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December 26, 2010














don’t ask don’t tell You  senators believe in gay people; homosexuality is fake as a three dollar bill, and way more painful. This was about the control of many lies in society to positive benefit, by inhibiting the manipulation and stupidity of homosexual thinking.  You guys obviously haven’t read post document—–

You need to acknowledge the loss of the kingdom of god., your own loss, I don’t know who you are or whether you are the universe pretending to be senators, but that certainly shows a height, to a plateau, remember everyone is the kingdom of god, the kingdom of god, does not make decisions, so the electoral process is a corruption monarchy couldn’t have.

1) It is no big deal to end Judaism, if you like organic growing, which the captured descendants do.

2) It’s always been between modern medicine and a peaceful gentle earth.
A) that an the absence of war
B) It seems the point was to flow through centuries; to where we are here to slow it all down, and shut down and restore parts.

3) And once judeasm is gone, Islam will be easier to , you know–

4) The middle east may fall to me

5) See the suicide bomber gives Islam away;  if your religion lends itself to suicide bombers, and thank god Christianity hasn’t,  then your religion is probably manipulated to that effect.

6) And who would manupulate you, from Sirhan Sirhan to Dun Laden? You are in the interests of rich conservatives and oil.
A) You have no thought to life without money
B)  You supply the West’s wastefulness.

7) And when Judeasm Falls, you will soon flutter to the ground.
8) When you blame the rich the universe may say, “there goes the rich doing something bad again.” But when you blame the universe, it may be thought, “There go the rich, doing something good again.”

9) With the mideast arabs living tribally without using money but directly trading, they will not sell us oil.

10) Americans will get together in peaceful assemblies to discuss the way they want their life; as local officials abridge peaceful assembly and violate the reservations of powers to the state or the people.

11) The people will choose an agrarian lifestyle, realize the reproduce the kingdom of god, work to retain the right to discuss the imposition of the universe, which causes the kingdom of god, an d  earth will return to a gentler way.


Brand Principals

I believe in community owned organic farms. This locks in labor and market.

I do not believe in year long interns. I believe in many helping out short term.

I believe all bear responsibility for food production

I don’t believe in relationships on farms

I am entering my seventh year of full time agriculture

I do not believe in associating vice with communication

I care about the community. I believe organic growing is a central place

The following  is an issue, whether to communicate privately or publically.

Dear Jon Corzine,
As history runs over the centuries so the seventeenth amendment allows goivernors to choose senate replacements; thus allowing a senator to run for governor and pick their replacement; which no one I know has done since this was allowed; this was done during the time local peaceful assemblies which made local decisions, were being assumed by the incorporation of towns with local officials; which was done while Frank Hague was in power in NJ and nationally through the democratic party.
This incorporation is a corruption and the freedom of locals putting their heads together, in an empowered sense, has been totally denied, abridging peaceful assembly and the reservation of powers to the state or the people.
So any senator who would use the 17th amendment to choose his successor as governor, I believe would be beneath the honor of the senate, and thus an exercise of this opportunity a test upon the corrupt incorporation of towns with local officials, because any senator, to do this, the theory goes, through the gravity of the senate, would be coerced to do this; and thus it is an opportunity, by exposing this coercion, to cite the violations of the incorporation of towns with local officials; a freedom denied.
So I must ask you if you were coerced into this decision; through your proximity to the democratic machine; and if you acknowledge so, to be able to go for the greater good, of decision making in peaceful assembly, the corrupt context and background, for such political maneuvering to offer the opportunity to begin with.
I am just one person, not a federal government of thousands. I see the historical nature to this in context of the kingdom of god. Really everyone did not get a life, this is just something said. History is just a story, occupying the time, till we can try to turn things around for earth.

Yet as I have failed retain the right for local decisions being made in peaceful assembly; I must see if this effort here gives me the opportunity to do so. As the state and press ignores nor sees  the import of my comments; so my efforts here, successful or not, may lead to nothing further. Nor are you to blame, obviously the signification of everything controlled, and the corrupt structure to local government are the culprits, and this merely a chance to set things straight through a historical application of the 17th amendment; almost a trick or chance a wise man may seize if fallen for, this way.
While you may have gone along with the plan to protect yourself; it was never your idea or will, and thus a lackluster unenergized term.
I believe in crime and punishment in that raskalnikoff wants to set the record straight. I also must add there is a parallel between how you got your governor seat, and how municipal judges, as appointed by mayors, violate the reservation of powers to the state or the people, as local officials are neither; thus the whole slew of municipal judges are violating the law.

My definition of supreme is something only a little better. Perhaps the best, but not as great as what could be.


By any earthly quality you see in me, I absolve all marriages; for they are grounded in two prominent lies: and what is in America, should not be grounded in lies.

Notes: Often people have relationships with people they really do like the most—

It often seems the husband/father is so grounded in his committment to the marriage, and what his reproduction; as sacred and holy, that any the light of any activity which may question such, impedes his behavior in such; whereas the women may be more comfortable; or that they recognize they have had an experience, and have a life;

What must be understood that in the context of the holiness of the kingdom of god, everything isn’t true, and therefore marriage not nearly that acclaimed.


Happy Bill of Rights Day

December 16, 2010

It was argued at the convention of 1787 there was no need for a bill of rights as the constitution itself implies and asserts a promotion of all rights, and to specify some would reduce the protection of others, and the ideal of federalism, which is to promote rights and a uniformity, and not otherwise.

The point of federalism, which I think was wimpy, was to provide an order and stability for our nascent land by unifying diverse areas. It was the lesser of two evils, so to speak, and none of its hallmarks invented by the founders, but grounded in studies and practices of history, cited and attributed in The Federalist Papers. The myth our founders invented these federalist, republican and democratic practices, should make one think again about the merits of federalism.

1)No law respecting an establishment of religion means congress can discriminate and make a law disrespecting a bad religion. Obviously the exercise of religion includes incorporating religious product in one’s job.

The press is not free, as they obscure and don’t recognize the kingdom of god, and thus slander humans. By the same token, speech is not free. In some ways this liberation is the legal battle ahead.

The right to peacefully assemble is not properly understood as the logical and traditional way to make local decisions. Peaceful assemblies, where locals in classical times made decisions together, is abridged by local officials. Likewise the right to petition the government for redress of grievance is not known as the right to bring up an issue in court.

2) I believe makes the ownership of arms contingent upon being a member of a local militia and that our founders encouraged militias as the helpful force to turn to in tensions between the state and federal or people and government, indeed, that is said in the federalist papers. I believe a well-regulated militia should be regulated by the people who do not want to bear arms. I also think if the kingdom of god is revealed, things might be so scary that a gun could be natural, so this amendment isn’t meant to inhibit that.

3) Protects us from militia staying in our house; and migrating hoardes.

4) Protects the use of pot and recreational vice, meaning such is seen as consistent with some metaphysics.

5) The right to not incriminate yourself recognizes the truth of the kingdom of god and the falseness of society. If you read the last phrase, “nor shall private property be taken for public use” the word “use” signifies one use, not many uses derived from the goal of increasing the tax base. The ignorance of this letter of the law exposes the supremes.

6) This just protects us from false or unspecified communing by a few or one.

7) protects us from being decided about by one over empowered judge, as opposed to the less inhibited deliberation of many. It is absolutely a false communing that takes away the deliberation by many for the decision of one or three. We need more and more jurists, people should learn to think together, for that is wisdom.

8) I personally believe there are instances when the media inflicts a cruel and unusual punishment upon individuals.

9) The enumeration in the Constitution, of certain rights, shall not be construed to deny or disparage others retained by the people.

Read this carefully, it is a logical tautology. A right that is retained can not denied or disparaged, and a right denied or disparaged is not retained. So what is this about? It is about the people retaining rights through aggregate actions. For instance if the instances of young drinking driving incidents are  reduced, lower the drinking age, if it goes up, raise the drinking age.  If people are learning on their own, lower the amount of required schooling.


The powers not delegated to the United States by the Constitution, nor prohibited by it to the States, are reserved to the States respectively, or to the people

Read this carefully; in a backhanded way it protects local decisions being made in peaceful assemblies, as local officials are neither state nor people. It affirms how more relevant powers than the federal government has, exist locally, and it means things like health care, should be discussed by individual states. 
One more caveat: 

While the bill of rights is what it is, the paragraph against bills of credit, in article one of the constitution infringes on a natural right and way to trade goods and not be forced to use money.




While the bill of rights is what it is, the paragraph against bills of credit, in article one infringes on a natural right and way to trade goods and not be forced to use money.
I know I speak to the universe.



While the bill of rights is what it is, the paragraph against bills of credit, in article one infringes on a natural right and way to trade goods and not be forced to use money.