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September 3, 2013

It gets so dark at night in the white mountains, it’s like the darkness has a thickness. And the only reason they call it the white mountains, is you can imagine the little bit of white llife, everyone has inside.

I’ve been to nineteen rainbow gatherings. Alabama Talladegha National forest, April 94, Ithica Aug 94, Mississippi, Florida, Alabama, Kentucky, Ithica, in 95, Osceola 96, Ocala Fl, 99, 2000, 2002, & 2006. Ithica, 97, 99, 2001, 2005, Allegheny, July, 1999, and 3 New England ones. These are hippies gathering in the woods, away from cars, feeding and sharing for free, in different national forests through the year. By far, the new england gatherings have been the worse, the bottom three, the top 15 rival each other in spirit and lessons. The world is far more sexually abused than admitted, and the rainbow takes on probems, the world ignores, so maybe obnoxiousness is this, and the point, to help.

I should also mention I haven’t been to a rainbow gathering in seven years.lll

The rainbow has two issues, amid its myriad of circles and lessons. It discourages alcohol, for which alcoholics congregate near the parked cars, begging for money, extorting alcohol, and often ènough threatening or enabling violence. And this last is what may get the rainbow in trouble; insofar we have no leaders, nor anyone to represent us, and refuse to sign permits; yet sued for “A-camp” liability, policies we endorse or take no action on, everyone one of us will be named a defendant.

The other issue is “The National”. There are smaller regional gatherings of ten to 2000 jan through October, yet every July, usually in The Rockies, or western states. There is “The National, which draws 5000-20,000. I propose having three summer month rocky mountain regionals, rather than one, possibly too big gathering.

The rainbow is not a vacation, but about improving yourself, others and the world, through skills and experience of the rainbow. The gathering is not about running from your problems, but being in a place that can help you deal with them.

My friend Tommy and my dog traveled with me, to the white mountains shadows of Mt Mouisilauke where the rainbow gathered. By shadows I mean, the mountain is so immense as to cast shadow and not be seen, throughout its valleyes, as if the leaves glimmer and resist some far off huge peak between its rustle casting a daunting spell more unseen than seen as daunts.

I told Tommy, these NERF (New England Rainbow Family) gatherings are the worst, boring and stuck up and without spirit, more like private school, than some eternal avante guarde to prophicize the promised land inherent in the rainbow metaphor. I told Tommy, we can’t be separated,that they are jealous of truly good friends, that you must run interference, and help me capitalize on the abused situation, for the obnoxious are always secret victims of abuse

Yet as soon as we get there, parking along The Swift River, than we seperate. Tommy is alcoholic. We both have alcohol. I just knock on wood and sneak it in and share it quietly or take a taste of it now and then, but not loudly party or be irresponsible therein. And they never mind that. Its the babylon of drinking they don’t like, when people use it like cowards to run away from, or start to talk babylon on it, out of pressure to sound fun. Babylon is what they call the world that doesn’t make sense. Is what they are against. In this sense they merge with Reggae, or rastafarianism, and their love of drum circles and making acoustic music in general, and cooking and setting up kitchens in the woods, and sharing, and having some blessing or affection from the state they are in. For instance, Mississippi blessed us with busloads of Christians from a megachurch. Ithica tended to have more poets. Florida has lots of younger people.

Anyway Tommy is scared to pass the “No alcohol” sign at front gate. From front gate to the campsites and main meadow, is two miles. “A-Camp” would as I said, stay near “front gate” and try to be consumed by alcohol. However, at this gathering, there was no A-camp, so Tommy staked this claim, and waited for “kegger Dave”(who is sober now) and “Two Tokes” (who is bad) and “bald head Hawk” (who is good) and “Little Hawk” who is dead, to show up, having been last seen by Tommy in the early nineties.

Fine, so I hiked down the lonely path alone; and towards the end past the campsites, all off one main path, I camped on the hillside side of the path, not affixing as the suburb of a kitchen, as one may do, prefering to be alone and old, until the situation settled.

In truth, there were people panning for gold, just a river curve away from the established fire pit, Tommy propitiously found, right near, where we parked, and he soon wanted to pan for gold and gem hunt, and brought back pounds of rocks as if the car had the payload, and also I felt bad taking minerals from “The Granite State”. I kept the car locked. I didnt want him bringing attention to me. But he cooked and slept in the bushes propitiously near. I hiked enough to see a sign that said, “no sleeping or camping on this side of the road” in the process of getting to “The Benton Trail” that explored up Mt Mousilauke. And the cops or rangers came round that night at 2am knocking on car windows, that if answered, were hit with a fifty dollar fine. I heard they specifically looked for Tommy, at his sight, with search beams, but he had luckily chosen to sleep under a boulder near where he had found some gold flakes numbering about a $1.82, and their lights couldnt see him, and they didnt go trek-look in person.

There hippies who think it is Ok to take rare minerals from national forests, or anywhere.

One can’t escape the sensation, one must better quiet down, to take in the conscious life about, the press actively detracts. Ultimately, that’s what a rainbow gathering takes in, that’a how we are not political but spiritual, and gives us faith.

If you can define “civilized” as being removed and far from truth, from the centralized removal of government, media, corporation, than we should all take on the “barbarian” identity. The barbarian, is more enlightened, than the civilized, being closer to earth, less religiously limited, (by which I mean, more religious), and proner to community, and group-thinking. You can say to a barbarian, that you know they know they didn’t get a life. Indeed, they respect that integrity, its proximity to success makes it vital. And yet, in writing, where it is harder to simply mute, writing exudes civilization.

The rainbows, are more exquisite than the Romans, in their ritual of noon circles, and welcoming strangers into the circle. The tradition, of the barbarian in the woods, the ritual necessary to it, is far more exquisite than what is required to subsist in a day in babylon. Where closeness requires skill, so sophistication, is born. On world which believe in the world, as it is on paper, is less sophisticated, and cruder, than a polity aware of higher power. That higher power is hard to discern, makes its acknoledgement more skilled, than the ignorant. That’s what “enlightenment”, is all about. The rainbow is where the promised land, might be prophecized.

Barbarians have realized the world is better, working together. i would bring over long fallen over thin dead trees and dèposit them near the kitchen “Wanna Burn?”. They had a talent show one nìght, cooked for main circle where evenings, food was distributed; did fire dancing, and I met one fellow from N.J. Who skateboards across the country, states, at a time.

The galls, were the most famous barbarians, and probably because nights were cold in north italy and the alps, they counted nights, and slept days, and so the rainbow it seems, rose to socialize at darkness, and all night, the drums could ring. Also it is customary to yell, alone or enmasse, from campsite and campfire, whatever was wanted to yell. I yelled, “rainbow zombies” and “mind control”; indeed tried to talk about the obvious mind control that created the gathering, and creates politics and tv. And mind control is good to talk about.

A sin of the world is isolation, and rainbow has the potential to bring people together for the numbers wisdom requires. Thats part of the genius of the pagan and classical and tribal world, rainbow adheres to tribal principles, and civilization has removed from us. The press, and government, is far from us; whereas, of rainbow, it is near, if at all. Groups can unleash the power that recognizes the world as ongoing victim, individuals, can’t. It is very easy to say, “mind control creates the world we see” but requires people to see where that mind control comes from, and how..

Rainbow embraces, what the competitive nature of the world might disable; Rainbow enables recognition of what more truly is. People are hurt, betrayed, violated. Where is the place, the community, to admit it? Where does the fulcrum of enlightenment lodge?

People are encouraged to bring at least ten pounds of food to share with the kitchens to prepare and distribute. This is a fairly delightful ceremonial first thing to do. One wants to dispense with the food stuffs as soon as possible, it’s added weight to all the camping gear. So you can walk around and visit kitchens and donate a bit of this and that to everyone, or all to one particular kitchen.

Main circle is where noon council is. It’s also a place where perhaps the most serious and important conversations may be had. I missed the noon councils, and in general did not find much relief in the form of people or circles to engage. There is a snobbiness to the New England Rainbow, the other tribes and regionals don’t have. Maybe the rainbow movement has been seen as the subversive type it is, and infiltrated by those who control it to keep it from being what the rainbow is. While most regionals are two weeks, the New England is only one, allowing less time to work it out. It’s one of the few gatherings that has auspicious worship of a few older people. Most gatherings are like the explosions of leadership by the young at college. I searched out people at main meadow, several times, and cleaned it, two mornings, but found no one. Once people started a guitar circle, which was replaced with a drum circle, which can go on all night around the large main meadow fire circle. In other regionals, people would collapse and sleep right there.

Rainbow and tribes are not about the concentration of power, and its corresponding effect of so much pressure upon the official he/she doesn’t really know what is going on. Moreover they provide the opportunity to discuss the creation upon us with many, in circles, when the isolation and distraction of the more sinful world, circumvents this.

But, if a movement or tradition, is corrupted, the easy access to other people, serious problems require, can be shut down. Though I did not interact much with people, the sheer camping out was calming and a great feeling. I really needed to rise and watch the sun circle round the mountain rim shadowing me, a couple days. It was nice turning off the clocks and going by the sun. Likewise, being in the white mountains of New Hampshire, put me close and hiking trails. There was one night, it thundered, but rained very lightly, and another, that didn’t thunder, but rained long and steady, dampening parts of me trying to sleep, seeping through my tarps. There was also a wonderful consortiums of dogs.

There was one moaner. Ok, passing moans coming from a tent is not something to joke about: It makes you wonder whether every girl passing is a moaner.

I was not able to engage in capfire circles, or hang out near the drums, nearly at all, or as I remember in past gatherings, except two other nerf ones that came to mind, where this impediment exists. Knowing what I suspect of private school, by being aware of the prevelance of sexual abuse, be it naturally under god, or as mere contrivance, or actually mistranslated into society, had I placed that thought prominent, I could have stepped past their features, to the circle, and waited it out to lay it on the line. But I didn’t.

The ideas I wanted to discuss were

The Story of the Universe that gets us here.
Really simple, bad evil universe not into good ole universe, demands sacrifices, pagan culture, for which we create kingdom of god, and society that masquerades covert saccrifice.

Wè as the barbarians, are more enlightened than the civilized, as civilization is the process of moving us from truth.

The afterlife, or remaining consciousness, is no picnic.

The obviously is mind control in the creation of the rainbow world.
This went over the best, so true and within what sounds reasonable the most easily.
Almost sure T.S. Eliot meant, “In the rooms, the women come and go, talking about mind control”
Always others from N.J. At gathering who eventually befriend me.

There was something democratic machine about it, something supposed to be fore the people, corrupted away from the people, and as community is a psychic sense, so there was something psychic to the totalitarianism, as what is constructed, is mind control, the control of what is in the realm of society.

Rainbows should put in time in commerical agriculture, or on large farms.

It takes many to realize the loss, the many is one thing, the rainbow offers.

Seems like upper and middle class sells soul for money and or good job. Bars can not get as serious as campfires.

Hard but good hiking in white mountains all around; if wasn’t so tired and needing to get away.

Sensations, there’s not much life in each head, but a little, to feel
Sensations, the kingdom of heaven does see from inside or through the eyes of the kingdom of god, and even, surrounds the kingdom of god.
Sensations, all our heads are together in mind space

Additional notes, 1) lots of activity, at night. Also, lots of periods of quiet during the day. Gallic tribes did same strategy.

2) No rich people at gathering, fairly put, a lower class thing, very few people with middle class jobs.
Also, regarding NERF, (new england rainbow family) gathering, no pick-up trucks, the rainbows haven’t picked up the red neck pick-up truck charactor they are prone to. All I’m saying, pick-ups, are like the high cavalry of the lower class;

the drums have barbarian beats.

There is a real line of quiet, under there, is quiet.

The rainbows howl at night. Good reason to not smoke.

Not burning man or shows, or costs money, but hippie chill quiet, a big part of which being in the woods, outdoors, beautiful and public setting.
It’s not some “Hey Amigo” “What’s up” but about reaching the back nine of society better.

A big part is getting into the peace and quiet of camping.

Barbarians have realized things are much better, working together