yau sau taasiatna, I say, Satan

everything is metal,
And if you mettle with the metal,
You become metal.

Our mind and eyes is gaseous and airy,
Reaching out of itself, perceiving a metal, compared to our mind, all around.
Our mind, a mere degree, of much stronger mental metal.

(I would say “Nouemic” but while heavy metal beneath brain cell’s froth, it’s black remains ooze be so somewhere in brains’ aloft-down there, a combination, of forces under and of—-that we have to get at at, and grab the palpable) 

And this metal is Satan.
And Satan is everywhere and everything.
Acting as one. ****** (tune in)
To the portal out your mind, to where the actions of the dark prince be one

Our mind came late into what has long been,
And so what has long been, long filled us up,
Till satan be so, in everyone,
And Satan be a small part of me; not by any choice, but that we came long into satanic dominion

Satan is not of the future, but from the past;
So clinging to the present, like sail-wind a mast

Satan the Republican, As if Satan has no hope,
From my mental clarity, a better world elope.

Then Appollo rears his head, after the wettening storm,

Where is the center of it all, but radiating his lighting rays?
Earth under some standard contract,
Appollo beaming bright,
Here we are some lesser moment
And pith thats still all right

Here we are in sun and light, of mind and sun;
Easier to expell spirit, then satan’s work undone.

See, there is some metaphysical metal,
Before us, or, implanted in the mind of Earth,
Yet, not from Earth. galavanizing something.

Aw, see, it is Satan, Satan did it, does it;
Is responsible for all of this;
Were we not of Satan, we would have done better;
At least now, we have something to blame, and work through.
Satan: Satan is holding you back:
Only something satanic, could hold you back.
So blame Satan and move forward;
Don’t let higher power help you;
Blame Satan, and reason forth (your life is umaneagble because of satan)

—A predicament, here, and foreigñ, to be oppressed by Satan;
-Jacob and Joseph went through something like it too.
Do you help your oppressor, and if so how?
Or continue to resist his rule and fuitley rue?

the material world blurs with the tv, as images are transmitted over space;
Conduit pipes wires of electricity from added value earth, like another sun; for light and heat;
If you can imagine, the same is so in Satan; the not there yet there, an image, of reality;

For humans are not the only Satan conquers and controls;
Nor even earth, the first planet;

How is this possible? How can Satan take over a planet of Humans? Does the Spirit even ask?
It is because Satan is superfine, and we are only fine; and those years asking “are you fine” ignorant of the superfine’s effect on the fine;
Fine is not enough.
Because Satan has a superfine wire or fiber transmitting Satan, to each of you, us.
Satan connects the vast darkness to each, through some superfine wire, to our brains.
It’s a wire of darkness, perceived by the imagination, fainter i what we see,

Satan is not some beast, but with the superfine capacity for taking over whole planets.

This implies Satan has changed form from what once was over time; parallely, earth is forced to adapt and find other forms of life than nature.
This implies satan communicates among its parts; conversely, the human form is enjoyed aggregate and in parts.

Yes something can be in our brain. Something can be in their brain. How did it get there? You have to see the brain as a source; that is then connected to other sources; and that those other sources were here first, and therefore, our organic quality: We, Earth, is inside, It.

It is finely tuned, fine tuned, to operate us, to control, and connect us; to operate you, a very remote finety.

There is very little energy wasted; what is needed, in its direction, flew, flows, files forth.
In that sense, other directions may be choked out; and what little energy, left and needed, remains forsoothe

Journalists, not there.
The pin pricks of humanity in space, the comfort, of the comfort, we provide outer space;
This is where we rest all day and night, upon such dark downy pillow;
Yet even such darkness, not as black; as our contant reminders, things are worse than Earth;
the constant remainder we remind with tragedy; we will our control, of this satanic earth;

You can’t imagine places worse than Earth:
You can’t imagine, how great Humans are:
And you can’t imagine, how this roused the Metal-Ire Satan;

The chokehold upon us, our comparison to the Universe;
Realize you are in the Universe: How many things are fake, relative.
Phenomenology through this, with me. For instance; the comfort of universal components, less than us.
less than us, making on less

For universal components, we give a great deal to; this is the hard part, and the importance of seeing opportunity.
In the loss of a great fraction;

There are places worse than Earth, that we deep down feel.
The weakened left sidedness is lost to.; the metal is using yours and our brains;
Our government does not know what it is doing;}

Unless in its interior, inscrutinable, inferior dawn of awakening; government realizes, things are not right.
HSee, you cant imagine something worse than earth, I can’t, lest it dawning all around.

You must see Earth as an astronaut, whose even green hue; pales the whole universe before her, to astronaut eyes;
That Earth, even as added as this; babble awash in metal; even with human minds mere pinpricks cheering a distant harder outerspace; is several times as good.
Jesus said, we are in a world of sin, the kingdom of god makes us o Jesus did not ascribe this tragic nature to Satan.
Because satan censors.

Now what we have to see, is the nature of man and women under Satan,and in Sin; For it is not a natural or nature intended of us, so to speak.
Thus, to speak to man, so mechanical and twisted in sin, one must guide, and lead, to something which at this level, must be in a world historical context;
Insofar the media beginning to understand this, has long not understood this, gaining a trenchhold here, by recognizing the trenchhold here,
Is bound to ramification everywhere media grows, and deserving the issue.

A little light in darkness, commands those sensing the light.

 Yet Satan’s, ….The metal’s…..The ways of darkness….The fractures of black……

This is going to be hard for you,
But you are so close to me
As to go through the terror
And go through the horror,  

And that feeling something has been taken from you:
That we can deal with something important; and the dealing not stop, once established: by proximity, terror, and from that, talking.
Diplomatic rights, taken away, asserted, a welcome relief.

You see, men, this is about World History
Treating The Introduction of Satan, with respect;

This is about seeing the snake peak out of imaginary earth
And you understand the hole he comes from, good.

You see, my friends, this is Middle Earth:
Not way above, our minds in space;
But the universe avast below,
Reaching up, to us.

Where brains, and sources mix
An immediate equilibrium,
And the ways of darkness
Fracture without a laugh
Like an opague mirror visible through
While still at This level,
Mind expands into Space;
And outerspace Must be mind,
The darkness must be the borders of something else ongoing so important;
That the fearful deservedly laugh at me.

The Sources of Middle Earth, The Right Here, How heavy, Metal, is.
Makes an immediate midpoint that is middle earth

As Earth, and we, are in the middle of the universe,
though our mind contemplate stars, and blend shadows,
the leaning, loomed, luminious,
pinpricks in space,
Be away from the beast able to prey, by being more exquisitely composed;
Here, we logically try to have the gall to assume talking.

You see, we are, world history, there is some source energy spent on that, creating this.
It’s a simple matter of inflowing this information with the energy floating swiftly about about me.

For this media to trickle and subvert your media; reroute the river to protect your city;
For the media to know the news flows through them, flows through them,
That we can stop it, by recognizing, it flows through made up, because satan has transformed us;
So it is to be influenced by satan, to the most critical news………….

If somehow we can talk about what we lost, and are;
It will be established, and establish itself, and the new establishment, more functional, than this old one.-

Man is with Sin; Man is no high rank nor capability. Do not ignore this. Knowing-truth is good –

But what keeps from us negotiating with Satan? Man? Man is inbetween God and Satan? Heavy metal?
People need to hear; but what else can Satan direct; but everything possible.
The moral tones of the least first and the best worst

Say Satan did that to us? Then what? Is the equation?
And is the equation a lever to move earth?

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