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Hamilton and Burr, too great to happen

July 11, 2014

Vic Fedorov

Jul 3 · Edited · here’s a bit of a historical mystery I’m uncovering. As we all know, one given dawn, Alexander Hamilton and AAron Burr rowed across in seperate boats the hudson river to duel on the weehawken cliffs because Manhattan outlawed dueling, and N.J. Understood both sides should shoot into the ground, OK, but Burr didn’t, Hamilton purposefully shot high and to the right. Anyway Burr was vice president, thou shalt not kill in jersey, despite dueling granted, and the very constitution Hamilton architected would seem to guarentee the extradition of Burr, to N.J.. But somehow, while Burr stayed out of jersey, no state extradited him, and he effectively got away with the murder of the foundation pillar of our constitution. Was Burr protected by being vice president? Do you really think the american people couldn’t handle seeing their vice president extradited and prosecuted in jersey? That the murder of a former secratary of treasury could be covered up in the sense of their being no punishment, because duleing came with the terrority? But then no other famous politician got murdered in a duel. So what if it was a hit, the vice president carried out, because by then, they knew the constitution was bunk, mean to indians, and this outcome a symbol of their disappointment and delusion waking up? I mean what exactly how did Burr get away with the murder of a most prominent citizen; in direct contravention of constitutional understanding and the first principle of state to guarentee the effort to life and property? It would seem to symbolize the obligation to life and property in the state, is in name only. That there really isnt this concern, if its very author’s murder, go away with it.LikeCommentShare2 people like this.Beverly Jean Perkins Thank You Vic, you really help sometimes…needed to think on this.Like · Delete · Jul 3Vic Fedorov scary if you live in jersey, I mean, you can’t kill here, we want the vice president to be prosecuted for manipulating dueling into MURDERLike · More · Jul 3Vic Fedorov But the other states don’t go along? Somehow Burr is above the law?Like · More · Jul 3Vic Fedorov What kind of federation do we have here?Like · More · Jul 3Vic Fedorov One that ignores murder, the murder of the writer of its most pompous lawsLike · More · Jul 3Vic Fedorov You need no further proof of how frustrating our constitution isLike · More · Jul 3Mari Brandon Alexander Hamilton got killed in a duel. ? Well, far-out–the bastard was a major capitalist pig who helped corporations and hindered the ordinary citizens. Thomas Jefferson wanted a nation of yeoman farmers and craftspeople (and of course slave-owning plantation owners) , Hamilton was all about corporate capitalism.Like · Delete · Jul 3Vic Fedorov thats what im sayoong it was a fixLike · More · Jul 4Vic Fedorov Mari thats what makes this political karma so intriguing. Since when does the most evil man of the milenium die in a duel, it be covered up by not being punished, the murder aspect is not recognized, ? It can only happen if the repubican establishment found out how evil he is and just took him out this way; his foolish penchant fordueling, this was at least his fifth, he always shot in the ground, so thats good….Did he basically let thte republicans through burr, kill him? Did he know Burr was shooting to kill? He wasnt a natural born citizen and his allegiance to this country, possibly questioned through his allegiance to his father, who wasnt of this country, but the pirate carribean off shore private slavery bad thingsLike · More · Jul 4Vic Fedorov When the vice president murdered the former treasury secratary and author of overr two thirds of the federalist papers, in a duel, and no state extradited Burr back to jersey, despite the constitution extradtition laws, the stain of murder, was effectively covered up, and taught as an inconsequential duel. It was the equivalent of the murder of timothy geitner, by dick cheney. Killing via duel, was a big crime in New Jersey back then. It was discouraged, and deaths resulting, prosecuted. People were expected at most to shoot in to the ground. So this was murder, a huge murder; and because it wasnt prosecuted, History refuses o speculate on the proximate cause of the murder. Historical analysis is so inside the box of history, that if the murder was covered up because it wasnt prosecuted it didnt seem like a big deal,, there’s been llittle inquiry into the proximate cause of the duel, not the literal reasons behind it, but it seems a plot to get Hamilton; It’s very cover up and letting Burr get away for decades, speaks to the same cover up that demanded Alexander Hamilton dead. The ratio descento of the murder of,the architect of,the constitution has always been merely a duel, emotions:-) does anyone really believe that? Because were that the case, burr wouldnt have been indicted for hamiltons death. Were that the case, burr wouldnt have gone scott free. You can say it was emotions and officials like burr above the law……but that involves too great a condemnatikn of america, to,remain as itmhas:-) far more likely, it was something people were in on, and done for a reason, because it wasnt THAT scandalous that the courts couldnt play through:-) burr could have done a little time for it, but these people in in consoiracy get protected, or,they wouldnt do it. America would have liked to,stamd up,to,and stop dueling, thus missing this opportunity is also suspicious.Edited · Like · More · Jul 6 at 11:39amVic Fedorov And why would they want hamilton dead? Because the constitution sucks. You concentrate power in a few, and to committ the worst crrimes, those few just have to be controlled, concentrating power in a few enables systemic crime, a government thats a front…..creates a vulnerability to the quiet softings of satan……the lessening that that we know works through a cnstitutional system this way……but the same lessoning also shows how hard it is to reason and discuss this. It’s obviously true, and very important to discuss, but there is no discussion of it. What foments discussion? inquiry, and moral axis. Therefore, corruptions fester in secrecies; and sunshine of discussion on hard issues, may resolve them. We need more light here; I dont know how to get you to reason to this logic. But some of you personally know it is true, and pointedly don’t talk. So there’s a huge need for therapists, not sure if you can buy stock in psychologist, might be a bit like private prison, not really the straight and narrow, you are in a country, like most with a constitution that concentrates power; the main thing that does, is enable crime and make government easy to control for crime, some of you know this personally, Any talking about it, would shine it away; so there’s a totalitarian chasm of silence; yet out of that chasm shall come the change, the newEdited · Like · More · Jul 6 at 12:00pmVic Fedorov This isnt negative folksys, this is the opportunity to talk, which is really positive. The ability to reason, is less important than the ability to talk about what you went through. To object, to, say something does not make sense, requires a healthy psychological disposition…….and talking about this secret capstone, doesnt happen, for then it would fall:-) thus i offer a rare opportunity to talk about something very important, that could further therapeutic things. The opportunity to talk about very serious things, hereLike · More · Jul 6 at 1:06pmVic Fedorov OK I said Hamilton was the worst man of the milenium, and maybe you thought, no, Hitler, or Stalin, or Mao, they all alleged and did kill millions. But see, they were all twentieth century, and began just as the near extermination and running off of the native tribes here finished. And that’s why Hamilton was more evil than ghengis khan, so to speak, by uniting the states as he architected, he was the leader, Madison served him; he effectively created the vehicle that gave the native tribes no hope nor real interaction or protection from. That elimination of native tribes here, was the worst thing done of the milenium; and as it finished up, (in the end of the 1800’s and early 1900’s) we can see world expression, of germany rising up in the 1880’s out of city states, imperialistically in 1914, and super criminally in the 1930’s as a painful wail of anguish that the tribes over the atlantic were gone, and by western sacrifice; that’s if we interpret History with this symbolism, or even as a literary novel, yuch though itt is, the twentieth century came with its mass murderers, after the mass murder, or unfair war in north america was over; That was what was so bad about Hamilton, off the ten dollar bill, and when the work he set in place was done; it was germany that inflicteda painful self-wail, both following suit of horror, and crying out, for the loss of tribes, as only germany can insofar we believe, the germanic tribes held out the longest in europe, without being crude as goths and visigoths; resisting roman expansion greater than the brits, scots, galls, north african and italian and spanish tribes. Germany, as the strongest leader of european tribalism, wailed in a vicious expression of world historical symbol, about the loss alex hamilton designed………………………………………..And yet when we all take responsibility for this, for europe was behind the conquest of north america, it enabled europe keepings its population down, and america doing the dirty work, per the european design that created and still rules through, our constitution…………when europe and us, take responsibility for our recent history of barely a hundred years, we will return to tribalism; and this epoch of history be done; and who knows what the new change hold?……………………………All of this ———————– from the cover up of the murder of the chief author of the federalist papers, which has the constitution in it, and the virginia convention followed suit, resisting the nj plan for a more morally bound judiciary, and diplomatic states….as Madison and his virginian co horts in June basically did as Hamilton beckoned…….from the disguise of his murder, as feud, thus warping your vision of how big he was, and Burr a sitting vice president; who knew vice presidents did so little, and yet so much……nor in a side note, can extraditioin in a common law country be conceived within this Stain of Weehawken……………….what I mean, is by not extraditing Burr to jersey for murder per law, we fail to see the extraordinary t o this story, nor how suspicious it is, and thus no disgruntlement or knowledge of the constitution as anti-tribal, comes to the fore of media, or person.Edited · Like · More · Wednesday at 3:19pmVic Fedorov By this analysis, the brits threw the war to us, and by parallel, in the battle for italy between rome and carthage of norh africa, carthage threw the war to rome, in both cases fo the rising power to dominate tribes and take them to history, or ratherr the dustbin historry can be. Both wars basically had foreign troops, british and carhtaginian alliances, marching around tthe somewhat foreign land of italy or america, and eventually losing. Both places establish promient cities with the word new in it, neew cathage of spain, as spain was in the deal foughtt for too, and new york and thus both shared an interest or stake in the new workl or rome and america, without playing a historically noted role of benefittinng foroem relegation of native tribes. The romans were not foom italy, through its murky, nor americans of america.