The Gall of America

The Gall of America

The long haired, tough, and flawed, Galls lived in North Italy, Switzerland, and parts of Germany, France and Austria. The only successful opponent to the Roman Republic, the numerous Gallic Tribes, became consistently defeated and troublesome to Rome; often becoming their allies, against further tribes. Caesar offers a few page description of their polity in his Book The Gallic Wars, where he describes his and Rome’s efforts to provide peace in the regions of Gaul. It is possible to wonder if Caesar disparages the Galls to promote The Roman Republic. No doubt there were perjorative jokes about the galls in the Roman Republic.

How America is like Ancient Gaul?

1) There are pointed factions in every state and village and district. “The leaders of these factions are the men who in the Gaul’s judgement are thought to have the greatest authority”. Our High Schools and Colleges are like this. Maybe the Galls lack of extensive structured education, steered this social structure into their society. Maybe that is the way for people of families to naturally bond socially, a natural structure to society, requiring common living together; thus indicating some communism or spartanism or time manifestation where provisions and production brought people together. “the conclusion of all actions and counsels is referred to their decision and judgement.” There is a ranking, or hierarchy, and pressure on the pride to protect his people from oppression or fraud. This is like the rabbi system in Judeasm where to be a rabbi, one must speak for several. Except the Galls tended to pick the tougher people to make decisions. And maybe this is not right. For the Hebrews seem to encourage intelligience to drift up, and Gauls, personality, wisdom, and mystique.

2) Like the whole of America, the whole of Gaul was grouped into two parties. Yet where America’s division is unto two political parties, Gaul’s division is rendered by two large states within Gaul. The Adeui, who long ruled more, were recently supplanted by the Sequani in prestige. However Caesar worked it back to traditional Aduie dominance, and the Remi, came in and replaced The Sequani in second place. This leadership or loose federation with a small focal of dominance, looked after the many tribes within its structure. The Republic maintained good relations with each protector, who then represented the feistier tribes to Rome to ensure Rome treated the questioned tribes well.

This was very much the concern of the constitutional convention, regarding the small states, versus large states debate. In general the fuss about national government was to insure a peacetime prosperity Europe never had, by weakening the states and strengthening the national government. This worry and concern, as we try to grab what would have happened, shows in this portrait of Gaul; whereby a few powerful large states, like Virginia or Pennsylvania or populous Massachussets, is able either through factional alliance with other states, or strictly through itself, to achieve a dominance over the weaker states nearby; pointedly manifested as a dominance in international relations. Diplomacy thus defining power, as shifting situations, character. America has had no dominance of a few states over a several, this was the worry, Gaul did, and there were more wars. The Galls are a classic example of a hardy unruly people who might well have needed greater federation or national government. America had an unruly and hardy spirit that I pray lives on today.

While maybe 20 % of American Males have long hair, and that if you see hippie rainbow circles, in the rainbow, a hippie term and reference, is where that hardy pride and foolish pride, live; a protected, viable and imperfect subculture of America.

Like Rome, which had a two class society, which enabled a latitude to the lower class whereby school-like society dominated, undulating into a Gaul whose political principle is based on the concept of the coolest guy, or toughest guy or smartest guy. The American Concept here, is that in a good household, in a good company, in a good land, the cream could rise to the top, and the better people natural dominate wisely; that is the motif to business: Successful operations run by superior people. The better, more trusted, doctors, are better people.

“In the whole of Gaul, two types of men are counted as being of worth and distinction. The ordinary people considered almost as slaves: they dare do nothing on their own account, and are not called to counsels. When the majority are oppressed by debt or heavy tribute, or harmed by powerful men, they swear themselves away into slavery to the aristocracy”… who then lead their retainers into war. Yet not how relatively accessible are the councils. If America protected its peaceful assembly right in the knowledge peaceful assemblies are where local issues can be decided by the people; thus implementing a bottom-up power structure, where the people can direct the few in power how to act. This, of course, is what the Senate argues against, in paean against the wiles of the mob, and easily influenced people, now and back then.

Of the two types of men of distinction. Druids. And Knights. Druids are kind judiciary. point of sacrifice, todays papers not seen as point of fear, more nature, more fearful, less healthy environment, less overt fear.

Status, in ancient Gall, was determined by how many friends you had over at the house. Entourage, effective help, and societal leadership generated thereto; And this kind of prestige wasn’t inherited. Each generation begins anew, in each of galls many tribes, to win friends, and influence people, show courage, and demonstrate wisdom, end problems, and lead somewhere. In this sense, America could reshuffle, each generation, if they all stepped out, at a certain point in time, of their houses, and walked around, and agreed no one owned anything, and then the most charismatic, or those known to be of the best character, would lead about what happens; and of course, resistance would be good, and hopefully wise. Factions would arise to oppose the most popular and effective; who principled in popularity and effectiveness, wouldn’t want so much; indeed, the limits to what one heart can take over; the folly of one heart representing many, or very many, is most known by gall. Dreams of great conquerors are laughed at by the truest galls, who merely wanted to control some very little, completely, and well, to the benefit of all. A fiefdom, more than enough, one house, or at most, merely several, together, and perhaps some field access and those who like to work; this humility, of running a little, well; parallel to the city state, nonfederal polity of the greek-city state. For this zest to work, everyone must agree, ownership of property is best done by those deemed to have the qualities of the best owner. The rich, theoretically, would be chosen, in a sense, compete to be voted rich.

Let’s just look at two things here. The first is what does this image of gall, of village prestige look like? The answer is crime, in the sense there is no lawful authority to stop the dominance of the charistmatic and prevalence of personality. Charisma is the law enforcing, whose morals, can then be defeated by the more law enforcement and charisma. This is a world of sense, with law; productive effect, without distinctive form, beyond, of course, the quest for personality derives. And in some ways, this culture descends from Athenian crime. Yet constitutions, may not have been had by Gallic tribes. Though there was a senate among a tribe, easily enough, law through writing, was far less known.

Then too, what other images are suggested here? Of humility, that powerful as history requires foolish people to lead, no superior person should control to much, but establish a little dominance, and from there; factions opposing, and from there, where does the best leadership come from, and all along side this, daily local councils whose attendance be required by half, even as all are welcome to attend. The image stands for the subtle power of humility mid a history of sophistication. With the galls, even vanity, is pointedly pointed out, as a fallible, tragic, quality. That pericales whipping up pride with funeral oration, false and sick humour; a tragicomic sense that lingers on, through the working, of America.

I can hope you see these gallic values as consistent with people who counted time by nights. Perhaps, sleep warmly by day, and stay warm with activity or fire, by night.

Perhaps, too you can see, how the gallic tribes accedes to History, and what is second rate, to history, not necessary, second rate, to truth, or powerful knowledge; thus, places around here, or ancient gall, would put their heads together, and say to we have to do that history requires; what do we have to put together to conform to history, and then as a people, give history the scene it demands; the point is the people unite in producing it; and therefore that is how the countryside and free air all benefit from, better protected. Galls would know if patronage was practiced, jobs for some fascist structure, but behind the scenes fascist structure. At the same time, adherence to a complexity resulting in such long weeks, refuses common sense; thus the fascism is not grounded in salvation here, the way it was in Gaul, one hopes, had greater understandings of the whole, that allowed the whole system to work, and produce, and get along; and giving in to History where required; but otherwise thinking in daily circles as a tribe, elemental democracy.

Capitalism like History, Appearance of wealthy who control everything; so people play em, and act it, but really, the behind the scenes know.

Gallic values, calm, modest living, daily circles. These are American values; before America got mucked down by federal and even state, government. TV is then seen away diverting energy, from dice and card games, the galls were prone to. They valued factions, for effective opposition to power; that both propped good power, and attempted to organize better, perhaps like loose and shifting fraternities. In a way, this is the theory of factions implicitly supporting other factions in the general spirit of the game; a uniting overall belief in the spirit of gall; rather than the American factionalism no one likes of liberal versus conservative. In this sense, the idea of allocating a state for liberal values expression, and one for conservative ways; would be quite Gallic. It would also be further ironic, were they bound by some pact of loyalty to each other, from origin or not, despite their current differences. I think though, that those favoring a working out of this division, will find a third tribe in the mix, the democrat: Who might unfathomably be opposed to the electric car, or honest resolution repented in general. And conservatives won’t want them, the conservative test state would be bogged down in worrying about its fanatical right wingers, or mandatory gun practice.


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