You cant talk to anyone in an absurd world. (tautology). I seek a way out of Totalitarianism. Through Spirituality. There are some plot lines to my life. I don’t care to think of them now. Relaxation is important. Whatever is, is, so you might as well, need to be relaxed, for what most is, is relaxed itself, needs to be seen from relaxed perspective. The great uptightness daily whirled, is controlled by something greatly relaxed. One needs to be relaxed to survive.

Of course I struggle to assert that “things” are unfair to me. That the general and particular lies to the world ascribe some equal balance of you and me that is just completely untrue. You are of a huge mind that controlls everyone. I am little me. I want my just compensation. How to change this is most difficult. Requires relaxation, a constant apprehension of the little and less of earth, that moderates enduring mind, and, what a totalitarian world most designs shut; an understanding that Sight is possible, after Death.

This would be the first end of true science; but in totalitarianism, among the worst teams in the league.


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