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Notes on the Republican Primary

October 31, 2011

Having covered how Ron Paul stands up to the military and central bank, (I mean once you give any entity their own bank, they cease to be an entity you or I can relate to);

The compelling case for Ron Paul, to Republicans is that he simply has a far greater chance of defeating Obama. All the Republicans would vote for him over Obama. Yet some of the republicans would vote for Obama over Mitt. And many democrats would prefer Paul. So Paul has a greater chance of winning than Mitt. Really. Yet the military and the central bank would prefer Obama to Paul. That’s what it comes down to.

    Latest funny slightly twilight zone fiftish Romney vignettes. The wife, Anne, goes, “well Mitt’s funny wild side just hasn’t come out yet”. Then there’s the story about the dog on the roof of the car in a kennel all the way to canada. And then the story of him leading the bully charge and cutting an effeminate fellow’s hair in high school. Don’t you get it? His wife claims we haven’t seen his wild side, then it comes out his wild sight is about holding people down and cutting their hair. I mean this is like a Edward Albee Play, like the zoo story.
    I’m not into the mormonism, but apparently it symbolizes an upperclass that is still pure.
      The Romneys are so White, especially compared to the Obamas, almost like the point is to be white. I mean, it’s like the whites are saying, we don’t really deserve to be president, and we will graciously let you win.
        They are white to a fault, and yet because they are aware they are white, I feel they are consciously trying to improve, and thus more dynamic than the Obamas. And yet any Republican that does not pony up to how bad the Bushes were, really, does not deserve to be considered a Republican.??????????????
           I can go on. Now Mitt is choosing a V.P., and I swear it feels like Christmas, or shopping on fifth avenue. Yet you can tease these people, like you never can the Obamas. Of course, I worry about the combustability of republican presidents, due to the power they have before they were president. In the Roman Republic, they wouldn’t let the richer class, the patricians, be judges, or tribunes. Because of class interest. Too much concentrated power.
     He’s hanging out with this New England gal, then maybe his old friend in Virginia, or hey maybe that Chris Christie fellow,—-I swear it’s like the primaries all over again. I mean, this is not real, is it? And if it isn’t, that’s good this isn’t.
      This is like throwing in the towel. At least with Ron Paul you get an offense you can try to run with.
                                                 Chap 31
Well, Mitt seems to have wrapped it up, except with Newt and Rick gone, everyone may join Ron Paul. I’m one of those idiots who think Ron Paul is going to win. After the corruption of the Bush administrations, the Republicans owe America Ron Paul. I hope they are just keeping it a secret to surprise the democrats.
The problem is there is not peace and love candidate, who knows society functions well without money, and love, a jaded deal. The democrats are intimidated by republicans and mixed up in a money and marriage matrix that offers and provides nothing to a sensible and fun-loving lower and working class.
Authoratarianism is when one person is in charge, be it tyrant of an island or chef of a kitchen; and if you object to something, you appeal to the ruler, who explains to you how and why the decision was made. Whereas with totalitarianism, there isn’t one person to appeal to. Decisions are not explained. Stalin and Mao, are not really the authority, but the communist party behind them, nameless and powerful so. Authoratarianism is when there is a true leader in the sense of appealing to the people, explaining decisions, and providing a forum for challenges or questions. There also should be no party behind him.
The Romneys seem intent on offering images and vignettes of themselves as existential, angst-ridden folks derived of wealth and mormonism, for whom being the first couple will be a healing experience for all involved. For even if no one in America really relates to them, they are within the range of American Imagery, and people can relate to the sense that they are struggling; whereas the Obama’s don’t seem to be struggling, do they? Their steriotyped whiteness, almost comments on the dislike of the Obama’s ingenuionity.
                                                          Chap 30
Well, it’s finally slowing down. Mitt swept D.C. Maryland and Wisconsin, I don’t understand his appeal, but the party leaders all said publically let’s get behind Mitt, and they did, and it looks big for Mitt. I think the tea party doesn’t like him because the tea party knows the value of a dollar, and Mitt probably does not off hand know the combined value of 7 homes and 7 caddillacs. Mitt has always had at least 4 quarters in his pocket, I’m will to bet, though there’s probably a good story about a time or two he didn’t.
And then, without getting into any particulars, just in a general almost startling way, to a truly color-blind public, he reminds people of Obama, which is fine, Obama reminds some people of Bush, and Bush reminded others of his father bush, so the portraits start to blur, no doubt. However, people don’t like to be reminded of Obama. Whether you were disapointed with him after the rhetoric, didn’t like to begin with, or a democratic on automatic, you don’t like to be reminded of him. Even I think of him, then think, you know what, whatever he is doing, that’s Ok, let me get back here.
Now Mitt possibly cinching the election makes no sense to me because what if I lived in a state that hasn’t gone yet, which I do, it’s like my vote and entire state don’t count. It makes no sense to me. It makes no sense to me why some unknown hasn’t stepped out to take advantage of the situation, or aging senators throw their hat in the ring.
As for these states being winning-take-all states, I don’t have a problem with that,  insofar as in the ancient days, there’d be ayes and nays in the local parks, then that park got one vote, as did the other parks. The two movements borne of anxiety seizing fascist desires are to replace the federal government with state governments and regional councils; and replace local officials with the people making decisions in local parks and squares with ayes and nays; and encourage talking about what you want from time and life, and your community, and talking about what the needs are and how to obtain them, instead of letting capitalism provide; and encouraging spirituality and thinking beyond.
Then, Rick suspends his campaign, pending health issues with his toddler daughter, which is very sad.
That might unexpectly give Newt a boost, but people haven’t rallied behind Newt. And of course, Paul holds steady at ten percent and I think will win, but he has never made it to the top of the hill of ice like everyone else. And I don’t understand how Mitt can beat Obama. I mean everyone could like Mitt more than Obama, but that’s a tough one. People think the democrats are less warlike, which they are to a degree, and what if Mitt is another military industry complex fellow; what if he needs teleprompters the most, and can’t duck with the reporters, or work bipartisanship, which will be the real test of the campaign, if he can win democrats he can be bipartisan. But it also looks like Mitt is just a big white bone they are tossing at the baddest doberman in the junkyard, Obama, because the demoralization of four year terms stretching into eternity, the demoralization of an atheistic judiciary, and truly uninquisitive media, and continuing pennance for the burning bush in Iraq, its a bone to toss, unless its ron paul, that seventy something genius.
Anyway, everyone needs a break from it.

                                       Chap 29

Complain about the length causing burn-out, otherwise campaigning is good, and makes candidates stronger.

A brokered convention is good. More people are involved in decision-making. It is empowering. It is what conventions are intended to be about. People come together to decide, not rubber stamp.

We need a constitutional convention every 25 years, that could handle the tough and nascent issues; rather than these party c onventions every four . Why assert the people, once, in 1787, for all time. If the people are such a natural good fount of government, why not recourse to them every generation, empowering, rather than be spoken for, and issues not revisited, from 1787.

The Galls, the proverbial foil to Ceasar’s Romans, they would convene a council and choose leaders at conventions or councils where the tribes would send representatives. Yes often these were called by a leader, looking for the endorsement of all, so the real deciding was already done; but the point is to inflame the passions, at these gallic councils, make the republicans argue and fight and rely on bursts of passion, rather than the dry programmed rubber stamp of todays modern political convention. The galls were a wilder bunch, and America is more gallic than Roman, especially its lower classes.

A brokered impassioned republican convention is just what the republicans have long needed. Because Santorum, who the south prefers, and Mitt Romney, who the mid-west has preferred of late,   are not really exciting candidates offering anything that genuinely appeals to Gallic pride and sensibility. Santorum doesn’t seem to understand the kingdom of god, and Mitt Romney seems more handled than most. Newt seems most presentable, and Ron would be great.

Most of the leaders of the Gallic conventions, desired endorsement to create united war against Caesar and the Romans, (who, marching around Europe north of Italy with several armies,  naturally was not liked.) And these leaders would talk up a spirit and get the general consent, and rallied-roars of the Gallic delegates, the difference between a representative and a delegate being a delegate does what is told, and anyway, the leader of the united Gallic tribes, taking control, would be appealing, and inspiring and confident and hopeful and wily and brave and smart; but he would always, lose to the Romans, after rallying Gall around him. Only for the next gallic leader to rise and mobilize the next year: this according to Ceasars account of his gallic wars.

And yet this is exactly what presidents in recent memory have been. Leaders who inspired, but turned out to be mediocre at best, dangerous, at worst. I mean Clinton, Bush, Obama, I will even include Reagan as the forerunner of this breed, they round up and rally this support, even if its mainly a support you see on TV, rather than out your window. And this support rallies and united around each of these presidents as they ran, and then these presidents deliver actually very little, and are disapointing, and I think, the presidential term is too long. I’d make it 18 months, hit the ground running, this is no learn-on-the-job sort of experience, this is no hang-on-and-do-as-little-damage-as-possible; this is the frickin presidiency, and in the roman republic you had one year to run it right, and stake your fame, and the presidency could be by committee as well, think how appealing that would be to so many top rank senators, but we don’t consider these options, because we didn’t go with the constitutional convention every 25 years program, in 1787.

So if all these recent and tedious presidents, are no more than Gallic rally-mongers, good at leading a crowd, but not really leading it to anywhere, than why not go with it, and have a Gallic Style, super rowdy Republican Convention; than the Gallic Leader, is The Gallic Leader, and there is just enough lower class sentiment to take this country somewhere better. Like seriously revamping this enforced schooling thing, like seriously letting local decisions be made by the people in peaceful assemblies.

Chap 28

McCain lost because no one like George W., who clearly was doing what he was told and not thinking much himself.

Republicans forget, McCain was a better candidate than Santorum or even gingrich and certainly Romney. It’s just the Bush years were an unprofessional punishable manifestation of the republican party.

Though Mitt won Arizona and tied Michigan, I don’t see him winning. Yet like Bush, no one I know likes him, yet he gets votes. Showing you how easy the Kingdom of God can be controlled to evil.

Michael Savage said the long primary is dehabilitative to the Republican Party Process. I completely disagree. You want to be a good basketball player, you play a lot of basketball, same with campaigning. The army of the Roman Republic consistently won so many wars because they warred so often. Because they warred more than the tribes they subjucated, they were able to defeat those tribes.

McCain knew he was to lose; The most he could do was yield this irish alcoholic secret weapon, Sarah Palin, a missile, still flying around America

                                  Chap 27
It’s become apparent to me the republican strategy is to run Mitt as a practice player who emulates Obama, and by competing against Mitt, and whoever runs best against Mitt, will be most prepared and able to take Obama.  As I say, Mitt might be able to beat Obama in a democratic primary, and Mitt is very much in style like a democrat.
Mitt won the Maine caucus, but Ron virtually tied him. Ron wants to end our overseas bases, a good principle. He wants government to not spend more than it has, and to take on its own bank, the federal reserve; I’m not even sure the federal government should have its own bank. These are principled opinions; they are based in beliefs. The other candidates don’t have beliefs. They are running to lead America, but not with any specific ideas.
The people are so disappointed with these out of touch candidates, there is talk of other candidates entering the race, and a brokered convention.
I spoke on this below, choosing primary candidates to run, should be done through the people drafting candidates. Logically the candidates should be those popular with the people. That popularity needs to be asserted through the people choosing the candidates, through drafts or online votes or some way of measuring sentiment towards the drafting of candidates who the people do like. This is very important.
                                    Chap 26
Well, it happened, following the pattern of this primary, Santorum has risen up to win 3 primaries, showing Mitt is not a confident player.
Rick Santorum won three states, Minnesota, Missourri and Colorado, I believe, so as I predicted, Mitt is not easy. And this is my latest observation on Mitt: If he ran as a democrat, he could beat Obama in the primary.

Ron Paul is a strong, not weak fourth place. While I appreciate the horserace, Ron Paul has ideas, and ideology, something he believes in, a plan. People with actual plans have to work with people. You don’t impose actual plans, you work with people therein; our federal checks and balances encourages iconic presidents. Of course the president appointing the supreme court makes the supreme court favor the executive.

At this race of competitiveness, outsiders may enter the race, but they all sluff compared to Ron. Still this competition is designed to prepare them to beat Obama. They may look like fools, but the idea is to mix it up enough, humiliate themselves enough, to know what it takes or at least doesn’t take, to win and beat Obama. Maybe other candidates will enter.

                                                  Chap 25
I have faith Mitt will not win the nomination. He won Nevada. Paul and Newt show smaller support.
What is needed is a better way to choose our candidates and officials. When I say better, I specifically mean cheaper, with more ideas, and less stupidity.
This plan can be applied to a political party, or to a congressional race, or legislative race within a state.  It goes something like that. With ten signatures, someone gets to compete with others, and there’s a limit to spending, and it goes to a youtube video, or website where your ideas can be read. Then there must be some way to whittle that number down to ten or even twenty say. I’d like to say some foolproof form of public voting over the computer; but really, what is happen to be, is something like friday evening local meeting at public place, indoors or outdoors, and through ayes and nays, the entire assembly can assign points to the popular candidates represented by people showing up for these fri nights, and then adding the points from each assembly accordingly, perhaps proportioning to number in Assembly.
Everytime the number is whittled down, there is a little more spending allowed. But it is primarily for youtube and website with writing regarding the candidacy. Force campaigns to rely on the cheaper internet. Replace TV ads with a half hour public tv show daily where each candidate allocated some minutes.
I like Nevada. I think prostitutes don’t know what they are doing, and that it is a bad influence on society, and people should work to a great society.
From there
                                                 Chap 24
Florida. I’ve lived around Gainesville Florida, on and off, from 1995 to 2000. Micanopy Fl was a place I kept returning to. My mother also in 2002 got a house in Sanibel Fl, and I’ve worked in other places in Florida as well.
It is not a republican state. It is very democratic, as evidenced by its sociality and politeness and accessibility. 9 out of 10 people I knew in Florida were democrats or didn’t vote. It’s ludicrious, to me, that florida in 2000 and 2004 would tilt the election republican.
The principle is that if you are social, and out there, in Florida society, which is kind to its young and its lower class, though, jobs are harder now, you automatically are democrat because it is obvious people need to come together regarding what they want and their community and that is a democratic not republican impulse. So I don’t see how Florida is all Republican. Guess that’s just the silent majority in the background driving by.
Even the conservative sentiment I received there is not Romney like, but Newt-likel
                                                    Chap 23
It’s Newt V. Mitt in Florida, with amicus cureais from Rick and Ron. Newt to me is the traditional republican, with an ideology, whereas Mitt, to me,  is like the traditional democrat, saying what it takes to be elected, having made money in chain brands like staples and Sports Authority, when that is what makes our counry worse than other countries.
If Newt can defeat Mitt, he can probably defeat Obama. The one benefit to the democrat party kind, is being so insecure, and not being as secure, they are less likely to war. And that’s a bottom line, not electing a warlike president. Ron Paul is by far the least war of all, less war than Obama.
Florida like South Carolina, but not N.H. or Iowa, is a winner take all primary. Didn’t know some were winner take all. I don’t see how Santorum can win. Some republican ideas, like anti-abortion, flies in the face of The Kingdom of God.
The Media keeps liking and picking Mitt, because the media says whatever it is told to. It filters the news, without admitting it, and that filtering, is akin to coercion and manipulation of journalists. We all would come together.
Newt won South Carolina easy, now Mitt is projected to win Florida, easy.
I have a dream, where Newt turns to Ron and says, “Look Ron, I don’t really believe in anything, and I’m an effective saleman of policy to both the public, and congress. I’d rather work for you, and with your legislation, than fill out some hollow running myself. What do you say? Let me be your foreman, down this red river, eh?”
I also don’t get endorsements. Don’t tell anyone how to vote; tell em towork through the issues and think for themself–I mean that’s legislated democracy; this ain’t Jewish or Gallic Times where only one half came to council, or one represents a few. Even candidates themselves don’t tell you to vote for themselves, merely making the case, generally. Wanna restore American Integrity? End this endorsement nonsense.
I also worry some candidates are more handled than others. By which I  mean, they essentially do what others tell them to do. They are merely front man, with a group behind them, handling them. I guess some are more that than others. Nixon, for instance didn’t have handlers, being the evil genius himself, I think; Carter too, but really each president is associated with a crowd or as being guided by other wiser or more ruthless men. This issue is, how are they controlled? Are they tortured? Are their wives in on it? Are they in an arranged marriage with the ultimate insider, their wife, who works more with the syndicate than the prez?
Do they routinely controll prominent people, including journalists, through some sort of homosexual torture? Would that explain their lack of feel for the American people?
I’ve said, the people need to show the president, they are also the kingdom of god; for when that becomes readily apparent, decisions will be much wiser. Likewise, the notion of an evil universe, has been taken out of our mind, paganism, concretely wiped out; yet that notion explains the problems of today, as well as how this goes on around me.
                                                        Chap 22
Newt came from behind to defeat Mitt in South Carolina. I told you Newt was tough. Politics is like riding cattle to him. I’d take Newt over Mitt because I don’t believe Mitt believes in anything, and I believe Mitt will do what he is told, and that Mitt is far more a part of the Mormon interests, than Barry O ever could be whatever interests run Barry O. And I have no respect for chain store businesses; that’s capitalism decreasing the quality of life. Romney ran a company that bought companies that had chain stores. Also Romney doesn’t identify with America or relate well, in a formal way that makes him not trusted.
I do not see why Chris Christie endorses and stumps for Mitt. First, no one should tell anyone how to vote, period. This is America and everyone should think for themselves. Secondly, why stump for the person who seems least in controll? Mitt reminds me of Corzine, who Chris defeated for governor in that sense.

Mitt actually lost Iowa, turns out, by 34 votes, what does that say about him?

Mitt V. Barry, ; No one is going to vote. No one really likes Barrack anymore, but will vote him to avoid the warlike republicans, and no one really likes Mitt, who seems to have no beliefs, only to do what is required of him, yet people will vote Mitt just to avoid Barry. So it will be very polarizing and negative, insofar as no one likes their candidate, but hates the other side.

Newt is showing his toughness again in South Carolina.

Rick dropped out a long time ago, but maybe was checking the theory that with the news and internet so prevalent, you don’t need to campaign much to be voted on. I mean why not just stay on your state ballots, don’t campaign, just get your message out on the news, until a state favorable comes along to you. Then see what happens.

John Huntsman dropped out. I liked him.

                                          Chap 21
I don’t consider Mitt a moderate, but someone who will do what is wanted for him to do. He was wanted to be moderate in Massachussetts. That’s no guarentee he’ll be moderate in D.C..
While the candidates illuminate generally an unpopular republican streak, born of too much power, fueled by more power than they can handle, I do wonder about how they enter the race then drop out. First of all, there is enough dissemination of information over the internet, that you don’t need an expensive campaign. There is no need to drop out in South Carolina, when you can spend no money, and stay on state ballots, and wait for a popular for you state to rise up and carry a candidate further.
It is not desirable for two or three states to spell the conclusion of a candidacy. And it is easy to hang on and just wait for what other states say. They clusters of states could support certain candidates, and you can really see what states think alike at the convention.
                                                Chap 20
There is a crime, New Hampshire stands for it, the way all states stand for something, right, and the crime is this; since the kingdom of god is spoken for, doesn’t really decide, elections are not really, so the crime concerns the way election statistics are made up.
There can be an honest sounding of the public. The roman republics had their assemblies at piazzas to cheer and jeer candidates as they saw fit, and thus popularity registered in the open, and the manipulation of the kingdom of god less.
But in the America, the media concludes the results. The honest guaging is couped out by this. That is the crime. The media, as one mass, presents an agreed image, and image admittedly arranged through the kingdom of heaven, (I am not saying journalists are wholly responsible, just at this moment, wholly irresponsible), and this presentation overrides any honest sounding. And this is the payment of history to pagan gods.
The media chooses what it covers, you can protest an elections and recount the ballots, but those ballots are still governed by heaven and heaven controlls the kingdom of god to manifest what heaven wants, not the people, insofar as there is a great divide.
Thus the media committs the crime, as an agent of above, and crime, stupid and odious as it is, must be complied to, as God takes the extra steps of ensuring a designed crime is not uncovered, so easily seen foolishness is not cited, even more people and kingdom of gods are controlled.
The great crime of manipulating, limiting and deciding of elections; obscuring the people, limiting the scope of appeal, making up the final election figures. This is the irony of the kingdom of god amid a representative democracy, that has allowed spirituality to get such an irrelevant name.
I am sure the people would want the media reporting the kingdom of god, and the kingdom of heaven, as the latter is possible, but we can’t choose what the media covers, the media chooses what it covers, and that choice limited. If the press really was free they would have covered these kingdoms, and become literate so, a long time ago. But then history would be seen as a story.
                                                 Chap 19
Good point I heard. If Mitt is the nominee, a lot of people just won’t vote. These candidates, Barry O included, are not increase-voter-turnout
Bain’s takeover of Sports Authority and Staples did not increase jobs, overall they cut into the number of jobs in the stationary distribution business. And office work in general increased. It’s gonna take x amount of manhours to do something, no matter how you slice it.
The point is to reduce the number of jobs needed, not just provide jobs because people need them, but because these jobs produce something, are needed. Then use the time saved wisely.
Small business tailors distribution to its local culture better than corporate distribution systems. Small business tailors, chain stores are less respondent.
Fast food is worse for society than small, and owned by few, places to eat. This is just common sense. Society is not in control. People do not know what they are doing. There is too much pressure on heaven, this is a metaphysical, not rational situation.
Capitalism neglects the nature of ourselves and agriculture, and other obvious things, such how all the people are capable of educating, and such virtuos endeavor need not involve schools and professionalized teachers at all.
But most obvious is that we don’t reognize the kingdom of god. That is parcell to doing what is necessary more, not what is unnecessary more.
Mitt’s victory in New Hampshire reminds me of the crime fabricating Bush’s popularity, Reagan’s popularity, Nixon’s popularity. People have to known, crime is a prominent, paramount part of society. Crime gets done. The metaphysic requires crime, and crime to get done, is no picnic, being conspicous and stupid, so conditions are met by God, where possible, is crime. Thus if the control of Mitt, if Mitt is controlled, and this mere speculation, is a crime, then the “popularity” will follow. Thus virtue is fundamentally missing from politics, and I see that from how it makes no sense to me Mitt won N.H.. Mitt is corporate, N.H. is small business. Mitt is a bit phony. N.H. is authentic. Mitt doesn’t attract voter turn-out. N.H. is true reprublican.
What people against ron paul don’t get; state government will replace what is cut from federal government. Or the principle must follow that empowered people caring about common concerns is the function of limited government, vitalizes politics or culture by downplaying government. States creating min wage makes states the way states want to be, same with health care, like minded people to certain states, state culture, nuance sophistication develop—-
Ron PAul brings out issues, hones issues, shines light on issues rather than dictate isue’s resolution.
People againt R.P. forget our checks and balances, the whole point of checks and balances is to allow leaders to try, to have the structure to try out interesting people. 
Ron will tackle what the issue is; whereas now, the issues itself, health care, the issue is healthy people not impoverished, but now the issues, is mandatory, costs, how achieved. Why don’t they start by reforming auto insurance. Practice insurance reform on something simpler, and work up to health care.
                                  Chap 18
Jon Huntsman is the only candidate to not ascend to the top, so he is about due, in this New Hampshire Primary today, and I am impressed by him, his demeanor at least, and he reminds me of Ron Paul in that he is not the scary intimidating republican too full of power to not do the right thing.
One problem with our primaries, is they are over after a few states, so only a few states decide the party candidate, nor are these states rotated, so that each election year has different pivotal states.
Another problem is a lack of candidates and diversity of popular candidates. The Roman Republic had an excellent system where the people would draft people they like to be candidates in primaries, or general elections, and thus the people were ensured truly popular candidates to choose from. This is an excellent system we should try.
Now true, the Roman Republic would still weight things away from the most popular candidates, as we are often stuck with officials and presidents who are essentially unpopular, or whose popularity is phony and a media contrivance, (the romans were big into checks and balances, to hold back change, as well as ensure things weren’t held back too much), but having many popular candidates at least ensures that the right issues are talked about the right way, and people envigorated by politics by having candidates they drafted, in the political process.
What is very interesting is how the tea party and Occupy Wall St, are passionate about the same issues, the same way, whereas the traditional democratics and republicans care less about these issues, and feel less empowered regarding fulfilling what they think is right.
The Patriot Act, restricting the internet, indefinite detention, Mitt Romney, not bailing out huge business are all issues Occupy Wall St and the tea party agree on, and that is wonderful, its actual bipartisanship and we should go with it. Replace the democrats and republicans with the tea party and OWS and you have political evolution. I love it, actually love it, how the two sets, with different forms and experiences and understandings, agree on certain issues. That’s very positive and not divisive but unifying. The first candidate to say, here is what OWS and the Tea Party agree on, and go with that, is going to be formidable.
Of course, the candidate that is most like Tim Tebow is going to win. Also the Tim Tebow endorsement should be very coveted. I wonder if anyone is going to tebow after the votings’s done?
Donald Trump on Greta last night, did say one good things, which is that China has really been unfair lately, and Huntsman was our ambassador there, so why didn’t he do something about it? That is a very good question I would like to see Huntsman answer, as it would get us on the subject of diplomacy and what and how ambassadors are capable of.

Chap 17

See, were we to council and circle and discuss as people, and know the kingdom of god, and understand the term the kingdom of heaven, or work with spirituality in its myriad of forms, and actually plan and act according, regarding what we need, and how to get it, both spiritually and materially, and this is how republicans should relate, well, crime would stop, if we were all talking to one another about what we need and how to get it in a time-valuing quality way; even obesity would slow down, as we could arrange excercise and games; the waste of earth would be greatly reduced, because people are caring. So all the sacrifice society is designed to allow, would be reduced. And the daily pay to the miserable universe greatly reduced. So what would happen. The secret in pagan times was that there was frequent sacrifice, of animals and humans. Now we allow a removed society, and written word that abjures truth, to work sacrifice through the seemingly natural bent of society. So if through spirituality and peaceful assembly we can secure the kingdom of god, or say the new york times writes that it all HAS been a lie, and the people and people in power all really the inert unsentient kingdom of god, created because the actual sacrifice of humans too hard and difficult; and through that trumpet of truth, the truth is proclaimed, all the bad things will stop. So then what? Will the miserable universe smite us with an asteroid? Is the psychic power of the faint world of the universe capable of hurting me or humans, or removing the kingdom of heaven farther from earth? This is what republicans must be focused on to relate in some meaningful way regarding society and making our country better.

Its a miserable low down thing, having to sacrifice each day for the beauty and nature of earth, in hopes one day things will be allowed. It seems there are two sides, a dark serious side manifesting the mandate of sacrifice, and a low enjoying side, that rests, and is quiet and lives a bit, near the kingdom of god.

Mitt is at 47% among 6 candidates in the granite state, because he’s lived in Massachussetts. But Wildcats to me seem a little suspicious of 3.2 beer people. Like Iowa, New Hampshire is a quiet, gracious state. I honestly don’t see Mitt winning New Hampshire. Though he does seem a quiet gracious man, I don’t know him that well.

Rick Santorum, who tied for first in Iowa, is now accussed of getting rich through his political connections, and sponsoring bills in exchange for benefits. Obviously most of the candidates are a little removed from what I wrote about above. Rick is the youngest of them, I believe, as far as that goes, and he is from Pennsylvania, and I can’t remember one president from there.

Chap 16

It’s the New Hampshire wildcats? How would freud say that interprets the elections? Wildcats symbolize the few and far between that controll everything with a lone wolf style, in that wildcats are not specie-minded so much like badgers, hawkeyes and ducks, but potent individually.

Campaigning in some states, it helps to appeal to their university mascots, like hawkeyes, ducks and badgers, as some pagan culture that glides higher than the kingdom of god, and knows the kingdom of god, without getting bogged down in the lack of energy of the kingdom of god.

In other words, to win in Iowa, realize the hawkeyes are gliding, and set them gliding on a good path. Realize badgers stick together and advocate closeness and bond. You an appeal to mascots and state rivalies in a very interesting political way, that takes the unity of the people for granted, thus enabling the common sense we the people want to see.

Herm is out, michelle is out, Rick Perry doesn’t look so good anymore. It really looks like the whole point of this almost dysfunctional practice, is to mix it up enough for the best candidate to win, which is Ron Paul, despite academia.

Too often the primaries are over after a handful of states. That clearly makes no sense. So it is good, there are still a handful in the race. We are curious to see what New Hampshire has to say. They like Mitt because he is moderate, but New Hampshire, and its friend Maine, are conservative places that don’t like bs and respect integrity.

Its important to clear up this hawkeye thing. Yes a hawkeye has a hawk in it, but there is no such thing as a hawkeye, other than the eye of a hawk. So basically iowans are not hawks, but the eyes of hawks, as such representing the trajectory of the hawk, a sentience as well.

Now this is hard to get, but being the eye of a hawk, is a slightly weird nick name. After much thought, I conclude it is a reference to Jupiter. Jupiter is always gliding along on its trajectory. Jupiter, is always slightly put down by Romans who worship Mars. Jupiter seems slightly sentient in its own way. The hawkeye stands for jupiter, and being guided by the planets.

Chap 15

The relevance of the kingdom of god

The candidates don’t relate to the people. I went to Iowa. My readers may not believe it, but I took amtrak to Mount Pleasant Iowa for a weekend, precisely to see what this Iowa idolization was all about. (I also read a Zane Grey novel, The Dude Ranger, where the young hero was from Iowa). These are extra steps other N.J. bloggers don’t take, I want to remind you.

In Mount Pleasant, to mix with the people, who could sort of tell I wasn’t from Iowa, but couldn’t guess what state I was from, I played basketball in the rec center, and went to the two local bars, which are right next to each other.

All this stuff about politics and Iowa is hyperbole, is fake media fraud. These people did not put on the debate on the TV, watching instead “The Ten Worst whatever countdowns”.

They care about child-rearing, agriculture, hunting. The candidates don’t mean much to them, and you see how national politicians don’t know each state enough, to know how to help the economy.

The people are confused by the dominance of blacks in some sports.

If the candidates understood the kingdom of god, they would be more relevant. What would be discussed, in local peaceful assemblies, would, you see, be that earth has long been a very nice place, in a universe that is not so nice. And for whatever reason, be it the threat of asteroids, or some psychic power, earth has to daily sacrifice to the universe, for the nature of each day. Thus a long time ago, we began to transform humans in the womb to the kingdom of god, because that is easier to sacrifice. And we created an insensible society, so that sacrifice can have historical, cultural, societal, ostentatious causes.

This is why society is so bad, and its correction irrelevant to the candidates. The candidates do not deal with, nor do we know of society at this level. It is very sad. People are held back with weight problems, there is crime everyday, we do not do agriculture naturally, to stay in shape, nor excercise joyously. It does not make sense, nor can be claimed to. It is designed for the sense of the kingdom of god as an easier form to sacrifice. T

This is the real politic, and what there a politician would discusss. If you don’t understand the kingdom of god, you are missing the capstone to improving society.

Chap 14

Rick Santorum made it to the top of the hill of ice, so they all made it, and they all slide down. It’s almost like chivalry, where they all take turns, see what they got, see what they don’t got. This is a true practice run for the the presidency. Meanwhile Obama’s getting a long bye week and gonna come in cold. You gotta practice, anyone other democrat out there could be like a practice squad.

Ron Paul went through a backdraft, and I’d like to explain it. See Ron would cut the military. None of the others have that independent charactor. And the military is a historical force, and history controlls contemporary forces like the media, the news, academics, which are written forces, words on paper that create a reality for us. So the military is against Ron, because Ron would cut the military, and the budget would be closer to balanced. None of the others get that. You’d think cutting the military is a very bottom line appeal, and active thinkers get that. But academics, and controlled by the media which is controlled by history which is controlled by the military, so the backlash has an academic basis, not a strong basis. It is something that will flip around. Ron Paul is obviously not a racist nazi, he’s a 70 something doctor who has voted with his conscience and beliefs in congress for decades.

A prime insensible belief, along with the insensibility of war, in the face of reason, is the notion race doesn’t matter, is not important. For mileniums, just up to a thousand years ago, all continents lived tribally and inbred, and produced unique culture.

There are some issues like fast food, where if blacks and whites each had their own flank in the battle for healthy good food, they would be more successful than one intermixed flank. There is power to symbiotic racial difference. But like war, that is hard to fathom.

It is so hypocritical for conservatives to complain about the deficit and not cut the military. Likewise, common sense says if a lot of defense contractors lose their jobs, they must do something useful, to raise the quality of our society.

After Newt got piled on, Ron was acussed of racism. All he questioned was the way to promote racial harmony, and if that can come from the government. It would be nice if Newt showed some toughess like a cowpuncher on the red river and laughed at the hard wind that blew on him.

I think the problem with Michele was part a lack of femininity, female magik this country needs, and pagan times had. Her household, which is so important, of foster kids and a strange husband, is more important than people think.

The thing about Mitt, to me, is that he embodies this fear, of having handlers, with their own agenda, for whom Mitt will do whatever they tell him to, in an manicured coiffed sort of way. Many presidents seem to have had handlers and unseen agenda producers, who act through a politician, by keeping him in an abused, not thoughtful state. Sometimes, sexual abuse and depravity are means to this controll, I fear.

Per se, there is nothing wrong with a moderate republican president, if you have a hard core senate working with you. But there is no clear message or symbol coming from Mitt, other than he is easier on the eye than others; and so people complain about a lack of substance. In that sense he is like a republican clinton, trying to do the least amount of damage, wherein people clamor for the most amount of good.

Chap 13

Let’s talk about Ron

Let’s talk about Ron. I’d vote for him because he is unique: A rare good rare person. He’s like a song: Maybe not the hymm you sing in church, but he’s got a melody, refrains, interesting stanza’s, and drawls a bit like a country singer.

Do I think everyone of his stanzas is right? No. Absolutely not. Under no circumstances do I, or anyone I know believe in Everything Ron Paul believes in. For instance our borders: We got nine million unemployed, nine million illegals taking our productive jobs, we need nine million feet of fence. Britain, Europe, they don’t make it easy to work there. If you go to Britain and take a job, they’ll deport you. Mexico, I’ve heard doesn’t allow nonmexicans to own land in Mexico. This is about respect. No nationality is going to respect you if you let another caste of citizens take your jobs, or disparage the vitality and experience of those jobs. And when you are not respected, bad things can happen.

Heroin. Heroin is a poison, only the mind-controlled can be fooled by. There is nothing to it that would make anyone come back to it, such is the headache, and illness to it. You can’t ,legalize heroin without a very serious honest effective public campaign against it so people know and enforce wisdom themselves. Because people are fooled by and die from misinformation about heroin.

Abortion is Ok, because in the womb is the transformation to the kingdom of god.

Capitalism. Capitalism is a headless serpent that has drowned and devoured, like a leviathan, the very natural right for each of us to have input about what we consume and how it is produced. With capitalism, not one can excercise the serious discussion that values time and quality over money, or discusses what our needs are, how they are met, and the organization required to meet wisdom. Capitalism is fundamentally alianating thus so, disintegrates community, keeps us from thinking together, enslaves us through a voracious headless serpent.

Capitalism is designed to obscure the kingdom of god, whose comprehension is key to critical organization. And many practicing capitalists can tell you the market is fake, and there are other realities market depends on.

But thats my whole point. Who as president would be easiest to bring the issue of the kingdom of god up to? Clearly someone who thinks and marches to his own spirit, with charactor, and thoughtful consideration.

Capitalism has historically existed as a vehicle of trade between villages and areas; but not necessarily existed within the villages itself, nor been so pure as it does today, centering on trade between towns. It was about procuring what is needed, not production per se. Selling more hamburgers to overweight people is foolish. Advocating excercise, saving time by wisdom, and applying it to quality endeavors, is wise. Capitalism involves everyone, in the wrong way. There is a way to involve everyone in a right way.

Then this whole racism flap is not a high degree of difficulty to beat. Ron could do a brief, “I am not a racist” tour. He could center a chunk of his campaign on his not being a racist and win that domain. He could even say Barry is more quietly racist than he is, and get away with it.

Its not just what you like about a candidate, that’s the positive. There is also the negative, defined as which candidate can best and synthetically and symbiotically-politically stood up to? Clearly Ron is more harmless and easiest to resist, as well as like. And this is an important quality to leadership. Knowing that people can challenge your ideas and you, and encouraging that; as Ron is a doctor and understands the science of challenging theories.

He is a perfectly appropiate foil to the times. The focus of his vision on his ideas, his specificity, leads to a galvanized focus on the issues themselves, which is good for polity and politics all around. By being

so developed and nuanced, right or wrong, he greatly will increase the debate of issues, the well-roundedness of debate, the premiun on wisdom and good.

My advice to him, is pure style points. Identify more with being a doctor. Walk into a room, talk two minutes to an anxious nation about what you think, encourage discussion, and leave. Don’t over exert yourself. Conspicuously enjoy hobbies and off afternoons, as his fb posts do demonstrate an enjoyment of place, people, and particular activity. Promote health and excercise, preventively, as what doctors do. Stand up to fast food, and stand for good food and healthy nutritious eating, as a doctor, that is the main thing, then if we are attacked at least we are all healthy.

The Kingdom of god, logically, professionally, must be brought to the attention of medical practitioners.

Chap 12

Odd how after how the people in any given midwestern state, from Iowa to Wisconsien, seem to subliminally identify with the mascot of their state’s dominant university. What to do about Badgers? About Fighting Illini growling around chicago? And this facet implies no inferiority, but even a limn to something greater… than we Scarlet Knights, who no one has heard of.

Newt, to me, the latest to climb the hill of ice then slide back, looks the best being criticized. I mean they say Newt is essentially corrupt. But he looks smart, and he doesn’t deny what he is, which is better, and taking punches, and defense; whereas Mitt is essentially accused of being a manicured, robotic politician who really doesn’t believe anything himself, and that identity does not look good taking hits. So to me, the ability to take a punch, is something the pundits don’t count; probably ever having had to make their face hard and not take their eye off a fist themselves. How they play defense is extremely important, as any football follower knows. Newt through the weathering of his life, seems to have gone through so much, that he is not really hurt by the attacks. Yet the media fails to notice that politicians can look better under attack, than landing punches, through identity and bonds with the people.

And predictably, Ron, who clearly has the best shot to topple Barry, got to the top of the hill of ice in Iowa, and promptly slid down via accusations of racism. I guess we bettors would say that was predictable.

The charge of being a racist, is almost formulaically easy to beat. You trot out all your minority friends, who say your a really great guy. You behave politely and with pride to black women in interviews, maybe you do Oprah. You deflect attention by asking minorities to focus on blaming whites for an insensible economy. You say the bottom line is a less tiered society with different standards for different peoplies, reducing minorities in prison, and reducing violence. It’s really not hard.

Michele has to likewise make the case a women would be a better president, for their never having been one. That the feminine side to politics, cultivated right, is just the healing and artistry the country needs at this moment.

So with Iowa approaching, the three main stories are, Newt looks good playing defense, which the media misses. It should’t be hard for a good doctor to resolve racist charges, and just of late, Newt, Santorum, Perry, Bachman and Huntsman, failed 10,000 signatures to get on the Virgnia ballot.

Something is amiss here; either the standard to viable candidates is too high, or Virginia is failing to cultivate Republican Candidates for President. It’s like an ultimate rejection of the competition. Here they are, playing as hard as they can, I hope for Ron to win the nomination, and Virginia like wants the whole contest to stop; even though that’s translated from ten thousand signatures. I was in Virginia last year, they are rather top notch, washington based, often having something to do with the defense industry. They are sort of no nonsense people; so unless the other candidates can relate to the people regarding god, or wisdom, or amplify what the people want, Virginia is putting additional pressure to get realistic republicans.

Chap 11;


Reporting live, from Mount Pleasant Iowa, there is very very little interest in politics. Geezsch the people in N.J. are more interested in politics. It’s obvious the first caucuses in the nation should be rotated. Why the lack of interest? Politics is not very relevant. And the republicans are too uncompassionate war-“mongers” for the people. It’s a common sense, but not conservative state. I ask the people questions, and they give me answers, but they don’t have that ideal of politics dynamically vitalizing polity and society; politics itself don’t have ideal.

Though while at a bar, (where they rejected my request to put the debate on one tv,) I met interesting, compassionate people, and particularily people with agricultural interests; that firmly demarc Iowa’s center as agriculture, from which all the other spokes fly—I met another seemingly important Iowa interest as well; athletics and health.

Now you can go by many things in judging a place: the happiness of the women, the politeness of the men, a hip culture, good food, hotel in the center of town, not outskirts by the highway; but the one I go by, is whether there is a rec center there. Many places don’t have them. The county seats in Iowa do.

So I went there to play some basketball, or shoot hoops; and it shows me, how the adults in the bar, who generally deal with their children, and the young people at the bar, who deal with the older generation at the bar; how that world is different from the rec center world; primarily because the rec center world is much younger; filled with junior hawkeyes, often practicing skills to be great basketball players.

But as I have written about before, there is a problem with the whites sports program at these rec centers. Rather than a clipboard, you sign, enabling a replacement of the losing team with a new team, there are no five on fives or games being played at all. People are either doing drills or shooting around.

The white athletic world is jinx designed, instead of being reasonable, they are over competitive, instead of having fun, they are feeling pressure: it really reminds the difference between pressure packed high school, and relaxed college. And it stems from the metaphysical pressure of the unreasonable domination of sports by estimable minorities, who by the way, I do love to run the court with, because they have a psychic sense, as pleasant, as the white system, is abusive and fouls. There are no fouls when good people run the court, because we are men.

So like agriculture, I am sure this is a huge issue to the common sense Iowans. Iowa is a fine state with good people, like missourri. It is interesting seeing the distinction between juvenile and adult cultures; Pressure, as opposed to comfortable grace.

So my style, which may seem bad, but is not, contrasted the white style I saw about, because I’m not really “bad” but the black “pro” game, like the good hippies, has a touch of “bad” to it. And its nice how athletics are ultimately “pretend”.

After people refused to play an iowa v. NJ game, I started to realize how they were all hawkeyes, girl hawkeyes, little young hawkeyes, hawkeye dogs, —- and me a scarlet knight, able to see how our shame regarding N.J. forces us to be stronger.

Of course I have my own unshared troubles as well, which bring me down. I owe uh, is a bit like how everyone is in with everyone, in a sort of mobbed up way; that Iowa must sort and release itself from; into an I O U state, where people owe people for being good, and transcending the bs.

And there is a simple morality to Iowa I noticed, illuminating how my slightly unintentionally snide remarks, are not really the point of wit; the point is to get help. Sure the truth can be spoken; but can you help the truth. Are you capable of rational living; does it start with that; as if, it is all true?

Mount Pleasant Iowa, was very pleasant, more so than rougher and colder Omaha; but maybe pleasant people occur more here, because of the name of the town they are in?

Chap 10

People want to put their heads together locally and figure it all out. That was a tribal rite. Illegally subsumed by mayors, abridging peaceful assembly and reservation of powers to the people.

The real issue includes how fake the market is. Small business people know that. A lot of people inherit farmland. Organics are encouraged though the elimination of jobs we don’t really need. Once we talk about what it takes to survive, you get a better class of products.

But the modern world doesn’t understand how the kingdom of god, is such a dominant fact, that it must be recognized and worked around, to achieve the dealings we want. For if there were productive peaceful assemblies, crime and all the sacrifices and wastes, would considerably go down, and the universe might complain it is not getting the daily payments it wants, and do something.

Chap 9

I also stopped in Omaha two nights, hoping to gain perspective on Iowa. This was a mistake. The little towns in Iowa are much nicer than Omaha.

Omaha is from like 30 years ago. Donut shops that open from 5am to 11am, with 50 cent donuts and 50 cent coffee, and people who know politics, talking to people who don’t. I said people like Sarah Palin because she is hot, and the people concurred. But you never get the talking heads discussing if it is her sex appeal that is her political appeal, though its obviously about 70% of it.

It’s also very cold in Omaha. I said to blacks at the train station, it doesn’t get any colder than this, and they’d say, yes it does, we are on our way to Michigan.

Subliminally, or in the space within the space, or in the crannies of omaha culture, the reality of the kingdom of god is very evident. It explains everything. It preexists the “greed” that wipes out the donut shops. There is a psychic awareness and aura to parts of Omaha that completely understands the economic life does not make sense. This is a bible belt understanding of capitalism as a stage and opportunity from which to reach a greater stage of spiritual reality, and material opportunity, through reason, galvanized by understanding christian terms.

Again, the elections seem irrelevant in Omaha. People are into god, not war. People might understand there is enough land in these states, for each to be their own country. Then powerful politicians would focus on their own state, rather than 50 of them. That’s why I can’t be republican. I don’t believe we should be a republic, but smaller nations of regions or state.

Chap 8

(How to travel in Omaha and Missouri)

Look at Parks, Churches, and rent a bike if no ice on road. These places you can walk from into rural areas. They have donut shops with cheap coffee, natives of the town, hopefully including the post man, drop in. These donut places are like home to some places.

It’s the people, not the place. If I took a hotel room downtown, which I couldn’t find I wouldn’t have found the donut shop after ariving 5am eastward via amtrak. Omaha is right down route 80 from north jersey.

What you have to understand is that for all intents and purposes, this is the bible belt. It took me 3 years at 10-20 pages a week, of reading the old and new testament from page 1, including the apochryphilia. You relate to people, in a way of each having their own ministry, as well as possibly in a gaullic sense, having clients, and people who they help, and people who rely on them. This isn’t “Romans”, it’s “Gauls”.

And Christianity is the passing religion.

Soon I am on to Iowa, with three questions. Why can’t we have the caucus in a warmer month? Just kidding, that’s not really one of the questions, though I can’t help but noticing it is 11 degrees out at night. The real first is do these elections have any meaning to you? The second is, “does the kingdom of god and the term, the kingdom of heaven, have any meaning or relevance to you?” And the third is, “If you were president or could legislate, what would you do, what do you want done.”

Now of course I am in Omaha, which while an indian name, is not Iowa; I’d like to say because I made a wrong turn at the missouri river, but really I am here because, ever since, the only time, I went cow-tipping, was in Nebraska, and I have loved the state ever since. That and I’ve always wanted to duck in and check out Nebraska, for which I travel by train from the pacific, to the atlantic.

Ideally, I’d like to ask the nebraskan how good he thinks Iowa will be at dealing with these questions. Though I am prepared to ask the politically-minded nebraskan these questions, I also have a specific koan for the nebraskan; which goes like that. California is controlled by the Asian mind. That’s why things are so messed there.

Chap 7

All right, Newt Gingrich like the red river and john wayne is rising, along with allegations John Wayne never bothered with, and Herm had to drop out; He has the same problem Barrack has; He doesn’t give a whit about his own people and their particular issues we would be sympathetic to, if we could get out of a metaphysic that assumes some normalcy here. So just like I was saying, the whole plan is to make this a horse racing excercise, in hopes of getting stronger by exposing what is lacking in the republican primary: which is essentially simply not doing what the people want; the top of the pyramid shouldn’t be thinking for the people, but merely doing what the baser parts of the pyramid want. The bottom of the pyramid must do the thinking for the pyramid, having more brain power, and then tell the top of the pyramid what to do, the top of the pyramid having more enforcement power.

Secondly, a republican senate stands up to a democratic president; the other way doesn’t happen.

Lastly the supreme court should expand in some proportion to the expansion of members of congress as new states entered the Union automatically. The Western States never had a choice. They don’t understand this federal government in DC thing.

And maybe reduce the length of the presidential term to 2yrs or even one. You show what you got. This ain’t a job you are supposed to grow good at.

The one funny thing about Newt is that Sarah Palin is much prettier; she looks better compared to him than anyone else, I think. Her laconic malleability really shows. At this rate Chris Christie could make a surprise appearance in practice for 2016, should the federal government still be running like this then.

There is one candidate, who needs to feel loved, and could beat Obama handily; those guts, are Ron Paul’s. It doesn’t matter which direction we go, so long as it gets us there. Ron Paul is a very rare candidate in history. He needs to feel accepted now, so he doesn’t learn about it into his presidency.

Chap 6

Who would think the bar to defeat Barrack is so high? The republicans cater to the media, they see no other way to win; and in 48 hrs the media has reported a Tea Party Group wants Michelle to drop out, Rick wants to give 500,000 to each millionaire, and Herm has been so out of it as to sexually harass, and reported on none of Ron’s innovations.

They need a whole new slate of ten candidates. But at least they can do is get rid of the most ridiculous candidates. Now the three most ridiculous candidates are Mitt, Rick, and Herm. And they are also the three in front. So, the symbolism either means the media system supports the most ridiculous, or the most ridiculous are most ridiculous because of front-running scrutiny. You gotta be good, to look bad, so they say. Jacks or better, just to play.

Dems better pres though still poor via actual communist system we live in, but more aware of the flow, whereas republicans at national level become warlike, and thats the real sin, maybe Mitt can deliver no war, via his mormon faith, but for whatever metaphyisic, these republicans consistently come off as warlike and angry internationally.

So they rock on: Cain, who has a mlk chocolate wife, is hit by sexual harrassment claims from whiteand milk chocolate women; if there is one thing to take from Barry; it’s that if you don’t care about the issues of your race, you lack grounding, yet Herm is still good in the polls, as is Mitt, and now Newt has joined them, and Perry, while fading, still has it.

But the debate on foreign policy; this is the republicans great problem; warlikeness. Nixon, Reagan, the bushes, were noticeably more warlike and less peaceful than Jimmy, Bill, and even Barry. This is grounded in an history that has eschewed the sprititual, the kingdom of god, for the implication Humans are incapable of living wisely and peacefully. It is hard to avoid ignorance on the world stage. If marriage is understood as towards the reproduction of the kingdom of god, then earth united by a similiar fate, from the universe the media drowns out with disguise.

The democrats move in the system better and seem less prone to the lies of history, though liberalism is known to buy into historical lies.

Chap 5

See I don’t think Republicans are meant to be the president in 2012, because they have been horrible at presidential power since Eisenhower: even though he presided over the inception of a TV-Corporate age of today, where jobs are not about producing, and people stare at a screen. It is suspect Reagan is praised so much, when I feel he preyed on people’s fears and also ushered in the yuppie, and furthered us from the ideals of the sixties movement; and Eisenhower a genuine war hero in a time of prosperity, forgotten.

Nixon was horrible, unable to deal with a war history has shown unnecessary, because he, I believed, was troubled by his killing of Kennedy, who he reviled for destroying him in 1960. This communistic attribute of murdering political rivals did not come out for fear it would damage the face of this great nation. Suffice to say Nixon was obviously psychotic, with his dirty tricks, and traumatized by his own evil.

Both Bushes had wars on their hands and played to the military industrial complex Eisenhower warned against in his farewell address, a complex, knowledge of the kingdom of god abjures, is not really real; but to the ignorant.

Complain about Obama all you want, GWB brought down the curve of presidency like no other, batting after a man whose father gave you the presidency upon a governorship, with nothing more than folksy style, and an utterly unnecessary war in Iraq, and initiated the bail-out fad; no we should be commiserating with Obama for being at a particularily weak point in the tradition of presidency.

Further, as I’ve said, bipartisan speaking, the repubs stand up better to a dem pres, than democrati senators to a republican president. But more so, Republican Presidents have played to the worst of power, continuosly since 1968.

Yet the alternative should be the people’s party, the democrats, yet the democrats are like communists, by which I specifically mean, just another subset of people in power masquerading as the people; and yes at a national level, they may be less prey to the follies of power than the traditional america republican.

America was grounded in classical antiquities, (most known through the roman republic) of a check and balance between the three powers. The Roman Republic achieved a judicial office called Tribunes, who has the right to veto legislation as unjust, and prosecute evil legislatures and presidents, or Consuls, as they were called.

These Tribunes had to be from, and chosen by the people, or specifically, the second and lower class known as The Plebes, (as opposed to the Patricians). These Tribunes utterly failed to show Roman Republic politics and democracy as working, utterly failed to project the wisdom of the people working together, and utterly failed to end the Republic’s tradition of yearly war. Like today’s democratic party, there was something about being in power, that corrupted the perhaps once good origin, into foolishness that dragged down the republic.

And yes the structure of American life with its regulation of education, and ignorant economy, is communist and totalitarian. Still, many democrats look very good compared to the medium O. Why isn’t there any challenge to this most disapointing of presidents from his own party? Because Obama is in charge of the party now, at least theoretically.

Why do the designates and parties of the people, turn into a leadership remarkably similar to the ill qualities of leadership they opposed? There is a metaphysic designed to keep the wisdom and natural order of the people from asserting itself in history; to keep the story line of human society in this depressing veil; this is the story we follow.

Moreover, you can not view the American Presidency, without citing two positive aspects of the Republic’s presidency. One was that the executive office lasted only a year. This was greatly dynamic. The disappointing could be voted out swiftly. The constant turnover enabled better preparation for executive office, many senators became presidents, and many ex-presidents were able to work their honor for the good of the Republic. The 4 year term is ridiculous in this context, argued for as a conservative force for order and stability in the nascence of the great nation, but absolutely holding country back now.

The second was that the executive office could be run by committee. Anywhere from 2-10 executives could occupy the executive office together, though one or two were often pointedly more respected. But this understanding of executive committees rather than one man, seems a positive and dynamic structure to federal government.

So the republican primary candidates are working it out, trying to get stronger, but still no one is looking great, though Ron Paul by far the best jockey; and in the chaos, Newt is looking great; as having a mind for what the whole thing stands for. And if you look at the movie The Red River, with John Wayne, you see a character who very much looks like Newt Gingrinch, and suggests to me, The Red River portends Newt’s presidency. I mean he is soft enough to beat Obama; and what would he have to stand up to?

Chap 4

Actually one of the best things I did in my life was become a republican, in New Jersey. No more false identifying with dysfunctional democrats. No more blind allegiance to a party actually separating the people from power. Now remember, Princeton, where I lived, hasn’t had a councilperson in Princeton Borough or Princeton Township who has not been a Democrat since 1992: a one party total entity if there ever was one. No check on one party by another. It’s in the tradition of Frank Hague, of Jersey City, who controlled all government jobs and demanded a 3% kickback in his multi-decade reign.

Becoming Republican meant having polite people to talk with about any issue; happy hours and breakfasts where coffee and drinks bonded a`bit. No bad reaction to any ideas, just understanding and doing as able.

But now you must know why I can’t be republican; the connundrum, and why I feel allied to the tea party, (and compare how the tea party has fared against the republican, while the green party has failed next to the democrats). Because I can not organize the Republican Party because my definition of a republic is a state that unites diverse regions that might otherwise not be naturally linked by a common state. The point of the federal government was to keep the states from conflicting with each other, as Europe was prone to. That need has passed. There is no longer a genuine urgent need for the republic, thus, I could not organize a republican party in good faith, so I can not be republican, by definition.


Ron Paul does not understand a border fence? Peace, love, people knowing god together, fence. Don’t you feel sorry for those mexicans sucked over into here. Shouldn’t they be concerned about improving their great nation?

Ron Paul should not be photographed at fast food places, gotta get fast food is bad, ended small eateries, reduced choice and standard of cuisine. Integrity. If I ran for president I would run against fast food and for good food, nutrition and health.

Occupy Wall St is becoming the democratic party, insofar as the party of the people: and the democratic party is revealed as an obstacle not conduit between the people and government and good interests.

The republicans do not know how to take on OWS. They are amazed and intimidated. It so much reminds them of the tea party, but even badder, if you can mean it.

Where is the spirituality best going to come from? The republicans, or Occupy Wall St?

What has always held society back is lack of literacy regarding the kingdom of god, or whatever spiritual terminology one makes relevant in daily life, to good purposes.

Republicans, I believe, are grounded in spirituality, yet removed by their plane from much spirituality. But they are aware of it.

OWS seems to have some spirituality in it, and it seems spirituality is more likely to come from them rather than from the encouragement by republican forces.

Chap 2

Michele said she would build a border fence. That is good. It is patronizing and condescending to allow the exploitation of poor workers, and assume they have no obligation to their country, or that they can’t make it in their country. That is an issue I agree with with her


Obama was a part of the success in libya. Lets remember he is following George Bush. Both of them seemed a bit threatened and coerced; though.

Ron Paul is the one choice. He has a plan, no one else does. The bottom line is not which plan, but what will work, because probably many plans can work. He doesn’t understand peace and love like he should, too much stock in the world on paper, needs to see a rainbow gathering; but his ideas and sensibilities are much much higher than the others.

He has a plan, the others are just trying to be president. I can see him following Obama. I really can. THe people who don’t understand him, his independence and inclusion, are the bad side of American politics. Again, he’s a little two dimensional, but he is by far the best and most cogent and event trustworthy.

Charactor is so important, because charactor can deal. Really we have to vote for charactor right? Charactor and making sure primary slates include charactors we like.

Of course one good thing about no one challenging Obama in the primary, is there will be a lot more donations for him, as he is the only democratic choice. Which is wrong, because he really has proven himself to be a .200 hitter. Yet maybe the bottom line is enough funds to beat the republicans. And yet I can’t see how democratic leaders don’t talk to him about getting his act together or country. Except that the elected official, is in charge, is the head of the party, so there is by this idealty, no democrat behind the scenes capable of talking reasonably with Obama. The way money really isn’t real, is on paper, is not used by the kingdom of god, yet the dems seemed governed in their campaign thinking, at least unconsciously, the way the elected official really need not be the head of the serpent at all, and surely someone got Barrack to stay in Iraq and bail out banks, playing by some arificial formal rules, Barrack has got to stay because it saves money and he is the one in charge, so its formality to try to stay in office. This is obviously flawed reasoning. For if you say the elected official is the party, don’t you realize how ridiculously that contradicts the notion of political party?

Chap 1

So first Bachman gets to the top, then Mitt takes over, then Perry, then Cain, then Mitt, with Paul closing around, and Santorum and Newt about— so the pattern is one surges to the top than drops back under scrutiny. Nice long race, being sneaky won’t win, getting along will.

The fact that they all looked weak, means startting weak is going to end strong, all the competition is very good.

What are the principle’s of Newt?

Perry is just there to remind you of how corrupted Bush was with the military industrial complex; which by the kingdom of god, may be discounted. Just how do they control these people’s minds. Does God go along with it to insure an evil world?

Why don’t the democrats challenge Obama in the primary? It would make the party stronger, right, exercise, practice. Any democrat looks more mature than Barrack, ok, maybe not that, maybe more seasoned, certainly Obama won Libya, after bush behavior abroad. Most democrats look good compared to Obama. Why isn’t he challenged?

It can’t be that he would be so easily defeated in the primary and the new dem party candidate would then be easy to defeat in the general election. Its because elections are so made up, by incumbent power, that incumbents aren’t challenged by their own party, they are their own party; and this makes sense only to people too close to it, step back and see offering slates of candidates is always a good idea. Likewise, more republicans should have challenged Bush.

I liked Mitchell Bachman, but then I am for the environment and abortion, that she has particular issues means she is like the tea party, which is an issue based party. If you understand what The Kingdom of God means, you know abortion is not taking a life.

Mitt Romney and 3.2 beer and stealing all the women so they can have many wives? Mormonism, god bless em, their bible says Jesus went around preaching against alcohol in south America as the crucifixion was just an end to his book there.

Herm Cain, relationships, and fast food? Where’s the integrity? Where are people running on the real issues, anti fast food, kingdom of god is real, agrarianism, local peaceful assemblies by people, letting people handle criminal matters? Let the courts handle treaties or analyze laws, and examine folly and corruption of officials.

Sabbath Remarks

October 3, 2011

Everyone is still, still, still, still. What do I mean by that? I mean the kingdom of god, inside everyone, is trained to not move, and be moved. When I paused to reflect upon the stillness, I am amazed by how much the people have not moved. The kingdom of god is not only still, but bound together by the nonmaterial world, to be stiller still. I can only take a breath and be aghast and amazed at the vasty stillness of the human race.

Linguists of the past decade ago liked to speak of absence and presence. Some things, some expressions, actions, had more presence, others had more absence; certainly, the stillness is bordered by absence, yet there is a presence. And yet there absence is absent of presence. So absence is more one than a unity of varied presences, because absence has a common denominator of less or nothing.

Sometimes people ask me what I have been doing. And lately I’ve been saying I’m a broker, and I’ve been brokering; but you know what? They know I am not a broker as they aquaint with the word they usually refrain from asking what I am brokering.

So I don’t have to explain to them that brokering is simple; merely hooking up sweet people who may cancel each other’s flaws, or finding people with similar interests and uniting them. That is all brokering is, at this point. And while these breaks I have brokering have made the sum greater than the parts; created a solace so sorely needed, done, what many said couldn’t be done: it is still hard for me to believe that these deals, these experiences that came about through me, as they should come about through humanity, for what does humanity do but catalyze and increase the situation in a good way: these breaks can not last, no deals last in this way without the rock of Gibraltar, the kingdom of god, factored in the equation, without the kingdom of god as a variable in the equation, as a number in the equation, as a function within the equation. Because the equation of earth, does have the kingdom of god in it. The kingdom of god is a prime part of earth’s equation, if not the most fundamental part; though the universe, the afterlife, as well as earth herself, and all her planet friends??? May be even more fundamental.

So the only way a brokered deal can hold, is with and in the context of the kingdom of god. If not, indeed, you want to and only can be a broker of god; you want to be God’s broker. However vague that term, none other can bestow more prestige; all these people brokering blue chip stocks, well ain’t none of that worth more prestige than god; and being god’s broker, the honor we all seek. No matter how long we have been in the box, we still want to be a broker of god and take god outside the box to show him how much better things can be if Humanity is good. There is only one real deal, and that is to figure out a better deal. Everything ungodly is not the real deal and may fail; but when the god of the real deal is incorporated into the brokering, a foundation developes of now, that protects the now, in a way the past doesn’t, nor an already sold future offers.

In light of :Occupy Wall Street; what light does it shine in a street known for walls; The ultimate deal to broker would be an organizing of what we need done; to a world without money; where we all, with experienced trainers and shared tools, learn and fix up all our homes ourselves, where producing our own food nearby is a common concern and interest, where mechanics and doctors, and skills in general, are valued members of the community and treated well for their skills; this is what class wants to broker.

And then look at what would happen. There would be no pornography, because as pornography is alleged done for money, and we lived in a society that valued time and not what is not necessary, and didn’t use money, and such, that no one would take off the clothes so.

And the system of local government, where officials make decisions for all, though they could ask the public’s decision on issues through peaceful assemblies; a normal process that must exist in the kingdom of heaven, and local officials know more than anyone the few deciding locally for the many is not natural: the planning, council, and working together, a community naturally does, ends local officials.

However knowledge of the kingdom of god is necessary for these changes. Yet I am kept from the kingdom of god, it is almost as if it is like some force is pushing me out of the kingdom of god. And certainly it is like you can demonstrate no more knowledge of the kingdom of god, than TV demonstrates knowledge of. Thus TV must proclaim the kingdom of god, and showing communities planning and working together.

The Kingdom of God is the way it is, even is the Way, per Taoism, yet purposely obscured by TV, and History with its legitamazation of a top-down pyramid structure. As real as the equation is, why its obscuring? Well that’s the metaphysic the real deal tries to work out; that is what we try to lay down to have dealt with. That’s what a polite lieutennant politely requests done. It is how deals pass that sell time.

I also have been learning how relationships, turn into a vortex where the one does not want the other to have a social life. They want you all for yourself. Marriage, and some relationships, are like a black hole, siphoning off society into a Nederland. If you wonder why more people don’t enjoy friendly bars or parks, if you wonder where they are, they are sucked into the vortex of an intimate relationship. And this is not something we go through alone, many people are going through this, people should unite and relate on this repression, and note the ruling through anger that exists, even though people are so high looking you could never tell they rule intimacy by anger, but that is the norm, and consistent with expressions of society, where falseness is flashed as good, and truth has dim lighting.

Now regardless of what you think of blacks, Hispanics, white, Asians, or Hindus; the forgotten man on earths shifting totem pole is the Arab. And the word Arab comes from “Ar” which means state, and “ab” as in abnormal, or rounded out of the usual; thus linguistically signifying and condemning an excessive state, and by exponate, top-down government in general; coming about in national socialism of Egypt, to today’s Muslim rule. Thus “arab” must stand for outside the state living, as there be official condemnation and value judgement against, the state, in the word “arab”. We must broker a life outside the state, based on agriculture, and render history, merely “his story” even as such more natural and honest state does not make “his story” as truth felt through honest living.

Living outside the state, is as simple as people getting along and making their world work, without money, through organization, and trust.

And yet we all have a responsibility to proclaim the kingdom of god, that we can work together; and note that hasn’t happened through a purposeful control that doesn’t allow such. We must divide what needs to be done, do what needs to be done, and not waste time on what economically not truly, exists. If a society is taking care of itself, then education becomes a community and guiding experience, rather than a brutally regulative one.

As we try to imagine a better and negotiating world, so we try to hear the higher powers say, “join us”, and imagine the world as we want it and better, I mean the power to manipulate the kingdom of god, must stem from microscopic strength. The kingdom of god, or spiritual truths must be proclaimed and uttered on TV, in the media, as the true majesty of media makes truth. And likewise, the legal system of the people be seen as where truth can make right. Regardless of what you think the point of the media be, to obscure truth or share truth; whether the media sucks in “his story” or is designed to refute “his story” and make a better truth; the legal system, in its study of itself, does proclaim truth and studied laws as a divine guidance. The legal system offers itself as a place for the truth to proclaim itself, make the world of the people and society better, and it must assume that rightful place from where it corrodes and struggles now. The legal system has the necessary self-identity, the media, intertwined with history has not grasped for and successfully wrestled.

Yet the savings and grace of the legal system, intended to redress grievances, of which there are a multitude, is not identified by the people to that calling; because the higher power, the kingdom of heaven, which controls us all, is so conformed to its metaphysical intent, that it may not veer and flow towards truth. Its simply not the way we think; because this way is made.

Yet ultimately and essentially, the final exponent of Christianity, and the current theme of history, is forgiveness. People are forgiven because there is the kingdom of god and that changes everything. Therefore since the people etc are innocent, being controlled and manipulated towards society and even sacrificial goals, who really is guilty? None other than the kingdom of heavean. Ultimately, essentially, the kingdom of heaven must be prosecuted, and is guilty, and must explain themselves and their behavior as any defendant in the legal system, just because the people didn’t do it, God did, doesn’t mean the principle of punishing the guilty is lost. Though no jail can hold the kingdom of heaven that doesn’t mean the idea of punishment, or the notion of the kingdom of heaven clearly explaining itself or the situation is an untenable ideal. It may be hard to imagine capturing the kingdom of heaven, but that is what zealous prosecutors do.

Thus the legal system must return to the people, and the legislative and executive, still be maintained, but checked by truth, through the legal system, even as to uphold the true justifications of behavior.

Yet the mass of humanity is trapped in marriages and families, a veritable vortex limiting human interaction. Salvation is only possible through strange friends, and the strange friends must prevail over the black holes draining society; naïve the belief two people may work out the problems of the world.

I’d also like to toss out that we are neither blacks or whites or rather that because we were once blacks, whites are really white-blacks.