Julius Ceasar, or Jesus Christ?

Julius was assassinated, by widespread conspiracy, about 12 years before Jesus was born. Both had “last names” that were not real last names, but adopted. “Ceasar” is a name for “king” or “Dictator” and “Christ” is a name for a “real” or “saved” human. “Ceasar” might imply a certain genius, “Christ”, a more active state, than “being”.

Now whereas Jesus was born and heralded and searched for, as King of the Jews; Julius had to scrap and commit crimes and bribe and fight, to attain the position, Governor of Gaul. And whereas Jesus’s being King of the Jews, might have automated so ordaining of power and destiny, Julius had to fight 7 years in the gallic mountains against unruly, at least according to History, Gallic, Germanic, and later British Tribes. Nevertheless, Jesus, in his element, reigned as Supreme as he was, and Ceasar, defeated Gallic insurrections, each year, poising him to unite a fractured Rome, warring against itself, as other generals commanded their troops, to such loyalty as to fight other roman generals, commanding their troops, specifically, Pompei and Octavius. Thus while the faction of John the Baptist, pressed forth, to herald Jesus to greater success, the factions of Pompei and Octavius, pressed and forced Julius to triumph.

And yet both were pyrich victories. Jesus, led to Christianity, Ceasar, upon his death, to a Roman Empire; both of which had the same subtle historical goals of declining tribal life; of declining the paganism, that relied on tribalism, to be effective, and a real metaphysic. Christianity, accepts the state, as that contrary faction it may in theory overcome, and the Roman Empire, spiraled out of control and into the lower standard of polity, which to this day, good Christians, and good service, tries to oppose and forgive, in a more natural and godly morality, than an atheistic state.

John the Baptists heralding of Jesus, as more accepted holy men may do; is like Pompei’s mentoring of Jesus, until they were forced to fight, decades later. And yet it may be undeniable that life was better, before Jesus and Julius, that times under Pompei, and with John the Baptist, freeer and better. That both Julius and Jesus were vehicles that led to further oppression by historical structure, that while they were both very superior to their competitors in spirit and war; among if the greatest, of what they do, of all time; you can not deny, the Roman Empire, Julius enabled by holding together a Roman Republic fracturing apart from it’s size, was far worse than life in the republic; and that though Jesus be the perfect leader we sought; there have been no perfect leaders since then, so tight his domain he left..

John notes the Pharisees and vipers; pompei notes Rome fracturing and fissuring from powerful generals gaining loyalty from troops, via plunder of war; and both led to one greater and eclipsing. John reminds all of their common ancestor of Abraham, the good roman generals, reminded the people of the morality and diplomacy of the Roman Republic which united and created them. When Jesus was baptized by John, a dove flew by, saying, you are my chosen son, and Heaven opened up. Under Pompei’s mentorship, the governorship of Gall opened up for the politician and official, Ceasar, that would lead to his saga of holding together a republic growing too large, and prone to horrible civil wars because of it. Thus, their mentors, associated, with the path before their protégés. Ceasar was like the holy ghost compared to Pompei, and Jesus, to John as well, for they both had historical destiny before them, to become the best there’s ever been; even while that cult of greatness, in both case, had the tragic downside of making the known world inferior, to its pagan and pre-empire polities.

When Jesus says, “It is written, man shall not live by bread alone, but by every word that precedeth out of the mouth of god.” 1) He reminds us both Julius and Jesus, were established through books, gospels, and in Ceasars case, the notable history he kept and published of his gallic campaigns. 2) It evokes the sieges armies back then go through, the lack and primacy of food, and how spirit, and favor of higher power. It evokes how success is grounded upon the greater godliness; and that an army winning on its stomach, only half true; Spirit and divinity, being the other half. As Ceasar tried to subdue Gaul, where they lived on corn more than grain, he was not tempted to live and let live; but grow the republic for the glory of Rome. The Devil urging Jesus to prove himself by jumping from a cliff; very much the military axiom of Not doing the foolish thing. Jesus is all about resisting temptation; which a prime tenet of good generals.

Who can not see the similiarity between the Devil taking Jesus to a high mountain, and offering him the world, would he submit; and Julius, scaling the alps where the galls live and don’t like Rome, and wondering what to do. As Jesus chose the Lord, the jewish lord no less, and resisted temptation again; so Julius consistently reminds himself to behave, and not let the cruelty of war, enact his vengeance upon gallic towns and cities. Jesus offered a light, to the way of death of society; To be sure, Roman encroachment upon Gall, was no light, but a false one of historical significance, and yet Ceasar, did lead Rome to a pacified Gall, and then Rome herself, to civil order under his reign, upon defeating the other generals.

Jesus takes fishermen and makes them fishers of men. Julius demands soldiers and makes them soldiers. Jesus went to synagogues around Syria and Galilee and preached and healed. Syria was a known spiritual religious proud place. Julius went to Gall and Germany, france and Britain, not healing and preaching, but putting down insurrections and organizations and villians against Rome: Two totally different natures. Jesus, for his victories and demonstrations of Spirit, soon had people following him. Julius tried and did make friends with the numerous tribes of Germany and Gall, one by one. And yet, they would fall against him, under the leadership of militant bararians who would annually rouse against Rome, and did the people following Jesus around Galillee, continue to follow him? And weren’t the tribal distinctions to be dissolved by Rome, more and more, by state; and weren’t the people’s of Syria, uniting in following Jesus, and so forgetting the tribes they come from? In this sense, Jesus ruled not the jews, but peoples of Syria. And Julius, not the people of Rome, at least not until the tribes of gall were dealt with. Multitudes of people followed Jesus. Multitudes of soldiers, Julius. Jesus said, blessed were the meek. Julius, blessed loyalty and fortitude, with reward. Jesus blessed the humane and human side of character, the mourning, the hungering for righteousness, the merciful, and pure. Whereas Julius valued, strength, endurance, faith, and loyalty. And here they differ. The Julius men were about restricting themselves to prevail, doing great things, by being less; such; whereas Jesus proclaimed passion and character and fulfillment and manifestation, into the greatest and richest parts of character. Jesus was not about the sparse, but those living fully; whereas the roman ethic was quite a paucity, a hardship, a tradition of the nobility of less; that allows a constrained morality, wants propriety and form; has an absent dimension, to be sure, where Jesus had a dimension of spirit, so important to his followers, to transmit spirit further; yet the spirit of Rome, was to spread. Needless to say, the spirit of Rome, equated with the spirit of Christianity, equals the end of, and removal of, old ways; from hundreds of tribes around Europe, to medieval dark ages, why they called it the dark ages, no more tribes around Europe; and from hundreds of religions, a pantheon of palpable quiet phenonoma to unify and query, to the under ten major religions we have now. Needless to say the gospel is the story traveling, by foot, around the middle east; and Ceasar;s history, regard his traveling around northern Europe, with thousands of soldiers. So they say. So it is written.

So what is the relevance of this literary, historical irony? Coincident initials? Or historical design, revealing a pointed creation of history with irony in mind? Karma?

The forebearance, resourcefulness, spirit and discipline of Ceasar; the purity of Jesus: The Kingdoms of God and Heaven are important. The KIngdom of God, explains how History is possible. History might not reveal the Kingdom of God, and survive, in its nature; and that makes Jesus the potential gamechanging transcender he is and we aspire to; The Kingdom of Heaven, which John preached as well, as near, whereby, repent! for history is over soon, for a new reality, say you as an individual are done, and part of larger mind now. But the value of understanding Ceasar’s rival currency, is he is dealing with Crime; at several levels. War is a crime, making men soldiers a crime, plunder, keeping plunder, using it to bribe, to buy off whole people’s in exchange for their favor and popular reflection; Ceasar is about crime, and the perversions of politics war reflects. Now if we look at the earth and human beings about us; contradicted that be by media; there is not only the domain of the kingdom of god; apart, dwarfing, making irrelevant any other societal impression or creation; for in that ghostly so reality; all the crime, perpetuated upon, and corrupting perversity, that holds back the higher classes from a more sensitive history and ability; is within the ghost of the kingdom of god as well. Where John may preach the kingdom of heaven is near; and try that ploy to reduce society to pure righteousness; The proclamation of Jesus baptizing with the Holy Ghost, is the promise of the revelation of the kingdom of god to people, and that ghostly state revealed; for the kingdom of heaven lives in and with the kingdom of god, going all through earth’s diurnal course, minute and second by minute and second together, a great big one of humanity, living on its limitations together, both after and physical life.

We claim to look at this ghostly life, or at least feel its ghostliness; in that ghostliness a totally different way; a way as it really is, a way of less, but also a way where and how crime and all the bad things and bad ways and negative and way of dying, society and history be full of; even as history not reveal the kingdom of god, and therefore the extent of crime, perversity, and degradation unrealized, and yet to be revealed, as a political concern and reality; it must be seen as parcel to a spiritual reality, parcel to a state or kingdom of still, ghostly, being. All sorts of things are done to this state; things that are secret, like that state itself, to history, ostentasibly: Nor can that state rise above itself and confess or take responsibility; for it is not allowed, and frustratingly denied, as contrived status that is.

Thus, were one, to confess: to me: I would help show how it involves the many in this state. Any confession to me, of guilt, responsibility, would lead to an exposure of the way and whole, and a whole network of worst crime, enabled like history and society through the kingdom of god that can put on the show, humans can not; would cease. We live in a world, where crime is all about, classes, allegedly controlled, jobs based on conforming to this way; pornography, and all that is unknown to the media, yet is; and though these offenses exists, parcel to a state of the kingdom of god, that is not spoken of, they are almost not felt, or revealed: because they are not known by media, and media sets the dimensions of discussion. So how can one confess, even the sins upon me, let alone all, unless Heaven allows it, or the requisite seriousness conducted?

Must it be done in the highest rarfied echelons of Society, like the judiciary, or pinnacles of religion, or town meetings? For society flows from there, what trickles down, or has trickled down, like it or not, we subsist on. And what seems and is said to be, really isn’t; and what and how really is, not known. Oh, there is negotiation, I pray to Heaven, but what exactly do I pray for, and how can the haze occur? On the one, I pray some reveal the wrongs put on through them, put on because they are the kingdom of god, and many are implicated, and so they will need help, and so I will show them what really is, and possible know how to create some better reality. This is the metaphor for ceasar,trying to work with the different tribes of Europe, trying to gain movement, through this and that that may enable it.

The problem is that there is no confession, for such the way, of crime, behind the scenes, critically unreported, through further control, would cease, and a new reckoning again. The tribes, though, Ceasar faced, fought, made friends with, their names suggest own pagan ways. The Nervii, well, focus on the nerves with friends and what makes seem, and what shock the pressure upon the heart. The Aduei, can we say good by and stay, can you leave? For from there, that salvation, not of justice, but pure, but Christian, and of terminology, rather than group discussion.

So one knows of bad things I may reform; But one is hard pressed to say so, not out of fear of implicating many, not out of lacking trust in me; not in the illness and finess of creation; but in that the way, outside History, but secretly effecting History cease, and a new reckoning begin. Julius would look at the world and try to straighten it out, figure out what is really going on, be motivated by the recognition and knowledge, crime goes on through the kingdom of god, reform and spirituality go together, a spiritual nondeceptive government is possible. Jesus would look at the world, see the dualism between god and man, see the skitzophrenia, the knowledge of a secret world, osmosized with God causes; yet critically have, not necessarily the divinity of a winner, but the ordination of Heaven that comes with the Jews being the father of your creation and design, the lord intervenes for Jesus, whereas Ceasar represents, like John the Baptist, the sweat of the brow, the innovation of the man, the feeling and compassion that leads to success; should we generalize.


Healing, jesus, conquer, fortitude, governor not gall equals campaign. divinity close to chest.
Healing people through Syria, like conquering galls, fortitude and skill, superiority, divinity. The aquitani: To acquit someone, basic justice, basic spirituality, point out kingdom of god, the body, how it’s controlled, so individual, 1, a part of everyone, and 2 not that body, or at least merely operating that body. Likewise, the belgae, the beautiful, if one is to be beautiful, one must be explaining how earth and humans really are. This honesty is pagan essence, or foundation to there thereof, and you explain to someone how no one did it. To get out of the state of injustice to the state of justice. Ceasar and Christ, their world hasa proximity to themselves, close to them, their world emenates from. How do you describe the world in appealing terms. It is more the lack of apprehension by the listener. There’s a lack of apprehension of the same thing, beauty describes. For the individual today, is bogged down, in his primary identification as a reproducer, without apprehending what is reproduced, maybe that is the context facilitating ablest communication, and yet that is hard to apprehend, what we do as reproducers. Reproduction, is what we are resisting, a knowledge of what we reproduce.

Able communication is like moving to a new area, which is what the warlike helvetti did. The helvetti,has rich men, 12 towns, and 400 villages, if you believe history.

A subtle shift in leadership, from one unruly gall to another, can make a difference in the heart. Perhaps it is shifts in the heart we seek that understands what we produce. A shift in heart to certain understadings, whereby the listener, hears better, as my heart climbs up to my left ear. We understand speaking truth is important. An evil rich man, tried to lead to the helvettie to war, and they found out he was crooked, the penalty for which, being burned alive, in chains, his ten thousand supporters came and escaped him, but he apparently soon committed suicide. Perhaps this requires a magistratial air. THis removed sense signifies the literal difference, a bush or Obama can have on our herts.

The change in heart, that realizes a criminal doesn’t have to be caught to talk. ANd yet this way, of sacrificial justice, is exactly that. It goes on, they get caught, and then they need help. IF only we could have a change of heart and talk about this, before their claim by history is manifest. So the Helvetti journey, ornery, strong, looking for trouble, leaving their homeland to look for trouble, and take over somewhere, and Ceasar governor of gall, hears about this, and like a juvenile outwitting a nine year old, takes out a bridge, intending to cut them off, and so, we try to shift in our heart to a more apprehensive place, my god the word apprehensive itself, needs to change, letters drub off my heart, congeal have to talk, yeech————————————————-How to change my heart?

As predicted, CEasar, in third person in book, told their envoys, who got the job, if you can consider it a job, their richest men. Don’t know why they didn’t send the poor and normal. Probably because this is historical, and history, when not flowing through the state, flows through the rich upper class, so the upper class is more corrupt, and prone to controls and marks, that may make them prone to war; having been hurt as a child perhaps; So Julius, who is probably doing this for profit, but it’s his history book, says, no, you can’t march through provence; I don’t trust you, and you guys were rude to a counsel of mine a few years ago, nor nice to one of our armies, now that I recall. Now if the envoys were poor, they might have given their word on safety and the oath mean something; or gone back and said to the guys, we should go home, or sneak by another day, though that may have effected their pride; lord knows how played historical tribes can be.

But what happened, Ceasar fortified the river area, and the Helvetti, had to say “hell” and go through the mountains, on a path so thin, it required the attention of the sequestri locals there, who declined to give it as well, perhaps Ceasar coerced them? Would it be in his history book? The helvettie, appealed to the adieu to help. And this is where it stands. Hell of course, a horrible ejaculation, insofar it’s hard to escape, which is why treat yourself well. Now, this is what happens. There are people all around they are moving them. This is some bypass of vic

It being Ceasar’s first year on the job, he still doesn’t like them coming closer to the subjected or conquered French lands of tribes, and quickly home to rome and back with a few more legions. A few gallic tribes try to stop him on the way back, they merely delay him a week. When he returns, the helvetti are pillaging everybody, several tribes, in each direction. Is this pretext romans make up? Are the helvetti condemned and doomed to slings and slingshots whose volley return are boulders of Rome? Is this sacrifice of an army? Is that the metaphor? or dark etchings upon roman brick rock? Step into the earth? Chilling, the sense of the metaphor, history, we’ve become numb to.

The plundered tribes appealed to Ceasar for Help, according to ceasar, and Ceasar defeated them, and they took and eventually ceasar tracked em down, and they sent their rich envoys again, offering, we’ll go where you tell us and stay there for peace. The Romans, and Ceasars great uncle had suffered a defeat by then a few generations ago; so like Iraq, this might have been of payback for fighting Iraq 1, Bush’s dad.But he l

Ceasar doesn’t let it go. The condemned tribe is very sad. Ceasar admits he is indigant of the defeat some generations ago. But he laughs off the haughtiness with the old, canard, fortune piles high upon the wicked, so when fortune changes, they will be hurt more.

So the Helvettie take off, and the romans follow 4-5 miles behind; one rear guard, and the other advance guard, skirminshing along the way. The morale that one false victory, does not equal a stronger team; when their rear quard defeated roman calvary; tended more battle, than wise for the helvettie, who should have just led them on a long march through the woods of Germany into Russia or something. So the cars are spent by. Obviously some rate inside my head needs to be typed tobe true.

We must spend an evening, evening a shift in my heart. We must spend an evening, how easily death can be accepted, we must spend an evening acquitting everyone. This is serious, and now that I’ve got tommy, we’ve got explore; yet there is noTommy. But today we feel the frank damage to earth, environmentally, pressing up against, as if that is where success is grounded in, and that is where we go; restoring a natural world. ……

The adieu tribe, says goodbye to the people for the world of the mind about that must help


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