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greater part of valor

August 17, 2013

1)I apply Article 1 2a and interpret Judicial Constitutional Article, and govern so to, “based on thinking that matters, of interpretation or application of organic documents of government, and of fundamental right and obligation, warrant a second judicial look at…because they are intrinsically of basic importance. Tidewater v. Mayor, Council of Carteret. 44 N.J. 338,341 (1965)

2)The basic right is assured by arranging honest talking which is civil due process.

3)My allegations, do not depict the only senseless device in society. Even, where, “sufficient arguable potential for the denial of a basic right” especially since I am quite particular…. ”substantiality, will be found” State v. Pometti N.J. 446, 450, (1953)

4) There has not been, nor maybe may be, a conclusive judicial or governmental, determination of the safety generated by the concentration of justice in a few judges, if there be a quantifiably much greater network of crime. The record reflects this.

5) If by design, how can there be settled law; nor notion of lawyers working things out, and not courts; nor that spirituality and justice must be together; nor the people more capable of justice together, than a judge alone?

6) How can this totalitarianism, succinct with crime, be?. Public interest may demand a guide, but these terms go beyond set judiciary.

7)“Do moments of silence violate the constitution” was not rejected by the supreme court. Morsi v Wermer 86 N.J. 232, 237. My allegations would subsume due process.

8)The court admits, “We strive to avoid reaching constitutional issues, unless required” Recall Menendez v Wells, 204 N.J. 79, 95,96,201 (2010). The design is to ignore the pressure on constitutional structure. Are they now required to, by docket? The 2010 Court here also admits the obligation to the ideal of court.

9) The court is sworn to uphold the constitution. The constitution entertains my claims. Yet I petition “Government”, as “government” desires expressing a true condition, and negotiate a way to conceive what we are, more than “judiciary”, as generally and particularly, a first chakra issue.

10) This case is in public interest; what goes on in Hudson County, and New Jersey Appellate, is as definitive a public issue as what enables it.

11)The citizen becomes the court.

12) Constitutional cases are like class action
cases, bonding people, as does a state’s right
to tax foreign business, municipal ordinance, or
the right to fire someone.

13) Yet I am outside History, questioning three
basic components of our constitutions, focusing
on a pressure, tended to ignore.

14) This shakes public opinion. So discretely,
examine the relation between media, and public

15) There is a grain of salt, to the claim you can
reduce crime by altering and reforming
constitutionalism, as it takes a higher power
to keep History from having shared this.

16)Such is required to hear terrible stories.

17)This case is compelling because it is a common
denominator to other countries.

18)This is more than collateral examination of the
justice system, because the constitutional issues
of the case, merges into matter, as the matter,
to docket.

19) Liability and proceeding, discretionarily,
due to criminal network in the background,
and not atheistically.

Understanding Rules

August 15, 2013

3) Likewise, the fee requirement seems to be something I would contribute to pushing this forward.

4) These are extraordinary experiences.

5) The crimes are easy to see, the judicial obeisance thereto, and the control of opposing party and the silenced.

6) This is pushed forward, to sink in, the way of right, for court is a right. If people have fallen along the way, then it is meant for the person who can.

7) This is pushed forward, as a right is stood up for, because the supreme court of N.J. is a percentage of Constitution, the constitutions give N.J.’s Supreme Court power, the supreme court is much less than the constitution. When we question the constitutional concentration of power, in few, as vulnerable to larger criminal network, the supreme court loses its right to deny the case a court.

8) This goes further. Government gives the constitution’s power; By definition government comprises the people for this. Government, in original form, is far greater than the constitutions. This issue is about government, and why the supreme court must entertain me.

9) Government should be sophisticated and not take things at face value, but aware of complexity.

10)         And because I am asking for very little, merely some help from the attorney general’s office to look into this thing, so I may open the flood gates of people I know who know, (and talk others in this light), determine the story, and explain the situation.

11)         Success then seems grounded in admitting, even dealing with, what is.

12)         Article 1 2a application to alter and reform government for public good, can be seen as the same mineral in the pushing forward of the rules.

13)         You have to know, and the structure of the rules of Appeal of Right seem to reflect, knowledge that the constitutional concentration of power in a few judges is harmful to the people, and government.

14)         Therefore the mechanism logically must not lie in your hands, to pull this further, but in my ability to push it further, meeting the appendix requirement to appeal.

15)         This core of government, is grounded in what naturally government is; an awareness of complexity, a concern and spreading to people.

16)         My appendixes will arrive shortly.

The Liability of Atheism

August 13, 2013

nNot only does constitutional concentration of power create vulnerability to wider criminal network, and crime, and this seems designed so, and not only is article 1 2a, of state constitution, a device to look into this by the people: But the adherence to atheism by government is very foolish.

Should the kingdom of god, or the being transformed from human be shown, (of concern to numerous professions, exposing market economy as dictated by higher power, on paper and not at all what it claims, something very apparent to me and others in small business, I had an organic agriculture 6 years before this)the public good would greatly benefit.

Working with a number of people, as it takes many to grasp the trauma and loss of life of the kingdom of god, rather than be ruled through it, The Kingdom of God is easy to show, upon which true economy, though purposely diverted, may be created, and light cast upon war and our justice system, as merely killing and oppressing.

People seeing the still bodies, we would arrange, would then have to discuss what steps to take, path to go on. Such sight would effect medicine, show folly of crime, and deem what is truly most important.

This is what government would concern itself with. The people, and their sense of responsibility may have been undercut by a design of government designating seriousness for itself. Government, certainly, has means, resources, charter, for this work. The people have trouble with this comprehension, contradictory and illuminating a negative as it is, and sad, and thus working through it with the seriousness of government, is a part of this appeal and action.

Aug 13, 2013  Victor Fedorov

1)      Atheism is at the root core of our problems. It is purposely there, by design on higher power, to keep us from fundamental knowledge and this is the nature of totalitarianism, I  attempt to convey.

2)      Were atheism recognized as specious assumption upon the human race, as ignoring the transformation to being, which Christian Terminology calls the Kingdom of God, we would have a more even bead upon society’s ills and healths.

3)      Atheism places a great deal of pressure upon judges and parties.

4)      It takes many, and seriousness and respect to apprehend the trauma and loss of life, The Kingdom of God, or Being, signifies. Atheism is consistent with isolation, misplaced seriousness, alienation.

5)      It is hoped, working with the division of law, or the people, the kingdom of god, and stillness to the body can be shown. Resource, seriousness and many, can easily prove and show a transformation to the human, that media and government, purposefully if unconsciously obscures.

6)      There is a professional relevance to determining this information, and certainly, great public benefit, and shows things as they are; totalitarian falsehoods fulfill this system now.

6à) The psychology of the problem is more be the contradiction of long operating assumptions, and not the easily understood truth of the matter.

7)      I have been denied by opposing party, and a casp conference, by judiciary the opportunity to sit and seriously discuss this. (motion for casp conference). One would assume, communication is where justice begins.

8)      I spoke on this in oral arguments, as the most important and pressing thing for the judges to be aware of. For they totally neglect this comprehension. It was beyond them.Nor did lower court allow my leadership, for the spiritual is contingnent upon recognizing injustice.

9)      Showing the kingdom of god, would reveal paths and steps to public good, and destroy atheistic assumptions governing government, market economy, medicine, and use of media.

10)   Atheism, denies an important loss of life by the human race, creates the wrong kind of seriousness, is inimical to justice, and seeing the true underpinnings and condition of injustice or conflict. Thus druids of justice were spiritual among Germanic tribes.

11)   Revealing The Kingdom of God would turn the Justice system upside down. Yet as higher power controls things, factor in whether higher power wants such, or allows us discussion.

12)   Atheism causes despair, inability to functional and apprehend, increases vulnerability to and victimization by crime, and a root from which crime flows. It is another artificial device to make society more dangerous and harmful, in what is shown, for the ends we seek to discuss. Atheism is part of the plan creating harm and danger to the people, and government.

13)   Atheism is a legitimate constitutional issue, as it seems to found our government’s assumptions, in many branches and acts. It’s discussion, particularly as we cut to the quick and show how human race really physically is, a goal that requires work but is very rewarding.

14)   The matter of this case, and crime in general, is posited upon atheism. Were the people more spiritual over the years, this could not have happened. Were people not a totalitarian society grounded in atheism, there would be less oppression.