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September 28, 2014

War with isis enables further extension of islamic authority in arab states at the expense of tribalism and more reasonable principle. It will pump alot of money into homeland security and the nsa, the identification of isis as a threat, and thats total bs if both upper tiers, ofmthe u.s and islam, are sickly agreeing to war. Can u see past the propoganda to the reasonable principle that if both upper echelons benefit from war, we really should question the war this way. So much of what is spied on doesnt have much info, so in that sense spying is a worthless job, or, also, spying on everyone gains non related info that can be used against americans by other americans with nefarious intent. This principe can be seen to exist. It shows such a violent height of foolishness as to require mature discussion insofar as it causes a lot of damage and doesnt seem wise or desirable reality.. Is this mature discussion possible?Let’s look at this again. It’s inconsiderable the agency of american government, and islamic government would consider it a benefit for people to die in the name of war that merely strengthens and serves the interest, repressive interests, of the government of the respective governments involved. This is a real horrible situation to consider. And how can it possibly be allowed? Unless the nature of totalitarianism is a rule of us that serves something else, and ominious situation to broach, and yet quite the nature of true government to truly represent us.Now the U.S. Is the worlds policement, and we have to understand the U.S. Has always served european interests by being the bad guy. First by relieving europe of its population worries by being very mean and rude to the native tribes so their overflowing population could move here. This was done by a constitution binding a large variegated regional area to a federal government, that was thus a monster with one set of eyes for fifty states so to speak, eyes which could not be shared easily and were focused on taking indian land avaricely????……Now this same federal bind makes us the world policemen, serving european interests yet again. Who benefits from our policing? Europe is able to appear the good guy and the communist menace is peskily invaded, and complications avoided. But now what has happened? The international police force we are, with bases from bad germany to arab nations, which we pay for, has taken on a life that benefits from these military interactions. The excuse to spy on its own citizens, weighted foreign policy to intervention, without further rational than perpetuity and increase.Think about it folks, the opportu ity to spy and gain information that can be used against people across the board across the board, may be lucrative enough to buy into isis.Now that is what it is, but the point is to try to deal with it, do something about it, from the fulcrum of its very irrationality and insensibility. Thats the idea of government, to deal with the hard ideas and issues, whose dealtness with, benefits all.Is the u.s. by design, designed to serve european interests? Thats an important question to ask, in our interests.How can this not be noticed? Its like we’re mere avatars. There is a control of history, and a negative one. Whats going on here:, inquiring minds?There has to be some check by the people on not approving spendimg for this morally ambiguos if not outright deadly imperialism of ours. Obviously congress cant stand up to those military goons and vote to defund war, even though thats the course the federslist capers and constitution advocate, which begs the question, is our congress actually threatened to approve war funding every six weeks? Is that a chimera in the mind, doubtless, it has the same effect,Which begs to question just how do the people assert their funds are not to be used for war desired by governments, and not the people. When will we see an islamic state fall to the people, or better tribes?: surely the farther away and more diplomatic we are.Lets look at the purpose of this, to kill and be harmful to earth. How do we marshall this? These negatives are flowing trough government. A government then which is purposely distant and unaccessible to the people and reason’s expression, the distance and disdain, purposefully created to insulate what really goes on from some rudder and ballast that would impede what is able t flow through government, war. Yet nor are the people galvanized. Yet war, is not facilitated through the people, but government. Who is more likely then, to converse on this? The people, or the government?I think its possible to say europe avoids islamic conflict by understanding Islam seriously oppresses arab people and arab tribes, and therefore lacks an intellectual credibility requiring such action. And Europe understands the soft skeleton of islamic control is only strengthened and hardened when engaged in conflict; otherwise, like the soviet union, Islam could fall of its own weight, especially if the option exiists to revert to an arab tribal system more.the only way these systems make sense, is if we are supposed to be a dark bad planet eeking out horrible things on a daily purpose to possible obtain some goal, or to survive.We may perceive these words, but not ably respond, being dictated to, by the very forces that run these roughshod this. Dealing what understoodThe situation is this, before we progress, we have to ask the arabs if they want to be muslim because they have no choice, and what they think of the tribes in arab land. Because if arabs are oppressed by islam, kerrys “let arab land be ruled by muslims not militants” will fail. To just ask thisnquestion and get an answer is huge, but we cant progress without apprehending the oppression and lack of choice about islam.:-)to achievemthis arab dialogue, we have to also lookmat the situation in america and askmus each other ourselves, do we like and want our system of school and capitalism, or could we come up w something better, like putting our heads together, making decisions in local peaceful assemblies w ayes and nays? Concerned parents leading children, discussing what we want? Because arab and america has like this lack of choice regarding years of our life, lack of thinking together, how can this be? We must ask our selves? Its not apathy, its a control we need to discuss

 This is an out of control situation to listen to reason starts with the relegation of school, and there is no way you can think the tips and peaks of the NSA and ship of general, so to speak, can be for militarized regimes with all the accountriaments therein within, its hard to conceive anyone being for that; so its about crossing the distance and reaching them, or being reached by them, to just discuss whether they are cognizant of the scenario I delineated above; and if this so, just what do we really think of this situation upon earth?……..Another plan, code named Al Capone, involves the IRS. We engage the irs, the irs funds the government, they are normal benign bureacrats behind a desk too much doing customer service out the wazoo. If anyone understands tax dolllars cant go to wars that just increase the regimes running them, that’s not real war, or is it the only war there is? And maybe its time for the IRS to stop this nonsense. Sure they were made too insure the federal government can do what it pleases, but that hasnt condemned tto an immorality, at least I hope so; I hope they understand themselves as an enforcement agency, devoid of morality, that therefore then can be capable of comprehending the not even immorality, but sheer phoniness of what the word war would otherwise mean.

in the nineties, islam was a two bit organization people associated with farrakhan and well behaved black prisoners; now, after over a decade of war, when youd think how everyone sees the suicide bombers and sunnis killing shiites as huge islamic turn-offs, Islam is bigger than ever, and farrarkhan a mere speck of sand; Why? Because we force islam to flex its muscle and lift weights and grow muscular to survive us, and thus islam is growing while we war,, and larger, than it was, embodying more foolish ignorant hopes, and actually coming closer to the dream of an Islamic ruled world, something that couldnt even be imagined in the nineties; So Islamic leadership, wants these wars, so it flexs islam further in self-defense, and our regime wants this war so it can get information on citizens it potentially can extort with, and just further be able to mess with the natural dissent of society, whereas in the clinton era, dissent seemed encouraged, and a rather sunny thing to do. That feeling had nothing to do with Hilary Clinton, and everything to do with bill. For Hilary to ride that coattail is shameless. What I mean to ask, is could the NSA and Homeland Sec. Et al contra vu army-navy, want threatening Isis, for the billions of tax dollars that come with it? Now that’s a serious question. And there is a way it seems true. Could the IRS demand action on this?


September 28, 2014

Let’s review some pts. Spirituality is greater than courage because courage comes from spirituality, and not spirituality from courage.. 2) Machiavelli is considered a doushebag because in early roman history when romulus’s tribe was just starting to take over other tribes, one of the kings of another tribe whom Rome had pretexted by conjuring an insult, said, “hey, instead of a battle potentially killing thousands or hundreds or tens or whatever, what about our best three guys against your best three guys, winner take both kingdoms” And of course Rome won, and ironically, I believe, the two tribes got along very well and amalgamated into Roman Hegemony very well. And yet Machiavellli is considered a doushebag because in his discourses he said the losing king was very stupid to risk his kingdom on just three men, and not his whole diversity of resources; just three big bets, instead of many small ones; and just imagine if we and the muslims agreed to that one, or arabs, no….?3) The reason love doesnt work in America is you recreate the kingdom of god and no chick wants that…….Now does Isis know that? Isis was the chief egyptian god, she doesnt appear much ten thousand years later as a greek goddess, supplanted by persephone and her daughter demeter. Why? Because neurotic greeks couldnt handle a female goddess in charge? And why did the egyptians consider Isis’s charge of agriculture, healing,, craft and reproduction, as the goddess in charge, and yet the greeks demote that position to three echolons below zues? And why is there no mention of that importance in hesiod’s genoology of mt olympus? Why is Greece anti-female?……Because Isis as the Egyptian leader of the pagan pantheon didnt tell her people they reproduce the kingdom of God? Or did Isis alert egyptians and that with slavery kept egyptian population down? (even as America is about burgeoning population.) Think this through with me. When the egyptian government enslaved its own people to build the pyramids for dead presidents, or kings; they needed an ignorant population to generate that population. That’s how we are still walking like egyptians. So Maybe Isis was loved for enlightening those as to what they reproduce. In any event, there is no Isis now; just me, telling you, don’t be a fool, don’t reproduce, you reproduce the kingdom of god……..Now some people don’t know what that means. What’s up with that. It’s a basic christian term increated by you know himself, no, not the old testament lord but J.C.. Himself, …..The old testament is a history and the new media a journalistic account of a christ. But I’d say only a few of you actually know what a christ is. It wasnt Jesus’s given last name. Joseph’s last name wasnt christ.4) There are two prominent and truly great 19th century historians who are I want to say outrageously anti-semetic, Burkehardte and Brement, two rich guys with too much time on their hands, so they go to old Historical sites and interepret. Now let’s look at why this can be. Judeasm is based on all members of it’s aglomeration or natal incorporation as being descended from Abraham, I’m guessing 5775 years ago. That means every, Jew today, and i dont use the j word, prefering “descendants of abraham” is a descendant of abraham. Now what? Metaphor? Whats all that about?I am just going to quote Tyre by R.B. Brement, “While Sidon, a grandson of ham, was building the kingdom of sidonia, subsequently called phoenicia, the other descendants of canaan migrated further southward and spread over the country called palestine. When Abraham entered that land the canaanites were few in number and the land thinly settled. he dwelt at Hebron;formed an alliance with some of the natives; rose to be a king and abounded in wealth and servants and cattle and munitions of war; but after his death, we do not find that issac retained the kingdom or was pre eminiently rich.The Phillistines who dwelt at the southwest border of isreal were a distinct race of people from that of the canaanites. They originated from the shepherd stock on the plaims of the far east, near india. Their religon was eastern assyrian. They were ultimately extermimated by descendants of jacob. About 1800 years before christ the descendants of abraham were scattered abroad. Ishmael migrated to arabia petra. Esau, following him, married his daughter and became merged in the same stock called the edomites. Abrahams six sons by second marriage moved to the far east……..”Consider, consider, Romulus. He killed his brother to control the people who had ralllied around the juevenile deliquent, essentially orphaned, brigands of romulus and regulus. Both of these tribes, understood the natural necessity of founding a tribes with different types. Indeed a thesis of the continuing amalgamation f italian tribes through rome and by rome, so we appear, is that the combining of types and unity of diveristy, the most grounding thing. I dont think anyone can say the sammites and vulcans and sabines, each came from one person. Yes, sammittes and vulcans had their own physical attributes, as taiwan, chinese, korean and japanese are relatively differentialiated. So there was some similiar background evolved from, yet can we say the principle of an adam and eve producing each tribe is realistic? Each evolved as some descent we must hope for, from a reality and and nature, that requires some combination to avoid inbreeding and provide a diversity of strengths, unless love and reproduction is predicated upon a height and standard of relation. Certainly for me to imagine, my descendants, or my jewish friend marlowe’s descendants be ordained into some tribe bound and loyal through similiary ancestry…..well that conjures up the notion of family….and tribal allegiance, trumps family, as far as I can tell, and yet family allegiance is very important. Is a tribe a great big family with similiar blood? Did the originals have to split and descend in different directions?5) The caananites and Roman and abrahamic tribes, signify a unifying and bonding after all the shit went down that scars our memory to a point of nonremembrance, the petrification and horror that deep inwardly marks yours and ours existence. OK; I mean ask yourself, really, do you think Abraham really existed? Honestly? Isn’t he just a metaphor for one man starting a tribe? And is that metaphor easily disproved as one of those rare untrue and yet idolized mmetaphors? And isnt this significance, this whole I relate, just a metaphor for one man starting a movement? You know I was at a blackk bar where I generally keep my mouth shut and have two dollar heinekens, and this time a blue hawainan, and I’m not there but once a year if I bike by, and I’m talking to this guy who claims to be the antigang task force, and he says he has a movement ready to start, and I’m like the people need sandwiches and kegs to come out in the street, and he’s like all importance and passion, ando I understand, a movement need not sandwiches and kegs.6) Now audience I think back to what I said; that our three top marines, against the three top muslim terrorists,, for all of america and the muslim world….and its like the conservatives who llike me I imagine are like sure, we’re in, that’s what training is all about; and the liberals, the liberal voices I hear, are like, “no, we’d lose,, it’s too risky” Which is machiavelli’s s asshole advice. So why do liberals not have the esprit and faith, to many risks, conservatives have? Why are liberals such wimps? I’ll telll you. They don’t play sports. If a liberal actually practiced and took a sport or hobby or trade and practiced it seriously, improving by refraining instinct, for the training and knowledge of what breeds success, there is no way they’d be like machiavelli and against the propossition, of three of our best men, against three of Isis’s best men (the terrorist isis),, for some domain and range.round up:-) a) when two people fall in love they need signify by turning to their comunity and say “hey let us all put our heads together and discuss the way we live and what we want and encourage each heart’s to deepen expression”. Thats true love. and the oposite of insecurity or oppression.In our discussion of tribes we need to distinguish between the difference between tribes forming after and before, the alleged fall. Again many dont know what i mean by the alleged fall from a good situation into our history of sin and rut. All those tribesm caananites, romans, abrahams, were started after the fall, after the development of the kingdom of god for the lord. Before the fall, many a group divided, went their way, and founded their descendants to be marked by loyalty of blood from abraham. This harkens a world of blood in the context of family and country, and not sacrifice and spillO a few more pts.Management can only be about not making mistakes, it can be a positive, its a no interceptions no fumbles mentality, not a score points mentality. My life has both the stinging sweat of defeat, and tasty soothe of sucess or victory: I think over a few seasons Im like 8 & 10, which isnt good

Vic Fedorov

Well, I have several comments; first let me say, my original statement was merely an objection to the veneration of scientists who use science for evil, as is still common today, developing government systems that really give us and aid, the corrupt governments at all levels we have now. Perhaps my evokation of Ike’s military industrial complex speech fell low tothe bar. I am just against science being used for evil, and believe scientists, as an industry and profession have some obligation to regulate themselves, so as their knowledge and science isnt exploited by civilization as it has been. As for the subject of immigration, I have two points, immigration is never the first choice. My grandparents fled russia, africans were sold or taken by force and did not want to come here, the current south americans here are not here by choice but by some issues in south america that are the root of this unpleasant issue. And secondly, it is said, they take jobs we do not want. Nothing can be further from the truth. The people here in the trenton nj area both black white and italian, want kitchen and landscaping jobs. People from high school to senior citizens need jobs and work. I can only imagine this sentiment I complain about, that no one wants those jobs, epitimizes a middle class ethos that disparages physical work and actual production for office jobs that seem to generate the insulated and erroneous impression they take jobs no one wants. No. They take jobs the middle class is brainwashed into thinking are unpleasant; but really working in kitchens and landscaping are very pleasant and good feeling occupations with rewarding manifestations. I’ve done those jobs and grown through those experiences, and later when I sold organic vegetables I grew, feeling agriculture a moral venture, and came upon spanish speaking cooks with almost or all spanish speaking prep workers, they would not buy from me, they didnt understand buying local and relations with local growers, because the confusion to immigration can mitigate the moral obligations and integrity endemic to good business. But now let me pass on to what you sound like. You sound like people who have, either you or your family or spouse have good well paying jobs, and those jobs are given by the democratic party, and in return for these jobs, you parrot democratic party lines. Now, that description is a horrible description of something immoral and criminal, and yet it explains and describes your behaviors here. It is particularily scary, because this situation can not exist without thuggery, coercion, and fear. Indeed it is fearful for me to say something, for the scope of allegations have had to made examples and stolen through murder and the coverup provided by patronage commonly…..for which I say I am not an atheist and understand crime commands civilization, because the kingdom of god is easy to control, and that is essentially what you are doing, controlling the kingdom of god for the appearance of the democratic party and to further those criminal interests enabled by patronage and its coercion of you…..Moreover now, if you are in fear, because your viciousness and rudeness can and is, only be a product of rudeness and viciousness upon you, by what controls and rules these jobs of the middle class, and if you are in fear, you only have to be atheistic, because atheism takes the world at face value, and at face value, the world can be construed as scary. And yet, I must say, 1) If you were capable of psychogically apprehending the situation I suspect and describe, if you were capable of speaking to the rudeness and viciousness upon you that you reflect upon those who differ, well this whole immoral nonsense that conceivably does no one any good, would stop. Therefore, tautologically, you can not apprehend what afflicts you, for then the afflcition would stop. If you are in fear, I want to help you and all. The second misconception this underworld seems grounded in, is that this world of twelve years of childhood to work at wal-mart, capitalism that doesnt allow work to get done unless through capitalistic channels, government that is so removed from the people as to be insulated from commonsense and by totalitarian unreasonability, tv, bars, is not that great. My point is, there is nothing so wonderful and great about this way of life that makes it something worth being so vicious and sold out about. Our society at many levels, is miserable, wasteful, unreasonable and foolish. And if you don’t firmly have those precepts; well, crime relies on an anxiety and cool, you often seem to demonstrate, by whatever it is being so important as to compell rudeness because what your in the middle of is so great. The very exaltation of America, and its possibilities and way, is what crime is founded on; whereas a more reasonable view of numerous and routine oppressions, laughs at crime and wonders where the anxiety that causes crime, actuallly comes from.Edited · Like · 1 · More · Dec 7


September 27, 2014

What idolatry is, never knew,
What jacob did to caananites, tribes of one, before key word fall, who knows breeding
Abraham many kids to philistiens

the months

September 17, 2014

Oh it was a long cold winter with many many snow fall shovels, and 4degree ear freezing, and oil running out, and even south jan 9 to Mar 3, it was still cold and ten inches of snow often, then the sun camèout in april and i got work and people starting coming out for the sun, though the weather was cold, and I believe it was too cold still but with some optimistic days regarding heat, but May, I do remember, have the clear impression of good and bad and many ways being magical both good and evil, but magical evil is still ok to learn and know, then June equals summer and everyone’s finally happy, and theres grdening and every day is fine and we all agree June is the best month and the cold finally gone and everyone is happy and July is more like that then august the fall starts to show up, I go to Maine, and Septemberr, the sky gets flatter, more horizontal so the sun sets faster, falls from the sky at a faster rate, the days evening out to nights, the equallity of day and night equaling a flattter sky, not a deep or big skky, with lateral thin rectangular clouds………..

Before indian summer people gasped at the onset of cold, after last winter, then set indian summer, and the crickets still chirp into mid october, and the trees stay green forever, and the tomatoes keep turning orange and coming up, thanks to fire signs and indian summer, and indian summer makes the cold descend gentler and gentler, even enjoying bare feet in too cold evenings, the chill, a sensation

The indian summer, the crickets, going on so late, the leaves being so lazy in changing color and falling, in pennance to the worst winter I can remember of last winter’s cold and snow, that just didnt stop, May being magical but still cold magic, and April being windy and rough and March still being winter cold right long as late as possible in the rudest way,

So now its slowing slowly and the decline in temperature, gentle.

Oh the indian summer 11/12still enables painting in musky fall airs the leaves still notmfalling a good bit green, tho 11/13 the polar storm for alaska will make it toomcold to paint for two weeks.