Eastern P.A.

Most of the time, new jerseyans go to manhattan before Pennsylvania, so it was quite rare, the ascendancy and supremacy to Pennsyllvania over manhattan. Manhattan has a lot of energy because big media is stationed withing its midst. Pennsylvania is uptight, even negative, because of all the rocks in the soil. Compared to the sandy soil of south jersey, or clay soil with a good deal of rocks in north jersey, pennsylvania is a veritable mine of rocks and minerals; and the rocks and minerals beam up a negative energy the brains of pennsylvanians have merged with into the negativity, new jerseyans witness in nj; insofar reforming through sand be easier than through rock, such that is leant to, kind stuff. You have to have experienced pensylvanians to know what I am talking about. There’s something wrong with them. This is because of all the rock right under their soil.

Of course one can point this out and it is true and the pennsylvania people, very much the good guys and protagonistic unity one wants in the fight, and yet nothing be or can be done about it. Repeated, pointed out, tentatively acknowledged: but still very little can be done about it. Much the way little can be done about the big media influence on frenetic yet calm Manhattan. It’s also increasingly obvious Pennsylvania, New Jersey and Manhattan, are alternative universes, or parallel, but with some discrepancies; different nuance to same theme and idea.

So having figured out it is the rocks under the soil causing their penchants, I went to French Creek State Park; where it was so buggy, I had to keep swiftly moving for bugs danced round my hair and head, and even in the middle of the road perimetering the state park I stuck to to avoid the bugs in the forest, had mosquitoes and possibly gnats, following my head around, diving into my hearing ear, so without stopping I figured the only place to picnic be on the fire tower I high tailed it to, only to find that closed; well, such misery; and unlike the splendor to the trails of december and may visited. I saw myself as such a hero or having figured out what causes the pennsys’ craziness, the rock mines under the soil, but here I was in a pitiful scene outrunning mosquitoes, I lost seven pounds.

And I felt there is something here; not you; but a different reality dissapated all about, and attached to the lower metabolism of the real body. And to apprehend what happened, requires a mellowness, or even, I see now later, a self regulation, within the contours of the state of the kingdom of god, or state of god, and for the state of god, to apprehend itself, in a certain context here; requires a certain mellowness, or I see now later, a certain ghostliness, or I see now later, a clarity, a holyness, a vision; of the kingdom of god, in clarity and light, earth being of such good, as to be fully aware and recognizing that earth is good alive today now; and thats what we are all going through today ever. And what there is to tune into; perhaps a very real system; positied on the rare positivity of earth, practicing its benefit, today.

At some point the cognition of what is by what is here, is pivotal to approaching and dealing with the situation on earth. The self awareness of what we are going through is what is sought;; Even as being aware of the holiness, being what holiness deserves; even as taking care of the kingdom of god, be some daily passed responsibility. One might announce what is, and still not get too far, as the audience one big whole unsuitable for the enlightened task.

Just the awareness we are a critical holy clear mind united in going through today; well there you have it folks,, what I searching for, in the foggy mist or mind; in the extensions of mind. Now I see myself admist a state of holy triangles, and holy triangles are something. How much less does the earth require?

The next day it rained all throughout in pennsylvania. All we have to do is be respecful, of that which is ignored now, how quiet.

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