kings of another tribe whom Rome had pretexted by conjuring an insult, said, “hey, instead of a battle potentially killing thousands or hundreds or tens or whatever, what about our best three guys against your best three guys, winner take both kingdoms” And of course Rome won, and ironically, I believe, the two tribes got along very well and amalgamated into Roman Hegemony very well. And yet Machiavellli is considered a doushebag because in his discourses he said the losing king was very stupid to risk his kingdom on just three men, and not his whole diversity of resources; just three big bets, instead of many small ones; and just imagine if we and the muslims agreed to that one, or arabs, no….?3) The reason love doesnt work in America is you recreate the kingdom of god and no chick wants that…….Now does Isis know that? Isis was the chief egyptian god, she doesnt appear much ten thousand years later as a greek goddess, supplanted by persephone and her daughter demeter. Why? Because neurotic greeks couldnt handle a female goddess in charge? And why did the egyptians consider Isis’s charge of agriculture, healing,, craft and reproduction, as the goddess in charge, and yet the greeks demote that position to three echolons below zues? And why is there no mention of that importance in hesiod’s genoology of mt olympus? Why is Greece anti-female?……Because Isis as the Egyptian leader of the pagan pantheon didnt tell her people they reproduce the kingdom of God? Or did Isis alert egyptians and that with slavery kept egyptian population down? (even as America is about burgeoning population.) Think this through with me. When the egyptian government enslaved its own people to build the pyramids for dead presidents, or kings; they needed an ignorant population to generate that population. That’s how we are still walking like egyptians. So Maybe Isis was loved for enlightening those as to what they reproduce. In any event, there is no Isis now; just me, telling you, don’t be a fool, don’t reproduce, you reproduce the kingdom of god……..Now some people don’t know what that means. What’s up with that. It’s a basic christian term increated by you know himself, no, not the old testament lord but J.C.. Himself, …..The old testament is a history and the new media a journalistic account of a christ. But I’d say only a few of you actually know what a christ is. It wasnt Jesus’s given last name. Joseph’s last name wasnt christ.4) There are two prominent and truly great 19th century historians who are I want to say outrageously anti-semetic, Burkehardte and Brement, two rich guys with too much time on their hands, so they go to old Historical sites and interepret. Now let’s look at why this can be. Judeasm is based on all members of it’s aglomeration or natal incorporation as being descended from Abraham, I’m guessing 5775 years ago. That means every, Jew today, and i dont use the j word, prefering “descendants of abraham” is a descendant of abraham. Now what? Metaphor? Whats all that about?I am just going to quote Tyre by R.B. Brement, “While Sidon, a grandson of ham, was building the kingdom of sidonia, subsequently called phoenicia, the other descendants of canaan migrated further southward and spread over the country called palestine. When Abraham entered that land the canaanites were few in number and the land thinly settled. he dwelt at Hebron;formed an alliance with some of the natives; rose to be a king and abounded in wealth and servants and cattle and munitions of war; but after his death, we do not find that issac retained the kingdom or was pre eminiently rich.The Phillistines who dwelt at the southwest border of isreal were a distinct race of people from that of the canaanites. They originated from the shepherd stock on the plaims of the far east, near india. Their religon was eastern assyrian. They were ultimately extermimated by descendants of jacob. About 1800 years before christ the descendants of abraham were scattered abroad. Ishmael migrated to arabia petra. Esau, following him, married his daughter and became merged in the same stock called the edomites. Abrahams six sons by second marriage moved to the far east……..”Consider, consider, Romulus. He killed his brother to control the people who had ralllied around the juevenile deliquent, essentially orphaned, brigands of romulus and regulus. Both of these tribes, understood the natural necessity of founding a tribes with different types. Indeed a thesis of the continuing amalgamation f italian tribes through rome and by rome, so we appear, is that the combining of types and unity of diveristy, the most grounding thing. I dont think anyone can say the sammites and vulcans and sabines, each came from one person. Yes, sammittes and vulcans had their own physical attributes, as taiwan, chinese, korean and japanese are relatively differentialiated. So there was some similiar background evolved from, yet can we say the principle of an adam and eve producing each tribe is realistic? Each evolved as some descent we must hope for, from a reality and and nature, that requires some combination to avoid inbreeding and provide a diversity of strengths, unless love and reproduction is predicated upon a height and standard of relation. Certainly for me to imagine, my descendants, or my jewish friend marlowe’s descendants be ordained into some tribe bound and loyal through similiary ancestry…..well that conjures up the notion of family….and tribal allegiance, trumps family, as far as I can tell, and yet family allegiance is very important. Is a tribe a great big family with similiar blood? Did the originals have to split and descend in different directions?5) The caananites and Roman and abrahamic tribes, signify a unifying and bonding after all the shit went down that scars our memory to a point of nonremembrance, the petrification and horror that deep inwardly marks yours and ours existence. OK; I mean ask yourself, really, do you think Abraham really existed? Honestly? Isn’t he just a metaphor for one man starting a tribe? And is that metaphor easily disproved as one of those rare untrue and yet idolized mmetaphors? And isnt this significance, this whole I relate, just a metaphor for one man starting a movement? You know I was at a blackk bar where I generally keep my mouth shut and have two dollar heinekens, and this time a blue hawainan, and I’m not there but once a year if I bike by, and I’m talking to this guy who claims to be the antigang task force, and he says he has a movement ready to start, and I’m like the people need sandwiches and kegs to come out in the street, and he’s like all importance and passion, ando I understand, a movement need not sandwiches and kegs.6) Now audience I think back to what I said; that our three top marines, against the three top muslim terrorists,, for all of america and the muslim world….and its like the conservatives who llike me I imagine are like sure, we’re in, that’s what training is all about; and the liberals, the liberal voices I hear, are like, “no, we’d lose,, it’s too risky” Which is machiavelli’s s asshole advice. So why do liberals not have the esprit and faith, to many risks, conservatives have? Why are liberals such wimps? I’ll telll you. They don’t play sports. If a liberal actually practiced and took a sport or hobby or trade and practiced it seriously, improving by refraining instinct, for the training and knowledge of what breeds success, there is no way they’d be like machiavelli and against the propossition, of three of our best men, against three of Isis’s best men (the terrorist isis),, for some domain and range.round up:-) a) when two people fall in love they need signify by turning to their comunity and say “hey let us all put our heads together and discuss the way we live and what we want and encourage each heart’s to deepen expression”. Thats true love. and the oposite of insecurity or oppression.In our discussion of tribes we need to distinguish between the difference between tribes forming after and before, the alleged fall. Again many dont know what i mean by the alleged fall from a good situation into our history of sin and rut. All those tribesm caananites, romans, abrahams, were started after the fall, after the development of the kingdom of god for the lord. Before the fall, many a group divided, went their way, and founded their descendants to be marked by loyalty of blood from abraham. This harkens a world of blood in the context of family and country, and not sacrifice and spillO a few more pts.Management can only be about not making mistakes, it can be a positive, its a no interceptions no fumbles mentality, not a score points mentality. My life has both the stinging sweat of defeat, and tasty soothe of sucess or victory: I think over a few seasons Im like 8 & 10, which isnt good

Vic Fedorov

Well, I have several comments; first let me say, my original statement was merely an objection to the veneration of scientists who use science for evil, as is still common today, developing government systems that really give us and aid, the corrupt governments at all levels we have now. Perhaps my evokation of Ike’s military industrial complex speech fell low tothe bar. I am just against science being used for evil, and believe scientists, as an industry and profession have some obligation to regulate themselves, so as their knowledge and science isnt exploited by civilization as it has been. As for the subject of immigration, I have two points, immigration is never the first choice. My grandparents fled russia, africans were sold or taken by force and did not want to come here, the current south americans here are not here by choice but by some issues in south america that are the root of this unpleasant issue. And secondly, it is said, they take jobs we do not want. Nothing can be further from the truth. The people here in the trenton nj area both black white and italian, want kitchen and landscaping jobs. People from high school to senior citizens need jobs and work. I can only imagine this sentiment I complain about, that no one wants those jobs, epitimizes a middle class ethos that disparages physical work and actual production for office jobs that seem to generate the insulated and erroneous impression they take jobs no one wants. No. They take jobs the middle class is brainwashed into thinking are unpleasant; but really working in kitchens and landscaping are very pleasant and good feeling occupations with rewarding manifestations. I’ve done those jobs and grown through those experiences, and later when I sold organic vegetables I grew, feeling agriculture a moral venture, and came upon spanish speaking cooks with almost or all spanish speaking prep workers, they would not buy from me, they didnt understand buying local and relations with local growers, because the confusion to immigration can mitigate the moral obligations and integrity endemic to good business. But now let me pass on to what you sound like. You sound like people who have, either you or your family or spouse have good well paying jobs, and those jobs are given by the democratic party, and in return for these jobs, you parrot democratic party lines. Now, that description is a horrible description of something immoral and criminal, and yet it explains and describes your behaviors here. It is particularily scary, because this situation can not exist without thuggery, coercion, and fear. Indeed it is fearful for me to say something, for the scope of allegations have had to made examples and stolen through murder and the coverup provided by patronage commonly…..for which I say I am not an atheist and understand crime commands civilization, because the kingdom of god is easy to control, and that is essentially what you are doing, controlling the kingdom of god for the appearance of the democratic party and to further those criminal interests enabled by patronage and its coercion of you…..Moreover now, if you are in fear, because your viciousness and rudeness can and is, only be a product of rudeness and viciousness upon you, by what controls and rules these jobs of the middle class, and if you are in fear, you only have to be atheistic, because atheism takes the world at face value, and at face value, the world can be construed as scary. And yet, I must say, 1) If you were capable of psychogically apprehending the situation I suspect and describe, if you were capable of speaking to the rudeness and viciousness upon you that you reflect upon those who differ, well this whole immoral nonsense that conceivably does no one any good, would stop. Therefore, tautologically, you can not apprehend what afflicts you, for then the afflcition would stop. If you are in fear, I want to help you and all. The second misconception this underworld seems grounded in, is that this world of twelve years of childhood to work at wal-mart, capitalism that doesnt allow work to get done unless through capitalistic channels, government that is so removed from the people as to be insulated from commonsense and by totalitarian unreasonability, tv, bars, is not that great. My point is, there is nothing so wonderful and great about this way of life that makes it something worth being so vicious and sold out about. Our society at many levels, is miserable, wasteful, unreasonable and foolish. And if you don’t firmly have those precepts; well, crime relies on an anxiety and cool, you often seem to demonstrate, by whatever it is being so important as to compell rudeness because what your in the middle of is so great. The very exaltation of America, and its possibilities and way, is what crime is founded on; whereas a more reasonable view of numerous and routine oppressions, laughs at crime and wonders where the anxiety that causes crime, actuallly comes from.Edited · Like · 1 · More · Dec 7


September 27, 2014

What idolatry is, never knew,
What jacob did to caananites, tribes of one, before key word fall, who knows breeding
Abraham many kids to philistiens

the months

September 17, 2014

Oh it was a long cold winter with many many snow fall shovels, and 4degree ear freezing, and oil running out, and even south jan 9 to Mar 3, it was still cold and ten inches of snow often, then the sun camèout in april and i got work and people starting coming out for the sun, though the weather was cold, and I believe it was too cold still but with some optimistic days regarding heat, but May, I do remember, have the clear impression of good and bad and many ways being magical both good and evil, but magical evil is still ok to learn and know, then June equals summer and everyone’s finally happy, and theres grdening and every day is fine and we all agree June is the best month and the cold finally gone and everyone is happy and July is more like that then august the fall starts to show up, I go to Maine, and Septemberr, the sky gets flatter, more horizontal so the sun sets faster, falls from the sky at a faster rate, the days evening out to nights, the equallity of day and night equaling a flattter sky, not a deep or big skky, with lateral thin rectangular clouds………..

Before indian summer people gasped at the onset of cold, after last winter, then set indian summer, and the crickets still chirp into mid october, and the trees stay green forever, and the tomatoes keep turning orange and coming up, thanks to fire signs and indian summer, and indian summer makes the cold descend gentler and gentler, even enjoying bare feet in too cold evenings, the chill, a sensation

The indian summer, the crickets, going on so late, the leaves being so lazy in changing color and falling, in pennance to the worst winter I can remember of last winter’s cold and snow, that just didnt stop, May being magical but still cold magic, and April being windy and rough and March still being winter cold right long as late as possible in the rudest way,

So now its slowing slowly and the decline in temperature, gentle.

Oh the indian summer 11/12still enables painting in musky fall airs the leaves still notmfalling a good bit green, tho 11/13 the polar storm for alaska will make it toomcold to paint for two weeks.

Hamilton and Burr, too great to happen

July 11, 2014

Vic Fedorov

Jul 3 · Edited · here’s a bit of a historical mystery I’m uncovering. As we all know, one given dawn, Alexander Hamilton and AAron Burr rowed across in seperate boats the hudson river to duel on the weehawken cliffs because Manhattan outlawed dueling, and N.J. Understood both sides should shoot into the ground, OK, but Burr didn’t, Hamilton purposefully shot high and to the right. Anyway Burr was vice president, thou shalt not kill in jersey, despite dueling granted, and the very constitution Hamilton architected would seem to guarentee the extradition of Burr, to N.J.. But somehow, while Burr stayed out of jersey, no state extradited him, and he effectively got away with the murder of the foundation pillar of our constitution. Was Burr protected by being vice president? Do you really think the american people couldn’t handle seeing their vice president extradited and prosecuted in jersey? That the murder of a former secratary of treasury could be covered up in the sense of their being no punishment, because duleing came with the terrority? But then no other famous politician got murdered in a duel. So what if it was a hit, the vice president carried out, because by then, they knew the constitution was bunk, mean to indians, and this outcome a symbol of their disappointment and delusion waking up? I mean what exactly how did Burr get away with the murder of a most prominent citizen; in direct contravention of constitutional understanding and the first principle of state to guarentee the effort to life and property? It would seem to symbolize the obligation to life and property in the state, is in name only. That there really isnt this concern, if its very author’s murder, go away with it.LikeCommentShare2 people like this.Beverly Jean Perkins Thank You Vic, you really help sometimes…needed to think on this.Like · Delete · Jul 3Vic Fedorov scary if you live in jersey, I mean, you can’t kill here, we want the vice president to be prosecuted for manipulating dueling into MURDERLike · More · Jul 3Vic Fedorov But the other states don’t go along? Somehow Burr is above the law?Like · More · Jul 3Vic Fedorov What kind of federation do we have here?Like · More · Jul 3Vic Fedorov One that ignores murder, the murder of the writer of its most pompous lawsLike · More · Jul 3Vic Fedorov You need no further proof of how frustrating our constitution isLike · More · Jul 3Mari Brandon Alexander Hamilton got killed in a duel. ? Well, far-out–the bastard was a major capitalist pig who helped corporations and hindered the ordinary citizens. Thomas Jefferson wanted a nation of yeoman farmers and craftspeople (and of course slave-owning plantation owners) , Hamilton was all about corporate capitalism.Like · Delete · Jul 3Vic Fedorov thats what im sayoong it was a fixLike · More · Jul 4Vic Fedorov Mari thats what makes this political karma so intriguing. Since when does the most evil man of the milenium die in a duel, it be covered up by not being punished, the murder aspect is not recognized, ? It can only happen if the repubican establishment found out how evil he is and just took him out this way; his foolish penchant fordueling, this was at least his fifth, he always shot in the ground, so thats good….Did he basically let thte republicans through burr, kill him? Did he know Burr was shooting to kill? He wasnt a natural born citizen and his allegiance to this country, possibly questioned through his allegiance to his father, who wasnt of this country, but the pirate carribean off shore private slavery bad thingsLike · More · Jul 4Vic Fedorov When the vice president murdered the former treasury secratary and author of overr two thirds of the federalist papers, in a duel, and no state extradited Burr back to jersey, despite the constitution extradtition laws, the stain of murder, was effectively covered up, and taught as an inconsequential duel. It was the equivalent of the murder of timothy geitner, by dick cheney. Killing via duel, was a big crime in New Jersey back then. It was discouraged, and deaths resulting, prosecuted. People were expected at most to shoot in to the ground. So this was murder, a huge murder; and because it wasnt prosecuted, History refuses o speculate on the proximate cause of the murder. Historical analysis is so inside the box of history, that if the murder was covered up because it wasnt prosecuted it didnt seem like a big deal,, there’s been llittle inquiry into the proximate cause of the duel, not the literal reasons behind it, but it seems a plot to get Hamilton; It’s very cover up and letting Burr get away for decades, speaks to the same cover up that demanded Alexander Hamilton dead. The ratio descento of the murder of,the architect of,the constitution has always been merely a duel, emotions:-) does anyone really believe that? Because were that the case, burr wouldnt have been indicted for hamiltons death. Were that the case, burr wouldnt have gone scott free. You can say it was emotions and officials like burr above the law……but that involves too great a condemnatikn of america, to,remain as itmhas:-) far more likely, it was something people were in on, and done for a reason, because it wasnt THAT scandalous that the courts couldnt play through:-) burr could have done a little time for it, but these people in in consoiracy get protected, or,they wouldnt do it. America would have liked to,stamd up,to,and stop dueling, thus missing this opportunity is also suspicious.Edited · Like · More · Jul 6 at 11:39amVic Fedorov And why would they want hamilton dead? Because the constitution sucks. You concentrate power in a few, and to committ the worst crrimes, those few just have to be controlled, concentrating power in a few enables systemic crime, a government thats a front…..creates a vulnerability to the quiet softings of satan……the lessening that that we know works through a cnstitutional system this way……but the same lessoning also shows how hard it is to reason and discuss this. It’s obviously true, and very important to discuss, but there is no discussion of it. What foments discussion? inquiry, and moral axis. Therefore, corruptions fester in secrecies; and sunshine of discussion on hard issues, may resolve them. We need more light here; I dont know how to get you to reason to this logic. But some of you personally know it is true, and pointedly don’t talk. So there’s a huge need for therapists, not sure if you can buy stock in psychologist, might be a bit like private prison, not really the straight and narrow, you are in a country, like most with a constitution that concentrates power; the main thing that does, is enable crime and make government easy to control for crime, some of you know this personally, Any talking about it, would shine it away; so there’s a totalitarian chasm of silence; yet out of that chasm shall come the change, the newEdited · Like · More · Jul 6 at 12:00pmVic Fedorov This isnt negative folksys, this is the opportunity to talk, which is really positive. The ability to reason, is less important than the ability to talk about what you went through. To object, to, say something does not make sense, requires a healthy psychological disposition…….and talking about this secret capstone, doesnt happen, for then it would fall:-) thus i offer a rare opportunity to talk about something very important, that could further therapeutic things. The opportunity to talk about very serious things, hereLike · More · Jul 6 at 1:06pmVic Fedorov OK I said Hamilton was the worst man of the milenium, and maybe you thought, no, Hitler, or Stalin, or Mao, they all alleged and did kill millions. But see, they were all twentieth century, and began just as the near extermination and running off of the native tribes here finished. And that’s why Hamilton was more evil than ghengis khan, so to speak, by uniting the states as he architected, he was the leader, Madison served him; he effectively created the vehicle that gave the native tribes no hope nor real interaction or protection from. That elimination of native tribes here, was the worst thing done of the milenium; and as it finished up, (in the end of the 1800’s and early 1900’s) we can see world expression, of germany rising up in the 1880’s out of city states, imperialistically in 1914, and super criminally in the 1930’s as a painful wail of anguish that the tribes over the atlantic were gone, and by western sacrifice; that’s if we interpret History with this symbolism, or even as a literary novel, yuch though itt is, the twentieth century came with its mass murderers, after the mass murder, or unfair war in north america was over; That was what was so bad about Hamilton, off the ten dollar bill, and when the work he set in place was done; it was germany that inflicteda painful self-wail, both following suit of horror, and crying out, for the loss of tribes, as only germany can insofar we believe, the germanic tribes held out the longest in europe, without being crude as goths and visigoths; resisting roman expansion greater than the brits, scots, galls, north african and italian and spanish tribes. Germany, as the strongest leader of european tribalism, wailed in a vicious expression of world historical symbol, about the loss alex hamilton designed………………………………………..And yet when we all take responsibility for this, for europe was behind the conquest of north america, it enabled europe keepings its population down, and america doing the dirty work, per the european design that created and still rules through, our constitution…………when europe and us, take responsibility for our recent history of barely a hundred years, we will return to tribalism; and this epoch of history be done; and who knows what the new change hold?……………………………All of this ———————– from the cover up of the murder of the chief author of the federalist papers, which has the constitution in it, and the virginia convention followed suit, resisting the nj plan for a more morally bound judiciary, and diplomatic states….as Madison and his virginian co horts in June basically did as Hamilton beckoned…….from the disguise of his murder, as feud, thus warping your vision of how big he was, and Burr a sitting vice president; who knew vice presidents did so little, and yet so much……nor in a side note, can extraditioin in a common law country be conceived within this Stain of Weehawken……………….what I mean, is by not extraditing Burr to jersey for murder per law, we fail to see the extraordinary t o this story, nor how suspicious it is, and thus no disgruntlement or knowledge of the constitution as anti-tribal, comes to the fore of media, or person.Edited · Like · More · Wednesday at 3:19pmVic Fedorov By this analysis, the brits threw the war to us, and by parallel, in the battle for italy between rome and carthage of norh africa, carthage threw the war to rome, in both cases fo the rising power to dominate tribes and take them to history, or ratherr the dustbin historry can be. Both wars basically had foreign troops, british and carhtaginian alliances, marching around tthe somewhat foreign land of italy or america, and eventually losing. Both places establish promient cities with the word new in it, neew cathage of spain, as spain was in the deal foughtt for too, and new york and thus both shared an interest or stake in the new workl or rome and america, without playing a historically noted role of benefittinng foroem relegation of native tribes. The romans were not foom italy, through its murky, nor americans of america.

yau sau taasiatna, I say, Satan

June 1, 2014

everything is metal,
And if you mettle with the metal,
You become metal.

Our mind and eyes is gaseous and airy,
Reaching out of itself, perceiving a metal, compared to our mind, all around.
Our mind, a mere degree, of much stronger mental metal.

(I would say “Nouemic” but while heavy metal beneath brain cell’s froth, it’s black remains ooze be so somewhere in brains’ aloft-down there, a combination, of forces under and of—-that we have to get at at, and grab the palpable) 

And this metal is Satan.
And Satan is everywhere and everything.
Acting as one. ****** (tune in)
To the portal out your mind, to where the actions of the dark prince be one

Our mind came late into what has long been,
And so what has long been, long filled us up,
Till satan be so, in everyone,
And Satan be a small part of me; not by any choice, but that we came long into satanic dominion

Satan is not of the future, but from the past;
So clinging to the present, like sail-wind a mast

Satan the Republican, As if Satan has no hope,
From my mental clarity, a better world elope.

Then Appollo rears his head, after the wettening storm,

Where is the center of it all, but radiating his lighting rays?
Earth under some standard contract,
Appollo beaming bright,
Here we are some lesser moment
And pith thats still all right

Here we are in sun and light, of mind and sun;
Easier to expell spirit, then satan’s work undone.

See, there is some metaphysical metal,
Before us, or, implanted in the mind of Earth,
Yet, not from Earth. galavanizing something.

Aw, see, it is Satan, Satan did it, does it;
Is responsible for all of this;
Were we not of Satan, we would have done better;
At least now, we have something to blame, and work through.
Satan: Satan is holding you back:
Only something satanic, could hold you back.
So blame Satan and move forward;
Don’t let higher power help you;
Blame Satan, and reason forth (your life is umaneagble because of satan)

—A predicament, here, and foreigñ, to be oppressed by Satan;
-Jacob and Joseph went through something like it too.
Do you help your oppressor, and if so how?
Or continue to resist his rule and fuitley rue?

the material world blurs with the tv, as images are transmitted over space;
Conduit pipes wires of electricity from added value earth, like another sun; for light and heat;
If you can imagine, the same is so in Satan; the not there yet there, an image, of reality;

For humans are not the only Satan conquers and controls;
Nor even earth, the first planet;

How is this possible? How can Satan take over a planet of Humans? Does the Spirit even ask?
It is because Satan is superfine, and we are only fine; and those years asking “are you fine” ignorant of the superfine’s effect on the fine;
Fine is not enough.
Because Satan has a superfine wire or fiber transmitting Satan, to each of you, us.
Satan connects the vast darkness to each, through some superfine wire, to our brains.
It’s a wire of darkness, perceived by the imagination, fainter i what we see,

Satan is not some beast, but with the superfine capacity for taking over whole planets.

This implies Satan has changed form from what once was over time; parallely, earth is forced to adapt and find other forms of life than nature.
This implies satan communicates among its parts; conversely, the human form is enjoyed aggregate and in parts.

Yes something can be in our brain. Something can be in their brain. How did it get there? You have to see the brain as a source; that is then connected to other sources; and that those other sources were here first, and therefore, our organic quality: We, Earth, is inside, It.

It is finely tuned, fine tuned, to operate us, to control, and connect us; to operate you, a very remote finety.

There is very little energy wasted; what is needed, in its direction, flew, flows, files forth.
In that sense, other directions may be choked out; and what little energy, left and needed, remains forsoothe

Journalists, not there.
The pin pricks of humanity in space, the comfort, of the comfort, we provide outer space;
This is where we rest all day and night, upon such dark downy pillow;
Yet even such darkness, not as black; as our contant reminders, things are worse than Earth;
the constant remainder we remind with tragedy; we will our control, of this satanic earth;

You can’t imagine places worse than Earth:
You can’t imagine, how great Humans are:
And you can’t imagine, how this roused the Metal-Ire Satan;

The chokehold upon us, our comparison to the Universe;
Realize you are in the Universe: How many things are fake, relative.
Phenomenology through this, with me. For instance; the comfort of universal components, less than us.
less than us, making on less

For universal components, we give a great deal to; this is the hard part, and the importance of seeing opportunity.
In the loss of a great fraction;

There are places worse than Earth, that we deep down feel.
The weakened left sidedness is lost to.; the metal is using yours and our brains;
Our government does not know what it is doing;}

Unless in its interior, inscrutinable, inferior dawn of awakening; government realizes, things are not right.
HSee, you cant imagine something worse than earth, I can’t, lest it dawning all around.

You must see Earth as an astronaut, whose even green hue; pales the whole universe before her, to astronaut eyes;
That Earth, even as added as this; babble awash in metal; even with human minds mere pinpricks cheering a distant harder outerspace; is several times as good.
Jesus said, we are in a world of sin, the kingdom of god makes us o Jesus did not ascribe this tragic nature to Satan.
Because satan censors.

Now what we have to see, is the nature of man and women under Satan,and in Sin; For it is not a natural or nature intended of us, so to speak.
Thus, to speak to man, so mechanical and twisted in sin, one must guide, and lead, to something which at this level, must be in a world historical context;
Insofar the media beginning to understand this, has long not understood this, gaining a trenchhold here, by recognizing the trenchhold here,
Is bound to ramification everywhere media grows, and deserving the issue.

A little light in darkness, commands those sensing the light.

 Yet Satan’s, ….The metal’s…..The ways of darkness….The fractures of black……

This is going to be hard for you,
But you are so close to me
As to go through the terror
And go through the horror,  

And that feeling something has been taken from you:
That we can deal with something important; and the dealing not stop, once established: by proximity, terror, and from that, talking.
Diplomatic rights, taken away, asserted, a welcome relief.

You see, men, this is about World History
Treating The Introduction of Satan, with respect;

This is about seeing the snake peak out of imaginary earth
And you understand the hole he comes from, good.

You see, my friends, this is Middle Earth:
Not way above, our minds in space;
But the universe avast below,
Reaching up, to us.

Where brains, and sources mix
An immediate equilibrium,
And the ways of darkness
Fracture without a laugh
Like an opague mirror visible through
While still at This level,
Mind expands into Space;
And outerspace Must be mind,
The darkness must be the borders of something else ongoing so important;
That the fearful deservedly laugh at me.

The Sources of Middle Earth, The Right Here, How heavy, Metal, is.
Makes an immediate midpoint that is middle earth

As Earth, and we, are in the middle of the universe,
though our mind contemplate stars, and blend shadows,
the leaning, loomed, luminious,
pinpricks in space,
Be away from the beast able to prey, by being more exquisitely composed;
Here, we logically try to have the gall to assume talking.

You see, we are, world history, there is some source energy spent on that, creating this.
It’s a simple matter of inflowing this information with the energy floating swiftly about about me.

For this media to trickle and subvert your media; reroute the river to protect your city;
For the media to know the news flows through them, flows through them,
That we can stop it, by recognizing, it flows through made up, because satan has transformed us;
So it is to be influenced by satan, to the most critical news………….

If somehow we can talk about what we lost, and are;
It will be established, and establish itself, and the new establishment, more functional, than this old one.-

Man is with Sin; Man is no high rank nor capability. Do not ignore this. Knowing-truth is good –

But what keeps from us negotiating with Satan? Man? Man is inbetween God and Satan? Heavy metal?
People need to hear; but what else can Satan direct; but everything possible.
The moral tones of the least first and the best worst

Say Satan did that to us? Then what? Is the equation?
And is the equation a lever to move earth?

Prop-o-gand-a in the USA and Rome

May 27, 2014

Chap 3

It is a different beast when Polybius speaks of Greek History. His view describing as wide a world of affairs as possible, reflects his theory, world history is united and related. His account of the Aetolian and Achean league wars, graphically document the factional violence differring Greek History from Rome. But then he cuts to a culture of Arcadian sacred herds, and culture of music, and singing poetry, and customs of hospitality, conflicting with the massacres and confiscations of Arcadian political history. Again the broach between politics and culture is cited, as broad, as between Tribalism and History in Italy. The two party or two faction polities of Greek Cities were all or nothing affairs, with bonds and loyalties greater than citizenry.

But Culturally, Polybius reveals, studying singing was mandatory many years, thus enacting a tradition of education around singing and song; extending into singing contests for each age. Is this wonderful, and tribal custom; or the introduction of state education, its taking of time from the individual, and resulting in artistic, but possibly not construed as productive or benefitting, contests; mirroring our years of education often for jobs that require much less, for which more time would blossom more learning, were not the capstone of knowledge the kingdom of god, and the kìngdoms of god and heaven reigned in by the universe.

Clearly their swapping songs around campfires and mastery of singing, is a sophisticated way of improving society. And yet one wonders the extent of their practice; was it like band practice?

Polybius concludes this anecdote, saying the Cyntheans, suffered the worst factionalism, because they ceased the singing tradition, a singing tradition that was used to compensate for the rocky terrain, and high hills, of the region, that made life difficult enough to require singing to soften the hardship. For those who have ever complained of colorado’s long winters, perhaps culture singing would help. I mean that’s all the lesson poybius offers upon this story of concurrent greek history, with the clear moral, singing is especially needed in harsh terrain. We would be hard pressed to call this propoganda, tending to instructive instead.

He tells the story of Phillip seiging a city, and hearing the concurrent great loss of Rome to Hannibal in the battle of trasimene. In the beginning of the story, there is a carciture of greek political thought constituted as a plan for King Phillip to attacK Italy and so unite Greece, now that Rome was weak, in the striking theatrical light, of taking advantage of a weakened Rome. Then the light shifts to the reasonable light, that whoever wins, Carthage or Rome, will then take over Greece, which History shows did happen; thus creating the real issue of whether to preemptively attack as united greece, Italy. Then a peace conference of warring greeks under Phillip, the Aetolians and Achean leagues decided it wiser, not to, given the immensity of the warring armies in Italy. However, in a speech, this reason was categorized as the wisdom of ceasing war between the greeks, and tending the military, so as to be prepared for the Victor of Italy.

This speech is interesting as it noted how greek can not speak as one voice and not war, but cross the river together, uniting against the barbarians, and preserving their cities. This evokes the call for America;s Republic, as a tacit and cited unity against the indians, more known as the reason for uniting diverse regions as it is now. It is ignorance that we and the world doesnt realize the purpose for our federal government as protecting us from barbarians, precisely as greek with its disjointed cities and shifting leagues, was unable to attain, from menacing tribes all around Greece, that Rome was able to achieve in europe, and America, here. One can look at Greece, and see the attacks upon them, even warlording tribes Lord Byron took on, ruled greece two hundred years ago.

But this subtley leads to the important question of whether a republic, such as here and Rome, clamps down on factional fighting, a city state, or state system, in Greece, was unable to suppress, as the alternative to our effete federal government is a system of fifty state with several regions or leagues, factional fighting. When factions fight, one side becomes or hides behind the government it controls, and so can do whatever it wants; this is the nature of the civilized constitutional state we have. Distant government, policing itself, essentially unchecded by the people it secretly outside history’s eye, or openly, oppresses, structurally provides an opportunity for crime and oppression, as the people don’t have an effective check on the government, when the government polices itself; a problem here, in greece, and rome, historically and currently; which it is very hard to do something about.

But we have to ask does the unifying of states, and curtailment of state rights to diplomacy and treaty, by ending conflict and war between states, in America, and Italy; create the factional violence Greek is marked by, and America and Rome, held off? Is there something about fifty states, all with diplomatic liscence, that will then lead to conflict between states, and then factional viciousness arise within individual states, as the blue ideologies will support eacch other across state lines, as will the red, and so the resources of factions beyond their states, lead to the fomenting and fronting of factions, which as potential organs for regional sympathies, lose a conscience regarding local rule, as has happened in N.J. As local officials are ruled by the statewide democratic machine, they allowed oppressive developments and destruction of natural resource, the local people found very unpopular; simply because local officials, beholden to state party, could not stand up to the interests of greed and money; which in itself, is only explanable by a civilization and history, where higher power manipulates the humans insofar as this higherr power manipulation is neither known, nor noted, and then unable to be stood up to, as governmend and media so too be, and the people rail complain and cry oppression, without uniting or changing through reason, arguing against higher power, without recognizing such. (Change)

One clearly sees, as Polybius turns his attention to the amazing imperial phenonoma of Rome, that Rome was designed for expansion and suceeded by achiveing a hegemony over italian tribes, and not driving them to a different continent; and how that was a moral imperative to their expansion, and why American imperialism beyond california and hawai and alaska, has stopped; you can’t go forward in a native world, when you drove out and exterminated natives, And yet Rome was more duplicitioius than this, in that taking care of the tribes they conquered, they enforced an italian unity, essential to further imperialism. Whereas America had a steady influx of europeans needing land, and providing calvary; also indicating the low density and smaller numbers of the indians, given their nomadic propensity as well.

Chap 2

The History of the Roman Republic is versed in propoganda, or memorialization, far more than America, and in this sense, borders on russian culture, and more so, the specific goals of propoganda one saw in Soviet Russia.

One of the few military losses of Rome’s 800 year republic, was at Cannae, to Hannibal, in the second punic war. Hannibal’s soldiers were men with years in the trade, who had hiked to Italy winning all their preseason battles with gallic and spanish tribes along the way from Spain. They were career soliders, whereas a good chunk of the Roman men were young and conscripted for the emergency that was Hannibal.

The romans had two consuls, or presidents, and would lead at the front, travel with the army, and they would alternate power by the day, if they couldnt agree, so they were both at the front, Fabius, moderate, cautious, grooming troops through highly limited engagements, and Varro, and later mInicus, whose rashness led to the huge loss at Cannae, where Hannibal tricked them, by hiding men in hollows of a field at night, to mabush in the mroning, and positioning his troops, so the romans cut through the center flank, only to be pinched in, for which Hannibal sacrificed the naked gallic troops, and the spaniards, with their national dress of short purple embroidered linen tunics, like miniskirts. The galls believed in fighting naked.

So the lesson, for all to see, was, caution, and prudence wins, for the romans were lured rashly into attacking. Fabius was against it, the rash co-consul, ordered it. And in the previous month, fabius had rescued his co-consul’s army from doon, so Polybius wrote, “How (edit names cautious generals) the forsight, logical thinking and cool calculation of a general, differ from the rashness and bravado of a mere soldier.”

This moral lesson, mirrored the famed roman personality,, as one of prudence, ideally wisdom, and superior logicall reasoning in a spock like detached, and ultimatle ystatist way. The effect of this cultural trailt, of this trait inculcated in every rendition of the story, was really for the roman people to accept things, not complain, wait and see, be conscripted, and so accept the dominion of the roman state. “Prudence” as propoganda, leads to a passive and accepting dispostion to something oppressive. A greater culture would promote, thinking together, and the form for coming up with a plan to get around and combat oppression. Caution, should include, opportunity, and opportunity, success: But this roman homily, isnt about opportunity and triumph over success, but the roman virtues that enable roman perserverance; a perserverance against oppostion, opposition that is psychologically blended as both Rome’s own government, and the Hanniballic North Africa invaders out of Carthage.

Then of course, we must add, the practice of the Roman state, alternating power by the day; is where the wholesome nature of the roman republic comes from, paling though, as it does, before the Gallic and tribal homily of daily noon circles open to all; and promotes, alternating power does, the ideaa change is good, and the household practice, most of all of sharing power, and rotating power. This is thus a housefold homily most of all, and conforms to a householdization, consistent with the state, at odds with Tribal hegemonies, allegiances, and bonds. Alternating power by consuls, as much as a president rules a vice-president, conforms to nursury ryhmes of propiety, and sinister social ways of corrupted older teens, where a dominance and subservience is assumed between friends. Sharing, is in the way, of property ownership, which is in the way of tribal understandings, which have been subverted by democratic/communistic movements, in the classical, and modern world. Both had essential subversions of humane tenddencies by organization for the people, like the office of tribune, and political parties, and judges, by this reckoning, that essentially acted against the people, allowing republicans and patricians, with their military ties, to prevail, far too often.

The cultural effect of the galls fighting naked would be an intrinsic resistance to civillizing influences. A national dress for the spaniards, would translate into a spanish uniformity. Unifomity can be used to conform good, or conform evil.

Romulus and Regulus, were raised by shephed parents on the river tiber, and became juvenile deliquents rallying others to break the bonds of their senrios, and brigand with Romulus and Regulus. This rough nontribal upbringing,, by negligient outcast parents is actually a very humbling myth or story, reminding romans, they come, not from a tribe, or rather, community structure, but bad negligient parents, who let them form juvenile deliquents, that go on to conquer the tribes, their brigadier friends came from. This inauspicion makes it very humble to be Roman, and in a wholesome way, inclucates the famous part of their personality, of humility, moderation; always at odds with their self-considerations of their military prowess.

Chap 1

Gonna show a quick comparison between   propoganda the white house puts out on its whitehouse website description or explanation of The Constitution of the United States;  and Cicero’s writings. This will show how similiar the historical culture of the two are; as well as pivotal differences:

For instance, in Rome, only the rich were allowed to be senators, something originally defined as a class, presumably with a better section of the city. Thus therefore,  Cicero’s glorification of past Roman generals, is grounded in the notion theìr greatness comes from serving the state. This is psychologically deconstructed as,  remaining from the law, only the patrician class can be senators, and therefore this service, makes Rome, greater and greater. Rome’s greatness stems  from its wealthier citizens, controlling society, and making Rome greater; fairly easy to see self-serving propoganda by and for the ruling class, outright positing their republic’s greatness on the legal assertion of superiority being associated with wealth and property. 

Does our polity still lean this way? Why don’t we know, one proposal at the great constitutional convention, was a senator or two from each trade, representing states and the people. Alexander Hamilton, argued against this logic, that mercantilists, owing an allegiance to no trade soley, were better suited to represent the republic. This country would be better off, if people skilled in production, had more sway.

Roman propoganda is about the superiority of the rich, and how only allowing the rich to hold office, led to the greatness of the roman republic. American Propoganda is not an assertive one, but a passive ignorance, that the way our government is, was designed in large part, to take land from the indians. Our propoganda merges with Rome’s also in an ignorance that a government policing itself, enables people behind the government to enact systemic crime without fear of government.

Cicerro starts On the Common Wealth: “without a sense of public duty, Manius Curius, Gaius Fabricus and Tiberious Coruncanicus, would not have freed Italy from the attack of pyrrhus….Duelius, Atilius, and Mettellus would have not banished the fear of Carthage….without it, the two Scipios, would not have quenched with their own blood the rising fire of the second punic war.”

“The need and love for noble actions, which nature has given to men so they may defend the common weal, are so compelling that they have overcome all the enticements of pleasure…” for those who believe in the challenges of state, rather than a life of ease.

“Noble Actions” are essentially military behaviors to essentially and consistently, expand the Roman Republic. And yet the sentence can be construed to compell any noble actions that defend the common weal. Thus, literarily understanding the concentration of power in patricians, as facilitating immoral greedy and foolish crime; insofar the patricians were not really policed, being the only class allowed to serve Government, for which the Propoganda of Cicero, and the sense of serving your country, militarily, as a public servant, or patriot,, subverted and hard as that is, is derived.

The notion of a formal state, being greater than, an individual, so close to military culture, implying a potential and actual conduit of military dominance of civilian government, is understood as the concept taking the tribesman from his tribe, and putting him in a state. This equation, is negative to sensibility enough to encompass this consumption of government. Thus the same cultural spirit, that dominates ancient Egypt, as National Socialism, exists in Rome, as obesiance to the state, and for and by the upper class, as well, this last implying a greater òppression of the upper class. And in America this is most seen in an enforced education, that takes the ultimate responsibility of rearing and parenting, and putting a very large proportion of that in the literal hourly regulation of minors and so family, through school.

Cicero’s virtue of government service, ignores tribal community circles, in amplifying the value of extensive and distant state. He goes on the believe in the power of great laws, to enforce good behavior, to the benefit of all, citing one philosopher’s greatness, as teaching students the reasons for particular good laws. In other words, laws enforce the training he teaches. This loses sight that training, the acting for good effects in a way not necessarily intuitive, explains the principles behind its withholdings and expenditures; there should be no enforcement of good laws in theory, without reasons being easily understandible. I believe that is the principle of our ninth amendment, if a right is denied or disparaged, it must be retained; and such retention, would naturally involve the explanations for its principles of reform or order.. This overarched philosophy, of Cicero’s understanding, good laws, handed down from the upper class, will create a good society in general, is propoganda justifying the superiority of the upper class; something most humble people know, is often the oposite. Sterling’s condemnation of Blacks, must be discussed. What is he worried about? Does his anxiety stem from violence to women from black males; Whatever the catalyst, this needs discussion and reason, not repression, and sweeping under the rug with strong discipline; yet any discussion of racial anxieties and conversion to harmonies, might threaten to expose the NBA as promoting anxieties, more than harmonies. Likewise, what was causing Eliot Rodgers anxieties towards women? A society that cream puffs intimiacy, and overvalues sex, to the exact loss of more positive and meaningful qualities and concern? And yet again, why would and did Kate Hudson go out with Alex Rodriguez? Honestly, what is possible there. One wants so much to ask her. And what would her answer be? It’s a discussion that requires answers, and not sweeping questions, anxieties and discussion, under the rug.

Cicero’s case, that statesmen are superior to teachers, as the former compell a good behavior from many, while teachers can only teach, a few, is based on the risky supposition of enforcing behavior without explaining it; something civilization grounds its one way street from tribalism, exactly in. Yet it is historically clothed in a dominance of the upper class as an evil propogater; conversely free the lower class from a pressure-packed scrutiny, and effectively making the upper class, almost buffoonish, in their false justifications. It is tautological and self-reifying; Cicero: “we are powerfully moved to increase the resources of the human race, since we desire by our planning and toiling to make life safer and richer”.

While this ignores the logic of tribal peace, increasing the resources of the human race, is a thin disguise for increasing the population, and this supposition merges with the fact, there is a material wealth to civilization, prima facie inexplicable across the grain of logic, civilization is. But that’s the deal. A decrease is sensibility, for an increase in material wonder, ambiguos if it is. …”since we are spurred on to this agreeable task, by nature herself, let us perservere in that course, ever chosen by the best of men.”

Cicero assumes the state is the only source for justice, shame, common law, morality, reverence. Whereas community and the people engender such superiorly to what has been demonstrated by History in the past, and we are all a part of; difficult as it is to talk about, means we must start with me, and accepting the initiation of dialogue on world history as a plannable thing, derived with references like this.

Cicero says brave good politicians, would sooner die for their country, than grow old. This is the modern mantra for necessary wars today as well.
He then cites greek histories with their exiles and bipolar dysfunctions, where Themosticles, and other exiles, always found work for the traditional enemy Persia, to compare Rome favorably to. The greeks were more understanding of the desperate quality to good culture, and more open-minded, in good and bad ways.



” The need for the Constitution grew out of problems with the Articles of Confederation, which established a “firm league of friendship” between the states, and vested most power in a Congress of the Confederation. This power was, however, extremely limited — the central government conducted diplomacy and made war, set weights and measures, and was the final arbiter of disputes between the states. Crucially, it could not raise any funds itself, and was entirely dependent on the states themselves for the money necessary to operate. Each state sent a delegation of between two and seven members to the Congress, and they voted as a bloc with each state getting one vote. But any decision of consequence required a unanimous vote, which led to a government that was paralyzed and ineffectual.A movement to reform the Articles began, and invitations to attend a convention in Philadelphia to discuss changes to the Articles were sent to the state legislatures in 1787. In May of that year, delegates from 12 of the 13 states (Rhode Island sent no representatives) convened in Philadelphia to begin the work of redesigning government. The delegates to the Constitutional Convention quickly began work on drafting a new Constitution for the United States.”

This is just not true. The number one reason for a constitution of the united states, according to the Federalist Papers, their prime proponent, was to unite the states in defense of the indians and europeans. The second reason, and less urgent reason, was to make conflict between the states impossible. Those were and are the main reason for the negative of the United States government; a subservience to unity in war, and binding of state autonomy from state conflicts.

Additionally, Patrick Henry argued, post war events the decade before the convention, did not merit such amputation of state autonomy, or swaddling of defense resources in one centràl organization; that that decade of 1780’s was a great prosperous decade, with a great feeling to it; that the shift from confederacy to federal government, was a greater shift than the freeing of ourselves from Britain; while their was minor conflict between militias of Pennsylvania and Connecticut, and Shay’s Rebellion, demanding promised veteran’s benefits, did cause concern, these weren’t big deals, and the federal government ending up making conditions worse. The only example of disorder requiring a federal government given by this current government was funding. And yet look how today government funding is out of control. Many states did not want a standing army. Look at militaries now. Nor did the U.S. Constitution pass state conventions by anything but narrow margins.

The notion funding issues caused the Constitution, is false, by its greatest advocates who said the main reason is a united defense, and states friendly to each other, and no tarrifs.m

” According to the Federalist Papers, which makes the case for a federal government in 1788, the six main reasons for a federal government are following in order of importance.1) To stop States from warring each other over disputed Territories.2) To provide a large Navy so England, France and Spain wouldn’t abuse us.3) So that states which goods are transported through will not impose duties, imposts, and levies on trade passing through.4) So that states don’t compete with each other foolishly in trade pacts with Europe.5) So that the federal government can directly raise an army, rather than each state contributing men.6) To be able to quell insurrections in states, should they happen.” {from above}

So let’s examine this propoganda relegating the debate over whether and what kind of constitution the states and people should have, to an issue of government funding? “They” don’t want you to recognize most of the above reasons are outdated. The information, that our cause, ended to the degree, the indian worry ended; would have us change our constitution; as much as its notable flaws of concentrating power to protect crime, and unleasing the designed might of the United States, threateningly, upon the world.

This isn’t the passionate, psuedo moralistic fervor of roman cicero, singing paeans to the state. This is cold clinical propòganda; a little thing; the reason for our constitution; they shifted from a united defense, to funding issues; nor much discussion of what specifically triggered the need for this constitution. Was it rolled up in the war deal itself? Was the constitution this way, the effect of the well-known momentum from war?

Cicero is offering his countrymen and readers moralistic fervor bottled in government ideals, passion, for justice, and righteousness, even if deviously directed. There’s no passion coming from cold dry america and its whitehouse, while the people are the best, the regulations of school and capitalism, the restrictions on communities thinking together by local officials, the inhibition and scarcity upon diverse religions; it’s neither fun, nor holy, but sacrifice in civilization’s veil.

Cicero in upper class bluster, conveys it’s fun and ideally righteous to be roman, and roman government, that spirit-style exists in the interactions of americans; this white house lie, is simply about misinforming you, and keeping the origins and causes of your government secret; because if you knew, you would change its structure; it’s so stark as to not allow the whitehouse to be honest regarding the constitution’s reason’s, because people would know the indians are no longer a threat. You would see how this country was designed to run through indian land, and that goal, past. Phrased right, you might see what a great mistake it was to not get along with indians, give them whole states or regions, and interact with, not destroy, their culture.

The irony-connundrum, is an accurate whitehouse explanation of our constitution, would effectively disprove it. Our government has not been that honest, as government, long a force, for-itself. What makes it for-iteself, has gone on a long time, and not giving up. Any real discussion of this, commences with the rarety of this issue being raised, and from there, a praxis to world history. What it is, is we are men of sin, to be led out of terror by a little light.

” A chief aim of the Constitution as drafted by the Convention was to create a government with enough power to act on a national level, but without so much power that fundamental rights would be at risk. One way that this was accomplished was to separate the power of government into three branches, and then to include checks and balances on those powers to assure that no one branch of government gained supremacy. This concern arose largely out of the experience that the delegates had with the King of England and his powerful Parliament. ”

Let’s deconstruct this statement. First, the checks and balances of government branches, fundamentally and inescapably, involves government policing itself, and at many levels and instances, this does not work, or even make sense from a structural stand point, and the main problem with the constitution, is enforcing its laws, which in turn, requires stepping over a three branch system, that has fundamentally, repeatedly worked to purposefully not do so. In this sense, as government created to protect and enable criminal structures that operate without regard to laws, as laws need not be enforced upon those more powerful and committed than government. Thus our complaints regarding England, were wealthy people complaining of British power and people, enabling corruption through government, and not a form of government itself. I am not sure there is evidence, oppression of America, by the British, was posited on a king system, or british system of government, but an imperialism known to various forms of government, throughout history.

Again, this second paragraph from the whitehouse, continues the impressive considerable propoganda that government can police itself. And this is a huge issue. Any reform of government must clearly see government can not police itself. Power must be diffused to more overcome crime and corruption

“Two plans competed to become the new government: the Virginia Plan, which apportioned representation based on the population of each state, and the New Jersey plan, which gave each state an equal vote in Congress. The Virginia Plan was supported by the larger states, and the New Jersey plan preferred by the smaller. In the end, they settled on the Great Compromise (sometimes called the Connecticut Compromise), in which the House of Representatives would represent the people as apportioned by population; the Senate would represent the states apportioned equally; and the President would be elected by the Electoral College. The plan also called for an independent judiciary.”

This is a gross reduction of the jersey plan insofar it ignores the Jersey Plan allowed treaties between states, trade pacts; this the virginia plan was against, and the effect, I think, was negative upon the economy, and quality of culture. Moreso, the federal judiciary, was limited, under the jersey plan, to the approval of these state pacts, as well as treaties made by the federal government. This is a substantively liberal creation of a judiciary. The state judiciaries, would handle most crime if not all, as the jersey plan did not make the federal judiciary concerned with crime, but moral relations between states, and states and countries, as where a judiciary should go, to check states free to make pacts and treaties with each other.

First the virginia plan: ” The “Virginia Plan” specifically spells out five items necessarily intrinsic to the constitution. Protection against foreign invasion. Eliminating war and tension between the states. Secure a peacetime prosperity. Prevent internal insurrection. “Be paramount to state u

The Virginians objection to the confederacy included the havoc of different paper monies, inability to raise funds and soldiers, foreign debts, insurrection in Massachusetts: Citing an inability to legally unite in war, a lack of primacy hindering peace between the states, and failure towards the stated goals of the confederacy, “common defense, security of liberty and general welfare.”” from

“The Virginia Plan advocated individuals electing their representatives. Others claimed the people would be ill informed, nor to be so much about government. Mr. Gerry, “The people do not want virtue but are the dupes of pretended patriots.” Thus state legislatures should decide their national representatives.Mr Mason, of Virginia, argued that general elections would enable the lower classes to represent localities, and this would create a greater and more dynamic lower house. Mr Wilson took it even further, arguing for a mandate guaranteeing the lower classes places in the lower house. This would increase confidence in the nation. Confidence is essential. State legislatures should not have more power. ”

Roman propoganda extolls a greatness to the state by extolling the concept of representative democracy whereby theoretically superior people rule lesser people to an overall greatness of reputation of state. They also frame this in context of kings, rather than tribal community local rule.

“Hence because they could not bear the rule of kings, they made the chief magistracy annual and created two magistrates with military authority. They were called “consuls” from the verb meaning to consult, not “kings” from the verb, “to reign”.”…….But the act Valerius. …showed himself to be a friend of the people…was the law…prohibiting, …executing or flogging….without permitting an appeal to the centuries” The centuries were peaceful assemblies of honored soldiers to make decisions with ayes and nays..

“Publico, was a man of no mean ability since he made it easier to maintain the authority of the nobility, by giving freedom in moderation to the people.” ; a nice political process, but paling before a sopisticated and working and thinking together people and community.

American propoganda ignores the federal government is grounded in uniting the states against the Indicans. American propoganda covers up where this land comes from, and tribal understandings. American propoganda obscures that states do not have diplomatic powers, because such might have confused or subverted “manifest destiny” of taking land from native tribes, (as Rome did to Italian tribes)


We are bound to note, how the people and public knowledge conform to the propoganda put out on the white house annotated website. In this act, while consistent with thusly implicated textbooks, the white house shows how effortlessly, and deceptively, government, and media, blur.

The direct correllation between official information and public knowledge, disturbing. Liberals nor conservatives care about our recent history with “indians”. The people aren’t aware of structural shortcomings in our constitution; particular, they are. So why haven’t the people found out, nor the knowledge disseminated? Well, that is exactly the mechanical nature of man, in this post-mechanical age, who must be led from sin with light, this light, of course establish what we are talking about, since we are such a product of world history, this dialgoue becomes incorporated in world history.

From here can be a very interesting discussion.

Everything conforms to propoganda; Rome’s senate provided and honored military heroes and consuls, for hundreds of years, unchecked and undiverted. Americans don’t recognize the moral issue with the native tribes. The government has yet to free itself to announce its faults. The notion government is the strongest force and can stand up to the nefarious and outright influences upon it, is easily seen as unsound, and yet the illusion government can stop crime,, particularily by the powerful, is acted upon everyday.. The senators could get away with a lot, there can be no tears for the all the tribes once roamed and settled, for 1200 years beyond the dark ages’s destruction of the classicism of tribal backdrop of europe and around the mediterraen.

In both cases the control is absolute; as if, and truly, agreed upon to go down on the human race, in the past; we were given up and sold a bill of goods.


Now the glorification of the rich as leading rome to greatness and the obscuring of the moral issue of taking land from native tribes, are two different kinds of propoganda.
One is assertion, the other, an ignoring. So those are two different natures.

Before I get into the nature of this difference, let me say, both Rome and the USA, merge in the passive propoganda of obscuring how government policing itself, allows networks to hide behind government and oppress, and even kill, and steal, and that’s an issue to constitutional republics everywhere.

Let me also say, both American and Roman propoganda, are in the obscuring, ignoring business, as the relegate and dismiss tribal understandings, and also to an extent, deceptively replace pagan tribal understandings with idealizations of government and government service, in a removed from the people, distant, government that has little check upon its total by the people.

The assertion of the superiority of the patrician class, over the plebian class, as an assertion, is not prima facea believable. And yet, the belief and veneration of our founders as creating a perfect government, for some reason, is believable. The ignorance, the binding of states, and altering of articles of confederation into constitution, was to facilitate land from indians, is trickier to disbelieve, because it is not an assertion, but an ignoring.

Christianity, positing its service and terms as countering government service and terminology, would assume, salvation, a community based on truth, truth of the kingdom of god, is possible, by virtue of its service, by virtue of an applying congregation, and christian scholarship. And yet, this break from historical reality, is more likely in the pagan roman republic by the plebes, precisely because the puffing up of the superiority of the rich, flies in the face of experience, so to speak.

The old testament, in assertion of judeasm, jewish history, as part of its very specific focus on Hebrew history, is the property of ignorance, obscuring the pagan pantheon judeasm replaces. Anytime, one set of information, effectively replaces another, this is the propoganda grounded in not allowing certain information, or conflicting understandings.

This propoganda that ignores, that replaces, without referencing what it replaces, is more difficult to overcome than that of assertion.

We revere our founders, despite their creation of a federal government with scant checks on it by the state or the people, perhaps because our propoganda we are a classless society, at least compared to the roman republic when it limited public office to the rich, effectively ends the lower class looking down on the upper classes, as those required bonds, bound in a tribal tradition rome incorporated or was incorporated by, we don’t have.

The severe two class division of rome, enables a salvation, grounded in tribal paganism, unknown to history, that America doesn’t have.

Thus a class system with spiritual and community diversity, is more effective, than the countering service of organized religion, or our own bible studies.

In the propoganda of ommission, of taking land from tribes, of the pagan pantheon, of ignoring known alternatives, is difficult as it creates a void or false substance of our mind, without alternative, so that is all there is for our mind to rely on, given the currents of media.

This in turn shows, how limited and restricted our mind is, by propoganda. The same mind that fuels and puts out propoganda, is in our mind, limiting itself by its chosen dictates of propoganda. A discussion of this, shows, we are directly limited by propoganda, unable to think, outside propoganda, official, cherished, propoganda. Why is this, and how to combat it, becomes the next issue.

It would seem there are two types of people. Now there are three issues I like to discuss with people. Propoganda, and why and how it has its effect on you. The kingdom of god’s tragic nature. And how to stop, check and control the evil flowing through society through our media primarily, but people in power secondarily, and people in general, tertiarily.

But there are two types to discourse with. 1) The people, and 2) Journalists, media people; officials, government, people with power,; and their oppressed minions. The second, is where bad things mostly flow through, onto our tv screens, soaking our investment in leadership with status quo, and violations. Less bad things enemate from the people, than TV, government, and those behind that. Because of that, those in power are distant from the people, and also less capable of the humanity required to check evil, or rather, less possessive of the humanity that would reduce their involvement in their dirty work. It’s two different divisions, an unaccesible and inferior division of power; and a more accessible superior, yet less potent and empowered, division of the people. Nevertheless, the message is basically the same; bad things flow by design, because we are the kingdom of god, camouflaged it may be, and if we recognize we are the kingdom of god, then we can check this impulse and stealth upon us by evil.

Regarding propoganda, it is very interesting also; officials and anchors, law enforcement and judges, senators and aids, editors and rich people, must see through the propoganda, because what the propoganda hides is applied upon them to oppress them, others, they must know, government isnt the strongest power, judges and law enforcement co-opted by stronger power, and thin veneer of crime, be right behind the appearance of law and order society. Whereas the people who dont know this yet, are marks and dupes to be hurt and exploited through constitutional design allowing this oppression. Again, for this, the official category has more control upon it than the people, and thus discussing real politic with the empowered is difficult to attain.

Regarding expressing the tragedy of the kingdom of god, and cognating such apprehension, the two classes would seem together.

In Rome, evil flows through History deciding upon the higher class. In America, more through contemporary journalism. Regarding, propoganda, as said, the historical are aware of it, but inaccesible bt in some literary world unto themselves, and the lower classes freer fromit and under pagan tribal remnants, possibly able to manifest class seperation into a secret greater freedom.

When Cicero’s charactors are talking in the courtyard of their upper class country estate, and says how on the battle field, one is looked up to as the superior warrior; and yet, in the courtyard, the other is looked up to, being the elder; one is reminded of Roman constitent supremecy in war. One theory is that they had a greater military culture than the surrounding
Italian tribes, and by marching out to the contours of their hegemony, and invading, the marching, or the armies roaming, engendered a superiority. Hannibal took Italy by storm because he marched there from spain. Pro athletes are so good, because they literally play more basketball games in a year than me. Veteran warring soldiers are superior to young recruits. The roman polity so effficiently roamed italy, by an efficient and constitutional regulation of the army, the story of romulus and regulus, symbolic-manifest; The romans had forced marches, and unforced. Most were unforced. The unforced marches could be well under ten miles a day, and straggling and chatting with the locals you pass, ok, and promoted by the policy of straggling on unforced marches, allowed, just show up at the camp by sunset. Whereas forced marches could be over 15 miles, and regulated by brief and infrequent breaks; This sort of regulation of marching, is universal. And the romans had it down so pat to a milisecond of technique and through, they routinely prevailed in battle.

The other theory is the classical world, did have christs. That that is where the word christ comes from. These christs marched with the army, asserted the kingdom of god, saw the manifest destiny of rome, explained the metaphysic, and thus enabled a secret nonviolent victorious policy.

Now the great crime to constitutional republics is this; they make the government distant from the people, involve few, compared to the distribution of power of the tribal systems it replaces, and essentially only the government polices itself; this check and balance of branches, ridiculous; as the people are hurt by government egress, and so the people should police the government. It’s more important the government is fit, than the people, because the government has the power to do way more damage. Furthermore, networks of crime, such as political parties, can hide behind the government, where jobs are dependant upon going along, and get away with anything, being of more numerous and earnest vow than a few county judges, who grew vulnerable to this system. This is really what went on behind and the cause for the scene of government in athens, rome, and america; though not a part of history, nearly as much as propoganda. For then the whole controversy would stop. A controversy very much requiring spiritualiity, and understanding of metaphysics,’ duration and magnitude.

Thus, the question becomes, is the mechanics one, where the oligarthic nobles are the evil ones, capable of manifesting greed, at the expense of the good of their country? Or is that the work of criminals secretly behind them, in a lawless world, controlling their families, as serfs might take over a noble’s estate and in the isolation, change positions, while outwardly conforming to public view; or where a democratic party can tell businesses what to do; or where a military can tell senators, what to do. This is foil to spiritual explanations, required to turn this boat around.

Let me attempt to categorize and itemize some questionable american claims, to see, how we think we know something, but we don’t.

1. Petition the government for redress of grievance is a very sacred right to ask the government through the judiciary to do something to redress your grievance. I said so to answer a scotus form question, and it was accepted. The right to collect signatures is bs. The right for one mere man to ask the government to do something, truly great.

2.) Capitalism isn’t the wisest thing to get things done; thinking together, community, is.

3) Peaceful Assembly is how and where local decisions are made by all present with ayes and nays; it is not a protest, it is a historically accepted and practiced and cofied natural form of local rule. Casting such as a protest, is showing a similiar connotation of the right of the people to change things, within reason, being shift to the right to ineffectively protest.

4) A first amendment not allowing congress to make a law respecting a religion, leaves open the way for a law disrespecting a religion. This is consistent with the roman republic liscencing the myriad of religions and sects back then, and recognizing that one percent of the religions might not be up to the wholesome of roman par.

USA Pts, prop petitions, prop cap, favorites, also Peaceful assembly……hey disrespect religion.

NBA Play-Off Notes

April 20, 2014

The literary nature takes the time the ceasar with his adjutants don’t. But sometimes things leap to the tarmac, duly recorded.

                                                                                     NBA PLAY-OFF NOTES

Bulls- Wizard   So much of the dc -chicago drama. Is Chicago able to control what they want in washington, by virtue of the chicago ring in the whitehouse? Is it their turn, and they are aquiesced to? Or do greater powers, and greater military influence, induce the chicago ring to bow?  It’s not an easy choice.   Likewise, as the whole is metaphysical, are there chicago metaphysics and more republican metaphysics, in which one can achieve the goal through metaphysical activity; which of course ultimately would be what any conflict between the two or more rings were or are.

So when we watch the series, if we do, I mean, you can just check in a view it for fifteen minutes and get an idea; 1) How effective is bull’s offense. 2) Offense is not as important as defense 3) Is the washington defense preventing anything? 4) It might be a sad game, in that both operating rings are fighting for such bad things. 5) Thus sadness and classiness might be seen

wizards in six

Chap 2

Wizards won in five.

A) in three of he 8 first series, the better team lost, the fix was in; for whatever reason, Portlands defeat of Houston, and The L.A. Clippers defeat of the Warriors, and the Brooklyn Nets defeat of Toronto, all had a worse team beating a better team.

B) Of the remaining series, many went to seven games. The Pacers beat The Hawks, San Antonio beat Dallas, Oaklahoma defeated Memphis. Throw in the fixed games, or so it seems, of toronto-nets and portland Houston, and you have six game sevens.

Now it looks like the seven game series were fake, as other than the suspicious games, the team with the better record won game seven, implying a pattern of creating game sevens for league interest, and then the better team winning.

C) THis is in response to the NFL. The super bowl winners are destined to win by metaphysical reasons. The Seahawks symbolized the desiny of Asia to dominant e the west coast as europe was bale to the east caost. The broncos sysmbolized how wrong it was to take the land from the indians, this is aout injustice and wrong being a destiny of america to recognize, for which you had dominant west coast teams.

If you go by this, Portland will win the NBA West

The western division is much better. The worst western play off team won 44 games. The worst eastern team won 34 games.

While this doesnt rise to the level of investigation reporting, it does rise to that rarfied air of diviner, or prophet, or augurer.

Let’s repeat
It was wrong to kick out the indians, for which the wild broncos did good. However the asians are the civilized cousins to the indians, as the european to the white man here, plus the fairness to asia influencing the west coast, means the seahawks of those northwest winds, symbolized the super bowl.

In which case, its not skill or talent, as much as the control or metapschic that creates this. The NBA is trying to respond to this nfl phenonoma.

In the opening game involving truer teams of the eastern conference, the underdog wizards, who are the better team, I believe, defeated the favored Pacers. But in the game
with a western conference fixed team who other teams lost to consistently throughout the season, the Clippers, defeated the Thunder; even though the thunder are pretty acknowledges as over three years, a great and best team.

If this pattern is followed, frankly it appears the nets are running with the pacers or wizards to drop off like a rocket booster, and so the clippers run along side Portland; like a conference second defending a first in larger play.


The rigged team has been winning, the ones who were lost to in the regular season, portland, and the clippers. Otherwise the wizards very much seem superior to the pacers; though the pacers made mincemeat out of the hawks in game seven.

The point to take away is this; If they can controll NBA games, they can control elections: That’s the serious side to this whole debate.

Chap 3) Miami is beating the helped team brookly 2-1, San Antonio is ripping the rigged team portland, 3-0; and yet, Portland would follow seatles suit, should blacks understand the manifest destiny of Asia in the west coast.

THE CLIPPERS, the team often lost to, are tied with oaklahomo at two games. oaklahoma is a very good team, yet they would let the clippers win in the spirit of MORE TEAMS coming up against miami, and strenghtening the alreadY much stronger western conference with greater market attraction, from more teams generating fame and interest; and the theory teams are basically equal, and it is professional to lose; as you are in league with other professionals regarding an entertainment product.

Indiana is beating wizzards 3-1, even though I have the wizards as the better team.


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