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Resume and cover letter seeking work organic growing

April 13, 2010

I am trying to move from farm to farm this year, please forward cover and res below to any interested organic growers you know.

UPDATE March 2014, in 2010 I worked on six different farms, two in north carolina, one in virginie, one in connceticut, and two in New York State; a great experience, learned a lot, worked with management,…felt great.

2) August 19 2010, tragedy struck, Vera, my mother, was paralyzed from breast down; and events formed I am still trying to settle, indeed frankly, little evidence government or society knows what its doing or is going on; This is particularily done through the constitutional concentration of power in a few. THose few are easier to control than the many, or the people, with which these matters should be handled.

3) Currently I would like to plant a half acre of potatoes near yeardville, organically, so am looing for a quarter to a half acre, fencing and proximity to water are important but not essential.

Vic Fedorov
219 Yardville-Allentown Rd
Yardville N.J. 08620
201 232 1154



To whom it may concern:

Since 2005 I have been developing my own organic business. In 2009 it culminated in $10,000 dollars in sales, half of it potatoes, the remaining half divided among other products. (carrots, turnips, beets, radish, leaf lettuce, spinach, basil, parsley, coriander, peppers, squash, cabbage, parsnips, kohlrabi). 95% of the sales were to restaurants, in N.J., NYC, and Pa, and 5% were to locals.

Management, production, labor, marketing and delivery were my responsibility. This year, I would like to experience agricultures at a variety of farms, and hope to supplement your labor needs, and augment your managerial and marketing concerns if needed.

I believe farms and agriculture should be a primary concern of society, encompassing common and wise values, free assemblies would find.


Vic Fedorov


Land, tractor work, fence posts, hay, compost, farmhouse, labor housing provided by farm owner; Seeds, roto-tiller, organic fertilizer, leaf silt for nursery, pick-up truck, fencing, assistant labor, provided by me.

SKILLS—-Biodynamic calendar regulation; developing restaurant and local markets; niche crop varieties gourmands like; (blue potatoes, celeriac root, micro greens, coriander, basil variety, yellow carrots, fancy beets,); market driven natures, (price fluctuation, producing for markets); transplanting small amounts weekly; potatoes, carrots, beets; cabbage; kohlrabi; (peppers, squash, string beans); inspiring labor; community relations.


2005-2009—-managed own organic business at Totten Farm in Long Valley N.J.

2006 fall—-volunteered at 2 cheese farms

2006 February—Worden Farm, (80 family CSA) Punta Gorda Fl

1999— September Genesis Farm Marksboro NJ (300 Family CSA)

1997-99– Several stints at Chuck’s Sunflower Farm, grossing 30,000 at

State College Farmers Market

1996-2000– Lived in Gainesville Fl area–Put in gardens, worked for wholesale nursery, worked with show horses, worked at vegetarian bakery/restaurant, helped manage estate where I stayed.


2010 winter—Working on book to be self printed- The Anti-Federalist

Worked at managerial, clerical and physical tasks managing real estate in Hoboken N.J.. for Practical Management.

2009—- Peaceful Assembly Inc.

2006 2wks hostelling in Italy

Also petitioned Supreme Court regarding retention of rights, and civil liberty, per ninth amendment, construed to retain rights, if and by, there be shown no need for those restrictions

2004—Filed Federal Question, do local officials abridge Peaceful assembly as natural local protected form of community decision-making. Do local officials violate tenth amendment’s reservation of powers to state or the people?

2003—Ran for councilperson on free assembly platform- Princeton N.J.

Hiked NW Britain, Biked Holland

2001-3—worked for Practical Management, Hoboken NJ

1999-2000—-brought up to code, improved, three properties that were sold, Easton PA.

1999-2000, — Substitute Teacher, Mercer County N.J..

1994-present—Rainbow gatherings

2009—Produced, distributed and sold $10,000 worth of organic produce at Totten Farm in Long Valley NJ in partnership with absentee owner. 

B. 1965. Leo. Somerset County N.J.. Moved to Mercer County N.J. 1981. AFS France, 1981. Attended Private School in Princeton NJ. Started Debate Club. Amherst College 1983-1988. Political Science Major. Have hiked 325 miles Appalachian Trail.