Druids, Galls, and Plebes

Let’s depart from the notion there is something ubiquitous or divine about our Judiciary; by comparing it with judicial practice among the tribes of Europe in the millennium before Jesus Christ. The importance and relevance of History may be; to change our cultural institutions, we need historical perspective for vital relativity.

Now, the following information, on Gallic and Germanic Tribes, from Italy to the sea north of Germany, is gleamed from Julius Caesar’s Account of his Gallic campaigns, whereas Governor of Gall, he was incumbent to disputes and peace, so on a ten year campaign there he was, also keeping a book about it.

He described the Germanic System of Justice, as Druid based. There are three distinctions between Germanic Tribal Life, and a Constitutional Republic, herein, that there were a class of wealthy and hereditary knights, who made laws, and led laws; and then, a class of druid-educated druids, who became a life-long occupation, accepted at age 20, into a spiritual-justice division of Society, raised then, and educated, 20 years, until a master-druid at 40, for another 20 years. The third distinction, is that in tribal life, where each tribe had a large county, or several, the system was such, that one spent the one year in agriculture, and the next one in the military and so on; And also that one’s agricultural years, were generally in different places each time; moving around was a good, an elemental part of mutually benefitting pagan tribal society.

But there are a few more things that can be said here, as well as may be derived from this information. For one thing, in pagan times, sacrifice to palpable phenomena like Diana the Moon, or Vulcan the Fire; as such, the wars, the aloof upper class knights led, may equal a sacrifice engineered by and through their ancestor gods, in understanding the pagan universe; whereas Druids, judging with spirituality, conflicts of states, and individual’s, with degrees of power stemming from Druid Conduct, were also looking for human sacrifice, the pretext, thereof, a part of pagan practice, the secret of the west has taken away, and placed, just as covertly, in military and judicial apparatus; whereby, in the sense our judges are life-long, so were the druids; and as the druids cast in a net seeking sacrifice, so is our judicial system cast. The critical difference being that in classical times, while classifying Justice, with The Spiritual, and Truth, of some knowledge of Tribes being run by their own in Heaven, or the state of human being, in soothe, like some kingdom of god, Justice itself was focused on, but punishments perhaps routinely more severe.

Now to the south of the Germanic Tribes, across the Rhine, and into Switzerland and northern Italy were the notorious Galls, in some ways, the polar opposite of the regimented German. For instance, the Germans had a law promoting a sex age of 21, the galls, had a gambling streak, that led to people betting themselves, and Caesar himself noted, nothing could spread a rumor, like the galls. At the same time, they were long-haired large boned mountainous people, who were the only ones ever to siege and sack the Roman Republic.

Their system of Justice: They had knights and legislative leaders, but they despised the hereditary and desired a system by merit. (In this way they had a very impetuous, Grecian streak) Likewise, Conflicts, or Disputes, were desirable fodder for remedy by ambitious galls seeking to amplify their leadership; to have helped more people, and have more people helping them; and remain popular with such leadership. For leadership was no long term deal; upon unpopularity, others leaders, swiftly recoursed to. This was another notable impetuos streak, of swiftly expressing dissatisfaction and demanding someone else, they could thus ratify better. Back then, the people spoke, through their representative leadership, through public ratifications, or rejections, of proposed legislation.

Thus Justice and conflict resolution was ambitiously treated in Gallic Society, and the people could see who to turn to, how they are considered; The Gallic Towns, usually had circles, councils, that invited roughly half the people to, a mandatory large quorum for ayes and nays, of ratification of foreign issue, and dealing with current daily local issue.  Likewise, anyone who wanted to attend the councils, or circles, was welcome. From here, we may also surmise, tribal associations handled Justice as well, and the quest for leadership, among more public controversies, that might test larger limits, of metaphysical, historical relation.

To relate Gallic Society to the American Judiciary would be very interesting, and demonstrate a palpable Gallic streak in America, I discern. Whereby, one would end judges, and replace them with a competition among lawyers at conflict resolutions, whereas conflicts resolved by lawyers, were shared with the people and judged popular or not; thus the popular conflict resolvers could keep going, and unpopular ones, not ratified, and new people given opportunity

This briefer duration of Service, would ensure more having had judicial temperament and opportunity to do well. It would provide more openings for conflict resolution, as more lawyers could be called upon to work things out in correspondence to a popular ratification. Likewise, making of public interest, and conflict resolution a popular concern, there is a certain activity of rationality, exercising the Gallic mind.

The Gallic and Germanic Tribes had similar and different Gods and Goddesses. They had intermediaries between the physical, and pagan universe of tribal members in Heaven, who represented the tribe in Heaven. Atheism was not a presupposed basis for Justice.

In the roman republic, for centuries, there was no justice system. Then, for folly and corruption, the soldiers of the army went on strike, and famously camped on a hill, refusing to return unless offices of Tribunes, were created, specifically aimed at, with powers to punish, those of the legislative and  executive branch, who were Patricians only; Thus the Tribunes more naturally Plebes only. Thus class collusion was addressed head on, in a discussion of Justice, and, we must note, this justice system, through ten tribunes, though the numbers varied, was more a check against the legislative and executive branch, than Justice among Individuals, still probably handled in tribal association, as one of Rome, was one of thirty tribes, each of with, some tribal lands. America’s destiny, lacked European tribal association and practice. The Druid had a capacity to exert a weight and check upon the Senate and Knight. Yet there is a great discrepancy between a historical, and spiritual account of Gall. The Historical and Spiritual world are kept quite separate, with their own agenda’s and goals, yet these are more metaphysical, than we might be led to believe. While the Roman Republic, by law, liscenced almost all religions, and promoted many holiday tributes to Jupiter, and Mithras and most of all Mars; can we say the religious spiritual impulse, was tended most within the tribe, and the Roman Republic, outside that tribe, even while commanding it?

The tribune, like the democrat, was raised in the interest of the people against a corrupt upper class, and yet, like judges today, swiftly corrupted, and unfit to advance the people, except in rare prosecutions of outrageous upper class leaders. The ideals of the Tribunal system, such as more agriculture, less war, perhaps, more Tribal input, were swiftly compromised in class war grounded in property redistribution, rather than lower common denominators.

How this compromise, is this; in the more legal, lawful, and stately world of the republican roman tribes, this codification increasingly and purposefully usurped tribal council, and popular means and expressions (till fragmented to this day). With this system, of law, the criminal could hide behind a legal system, by controlling judges. This is a problem with life-long appointment. Judges then, subjugated people, subjugated profession, by very elements Justice, swore against. But then to take it one step further; why has this not come out? The initiation of reform, by the judicial element, or for the experience of lawyers, and journalistic expression? That makes no sense either; how such constitutional structure, must come with its own element of crime: Impunity upon Humanity: How could ye hide so long? If judges and lawyers have a story to tell, how far back can it go? At some point, while the oppressed are imagined, perhaps seen, the oppressors are hidden, and hard to imagine. Are they real, or Chimeras? Can we gain control and stop the situation?

Therefore it is God. God controls everyone, everything, even the very absence of this information:  Because God is imposing a totalitarian system upon our Society; a historical. Meta-physical ,condign, extra-tight, with complicity of our very own ancestors, long looking after us, to this, so: And to take this one step forward,  the metaphysic, or historical creation; every crime and prisoner, controlled by God, the willer of all things, including the design of Individualism: As the judiciary be a form for covert sacrifice, as ancient societies were open about such terrifying aspect. Thus to solve crime, the causes of crime, is a break from a duplicitous system of Sacrifice, as much as a step to Justice, Truth, Metaphysic, Safety.

The problem at the moment, being the acceptance, they are, people are, controlled by God; can that be accepted? And if it is, where does it take us? Is there some rearrangement of Society? Is a spiritual context possible in today’s courts? What if the Kingdom of God is shown in a hearing?

This is what totalitarianism is. Everyone is controlled by God, little, or nothing, is let loose. Totalitarianism is a communion with a heaven that ultimately is in charge of its descendants upon earth. Justice, to be called Justice, must at least be aware, of separate distinctions, of Truth, of Deceit.

At this rate, our top leaders are being metaphysically controlled. By extension, it is hard to think outside of media psychic projection. You have to ask whether this control, of Judges, Tribunes, Leaders, Criminals, is strictly higher power, or mind-control steps are involved, as postulated by people like David Icke, who said, Princess Diana’s Death, was a sacrifice to Diana, as the tunnel was an old place of sacrifice to Diana, and she was kept 95 minutes in the tunnel, after the crash. David Icke talked about how her body guard chauffeur was under mind controll, in order to behave and change a few little things he did.

More grounding is the notion, with our top leaders, controlled, if we are aware of that, what will happen, can we be aware of it enough to change it? To take this investigation farther, let us ask ourselves, “Do people seem programmed?” In general, presidential candidates, presidents, people? And the answer, by me, definitively is yes, people definetely do seem programmed, in particular and in general. So then we have to ask ourselves, how are they programmed. And if we are realistically to  think about this  sort of thing, programming must occur through something more powerful than the people, operating through a mind that operates people, through microscopic, or wide funnel, through someone willing such what  happens, through an impression on general mind, tight in controll, and sufficient to dictate and govern, desired behavior, speech, assumptions.

This mind-control is heavy impressioning my mind. Might we conceive of a different representation of human beings in pagan times, a more honest impression upon mind, a greater communion with the ancestors looking over us, a greater visibility to darkness of the night sky? The metaphysical relation, between Tribe, Ancestor, and other Powers, must be reestablished, though it can be said to have never ceased, merely, totalitarianly, kept from this domain. Simply, being able to see this, is where change should start; a unification of mind, on earth, insofar it takes, in examination, of what they called, Spades.

Future memoranda: memo1, the true state, the “state” the artificial imposing state, upon the human, is the state of the beings; from there, we get political states. Memo 2) Is this why we have judges; does metaphysic, (that we are this way, what can we do?) go to the role of whose entrusted with it? And are judges entrusted with it? Can anyone be entrusted with it?

One mistake I made in this essay: Roman Republic Class War, (the first 600 years) was nothing compared to the Greek Class war. Roman class war is like the rich have to let the poor decide whether they will support the romans or carthoginians. Roman class war is like will the girl  choose the rich guy or the poor guy? Roman class war is eternally demanding redistribution of land. Greek class war is like, the poor slaughter all the rich. The Rich execute all the poor leaders,


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