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Chris Tea

April 5, 2014


IMPORTANT: The Mastro Report revealed Christie gave orders to cold shoulder calls to his office from Mayors, not on board. (like a splash fight in a pool) and this reveals something critical. It reveals there are rings controlling the votes in each town, and the mayor is always about which ring is controlling it. Christie wanted and dealt for those controlled votes. This is proven because who got the cold shoulder and who didn’t wasn’t based on policy, or anything. It had to be based on who is getting the votes. The luck of the irish has it; that Christie’s behavior implies total control of vote outcomes, town by town, via-mayor-duct, so a much much greater issue comes out; routine rigging or control and creation of vote counts, town by town. And this is consistent with the allure of the electoral college system to our government; there is a parallel state by state control of its presidential votes, and losing that leverage, harms the ruling scenario.

1) This is about a mayor’s endorsement; it’s about the deliverance of votes; the organization of which is a sovereign concern; for which government need not cowl itself as the strongest power,

Again, this situation implies a metaphysic. A metaphysic does this. SO it is true, and yet reveals a metaphysical reality behind it, once we go through the truth


Chris Christie is very interesting. I believed in him in 2008. We needed a prosecutorial approach to N.J.. I said that in several hundred phone calls out of Hamilton N.J.. I tried to explain that even though the republicans are losers in N.J., there is still hope, and we have to be optimistic and confident. The Corzine Governorship was a disaster that literally showed, the morality play of someone from another state, failing to understand this one; in the grossest way, of being exploited by local political machines to line their pockets give him the senate seat, in exchange, then have him win the governorship, incurring another round of expense, and appoint as Senator, Menendez, who would never be incumbent otherwise, and was the notorious Hudson County Executive after Janiewski, who turned in a slew of criminals in the late nineties. What happened, a senator running for governor then appointing his senatorial replacement, is illegal in most states. It’s unacceptable, because you can strong arm wealthy senators into running for governor, and appointing one of your own.

I noticed this scenario, and brought it up years ago. But the distance between me and government is too great, government, took our power, and created a distance, where we don’t know what is going on, and get no honest concern, in a mechanical and automatic way; that, in a spiritual way, is very disturbing. I don’t know if one could go private attorney general on this, if wire or mail was used towards extortion Corzine into leaving the Senate for Menedez, for goverment polices government, that’s the constitutional flaw; but I care about my governor, and if the attorney general’s office can’t protect the coercion of a governor, they sure aren’t going to stop the next one from rambling on so.

There are scant means to look into this, if the word is out on it.

But with Christie, you saw a prosector cleaning up N.J. corruption on a federal white horse; but what was really going on, was that the one’s left standing had to play ball with him, leveraging his political rise. He was more machinated than the machine itself; the bounce in his stride, the catcher’s disdain for standing, the class president, these were things machines can only want. And as he got better and better, the oils and springs got looser and looser, till he moved up the replacement election of Senator Lautenberg, from the general election, to dissuade Corey Booker voters from messing his numbers. That is five year old behavior. As is closing bridges and giving port authority projects for endorsements, (and endorsements are wholly unamerica bs in that no one should tell anyone how to vote, the vote is fixated upon each thinking for himself, and that’s honest society). And this is why no republicans were added to the legislature, much to the dismay of jersey republicans, there was no translation between a republican governor, and democratic legislative, despite the polls.

Then, this commission, by an associate, absolving him of knowing about the bridge closing? his is further five year old behavior, that speaks to a hubris, where the lights are shining so bright, he don’t really see, he’s operating by touch and feel alone. If cover up is worse than crime, then he still hasn’t got that part down yet.

He picked on school teachers out of repressed dislike of the form of education upon New Jersey, as it forms the mold, of the upper classes. Bipartisanship based on port authority projects, sandy funds on municipal decision; that’s the oposite of bipartisanship, that’s the oposite of those Sandy Ads. Why go on TV promoting Sandy Aid, and then use it to force approval of new construction projects.

His lack of control of his anger and weight, somehow amazingly, played out to a positive, in charismatic appeal.

Christie turned me on to the Republican Party of N.J. locally. I went to their monthly evenings at a local bar. This was far superior from apolectic local democrats, who legally accused me of co-opting their rights to the word “democrat”. I met the republican I ran against as a third party that year locally. I enjoyed the people. They had breakfasts too, reminiscient of mens group, perhaps co-ed fraternities. I had no problems with them, and made phone calls for Christie.

I feel betrayed. I feel like tony soprano’s wife is she ever found out past her own deluded head, Tony was a mobster and did five yr old, things and it was getting worse.

It’s a vote that leaves a bad stick in my side, like ugh, I was really fooled, I thought she was so pretty, but she is worse than all the rest, and has serious one percent moral issues. Or maybe they are all like that, and she can talk about what torments her into petty egomaniac behavior.

I voted for Jill Stein on her platform of reducing the military in half, run-off elections to break from the two party mold, and green energy; and have never been happier about a vote of mine; it resonates to this day, a little hymm to voting on beliefs, taught me to never again not vote for someone I don’t like. Now Christie I voted for, not on issues, but prosecutorial approach, having no idea of how he used this to fuel his political or financial interests; there were no real issues. Where does the money go, what does government do, isn’t there a much better way. Corzine never understood Jersey. Christie conflating going Jersey, with going Christie.

In a way, it was like Tony Soprano’s wife waking up. Better to be awake, than asleep; In Nod, knowing, than Eden, ignorant. The wheeling and dealing off the balls of feet, under port authority tables, the spring required, and the sheer spirit of outplaying the hated long oppressing democratic machine at their own game. And then having the bluster to go down in a sinking ship of most jersey trappings, rather than inflict our armpits upon the whole country, as previous presidents often do, subconsciously, as if psychologically, this is a start.

I saw Christie onTV, at the Boomer Esaison Roast, Super Bowl Weekend. That was another disaster. The same president of jersey transit who lost a 120 million worth of trains by storing them in flooding county, neither calculated how many trains would be needed for the superbowl, nor allow cab drop-offs, and chargedd 150.00 for parking rights; I mean, that’s about the worse Jersey looks. I couldn’t paint a worse picture of this struggling yet ultimately earnest state.

But there he was on the Easiason Roast, the day after Wilderstein accussed him of having evidence Christie knew; as if nothing bothered him, his comic timing was down, he was as if a charactor on Seinfield who was governor of N.J. and would fill up Jerry’s apartment with jokes about how bad the jets are; that at ease. He had totally psyched out the humiliation of showing up at a roast, with the ramparts breaking down water on several sides, his troops defecting, federal armies of lawyers lurking like orcs beyond the light………..however, his rooting for the cowboys, not local teams, underscores a well-meant oversight of local politics, and his rooting for the yankees fails to understand how a union, can make an industry worse, insofar the yankees buying talent and hatred, is bad for the league.

He was a bit mean to the staid and boring Boomer.

Christie’s personality enabled the same refrains of looting the state and pockets as Corzine; It’s just Corzine, like Obama and W, are obviously doing what they are told. Look how no one took Corzine’s troubles seriously and he went on to darning some hole in a pocket three billion was accused of falling out of.

What you get when you look at Christie, that you don’t get when you look at Bush, Obama, and Corzine; is the sense, that maybe, in that irish way even, able to talk about what is really going on? Because the money goes where the money goes, in both criminal and automatic fashion. Crime is a little too base for honesty, and the automatic control of you, through School and Capitalism, well, pagans ascribe that to greater darkness, I understand, but still, there are crimes automatically going on, and we have to ask, can Christie talk about it. Is the mobster air there for effect, or reflecting a greater actor and player? Who would go along with the corrupt nefarious ways, and middle class and upper class jobs and lives; It’s not good enough, it doesn’t exist, and there is easy alternative, of thinking together, and of what really is, even especially, the darkness. It’s creation itself, creation as what doesn’t make sense, as requiring creation to come about, and not naturally; Creationism is the Stage History is On.

This political situation is so much an upper and middle class thing; where everything is accepted and deemed as good; where working with your hands and not getting married, is alianated. It is the financial, economic, and jobbing, form of the middle and upper class, that where crime runs through and controls with ease. And it’s created, it’s controlled, without an interest to resolution, to keep going, until something metaphysical is seen, we need the most talking, in a constructive, not punitive, trusting, not suspicious, climate. And if talking doesnt exist, but in secrecy festering, well then, these economic, financial forms upon you or us, are so molded away from reason, that metaphysical totalitarian works it sway, analogous to darkness, form and control, unreasonable.

Christie’s farsighted coercion lasered in on bipartisan poll numbers for national appeal, and no republicans were added to legislative rolls. This is something the Rino Rafs hate. (Republicans against Fakes) He got along with the machine, which dominates his party in his state. And the affection generated by his grace, and brand, gives him an adulation naturally fitted for national stage. Usually N.J. Governors, are staid and boring.

Christie evokes McGreevey. Everything seemed fine, but right under the surface, something different and sinister loomed. The difference is Christie has the appeal and charisma, McGreevey lacked, to play through. Perhaps the humiliation of closing bridge lanes, shouldn’t be equated to the humiliation of sexual behavior, and certainly it is fake to not come out, and true to do what is done; but one governor can psyche out his circumstances that’s for sure. The lights were or are shining on both of them.

McGreevey never talked about a situation where an isreali native he slept with, became involved with Port Authority and N.J. Security. Can Christie talk about what is really going, that makes a man commission a study in his favor as if there is a place where that’s OK? Is the delusion so great, he is the one in control? Or is the control of christie so great as to compell another few hundred thousand off the top of this work?

How does corruption work? It seems morally undesirable? Why isn’t the system of its phenonoma, the constitution, analyzed with corruption and crime being lowered the goal? Because you go along with metaphysical control, because there is darkness. And there is no doubt representation and ensuing concentration of power in a few, creates a great built in vulnerability to crime. Was this intended? Why isn’t it an issue? Creationism?

There is a criminal substructure, to war, the concentration of power does control and incline the FBI, enforcement of law, judges, as Locke said, the issue isn’t the lack of good laws, but their enforcement. Patrick Henry spoke on losing liberty to those who guard it; in direct contradiction to Plato’s famous (corrupt?) theory.

This would be talked about. Who could go along with or want criminal substructure. It’s creationism; as ultimately the kingdom of god, and earth so for it, created. Do you dear reader know something of any of this inference? Or you go along with School and Capitalism, and voila, you go along with everything else, and you’ve never addressed any of this, because its about you, going along, that is the real issue, what makes it so easy.

Thus where can Christie address the crime structure to this predicament? Leveraging pay outs of cash cow Port Authority? Where and why does the property, sales and income tax and toll money and fees and fines go? To goverment jobs? That’s not good enough, or what we go along with. Can we talk about the crime, if not the education and capitalistic way we go aong? Is there not a larger climate that would wholly reduce crime with a wider way? and is that not acquiesced by our own the quality of going along, because;
Deep within our stars, is where we be to play with this, where we be, deep within the stars. The lights of the mind too shine in the darkness of heavy sleep, among the hunger, and ties of earth.

In 2004, august, when McGreevey resigned, in face of a lawsuit by a lover from Isreal he hired; I had litigation before the state, claiming local officials violated the reservation of powers to the state or the people, and abridged peaceful assembly, and that the people making decisions with ayes and nays locally, would reduce crime and increase the greatness of the state and all. This is a truly sovereign interest, any real, noncreated state, would be all over in discussing. Perhaps I did not provide the enlightened backdrop law enforcement requires; 04-366 District of N.J.. In any event, i would think it’s karma caused a governor to fall.

And so it is today ten years later, litigation, with five constitutional issues; 1)that the constitution concentrates power in judges to a vulnerability to control by crime, thus systemic crime seems to rule the courts. Why isn’t this brought up? Is it automatic? Designed by Constitution? 2) Article 1 2a of the ii Constitution says all power is inherent in the people, and thus the people have the right to alter and reform government for greater good at all time. Other state constitutions says the same, and thus they point path to discuss with, or police government through the attorney general’s office, as this problem of a judicial system protecting crime, seems to have overwhelmed government. 3) And this is because atheism retards government from reducing or eliminating crime, as all trades strive to eliminate problems ; The government must recognize, it is essential to reject atheism and this face value aceptance of society in order to effectively reduce crime 4) Is there common law regarding compliance to discovery when one party is greater than the other, and possibly even the court as well? 5) The stilted distance of courts, causes a lack of good faith discussion, because of a misplaced self-identity of sovereignty as meaning the greatest power around. Sovereignty means looking out for the interests of the people. It is impossible to do this without forms of good faith disussion, without ocluding and protecting from discussion, through the legal system itself. The courts or government act like the strongest power. They are not. They are a few, and there are organizations of many, with potential bonds involving many more; or, as well, this is metaphysical totalitarianism, a continuance of vehicle of pagan sacrifice, and when power is concentrated in a few, this crime as well, is enabled, in a way, enlightened society of many governing, wouldn’t.

In the complete abscence of understanding either in 2004, the value and morality of the people making local decisions in peaceful assembly with ayes and nays, as constitutional intention and protection, and now in 2014, the difficulty of assertaining what i wrote is even understood by our middle and upper top 25%., thus, as sovereign concern, in your interest this is, there is some gratutious karma whereby the governor falls unless this one, through you perhaps, lets met turn this around.

Though I am more enlightened this decade, feeling very close to hunger and digestion and brains and breath, I hope, I am still forced to conclude from this experience, people, especially pro forma government, are made, created, and thus impervious to understanding and reason. How would history go on otherwise. You aquiesce, itself oposite ringing, to school and capitalism, never addressing it, of course that substructure looms beneath the claim alleged and found on each.

Read the New Republic article on Christie.

You see he was a corrupt prosecutor who played that power to propell his political path. The people he didn’t prosecute and left standing in N.J., then supported him for governor. It wasn’t deep pockets like Corzine, that provided the fuel to this trajectory jersey, it was reducing the number of players, to one’s that supported you, weilding federal prosecutor leverage, then translates into, as governor, unnecessary election dates, commissioning supporting douments, leveraging bi-partisan support through deals, no, my friends, if the cover up is worse than the crime, the decision to run this fake commission, when it is I who seek temporary commission to create an atmosphere of trust I may thereby look into the criminal and metaphysical more important, workings of government. For were this intended, that would be what we know.

I voted for someone on charactor, and it was an act. I voted for Stein, on her ideas, and it feels fine. These misbehaviors are huge charactor issues, not policy issues. His policies withstand scrutiny much much better than his charactor. His morality, common as it is, was in the name of the presidency. Glorifying thinkers from 1780, and so abdicating our analysis, continues to suck up, what should analyze the political phenonoma of today, and this country, and imcumbencize the convening of analysis, as good and great practice to be frequented by inquiring generations.

IMPORTANT: The Mastro Report revealed Christie gave orders to cold shoulder calls to his office from Mayors, not on board. (like a splash fight in a pool) and this reveals something critical. It reveals there are rings controlling the votes in each town, and the mayor is always about which ring is controlling it. Christie wanted and dealt for those controlled votes. This is proven because who got the cold shoulder and who didn’t wasn’t based on policy, or anything. It had to be based on who is getting the votes. The luck of the irish has it; that Christie’s behavior implies total control of vote outcomes, town by town, via-mayor-duct, so a much much greater issue comes out; routine rigging or control and creation of vote counts, town by town. And this is consistent with the allure of the electoral college system to our government; there is a parallel state by state control of its presidential votes, and losing that leverage, harms the ruling scenario.

Again, this situation implies a metaphysic. A metaphysic does this. SO it is true, and yet reveals a metaphysical reality behind it, once we go through the truth

Additional Notes:
1) How could I be so naive as to think a politician could rise up the rank like Christie, and not be especially corrupted?
2) Two close friends named Chris in my past
3) His personality is grounded in sensitivity about his weight, thats why he’s quick to anger, he’s worried the conversation will turn to his unacceptable hunger and disgestion issues. If he was skinnnier, he wouldnt be so worried about his weight, that he is so priclkly engaging in essentially activities that are role model.
4) Nothing is making sense, the whole thing isn’t making sense, kids, children to enforced school like this? Running off to a job in traffic rather than sensible discussion about what jobs are really needed. With that level of irrationality around, how can the sense of these ideas be understood. Yes some core knows the rote ridicule,

The Liability of Atheism

August 13, 2013

nNot only does constitutional concentration of power create vulnerability to wider criminal network, and crime, and this seems designed so, and not only is article 1 2a, of state constitution, a device to look into this by the people: But the adherence to atheism by government is very foolish.

Should the kingdom of god, or the being transformed from human be shown, (of concern to numerous professions, exposing market economy as dictated by higher power, on paper and not at all what it claims, something very apparent to me and others in small business, I had an organic agriculture 6 years before this)the public good would greatly benefit.

Working with a number of people, as it takes many to grasp the trauma and loss of life of the kingdom of god, rather than be ruled through it, The Kingdom of God is easy to show, upon which true economy, though purposely diverted, may be created, and light cast upon war and our justice system, as merely killing and oppressing.

People seeing the still bodies, we would arrange, would then have to discuss what steps to take, path to go on. Such sight would effect medicine, show folly of crime, and deem what is truly most important.

This is what government would concern itself with. The people, and their sense of responsibility may have been undercut by a design of government designating seriousness for itself. Government, certainly, has means, resources, charter, for this work. The people have trouble with this comprehension, contradictory and illuminating a negative as it is, and sad, and thus working through it with the seriousness of government, is a part of this appeal and action.

Aug 13, 2013  Victor Fedorov

1)      Atheism is at the root core of our problems. It is purposely there, by design on higher power, to keep us from fundamental knowledge and this is the nature of totalitarianism, I  attempt to convey.

2)      Were atheism recognized as specious assumption upon the human race, as ignoring the transformation to being, which Christian Terminology calls the Kingdom of God, we would have a more even bead upon society’s ills and healths.

3)      Atheism places a great deal of pressure upon judges and parties.

4)      It takes many, and seriousness and respect to apprehend the trauma and loss of life, The Kingdom of God, or Being, signifies. Atheism is consistent with isolation, misplaced seriousness, alienation.

5)      It is hoped, working with the division of law, or the people, the kingdom of god, and stillness to the body can be shown. Resource, seriousness and many, can easily prove and show a transformation to the human, that media and government, purposefully if unconsciously obscures.

6)      There is a professional relevance to determining this information, and certainly, great public benefit, and shows things as they are; totalitarian falsehoods fulfill this system now.

6à) The psychology of the problem is more be the contradiction of long operating assumptions, and not the easily understood truth of the matter.

7)      I have been denied by opposing party, and a casp conference, by judiciary the opportunity to sit and seriously discuss this. (motion for casp conference). One would assume, communication is where justice begins.

8)      I spoke on this in oral arguments, as the most important and pressing thing for the judges to be aware of. For they totally neglect this comprehension. It was beyond them.Nor did lower court allow my leadership, for the spiritual is contingnent upon recognizing injustice.

9)      Showing the kingdom of god, would reveal paths and steps to public good, and destroy atheistic assumptions governing government, market economy, medicine, and use of media.

10)   Atheism, denies an important loss of life by the human race, creates the wrong kind of seriousness, is inimical to justice, and seeing the true underpinnings and condition of injustice or conflict. Thus druids of justice were spiritual among Germanic tribes.

11)   Revealing The Kingdom of God would turn the Justice system upside down. Yet as higher power controls things, factor in whether higher power wants such, or allows us discussion.

12)   Atheism causes despair, inability to functional and apprehend, increases vulnerability to and victimization by crime, and a root from which crime flows. It is another artificial device to make society more dangerous and harmful, in what is shown, for the ends we seek to discuss. Atheism is part of the plan creating harm and danger to the people, and government.

13)   Atheism is a legitimate constitutional issue, as it seems to found our government’s assumptions, in many branches and acts. It’s discussion, particularly as we cut to the quick and show how human race really physically is, a goal that requires work but is very rewarding.

14)   The matter of this case, and crime in general, is posited upon atheism. Were the people more spiritual over the years, this could not have happened. Were people not a totalitarian society grounded in atheism, there would be less oppression.

Athenian Constitutions

June 18, 2013

Athenian History, no matter how I slice it, is complicated, the narrative not as unified, as say the story of Rome’s ascendcy, or American History; much like the growing pain herself of History, starting off so as it does with Greek History.

Now though I see Greek History as narrating mini-rises, and falls, sort of like tragic? lòwer class follies, contrasting the order and ascendancy of rome

I was studying Constitutionalism, positing such document as fundamentally in error, via its atheism assocciated with voting, not in public squares, with ayes and nays, but privately, in polling places; the atheism that invests so much in the face value of “the people” while ignoring how ineffective the people have been.

So I wanted to see what the Athenian Constitution actually wrote. And in googling such, found a discertation by a student of Aristotle regarding Athenian History that is too rich and ripe a product to pass up remarking as a deacon upon “Athens” might.

My method is as easy as saying good morning. I read this text from 350bc, and anything out of today’s ordinary, I note.

1) There was much more class war back then. Athens was agricultural. A few countrolled all the land and rented it out to the many. The many would go into debt, and the collateral for debt, and this was in their constitution, was themselves, so that more and more ended up in slavery. The author refers to this as serfdom, and says the lower classes involved, were very disaffected with it. The people had no political power or share in decisions. Athens, in these early years, I guess before the fifth centurey bc, was essentially an oligarthy.

My only remark on this situation; is it is hard to believe the people dont change the situation with reason. Later Athens, according toBurkhardt,; the lower classes understood their prosperity depended on a wealthy upper class, and the upper class understood abusing the lower, was inconsistent with a prosperous way of life. Yet this was not the case in the beginning. Yet it is hard to believe, the poor could not be reasonable with the wealthy. Indeed, the going into debt may be incurred by the wealthy land owners neglecting the land because they dont work it, and the renters neglecting to improve the land, because they don’t own it. Indeed, it is difficult to believe the rich can be mean to the poor, for the conscience would then oppress the enjoyment of life. Greek History, is then, an asciatic movement away from tribal paganism of daily circles, to a removed historical form of power, that does not make sense, prima facea. When I look at the remaining jobs at wal-mart, etc, I see a corporatism domianating, that is harmful to the economy. Yet whatthis infrastructure of early athens might pronounce, is a criminal element hiding behind the rich, and possibly manipulating the poor through sexual abuse. For we have to ask, how can the oppressed not stand up and resolve things? And how can the oppressors, go on?

You can say the poor are apathetic, and the rich are mean, but that’s simply not true, to blame the sheeple. This is God’s recorded History. What we are subjecteed to. And this may explain the illogical gaps, as consistent with the avatar nature to History, that history serves up human kind, as playthings to its story and ways and purpose.

The first constitution, rich ruled over the serf for this oligarthy, had a king, a leader of the council, and leader of war, and then all that served as leader of council, automatically joined a council, of themselves upon retiring. The terms were for ten years, but there could be nine leaders of council, like the prime minister to a parlimentary system; and yet only the upper classes, as defined by how much taxes they put out for the war effort, were available for these upper positions. There were lower positions, and the lower the class, the less eligible the citizen.

I note that back then, war was a rich man’s sport, and paid for by the rich, even by the government confiscating the property of a wealthy person, to pay for a few days of soldiers. The political leader did not stay back in the capital, but led battles, and marched along as a soldier. The surest way to avoid draft, was to be poor as can be, and do agriculture work, as agriculture was very important.A certain Morris, who became governor of N.J.. Was a rich oligarth who practically provided the american revolutionary army with their whole navy. There is a little idea thus here, that the upper classes can be more oppressed than the lower classes, insofar as they must go to war, or are more vulnerable to a systemic crime, as wealthier targets, as having less reoourse by virtue of a power that hides wealth behind a dubious justice system. Specifically, the author cites as a requirement for voting, being abe to furnish military equipment. The archons, nine in all, led a council of 401. Missing council was punished with fines, but the richer classes werefined more for missing them. Everyone of the higher council was to serve once on council before another could serve twice. So in this sense council was inclusive and precluded career politicians.

Constitutions then, place power, or at least have so far, in the wealthy. So how can the disapointed people, or America and Athens, not find fault with constitutions? It’s iexpliquable, right? Constitutions have led to corruption and folly, yet the constitutional system, escaped scrutiny for such per se. Is this the effect of pro constitution propoganda? Do we really not exist enough to determine a way oflife without constitution, an alternative form? Does the constitutions assumptions of everyone’s sentience in effect rule public opinion of constitutions, as that public has the energy of individualism, without honest individualism? Does constitutionalism relegate public opinion atheistic enough to preclude questioning constitutionalism?

Anyway these rules led to an oppressive way, of debt leading to slavery, and oligarthy, and the people of athens rose up against the upper class, and the two sides were divided and living in competing camps. They then though, appointed Solon, to resolve things, who wasa bit of a poet in his mediation of the issues. He was respected, but wealth-wise, middle class, and he exhorted the upper class not to be greedy, but understand humilty. Whereas I think the thing to understand is, how easy people are to be controlled, and therefore how obvious it is people dont want to be greedy, but work together, and the whole class division, a product of the control ofan oppressed human race and earth to effect of history, and way without sacrifice, but foolish society.

So Solon then ended slavery as a way of debt forfeit, and passed laws forgiving and the people were happier. Apparently athens was of four tribes, as well as classes, and each tribe could pick a hundred for the 401 council, yet again, I dont see how tribal environment,could be consistent with oligarthy and serfdom. Therefore it must be like all the inconsìtency and what does not make sense, of society and life; another system, that does little good, that would obviously result, were there real people, and not avatarsrepresenting a way and form, that is little now more than symboliic, or cloaking, way for society. Solon was respected for ending the surfeit of oneself for debt, establishing the right to petition a court for redress of grievance, forcing a court to deal with pperceived wrongs by citizens, but most important, that these disputes be decided by juries. For this last gave power to the poorerr people the most. And yet, again, lets ask why can’t disputes be resolved in simple circles of those that know the principles? Why the formalities of court that tend to hold back justice? Again, because the creation of history, is this way, the oposite of sensible, and so that inverse, is what the athenian, went through; a suppllication to history, at the expense of reason, with all the complicated ramififications of spirit therein.

Solon angered the upper class by forgiving debt. And the lower classes by not redistributing property. Yet he did not cling to power byadhering to one party.He chose theemnity of both to the security of enfolding by one.. There was still officially disapointment, but things were better. Yet his relying on written law, rather than people reasoning together, of a constitution limiting powerful places tothe richer, but also the few, who are then eassier to control than the people, suspect origin of constitution. He clearly dealt with the leaders of the two parties, who having weight behind them, were not easy to deal with, and his poetry put down both sides.

So Solon left, and after four years there were troubles again. For which the tribes agreed, the pivotal archwhich numbered ten now, shall have so many from each tribe. And yet still there was strife, and only four tribes, which had their own rules each.. History though, has moved up from an oppressive situatoin of serfdom, to a gaudy situation of poilitical entertainment, if admittedly more foolish and folly and causing the reaction that something is wrong, rather than a reaction of satisfaction, nevertheless, For after Solons laws, 30 years later, of the three factions, limited government, excessive democratic government, and oligarthy, P. Of cemocratiy won, but he was no true democratic, but seeking power, and achieved such by claiming injuries by political rivals, and gaining bodyguards because of that, who turned into a goon squad that then took over the acropolis.

So he ruled, then fled, was paid to come back, then left again due to the danger. The third time, after leading a colony, he had mercernaries and allies, like thebes, and they took athens. He then asked the athenians to parade in military gear, upon which his soldiers confinscated their weapons and told them it was ok, he would be good, and handlle affairs of the state. Thus here you can see an atheistic vanity to athenians that accepts their troubles as too daunting to face, and accepts accapting immersion into their privateaffairs as the way to go. It is not just P.’s tyranny, but a state of mind, or state of people, that accepted the situation, as precursor of history, being accepting, and not demonstrating the charactor of the people to tyrnanny, nor the natural reason of tribes and pagans, that way being metaphysically shit down, for a covert way of sacrifice through society and gaudy history.

Fightin for the people

May 14, 2013

This defense in my hometown municipal court admitedly over something miniscule, worked. However the issues it raises, were not delved into. The court was not a catlyst to passion and change, but very cold blooded, and uncaring about the general ills of society, i pointed out, that it is possible for court to improve.

Vic Fedorov

219 Yardville-Allentown Rd

Yardville N.J. 08620

HT 152492

Driving without license(since renewed)

May 8, 2012

Judge Douglas Hoffman:

First let me say I am grateful for the police officer discerning I was driving without a license, because I was unaware of the fact, and needed this brought to my attention. My license had expired at the end of 2012. I was unaware of this and failed to renew it because I had moved once, in 2011, to a new address, and got my license changed to match my new license, and then moved again, to Yardville, upon which I tried to change the address on my license, for which the dmv corresponded I would have to do this in person. When I received my renewal of my license by mail form, I confused that as corresponding to the issue of getting my current address on my license, and so neglected to renew. This was disorganized, I know. I was distracted by a case I have before N.J. Appellate Court which attracts a significant portion of my attention and concern. (A-000478-12)

However, my conscience would twinge, if I did not bring up the following in this motion, and seek relief of dismissal or otherwise, in its consideration.

1) Peaceful Assembly is a form of local decision making through ayes and nays of all present, or quorums of hundreds. It was practiced in N.J. into the 1900’s, in New England today, and in classical times. This is what is protected in the bill of rights. This is what is abridged by local officials, and their incorporation through the state constitution of 1947.

2) The tenth amendment, (The powers not delegated to the United States by the Constitution, nor prohibited by it to the States, are reserved to the States, respectively, or to the people.) reserves powers not given to the federal government by its constitution, to the state or the people. Local officials are neither. The tenth amendment is violated. This ignorance and difficulty accepting this, is due to our media and education being ignorant. If these assertions, were in the domain of our news media, they could be readily apprehended and discussed honestly. As they are not, it seems our dialogue and ability, restricted to what media covers. This makes our media suspicious. The only way to explain it, higher power. Yet that too, is not covered, by that that deems importance and public. Yet it is important, for courts to consider this, and to see the hypocrisy of enforcing laws, while unaware of the important ones, which allow an illegal concentration of local power.

3) Rule 7:7:1 states if an ordinance is unconstitutional, it is not valid. “A defense or objection capable of determination without trial of the general issue, shall e raised before trial by motion to dismiss or for other appropriate relief, except that a motion to dismiss based upon lack of jurisdiction or the unconstitutionality of a municipal ordinance may be made at any time” This latter is what I assert and seek.

The entire structure of local organization is unconstitutional. A mayor, who is neither state, nor the people; appointing a municipal court judge; exercises a power not given to the federal government, in defining how local offenses are handled, so then do you have the right to adjudicate? The structure of police, defined by ordinance created by local officials, is thus unconstitutional. While I completely agree the offense of an expired license, wrong, and worthy of correction, which I have done, see enclosed, I am inflicting collateral damage in my assertions, upon the forces empowered to punish local offenses; with the intent of rendering their authority here, to fine me, nugatory. Again, I seek this relief, out of my ability to apply laws, and the inherent good within: consistent with political power being inherent in the people, and their right to alter and reform government to public benefit. In no way, do I not understand your situation and predicament, and am grateful for your consideration and court. To me, this matter, is not a man-made one, but signifies something greater, and worthy of consideration, important, consistent with court.

4) State v. Barchevski 181 N.J. Super.34, 436 A.2d 550 speaks to this. “A defendant has an essential and fundamental right to interpose a defense based on the invalidity of a legislative or quasi legislative action upon which the prosecution is predicated.” “The Law Division apparently overlooked the authority of the rules of  the court above cited, which expressly recognizes the right and opportunity of a defendant in a criminal or quasi-criminal matter to attack, by way of defense to the charge,…the validity of the regulation upon which the charge is based”

5) Recognizing here, Article 1 2a of the N.J. Constitution, is analogous to be certified as class action. Class action is for economic relief, and lumps together cases so they may adjudicated easier: And so that people of less means, may petition for redress of their grievance, against a corporation of much greater means. 2.  a.  All political power is inherent in the people.  Government is instituted for the protection, security, and benefit of the people, and they have the right at all times to alter or reform the same, whenever the public good may require it.

I argue, 2a, enables the same for political issues. A recognition, of a need for reform or altering government, in this case the manifestation of state constitution, and/or seeking such, for public benefit; empowering the party pursuant to 2a, serves same purposes, of enabling taking on a government whose ways are much stronger than the individual; and forcing the courts to deal with issues, it otherwise, ignores, or easily avoids.

Class action has been supported by the N.J. Supreme Court,
Consistently, and I hope courts here see the analogy of
purpose for political concerns, such as here.

6) In this sense, you may see this motion as a writ quo warranto, questioning the authority of the authority over this case.

7) This protective action combats unconstitutional deprivations, consistent with the 14th amendment, “No state shall make or enforce any law which shall abridge the privileges or immunities of citizens of the United States”

8) As I have little faith, in your ability to manifest concern for these larger issues,  I ask you respectfully dismiss the case, aware, that my license, long renewed.

9) Pursuant to title 42 Section 1983 Every person who, under color of any statute, ordinance, regulation, custom, or usage, of any State or Territory or the District of Columbia, subjects, or causes to be subjected, any citizen of the United States or other person within the jurisdiction thereof to the deprivation of any rights, privileges, or immunities secured by the Constitution and laws, shall be liable to the party injured in an action at law, suit in equity, or other proper proceeding for redress, except that in any action brought against a judicial officer for an act or omission taken in such officer’s judicial capacity, injunctive relief shall not be granted unless a declaratory decree was violated or declaratory
relief was unavailable. For the purposes of this section, any Act of Congress applicable exclusively to the District of Columbia shall be considered to be a statute of the District of Columbia.   



                         Gratefully Yours

                  Vic Fedorov



PLEADINGS regarding
Vic Fedorov
219 Yardville-Allentown Rd
Yardville N.J. 08620

HT 152492
Driving without license(since renewed)

For Hamilton N.J. Municipal Ct
Pleading 1

1) Having brought this up before, people make two mistakes, I wish to preemptively address.

2) The first is that peaceful assembly is a form of protest. It is not. What is protected is a form of local decision-making by the people with ayes and nays. This is practiced in New England towns, which require quorums of 240. Was practiced in N.J. into the 1900’s; and a form to registering popular opinion throughout classical times. (This is a good issue for courts to balance)

3) The second mistake, alleges, if the tenth amendment reserves powers not given to the federal government by U.S. Constitution, to the state or the people; the state can give those powers to local officials through an incorporation of the Constitution of 1947 of N.J.. This also is frankly ignorant. Local officials are neither state nor people. The law library is filled of the annals of state legislature regulating towns, town by town. But the constitutional alternative to that, is ayes and nays by many locals in peaceful assembly, not incorporation.

4) I’d like to explain how these misgivings can be had. These two concepts, of the same nature, in the bill of rights, are neither taught, nor known through news media. That these are ideas are outside the realm of public opinion, and unintroduced, so there is not formula or knowledge for the mind to draw upon. We can see how limited and close we are, to what public opinion is aware of. Do not disparage ideas with ignorance, address the issue of ignorance, per professional concern.

Pleading 2

1) Both article 1 2a 2. a. of the new jersey constitution “All political power is inherent in the people. Government is instituted for the protection, security, and benefit of the people, and they have the right at all times to alter or reform the same, whenever the public good may require it,” and the notion of class action, accomplish similar goals. They force and enable courts to examine and address, what power and authority, may weigh against. (As does the right to petition the government for redress of grievance”)

2) Certainly there is a class action concern, to the issues of local official and local government in general; But in particular, to Judges and Prosecutors and Public Defenders, not being chose by local officials, but the state or the people.

3) If you can not be entrusted with constitutional concerns, may I through the courts, reassure you, that unconstitutional appointments, absolvable?

4) These concerns can addressed in motions for relief, or dismissal, but they are undeniably class action concerns, and article 1 2a, gives us the chance to affirm the benefit and discussion of these benefits honestly, in court. For Article 1 2a, seems naturally meant to invoke in a court case.

5) When we individuals disparage the classical notion of the people coming together, and thinking together, empowered and awakened, by peaceful assembly, it is not on the merits of peaceful assembly, but hiding something preceding local community. They have yet to realize the absence and absolution truly peaceful assembly attains—the recognition the people haven’t come together, because they couldn’t. And the recognition corruption, and perversion, can keep authority from leaning in this right direction.

6) Rutgers Law Journal: 2012 ” The N.J. Supreme Court extended the virtues of class action device as a means of gaining equal access to Justice for those who have small claims and unqual bargaining power.” Lee “Class action is a devise that allows an otherwise vulnerable class……thus providing a procedure to remedy a wrong that might otherwise go undressed.”

Plead three: What I expect

Hamilton Township Municipal Court
Judge Hoffman
Summons Number HT152492
Violation Date 1/23/13

State v. Victor A. Fedorov

Pleading: How I expect the matter to go

1) How I expect trial or hearing to go
2) Make as easy to see as possibleg local officials violate tenth and abridge peaceful as possible, includes appointing local judiciary.
3) No right to your authority, appointed wrong; case going around where ca.prosecute for marijuanna, as schedule one, when recognized medicinally – dismissal, further inquiry
4) To be sure, you prosecute and reform people, so fair for me to attempt so with you.
5) 7:7:1grounds for dismissal. ETrust in people who know law
6) Judiciary and local officials, by concentrating power, create vulnerability to criminals, statutes need judges. So violation of appointment; super concentrates local officials and judges through appointment, whatever graft is possible, a little more simple now.
7) The corrupted are least likely to circle or peacefully assembly, for they fear their past deeds. Yet were decisions made in local peaceful assembly, public benefit, very good
8) The second part then would be your decision to dismiss case, as court is constitutionally constructed, and 7:7:1 ; or realize there are important issues here to act on for public benefit.
9) At this point, I would cite article 1 2a of the N.J. Constitution, which empowers people to reform government, as made for the court s, much the way right to petition government for redress of grievance has “government” meaning “courts” ex A and petition, a court term. We may have the right to alter and reform the government at all times, but the law only realistically applies in court.
So the third part would be what I compel through this. 2a, and we can discuss these options.
These are remedies to suggest, we could invoke under2a. a) Report the flaw to appropriate state agency, judicial or legislative b) Refer case to law division c) What would you do, suggest? d )make this an agenda item council meeting the 16th, by which I mean include the issue of letting the people assembly and make local decisions with ayes and nays of all present. e) Inform the media of this issue f) Discuss how this omission and ignorance and corruption of law go on, the only answer is a spiritual explanation, that explains how easy this scenario is created. This last discussion would have wide ranging effect

Hamilton Township Municipal Court
Judge Hoffman
Summons Number HT152492
Violation Date 1/23/13
State v. Victor A. Fedorov
Plead 4
1) I Could use some feedback, It’s not about the case, but you, the system. Do you need more focus on the facts, the laws; or more focus on the spiritual.?

2) Why not have responded to me, raise issues in advance of the court? That would be professional.

3) Because it’s obviously true, and a bad situation, and you would have corrected it long ago. If you can’t have corrected this in the past, how can we expect a professional reaponse now?

4) This implies the situation is out of control, and local government, bad for its flaws. You would know this better than me. Out of control, unlawful situation, by which I mean, you can’t control it. Can you admit you see the hypocrisy here, as so many must, before you.?

5) What holds you back; from correction, from responding in advance? Is the crime nexus making money off local officials and courts, threatening you? Are you worried the exposure of unconstitutional local incorporation, across the news media, will embarrass you? Or, are you as restricted now, as you have always been, by higher power? Is the lord here? Holding you back?

6) For these questions, I need to call the prosecutor to the stand and if he ably objects, any official should do.

7) Is it possible to get into a discussion of how control by higher power is possible?

Pleading 5 More about the stand

8) Now to me, the matter, is not about my case, and laws therein; but the ability of judges to enforce law; We are not a nation of law, but a nation of judges, limited to what judges are capable of, and not the free and easy rule of law. We can have good, just laws, in our constitutions protecting peaceful assembly and reserving powers to the state or the people; but as we see, without judges to enforce them, without journalists, and lawyers aware of them; these laws do nothing; are the sugarcoating of a constitutional apple with a rotten core. The work is here is critical, mysterious, important, and beneficial to public and state.
9) So we have to get into the issue of whether officials are held back, by their acqueiscence to crime, and all the interests who ostentasibly benefit from ignorance, or whether this totalitarian and constitutional nature is caused by higher power, as such seems beyond human will and desire. Do you believe there is a design, to constitutions, to facilitate crime hiding behind few officials?
10) Have you ever of these laws cited they way I cite them? Is the illegality of this system, ever factored into your thinking.? Can I ask if you know of crime, or criminal integration into system, and would that hold back a recognition of law? But then how would the media, and how would lawyers not know of this? There is no purposeful cover-up, is there, of the virtue and validity of local decision-making in peaceful assembly, that you know of? If you are aware of this, would you or would you not, see and correct this, and why. What do you think of the equation that surmises these lapses in law, are through God? Do you feel any control upon you?
12) This is a huge thing, the ignorance of local benefit of local peaceful assemblies; Is it too big for you to deal with? Where is the psychology of seeing something wrong and correcting it. Don’t you do this for a living? Is questioning your own authority, honestly too hard? Or just beyond what God allows?
13) We need to understand how the state is thinking, for which we’d like to call an official, preferably the prosecutor, and or a policeman, to the stand.

It’s like we have a real problem here is judges can’t understand this.

The Gall of America

April 25, 2013

The Gall of America

The long haired, tough, and flawed, Galls lived in North Italy, Switzerland, and parts of Germany, France and Austria. The only successful opponent to the Roman Republic, the numerous Gallic Tribes, became consistently defeated and troublesome to Rome; often becoming their allies, against further tribes. Caesar offers a few page description of their polity in his Book The Gallic Wars, where he describes his and Rome’s efforts to provide peace in the regions of Gaul. It is possible to wonder if Caesar disparages the Galls to promote The Roman Republic. No doubt there were perjorative jokes about the galls in the Roman Republic.

How America is like Ancient Gaul?

1) There are pointed factions in every state and village and district. “The leaders of these factions are the men who in the Gaul’s judgement are thought to have the greatest authority”. Our High Schools and Colleges are like this. Maybe the Galls lack of extensive structured education, steered this social structure into their society. Maybe that is the way for people of families to naturally bond socially, a natural structure to society, requiring common living together; thus indicating some communism or spartanism or time manifestation where provisions and production brought people together. “the conclusion of all actions and counsels is referred to their decision and judgement.” There is a ranking, or hierarchy, and pressure on the pride to protect his people from oppression or fraud. This is like the rabbi system in Judeasm where to be a rabbi, one must speak for several. Except the Galls tended to pick the tougher people to make decisions. And maybe this is not right. For the Hebrews seem to encourage intelligience to drift up, and Gauls, personality, wisdom, and mystique.

2) Like the whole of America, the whole of Gaul was grouped into two parties. Yet where America’s division is unto two political parties, Gaul’s division is rendered by two large states within Gaul. The Adeui, who long ruled more, were recently supplanted by the Sequani in prestige. However Caesar worked it back to traditional Aduie dominance, and the Remi, came in and replaced The Sequani in second place. This leadership or loose federation with a small focal of dominance, looked after the many tribes within its structure. The Republic maintained good relations with each protector, who then represented the feistier tribes to Rome to ensure Rome treated the questioned tribes well.

This was very much the concern of the constitutional convention, regarding the small states, versus large states debate. In general the fuss about national government was to insure a peacetime prosperity Europe never had, by weakening the states and strengthening the national government. This worry and concern, as we try to grab what would have happened, shows in this portrait of Gaul; whereby a few powerful large states, like Virginia or Pennsylvania or populous Massachussets, is able either through factional alliance with other states, or strictly through itself, to achieve a dominance over the weaker states nearby; pointedly manifested as a dominance in international relations. Diplomacy thus defining power, as shifting situations, character. America has had no dominance of a few states over a several, this was the worry, Gaul did, and there were more wars. The Galls are a classic example of a hardy unruly people who might well have needed greater federation or national government. America had an unruly and hardy spirit that I pray lives on today.

While maybe 20 % of American Males have long hair, and that if you see hippie rainbow circles, in the rainbow, a hippie term and reference, is where that hardy pride and foolish pride, live; a protected, viable and imperfect subculture of America.

Like Rome, which had a two class society, which enabled a latitude to the lower class whereby school-like society dominated, undulating into a Gaul whose political principle is based on the concept of the coolest guy, or toughest guy or smartest guy. The American Concept here, is that in a good household, in a good company, in a good land, the cream could rise to the top, and the better people natural dominate wisely; that is the motif to business: Successful operations run by superior people. The better, more trusted, doctors, are better people.

“In the whole of Gaul, two types of men are counted as being of worth and distinction. The ordinary people considered almost as slaves: they dare do nothing on their own account, and are not called to counsels. When the majority are oppressed by debt or heavy tribute, or harmed by powerful men, they swear themselves away into slavery to the aristocracy”… who then lead their retainers into war. Yet not how relatively accessible are the councils. If America protected its peaceful assembly right in the knowledge peaceful assemblies are where local issues can be decided by the people; thus implementing a bottom-up power structure, where the people can direct the few in power how to act. This, of course, is what the Senate argues against, in paean against the wiles of the mob, and easily influenced people, now and back then.

Of the two types of men of distinction. Druids. And Knights. Druids are kind judiciary. point of sacrifice, todays papers not seen as point of fear, more nature, more fearful, less healthy environment, less overt fear.

Status, in ancient Gall, was determined by how many friends you had over at the house. Entourage, effective help, and societal leadership generated thereto; And this kind of prestige wasn’t inherited. Each generation begins anew, in each of galls many tribes, to win friends, and influence people, show courage, and demonstrate wisdom, end problems, and lead somewhere. In this sense, America could reshuffle, each generation, if they all stepped out, at a certain point in time, of their houses, and walked around, and agreed no one owned anything, and then the most charismatic, or those known to be of the best character, would lead about what happens; and of course, resistance would be good, and hopefully wise. Factions would arise to oppose the most popular and effective; who principled in popularity and effectiveness, wouldn’t want so much; indeed, the limits to what one heart can take over; the folly of one heart representing many, or very many, is most known by gall. Dreams of great conquerors are laughed at by the truest galls, who merely wanted to control some very little, completely, and well, to the benefit of all. A fiefdom, more than enough, one house, or at most, merely several, together, and perhaps some field access and those who like to work; this humility, of running a little, well; parallel to the city state, nonfederal polity of the greek-city state. For this zest to work, everyone must agree, ownership of property is best done by those deemed to have the qualities of the best owner. The rich, theoretically, would be chosen, in a sense, compete to be voted rich.

Let’s just look at two things here. The first is what does this image of gall, of village prestige look like? The answer is crime, in the sense there is no lawful authority to stop the dominance of the charistmatic and prevalence of personality. Charisma is the law enforcing, whose morals, can then be defeated by the more law enforcement and charisma. This is a world of sense, with law; productive effect, without distinctive form, beyond, of course, the quest for personality derives. And in some ways, this culture descends from Athenian crime. Yet constitutions, may not have been had by Gallic tribes. Though there was a senate among a tribe, easily enough, law through writing, was far less known.

Then too, what other images are suggested here? Of humility, that powerful as history requires foolish people to lead, no superior person should control to much, but establish a little dominance, and from there; factions opposing, and from there, where does the best leadership come from, and all along side this, daily local councils whose attendance be required by half, even as all are welcome to attend. The image stands for the subtle power of humility mid a history of sophistication. With the galls, even vanity, is pointedly pointed out, as a fallible, tragic, quality. That pericales whipping up pride with funeral oration, false and sick humour; a tragicomic sense that lingers on, through the working, of America.

I can hope you see these gallic values as consistent with people who counted time by nights. Perhaps, sleep warmly by day, and stay warm with activity or fire, by night.

Perhaps, too you can see, how the gallic tribes accedes to History, and what is second rate, to history, not necessary, second rate, to truth, or powerful knowledge; thus, places around here, or ancient gall, would put their heads together, and say to we have to do that history requires; what do we have to put together to conform to history, and then as a people, give history the scene it demands; the point is the people unite in producing it; and therefore that is how the countryside and free air all benefit from, better protected. Galls would know if patronage was practiced, jobs for some fascist structure, but behind the scenes fascist structure. At the same time, adherence to a complexity resulting in such long weeks, refuses common sense; thus the fascism is not grounded in salvation here, the way it was in Gaul, one hopes, had greater understandings of the whole, that allowed the whole system to work, and produce, and get along; and giving in to History where required; but otherwise thinking in daily circles as a tribe, elemental democracy.

Capitalism like History, Appearance of wealthy who control everything; so people play em, and act it, but really, the behind the scenes know.

Gallic values, calm, modest living, daily circles. These are American values; before America got mucked down by federal and even state, government. TV is then seen away diverting energy, from dice and card games, the galls were prone to. They valued factions, for effective opposition to power; that both propped good power, and attempted to organize better, perhaps like loose and shifting fraternities. In a way, this is the theory of factions implicitly supporting other factions in the general spirit of the game; a uniting overall belief in the spirit of gall; rather than the American factionalism no one likes of liberal versus conservative. In this sense, the idea of allocating a state for liberal values expression, and one for conservative ways; would be quite Gallic. It would also be further ironic, were they bound by some pact of loyalty to each other, from origin or not, despite their current differences. I think though, that those favoring a working out of this division, will find a third tribe in the mix, the democrat: Who might unfathomably be opposed to the electric car, or honest resolution repented in general. And conservatives won’t want them, the conservative test state would be bogged down in worrying about its fanatical right wingers, or mandatory gun practice.

Feminism and Facism

March 26, 2013

1) Feminism and Fascism are very similar. For instance, Feminism is up against the oppression of women through objectification, lack of respect, and spirit….or whatever….Feminism is up against the oppression of women, as defined, regardless. Fascism is up against oppressive systems as well. Fascism, like Feminism, is authentically dissatisfied with the world, or aspect thereof, and therefore seeks spirit and means to correct oppressive forms.

2) Both Feminism and Fascism are short term expedient means that should expire upon fulfillment of goals. This involves some redefinition of fascism as short term expedient, means, perhaps undesirable, out of the necessity compelled by unsatisfactory situation.

3) This means should pornography and whatever effects that not quite right emphasize on this and that, rather than elbows or feet, or ears, is corrected; the spirit of feminism will change; it may be able to be less shrill, resort to less sexism in its own right, and command and attract a more middle of the road popularity. The same is true with fascism understood this way. Say the fascist is disgusted with the corruption in government, and lack of community about; and he changes those things; well, now the world is better, and one can be less fascist about it; some order has been restored; the cause is less passionate now, thank god; calm and peace, abound about.

4) Both female and fascist movements, have had more success in classical times; when things were tribal; and change based on merit, and ability; of course the odds in pagan times may have been greater: But in modern times, in Judeo-Christian times, the suffragette movement, burns forth, and gets the vote; The ERA movement of mid seventies, is looked at, and not treated as serious or needed enough; whereas the symbolism alone is enough to entertain seriously the idea. Likewise, Fascism, really hasn’t done anything in America, and since the fifties, and the rise of communism, almost permanently downgraded to some bogeyman status. Yet, like those examples of feminism, fascism, by my definition, is a short-lived expedient movement; like a dictator might solve problems quickly, but who wants to live under a dictator long, (and aren’t the presidential terms, outrageously too long and boring) it’s not the ideal solution or desirable; whereas likewise, the four year presidential term was devised for the expediency of security, not desirability.

5) Then of course both feminism and fascism has this cool controlled anger behind it. And it’s important for both fascists and feminists to swear they don’t really mean to hurt anyone.

6) I think both forms are prevelant to local, not national, conditions; despite history’s story; and both seek a divinity grounded in spiritual understanding, for godliness is the most peaceful way to progress in politics, and socially.

7) What is it that causes the oppression of women? What is it that causes our political oppression? Metaphysics. Success, is based on wisdom. Fools sell out causes and faiths.

8) Both are grounded in authoritarianism. Authoratarianism, is where the authority for one’s action, one’s self, or authority in general, like courts, or employers, or friends, socially, as it exists, justifies their behavior if questioned. The idea of authoritarianism, is that it the acts of authority can be questioned, and raised, and if not justified and explained, then the authority itself, loses its right to have authority.

9) I mean both suggest one doing something about something: Both are about taking action in trying circumstance, raising spirit, coalescing right minds; seeing where the tributaries of concern lead to; having the concerns of community in mind.

10) Indeed, the paths diverge here and regroup later, on several counts. A) Fascism is more authoritarian than Feminism, in that the control that emphasizes the reproductive parts of females is metaphysical. And metaphysical control, is the essence of totalitarianism. There is no one to appeal to. No authority answers. One searches God, or Goddess, and there is no congealed authority per se, that rises to help, in modality-authority-familiar/with, conscious of, as authority in society is set up. And yet, by same token, our polity is totalitarian, insofar inexpliquable events ocurr, people question and want change; yet no change happens, and more so, no authority stands up and says “No” or “I am standing against Common Sense”, and then says why, and justifies such, honestly and actually and exactly. So even when people stand up to this totalitarian polity it is hard to shake the totalitarian shackles around them. Their consciousness is limited, by what unofficial, yet really, secretly official, media projects. They are limited, by not being taught thinking together, being told what to do, ignorance of the kingdom of god, lack of cultural emphasis upon spiritual paths. These limitations are totalitarian as well. Feminists are leaders of all women in particular, or, like all good fraternities, so they claim; the way fascists, or people trying to do something about a trying situation, are the advent of everyone, ideally—-so naturally both, successful, conclude on notes of restoring power to consensus, truth, thought, knowledge, analysis.

10a) Yet the control upon women, is on each; and the control upon one’s thoughts, is on each; and both have individuals of verying degrees shaking the controls; yet still, in spirit, we all understand, it is upon each. The enlightened should not think anyone is not capable of rising. Some are there, when freedom breaks, ready to love, and some will need to be loved, to overcome what has happened. And yet it is easier for the women to embrace all women, than the fascist to embrace mankind. The male may have a natural antagonism, the oppression of women, metaphysically, may have rubbed out there.

11a) and 11b) That tribal practice of tribal circles, of which half the gallic town formally had to attend, and all else welcome to join in: Most advanced the means of merit and wisdom advancing. These circles in gallic villages, according to Ceasar in his account of campaigning there, were daily. That to ground feminism in authoritarianism, feminists and their ilk, must take care to stand behind what the say and project, respond and take down the questions of those who don’t understand. If there is nothing but vapor behind the words, the words don’t mean a thing. They say one’s image can shake one’s ideas, but feminism requires human faces behind it to advance.

12) Feminism hasn’t changed much; though thankfully we are now more exposed to working with women, than before, and that is a very good thing, per their ability to supervise, and be trusted. But authoritarianism dictates, that for feminism to change something; a feminist must stand out and stand up and speak the truth; and then she must be challenged, by the status quo, and then she must withstand the challenge, and then defeat the challenger; it requires a face, faces; and then things may change, when the people see the world standing up to one women, and failing. Without a face, and without challenge for that face to respond to, there is no change. And of course, this is a basic model or modality of fascism. Indeed, allow me a little sexist humour; “fascism” comes from “fasces” meaning sticks or rods, which signified the might of the chosen counsel. Back then, Rome didn’t trust one president, so elected two, and they would alternate being in charge, day by day, who held the fasces, was dictator constrained by senate, that day.

13) Fascism, Feminism, as means to ends, realize, objectification, more important things than sexuality, protecting sexuality, treating sexuality with the admiration or respect it deserves, and a people being able to reason together, and estimate it’s own chances; these concerns lead to group focus, not individualism; communion with “God”, not hard legal matter. Thus they intend diffusion of power. A long term dictator, why would he be a dictator, unless the results were so great, or he leads to gentler means, and finer polity.

Internet Sports Betting in N.J.

March 26, 2013

Governor Christie’s offense, is pushing through sports betting in New Jersey; when, through decades old act, only four states are allowed to offer sports betting.

This could be about secession, how the federal government can not make decisions for states, as States are closer to the people. And yet the federal government may be able to protect the people, from State government, through the 14th amendment. N.J., has a historical legacy to Secession, insofar, the Jersey Plan goes.

Even though there were no huge problems upon secession from England, the leading men of the states, thought it safer to unite, than let each state have too much power. In this constitutional debate, there was the Virginia Plan, which we have now, and the Jersey Plan, which advocated a federal judiciary, that approved treaties, much the way, the Roman Judiciary, was required to approve legislation. Criminal Matters would be heard by the states. And ethical and legally principled issues, debated through federal Judiciary. States would have been allowed to make treaties with each other, and trade pacts, both of which they are not allowed to do now, and the jersey plan, would have had those pacts and treaties require judicial ratification. The Jersey Plan, potentially could have included, state legislators appointing congresspersons and Senators, and thus state national representatives, would vote the way the state government desires; then there may would be more friction between states and regions.

So Internet Gambling in N.J., may not be about gambling, alone; but state’s rights, as it  plays out in court, where our  governor is unabashedly taking the ball.

Gambling per se is an iffy proposition. For one thing, any understanding of the kingdom of god, and kingdom of heaven, points to Sporting Events, being controlled by the Kingdom of Heaven. You are not betting on what it Appears, you are betting on. And yet Sports Betting is ultimately superior to any other form of gambling, so far the pretext of being smart enough to predict future events, prevails to be a challenge to mental abilities, more than games of chance. One might venture poker is the greater challenge to character; but in sports gambling, you just relax and watch the game, there’s no one else directly betting against you being an asshole or jerk, it’s just you and the house; and while the house is by no means the purest of creatures, at least it is removed enough so, that personal irritations of another, never manifest.


What I am trying to say, is Sports Betting is like competing against yourself, like running.

There are inherent problems with state government getting involved with gambling. While state run lotteries have always prevailed, I am irritated when we go to upstate ny, where video screens of chance grace bars, so bars allow the state, gambling action. I do not go to a bar to be distracted by Keno screens. Preying upon the drunk for lottery tickets just further corrupts the state.

The problem with sports betting, is you can lose too much money; and that can feel bad. Thus it is important to use caution. I participate in an internet site, which accepts one dollar bets; and thus I can test my knowledge of sports and gambling, with just one and if I’m confident, two dollar bets. This is very important. Gambling, or at least sports betting, like any trade, or profession, is something you grow in comfort with every year of practice. Seven years of practice, in any trade, should be superior to three, and inferior to seventeen. And like any trade, there is a spiritual path, and inner cordon of enlightenment or salvation available and sought. With gambling, its through hanging on, and getting good enough, whereby you can unite with other gamblers, and make money, and do good things with the money; but even more so, balance those benefits with acts aware of The Kingdom of God, which is the foundation of wise betting, anyway. That way, the house won’t get upset about the pay-outs, because the transcendence, of application of knowledge of the kingdom of god, beyond gambling, through the actions of your associates, will karmically ripple back to benefit the house in a more cool enlightened salvation than it may be now. For there is no way to consistently choose winners as an atheist.

Accepted Interlocutory Appeal to Change the Venue to Mercer County from Hudson County, to the Supreme Court of N.J (granted docket number) .

November 3, 2012

This is an appeal to the Supreme Court of N.J. regarding a denied motion to change the venue to Mercer County where Vera was domiciled, and looking into the fraud that probated her legacy in Hudson County, and suspicions therein. As I was late in filing the complete papers, necessary letter and affadavit below, after which Interlocutory Appeal, to Supreme Court of N.J.  follows.

                                                                                             SUPREME COURT OF NEWJERSEY
Docket #
Vic Fedorov Pro Se
         v.                                                                 CERTIFICATION
Mark Fedorov
Veronica Savage
C/O Ron Fraoili Esq.,
1) Regarding the estate of my deceased Mother, Vera Fedorov; as she was domiciled in Mercer County, I moved before Judge Velazquez to change venue, and that there was fraud in the probate application, which stated Vera had an apartment in Hoboken, of Hudson County. This is not true. Her primary residence was Princeton N.J.. She spent no nights in Hoboken.
2) Judge Velazquez denied the motion at the July 19th 2012 hearing. I calculated, the fraud was to ensure an unfair judge of foreign county where she owned 50 apartment units, to ignore many suspicions in the handling of her devolution, and I interlocutory appealed to Appellate Court.
3) This was filed timely. The motion was denied September 16th, by Appellate Court, filed September 17th, arrived at my residence September 19th, and received by me September 20, 2012. Because the legal facts and arguments I believe are fairly certain and strong, near irreparable damages, and constitutionally questioning the liberty Judges have under the Constitutions, I appeal to The Supreme Court of N.J..
4)  I work alone pro se, to interlocutory appeal to The Supreme Court of New Jersey,  as the suspicions are troubling and true,  and was prepared to file Oct 11, 2012. When I went to Bill’s Print Shop, on South Broad St, to pick up copies of the four volume appendix, in mid afternoon, I discovered they had done double of the third volume and did not have the second. I brought them the second volume, and they prepared it for the next day, Friday, Oct 12, 2012. When I then went to file in the state Supreme Court.
5) There, I learned, four copies of the large first appendix volume, which appellate had, could not be transferred to Supreme, and on Monday, Oct 15th 2012, received those four copies from the printer which I hope to complete what I provided of the motion papers, Friday, Oct 12, 2012. Not having 9 copies, was my mistake and confusion. I am sure this can be ascribed to not having internalized a new and relatively elaborate procedure.                                     
                I certify the foregoing statements made by me are true. I am aware that if any of the foregoing statements made by me are willfully false, I am subject to punishment.
Date, Oct 15, 2012              Victor Fedorov
                                        Thank You
Victor Fedorov
219 Yardville-Allentown Rd
201 232 1154
(Matter of Estate of Vera Fedorov,
                                                                                 SUPREME COURT OF NEWJERSEY
                                                                                  App Div. # AM-000767-11T1
Vic Fedorov, Pro Se
            v.                                                        NOTICE OF MOTION
Mark Fedorov                                       to File Motion for Leave to Appeal
Veronica Savage                                              as within Time
C/0 Ron Fraoili Esq.
To: Ron Fraoili, 304 Hackensack St Wood-Ridge N.J. 07075
       Mark Fedorov, 1483 Shelburne Ct, Allentown PA 18104
Please take notice, for the reasons explained in the accompanying affidavit, I am motioning for leave to appeal the denial of my interlocutory appeal to change the venue, per Vera Fedorov not being domiciled in Hudson County, and such lie on the probate application, that she spent any nights in Hudson County, as suspicious and consistent with her murder, as within time, and good faith.
I hope you review the brief as exculpatory, and constructive and forward-looking and precedential, with wide-ranging effect, as meritorious.
Date, Oct 15 2012,                         Victor Fedorov
The following is my letter brief to the Supreme Court of N.J. which was accepted and granted a docket number
Vic Fedorov
219 Yardville-Allentown Rd
Hamilton N.J. 08620
                                                                                 SUPREME COURT of New Jersey
                                                                                     Docket # 
                                                                                     App. Div # AM-000767-11T1
Vic Fedorov
Plaintiff-Movant                                                        Notice of Motion
       v.                                                                           (For Leave to Appeal)
Mark Fedorov
Veronica Savage
To: Ron Fraoili Esq. 304 Hackensack St, Wood-Ridge N.J. 07075
The point to understand is that numerous criminal behaviors have been signified, to compel my production of a Truth, and Whole: that I have faith will remedy matters.
To that empathetic end; the undersigned is the moving party before The Supreme Court. The foil Judge’s Velazquez’s Order of July 19th 2012, denying the changing of Venue, to the County of Domicility of my mother, Vera Fedorov; is too much fodder and opportunity to deny. Appellate Rejection as well, further raises questions upon a constitutional structure of Judiciary hiding criminals, as well as healing statutory confusion upon Fraud before Probate enabling a foreign Venue and certain Judge.
I shall demonstrate the proximity of irreparable harm, at an widespread, networking level; and seek relief; specifically, investigation, hearing into why there was fraud lied to probate, and how and why such cover-up and dereliction continue malfeasant through your courts, and what knowledge is necessary for the wide-ranging reform the people have the right to at all times, article 2a, of the state constitution, inferring through the courts, and wisdom, and ultimately trusted, leadership. I want you to be reassured this can be done in healthy enlightened way. I see judges. as I do my brother, and you, vulnerable, and not wanting to go against the law and critically wanting to stop crime.
                                Thank You
                                      Vic Fedorov        
This is the affadavit

                                                                              Docket No.
Vic Fedorov                           :
Plaintiff-Movant                   :
     v.                                        :                                        CERTIFICATION
Mark Fedorov                       :
Veronica Savage                  :
Defendant-Respondent      :
I, Victor Fedorov, the understand, commence support of motion with following facts:
1) Defense et al. lied on probate application, and their financial documentation raises my suspicions they are being extorted from, and my mother’s wealth taken from us, as her paralyzing fall was no accident. PA   Notice of Appeal, PA   Interlocutory Appeal Brief.
2) If they can control my siblings, and stifle so many, they can control judges. I see judges just as much the victims, coerced into covering up, easy to see suspicions.
3) This is of grave concern to everyone. I will show how to handle it, and hope I will be trusted, and case remanded for hearings in Mercer County Superior Court, or where deemed appropriate, be worked with to reform the system from ignorance and atheism.
4) It can be construed there is an international child pornography ring, with powerful connections, to have this covered up. PA interlocutory brief, notice of appeal
5) I have  had previous instances of courtly darkness; I argued the reservation of powers for the state or people were violated by local officials, whose ordinance also abridges peaceful assemblies where local decisions be made. It’s in no one’s interest to be against enlightened democratic form. Now realize I must explain the whole to prevail; A whole including natures shown by this case. And even then, this may be too hard to the condition here.
6) I seek to bring relief to you, and alter and reform, per State Constitution Art. 2a, through your interest in your profession, under God. “It is not the function of our government, to keep the citizen from falling into error, It is the function of the citizen to keep government from falling into error.” U.S. Supreme Court, 1950.
7) I have been utterly denied a chance to run my faith in the court, so the fair hearings will be a  relief where I will demonstrate, reassurance, and security through seriousness regarding the Kingdom of God; Something History ignores, but justice requires, that is more protective than the state.
8) I want to sort out this mess in a way that hurts no one and benefits all. I think it is possible this is a faithful opportunity. I hope you are able to be reasonable, and not prey to the same intimations, my siblings and others appear under, or work through them in sight of The Kingdom of God.
9) If you get into and apprehend the following brief, you may see there is a science there to focus on.
10) I cannot claim to have been threatened or specifically intimidated.
11) There is a clear misassumption about the Kingdom of God that can be shown in court, with wide-ranging legal effects upon individuals, challenging America.
12) There seems to be an upper class culture that resolves itself appropriately.
13) Everyone bares this earth and the effects of the world.
I swear the foregoing statements by me are true, I am aware if any of the foregoing statements are willfully false I am subject to punishment.
Oct 11, 2012, Victor Fedorov
then the letter brief itself
Vic Fedorov, Pro Se                                                                       
In the matter of Vera Fedorov
                                          LETTER BRIEF (for N.J. Supreme Court)
                     In support of motion to change venue to where Vera Fedorov was domiciled
Supreme Court of New Jersey:
May it please the court to offer some utter rectitude upon situation through a long-needed explanation of the Whole; to show how such corruptions incur, to straighten them out. It’s a limited world, I plead to be heard out so.
For it is not about Vera’s demise, or the obvious protocol of referring a probate to the county of domicility, for as you can see, in Appendix, the rights and wrongs of the case easy to see, and, infer dangers of irreparable harm from; and the issue grounded in the constitutional structure of the judicial branch of government; moreover a form that relies on the Kingdom of God, and illumination of cultural corruption, will embody wide-ranging effect, as if precedent.
We seek remanding to Mercer County Superior Court for hearings, or any level or agency, to resolve civilly these issues before us, several opportunities for oral arguments to discuss structure and resolution, where the necessary improvements see pa,      may accessible.
                                    Procedural History
I refer to Procedural histories in Appendix. 1,           2,
A) Then wish to add: My appeal of summary judgment was accepted, pa   .
B)Is Mark pro se? Since the dismissal of interlocutory appeal he has been listed pro se. Up to then, since January, he has been represented by Mr. Fraoili Esq. Wood-Ridge N.J..
C) I consider the response to my interlocutory application, pa     to be vexing and not grounded in law. I do not see how a summary judgment dismissal, negates an interlocutory appeal to change the venue.
                                  Material Facts
Refer to Material Facts Documents in Appendix. PA    PA  
Then I wish to add again
A) Is Mark now pro se?
B) Is their response vexing and not based in law, pa   
C) The cover up  of obviously suspicious facts and goings on makes incumbent an analysis of the judiciary that concerns a situation out of control and manipulated through ignorance.
D) Applying and demonstrating knowledge of the kingdom of god, modern media is pointedly ignorant and obscuring of, requires seriousness, respect and trust, and is the opportunity, for which the people may alter and reform government through courts via analysis foregoing of the judiciary.
E) The idea to make evident the value of knowing the Kingdom of God, over the shame, or cover-up restricting inquiry and honest discussion to  the benefit of the people of N.J., for neither Superior nor Appellate court are giving honest consideration, an abdication, a citizen tries to remedy here, ongoing, and in appellate appeal, ensuing under you; where ignorance, of obvious suspicions, has again prevailed, which I bring up here.
                                   Legal Arguments
Refer you to Legal Issues PA      pa
         Basic Point is The Kingdom of God, Agency of The Kingdom of Heaven
1) This is a real test for you. I don’t know if you will be able to apprehend this. We will see. The Kingdom of God, (a frequent gospel term), is the transformation of the human, into the human being; service to a truth, our government ignores, a great pivotal Truth, rendering senses blind and negated. Thus through the means of The Kingdom of Heaven, History, and Society, is ably imposed; grossly, purposefully Ignorant of itself. That is how immorality, folly and crime, is sustained. Judges, Mark, others that know, law enforcement?, criminals? Are created this way to this effect. Truth, God, Knowledge, Demonstration of spiritual principle, is the only way out.
                        Judges like Silenced Victims
2) A judiciary ignorant of the appendix record, is no different than my brother, suspicious, and vulnerable to the same manipulations and corruptions, threats, threats and injury to family, enforced marriage, possible torture, and enforced depravity or perversion and blackmail. Neither would seem to want to do this or be this way, rather be saved, reason, desired. From an application, knowledge, of the Kingdom of God, the adult world we want may suffice, the irreparable harm we want to no longer worry about, may reason for long. This is Christian Terminology to good effect.
                            Self-Denial inflicted by meta-physic or you?
3) The self-denial Mark goes through, judge’s mark as well, as self-denial occludes thought and reason, yet it is catalyzed by fear from knowing the culture and people in this. Others and you, may be construed logically to know people, and yet do you? The means of corruption, ever attracted here,  is to ensure the corruption of those like Mark, yourselves perhaps, that otherwise object, enforced, possibly. Thus you are victims, impeded.
                    Enabled by Mind or Kingdom of Heaven
4)This world is enabled by the kingdom of god and such immobility,  really it is the mind, or kingdom of heaven that engineers this,  not the kingdom of god, which has no volition.
If aware of the kingdom of god, a morality can set in, that expunges everything, even as the echo lingers, the glory of change heard. The corruption is a function of the enforcement of the design of the judiciary. You must know the kingdom of god to deal with it. Yes you may know terrorizing people, or do so yourself,  who oppress, and you may have consorted with, or been bound to, and bonded; but they must be discounted in light of the Kingdom of God. This instant criminal oppression of the upper class, I am trying to show, is contingent upon your understanding, and leverage of mind. Knowledge is Power. I talk to you. The criminals do not talk or admit to me.
You are the foundation of moral society, with a vested interest in morality, reason, Truth and I am hoping on the vitality of your interest in this Matter and Question. It can set precedent, and expose what we do not want in our society, which is the theoretical rule and binding of powerful people and culture through pedophilia, child porn, prostitution, and consorting parties, extending to scary, dangerous modalities; insofar as Ignorance of the Kingdom of God, does not promote the understanding; there is something audacious and outrageous at several planes here, judicial and family treatment, but such mark can even greater signify the metaphysical outrageousness of the whole; and thus these further dangerous modalities, need to be tempered so, in order to be revealed, so crime stops, and the out-of-control, is marshaled, as you are compelled to. For you to know, and reveal, you must Know, and let my guidance and your trust lead  conciliatory work and hearings by virtue of the work and authority necessary to show the Kingdom of God, and absolve in context of it. This seems to be the point; that we can and will work through this.
Corruptions are designed to enforce the sacrificial nature captured in our judiciary, a covert pagan metaphysic then, and not corruptions per se. They have a purpose, and that point, the point, not the corruptions, which while passed over, require allusion. Are you able to reform, by god and faith and trust in me to handle this delicate situation and sin or culture of immorality, as has been completely denied so far, in forms you transpire.
                                   Constitutions, History
5) Our Constitutions are so much a part of this, as a structural issue. One is that by creating positions of such power, in government, and culturally and economically as well, those officials and powerful individuals, are so removed from the people and powerful, in effect they treat the people as children who are incapable of reasoning together among themselves and implementing ideas and plans; that domain has been given to the few, and when such treatment is ordinary, I believe, there can be a tendency to desire to relate to children sexually, as relating to adults is warded off by the enlargement and enhancement of power.
Our Constitution would ensure local decision making in peaceful assemblies, that local officials are neither state nor people, that the people like to think together; yet these points that would benefit all were ignored for which I realize the whole, God, Truth, the important part to the equation, more liberating, than shameful, ending victimization, respecting the present and people now, as the Kingdom of God is understood, or evident, for there is a traditional level there, denied here.
Secondly, “ Substantive due process or right protected by this amendment must be one that is fundamental, able to be recognized as such by references to reaching of history and basic values that underlie our society and such historical reference is necessary because of the need for objective standard”. Petrey v. Flaugher, D.C. Ky 1981, 505 F.Supp 1087 The amendment is the ninth, how to retain denied rights.
There have been three branches of government since antiquity and classical times, obscured by medieval times, they’ve existed in History books. To think our founders came up with such division, is Propaganda. The historical clouds of The Middle Ages seems to have rendered a critically imperfect reflection of classical times regarding the judiciary. Specifically, I shall cite The Germanic Tribes of Europe, whose judiciary, according to Julius Caesar’s account of the his Gallic Campaigns, were run by Druids, thus coupling, Justice, and The Spiritual, Removed from the sphere of History, War, and society, of the domain of the religious, Truth, Justice.
Thus the issues of Justice were in the Domain of Truth, the way humans are human beings, a reality dealt with, better by the religious and spiritual, countering History, than a removed government bound by History, metaphysically contracted. How bound are we, in light of Truth, to History?
Likewise, in The Roman Republic of those centuries before Jesus Christ, had a justice system of Tribunes, run by the lower class, out of 30 Tribes Romans belonged to. Justice should come from the people and Tribes, as they are closer to Truth, then the upper classes relegated to The Senate, and Executive. The Justice System here, parallels the opposition to Senate and Executive, The Democratic Party may have been designed to take on. The people operated and sought to influence through their Tribunes, and ratifications through Peaceful Assemble, two forms inoperable now.
                                     Inherent right of people to reform
6) 2a of our constitution, the people have the right to reform and alter government at all times. This is only through peaceful assemblies, or the Judiciary, manifest. The Supreme Court in 1950 said job of citizens to keep government from falling into error, not government to keep citizens from falling into error.
                                Pagan society, sacrifice overt
7) The pagan society back then had overt sacrifices. Today they covertly, sybaritically aided by a justice system seeming to enemate, at least in my case, a total obscuring of Truth. For instance, Sandusky’s self-denial is brought on by a fear of implicating his culture. Heaven is controlling and writing a story with moral truths, how perversion of justice, is like perversion, its degradation, the same; whose reform, rectification, is sought here, to reform, and rescue, by the value of Truth and its establishment, being greater, and explanatory. It is control. And the Truth, The Kingdom of God,  obviously Greater, and about ending our vulnerability here and protecting our autonomies. Aware of that great truth, these ensue little truths.
                        Homosexuality, The Kingdom of God
9) Thus, that appellate obscured the compelling facts about this case, and Judge Velazquez so unfair, necessitates this examination of the judiciary, and enemating implications. For Homosexuality may be used in The Kingdom of God, to close the remaining mind in comfort, society, prototypically, would find it painful, and thus anger-inducing, crime-justifying, pitiful-binding; Its dominance, a form kept secret, impedes, occludes, thought, which would rise up against the feared oppressors, contrived as, as behind the scenes, who can admit their evil-doings by first knowing The Kingdom of God, that puts it in honest perspective, alongside trust and faith, and help. Service, and psychology is necessary for reason to prevail. But will we, the justice system care about itself and reform government by law?
                              Common Delusions
10) Marriage, reproduction, school, the media, are far from what they may seem. Overcoming these institutions, being stronger than their lies, is necessary to Truth and Reform. You can see the power to a media network, in the absence of our power, and what public display holds.
                              Inquire into Fraud upon you
11) As per interlocutory appeal, isn’t there a contractual obligation to inquire into fraud via where my mother lived, to get a certain judge, who ripples through appellate so far? Held back by bad bonds, or the untoward effect of higher power? One is much greater than  the  other. Atheism holds back government’s self-analysis, and promotes the worst corrupt ways, the story works through.
That knowledge protects more than people or agency will be developed in appellate. Oral arguments as you see fit and abler probably required to talk this out,  via constitutional discussions, or logical fears of irreparable harm, inquiries into how probate fraud occurs, here, or Superior Court of proper venue, trusting my motions in honorable proceedings- the statutory and rule guidance isn’t specifically unconfusing and direct, yet dictate probate fraud being resolved in proper venue, not venue obtained by fraud. PA  This last in itself, while not constitutional, should have commanded the attention of appellate court, PA, further grounding analysis of the nature of the judicial branch of government. If you know the Kingdom of God, can see the Atheist structure, this is pleasant to deal with. If not, we suffer the compulsive effects of a tightly designed, metaphysical  control grounded in ignorance of the kingdom of god, yet whose awareness of, ends that oppression. As an agent of change and reform, per citizen I hope, we may heal, and see what caused me, tries our faith. The quality of “irreparable harm” is an injunctive criteria.

Republicans are from Rome (Republic), Democrats, Athens (Greece).

September 11, 2012

Republicans are like Ancient Rome. Democrats, like ancient Greece. When I say “Rome” I mean the Republic that from 840BC to 40BC or so, yearly, spread its hegemony further through Italy and the Farther World. I do not mean “The Empire”, that came after, I mean “The Republic”, that consolidated areas into a representative federal democracy, that made allowance for tribal input; as Rome expanded into counties ruled by various Tribes.

How are Democratic culture is embodied in Grecian Culture, who would think? What I mean is what is the science connecting the cultural phenonoma of America’s political parties, with qualities renditions of history tell about Greece and Rome. How does this cultural anthropological song go? The Roman Tradition became conservative Republicanism, and the athens legacy somehow coagulated with democracy, democrats everywhere, certainly in Amerrica. It’s a cultural association, phenonoma, immaterial, yet true. that What is the cultural origination of Republican Psychology in Roman views and attitudes? And yet it is true. (Like Prometheus giving fire to humans), a Greek Image,  awkwardly told as Prometheus’s gizzards then being ripped out by a vulture each afternoon, as punishment from the Gods, for illuminating Humans. Yet it is quite the opposite in reality, one gives  wisdom to the humans often, and it rips the heart out daily that that knowledge isn’t used, or wisdom, applied. Thus the Greeks, as do the Democrats, whatever their ideal and purpose, demonstrate, outstandingly, bad form. When I say ancient Greeks, I mean most, Athenians. On the other hand, perhaps wisdom is not applied for fear wise people will be punished for it. Yet here we have two more democratic party precepts;  1) The threat of violence upon the good, ressurected in later age by the catholic cross; this explains the effete liberalism of democratic congress; as a product of fear and intimidation; even the psychologyof the image of losing to Repubican officials in a physical fight. 2) The chaotic and wide-ranging, to put it mildly, free-association exploration through these words, evinces the democratic muddled foraging at night style of the democratic party up against the literal guns of the republicans and prone to panic, and deserting; You see the deserter in Gore’s not contesting 2000; In their lack of pride, of Carter and Mondale; in their stodgy clinging to an American Dream, they ignore the promotion of the morally ambiguos part to The American Dream, that the people want; They ignore what the people want, and why shouldn’t they? There are no tribes or collecctions of The People big enough to even stand up to them exxcept maybe the states. Whereas the Roman analysis is a little more stanzed, you know, hymnal-like, coupled with morality, and recognition of the very moral ambiguity that escapes the greeks reverence of fine art, for example. Art to the Roman, was to please the god, if not the god themselves; The Gods support was necessary for there to be good times, It’s that  simple; Whereas Greek art was valuable, and reflective of wealth, and a crude idolization of The Human Skill.

Look at it this way; The Greeks were the height of liberalism. Rightfully revered for memorializing the process of peaceful assembly making decisions among its citizens, and rightfully regarded for not being nearly as imperialistic as Rome, and being distinctively and often divided into distinct small regions of Hegemony; According to Plato, Athenian Greek Culture, promoted, and never protested, Pederasty. Most of the people at Plato’s parties, where Socratic Dialogues were recorded or reconstructed, had a young male lover. That is why, even as Homosexuality was more normal in Athens and Ancient Greece, there was never a clamoring for Marriage, because often it was done, with those much younger, and claimed as a good influence, and positive experience, with people already teen-agers.

This utter lucidicriousness, a society such, yet liberalism never stands up to bad morals so well. The democrats can’t take a stand against prostitution, think sex is easy, marriage unambiguous, they don’t understand the fundamental real issues, or know what is right. Now this is due to being in History’s  eye. When there is pressure to accept something significant in cultural history, war, homosexuality with much younger males, you are reduced to what history wants to make you.

There is a basic, Republican, and Roman, and I hope American, belief, that it’s not really about laws, it’s about the virtue of the people who fulfill them, Machiavelli said, oppressed people will be much more corrupted, than those blessed by liberty, leaving us to distinguish whether our blemish of corruption, lingers on in correspondence to the corruption of what happened to the Indians. It would seem our corruption lingers on today, from a criminal culture to American politics in the 1800’s, as America became an empire, by taking the whole continent, and such corresponded corruption of officials back East, which has descended to this present age. Thus we are not virtuous enough. The rule is judges must report judges they are suspicious of. That rule was made for a virtuoso people, not a culture whereby all the judges or most of the judges, have been corrupted. And how, is it god, or are there behind the scenes criminals. The Greek is associated with the criminal, the democrat, the criminal, the republican the military industrial complex, the Greeks had elements, of crime, Maine, is the mainland, exempt to reason.

Yet what also warps the Athenians and democrats views, is marriage. The Romans and Republicans are conservative upper class movements, effectively controlling the country through a detached government that largely operates through rich people, or with. They benefit from this country, they may have prestige, and of course they are for this system. The Athenians and Democrats must change this system, to an ideal, consistent with tribal understandings, and a long practiced natural form, of communities putting their heads together, talking about what they want with their time and life, and how to achieve it. This tribal common sense is purposely lost in history, yet it is the way and change to the current system. Yet the democrats and in Athens, did not register this, per se, and embodied a middle class movement, consistent with communist movements, of galvanizing the people through popular deceptive leaders, that never really represent labor, and the ease of working together, tribal understandings, Godly manifestations, but rather, a change in management from the upper to middle class now, the way upper class replaces monarchs, with senates. The middle class can’t be said to produce much, and is much grounded in marriage. Marriage is one of the prime forces that has warped democratic perception of change through local people thinking together, assembling, as a natural inclination and right.

Women, suffering, strong, are like the roman conservative, Greeks are like crazy guys. But the personality one gets of Greeks and Romans, are the exact personalities that are conveyed in toto by Republicans and Democrats. The wax of the mind has an impression struck in it, a brand if you will, by the same branded sign superimposed upon history through Greece and Rome. I guess The Creator reuses some of his resources and materials to create both classical history, and contemporary political parties. How this possible Classical History is came first, and then out of history came this branding iron upon the modern psyche of political parties? But is it true, current events are ruled by history. Decades and centuries go by without any wiggling out of history. The ROMans made friends eventually with the galls who attacked them, upon long conquering them. The Republican Party, secretly, decadently intellectually perhaps, likes the Tea Party. Democrats, and Greeks, don’t have that special simplicity. Athens and Sparta, by Sea and by Land, uniting all against the Persian Attack, went on to fight each other, despite their valiant and consistent triumphs over Persia, whose acclaim may have insured their golden era through the spotlight of that underdog victory.

It may be said our judiciary, is chaotic, seeking leadership, wrong, like the democrats and Greece, hence Plato’s searching for “form”, is merely a search for “grace”.

The thing is while Rome represented a government imposed by history dominated by an upper class, that expanded through warfare every year, Athens represented a government guided by movements of the people. Yet while the upper class led to imperialism as an end of government, quite aways off from the good a good upper class might do; the movements of the people in Athens, were corrupted movements as well. There was a corruption of the people, and a corruption of the wealthy governing. Yet these political hegemonies were imposed upon a background of tribal affiliation and practice, native identity prevailed, there were other organizations with overlapping and independent and allowed realms; today they are imposed on individuals, partly through a constitution binding people, not states. The history of the movement of the people, in The Republic, is very precise; the army went on strike until fundamental change was made. The people left the city of Rome to protest the arrogant policy of the ruling class. Whereas, in Athens, the crowd is often whipped up to an irrational frenzy.

The problem is an honest reckoning, as the pagans and tribes knew, literally had sacrifices to the phenomena and worries, of what later years characterized as a “Satanic” Universe, an unhappy, and sentient universe, operating out of a chaos, jealous of the good earth and its inhabitants, particularly as earth’s inhabitants are marked by life spans and reproduction, where, Universe, by greater eternity and oneness, or undivided life-force.

The basic stock of the people, and democrats know this rings home, is agriculture, and love, gender relations, sex understood as grounded in truth, not lies. I don’t mean to be pessimistic the party can go there, surely, it can and will and has; It’s a close thing to a tribal structure itself, the party, yet co-opted and corrupted; with not true veneration of values. A high quality of life is not a far-fetched value; there are just deeper values requiring expression. Livy’s Rome, while perhaps sporting overall a lower quality of life than the Greeks, is very declarative that agriculture was to some degree a community concern, agriculture, was independent, autonomous, to a degree, and outside the walls of Rome, not to be trampled by soldiers, upon which sustenance depended. Other historians cite the tribal pasture lands. And food was known as the highest commodity. Conquered hegemonies paid in grain. A simple diet, to feed a simple imperialistic people. But there isn’t much reference to farming in Herodotus, say; and Socrates hangs around in a marketplace, trying to show the not truth, around a commercial hub, almost hypocritical, to seek truth, or claim to, where money is passed for food, if you understand, by the kingdom of god, money is an artificial construct. Moreover the Greek diet seems olives and feta cheese, and seafood; arid and rocky, the farm regions are in the center of Greece, around Trial, whereby in the famous climes to the south of Sparta, Athens, Corinth and Thebes, the land is rocky, with steep mountains, requiring step farming, though once cut in, well, you still see them used 3000 years later, suffice, agriculture is rough in southern Greece, rocky and dry, steep, and I can see them walking around eating olives off the trees all day. In that large island conquered by Athens n 480bc, there are orange trees with oranges on them lining many streets. Whereas the agriculture and weather seems nicer for farming in Italy. Athens forced the island to grow lots of pistachios, because Athens was jealous of Aegina’s commerce and economy; which, is a bit prissy and not respectful of economic nature.

The sentient Universe, longer here than earth, primordial as where earth grew up, making claims as to The Life Force-Intelligence, captured within earth, as all around earth, is most jealous, as seeing the key as reproductive ability, the mark of bountiful space; thus the institution of marriage, a false institution disguised to encourage reproduction, ensuring two parents as it can; yet these are no ideals of earth, but consistent upon a perversion of special nature a less perfect universe desires as sacrifice, and sacrifice so, we strictly do, even the universe operates for us.

Thus a more tenable government today would have to deal with sacrifice, amazing as relevant the universe is in Truth, and as sacrifice is thus hard, (for instance, common criminals could be sacrificed, as the shortage of sacrificial people is not hard to imagine)—and therefore, this detached, removed, centralized focus of government and media, as a conduit for sacrificial decisions, is more appropriate than tribal pain-angst. This understanding sees the Kingdom of God, as facilitating sacrifice. It sees Christianity as parcel to a removal of talk of common sacrifice, and leading us as random victims to the reasoning of higher power, vulnerable too; for lack of dealing with the relevance of a miserable universe, whose palpability incumbent on our efforts to sense through and beyond our five material senses.

Thus as marriage, cloaked in sexual ideal or consistent opportunity, is not what it is known for, as the universe nugatory wishes sex and reproductive amplifications; so society is such; and marriage so corrupting upon the democrat and middle class,    that pressure, as to keep the democrats and Athenians from focusing on working together, dealing with all, and changing the way republicans benefit, changing the form of society as separating, to one unifying, standing up to Republicans that way, logically, is beyond the people’s party, as long as the confusion of marriage upon progressive politics.

The thing is, our constitution, by removing power from the people and placing it far away in Washington, creates a situation where criminals thrive, for that rarefied air needs the common sense of the people to regulate it, as that rarefied air is easily corrupted being so far from the wisdom and common sense and incorruptibility of the people.  And yet people today, officials, are extorted and bribed and used to engineer the crime our system may have been made for. And people who know this sort of thing, threatened and intimidated, from coming forward, tens, hundreds of them, and who knows what oppressions are able to hide behind the legal system and be imposed on the people through a combination of criminals and local and such officials? How can this be? Surely those in the know would rise up with reason and the relief of adulthood. People want to live in a world of integrity, or unite naturally to discuss it. Why isn’t this? Because of marriage. To enforce reason, one can’t be in a relationship of unreason. To tell the oppressor to be reasonable, one has to free their domestic partner, otherwise the depth of that, can’t summon the honesty to deal with criminals, that criminals, at least, want, to salvage and make sense of what is hard, crime. A criminal can say to a married man, “well, you know women, though they say they want a relationship, really don’t, and its more integrity to set them free” And there’s no arguing with that. Unless you have integrity in your personal life, you can’t exert reason upon criminal oppression. Thus judges are best single, to reason more clearly, And Hippies, Rainbows and lower classes, that have been through experience, and revered as soldiers to Rome, in their hipness and experience, and valor….are better law enforcement than married people, that people that haven’t seen a lot are not as good as those that have seen suffering, dealt with bad people, not recourse to the law…..

One stands up to the GOP with an awareness of the sophistication and moral ambiguity, and truth, gender relations require, with an affirmation of the blessings of agriculture, and thinking. The Romans and Republicans didn’t demonize God, the Romans honored as many religions as possible, towards securing their stability, licensing almost all religions, limiting some is some understanding or parochial ways. Romans, and Republicans are best stood up to through Truth, through guts and Integrity, through movements of intelligence, not long term structure; for Republics embody long term structure. The ancients firmly understood, a spiritual dimension, osmosis through however culture, made working together.

Of course Lincoln was a Republican, he was holding together the republic, to not let another state create itself, like we did from England. That is a bit like the federal roman policy of expansion predicated upon insults to Rome, insults, often denied, or not clear. Rome glorified and more routinely had war than the Greeks. They also managed war better, and didn’t let it get the best of them, probably because they were so darn near undefeated. America’s Republican Party, comprising its form for consolidating diverse regions, was devised upon the Indians, and constant warfare there, unpublicized as well, unknown as a cause in America History, issued as propaganda, for A Grecian city-state way, not federalism, would not have made tribes and potential allies, go away, imploding from tragedy, or expanding liberally out of disputes between the states then, themselves. Republicanism, has been at the expense of states and tribes; Yet Democrats, while against Republicans seem unaware of this domain, and who could expect such reality on TV, when the reality around us defies common sense, is a pressure system relieving the universe, not something of itself.  The republicanism of today, has no recognition of tribes of any colors, even today, even though we have treaties with sovereign nation Indian reservations, our FBI has increased its assertion of its right to combat crime on the reservations. Look at their website; the contumely of office, to the Indian’s hamlet.

Lincoln republican, expansion, roman, Indians under dem pres, but much worse, why republican equals no states, – equals no tribes, equals much worse, no code of tribes or good rich,

Yet the obligation of citizenry to unjust war or undeemed education is communism; thus freedom defined by absence if war and dictates  upon childhood. The issue very much is who should have built, or will build that road. I remember the debate around 1820, Henry Clay had a plan to improve America by building roads, in particular, one waterway that would stretch from Kentucky to Lake Eerie, or a postal route from Kentucky to Texas, or the cleaning of vegetation from Chesapeake waters;

Who pays for these things? If the fish business, then a sustainability, if the federal government, an industry weakening, if the people who benefit from a postal route, then the strengthening of the people, if the government organizes such a road, the weakening of the people.

Shouldn’t we repartition America, so that one state be for those that want home school, for one that endorse Christianity, for one that provides free health care, for another that provides none, that one be for the Indians to return to and live tribal, for another that the Irish, or redheads may want, if they do; for one where there is a matriarchy, and another that shows the results of no car insurance. Is that too happy for the universe? Is the universe such an out of control system, that coming together to discuss the system too palpable for our fey ghostly representation of Humankind.

Athenians had intelligence from Terms, such as The Humors, and encapsulations of qualities their pantheon of Gods and Spirits offered. Christianity follows in this tradition of terms, with “sin” Christ” The “Kingdoms of God and Heaven” . Now of course our democratic movement isn’t grounded in liberating terms today, but it can be, the rung to lower common denominators. Romans and Republicans are drier, yet more spirit and morality based, a simpler virtue.

Both Romans and Athenians promoted local decision making in peaceful assemblies. The Athenians limited assemblies to 300 rotating voters, the Romans, all present, and the gals and Germanic and Italian tribes practiced this as well. It was the means of the lower class to register opinion, with local senates being an upper mode; and the gals threw druids in the mix as running Justice, and Religion. But Greece comprised of city-states, and less uniting of diverse areas, their peaceful assemblies had more sway, and were less about ratifying central government, than deciding policy.

Romans and Republicans rally around patriotism, Democrats and Greeks around necessities, are critical, and ideally solemn deliberative and wisdom seeking people.

Agriculture united The Roman Plebes. Everything was a two class society back then, plebes and patricians in Rome, but I’m not sure Greece had distinguishing names, even nicknames, like Plebes and Pats. The Romans, with the promenade of 30 tribes, not only invested in class warfare as a positive thing, with a positive competition…whereas the individual ethos permeates Greece right? Less group identity (which history tends to occlude) and more individual self-reliance. Agriculture is less cited. Agriculture is less a commodity and necessary and a priority, as outside history as The Tribes; in Greece, it is of the marketplace, a luxury of olives and fine dining, agriculture is less a conservative reality-principle, and more something to be enjoyed, perhaps by being a port to many calls of trade; Trade for that matter, an economy of disparate hegemonies and political alliances, moving about in competing ships and sailors, that Greek sophistication. Rome is a bit inland for that liberal trade.

As for group as group identity, the core of tribal unconscious, what underscores this, but the sensational phenomena of auguries in Rome and oppose that to the Oracle of Delphi, which is on the other side of the river from Corinth, set back in the mountains a bit, that run easterly to the north of Athens, to the sea. Greece is so rocky, dry and barren; it requires trade and sophisticated craft to trade. And yet there seems to be a contest between the Greek and Italian Peninsulas in the first century before Christ as to which cultures subsisted best; Italian Tribes were bent in to Rome, Greek Tribes, did not bow to such a great hegemony, but practiced spheres of influence and alliance.

The problem is democrats in America advocate this slow progressive movement, and the way to change things is through people working and planning together and communities autonomies through peaceful assembly. While their policies may be preferable to Republicans, it is not the proper standing up to Republicans, but an acceptance of their system and their rules. Thus  fundamental lower class understandings are violated. And this includes marriage as a confusing and feared, situation. There is an idealization of our way, and veneration of Marriage, entirely unwarranted and phony; because those unproductive values are prey to crime, and irrationality —instead of saying, “be reasonable, act like an adult, don’t you feel guilty enough all ready” to one with a gun at them, or “you represent the kingdom of god” a liberating act, the married will be full of fear not comprehending a strategy to that gun, as not having undertaken strategic thinking inl something even closer.

Clinton accepts the pressure of the 40hr week career, not seeing there can be something much much better if we sit and think and discuss what to do, and what the situation is, why not has this been; but close enough to comprehend God, and discuss why the Kingdom, as conduits of higher power, or representation of a likeness to human, which if true, how to work out from. Maybe it is essentially possibly only locally, with and through, someone like me who can understand and implement this, through trust and respect, humility.

More likely though, this is all a sinking ship, yet another thing to not sweat about:

Clinton patronized Obama by ignoring the hardship upon all Americans when he emphasizes the adversity Obama has gone through.

More student loans is a dubious desire to a lower class that desires less grid and more sustainability, less school, and more time with children; So it is one thing to sell, more student loans, it is another thing, to sell it as the solution. The solution is people discussing what they want with their time and life and how to achieve it. The solution is controlling the system, not the system controlling us.

Even thought the system controls us, because the issuance of sacrifice difficult at a material level. A palpable quality of the universe has been vivisected.

The middle class, married, democrats, idealize school, marriage, family, not working together, community, God, thinking, health.

“Crime”, Is, like The Universe; dark, without light, cold, unreasonable, unmerited,  even. Crime symbolizes the pagan universe. Why? Because we live in a pagan universe, unrecognized, and therefore re-imaged as “crime” and offering “crime” as an opportunity for the injection of God. Because there is more truth, in that behind the scenes, that is more truth, than what the scene projects.

I went to Woodstock N.Y.   In the Catskills. Regardless of whether red or blue state, some ancient understandings that there are hippies prevail in a matrix that encourages the opportunity of all society to improve through the society of lower orders, such as Baal in 200AD, or the rainbows and merry pranksters of the modern era; some places encourage this, as a type of monkish buddust Jewish roman wee gaullic path.  At its best political interests encourage a racial harmony as well; whereby the minority group is understood together. Recognizing the ability of others to accomplish goals that benefit all is valuable. This Hippie Movement, aka, the Rainbow Movement, embraces productivity, sustainability, working together, working with skill, knowledge, hands, community, discussion, circling, campfires, being self-taught; not middle class married values, pressuring working as much as possible, TV, hiding from community, idealization, not Godliness, or Spirituality, or anti-government and media, pro people, pro talking, natural healing,  agriculture, gender relations, genuine racial issues, blacks in prison, whites dominated in two pro sports–issues democrats find foreign, unnecessary.

Yet my vision The Kingdom of God is talked to often by the Kingdom of Heaven, re vital subjects, including, that such is for the universe, and thus the kingdom of God, be actually aware they are for the universe. This would be a sombering material fact.

Yet the democratic machine emblazons Jobs, and even marriage; such reality makes them prey to the hold of unreasonable, rather than the knowledge every man would prefer to be treated as an adult. There is confusion. Who can straighten it out without being concurrently aware of the hopeless darkness rushing in; the constant and various pressures from a universe of much dark and catalyzed motion of knowledge. The true expression of the people, as lost as an anchor in the universe winds.

The power, to move people, comes from recognizing how bad things are, what is not, what we lack, as pivotally more important and defining than what we have, that things are more negative, than positive, bad, than good, decidedly, whether from the universe or in what is heaven here closer to Earth. Society mirrors this universal understanding, it is more obvious what is missing, than what is said.

The level of society defined by criminal morality, not guilt and reason, criminal nature, not in truth, or reckoned absence; this again is where The Show, mirrors, The Universe; that hopes the universe enjoys TV. The negative is closer to reality and truth, than the positive. The Romans and Republicans have a simple moral pride in sacrifice and hardship; whereas the obscuring of sophistication, the robe of the false veneration of philosophy in Greek Culture, by Greek philosophy, is critical thinking gone badly. The Greek Play, the initiation of removed media, but at an artful

The more history, a culture or society has, the more records it keeps, even the more publicity-seeking Arts, the less significance to the people, interaction of truth, development of culture, sophistication, more natural means, more interaction with Heaven, and The Universe So, and less for the people in calamity and motion. For imagine God controls everything, and see how much energy He puts into TV production, and corresponding, how little energy and motion into a realistic sensible local scene, and analytical and discussing society about you. There is an inverse. Do not be discovered by history and the media, change without telling one journalist, or face book perhaps. Yet people can be honest, some inner collective conscience; reflect the yearnings for an adult world, overcome the pressure system against us, maybe this does require a Super bowl Commercial.

Snubs: Snubs are actually an interesting tradition, to contrast, in classical times. According to Herodotus, in the earlier part of the millennium, warfare was avoided and not practiced, precisely by antagonizing rivals and retaliating on rivals, by stealing their wives, kidnapping. One state would strike back by kidnapping a couple of the other side’s women. And the counterpart would counter in same. And all the raiding and devious sailors, quite happy this never involved warfare and battle, but merely sweet talking women into avoiding war by coming along to check out where they come from. It was only the tragic vehemence and beast of Agamemnon that made such a big deal about the Trojans stealing Helen. That was an exception to a good rule, according to Herodotus. History portrays it as righteous, justifiable, and common epic back then. It was none of those virtues, and thus we see history as doing the worst devious common thing of translating the extraordinary and wrong, as somehow ordinary and write; of aberration as tradition; of glorifying what humbly was consciously avoided hundreds of years.

But to return to Delphi. You, the inquiring mind, may wonder, “How those Delphic priestesses in the mountains at their monastery do, how are they able to divine and tell the future to the Greeks that travel there to have their fortune told?” Now this is truly a wonderful tradition of the Greeks. There were many oracles run by priestesses, throughout Greece. I heard, that at least once in a lifetime, everyone was compelled to take a trip and hike to The Oracle at Delphi, where they had extensive and comfortable accommodations, as well as being not   that far from town. Thus, the secret is, one would arrive with one’s questions, but it being a bit of a vacation, or prediction-travel, you could and would stay around several weeks waiting for the priestesses to get to you. For which it was a bit like a resort, with hiking trails, and a prominent track, and bars, and priestesses who spoke ambiguously possibly on purpose. Thus the priestesses would get to know you, talk you up, ply you with libations, so when you came round to the official ceremony of oracle, they had a pretty good womanly view of your character and some idea what to say. It wasn’t off the top of their head. However, I have read, gaseous vapors once rose from the ground near the oracle, inducing an intuitive or high-minded state, I imagine.

The Roman Republic’s fascination with oracles was quite different. It was a group thing and state function. Thus, if the geese didn’t eat before a battle, which happened rarely enough, the battle was canceled, it prophesized for the whole, for the army with the geese that did just that. It wasn’t an individual thing.

Our Interior Collective Conscience-Conscious, is some connection between the interior of the Human, and our Heavenly Fathers; severely limited by a constraint pressure, like rivulets running from dark misery of the a universe, knowing actively vaster negatives, in darkness and cold and age,  than can be controlled by reason.

I want to say our Human Collective Consciousness, which to me and the less enlightened, a Human Collective Unconscious, can save up enough through sacrifice, and allow the interior confessions, knowledge of the lies we’ve lived in, repent a way out of sin, or spend what we saved a bit, upon something illuminating, even a dark truth; The option or spending something to buy this retreat into truth, to see if there is shelter, or resolve in Diversion, to avoid it. Media seen as Diversion as in the sense, what it diverts from is worse.

Rome in Livy’s Histories, cordons off agriculture, separates it, as if there are tribal pasture lands responsible for food, intersecting with a lower class desire to produce agriculture, thus ensuring a freedom from the upper class and separation therein by virtue to the leverage and value of food, which the good and moral upper class knows they can’t have without positive lower class production. Even still, they diurnally drafted for war, as if that was the payment for their degree of salvation, the separation of agriculture, and tribe, surrounding Rome, for a historical life in The City. How did the city ever make sense? TO preserve the countryside by concentrating people together. This implies some reality about working agriculture, away from the pressure American Agriculture is under, with the deflated value of the most important commodity, relatively  speaking, to a spiritual ease, and enlightened allowance, positive class schism can bring about; where antagonists actually  more care about each other, deep down, than the conflict. Agriculture, a flag to rally round, by The Plebs. And yet there must have been less freedom or meaning in Rome, than the tribes surrounding it, and lesser known cultures, which were known to have senates and assemblies of  the people as well, even if at times there was a king, and druids had their say on judicial matters, the economy, by being more basic, fueled  an ensuing lifestyle and culture that was more basic, grounded, fundamental.  Livy frequently mentions how Rome had a few scores of tribes, and they each had a vote to input on central policy. Which is what we in America critically lacked, tribes, at most national or ethnic clubs. Tribes facilitate popular councils and peaceful assemblies, to figure out what can be done within the confines of History.

Whereas the Greeks were known for their standard of living, and rich culture. Indeed, Herodotus, the hippie traveler from Greece, wryly writes the Greeks should not have advanced so near the interior of Persia, for it made those plain simple desert-loving people desire the oils and luxuries they saw the Greeks using, and thus had three emperors who tried to take over all of the Greek World. War to the Greeks was an attack on them, something very bad; whereas to the Romans, it was like a spring bivouac, and opportunity to camp and hike around with a pack and build towers outside cities to try to enter from. The Roman diet was also plainer and their culture more famous for celebrating holy days as a community. In the early days, until used for treachery, if one town or tribe liked another, they invited a whole other town over for food and drink.

Let us turn to states that know opportunity, that benefit spreads; knows most of society in marriage; whereas often the women is the happy one, and the male, suffering. Marriage is confusing. It is about denial, perhaps. But the women is happy, and marry so many males, because women cannot handle being single; it’s only humiliating; and even worse, previous relationships that were confusing and involved lies. Whereas men can handle being single and just go through it. Many with the sanctity of knowledge of the kingdom of god. This last, which objectification obscures, to the purpose of sexuality, defined by a negative, a love not a kindness, something there is more sympathy for than realized; insofar as losing sight of God, for false beauty, is cruel, and original. As if what is wrong can just be straightened out. Yet what it involves is media, in the very sense of the word, as media of the nonsubjective, impersonal, detached, representative, cast. The criminal and the newscaster and president, all are detached, far from the simple reason of the people, far from living an adult life, they are more in unreality than you and I, saved for the show, history, that outer space watches, as we, TV, perhaps. This is the strength of the media we have to straighten out. Capable of TV networks, impressions of one another, and politicians of historical record.

Compare the energy God puts into TV, the news, history, commercial culture, if we allow God controls everything, and how  little energy is put into your community, facilitating talk, figuring things out, and right directions. The energy is going far away from you and the people, on stages, behind TV screens, places that charge money, in venerable classical buildings.

The media at people’s disposing involves repenting, admitting the lie, with everyone, in face of the Kingdom of God. Judges must confess to Judges, Local officials, to environmentalists, for I doubt they could  confess to the people local decisions in peaceful assembly are constitutionally intended, with all the implications to local life, therein, as separate from the federal and state government, and so intended, in honest competition, reservation of powers to the people. Newscasters and Journalists must admit on the air they were controlled. Yes there is a fear this detached top of the pyramid power structure, built essentially for a few to treat the many, like children incapable of discussion, creates pedophilia, marking Athenian society strata’s of Plato, because when one treats adults like children, one may cease to relate to adults sexually, and increase the significance with children. All of this, must show the sacrifice of what is on earth, for a universe marked by death.

People must admit the Kingdom of God at hand, protecting, and no sacrificial, yet there is one force that controls everyone. One tough twisted cloud that hardens into the detachment of everyone; a product of anger and hate, through a hardness not recognizing the Kingdom of god, a great dissatisfaction, as well as an expression of the value of life, which then completely ignores the kingdom of god, and the reason why there is the kingdom of god, because actual death too hard. This unreasonable quality, keeps everyone from being reasonable, in a sacrificial expression of the universe’s own misery and worse. There is no one, who is not It. Recognizing yourself as the kingdom of god, as not getting a life is most important, yet precisely not the device of this cloud towards you. This limitation, upon human forces, divided up somehow through earth,  this movement around me, expresses an anger of the universe, the pagans used to sacrifice to, more overtly. And, as I said, its value measured by an estimation of life, that grounds you as valuable alive,         though you are the kingdom of god, and grounds your death as valuable and estimable, and sad, as well. This almost explosive imposition upon the truth of the kingdom of god, is what needs to be calmed down, relaxed, and recognized; it is true negotiation, an easier future; Then I realized, this valuation of death and life, for everyone’s absence, signifies the universe has been through so much death, it is death, marked by death, expressing death, over and above. And compassion for the universe the main thing. And yet our expression, media, contains no expression of compassion for the universe; even rather venting the anger and word within that expression of the universe.

Surprised at the equation, with the importance of each as a statistic, with some knowledge of life and death in the universe? Why wouldn’t the universe “know” death, unfortune? Why the constant calamity each second corresponding to that cherished notion of life resonating individually in the nontribal world, going by on the street, right now? Because the universe is very “now”. It is like “film” as Keats imputed, it is all, “surface area” as Foucault wrote. There is nothing behind it but more blocking the now, this is where we stand.

But we can go farther and review. We can say the impressions here are like a lightening rod to the universe. We may say The Kingdom of Heaven is possibly protected from the inquiring of the universe, or is at least a different channel, by the “now” the “surface area” “the film” upon darkness, upon that which does not want to exist, a rejection of itself.  The very nitrogen of the universe, is the opposite of the good planet earth enough to stimulate the good planet earth into itself. Sensing the now and many walls of the universe, you sense something that does not want to be itself, that finds earth an anomaly. That may have something like itself behind it.

There isn’t the past in the universe of outer space. Outer Space may not have the membranes of memory that we have, that enable recording and registering and settling. Trying to calm it down into something horrifying. What could it have to remember but the existences on the few better planets of the universe, and perhaps the regular uninhabited planets provide sustenance to these satanic phenomena. The ancients must have wondered the relation between the planets of their  solar system and outer space and Earth. How are they? Finer? Relatively-Speaking, to outer space?

So there I was, staring Satan in the face, but it wasn’t, I mean, there was my eye, with few strands from Satan extending out of my eye, over into a horizon, where forth, undoubtedly received by something Satanic, by which I mark by the principle, of our opposite, out of which we sprang generated by a reaction to, trying to kill us, and successfully, you know; but what Marks this Satan, is its inability to understand anything beyond his own ever extending satanic “now” of pain and woe, thus inflicted upon earth, as a baby, confused, crying…..staying, an outlet, within and without, perceiving manufactured history. It seems we are hoping for a human-like culture expressing compassion for the universe, to replace our current expression of precise disregard for the truth, as a venting method for the Universe. And the hope is that would change the nature of the universe. And the truth seems to be the pagans expressed precisely sympathy for the universe… when the pagan tribes killed their birds, or livestock, for the planets, who mediate us with the universe, they were venting the wrath of the universe with the death of the fowl; It was also an expression of compassion perhaps, that the missing of the universe  is worth the death of that fowl, yet we seek a more sophisticated and less violent expression of compassion for the universe by our culture. Something more than a stone couch built for Jupiter to relax in, nights he descended from the heavens to Rome, some expression of understanding and sympathy for the gaped maw beyond Jupiter and into the intertwines of the Universe. Like Republican women, suffering a lower and lower fate; I’d go so far as to sense alienation in the very twirling away of earth from the comparative absence around its rotation. Personification, a subjective human quality? Or Something Attached to the senses, we are kind to, that may be the outer space beyond the horizon? Suddenly we are forced to consider the sum and magnitude of the universe, however negligible that may naturally seem, to be more, and demanding of our focus, than earthly concerns. Indeed our afterlife may measure less for the universe’s opposite insignificance. Humanity, maybe material physical planetary matter, has an ability to absorb, absorb experience, which outer space, remains of the physical without the physical, does not seem to, always propelling itself further in pain, than settling down and sighing.

But then if there is something two-dimensional and super transient about outer space, that can’t settle down, being tousled from an ever-farther end, what can we do? There is no Republican Federation installing stability and commotion, there is no democratic movement among the universe discussing what to do either. Outside of here. Part of it may focus on an inability to express itself. The human mind may be compressed in and out of a relative similar microcosm of culture. How does compassion for the universe start? How does it add on to, these words? If the universe claims a piece of everyone’s heart, this is difficult to work out of.

One may speculate it desires a transition and new culture of compassion to it. Who is it to say  though, its notion of life and death at much larger stakes than out age, gender, and species,-divided planetary life-force, having less reproduction, and conversely less death, felt their collapse far worse  than any one earthling in his confines. Does the universe, unable to absorb, even understand one death? Or is it reflecting vaster deaths than our earthly apprehensions? We may feel the reverberations of such conception,  but a two-dimensional universe, ever-feel their ripples. This has nothing to do with anyone, and everything to do with cosmic events, far away, long ago, coagulating still in derivative form now.

It is still perplexing this filmy surface area, born of something, many things that died long ago. One turns to the kingdom of heaven, as consciousness can’t be far from consciousness, and what I notice, is a homeopathic sense, less may be more, there is more power in absence and the universe and humans being on earth, absence is more a kin than prescience, and the fraud of the world, its presence, its presence removed to perceive the  minute puissant doses of what is present, absence, up against the sky, gains the perspective of power and logically, a detached estimation of ease.

But let’s say there is a detached puissance, concentrated far away, for souls involved with earth; concurrently, imposing upon Christianity, the pressed up presence upon the Christian Mind, of society, sin, the world of man, the lamb of god, so The Christian seeks to detach from the presence and sin of the world, and expand, imagination blur into the sky, in search of what we here earlier, and logically make sense of phenomena. Is the Kingdom of Heaven, substantially less than the what on physical, of physical earth? The length of eternity lessens the significance of each day. The lifespan, a concentrated drop of physical body.

Thoughts have their sensations, sensations attempt to reflect phenomena, which is what we study, within some structure like this. Now, the overwhelming sensation, is, the experience of, The Kingdom of Heaven, singularly, is less than what is experienced in physical human form, a part of material earth. That is quite reassuring, renders the impediments in the way possibly much less than thought, the notion God can acquiesce to my dreams, anytime I want, contingent on me knowing how inconsequential God is, compared to the Human Experience on Earth, God, as very humble, and an influence, yet whose power for you, requisite on recognizing how you compare to God. In the same fey denouement, that recognizes The Kingdom of God, being less than Christ, and therefore Christ not so special, as rare: May also recognize the Kingdom of Heaven as being less than Christ as well. Yet this requires a certainty of apprehension; for it is not spelled out in the Gospel, the superiority of Christ to Heaven, is asserted, but not explained.

So there was a joy of less upon the realization that earth is so lost, and the afterlife derivative enough to be weak, that the whole thing may ease up, and I literally felt my back start to untwist and a depth to the shoulder blades felt, even as the afterlife props up prongs in my heart to their illusion. But in the proverbial rocks across the river, I stopped and still do at “less” as very relaxing.

Why is it less? Because one day over a physical lifespan is relatively more than one day over an eternity? Because the afterlife or Kingdom of Heaven has such little success making earth better, rather than seemingly engaged in a strategy of sacrificing it? The level of success so low has to not afford much of a voice. And yet ultimately what is my success? What voice could I have? I fail too, right? My voice a mere dark wearied spirit in the universe as well. I search for a voice, something I can relate to, at a right angle to reality, I seek to relate at a level of fatalism, my own voice, so little. After death, I realized, I won’t be able to keep pushing, they don’t have a body to push with, they are much more accepting, looking at a long time; these are impressions of course, first. Communication at a tinnier level, in a place of mind more suited for such; what of the flesh being more capable of finding objection than the less physical universe? How similar morphed and combined, the afterlife of humans and the universe? Are they too similar? Can I push aside the veil from heaven upon my mind, with the import of the physical upon the less material, in the absence of anything to say,  with the fatalism from the lack of results, with too much cost. And then it hit me, back to the darkness, things are so bad, thoughts are evil, such is the realer reality, an understanding how bad things are, explaining why God show such little sympathy to humans, or their history and ways. I go from trying to communicate to an absence, that then has to know and value what is missing more, to something else, a tinny communiqué expressing just a few of the many’s view of the darkness life be in now.

To rise to prominence in History requires extensive record keeping, that what marked the Egyptians, their volumes of Records, what allows them to choose what they leave to History, forces a focus as well. Thus The Republic kept annals, which Livy derived information on the 800 years he conveyed, year by year, and at the end of each anal, or events that were unlikely or cited, such as cats talking or temples of Jupiter being struck by lightning or two headed cows or rivers turning color for a while, that was all recorded, and then left open for interpretation, and believed was intended to mean something conveyed. In general, in Rome, when something out of the ordinary happened, it was meant to mean something and be interpreted and concerned the fate of society as a whole, not just one. Thus auguries, though can be applied at an individual level, the whole augury scene here would indicate a media like response to news events, much the way the people, and/or the news, respond to events. Thus Greece was below and off the radar, as prophecies were individual or involved heroes and protagonists.

So there is a buying into individual personality and fate, which is a break from group tribal living and norm; And the interpretation of augury, of the hints and subtleties you are supposed to see, tease that distance between human and higher power, which in stronger tribal times, less historical times, was connected to the right angle of reason through a palpable intercessory, or even ruler, in Heaven; for which fires are symbolically hearted all day and night for, and the reverence for planets the same way as well; welcome to earth, relax, like us.

As the Greeks replaced Egypt in prominence, through conspicuous displays of Arts, and government, as an art as well, signifies the moral ambiguity to Art, in so far it asserts the History of history, one wonders the relief, or readjustment, or resifting of true geopolitical plates, that have since risen widely as they have, ending tribal life in Europe, America, as such, value the tribal ways History does not show us, in North Africa, Arabia, where they are.

Take over from Egypt the next one, can we say degrees of being known, these most prominent, reveal in their shadows, more enlightened classy

Let’s turn to this Rome had a great sense of propaganda than Greece. Greece was almost conscripted into History, and through its naval economy, a port-beacon to the world, the confluence of history and economy. Rome was more strictly political imperialistic, simpler, through history’s eyes. Warfare takes propaganda, as crime requires submission, this renders, Rome, though Republican, as not as conservative as it seems, but a bit like communism, imperialistic, conscripting, telling the people what to do, beyond tribal guidelines, demanding a tithe from the tribes, for history. Whereas, Athens, Liberalism, is too chaotic for some simple hypocrisy seeming to commune. They seem to have arts of plays, cultures of Plato, in the spaces where Rome has developed politics and simple history and diet, figuratively speaking.

You may say both had religions intended to scare; But Hades scared and was intended to scare individual Greeks into not making trouble, whereas in Rome, the gods and superstitions were there to fool the soldiers into keeping fighting, and that all was all right, though something to think about. However the prevalence of sacrifice, as normality out of tribal life, and into historical life, would make      religion scary per se. But also reassuring, if it can be explained and shown to work.

The buying into individuality, whether specifically seen in Greek culture, or inferred generally, signifies a closeness to isreal, where Judaism, history and a Lord, that was not so directly to The Israelites, whereby in Italy, it was much simpler, with less individual, and more Tribe, and governor-in-heaven, who, we imagine, would have tribal characteristics, and be there as possible.

The Romans famously protested a couple times, by walking out of Rome. Athens is not class-conscious enough to do that. It was very embarrassing to the rich. The agriculture enabled such. That was closer to the earlier history of Rome, when there were still the homilies of one town inviting another town over for food and drinks. The Athenians are too bound as one everything, for such dualism in politics. One can see how feudalism followed out of Roman Times, even though such class issue was prevalent throughout an incorporation of tribal logic with government. Sparta’s upper class, did not allow lower classes to soldier, nor allow itself agriculture and trade; all of which makes no sense to me, in terms of effectiveness and health.

Greeks still women, Republicans, fight it out

The Spartan ethos, their women, roman women

The Otherside of Machiavelli

July 24, 2012

Machiavelli is renowned for “The Prince”, a book of advice to a prince of Tuscanny in the 1400’s that advocated draconian tactics and deceit; where Hanibal and Ceasar, were successful for being kind to their POW’s, and forgiving to the conspiratorial. (Though to be sure Ceasar did die from a conspiracy), he did rise swiftly through politics. Yet his brightness more equivocably shows in his work “The Discourses”, as M. cites many, mainly Roman Republic examples, of history, and offers an opinion; yet it is easy to disagree with him.

For instance, in Rome’s earliest days, when it was just beginning to expand and among the smallest of proud states, it came across a nearby kingdom, and it was ready to go for war, but you have to understand, war back then didn’t result in total oppression, or long war. It was about hegemony, and the erosion of native culture, like our current excursion into the carribean, rather than the elimination or removal of tribes, like we did to the indian, or any elimination of the political system to another tribe, which like Rome, had a system of a Senate, and King or chief executive. So what you have to understand here, and pointedly not have been taught, is that back then, in central Italy, all the tribes, The Sammites, The Etruscans, The Vulcans, they all had Senates and a usually short-term leader. Though they were tribal, they still had a Senate, which mainly the rich families were eligible for.

So the Romans come up against one small nearby Kingdom and the nearby Kingdom’s King in all his wiliness said, “your best three against my best three”.

Well, that makes a lot of sense to me, because you seriously limit casualties, yet Machiavelli advises against such for the reason you trust your entire kingdom to three men, and your entire kingdom is far more diverse then three men. So this is an example of Machiavelli not caring about casualties, or how mmild the Roman yoke could be, for I believe they go on to share power together and merge, but with each faction having concessions and rights to a ground floor of political hegemony.

Why would Machiavelli make such a big deal about the survival of one kingdom, particularily since Rome never loses? There may be a mathematical equation maximizing defense through a diversity of military representation,  but then you don’t consider casualties; which is a calloused Machiavelli, so they say, from his years of imprisonment, I believe; yet you may have fun arguing the other side of Machiavelli’s conclusions.

Lets play through and check out if this form holds up in another one of Machiavelli’s short chapters. Here he speaks about how while Historians call the people inconstant, the people, to Machiavelli are far more constant than a prince.

Now to understand his debate here, you have to understand the people of antiquity had more say than they do now. Since each tribe might own land the size of a county or a few, the people were close enough to each other to rise up and effectively protest bad leadership. The government wasn’t so far away and out of touch back then, and smaller, and less intimidating, as well. The tribal practices too, must have given a fulcrum against the way of History.

Now right off, you can see how each Prince is different from another, and yet the people maintain relatively the same temperment and culture. However specifically, to ascertain why Historians complain of the people as fickle and inconstant, in that in antiquity, they were often convinced, by passion-inducing orators, to punish leaders judged poor, and then lamenting that they needed and could have used that punished leader, down the road.

Machiavelli cites Manilius as a famous example of someone found dangerous, and truly was, and so was sentenced to death; yet, upon ceasing to be a danger, the roman people, who popularized generally conservative notions of the people, images as such, desired Manilus back in power; wanted his brand. And Livy, describing how the nephew of Hiero was overthrown, describes the masses as either subservile, or arrogantly domineering; and it is true, Sicily is of complex enough charactor, that the people tend to move and factionalize politically in several different ways, because north africa out of Carthage, and Rome, competed over three punic wars, to be Sicily’s friend, because back then Syracuse was a prestigious, famous city; London, Paris Rome, back then, was Rome, Syracuse, Carthage.

First Machiavelli says, you may blame political forces, for the people flip-flopping in their opinions. Though the people make decisions grounded in a concern regarding their own safety in those warlike times; whereas the Senate and Ruling Classes, may allign with the wrong side, and so be sent to death, by the winning side, or their own people, so as to disavow with their leaders. After all, Saddam Hussein and George Bush caused the Iraq war, not the American People, or The Iraqui People; and back then, there was a mantra to saying so; The Iraqui people would have garnered Saddam, given him to the U.S., and then said, “now please leave us alone”, or something.

Then Machiavelli asserts, “few princes have been good, many have been bad”. Again, with small princedoms so common for so many millenium, it is hard for me to say, not knowing many, if the bad to good prince ratio is 7:1 or 20:1 etc. Lets look at our presidents, and leaders in general. Not many take us places, many are not good enough to not quickly be unstable disposition in times of trouble; They are vulnerable. And yet while none might have been superlative; surely none have been so bad? None have improved life, yet the history of politics seems nothing about improving life; and yet the great majority of them, have not had their country destroyed, though we certainly do worry; things have stayed constant for the people, and our rulers have flitted around the home plate of charactor and fineness.

Because so many kings have been flaky, in a bad way, Machiavellie concludes Kings are inconstant compared to the people. Now our people in America, by this mark, have too little power to be effectively in constant; while our presidents, are generally conservative and unchallenged enough, to be fairly constant; but in ancient times, kings had lots of power, enough to cause problems, and because the people had more power and stood up to them better, the kings felt enough pressure to use their power unwisely.

Machiavelli goes on to say that kings subject to laws are not included in this debate. The kings of Egypt and France, and presidents of America, are so by law, they are constant; and yet the Kings od Egypt created a world that greatly told its citizens what to do; abolished the family unit, for state effectiveness and deployment.

The masses, mirror the king, the quietness to the reign of pharoahs, presidents, and Kings of France, mirrors a quietness of their masses; because politics are not subject to the attitudes of the people, or the king, but Law. While a constitutional convention every 15 years might grant dignity to the people and work on laws fitted for our times; it would factionalize, and render the people able to wield more power, and power and government more required to use power in return.

The Roman Republic, as reported by its historians, emphasized a moral people, who matched an uncorrupted government. It helps though to remember Livy’s story of Manilius, who became dictator, for Rome, in times of trouble, solved their trouble, through a short-term dictator; yea, one thing their history does formulaicly show, is that increasing centralized power, not allowing democratic debate, is what it takes, and how to get through, the crisis-times of your country. I mean over a century they might have to do a Dictator, three times. This Manilius they picked, to my recollection, refused to resign, when the crisis ended, refused to step down, at the end of his alloted term, and conspired against or conspired with, these ten judges selected to help him rule. So the people killed him, and then missed his brand of evil galvanization, and further proved how unsettling events can disturb the psychology of the people.

Machiavelli says that if the people are in power they can be gracious and good; but that a prince will be more likely to whinny and try to shake off objections to power, and thus a prince is less constant, who contemns the laws upon him.