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The ignored religion of Baal

November 10, 2010
Christianity came out of Rome, and Constantinople; the eastern and western headquarters of the Roman empire a few centuries after Jesus. The empire was so big it had been divided by itself. When Constantine, The emperor in Rome, in the third century realized the political expediency of promoting this religion of considerate reasonable men; it’s popularity and status symbol, ending sullying : The persecuted, may have more integrity and reason than the promoted.
So in History Christianity in Rome gradually ascended, into a papal state of a swath of Italy, defending the remnants of the roman empire from migrating hordes, whereas in Constantinople, as the empire was breaking up to barbarians and migrating hordes, the orthodox version stood behind the eastern emperor; whereas in Rome, the emperor fell, and the Christians were left as a ruling legacy; and not leaning politically enough, not as able to push up the west against the migrating hordes that dominated the 5th 6th and 7th centuries, Vandals, Goths, Lombards, Azars.
For whatever, the Byzantium empire out of Constantinople, the eastern part of the roman empire, perhaps by virtue of an alliance between state and Christianity, the western half didn’t have, the state of Rome having been check-mated a few times, sacked; was able to eke out a few more centuries, reminiscent of the venerable cunning of the old roman republic adventurously portrayed by Livy in a fashion reminiscent of historical fiction.
Up to the western emperorer Constantine though, we know Christians were few, but what religion, religions, were the Roman empire associated with. We know in the early days of the Roman Republic, before battle, sacred geese were fed before battle and if they chose not to eat, then the battle was a no go. Likewise, it is alluded that in classical times, sacrificing an occasional human was not unthinkable. This though, is so what it is, that the imposition of the notion of forgiveness through the teaching of the gospel according to John and also Paul’s letters, can even be interpreted as a statement of the last human sacrifice. Apparently, the west, for all its wars, had its act together enough to be wished an end to specific human sacrifice by whatever creator wills such historical transformations.
We also know of kinder elements of ancient religions, such as the mythology of planets, and statues to Jupiter or Hermes, or how Rome was born when mars raped a nun, but the young pretty vestal kind I believe, but there are very little specifics I’ve gleamed, other than statues and temples were pleasing to Jupiter as well as classical cultures have stone couches for him, Jupiter, as if he could descend from Jupiter and could use a good couch, which makes perfect sense to me. We don’t exactly know what specifically constituted religious behavior other than the state ordering the construction of stone couches for Jupiter, usually out of thanks, for winning a war, We want to believe there were shrines to each planet, in sort of a competitive yet faithful worship for planetary blessing in this hard universe. Certainly there were oracles throughout the countryside, which are a part of shrines; yet the spectacles or ceremonies or behaviors, are hard to find, except, as all religion, it is what the participant is able to make of such claims.
Can you see though?, how Rome worshipped Mars, God of wars, and went 49-1? So giving Jupiter a couch, is a subtle put-down of Jupiter. The visitor to a poor house, might get the couch. Everyone else gets a bed. By a dynamic putting down Jupiter, Mars is able to ascend, critically treating Jupiter as a mere guest to poor, hopefully fun, Rome.
Here we start to distinctualize between the subject of the teachings of the gospel; and a situation where things exist and may be spoken of, teachings must be the hallmark of a religion. Thus the teachings of the use of the sun and the moon, must not be obscured into the vaguer examples of truth, such as walking past danger to get to the altar. The life of the son and the moon, seems greater, or more spread out over the sky, and lighter than the puissant concentration Jesus, embodies, as I one imagines, Jesus would.
The two most prominent planets in the night sky are Venus and Jupiter, you may want to include Mars and Saturn and certainly occasionally Mercury and Nepture, Yet Jupiter was clearly the prime vote getter, Mars, god of war, Venus has a scary hue to her to, to me, and Saturn, is very beautiful, but somehow passed over—and in this day, Saturn rising is said to bring good luck, perhaps out of being out of a pantheon’s path.
So what exactly did Christianity replace.? There was a popular religion back then Christianity did obscure, and parts of the world, may want to revert back to; this worship of the feminine side of the distinctive sun and moon side to earth. Native peoples and the normalcy of tribes coexist in classical ancient times, with a state and citizen status of scores of religions, but it seems the most prominent was Baal. Pronounced ball, maybe, written with two a’s.
The first history book I ever read was the old testament. The story goes that I was out west in the Rockies and a voice swept through the mountains and told me to read the old testament from page 1, and cease being one of those people who cites the bible without understanding it as a literary classic should be.
As you should know, there are several chronic enemies of the Hebrew speaking tribes, jointly descended from Abraham, in the old testament, like the evil superheroes to the good superhero, and one of them is Baal. I believe the famous Nebuchadnezzar a king of a state practicing the religion of Baal. But you get no idea of what Baal is, in The Old Testament, no listing of its tenets really, and if anything slander and disrepute of a viable movement and understanding. One wonders if the ignorance of Baal to this day is due to its historic competition with the descendants of Abraham and the control of civilization and media by the metaphysic inference of the old testament?

In any event, there’s a history book written by a Frenchman in 1843 about the third century and he has a lot of interesting facts to toss out on the subject of Baal; because Baal was practically a rainbow of living light back then, except much more popular.

Like Christianity, Baal had many sects, and these sects had far greater diversity of beliefs than Christians today. Because Baal’s focus was on the feminine, the goddess of earth, harvest and fertility, it had more forms expression could go through. Like Christianity, it had a region it originated from, and was semi-headquartered at, Syria; Imagine if CHRISTIANS IN ACTION could replace Syria’s state religion with the far less authoritarian cultural structures of Baal.

Baal’s popularity and respect was such that The Black Stone they worshiped which fell from space and was housed in Syria, could be rented out by other countries, and would travel about like a King Tut exhibit. However it was an evil black stone, and while that proved the meritorious nature of worshiping it, it frequently led to very bad luck and hasty return to Syria.

Like the old testament famous bans on incense in high places, (which some liken to our ban on pot) and depictions of graven images (the forerunner of modern art)—so there are two specific things we know about Baal, (In assertion to our claims Baal was about the Goddess, in special ways; and that Baal involved the relation of sun and moon over earth.) Once a year, over a few days; women would prostitute themselves, and a few men had to cut off their dicks. The latter became a priestly caste called the Galli.

This term must be construed as an irreverent style, teasing the Galls, much as the couch to jupiter may be construed as teasing Jupiter, who you know enjoys visiting.

These castrated then took on religious rank; And this prostitution emblematic of a thematic of this religion including passionate, orgiastic, disgusting and sexual behaviors. It was women were worshiped, but not the wimpy stately weeping side of women referenced by Livy; though at times maybe, but the wild, super sad, emotional, controlled, mystical, witchy potential of women; manifested in several forms, to these overtones. This historian references altars on islands worshipers had to swim to, and altars amid tame lions and tigers worshipers had to trust. And huge straggling parades against and mocking war.

And Venus was a big if not huge part of this. While Jupiter was not a part of this; Jupiter was not of Baal. Venus was. The sun and the moon were, yet Venus, flitting in the background behind the worship of the relationship between Moon and Sun is the female influence of annoyance and dissatisfaction, yet power and to be somehow satiated into kindness and blessing upon earth. And the belief of uniting people in contrast to make a statement upon a planet, prevalent: The fascinating element to Venus, that while she is quite hotter and colder than earth, with vaporous clouds, still she has not reproduced, and witnessing earth, who would?

The old testament refers to The Queen of Heaven as being an irresponsible and corrupting sect upon the old testament domain; without being identified as linked to Baal. This both shows how different denominations of Baal could be different enough to not include the general affiliation; and how the old testament limited what could be known about Baal. I am certain the Queen of Heaven is Venus. I am not sure how the worship of moon and sun, particularly their relation, of tides and settings, can be wild enough incorporating women’s weird witchiness; and yet there is something unique to earth in that relation, subsequently, a wildness, and lack of uniformity compared to other earth like planets in the universe, where undoubtedly metaphysic must be encompassed.

So it is this matriarchal worship, and of a planet, and of using women on this planet to capture the spell of earth’s uniqueness and difference, that is replaced by the patriarchy Christ came to dominate. There are several reasons for the chronic disappointment of the papacy. One is how when the Western Roman Empire collapsed, only Christianity was left to lead the remnants politically, and hence the papal state shows how unsuited Christianity is for being the sole heir to government; whereas out of Constantinople, orthodoxy, as Christianity was called in its political correctness, stood alongside a political structure.

Likewise the greed of power being associated with Christianity, because Constantine promoted Christianity, sullied and reduced the integrity of Christianity, and to deal fully with the difference between Catholicism and The Orthodox, greed must be gotten rid of, because greed inhibits the apprehension of truth. And Catholicism’s lingering self-perception as a government of its own onto the people; it is wrong for a religion to cast itself as a polity; far more suited as a contrast to government, and a service positing government as in error, the orthodox pointed gave way to government and existed along side the state in an advisory and respected capacity, and at times in these troubled centuries of mid first millennium, rising to save her.

And yet the greatest error afflicts both the orthodoxy and Catholicism; which is that while women may be unsuited for political and military generalships; if they really think life is a beauty contest, or getting married is important, or that there really are potentially dangerous culture clashes, and society at a political level really takes on a very serious edge; women are thus especially suited for spiritual leadership, especially the liturgy of the orthodox, and the guidance back to the spiritual from the inherited role of political, I say Catholicism suffers from. For the life of me, the rejection of women leaders in these churches is a real hole in the foot. I don’t see anyone not acknowledging that flaw, and thus God is ready to change this in a day.

For whatever reason a statement against the study of women, a rejection of the significance of Venus, perhaps a lack of intellectual expansion, Hinduism and Baal project; marks Christianity as rejecting and an authorative statement against an existing order of understanding, to a point of keeping knowledge of Baal secret.

Within the nuance of Baal, an analysis of prostitution and castration day, illuminates the idea of whether the sex had to be paid for or if it was free. Is there a difference between free sex day, and prostitution day; because while both are equally gross, and actually suggestive of the sexual schism between the sexes marriage imposes; identical to the ultimately unsensual effect of pornography upon our society and behavior; it is one thing if it is free and another if costing. I have trouble paying for sex. I would have trouble being paid for sex. Sex is far more important than money; especially since money isn’t really used in the kingdom of god, and society does a good part in covering up the kingdom of god. Therefore even though sex is often evasive and removed, ideally, it is realer than money, which though in the forefront, is limited in its true nature by the market actuality of the kingdom of god, money’s actual lack of relevance.

But either way, it is hard for me to imagine having or wanting to have sex this way. I can see myself sitting out this vast party, which apparently spread to all sorts of considerately pornographic acts. With the ascendancy of Christianity, Baal became forgotten. And maybe this form was a corruption of baal purity with the sensual instead of the chivalrous.

Roman emperors would steal treasures of what was called the celestial goddess, from Carthage. One perverted roman emperor married her, with her image, at a ceremony. The ancient sacred ever burning fire of Vesta, was brought to the festival and everyone was forced to drink—as alcohol was considered a requirement to participate in frenzied moods; the emphasis on mood and mood creation, an interesting tenet; and potential stepping stone and departure from the suggestive, to the applicable and manifesting.

Apparently fear causing and devoid of moral attributes, yet consistent with human sacrifice, as well as animal sacrifice, and lots of drinking, but probably the stupid kind of drinking, the kind that gives alcohol a bad name, this “goddess with many names… was Nature herself” yet extended to heaven through the moon, to the tune of joyous shouts, or mournful wails or heavy flute, and sensual self-castration. She is parallel to Isis. And yet as the religion must involve the old difference between sex and reproduction; so it may have pierced the conservative factions of that day, who couldn’t step over the horrible institution of marriage. Is it love, or a spell? Could one live off money for sex, without realizing money doesn’t seem used. Our society is so thin compared to the width of what really is all around. And does anyone want to go through sex with another person without the dance of time and with pay? As if there is something vital and urgent, for sex truly can not be forced. A forced arousal can be construed as forced and therefore, not counting; That domain has lots of thoughts; a separate room, is it just to relax, or is there a boomerang everywhere, and sex is more not to be had, by the grand illusion, the dilutement of consciousness to a lack of projection of brain, being deemed and actually, inimical to going all the way. Might not venus not allow sex? Is marriage the worship of venus? Does the kingdom of god change stoicism? This was why future generations of her worship associated her with the mermaid. Their were other deities, but in Cypress and Carthage she was the chief one; I do not know what the other deities were. Thus the southern are more heir to her. And explains a christian clumsiness.

Her shrines were generally roofless, with freestanding pillars through, and in the courtyard, she could be marked as a simple conic stone, and halls that housed doves kept nearby. There is also a reference to “Baal-Zeus” combining venus and zeus in a sect. One image of her is on a chariot harnessed to lions, she kept a scepter and a spindle. In courtyards near her, could be appropriated, images of lesser gods like Appollo and Hercules, Atlas and famous kinds from antiquity. The Galli, and Full Time Prostitutes, and stragglers, lived there, and the castrated would cause the women to rave madly resulting in weird parades, and sacrifices not just of animals, but wealth.

When this Syrian religion came to the Rome, it came as legions of musicians, drunks, eunichs, nudists, and show girls, and while allowed in Rome, they were not allowed to convert people: An original hippy cult, whose aura early Christianity adventures to assume, but may be imitative and even jealous, as the stately transformation offered by the gospel was incapable of that kind of craziness. Indeed Christians were favored by the Constantine for their reasonableness in these troubling later Roman centuries. Whereas the Baal people would parade with donkeys mocking Pegasus, and midgets pretending to be mars, setting up maypoles in the way of everything. Subtle symbolism seems to be a big part of this spread religion. That was the service, our mocking of mars, now get with what?

The men of Baal thoughts would go get drunk in Rome and sleep in the corners of bars, while the women would practice healing arts for the upper class women, and thus be admitted into powerful households. From here the flagrant superstitious quality of roman women enabled the spread of this cult all over Italy with the priests being of the lowest possible class, dressing as women and begging while putting down females, and if that didn’t work, begging to their tambourine dance, and if that didn’t work, whipping each other till blood stopped the whipping, which drove them to greater excess and theft. Crazy hippies if there ever were.

Likewise there would be week long parties in the woods teasing the Galli, such as a tree cutting ceremony, the castrated priests, where each day, a particular mood was to be struck. Locals would stop by and gape out of amusement, a respite from a more conservative world. “The Maypole (placed in audacious protest in front of churches)may be the final echo of the festival of the great mother. And perhaps we can say, the castrated stand for and are symbolic of the kingdom of god unacknowledged in society.

 Further evidence of the dying last dance of Baal; huge pillars, phallic worship of the goddess in general. A guy each year would climb to the top and live there for a week. No easy feat. People could then come round, or psychically, pray to him, to answer their prayers. Then the guy climbed down. Well, as time went on, the guy would try to stay there a month, and there’d be a guy a few pillars over trying to spend a year, so then down in the ground near the basement someone dug a cage in the ground, small, where he’d try to stay a year, and then someone tried to stay a few years, and then a few devout started spending their entire lives in these cage pits, hoping to be prayed to. Meanwhile, this just made christianity more and more popular. Baal was getting too ridiculous.

Those huge cathedrals seem to protect us from the universe; as my religion, deeming bad things on earth due to an unhappy universe, and by understanding this, so understand; Yet Christianity is too humble and example like, and simple, for huge basilicas. But what about those open air shrines in Baal thought, the pillars into air, the stone, of the woman?

While I have said many times our country’s federalist structure belies the republic of Rome, there was one politico-religious difference: Which is that roman government embraced and encouraged any religion that worked, or was seen so. There were frequent inscriptions to all the gods, so none felt left out. The state was an opportunity to worship a belief system, and any belief system, fair game for worship; to a divinity of foreign cultures finding new places sophisticated.

To begin practicing Baal; consistently over time, think of the sun and moon, overhead, or around. They will come to your mind, your mind, need not find where they are. At some point, this evolves to thinking and feeling the planets on regular basis, their harmonious and stately dance in rotation. It is possible to feel the influence of each these celestial bodies upon you. Sometimes they work together. Clearly, they have been friends and know each other a long time. You belong to them, not vice versa; they are not writing, the death of the universe is writing, they are more sympathetic and ironic, and caught in the middle as they are.

 The moon has a quality of being to the left of the mind, and aware of the issue of activating the kingdom of god into society. Likewise the sun burns with this energy within the body. Mars is sympathetic and bleeds a sadness upon us; a sympathy against the perjuration of women. The sun takes care of the young, and jupiter the old. Jupiter is like the camera we speak into. Outerspace requires the misery of our media, but somehow jupiter is active in sucking it up and spitting it out for dissemination in the stars, Meanwhile outerspace is doing nothing but sitting in misery, many pieces of it. Observing how outerspace is translated by my eye, is what I sometimes seek to do.

Powerful crystal tiny around all my brain…what we examine now, is why the religion of Baal has been lost from history. It’s certainly meritorious. Even though the corruption of Paul extends to an implication of the jews, for good friday, and afterwards to early christians; this makes no sense as the jews are a fairly easy going, mellow, nonviolent, and reasonable people. The real charge against the jews is why we haven’t heard of Baal, and when Baal is cited in the old testament as an enemy, and the basic fairly accurate tenets of Baal slandered. So Baal is no longer known, and the last trace of it is in the old testament; it looks suspicious.

As Paul be exposed as the evil one; so must we compare our ignorance of Baal to our ignorance of local decision making in peaceful assembly. What force is repressive enough to repress such instinct and nature? I do not think the basically mellow easy going reasonable and thinking for themselves descendants of the hebrew speaking, consciously wish for there to be no memory of the reckless yet lovable remnants of pure Baal. I am reminded of how the state in NJ has no interest in the benefit of peaceful assembly; which is ridiculous; probably cowtowed to the national media having no interest to local decision making in peaceful assembly as per New England, which is the patriots’ karma; it’s the same thing; repression comes from government, and it’s  overlord, the media, in its not wanting risky human displays; likewise writing itself, as being removed, may or may not have desires regarding the repression of humanity. Being removed, it may like the dry; but seeking to be entertaining; it may like the wild chill of baalic satirical commentary. A writer naturally wants to write about the people who put a maypole up on the church front steps as the christians are aworship.

 There is a difficulty in the weakness of the human being; that may not tolerate this lurching tilt. There is a difficulty in outerspace getting into the truly ridiculous extensions of reason. There are the planets that don’t want to be mocked. And there is christianity, whose stately patriarchy seems to be compensation to God, consistent with the reduction of Baal; and the wild stupid women of earth.

There is something similiar I encounter in my attempts to ressurect local decisions being made in peaceful assembly, and what happened to Baal. That many towns in New England require a quorum of 236 for local decisions to be made is not known, but it should be. Likewise, the reality of Baal, the common sense of the sun and moon being in the mind, and jupiter somehow being a part of you, amid an evil outer space, is as obvious as knowing local decisions should be made by all. But as the state employees I enlist to help protect peaceful assembly, are all not helpful in a machine-like way; so what happened to Baal seems it was victim of some machine erasing knowledge of it, to no apparent end but to decrease the fun and good of earth: some communion of the stern and patriarchal to not being fun; or even real.

Christianity seeks to establish the kingdom of god, which would make evident truth government is ignorant of. In fact whether the kingdom of god exists outside the state or vice versa, requires some clear thinking. So an established kingdom of god would exist in its own domain, apart from and potentially stronger than the government. Yet what an established kingdom of god would be, is uncertain. We don’t know, we don’t have recorded records of such.

Paganism, on the other hand, as we seek to define it in its absence, I believe courts, seeks and presents the extraordinary experience: that which shows the truth as truth and lies as lies. To some degrees this includes ancient practices of following around men considered wise. It was common for a respected person to be literally followed around in his day by several or a score of people, in a useful and even festive fashion.  Can we construe that as extraordinary? Likewise an example of the extraordinary can be when a whole neighborhood shares and eats together, or one neighborhood places food and drinks on my front porches and stoops and invites another neighborhood over to enjoy it. Livy recounts early rome as courting neighboring towns that way.

Yet Paganisn involved animal and even human sacrifices; whereas Christianity seems to symbolize the last necessary sacrifice. Whereby even if you agree Jesus being seen on Easter, and his terminology and language makes his sacrifice as played by Paul and the Gospel of John contradicts that symbolism, so this value, that there should be no need to sacrifice people, seems to prevail through Christianity.

 I can imagine, human, animal sacrifice, and in context of the prevelance of war as well, suppressing people, with that fear of imminent death, knock on wood, and then that suppression, lifted off, give rise to the extradordinary.

Yet the sacrifices of modern day; demanded or feeding the universe, we may speculate; while not overt, exist even more, than in ancient times; through the institution of daily newspapers. What I am trying to say, that in classical times, there weren’t daily papers; and there doesn’t seem to be anywhere near the crime and violence and tragedy that we have in today’s newspapers. The judiciary, in the Roman Republic, which was the model for many ancient governments, was a vehicle of the people, aimed at the  Roman legislature and executive, being a genesis of evil and corruption; for foolish and corrupt policies are far more to aimed at, the imperfections of our society. Even the advent of publishing did not include crime statistics till recently.

As the kingdom of God is an adequate and verifiable definition of a phenonoma on earth, the newspapers are a vehicle for the demands that make up these violent slanders upon the kingdom of god. Catholicism and its ilk, must recognize the lies coming from the papers, and work their psychic magic to decrease if not end these unmerciful slanders upon the kingdom of god and human race and beings.

But the extraordinary paganism searches for; how encompassed it it within the practices, of prostitution and castration; negative extraordinary behavior as they are; the traveling men drinking with the locals, the traveling women demonstrating healing arts; while those are socially worthy behaviors, and offer the opportunities for truth to be seen and manifested; on their face they are not the kick extraordinary as great paganism my seek. The strategic and subversive maypoles blocking traffic, the parties in the woods, remind us of the positive and incredible, but not necessarily extraordinary; which can also extend into celestial visions and afterlife relations. The extraordinary may not be subtle.

Christianity seeks the rule of faith and love through the kingdom of god, certainly a speculated form; that we imagine as the more excellent way Aquinas called it. The Roman edict allowing Baal in Rome, but not allowing them to convert anyone, this as they drew money from wealthy women impressed with their healing arts, and the men bummed drinks off the roman soldiers, up for anything spiritual: because castration and prostitution was just to be flat out frowned upon. And so why is it associated with the sun and the moon? Because the sun puts out for nothing, through a miserable, and the moon shines on nothing; both symbolize worthless loves. Is this the wry statement of Baal?

The romans, though a culture of tribes, took arms against the other pagan tribes, mythologizing themselves as the best, and while having no problem with pagan practices, being militarily minded, started the practice of homogenizing and codifying the land, thus limiting and reducing cultures. The jewish people, with their old testament spreading vicious allegations about the other tribes in the area, culturally thus also took on a mono component.

So when Christianity became favored by the empire, the old testament anti-tribal propoganda began to spread as well, and thus both the old and new testament subtley worked against paganism, through an ignoring of the universe by christianity, and a subtle discounting of tribal consciousness through the implication the jews are the only tribe. Yet in reality, as tribes were all that lived in europe some time ago, our nationalities in America have some obligation to rejoin in tribal efficiency and create a secret society, independent and unknown to the media, where the kingdom of god is known, and acted upon in a more rational organization of society than history and the media presents.