the months

Oh it was a long cold winter with many many snow fall shovels, and 4degree ear freezing, and oil running out, and even south jan 9 to Mar 3, it was still cold and ten inches of snow often, then the sun camèout in april and i got work and people starting coming out for the sun, though the weather was cold, and I believe it was too cold still but with some optimistic days regarding heat, but May, I do remember, have the clear impression of good and bad and many ways being magical both good and evil, but magical evil is still ok to learn and know, then June equals summer and everyone’s finally happy, and theres grdening and every day is fine and we all agree June is the best month and the cold finally gone and everyone is happy and July is more like that then august the fall starts to show up, I go to Maine, and Septemberr, the sky gets flatter, more horizontal so the sun sets faster, falls from the sky at a faster rate, the days evening out to nights, the equallity of day and night equaling a flattter sky, not a deep or big skky, with lateral thin rectangular clouds………..

Before indian summer people gasped at the onset of cold, after last winter, then set indian summer, and the crickets still chirp into mid october, and the trees stay green forever, and the tomatoes keep turning orange and coming up, thanks to fire signs and indian summer, and indian summer makes the cold descend gentler and gentler, even enjoying bare feet in too cold evenings, the chill, a sensation

The indian summer, the crickets, going on so late, the leaves being so lazy in changing color and falling, in pennance to the worst winter I can remember of last winter’s cold and snow, that just didnt stop, May being magical but still cold magic, and April being windy and rough and March still being winter cold right long as late as possible in the rudest way,

So now its slowing slowly and the decline in temperature, gentle.

Oh the indian summer 11/12still enables painting in musky fall airs the leaves still notmfalling a good bit green, tho 11/13 the polar storm for alaska will make it toomcold to paint for two weeks.

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