Understanding Rules

3) Likewise, the fee requirement seems to be something I would contribute to pushing this forward.

4) These are extraordinary experiences.

5) The crimes are easy to see, the judicial obeisance thereto, and the control of opposing party and the silenced.

6) This is pushed forward, to sink in, the way of right, for court is a right. If people have fallen along the way, then it is meant for the person who can.

7) This is pushed forward, as a right is stood up for, because the supreme court of N.J. is a percentage of Constitution, the constitutions give N.J.’s Supreme Court power, the supreme court is much less than the constitution. When we question the constitutional concentration of power, in few, as vulnerable to larger criminal network, the supreme court loses its right to deny the case a court.

8) This goes further. Government gives the constitution’s power; By definition government comprises the people for this. Government, in original form, is far greater than the constitutions. This issue is about government, and why the supreme court must entertain me.

9) Government should be sophisticated and not take things at face value, but aware of complexity.

10)         And because I am asking for very little, merely some help from the attorney general’s office to look into this thing, so I may open the flood gates of people I know who know, (and talk others in this light), determine the story, and explain the situation.

11)         Success then seems grounded in admitting, even dealing with, what is.

12)         Article 1 2a application to alter and reform government for public good, can be seen as the same mineral in the pushing forward of the rules.

13)         You have to know, and the structure of the rules of Appeal of Right seem to reflect, knowledge that the constitutional concentration of power in a few judges is harmful to the people, and government.

14)         Therefore the mechanism logically must not lie in your hands, to pull this further, but in my ability to push it further, meeting the appendix requirement to appeal.

15)         This core of government, is grounded in what naturally government is; an awareness of complexity, a concern and spreading to people.

16)         My appendixes will arrive shortly.


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