Feminism and Facism

1) Feminism and Fascism are very similar. For instance, Feminism is up against the oppression of women through objectification, lack of respect, and spirit….or whatever….Feminism is up against the oppression of women, as defined, regardless. Fascism is up against oppressive systems as well. Fascism, like Feminism, is authentically dissatisfied with the world, or aspect thereof, and therefore seeks spirit and means to correct oppressive forms.

2) Both Feminism and Fascism are short term expedient means that should expire upon fulfillment of goals. This involves some redefinition of fascism as short term expedient, means, perhaps undesirable, out of the necessity compelled by unsatisfactory situation.

3) This means should pornography and whatever effects that not quite right emphasize on this and that, rather than elbows or feet, or ears, is corrected; the spirit of feminism will change; it may be able to be less shrill, resort to less sexism in its own right, and command and attract a more middle of the road popularity. The same is true with fascism understood this way. Say the fascist is disgusted with the corruption in government, and lack of community about; and he changes those things; well, now the world is better, and one can be less fascist about it; some order has been restored; the cause is less passionate now, thank god; calm and peace, abound about.

4) Both female and fascist movements, have had more success in classical times; when things were tribal; and change based on merit, and ability; of course the odds in pagan times may have been greater: But in modern times, in Judeo-Christian times, the suffragette movement, burns forth, and gets the vote; The ERA movement of mid seventies, is looked at, and not treated as serious or needed enough; whereas the symbolism alone is enough to entertain seriously the idea. Likewise, Fascism, really hasn’t done anything in America, and since the fifties, and the rise of communism, almost permanently downgraded to some bogeyman status. Yet, like those examples of feminism, fascism, by my definition, is a short-lived expedient movement; like a dictator might solve problems quickly, but who wants to live under a dictator long, (and aren’t the presidential terms, outrageously too long and boring) it’s not the ideal solution or desirable; whereas likewise, the four year presidential term was devised for the expediency of security, not desirability.

5) Then of course both feminism and fascism has this cool controlled anger behind it. And it’s important for both fascists and feminists to swear they don’t really mean to hurt anyone.

6) I think both forms are prevelant to local, not national, conditions; despite history’s story; and both seek a divinity grounded in spiritual understanding, for godliness is the most peaceful way to progress in politics, and socially.

7) What is it that causes the oppression of women? What is it that causes our political oppression? Metaphysics. Success, is based on wisdom. Fools sell out causes and faiths.

8) Both are grounded in authoritarianism. Authoratarianism, is where the authority for one’s action, one’s self, or authority in general, like courts, or employers, or friends, socially, as it exists, justifies their behavior if questioned. The idea of authoritarianism, is that it the acts of authority can be questioned, and raised, and if not justified and explained, then the authority itself, loses its right to have authority.

9) I mean both suggest one doing something about something: Both are about taking action in trying circumstance, raising spirit, coalescing right minds; seeing where the tributaries of concern lead to; having the concerns of community in mind.

10) Indeed, the paths diverge here and regroup later, on several counts. A) Fascism is more authoritarian than Feminism, in that the control that emphasizes the reproductive parts of females is metaphysical. And metaphysical control, is the essence of totalitarianism. There is no one to appeal to. No authority answers. One searches God, or Goddess, and there is no congealed authority per se, that rises to help, in modality-authority-familiar/with, conscious of, as authority in society is set up. And yet, by same token, our polity is totalitarian, insofar inexpliquable events ocurr, people question and want change; yet no change happens, and more so, no authority stands up and says “No” or “I am standing against Common Sense”, and then says why, and justifies such, honestly and actually and exactly. So even when people stand up to this totalitarian polity it is hard to shake the totalitarian shackles around them. Their consciousness is limited, by what unofficial, yet really, secretly official, media projects. They are limited, by not being taught thinking together, being told what to do, ignorance of the kingdom of god, lack of cultural emphasis upon spiritual paths. These limitations are totalitarian as well. Feminists are leaders of all women in particular, or, like all good fraternities, so they claim; the way fascists, or people trying to do something about a trying situation, are the advent of everyone, ideally—-so naturally both, successful, conclude on notes of restoring power to consensus, truth, thought, knowledge, analysis.

10a) Yet the control upon women, is on each; and the control upon one’s thoughts, is on each; and both have individuals of verying degrees shaking the controls; yet still, in spirit, we all understand, it is upon each. The enlightened should not think anyone is not capable of rising. Some are there, when freedom breaks, ready to love, and some will need to be loved, to overcome what has happened. And yet it is easier for the women to embrace all women, than the fascist to embrace mankind. The male may have a natural antagonism, the oppression of women, metaphysically, may have rubbed out there.

11a) and 11b) That tribal practice of tribal circles, of which half the gallic town formally had to attend, and all else welcome to join in: Most advanced the means of merit and wisdom advancing. These circles in gallic villages, according to Ceasar in his account of campaigning there, were daily. That to ground feminism in authoritarianism, feminists and their ilk, must take care to stand behind what the say and project, respond and take down the questions of those who don’t understand. If there is nothing but vapor behind the words, the words don’t mean a thing. They say one’s image can shake one’s ideas, but feminism requires human faces behind it to advance.

12) Feminism hasn’t changed much; though thankfully we are now more exposed to working with women, than before, and that is a very good thing, per their ability to supervise, and be trusted. But authoritarianism dictates, that for feminism to change something; a feminist must stand out and stand up and speak the truth; and then she must be challenged, by the status quo, and then she must withstand the challenge, and then defeat the challenger; it requires a face, faces; and then things may change, when the people see the world standing up to one women, and failing. Without a face, and without challenge for that face to respond to, there is no change. And of course, this is a basic model or modality of fascism. Indeed, allow me a little sexist humour; “fascism” comes from “fasces” meaning sticks or rods, which signified the might of the chosen counsel. Back then, Rome didn’t trust one president, so elected two, and they would alternate being in charge, day by day, who held the fasces, was dictator constrained by senate, that day.

13) Fascism, Feminism, as means to ends, realize, objectification, more important things than sexuality, protecting sexuality, treating sexuality with the admiration or respect it deserves, and a people being able to reason together, and estimate it’s own chances; these concerns lead to group focus, not individualism; communion with “God”, not hard legal matter. Thus they intend diffusion of power. A long term dictator, why would he be a dictator, unless the results were so great, or he leads to gentler means, and finer polity.


2 Responses to “Feminism and Facism”

  1. Mark Says:

    Sir, where are your sources? Are these opinionated or paraphrased? If it’s the latter, could I please ask for the links? @@ Thanks!

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