The revelation of white

This is the notion that everyone has their own trip, independent of me;

The Revelation of the collapsed galaxy

This is the notion of collapsed galaxies being around and having something, that explains our kingom.
You can not hear the universe can you? So then what would it say if you could speak for it? There are too many planets for one voice.
Thus the notion of a sheltered protected earth

The revelation of brains all over earth perceived only through imagination

This is the relevation brains attract brains, and how quiet a brainy existence on earth must be so as not to disturb the kingdom.
These are dark blue greyer somber colors.
Like tissues that seem to devolve and open up into others. Surely the exploration of the brain be one of the, studies of science and phenonoma

The revelation of Government

This the revelation that it is only the government that thinks or projects a false world, along with what I call, media and war: It is only government that does not understand the kingdom. It is only government that cries, when you would awake. So clearly the government must be reached, to clear this up; and from which perch, attract and entertain other perceptions of the true polity.


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