Honesty and Due Process, in Civil Court

Motion for CASP or Pre-Argument Conference
To Court:
It is obvious Defense is lying, and they have to work with me, as honesty and civil recourse, cure. There are RICO violations here; but the principle of civil due process, is destructive nature deep down, wants to go straight. I am not an atheist. Justice and Peace, requires Truth. And truth here predicated on a divinity, faith will examine in CASP or Pre-argument conference; the opportunity for natural honest consideration of this absolutely destructive situation of pedophilia and prostitution rings, ability to control judges, and widespread oppressive conspiracy: Things one couldn’t clearly desire. Settlement, predicated on Honesty, Honesty, aimed at reform, is vital to due process. Spiritual vitality may be explained in pre-argument conference. Criminal nature has avoided parley. I facilitate my motion for settlement or issue conference with material facts of issues involved we would discuss in resolving the matter. PA 94,363,180

Options, thinking, examined, as family, concerned citizens, seeing Truth, with some greater divinity of good will in the dark universe. The oppressed lack the community honesty requires, and a connection to universal good. Many were a positive part of my life. What happened? Settlement explains, and entertains the option to unify or help, oppressed.. A critical mass of care and concern and community, is essential to turn Mark (and others) to honesty, options, security. Raising a Scope and Decision protective of siblings, could join me in recovering money and rectifying the situation. They do not have the capacity to manage their affairs without me. Recognize my guardian-nature, with the right to cure tragedy, civil court intends. Again, the problem, that this is widespread, is also the solution. Opportunity, balance and heals, the Tragic.
Whatever impedes the natural and necessary sensible conversation that should have flowed from this scenario, in other people, doesn’t flow through me. I want to discuss the issues, a real need and relief. Settlement is based in Honesty: Civil Court, a mandate, for Honest Resolution: A basic point, opposing counsel never demonstrated, managing the scope and decision, in the interests of Mr. Garvin and the monitors and enforcers of my family and friends, and others, CASP or pre-argument conference may remedy.

There has been so little honest dialogue that we haven’t looked into the honor of the state in this matter, for instance, in discounting my leadership and protecting criminals, or originating crime. Is lack of apology due to the will of higher design, or sexual abuse has so hurt them; or is the point of totalitarianism, release upon understanding? In which case, healing grows from avoiding bad influence. We must show them, their immorality. Let them help.

The matter happened so easily, because society is imposed upon The Kingdom of God. Working through these issues, requires getting there.

It is not just Mark and Veronica, but the people behind them, and government whom the piths of issues resolve benefits They have not negotiated because no judge pointed out to them what they seem. My safety and others, is a compelling concern perhaps better broached through conference, than Judge. Honesty is the condition for civil settlement right? Is Honesty the condition for Civil Court? Is their control of Mark and others, judges, so tight? Indeed, is the hurt of being forced, in totalitarian society, keeping them from apology, and is this in harmony with a metaphysical control of Earth? Do we have a vehicle that gets us closer to a truth, and the truth providing perspective upon tragedy? (Per grounding in harmful sexual deviance, treated with twelve steps, over the enforcement).

Mark’s and his culture’s experience, may have halted his communication here, yet the mystery is how so much communication by so many is halted? CASP or pre-argument conference regarding, can provide the communication missing. If Hiding behind the courts shows the courts and jurisdiction precipitate solution, a future.

Vic Fedorov Appellant Pro Se
219 Yardville-Allentown Rd
Yardville N.J. 08620
201 232 1154


1 Overview
1 Procedure
5 Material Facts
9 Immunity and third party liability
11 Paragraph 2a
12 1rst, 10th amendment, totalitarianism
12 Safety, Honesty
12 Pedophilia, Addiction
13 Terror
13 Defense Decisions
13 My Siblings Interest
13 Criminals
14 Sacrificial Design
14 Atheism a Mistake
14 Societal Context to Crime


I have always simply sought honesty and good faith in this matter of Vera’s estate and death. Being unable to achieve such, forced me to go to court; Denied such, and Discovery, in Lower Court, CASP conference, and/or pre-argument conference to review complex issues, may achieve what I seek.

Widespread conspiracy, corruption, requires reform. Suffering, and oppressing actors – who can desire such life? The Kingdom of God, both reassures us, and shows, why and how this tragedy exists.

Hiding behind the courts, and criminal nature, the defense, has not mediated at all, resisted my leadership and trust.

Mark’s psychological state, the guardian nature to my regaining family, safety, a reasonable future, were neither apprehended, nor concerns, of Defense Counsel, and Judges.


Since 2005 I made a full time commitment to the trade, of Organic Growing, through my small business, and other farms. Vera was a quadriplegic at the bottom of the stairs of her house in Princeton, the night of August 17th 2010, and discovered there Friday 4:15pm. It was disturbing that since Veronica had lived there with her family since that, June, only moving to Hoboken on Aug 15th, and Mark managed with her in Hoboken 5 properties, they did not call her nearby friends, concerned. I immediately came from working a farm in NY State; and was by her side, including nights, 40-80 hours a week until February. We were very close, and I had helped her for years and months with business, household, personal and travel matters. Now anxious and traumatized, I would calm her down at Kessler Institute for spinal research, as records would show. She passed March 22, 2011, in other suspicious circumstances, at Princeton Hospital, in the early morning when Veronica was visiting her.

May 15th and May 22nd, 2011, Mark showed me a trust document allegedly signed by Vera July 20th 2010, which I was unaware of, and a will, drafted in 1994, signed by her Oct 7 2012, with no lawyer signature, and the two witnesses, hospital administrators, not credible friends we know.

Both documents slanderously alleged I was mentally ill, which everyone knows is not true, or the way we related. I had no incidents, complaints, medications, or doctors, since 1993, and even then Dr. Lyndahl of St Vincent, explained to Vera, the issue was expressing hard ideas, not mental illness. I had jobs, like substitute teaching and bakery work, then worked full time for Vera from June 1999 to the fall of 2003, renovating and passing buildings by inspection, in Easton, and then, in her Hoboken office and Manhattan apartment. In 2003 and in 2004, I ran for local office on a popular platform of making local decisions with ayes and nays in peaceful assembly, and then filed a federal question asking in local officials violated the tenth amendments reservation of powers to the state or the people, and abridged peaceful assembly. 04-366 Judge Thompson. I also petitioned for a writ of certiorari from the Supreme Court regarding a model for retaining rights by meeting certain requirements. https://vicfedorov.wordpress.com/2011/02/25/petition-for-writ-of-certiorari-from-supreme-court-studies-the-ninth-amendment-and-how-to-retain-rights/ Also a state case that publishing some police blotter, is cruel and unusual punishment. Then I made a very respectable six year commitment to organic agriculture, five of them in jersey..

This is the opposite of mentally ill. Vera respected the challenges I took on. We shared friends, households, 4 poodles, food, travel, to Greece, and winter stays at her house in Sanibel Florida. Then she loved I was a small businessman and was developing a wonderful trade, and the vegetables I would give her on my Thursday night deliveries to Manhattan restaurants. We shared workers. Mental illness wasn’t an issue. I was respected and looked up to for my hard work, popular management style, dignity, as she called it, and my hiking, biking travel and friends. I had funds from a trust my grandfather left me, since taken away or “consolidated”, worth 80,000, income and resources from agriculture, and from working for Vera.

Documents casting me as mentally ill, without a vote in the business, access to funds, or work in Hoboken, was an unexpected disturbing terror; Now I saw her injury was not an accident, and I think upon returning from the beach that Wednesday night, she drank something with a knockout drug in it, and people were hiding in the house and threw her down the stairs after hitting her on the head with a hammer, for which there was a mark on the top of her head. That Veronica and Mark could slander me, knowing me, my reputation, signaled a new tragic world.

I have been fought and stolen from in life before and the protagonists routinely apologized and made peace. But months passed, and no conscience rose, so in November I filed a letter to show cause. They probated in Hudson County violating R.4:80 and the principle of a county taking care of one’s own, lying Vera had an apartment pa and spent nights in Hoboken, that she was of sound mind, and not restrained, when on three strong medications and paralyzed from breast down, lying under oath to probate, with false documents. PA196 202-206 probate Up to the first hearing in January 2012, I repeatedly asked for some accounting to reassure me things were on the up and up, and repeatedly unpleasantly was rejected in that request. All I ever wanted was honesty, and to care about my family, as Vera did, and she did. Obviously now, there were criminals my siblings needed rescuing from. They are not that distinguished, couldn’t, wouldn’t do this on own.

Judge, Docket, would find whether things were right, or money stolen. But discovery accounted for 2.5 of the 8 million in mutual funds I know, and the monthly revenues and costs of five Hoboken properties never shared. Nor her tax returns or email correspondence; and her friends and co-workers don’t respond to me. Lower Court afforded no inquiry into suspicions. Lack of discovery generally precludes summary judgment. My action was not seen as guardian-like; Defense and Judge alliance against Mark and Veronica.

Fulfill my goal of honest discussion, negotiation, examination and consideration, of what truly to do, within this domain and range, for the class action quality of oppression through oppression of family by criminals hiding behind law enforcement and judiciary, are wide-ranging, prededential concerns. Let my spiritual way apply, through CASP or pre-argument conference to reduce simple issues or review of complex issues: In truth they have provided nothing to go on with them. CASP or pre-argument justifies a fundamental attendance.

I pleaded from the onset PA13-27 my siblings were blackmailed, extorted, coerced, corrupted and monitored, that their oppression had to have gone on decades, they need help, in devastating long term tragedy. Isolated, is this realistic? This oppression has spread or intensified to people who know, I could help, united. Judge Velazquez did not reflect any faith in my concern and care. Like mandatory pretrial federal rules, appellate conference, in judicial ageist, may regain my family, others, healing, recovering, and making peace and reforming conditions that generated this. If my siblings and others are held back by pedophilia, or secret gay conduct; if they are not honest, they cannot get a grip, and continue vulnerable to exploitation. Lying is a prerequisite to this totalitarian oppression.

With conference, we can proceed with honesty and clarity to examine options, feel the conscience, and decide what to do, in this dangerous, harmful culture. The interests of my brother and sister are clearly not in lying to me. 4) R.26 Statutes, They are not capable of managing these affairs, the scope and decisions, ignores my desire for peace, extenuating circumstance and other liable parties. Ron Fraoili acts in the interests, of Mr. Garvin, and criminals unknown, not my siblings, and merely hides behind the judiciary. Conference should consider the means and lies that oppress and exploit my family, as applied elsewhere as well, not the least upon The Judiciary. R-26-2a, (pb7), does condition upon Mark and Veronica constitute mental incapacitation?. R.P.C. 1.6 Lawyers can’t permit fraud. 3B1-2 Mental incapacitation is inability to manage one’s own affairs. Pb12

1) CASP is to resolve simple issues, impeding resolution; and pre-argument conference to work on the harder and metaphysical issues.
2) The principle of honesty, good faith, civil resolution, in context of manifest corrupt culture, should unite family, and focus on the future. Dishonesty threatens Safety; Communication prevents further tragedy.
Honest Communication has been most needed, and denied. How?
3) Where was the principle, civil court allows honesty, without fear, in absence of government prosecution, to resolve conflict? Given the small point nature of government investigation, reducing crime through civil court is the point of due process, and Justice.
4) Lack of discovery infers, we should focus on recovering what was stolen through murder and exploitation of family. If I had any sense the money was in Mark’s hands and management, I would not pursue this litigation. I am trying to protect him.
5) How does Defense hide behind a crooked judiciary? What are the means? Admit you are exploiting my siblings and have my people, who, united, could reform causes of these conditions. You have to admit this to be civil in due process, settlement mitigates past destruction. A professional talks about their experience, not the out of control. This is the breach, civil due process heals.
6) Do my siblings, crooked in-laws, (friends, co-workers and family and oppressors) apprehend these issues? Where does the calm apprehension start? Where is the opportunity, to order Civil Resolution? To relieve the pressure and duress?
7) The merit of discussing how extensive and meant is the addressed culture, as condition for settlement, is undeniable. The Kingdom of God, is susceptible to the influence of impositions of Society.
8) Can my siblings decide if they want to help me recover the losses, and I need to hear an objection, or consider it consensus.
9) How does this break? How protected is the right to safety? To learn the score without threat? Was there neighborhood buggery? Did our local Princeton schools enable wider abuse? Is Veronica’s psychological state caused by Prostitution? Was Mark abused young? Does he suffer physical and mental effects therein, from coercive treatment for servicing the powerful? What are nature and treatments and gauge upon others?
10) Is Mr. Garvin a pimp, (our tax lawyer), protected by powerful people prone to pedophilia, because they can treat adults like children? If there is widespread, secret gay, pedophilia and prostitution traffic, how can they not tell me? What if marriages were ordered? Learning of this, towards the benefit of the people, would be a condition for settlement, because I don’t think anyone clearly thinking wants it, and is the manifestation of higher power through immoral form of society.
11) Do they, and you, understand lying about behavior occludes thinking, relation, morality; causes vulnerability, exploitation, dysfunction?
12) Where is their concern for Lena, Alex, Theasa, Serge, Jean, Ian, Stephen, Irinia, Connie, The Garcias, Alan, Ginadi, Valya, me? Is the lack of morality, the psychological oppressive effect of pedophilia and prostitution, without Remedy?
13) Is schizophrenia caused by amazing breaks from morality by Subjects? Because their culture elaborately deceives? Deception for Marriage, Crime for Enlightenment, double lives?
14) Settlement offers the unique condition for discussion of exactly how The Kingdom of Heaven does this? What psychological relief.
15) Without honesty, I can’t move, return to farming, be safe.
16) Can my family apprehend, whatever, conferencing will help other oppressed people too? Benefit Safety?
17) As does apprehending the kingdom of god, bodies being. This perspective of truth, in totalitarianism, with greater resonance and relevance from judiciary, than other forum, disputes free will, shows the Kingdom of Heaven, as exculpating operator.
18) The acceptance of their children being near, sexual abuse crime requires a therapeutic dialogue, in errant culture.
19) For Journalists, and society would have reformed these natures, were there free will. This relieves oppressors. Totalitarianism festers in Ignorance, Secrecy.
20) If so many cards, are truly controlled, why no civil negotiation? Because civil negotiation, apprehends immorality, objectively.
21) Can N.J.’s Constitution 2a, right of people to reform government, apply here to compel conference?
22) If pedophilia, sexual secrecy, causes silence, what remedies avail? Can anyone consciously want pedophilia? Is it a means? Address the causes of crime. Did these retarded morals cause Vera’s murder? People know, you know. The absence of treatment and exposure is a totalitarian context of higher power. Is great pain behind it? Purer foolishness? A mere story? Justice, reduces Crime, requires Truth.
23) Metaphysics, a complex issue, I’d like to conference with Defense, the sacrificial nature of totalitarian government, judiciary, exigent through Constitutional Structure Crime can hide behind: having replaced Community; and defects punishing.
24) This deprivation is under the color of law, making it pursuant to title 42 Section 1983 violation, and judicial conference participation.
Dialogue would come from its origination, the courts. The courts, not community, are the core of conflicts.
25) The dualistic nature I try to describe can be handled peacefully by the honest, but is destructive through liars. Pedophilia is grounded in fooling children and hurt from coercion related to unidentified dualism.
26) Per Safety, and Reform, Settlement, I need to know the interaction between the people behind Mark and Veronica, and Law Enforcement.
27) Is there a federal jurisdiction to these issues? U.S.C. 28 section 1367 may suggest so through the questioning the judicial constitutional structure. Or this may be considered a novel and complex issue of state law, per state constitution. There has been a wholesale class action denial of due process through state infrastructure. Judges, like Velazquez and Leo, the Surrogate Judge, should accede to the primacy of such admission. 1983 “No State shall make or enforce any law which shall abridge the privileges or immunities of citizens of the United States; nor shall any State deprive any person of life, liberty, or property, without due process of law;” The Monroe Court determined acting under the color of law, is similar to bad law. The 14th amendment protects against state wrongs. Implied in “Jurisdiction” is particular government having a say.
28) Can history or metaphysics be reformed through this jurisdiction? Does 2a conduct remedy? Pursuant 2. a. All political power is inherent in the people. Government is instituted for the protection, security, and benefit of the people, and they have the right at all times to alter or reform the same, whenever the public good may require it.


Immunity and Third Party Liability
Considering options in conference may involve discussion of Immunity and Third Party Liabilities.

“DeShaney” recognizes an affirmative, “duty to protect”, when government is custodial. There is likely an ongoing looting and plunder of the inheritance, while the matter was officially attended by courts. Rather than protecting the estate, the lower court, over the year, has most likely allowed its depletion to oppressors, conscious abetting of crime. And the harm includes the continued oppression and threat to my family and co-workers and friends of Vera. While “DeShaney” focuses on protecting inmates, it has been applied to due process claims arising in two contexts: Plaintiff in functional custody of state when harmed. The court, and government, failed to protect property, through Surrogate Judge Leo of Hudson County, who enabled probate fraud and false venue, and much more, Judge Velazquez of lower court, who succeeded Judge Olivieri.

The second context is if the state created or increased the danger to which plaintiff was exposed; and as I doubt this crime and others, could have been planned without the intention of hiding behind courts, danger has been created and increased through state behavior. This rises to class action. And its true cause, a constitutional structure concentrating judicial power in a few; means only a few need be controlled by organized crime. There are RICO qualities here, widespread conspiracy. So conference incurs discussion of state liabilities as well. Deprivation, crime, enabled by color of law, (officials empowered by law) Monroe, Supreme Court, are pursuant to U.S.C. section 1983, and resistant to dismissal.

Judge Souter wrote when a plaintiff challenges a “specific act of a governmental officer” rather than legislation, he must show it “shocks the conscience”. Now the matter here is criminal outright. Velazquez and Olivieri, and Leo, enabled, consciously, abetting looting a 14 million inheritance, and murder, and oppression, including prostitution, pedophilia, terror. This shocks the conscience: Vera, was paralyzed, then murdered, and it went through her two children she loved. Are these officials a liable third party, defense?. 07. County of Sacramento, 118 S. Ct. at 1717. Justices Kennedy and O’Connor in concurring opinion, suggest, “the reasons the Court gives in support of its judgment go far toward establishing that objective considerations, including history and precedent, are the controlling principle, regardless of whether the State’s action is legislative or executive in character.”

Objective Consideration, means Jurisdiction, recognizing interests, correcting wrong, guiding proper orders.

An accused official, implicates a system, showing Judicial Discretion, and Concentration of Power, enables what shocks the conscience. Law itself, construed as replacing frequent community meeting that resolved conflict in earlier times, may shock the conscience. So while I can blame a judge, the judge can blame the constitution, as a design whose structure lends a side to form and enable a culture of crime through franchising and isolating an exclusive, thus vulnerable, Judiciary and Law Enforcement. And the corporation of government, could theoretically, confer a third party liability upon the ignorance of the people and news media and education, which party could then blame the creation of The Kingdom of God, metaphysically. Judicial discussion of this metaphysic, being near the top of societal pyramid, and prestigious, will ramify benefits, not lower orders. This is an attack on totalitarianism through the Judiciary, in self-defense.

Does a Constitution emphasizing Law, not Community, originate this culture, where Criminals and Law and Officials merge with conspiracy? Judge Payne’s denial of my emergent motion for the assignment judge to hear the motion to change venue, when the point of probate fraud be to ensure worse judge by foreign county was not supervisory, nor was Judge Nugents denial of the interlocutory appeal to inquire into obvious probate fraud under oath.Pa416, 231, 240. Reform the concentrated nature of the judiciary and law enforcement, so Crime cannot rule, by controlling a few. Study Judicial Forms, from the Jersey Plan, to Tribunes, to Druids, to engaging lawyers.

If officials or criminals fear repercussions of past behavior, Buckley v. Fitzsimmons: “Absolute Immunity is necessary only when there is interference with….conduct closely related to the judicial process”. Reform, not punishment, is the divinity here. Recovery and peace, is helped by my working with Veronica and Mark. Justice.

Paragraph 2a
When the state, claims a sovereign immunity to challenges, it fails authority grounded in responding to challenges. My Citizenship is more fit for this challenge of reform, than the implicated state, and this status transferred through paragraph 2a of The New Jersey Constitution. I should have the means offered by government. The state’s participation in conference is implied by jurisdiction.. 2. a. All political power is inherent in the people. Government is instituted for the protection, security, and benefit of the people, and they have the right at all times to alter or reform the same, whenever the public good may require it. Altering and reforming government through this matter, intentionally mandates compliance.

The First, Tenth Amendment, Totalitarianism
If we look to a secure, peaceful future, attack the causes not symptoms of crime, in this matter, the widespread conspiracy, would be fueled by local officials of Hudson County. Local officials are neither state nor people, so violate the tenth amendment’s reservations of power, and Peaceful Assembly, is abridged, when a few local elect make decisions, that per bill of rights, are intended for local peaceful assemblies. Thus the problem of municipal corruption, precipitates from unconstitutional structure. The rejection of this reformation that would help all, by Judge Thompson 04-366, district of N.J., is an example of totalitarianism.

Safety, Honesty, The Importance of Knowing the Score
This is about safety. Mark is not honest with me, or reasonable. I need honesty to ascertain safety, a Supreme Court Criteria. Can Defense, widely, not fear criminal prosecution? Is there a general widespread psychological impairment here, is Ignorance, at fault? Judges? Other victims of Pedophilia Culture, gain from Honesty as well. Victims of Hudson County, Hoboken, Judicial Oppression, too. Pimps may give in to Spirituality, but how high does this climb? Can I win on the facts without this vital communicative opportunity, and survive? If Safety was a concern, community would come together. Sandusky is in schizophrenic denial from terror of revealing the pedophilia culture.

Pedophilia May be Treated as Addiction
Stimulation from elaborate lies, and destruction, denial, pedestrian; pedophilia is a like addiction. It may be near the root of our problems, and caused by concentrating power, impairing the psychology of authority. This conference would benefit the people, and reform, wide-ranging, precedential.

If they don’t show me accounting and reassuring documents, it’s logical to assume my siblings are terrorized. The plausibility of threats and fear, upon their behavior make this difficult.

Defense decisions
Do they have a choice, if they want to work with me to reform conditions? Can lawyers be aware of criminal behavior in their firm, involving their clients? Is this due process? Seeing options requires Conference, Jurisdiction. R.P.C. Rules, pb13, (report crime, don’t lie)

My Siblings Interest
Mark and Veronica seem to have money stolen through them. They do not seem to manage this affair and incapacitated. If they worked with me, we could work together and make things better. But I think they are psychologically damaged good, who have been exploited by their lawyers this whole time. Can a conference gain them to me? Are we in danger? 4:26 ScopePA4. If there are children and others oppressed, corrupted, fearful, there is compunction to resolve that. Conference may explain this to Mark and Veronica. Their lawyer does not have their interest. They are blackmailed, extorted, scared, and used. Deprivation of Community compounds these lies. Their situation can reveal it is more common. This is compelling, redeeming, applicable all around.

There are criminals
There are criminals, and corrupted, and oppressed behind my siblings and the court; to reach and help reason, from out of control destructive behavior, to calm, security; through spirituality, Christian terminology; by talking with those affected by these matters and conditions. So far, no one who knows, works with me. With conference, closure. If you see the Kingdom of God, you see the Kingdom of Heaven controls everything. Those pimping, controlling, in said power, need to feel true relief. I hope the court assents to and guides this goal and mission of resolution. For now, structure maintains crime. Velazquez would know the more culpable behind him. Treat causes not symptoms of crime. Conference could involve the judicial perspective. Without the way of the judicial branch, this crime and others would not have been attempted. Thus a structure of local officials and the judiciary enable a vortex crime hides behind. Judicial interest, Justice is invested in this structural examination.

Sacrificial Design
This admittedly pagan explanation, says the follies of History and Society, insures a sacrifice enabled through the creation of The Kingdom of God. This is a metaphysic, judicious discussion may effect, real opportunity. Why sacrificial design, why covert through unsafe society and history? Can we change it? What would it involve? This is what attends Crime.

Atheism is a Mistake
I have shown enough how Atheism is not viable remedying society, indeed it enables sacrifice. Justice requires truth, Atheism is not truth, the still bodies of the kingdom of god can be shown to prove this liberation, and requires trust and respect. This must be seen to move forward. Atheism and Totalitarianism, Ignorance, go together. Justice requires Truth.

Societal Context to Crime
How have people not come forth or united? We can’t blame criminals for their particular will, when we don’t blame everyone for a common insensible will. The context for crime is not free society; but a regulated, limiting society, totalitarianism, as an effect of higher power, metaphysic.

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