Internet Sports Betting in N.J.

Governor Christie’s offense, is pushing through sports betting in New Jersey; when, through decades old act, only four states are allowed to offer sports betting.

This could be about secession, how the federal government can not make decisions for states, as States are closer to the people. And yet the federal government may be able to protect the people, from State government, through the 14th amendment. N.J., has a historical legacy to Secession, insofar, the Jersey Plan goes.

Even though there were no huge problems upon secession from England, the leading men of the states, thought it safer to unite, than let each state have too much power. In this constitutional debate, there was the Virginia Plan, which we have now, and the Jersey Plan, which advocated a federal judiciary, that approved treaties, much the way, the Roman Judiciary, was required to approve legislation. Criminal Matters would be heard by the states. And ethical and legally principled issues, debated through federal Judiciary. States would have been allowed to make treaties with each other, and trade pacts, both of which they are not allowed to do now, and the jersey plan, would have had those pacts and treaties require judicial ratification. The Jersey Plan, potentially could have included, state legislators appointing congresspersons and Senators, and thus state national representatives, would vote the way the state government desires; then there may would be more friction between states and regions.

So Internet Gambling in N.J., may not be about gambling, alone; but state’s rights, as it  plays out in court, where our  governor is unabashedly taking the ball.

Gambling per se is an iffy proposition. For one thing, any understanding of the kingdom of god, and kingdom of heaven, points to Sporting Events, being controlled by the Kingdom of Heaven. You are not betting on what it Appears, you are betting on. And yet Sports Betting is ultimately superior to any other form of gambling, so far the pretext of being smart enough to predict future events, prevails to be a challenge to mental abilities, more than games of chance. One might venture poker is the greater challenge to character; but in sports gambling, you just relax and watch the game, there’s no one else directly betting against you being an asshole or jerk, it’s just you and the house; and while the house is by no means the purest of creatures, at least it is removed enough so, that personal irritations of another, never manifest.


What I am trying to say, is Sports Betting is like competing against yourself, like running.

There are inherent problems with state government getting involved with gambling. While state run lotteries have always prevailed, I am irritated when we go to upstate ny, where video screens of chance grace bars, so bars allow the state, gambling action. I do not go to a bar to be distracted by Keno screens. Preying upon the drunk for lottery tickets just further corrupts the state.

The problem with sports betting, is you can lose too much money; and that can feel bad. Thus it is important to use caution. I participate in an internet site, which accepts one dollar bets; and thus I can test my knowledge of sports and gambling, with just one and if I’m confident, two dollar bets. This is very important. Gambling, or at least sports betting, like any trade, or profession, is something you grow in comfort with every year of practice. Seven years of practice, in any trade, should be superior to three, and inferior to seventeen. And like any trade, there is a spiritual path, and inner cordon of enlightenment or salvation available and sought. With gambling, its through hanging on, and getting good enough, whereby you can unite with other gamblers, and make money, and do good things with the money; but even more so, balance those benefits with acts aware of The Kingdom of God, which is the foundation of wise betting, anyway. That way, the house won’t get upset about the pay-outs, because the transcendence, of application of knowledge of the kingdom of god, beyond gambling, through the actions of your associates, will karmically ripple back to benefit the house in a more cool enlightened salvation than it may be now. For there is no way to consistently choose winners as an atheist.


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