NBA Play-Off Notes

The literary nature takes the time the ceasar with his adjutants don’t. But sometimes things leap to the tarmac, duly recorded.

                                                                                     NBA PLAY-OFF NOTES

Bulls- Wizard   So much of the dc -chicago drama. Is Chicago able to control what they want in washington, by virtue of the chicago ring in the whitehouse? Is it their turn, and they are aquiesced to? Or do greater powers, and greater military influence, induce the chicago ring to bow?  It’s not an easy choice.   Likewise, as the whole is metaphysical, are there chicago metaphysics and more republican metaphysics, in which one can achieve the goal through metaphysical activity; which of course ultimately would be what any conflict between the two or more rings were or are.

So when we watch the series, if we do, I mean, you can just check in a view it for fifteen minutes and get an idea; 1) How effective is bull’s offense. 2) Offense is not as important as defense 3) Is the washington defense preventing anything? 4) It might be a sad game, in that both operating rings are fighting for such bad things. 5) Thus sadness and classiness might be seen

wizards in six

Chap 2

Wizards won in five.

A) in three of he 8 first series, the better team lost, the fix was in; for whatever reason, Portlands defeat of Houston, and The L.A. Clippers defeat of the Warriors, and the Brooklyn Nets defeat of Toronto, all had a worse team beating a better team.

B) Of the remaining series, many went to seven games. The Pacers beat The Hawks, San Antonio beat Dallas, Oaklahoma defeated Memphis. Throw in the fixed games, or so it seems, of toronto-nets and portland Houston, and you have six game sevens.

Now it looks like the seven game series were fake, as other than the suspicious games, the team with the better record won game seven, implying a pattern of creating game sevens for league interest, and then the better team winning.

C) THis is in response to the NFL. The super bowl winners are destined to win by metaphysical reasons. The Seahawks symbolized the desiny of Asia to dominant e the west coast as europe was bale to the east caost. The broncos sysmbolized how wrong it was to take the land from the indians, this is aout injustice and wrong being a destiny of america to recognize, for which you had dominant west coast teams.

If you go by this, Portland will win the NBA West

The western division is much better. The worst western play off team won 44 games. The worst eastern team won 34 games.

While this doesnt rise to the level of investigation reporting, it does rise to that rarfied air of diviner, or prophet, or augurer.

Let’s repeat
It was wrong to kick out the indians, for which the wild broncos did good. However the asians are the civilized cousins to the indians, as the european to the white man here, plus the fairness to asia influencing the west coast, means the seahawks of those northwest winds, symbolized the super bowl.

In which case, its not skill or talent, as much as the control or metapschic that creates this. The NBA is trying to respond to this nfl phenonoma.

In the opening game involving truer teams of the eastern conference, the underdog wizards, who are the better team, I believe, defeated the favored Pacers. But in the game
with a western conference fixed team who other teams lost to consistently throughout the season, the Clippers, defeated the Thunder; even though the thunder are pretty acknowledges as over three years, a great and best team.

If this pattern is followed, frankly it appears the nets are running with the pacers or wizards to drop off like a rocket booster, and so the clippers run along side Portland; like a conference second defending a first in larger play.


The rigged team has been winning, the ones who were lost to in the regular season, portland, and the clippers. Otherwise the wizards very much seem superior to the pacers; though the pacers made mincemeat out of the hawks in game seven.

The point to take away is this; If they can controll NBA games, they can control elections: That’s the serious side to this whole debate.

Chap 3) Miami is beating the helped team brookly 2-1, San Antonio is ripping the rigged team portland, 3-0; and yet, Portland would follow seatles suit, should blacks understand the manifest destiny of Asia in the west coast.

THE CLIPPERS, the team often lost to, are tied with oaklahomo at two games. oaklahoma is a very good team, yet they would let the clippers win in the spirit of MORE TEAMS coming up against miami, and strenghtening the alreadY much stronger western conference with greater market attraction, from more teams generating fame and interest; and the theory teams are basically equal, and it is professional to lose; as you are in league with other professionals regarding an entertainment product.

Indiana is beating wizzards 3-1, even though I have the wizards as the better team.


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