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Zuccotti Park One

November 1, 2011

Zuccotti Park One

Let’s first talk about journalism, for this is journalism, though it doesn’t focus on what the kingdom of heaven is like, or what the existing in the universe is like. Important things that get no attention, and per pagan belief, control everything, so when we try to interject paganism into journalism, ideally journalism becomes about forces of the universe enjoying themselves through society in America, and at Zuccotti park. There is so much beyond society that controls society, journalism the trade, must be united in form by these metaphysical quests. Journalism is not supposed to lie.

I helped occupy Zuccotti park from 5am to 11pm Sunday, mistakenly assumed people would be up at 5am. Just maybe ten people scattered over the perimeter sidewalk, including sidewalk vendors offering cheap deals on eggs and coffee and hotdogs; this was prime business for them; and there were cops patrolling, at 5am, just a few, actually better at occupying the park.

I don’t make it to lower Manhattan much. Luckily I had an actual native New Yorker guide me, my old friend Vinnie, the white Rastafarian. We snaked through Lower Manhattan with ease. Knowing the natives here, the real ones that graduated from high school here, makes all the difference at times. We N.J. people often feel inferior to manhattenites, however true manhattenites understand that, and are compassionate; but this is all another story. Still, the actual true natives of New York, who make it through the urban jungle with the greatest ease and slightest swagger, amazingly follow a code; an honor code if you will.

Zuccotti Park/Occupy Wall St, is a bit like a convention, with low over- head. There are notable tourist attractions nearby, like The American Indian Museum, Battery Park, Two old churches on each side of the plaza, Duck Soup up the road in China Town, bars with draft specials, where you can run into the people, the wall street bull. 60 Wall St had a beautiful public atrium used by subcommittee’s.

I thought it might be like a rainbow gathering or Chuck’s Farm in Rebersburg Pa where the hard core from State College are still going strong at 5am; but there is such a premium on occupying the park, and conditions are so cold and hard there, that sleeping an integral part of the structure and over the 75×225 yard park, very few people were up at 5am. Not that there was much place to sleep. Not that I was tired. The point was to occupy. And occupy I did, sitting on the marble wall bordering the point, with two cops near facing me, and pacing past me sometimes.

Zuccotti Park is just like what the rainbows call a bliss pit, where everyone without a tent lies, even squeezes together, under a tarp tied to branches, during rain. Tarps and mats absolutely everywhere; not one place left for Vinny or Me, easier to get a seat on the stock exchange, and you don’t want to lie down too close to someone next to you, you don’t know. Though most faces were hid by tarps and sleeping bags, or the few tents. I was able to lie down on the marble perimeter wall to the sidewalk, without feeling awkward so near the cops, but I didn’t doze off much, and sat meditating and checking out this and that until 9am. (buying an egg sandwich from a street vendor). Reading all the curious and poetic signs taped to the wall surrounding the park; some of them quite art.

At some early hour of light 50 percent of the people woke up, and that was weird, day was starting, and people in the park rising to their early morning rituals like busy bees, with magically appearing Styrofoam coffee cups, and folding tarps together, a bit like footmen. But it is a stone, not grassy park, with some dirt for flowers round trees in edged landscaped places, signs saying not to sleep on the flowers, stone retains cold well, it is cold at night in NYC these days, so you need extra sleep to compensate for the discomfort and many people were lying head and body hidden in sleeping bag and tarp until 11am. Because by then, the place has more than tripled in people, and quadrupled in cops, even more, tour buses would come by and people tour the historical happening, many people seemed to think this was a thing to check out on a Sunday, I would say it went up ten times in size from the sleepers, to it’s most crowded point.

I kept waiting for the morning sun to come up and thaw me out from the cold hours sitting on the marble wall meditating, and later lying under my sleeping bag by a bottom step to the plaza, but you know what, Zuccotti Plaza is a tough battle ground, because the sun never really hits the place with all the tall buildings around. You can though walk some south to battery park, or west towards the reconstructing area of 4 world trade towers, and hit ample sunlight, and thaw out, if not vetted with warm underwear and sleeping bags and mats and tarp, to protect from cold.

And that is one eerie thing about Occupy Wall St. It is near the foot hills of where the 4 towers are going up, parts completed, reaching up to the sky, a huge project, almost surreal; and the contrast, here, the crowded masses, teeming for freedom, attempting to be as good as possible in historical convention. And there, this huge low lying industrial site, as spacious as anything in lower Manhattan imagine, wide area enough for 4 huge just humongous towers going up, with considerable space between the towers, and the vast mouth of the Hudson behind. The people say “good“, these towers say “surreal“, the people are of all colors and clothes and hats and footwear, and these towers are all blue and grey or silver, with some dark colors to be taken off on completion, half their completed color, half their working color; somehow those shimmering towers going straight up are very important; and the people far below in Zucatti Park, a mere speck in some robot-eye in comparison, but then if you truly examine blurry humanity, it is quite the opposite.

After 9am, I was ready to lie down, and be warm, and snaked down these wide steps into the park, sitting on a lower step, than lying against the railing on the lower step, than finally on the ground alongside the bottom step, head against the backpack against the railing, with a sleeping bag draped over me, there I rested 2 or 3 hours, till I heard Vinny’s voice, and peeked out of the draped sleeping bag, and he was just saying how we was looking for me and here my head was peeking out revealing myself, like so many heads daring to peak out in the cold light.

Metaphysic can be something like this: the taking down of the world trade center led to many years of the oppressive dark bush regime; now maybe something good going on will lead to good years here. Point being, what causes uptight negative deals, what causes good ones with sunny years? Does the pagan universe really take into account these differences of history? Or do we account it as something for them?

And how journalists write. Following the notes chronologically as they are written down? Going from last note backwards to first? Because then the honed ideas are succinctly reduced from their initial notes and exposures. Or dividing things up into ideas of paragraphs? Well, the first idea is “Occupy” and that I did.

The first more complex idea that springs to light, is that the people come first, then comes the agenda. That is the natural order. You can’t have an agenda first, and then expect people to come, because the people have the right to create the agenda, and that is a fundamental natural law the media doesn’t register complaining about the lack of demands, they don’t realize, this is like a convention, like the constitutional convention, where concerned people are coming together first, about this land, and then from there try to come up with an appealing agenda; because an agenda is not so much an agenda as the best agenda. And it is like a convention. I absorb what is going on, stroll away to the town hosting the convention, think about what I’ve taken in, and then coming back with those thoughts, to absorb and take in, the new reaction and perception, to stroll from that, think, and return, and take it to the next part.

Where the tea party is a party of issues, this Occupy Movement should be about principles and structures that unite everyone. What I’m saying is that many issues have proponents and signs at Zuccatti Park. But it’s not really about particular issues, you can’t improve the environment, stop coal and fracking, for instance, without changing society as a whole from a wasteful economy and oppressive regulation of the people through compulsory wasteful education, and an economy the people never discuss and a lack of godliness and fear of being stupid. You can’t attack the symptoms. What are the causes? The people get how horrible education and the nature of the economy is; but power and the media, which is power, pointedly does not get what the people get. So the good is never trickling down from the top, but must rise up from the bottom. The people must remind the power on top of the pyramid, that yes there is the top of the pyramid to effectuate change easily, but no, the top of the pyramid isn’t supposed to think and do what it thinks, it is to implement what the people want and decide and discuss and debate and consensus. That the issue of legislation is generated by congress instead of the people at ground level, is ludicrous. Congress should merely swiftly implement what the people want, and never have taken on the task of thinking what that is. The structure should be to tell them what we want done.

Thus I went around talking about structures and principles that unite us. For instance, eliminating waste, there is a lot of waste we can see, and if we agree to curtail waste, that is a fine principle to go by, to guide what must be done. Waste is everywhere. Ask who wants the waste. If no one really does, bye bye waste. If people truly find they don’t want Major League Baseball, perhaps preferring to play it, and MLB truly is wasteful, then bye bye Major League Baseball, so glad we knew ya. The same is true with television shows, whose pointed purpose seem to be to obscure the kingdom of god. Young couples may be seen as wasteful as well, if they are truly merely putting on a show and not in love at all.

Likewise the structure of putting our heads together, and locals and people and communities making decisions together, a bottom up structure that causes spirituality more than the top bottom structure we have now. That seemed a structure that unites everyone. Each park, plaza and square should afford scheduled and advertised opportunity for the people to come together and discuss and decide issues. Each place could register a vote. The city could register the tally, and so a decision be made, and people get used to working together. Ultimately, grievances with the country are resolved by literally, working and planning together, so common values such as time, enjoyment and intelligence are maximized. Yet it is important for the spectrum of issues the people consider be broad. Likewise the slate of candidates if trusted to deal with issues, be broad as well.

Morality and godliness: Seem an ethos at the center of good things getting done. As does agriculture and a concern and practice about agriculture, by which I mean concern about how we get the things we need and how they are produced. These are 4 items, waste, thinking together, godliness, and agriculture/goods, I found uniting everyone. Because it is not protesting, but organizing. The 99% is enough people to do what they want. They don’t need the media or power to enact the economy they want, but it involves thinking together, enacting wisdom, and working together. The attitude of the trade, of useful production, must supersede ignorance. An awareness of the kingdom of god, spirituality, however you call it, must explain why things are so bad, and ultimately what there is to work with.

That is why I say Wall St, would be the first to agree with the need to come up with something wiser and less wasteful, where education is about enjoying your time more, not landing a job that on several planes can be unnecessary in an enlightened society. I am saying the people working wall street know this more acutely than the occupiers/assemblers, they know the waste of many classes; The kingdom of God reveals waste.

The roughly 300 that cram the park to sleep in, I liken to the 300 Spartans at Thermopylae that hold off the Persians and elements till the thousands of other Greeks join them during the day.

This system of sleeping in the park needs better organization. Were it more orderly, and like an army interchangeable, in that there are more people that want to spend the night there, could it be done comfortably, than places available. Likewise, one can not spend too many nights in that close quarters and hard conditions without going crazy. So try to maximize and facilitate spaces simple and straight up, through spatial organization, and orderly rows, I think, with mats and tarps, people have an obligation to wipe, that others might be able to use and replace the initiates with.

If someone wants a space and someone needs to leave, spaces, like those on the stock exchange can be given for free to the poor, but for sale to the rich, from whom the money would go to the kitchen and support for all.

As for my unifying principles and structures, these provide firm identity, but how to take it beyond the peripheral people I spoke with on the subject to some centrality from which spokes take it to everyone, what are the ways and means?

One can yell it, and people will repeat the yell so others can hear it, but that is not so hard. There are general assemblies, but these need to be improved, even moved across the street to a larger area; because they are cramped sessions, where you can’t really hear. There needs to be total silence and swift interchanges between speakers practicing booming voices.
At a rainbow gathering the principles and structures are fairly known, and you can sit around in circles everywhere, and eventually feel the consensus that can be run by noontime council rainbow gatherings have each day. Its just simpler and more orderly and experienced, and also in the woods; but still, were General Assembly treated better, more would flow.

Because flat out, the organizers seems liberal or commies, not really getting the peace, love, work together, tribal consciousness thing, while most of the people there, especially the ones sleeping over seem the peace and love people, the people who would understand society has to think, organize and work together to achieve ideals; whereas commies and liberals don’t seem to like physical work, and how the solution is simpler with God in the equation. So you want the hippies and rainbows and drinkers and pot smokers, and homeless and godly, because they will join together rationally per opportunity, they are not about specific issues and non profits, but the common sense staring wastefulness in the face. Their apolitical nature is truer than warped political natures.

It is good the rainbow like are driven by political activism, and it is good liberals are exposed to people who believe the whole thing is as simple as regaining tribal consciousness and working on what I call the species mind of the human, even now as it is ruled by the universe and involved in the afterlife. Everyone wants the peace and love, we need to rethink how we live, to prevail over the multitude of issue proponents who are not necessarily addressing the problems that cause the symptoms their issue addresses.

But then of course we must ask, why is it that the people have not simply turned to each other long ago and organized an viable society of rational impulses, currently metaphysically filled with irrational influences. How do we change the metaphysical deal here?

Doesn’t everyone realize we are not turning to each other, we are not friends, we are not partaking in a surviving thriving society, quite the opposite; we are not engaged in attraction to one another, or ideally, we are, but that is not demonstrated; so how can you even bring up these things?

Which brings me to the very interesting second point it occurred to make; I neglected to include above: which is the pagan belief the universe is very powerful and unhappy and controls society on earth, not rich people. I thought this idea was true and relevant and especially needed for this Christian age; as the pagans embraced the metaphysics that cause society; may recognize the reason bad things happen. I thought this idea much tougher and harder to lock onto than the concept of unifying principles and structures, especially as blaming the rich seemed one of the veins of ore here. But you know what; for whatever reason, it went over surprisingly well. It was like a channel, the people always knew about, know where it is on the dial, and so they understood exactly what I was saying and agreed.

So now what to do? I had unifying principles and structures, and my paganism, very relevant and central to how to go about improving society, but where and what were the ways and means. What and where to go from here? The understanding of this point may stem from a guilt regarding blaming Wall St.

So first we covered how the people of America haven’t united in a common sense daily wisdom that we know of, though we agree good things can happen outside history. As I said, there is no natural attraction and state of friendship that has us putting our heads together wisely, everything has been subsumed by mayors and local elected councils abridging local peaceful assemblies where people put their head together and make decisions with ayes and nays.

And the people generally admitted that as well.

So again what to do? Luckily I could tactically retreat to my native Manhattan Vinny’s small apartment uptown, where over jazz and yellow tea, these matters might be reasoned, in the peace of Manhattan; for the conditions are hard at Zucatti Park; it’s not like the order has produced a lot of peace. I suppose it is possible to meditate and think there; but not necessarily about what to do with movement. Like a convention, one needs retreat a bit into the local culture to think about what to do with the conventional politic or trade. A productive culture must develop past growing pains.

So the next steps seem to be 1), to organize the people, at least advise that a successful community is concerned about where its food comes from, focusing on facilitation as much of that as possible, and then also as well other necessary and wanted things; and then culture, such as educating and living, should neither be wasteful nor professionalized but mellow community concerns.

Maybe upon this advice, the people may take to spreading peaceful assembly as form for nearby neighborhoods to know what to do regarding. Obviously it requires some coordination; much like the coordination of other occupy movements across the country. Rural farm fields, and fields in general, must be coordinated with communities around the country.

And the rainbow influence, of kitchens with food, looking weird, unconditional love, belief peace and love will prevail over Babylon with tribal consciousness, is there. It is supposed to be like a rainbow gathering, where the visitor may walk around talking with people regarding what the agenda is, what the people want; we must consider what the people want.

Perhaps dividing the Occupy Wall Street Tribe into several little tribes may work; because regular people may be more serious about what is to be done. Rainbow Gatherings are divided up into kitchens or tribes.

Yet, organizing people, seems much easier and more mellow with God; by which I mean casting spells so people become more aware that they are being. This is the difficult point, where I’m at.

Yet I was able to bring up with the people that these people can’t see; which is true, there is the kingdom of god, I can say this within myself, as true, it stands, and this representation of them as society, as if society is accepted, which I don’t, I don’t accept this society, no one should, which is another way of looking at; these ideas, coupled with a layering influence, should be able to guide and organize, especially if I get good casting that spell.

Yet let’s anticipate further. The universe, by my count, is practically in many pieces of electric shock, were those parts to get along, they might feel better with an untransformed or mutated human earth. Yet the universe is not attracted to its parts, truly, it seems, the human repulsion to nature is merely a metaphor, metaphysical symbol it is important to work out at.

But in the backdrop of the cool October Downtown, the dark matter of the universe everywhere isn’t inclined to help along. So this is where I stand. Spells, seeing(under the breath) organizing, do you accept society, that is what it comes down to, you do not accept society, what do you do?

You walk around society, trodding, plotting, but do you really? Or are you more the society that is walking around you? Society walks around me.
Walking around Manhattan, along the east river, along battery park…
But hell, when the focus of history, is intensified through Zuccatti Park’s prism, we have to turn to paganism to deflect the anti-rich focus, to a proper blame on the universe, uniting earth. The universe control everything. While I am politer each day at zuccatti, when I can get away from my personal troubles, or rather it easier, but the same is true at rainbow gatherings, the first days are spent in personal turmoil but things should get sorted out and then it all comes to you, and it’s a matter of how long you can stay, for people can’t stay without a shower too long; and yet the democratic party stands between the people and the power for a long time without stinking.

The people coming together comes before the agenda; case in point, constitutional convention of 1787. Ancient Roman Republic: same problem as modern day America; party of the people, believed in by ideals, warped by the light of power to no longer beam as intended to justice and the interests of the people. That’s the problem. People in power are worse, less able, than people lower. What to do? Make Zuccatti park demonstrate spiritual power comes from the bottom up; the people show power what the trust is, because the truth does not trickle down from the people in power, as idealists would believe.

I wanted to stake out a place, I was comfortable in, my home base, the headquarters here, like the back of the bus, powers emanate from. But while close, there are more dues to pay bouncing around, the whole thing is karma, but who knows, how can you believe in what hasn’t worked so far.

What are the ways and means; that is the question. Especially as the momentum seems to come from communists, seeking foolish power, subvert one white male, for another, where the white male is still in charge, on premise of having cited the dominance of the white man. But that is merely parliamentary procedure. The rainbow knows, each round of parliament gets higher and higher; and is not bogged down in frustrating notions, but proximity to peace, love, and hanging in there in a good way.

I went to a subcommittee meeting on poetry at an atrium on wall st, very beautiful, they were using. But whereas the rainbow has a system of people sitting in a circle, and going round saying what is in their heart; this was a little harder, where agenda items and speakers signed up before the meeting. Likewise this form of circling and rotating speaking what is in the heart needs to be know more by OWS. Because it is politically viable and serious structure.

Poets need to be shamans; have values they worship through poetry; differentiate between a good world and a false world, be a good influence. How to achieve that is shop talk to a poet. All the signs were poetry.

Unlike other protests, police are a part of it. If you like police, Zuccatti park is a good place to be.

As there is a flock mind to fowl, so we seek a species-mind for humans that has been lost. But you mention that to Zucatti park and it is a recognized concern. Black people have a deep sense of how there isn’t the individual, we are all parts of a greater whole. But of course they can’t see. How to work through that? How do we make things less tight? The paradigm shift to common sense, from a republic to a rainbow? I met some very nice interesting young gang members from Newark, and in general found minorities more accessible, if only because they naturally needed some explanation and identification of this phenomena.

People don’t even know your right to peaceably assemble refers to making local decisions by all present, not really protesting. That the right to petition the government to redress grievance means the right to bring up a grievance through the courts.

Changing wastefulness is difficult, because wastefulness is by design. Are communities working together as easy as implementing recycling beer cans? Capitalism obscures the being, the god we have to work with, market reality. The hypocrisy is how corporatism squashes entrepeneurialship. The values have to be identified, what is good, what is not good, needs identification. Common goals, as well.

The lies must be attached to the wise, for them to resonate, they must originate near, by the Kingdom of Heaven. I tell the people, not to cater to the Media, to be laconic at best; that what differs us from republicans is that republicans cater to the media. Likewise our state judiciaries must know what the kingdom of god is, to know better what it does, and what the people can handle.

It does seem NYC is better with Zuccatti Park accenting everything, a bit of infusion of energy compelling council among the people, and the people who gaily go on their way starkly contrasting moral concerns, now more evident. With the demands open-ended, and the convention about the people, everything is more what it is.

But the logical conclusion of OWS is to take over town hall and let the people start talking and deciding about how they want their community and life. Yet that is what the protection of peaceful assembly is all about. That is what has been systemically taken from us, the belief we can talk about how and what we want and implement. The next step is right there, but they don’t seem to see it. If it goes on like this, oblivious to common sense, it runs the risk of communist tendencies, an exaltation of power, one party, reliance on government not people.

But all this theater, when they can’t see, nor admit literally so, is the bottom line, and the false rendition of society a job allegedly complying with the universe. This is what there is to meditate on. Underneath the universe, the universe can be the only cause for such contrivance. The universe seems to be able to admit our state; but our media, and representative government seems to pointedly lie; so the media has trouble apprehending this, whereas the universe may know, but in between us and the universe is the media.

The mind space enveloped in darkness above. The ears of the people I talk with turn pointy, like we are more outer space creatures. What do they think outer space is? Every note that resonates and lingers on the ear’s palate, indicates and shines the absence. Is there power in the people, in the actual coming together? Did it take the internet to organize, reorganize many recent decades? To ravel up history in a ball for his story to return? Because the internet doesn’t organize, but the people together, may.

The Gathering Occupation is compact, in a small part, compressed, comfortable, filled up; a real constitutional convention. But the universe overhead is unknown, with its quiet indicative knowledge of the gathering, of what people are. But no longer do I speculate on what OWS is, because now I am here. The many sleeping here are the elite, going by putting in time here.

Yet the answer of the universe is “No”, when asked if the people can come together to live more sensibly. When I visualize that reverberation, the blood in my imagination causes red marks to see,

Loyalty is the chance to improve people. The universe oozes and oozes out NO, pouring out continuously, “NO”. Does it know what it is doing a hour before dawn? Does it know it is saying “No? Or is it just time out there rushing on? In which case if it parts could get along, the universe might and would have a different disposition and answer “maybe”. Thus I imagine parts of the universe getting along, and there being a lighter verdict. We can create a little power this way.

It was funny how Vinny and I were walking, talking, when suddenly Vinny speaks out, “I think we are here”, pointing to the sprawl of colors and shape amassed in and around a park, all quiet at 5am. “I mean this must be it” we both said, “it can’t really be anything else.” “No, of course not.”

This is the people. Not the democratic party in between the people and the power. Here is the opportunity to buy into the right things.

While the issues were sometimes too liberal, rather than constitutional, the place was stimulating and ideally empowering enough to embrace tribal consciousness swiftly, yet liberalism may have brought them here. It was like a marketplace or bazaar of ideas, not necessarily a new way. Is the truth easier to the tea party or to liberals. They both lack peace and love, and don’t even seem either to be into working the land or producing or that we can put our heads together: That towns can own farms that produce food for all for free as worked by all for free.

But this is the way it is for the universe. The dark lies of the media, upon the deadened hollowed state of human earth, comes from or represents dissatisfaction in the universe. And yet when the universe is seen to recognize it is saying “no”, the light comes. Do the people know they are saying “no” to each other, is the next question. If we could be aware of the “no”, the “no” we are saying to each other, that is spoken for the universe quiet down-descended on earth. We don’t regulate ourselves, we are regulated. Why don’t we all try to get along. Marriage is another behavior that can be said to hold us back; though there is a more ultimate reason. Likewise, it must be a metaphor for something beyond. Our inability to understand we are not getting along, though that is known by the kingdom of heaven, we may not be getting along with the universe.

But some of my very bones seem charged with an electricity for media to write from insofar everyone is media now.

Were we to consent to these pagan ideas, we would all have to think together on the same subject.

Geraldo Rivera came again, and was immediately surrounded by a circle 5-10 deep. I am against this catering to the media. Cold shoulder them. There is more effect in being cold to them than catering to them. And if they cease showing up, people will rely more on our own accounts through face book. The people here may have more leverage towards their goals, because the media is less in the way, and people may more do what they want in the media’s absence and quiet. The media simply doesn’t understand enough to qualify as professional.

There was a bit misunderstanding, should be ironed out, spanging, asking for money for personal use, puts down the place, the occupiers theoretically should take care of each other, as they would be taken care of by others, and that any drugs and alcohol, which I didn’t see, as well as the homeless, are not so bad, as these types might more easily apprehend working together and the obvious common sense missing in the middle, than the issues-oriented. I donated to the kitchen and gave out a few dollar bills; but it was eerie seeing a few homeless struggling on cardboard a few blocks away from hundreds sleeping out on cardboard together.

It is the living together, the sleeping together, the making music together, the eating together, that harmony that is closest to the common sense long needed, more than any issue, the understanding we are together, we are a tribe, or many tribes together; it’s not for one to go it alone; we should be doing it together. The music and food was incredible

The sleeping spaces could be traded and given like seats on the stock exchange. I have my own plan of implementing scrip as currency with truths written on them, that will make them more secure and tradable than the dollar.

I saw some symmetry between universe not aware it is saying “no” and society not aware it is saying “no” to each other. By God, the main concord for orderly society is that the people are encouraged and allowed to say “yes” to each other, any time they want; so how can you blame Wall St or government for any of this. Isn’t government contingent upon giving something up?

At the rainbow, there are people younger than me, like Sherpa’s perhaps, or Zen Buddhists, skin heads, or corporals, with reputation for intelligence, that like the native New Yawker can guide me through the never resting “jungle” around. For how can anyone find a place to sleep? By 10pm, people were already claiming places, by which I mean, I had to move from where I was with other people. But there was an altar, and a skinhead there, but the hari krisna kind, who was kind to me, and I felt, as the second day went much better in terms of interaction I could lie by the altar, which would have been quite an exalted place, if you ask me, by the altar is prime accommodations; but I am of a rank, that doesn’t eat if the men are long in line, nor takes a spot, sure to be used by someone else…uh….Caesar was successful and teased by the men and an author. Though to me an author is authorized to be read, whereas a writer merely writes; that authorization swifter from inside the kingdom of god, than outside it; because the shield about the kingdom of god, that charge in the bones we may feel, repels art; whereas from within, much more is possible; it’s less a big deal, dealing with that soft dampness; than the hard contusing repelling what contradicts the assertion that everything is fine, ok. Everything is not fine or OK, and it takes but one look at TV to see the point of media being to falsely show everything fundamentally is fine and ok.

Another way to succeed here is through feelings, maybe the feelings, induced near lies to be sure, but anything feelable, feel my leadership when I say, society is following design, but doesn’t admit it. All are controlled to lie, but don’t admit it, that’s the deal.

The Mike Chk system, where they all repeat like a ripple, the words of a central speaker, I have my doubts with. Somehow a great orderly peaceful assembly is required, where the important sentences get handed down to runners whose job it is to makes sure all know the next day, the important things, that would otherwise be mike checked; Otherwise if you got something to say, the occupying army should be socialized enough to offer plenty of conversation in groups, and you just gotta go around, making your point, till it catches on, and everyone knows. But of course I haven’t tried the mike chk system; probably why they call it the mike check system. But as it is the general assembly meetings at 7pm are crowded and you can’t hear right. They need to be across the street or in a sacred plaza, totally respected, there should be silence all around general, or peaceful assemblies.

It is logical for anyone to ask themselves, what they can do to improve the place, that’s what layering is. Thus I search for the ways and means to implement the logic I see. Thus there is an obligation for the occupying army to be polite and social and see that there are circles about where people are saying what is in their heart; that’s the important social obligation. And there are the occupation blues, as well, don’t get me wrong. There needs to be a system whereby one of the 300 may take a night or two off and give his space to a more normal Greek who will help the cause for a night or two. Somehow occupying, trust, sociality, must all go together.

If you are fooled by the democratic party, you don’t realize that locally especially, they exclude the best people, and by failing to recognize the natural logic to the people making local decisions with ayes and nays in peaceful assembly, they have utterly no claim to being the party of the people; indeed they may be construed to stand in the way of this natural and constitutional right. The regulation of education, the lack of discussion of the economy is communism and totalitarianism, as is the lack of spiritual understanding, by people and power. And the democrats merely a party fooling the people about it.

But Zuccatti park amazingly is more prone to understanding the pagan point about the universe controlling everything. Somehow this new necessary terrain, is much with them, that deep down they blame the universe, and Wall St, just a foil. As I am sure Wall St knows as well, the universe does not feel good but may express and feel through the people and person, perhaps.

So the whole solution seems to be to organize this movement, across the country, into a logical producing force, educating, no longer needing formal education; producing, no longer apathetic about how goods arrive; caused by a knowledge of the kingdom of god, and heaven and the power and plight and nature of the universe.

This is all helped by rolling back time of nonbeing with the waves of time of being, so the people experience being around me, and the people recognize the beings. This is how it is done. It’s like the casting of a spell, alongside the feelings, of leadership, or directions that can be felt, so flows the good. Very much at times, I feel the point is to serve the universe, that that worship will turn off the lies, and effectuate a fulcrum of logic. That likewise we can not forget leveraging a good through the good knowledge of the people of the kingdom of god. Perhaps my currency, would help here, violating of Article 1 paragraph 10 or 11 that it is. Let them take me to court for that. In many ways, the compact presence of the people is an organizational challenge to manifest.