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My opinions on recent presidents

October 11, 2014

Carter is my favorite president, because he was a farmer, a peanut farmer, and the world was mellow back then.

Reagon ushered in the uptight everyman a yuppie era, which I hated. He took america from a seventies simplicity, that did what is to be produced, into wall street mumbo jumbo, and an alianation of the good values that bond us.

Reagan also enlarged the military, and was a war monger and scary internationally. He was a dark shadow, economically, and internationally, completely unneeded evils.

Reagan, like Bush w Cheney, at least had the improper appearance of being a puppet to Meese, and two other triumphervtate of advisor; someone in office as electable, not leading, subervient to the military wing; something marking Nixon. Reagan and Bush, and to a deegree, O.

Nixon was worse, he was the one who had to have the kennedy brothers murdered to benefit from the presidency, he had the charactor and corruption to make that leap, he was dysfuctional and a psychological mess on it, regarding viet nam and in general. He was a little child in office, all paranoid authoring the dirtiest tricks. famously slandering muskie to tears so tricky dicks dem opponent would be the defeatable mcgovern. That his dirty tricks were never realized by the american public, the way we realize those mass murderers of today, clearly, and ashamed, is a chapter Amerrica is not allowed to read. And this is the difference, going through bad things, taking on, growing pains. Nixon was responsible for many viet nam deaths, insofar ascribed to the presidency. This whole little wars are acceptable in two bit areas of the world, is nixonian, he’s a part of the roman republican tradition of legitamizing military deaths via two bit historical imperialism.

Clinton oversaw a sunny time in America, with his sax and sexual distractions. However there was a lot of sprawling “deveopment” in the nineties, destruction of farmland and forest, as I call it, that he didn’t address in the least, had no policy to the americans forest and farmland all benefit from.

Bush was a dark nightmare compared to Clinton. Everyone jumped Clinton for jumping Monica Lewinsky, but Bush was the guard on duty when 9/11 happened, and instead of taking the blame and correcting the lapses that allowed it, he plays that into a huge anti-terror industy, which deep down, I would be good at.

Then Obama, who you’d think would care about the blacks in prison, and more deaths in black neighborhoods, and the black economic failure as catalyzing an examination of capitalism, doesnt ask minoriteis once to not kill each other, and any man of any color, that shirks from the issues of his color, is fundamentally not a leader, but a vulnerable exploiited, hanging on to the rudder as best as possible, indonesian elementary school graduate.

Kennedy, you’d wish, had not done marylin monroe and sleazed so many chicks, and passed marylin onto his brother, who made his brother attorney general, without the public noticing, the way the whole public didnt get what an unfair fouling political athlete nixon was, that if your brother is attorney general, who is going to police your abuse of power. It exposes the flaw of government policing government, ten fold, but no one got how structurally wrong that is, to put the bond of blood in executive-judiciary

Eisenhower, I guess is another favorite president of mine. I respect military people, and people who death missed, for the fear it puts in them, is a good thing. However analgomous to Reagan ushering in the investment class with tax breaks, so eisenhower ushered in the tv, commute to the city, don’t produce, be middle class, just what do you do, advertising executive, glorification of banking, money is more important, bullshit.

Truman was from an era of a school tenure of eight yrs or just knowing the bible, graduating from college at 17 was normal, and if the people liked your haugtiness, they ask you to be judge, so you mediate. Other than that I don’t know

My Opinions on TV Shows:

I didnt watch TV much lately, but looked into it again debating my cable;

Sons of Anarchy. Way cool show because it’s based on Romulus, in Roman History, the founder of Rome. THe leader of the Sons of Anarchy gang is the youngest, and the whole thing evokes the early years of Rome.

Shark Tank: Those billionaires are the worst. Most small business should be given a shot, thats the nature of capitalism to encourage small business. So all those rejjections made those billionaires not look like intelligient people, but people who really don’t know what they are doing: getting greedy over ten percent when they are already worth billions; yea nickle and diming at this late in the game; shows you what on paper may be true, in person, aint.


Now the worst thing about the government these days is its continual bombing of arabs when arabs have no choice but to be islamic, rather than trying to free arabs from Islam and have theiir own destiny., and you watch this going on TV, and you watch the lack of coverage of a crooked judiciary, and all the idolotry so far descended and warped from original intent, that the originialist sin of it all, is that this is the federal government on TV, like a tv channel of bombing, the reasnable civilian can’t reach, and this is totally unacceptable, and not the idea of government at all, to be so out of reach as to faciliate the bombing of innocent arabs no more capable of resisting Islam, than Americans able to do away with the diabolical system that enables a president to bomb milllions of arabs, without taking on islamic ideology, which would be nonviolent and nore effective, and generate less vincdication upon us as the blamees for our president’s unreasonable and murderous or killing or violent, action

I’m supposed to be able to talk to someone reasonable, but there doesnt seem to be anyone reasonable out there, so listen to me, you.

“Tyre” by R.B. Bement, an author of work on ancient history travels by mule caravan across lebanon, Isreal and Syria, in 1853, to many old cities and historic sites

October 10, 2014

In 1853 an author of several works on ancient history, R.B. Bement, traveled by ship to Palestine and disembarked at beyroot, he spells it, and trveled south by mule caravan to and through isreal, and the north east to damascus, writing about the ancient sites and ruins, like Hebron, where abraham lived, and how Lake Galillee flows into the dead sea. And the groves and orchards and gardens and desert mountains and outlaws, so conceptually, an interesting book he calls “Tyre” after a city south of beyroot, north of isreal.

And like a good travel, several distinct impressions are made. in this writing that leap out and sear the mind. The first is that upon landing in beyroot, the authorities play this con game, where they insist there is an infected passenger, and they quarentine the whole ship, charging for meals, awful accomodations, and charging by the night, then let people go for a feè. This is almost funny in light of recent and close outbreaks of rare disease.

The second thing is his demonstration that the jews or Isrealites, are not some great tribe, but one of the worse ones, known for poor agricultural skills, never building ships, and learning to do so that and other skills, by apprentecing to more skilled tribes. They were not a rich trading tribe. They didnt have great trade. Once the jews are understood as a cruder tribe, the anti-semetism, of those that never read the old testament from start to finish, may be tempered.

I suppose, theoretically,  they give their mind and brain to a resolution and introspect and reflection upon heaven and greater power and what and where they are. In this sense, the jews are The Kingdom of god, it becomes a metaphor, for searching out the brains, as expanding as mind does, and from there, understanding the control upon the kingdom of god, and what goes on or can, within it.

It is for this reason, the name Jeurusulum comes about, from the cannite words for war and peace, Jeuru, and sullum. This R.B. Brement assures us, reflects the jewish dedication of mind to establishing peace in the war waged on us by heaven or absent universe, what can not be drawn, as graven images, forbidden as one of the two prime rules of the old testament.

Another thing we learn about the Isrealites through this book
Like america, saxons, 400 yrs;
What idolotry is
Ham, worshipped trade and commerce, canaan like america from the hills, lots of people to understand, rome, ruled by another,

Solomon in trouble for lilies, peace, pomegrants, prosperrity, and network of unity brotherly love, all associated with trade and uniting to trade, diminsihses war, theory…..rather than faith and pagan, recognize not see what can work; all nations enriched isrealites under solomn phoenicians under hiram, syrians under resin, fraternal regatrd balbec

Ham believed in or king like metaphor, for each went his way to peopled city, so the people did come back, over focus and metaphor of war, and water. Cannan built factories vessels, cities, so crude, sacrifficial, commercial a part of defflection, what is library, knowledge, of misrepresentation and ignorance of the human race? An elaborate cover up or constructions of ideas and perspective and observation?

Phoneicias creation myth is it came from Ham, doesnt reference the flood Ham links to cain and cain to adam

Anti tribal, isolate and weaponize, sidon, several houses, liked to build and trenches, coonstructio in myth, preserve country side, give back. According, Phoneicia and jjews run back to adam, thus an old testament to jews, and only start at abraham, the ways of back there.

Make a deal, pay for peace, can do it with russia, cant trust isis, beyond mordern coognitated practice. F