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The Four Teas of my Life

October 16, 2012

People are lucky if they get four loves in their life, if they work on and are a part of four good farms in their life, if they can feel close to four family members, or………Anyway, in my day and life, I have had four great teas in my life, if you will allow me recount them nostalgically, sentimentally some, Certainly the first tea leaves me very sentimental.

I was only 31, maybe 32 at the latest, and been away from the childhood manor since age 23. This was the winter of 96/97, and the manor house mortgage had been shrewdly paid off by amassing 2000 a month renting out its house to several renters of interesting charactor, all older and mysterious to me back then. However to the detriment of the manor the full basement was flooded, wood floors never seriously clean, front lawns parked on reduced grass, fireplace disused, porch, garage space, out of controll, and I set about that winter to reclaim the home so, staying in the basement, once the flooding cleaned.

And bert who had one bedroom,, had another bedroom rented out to Norma, his girlfriend. Burt was AFL-CIO at Rockefeller Center for NBC stuff, and commutted via train to the big apple each day. And Norma with her stirking long and thick black hair, thin Physique, taught at a school for the autistic in nearby pennsyvania, wherre some days she complained they pulled her braids. This latter would make anyone take to the bottle, and Norma took to the vodka, drinking it up by the bottle, always straight, God I felt like such a wimp mixing my vodka, by her in her bedroom watching afternoon TV after work and before Bert got home. Eventually though, the bottle got the best of her and she was fired for smelling like vodka on the job too many times, and after that, never the same.

Anyway, one year she sprinkled some spearmint seeds, perenials , around the stone horshoe outside the back, a perimeter of some 30 ft, and each year, long after all the crazy renters had left, and the whole family returned to the house as some base, or compound perhaps, the sppearmint came up every yr, a fragrance reminiscient of the sunny, if not tooo serious and responsible Clinton years. I would even dry those spearmint leaves and roll them into cigarettes or additives for  rolling papers. It was an excellent tea, the best, dried out or not, right outside the kitchen bay window, and I’d pick a whole paper bag full and see how long through the winter it would last. Sometimes I’d share it ass Norma’s tea, sometimes as Vic’s Tea, depending on who the clientele was.. It had a masculine, distinct tasty taste. and it was the best, no tea was ever better.

The  of course, a future tea can always taste better than a paast tea. Thats what makes future teas true teas, they are better than your past ones, and sure enough, I found a future tea, and boy was she she beautiful, oh so much more pretty and interesting looking thann  that dank dark green spirmint leaf. It was The Red Clover Tea, or as I affectionately called it, Red Cloberty, ( as in red liberty.) Lord, you may ask, how can you find the red and purple clovers that flower into tea petal leaves? Where does one have to go, who does one have to find, what has to happen for such chance and bless to occur? First, it requires a girl,, industrious and proactive enough , versed in the garden grwoing song you know, enough to have property, and red clover tea flower seeds, that are then planted in a shape, inthis case a circle, also, like the spearmingt right outside an entracne off the kitchen. I had always thought the spearmint of Norma, or Vic, if I said so, was superior. No, this red clover tea, out of Georgia, no less, was where the stumbling intoxicated tea occurred. Not only landscaped well, but made a better tea than spearmint, if a little eearker and less masculine.