Rainbow rappin America’s Dream

Now, some people know this, others don’t: The rainbow family of living light, has a long standing, decree, discouraging alcohol at the 2 week gatherings in different national forests, warm months. I say this is because marijuana merchants, consistent with sacrament promotion, consistently confuse alcohol as a competing market-infringing product, and have influenced so, the wax mind of the rainbow. The grower, being of more material comfort, is disposed to the symbiosis.

The natural law, tribes seek, as opposed to codification; understands the principle of not depriving others of rights. United States Section Code Title 42 Section 1983, says as much; that people are liable, if they deprive others of rights, especially through color of codification; Thus the rainbow, “discourages”; adhering to the principle, that rights and liberty, are confined to not hurting others; certainly one drinking alone quietly is not harmful to others. An analogy:  the way one’s use of one’s own property, isn’t really hurting others. Yet large loud parties, do harm neighbors; as does abusive behavior. And one person or corporation, building on many properties, for many people, in the same way, harms all, in 0f the way merely being concerned about yourself, doesn’t harm others. As a tribe, the rainbow is about people not getting hurt. In the old times, there were tribal, and are, tribal lands. They shouldn’t be called reservations, but tribal land.

There is a violated natural law with the decree, Rap 107. First of all, here is an example of some of the raps.

“Rainbow Gathering E-Text Miniature Manual – Page 1 (of 6)

Welcome Home!

The Rainbow Family of Living Light welcomes you to our family gathering. A place where people co operate not compete.

Each year the family holds the Gathering of the Tribes, a totally Free non-commercial sharing of our lives and sacred hearts, in the Cathedral of Nature for the healing of the earth.

There is no authoritarian hierarchy here. It works because each of us takes the responsibility to make it work. Part of that responsibility is a pledge we keep to each other :

  • we pledge to respect and care for each other in all things
  • we pledge to drop all forms of violence in our relations with each other
  • we pledge to deal with each other up front and with open hearts.



Recent councils have reaffirmed original consensus that the gathering of the tribes is intended as an opportunity to experiment with different ways of living. For this reason and others we ask that firearms, radios, tape decks, electric lights, sound amplification equipment, chainsaws, and power tools be left at home. All vehicles stop at the parking lot or bus village.


Beware of people who say things like, “I’m in charge!” We are All leaders of the rainbow. The dishes get done and crappers get dug because We see to it personally.”

Then it goes on, ”

Main Gate

When you volunteer for main gate you get to see it all come in. Parking crew keeps the roads open and gate crew greets the world with hugs and info. Main gate is where new gatherers first see RAP 107 (Read and Heed!). All weapons and alcoholic beverages stop here. All forms of intoxication can be harmful to the spirit of our gathering. Main gate is where newcomers learn that, in terms of ideas, they are about to enter “Liberated Territory”.


Once you have helped a silent forest glade become a bustling volunteer kitchen that serves thousands of nutritious Free meals and becomes a silent glade again you will know what they mean when someone tells you magic did it! Each person needs their Own cup, bowl, and spoon. Wash buckets, including a bleach dip prevents the spread of disease.


Center for Alternative Living Medicine. In this wounded world many of our family come to the gathering in need of healing. CALM provides free health care, healing workshops, a woman’s center, an herbal apothecary, and counseling to all in need. Look for the large tents. Healers of all kinds are invited to join the staff!


also later on, it goes on



Normal camping stuff (this varies depending on “how” you camp):

  • Sleeping bag/hammock, blanket, tent/tarp, toilet paper/paper towels.
  • Check the weather: rain gear, appropriate clothes, etc…
  • PLATE, CUP or BOWL, and SPOON: this will be your food dish. You will eat out of it so this is VERY IMPORTANT. Biodegradeable soaps and stuff.
  • WATER, WATER, WATER, and more WATER: Drinkable water is a very precious comodity. If you can hike some in… or bring some to the lot and ask for some help to hike it you will make many people happy. Pretty much all you get to drink at Rainbow gatherings is water coffee and tea. If you don’t like coffee or tea, you may want to bring powdered drink mix (with the sugar already added).
  • Sweets (especially chocolate).
  • Fruits and Vegetables. Bring extra if you can to donate to the kitchens.
  • Tools if you can (i.e. knife, axe, saw) There will always be firewood that needs cuttin’.
  • Musical instruments (non-electrical)
  • Poetry

!!! DO NOT BRING !!!

Alcohol: Near the parking area there is a place called

“A-camp”. Rainbow says We love the alcoholic, but not the alcohol.” Personalities change on alcohol (and hard drugs). Sometimes people can’t control themselves as well. Therefore you are respectfully asked to leave the alcohol in A-camp when you hike in to the main gathering space.

  • Aggressive dogs
  • Bad attitudes
  • Hard drugs: Rainbow discourages the use of hard drugs of any kind. Rainbow also discourages the ABUSE of any drugs of any kind.
  • Radios: Also more welcome in A-camp.
  • Guns: Never really welcomed at a gathering.

Please understand that all of these suggestions are “agreed” upon by consensus. No one is specificaly bound to these

decisions. You are asked however to respect the space of others and the rights of those who _did_ agree to consensus.

With thanks to the hundreds of contributors who wrote this book.

Original Issue June '87
Revised Summer '88 Reconsensed Sprint '89 FAQ created Spring '95
E-Texted Collated Spring '95

Obligatory Disclaimer: I do not speak for Rainbow; I speak only for myself. And that said, COPY FREELY!

Rainbow Gathering E-Text Miniature Manual – Page 6 (of 6)

This Rainbow Mini-Manual is intended to introduce newcomers to the basic technique of “Gathering”. It Does Not represent the last word on any subject! The contents of this booklet are designed to “Evolve” with the family and not to become any form of “bible”. We can do this by basing its contents on the consensus of our councils and by changing those contents as the consensus changes.


There is also this following, which specifically, discourages alcohol, but only discourages, saying nothing, the mini manual says, about no alcohol getting past front gate. This discouragement tone, is generally what is referenced.


Rap 107

Gathering Consciousness

Please protect this Beautiful Land.

Walk softly. Harm no living thing. Harmonize – Blend in. Cut no living trees. Use only down, dead wood. Preserve the meadows; camp in the woods. We are caretakers of this land.

Everyone sharing makes a strong Human Tribe!

Please Protect the water sources by staying out of DELICATE spring areas. Avoid camping, peeing, washing above spring areas. Keep ALL soap out of streams, springs or the creek! Use a bucket to take your bath 100 feet away from any water source. To be certain of drinking water, boil it!

Protect our Health!

Use the slit trenches or covered latrines – cover your paper & waste with ashes or lime, wash hands.  Dig no shitters near water areas or kitchens. Break the fly/illness connection: shit > flies > food > YOU!

Use your own cup, bowl & spoon. Wash them after eating and rinse in bleach water. Visit C.A.L.M. if you are injured or if you feel ill – especially if you have a contagious disease!

Camp Together – Establish neighborhoods. Community Fires only! ~ Each with 5 gallon water bucket and shovel for Fire Protection. If you are the last to leave a fire PUT IT OUT! Watch your gear: Be Responsible ~ “Tempt Not Lest Ye Be Lifted From.”

Pets are discouraged but if you must bring them keep them fed, on a leash and out of the kitchens, springs, & fights. Clean up their shit. Love them.


Cleanup begins when you arrive. Bring in only what is necessary. There is no janitor here … you are the cleanup crew. Separate garbage for recycling. Don’t litter – Find collection point. Compost in pits only.

You are the Gathering! Participate in Shanti Sena, the peace keepers – and all activities, councils, work crews, workshops. Volunteer wherever needed: kitchens, welcome home, firewatch, parking lot, shitter digging, supply, front gate, etc. R-E-S-P-E-C-T your sisters’ & brothers’ energies.

Keep the Balance: Earth, Sky, Trees, Water, & People!

Alcohol is Discouraged, Guns are inappropriate, violence is contrary to the spirit of the gathering. Please take no photographs or videos of people without permission. Discourage drug abuse.

Buying and selling endangers our legal right to be here. The Magic Hat is our bank, donate early to fund our needs. The Magic Hat goes around at mealtime circles and with the Magic Hat Band.

Our power together is many times our power separated.

Enjoy the Rainbow with an open heart and you will see the Vision.

So you see there is an explicit discouragement of alcohol. This disturbs some people. The problem is that no reasons are given for the policies; And no citable recourse exists other than changing consensus in tens of councils.  Not to say discouraging alcohol is a bad coda either. And the rainbows do circle and consensus every day; Yet like our own Constitution, there is no explanation why this is desired, its purpose, or what the alternative is and was? People don’t understand the alternative was a looser knit confederacy of states; people don’t know exactly what the official point is? The real reason for the federal constitution was the alternative of a looser knitted confederacy of states, was more prone to conflict, between, and without. (according to the federalist papers). What is the real reason for discouraging alcohol? Is there one?

Secondly, as there is no real recourse current to change constitutions; as a tribes constitution be what they go forth and through; so what is the recourse, to discuss the rap, in the rap section of the rainbow guide, which primarily lists address of rainbows in most states people can stay with passing through, or network an area with? Even the consensus of one circle, can not speak for such broad overarching effective guidelines. Each rainbow council in each of the thirteen regions, each rainbow potluck council, which for instance both New York City and Philadelphia offer once a month, would have to consensus to the same consensus; The Rainbows do not believe in voting, but unaminious consensus. Each has veto power. It takes just one, to stymie the intentions of many.

Likewise who can stand up to the constitution, why did one generation, have the power to legislate for many generations? Shouldn’t there be frequent and several constitutional conventions? Shouldn’t the Constitutional Preamble prefer, we the states, rather than we, the people, insofar the states are natural able forms to check the federal government, not people. Thus both organization, ideals, lack the forms to change themselves, as it stands now.

Now if the reason to discourage alcohol is alcoholism, certainly the alcoholic, is a sorry and destructive agent. Yet we live in an absurd bad world. School, Marriage, The Economy, are likewise destructive agents. No one stands up to the latter. Do people have the capacity for this? Yes people are responsible for their good and bad decisions; and the sicker individuals, take less responsibility for their bad actions; but we can all agree, we control what we do, both good and bad; and yet we can not say we control ourselves regarding School, Marriage, The Economy, or even critically scrutinize them: How can we then expect the alcoholic to scrutinize his behavior?

And yet, if the case is alcoholism, Serenity Tribe, Wharf Rats, have cared about these matters, and have structures to treat alcoholism, and that would be the sole concern.

And yet if the reason is no loud stupid parties, then the guideline would tend to discourage hosting large and or loud campfires and sites;  This would naturally invoke Shanti Sena, as would the daily circles that consensus on such issues; in which case, our form, is basically daily circles dealing with proximate issues, in favor of one time laws, we all favor and promote, without critically refracting. With a more liberal nexus, Shanti Sena would be a broader and more active form; yet there is to be said, that that might be a good thing, and lead to more proactive reform adjunct.

Likewise we have to ask, why do we have a system of police, in America, when Rainbows have the shanti sena system. The Shanti Cena system, is when one person has a problem or issue turning unpleasant, if they yell out, “Shanta Sena” then all around who hear those words, are obligated to come round and help sort out the controversy, or at least look around and make sure others are gathering forth. This translation into American, as the rainbow community is in national forests has to do with establishing each neighborhood with a grid, whereas a person in distress, hits a button compelling, through corresponding communication transmission, people in the surrounding houses, to organize and come by, like ripples where each ripple communicates with further ripples.

By involving, morally at least, all the people, this system would not enable crime hiding behind law enforcement, judges, as too many people would be involved. These rights are protected in USC 1983. Yet they would also be protected by daily circles of people consensus.

The mini manual, which is much stricter and vitally adamant about front gate and A-camp, was written in 1989.  This was before regionals were popular. Rap 107, which comes later, and quietly discourages alchol, only, reflects a mellower, less “militant” Spirit of the Gatherings, in an age where there have been over 6 2 week gatherings a year, as oppossed to the rainbow of the seventies and eighties, prone merely to 1 large July Gathering, usually in the rockies.

Blaming the influence of pot peddlers for this dispositive concern, even while no money is allowed to be exchanged at the gathering, (aside from donations to the magic hat sometimes passed around the evening circling meal, which is generally used to buy food to be cooked for all, and ocassionally medical supplies, and if rarely necessary, water or water pipes; stems from a summary dispostion positing a marijuanna sacrament, procured so; has come with a corresponding, and juvenile, abusive-alcohol approach. ;

To protect ourselves under USC 1983 title 42, not that rainbows are one for big government, liking to think together; any claims must be dominated, by the fact that such claim is founded due to law or understanding, even while maintaining, that this understanding, being not of federal or state government still constitutes what is meant by “under the cover of law” in sec 1983. And maintain that the claim of deprivations, deprives one of a basic or common right; which the denial of not the loud or obnxious, but privacy and private behavior.

“Prima Facie Case” To establish a prima facie case under 42 U.S.C. § 1983, plaintiffs must allege two elements: (1) the action occurred “under color of law” and 2) the action is a deprivation of a constitutional right or a federal statutory right. The first element, discussed in Chapter 2, infra, involves a fact specific inquiry wherein the court must examine the relationship betweenthe challenged action and the government.

                                                                                      Introduction to Constitutional Torts Litigation

Title 42, § 1983 of the U.S. Code provides a mechanism for seeking redress for an alleged deprivation of a litigant’s federal constitutional and federal statutory rights by persons acting under color of state law. Section 1983 reads as follows:

Every person who, under color of any statute, ordinance, regulation,

custom, or usage, of any state or territory, subjects, or causes to be subjected,

any citizen of the United States or other person within the jurisdiction

thereof to the deprivation of any rights, privileges, or immunities

secured by the Constitution and laws, shall be liable to the party

injured in an action at law, suit in equity, or other proper proceeding

for redress, except that in any action brought against a judicial officer

for an act or omission taken in such officer’s judicial capacity, injunctive

relief shall not be granted unless a declaratory decree was violated

or declaratory relief was unavailable.

Litigating under this statute is complex. Through the years, the Supreme Court has been able to interpret the terms “person,” “under color of law,” “subjects, or causes to be subjected,” and “and laws.” However, the statute “provides little or no guidance regarding important subjectssuch as the measure of damages, availability of punitive damages, requirements for equitable relief, statute of limitations, survival of claims,proper parties, and immunities from suit.” In an attempt to resolve these issues, the Court has taken steps to examine congressional intent, common-law practices, policy concerns, federalism issues, and comity problems.


Congress passed 42 U.S.C. § 1983 in 1871 as section 1 of the “Ku Klux Klan Act.” The statute did not emerge as a tool for checking the abuse bystate officials, however, until 1961, when the Supreme Court decided Monroe v. Pape.  In Monroe, the Court articulated three purposes for passage of the statute: (1) “to override certain kinds of state laws”; (2) to provide “a remedy where state law was inadequate”; and (3) to provide “a federal remedy where the state remedy, though adequate in theory, was not available in practice.”

The Monroe Court resolved two important issues that allowed 42 U.S.C. § 1983 to become a powerful statute for enforcing rights securedby the Fourteenth Amendment. First, it held that actions taken by stategovernmental officials, even if contrary to state law, were neverthelessactions taken “under color of law.” Second, the Court held that injured individuals have a federal remedy under 42 U.S.C. § 1983 even if the officials’ actions also violated state law. In short, the statute was intended to provide a supplemental remedy. The federal forum was necessary to vindicate federal rights because, according to Congress in 1871, state courts could not protect Fourteenth Amendment rights because of their “prejudice,passion, neglect, [and] intolerance.”

With Monroe opening the door to the federal courthouse, constitutional litigation against state officials developed. Later, plaintiffs seeking monetary damages sued not only state officials but began to sue cities and counties as well. They also sought prospective injunctive relief againststate officials. Ultimately, the federal court became the place to reform Jurisdiction. Two jurisdictional statutes apply to 42 U.S.C. § 1983 litigation in federal court: 28 U.S.C. § 1343(a)(3), the jurisdictional counterpart of 42 U.S.C.§ 1983; and 28 U.S.C. § 1331,  the general federal question statute. Of the two statutes, § 1331 provides for more expansive jurisdiction because it affords jurisdiction in cases raising a federal question. In contrast,§ 1343(a)(3) limits federal jurisdiction to suits involving “equal rights.” Neither statute sets an amount that must be in controversy for jurisdiction to attach. With jurisdiction over federal claims, many federal courts in 42 U.S.C.§ 1983 suits also have jurisdiction to adjudicate state law claims that arise out of “a common nucleus of operative fact.” Formerly known as ancillaryand pendent jurisdiction, supplemental jurisdiction under 28 U.S.C.§ 1367 permits both pendent claim and pendent party jurisdiction.9 28 U.S.C. § 1367 changed “the preexisting law in that it makes supplemental jurisdiction mandatory, not discretionary.

This last is the real effect of 83, mandatory trial. So often crookedness dismisses.

In the mini manual of 1989 before the monthly regionals became popular, a movement which made things less uptight, the reason for the outright ban of alcohol is alcohol impedes the apprehension of ideas. That is ridiculous. You dont want parties, you dont want alcoholics, you feel an animus to all drinking of babylon that doesnt right the ship, but you dont want the drinking in the parking lot. Thats ridiculous. They can drink anytime.  Rainbow is Gathering time, is for a reason.

In Rap 107 which is more quoted and referenced than the mini-manual, which is alluded to, alcohol is merely discouraged, and thats the general standard. Anything else results in stupid drinking in the parking lot as a party, and unnecessarily uptight atmosphere in the woods. IT is worth mentioning, an assumption rainbows are more socialized than anyone anywhere else, is a false assumption. The woods can be packed with rudeness. The therapy is working through this, and appyling such wisdon to your own life effectively.

right to judge, judiciary, simple discovery, there or not, adult or cover crime, deprived under the law of the judicial article of the constitution, under laws or understandings restricting oversight of the judiciary; folly ignorance of simple principle powerful criminals have the means to hide behind, laws and Judges, should protection of rights be doled out for a few delegated to participate in the protection agency; rather than alternative invovlving civic responsibility, structure more oversight, people come together; yet kingdom of god, controlled to ignorance fact lie. Summary judgement so violates, that it is 1983, liability, fed court, pretrial conference see quote. Monroe Papp 1961= overrule law, mandates remedy through state or feds. Maintains officials even violating  law = empowered by color of law.

In this sense declaratory relief unavailable and therefore qualitifies for undismissive quality

A Critical Approach to Section


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