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2013 MLB Play-offs

October 12, 2013

You get older, more conservative and baseball on tv becomes palatable and addictive. The season starts like a school of fish or flock of birds flying unison, swooning together, tight, not lost. All the teams seem equal, they are all good, its an amazing thing. But then, some of the teams start seperating themselves from the other, rising above the pack, and you wonder about these teams, and who is overrated on last year’s laurels,  and then in the dog days, some of those top ranked few fall, and show themselves less true, and while another rises to finish fast with momentum, and its a fascinating pageant over 162 games, more baseball than anyone on earth plays, so by the end of the season they are honed and true and performing at a rate and level of human performance equivaocoble to the season of athlete as it is.

So I liked all the teams, they were professional and true. Some of the oganizations, or tunes of teams seemed superior, and rarely, close to classical: But in the play offs, two teams emerged as surprisingly, teams i didnt like. The dodgers and the pirates. The pirates were surprisingly strong, but their fans revealed themselves as victims of some {dont discuss life } mantra in the howling jeers against the gentler reds, reminiscient of steeler imperialism, and the dodgers whose huge post all star run that set records, started after a fight with the arizona diamondbacks, also evoke a tinseltown not grounded in class, though they do have great great tall thin young pitching and pitching in general. And as it never came to the fore, prejudice to bucs n dodgers, before the playoffs, maybe it is the yankee karma, for the yankees are the only bad guys of baseball i know of,  and they finally didnt make the play offs.

The pirates intimidated the issue oriented reds out of the wild card play offs, and the  devil rays beat the rangers in the run off, then used that momentum to beat the indians in the wild card play off, which was unfair as the indians showed with their strong finish and wise manager and young charisma, and the devils promptly lost to the red sox, who the indians could have beat.

Then also detroit beat the athletics i liked, because the athletics couldnt handle the detroit momentum, so the game showed a function of pressure not skill and technique, which didnt sit right, as the athletics, despite cali fans, showed themselves durable and superior over the long season, whereas the tigers looked weak as heck against the redsox in late season, so again the athletics would have had an easier time with the red sox, who are the deserved favorite, than the tigers, whose number the red sox have firmly shown to have, i think based on what i saw.

Thankfully, the cardinals handled those unruly on a roll corrupted dont discuss stupid control of good pittsburg possibly for steel going to military karmaiced bucs. The dodgers tho took out the classier braves, through pitching id like to say, though remember their manager don mattingly did not win a world series in his 14 yrs with the yanks following the yanks domimance of the late seventies.

This leaves the good cards against the favored but strangely vulnerable dodgers in that the dodger front office is a bit scandaled and suspect. And the always powerful bearded red sox, against the minority laden tigers of good detroit. The cardnals have a strong organization, but were molested by the SanFranscisco Giants last year, and it shook them, and the giants as well were shaken from world series to fourth place this the following year.