Am reading  “The History of Rome”by Theodor Mommsen, who like Jacob Burkhardt, is from the 1800’s of Europe, but focuses more on Historical Narrative, and transmitting the literary, theatrical, even metaphorical quality of History, than Burkhard who relies on cultural analysis, and digressions.

Picked up his narrative, which, starting from the destruction of Carthage, North Africa, makes it about the latter part of the Roman Republic, i started turning the pages, about Ceasar, and his leading a further transition from Constitutional Republic, to Monarchy. This is a very interesting period.

Ceasar was a politician first, who realized political reality required becoming a general, and then led his army against Pompei’s, as The Republic Imploded from the divisions of power required to rule so large an area. He wasn’t like Hannibal, raised by his father general on military bases.

His “advenntures” are remarkable.

OK, so copy momsen above, his story of illyria and Egypt then the mutiny and Egypt, like gospel. Then the stuff from facebook, then, how he cites lincoln as ceasarian out of worse consequences, the roman reversion to temporary dictatorship, or noting all the life long monarchy, that did evil, he calls it like the bible, can be used by the devil.
Suing for peace in the ancient world of ceasars war? And Sovereignty egypt under rome.

Then write about how he reincorporated like hannibal releasing prisoners

What he really did that was great, was that he made himself dictator. there was a tradition, cincinattus, 19 days farmer, but they are asked, he made himself dictator.


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