If we weren’t made from clay, it would be different.

Eve walks by Adam, Adam goes, “Hey, that’s my rib”. Eve responds with a nose nuzzle.

This scene probably had to happen before the fall, and in the garden of Eden. Adam was down a rib, long before a snake showed Eve a tree of knowledge. Before the fall, while they were still naked, allegations of a missing rib, had to be more severe and ticklish. Or maybe, part of the innocence of The Garden, was not telling Adam, Eve was made from his rib. And yet I imagine if the rib was taken from him, then he must be aware of it. The idealty of Eden includes Adam knowing Eve came from his rib. In that sense we strive for domestic tranquillity today.

A world where Eve is made from a rib of Adam’s. Where the Lord is known for having banged out the universe in under a week, where the very material of the humans, who writers come from, though writing is definitely not limited to Earth, and unites us with other forms that write as well, so then we wonder the relation between writers, and the subjects made from Clay about. In any event, in no way can we construe being made from Clay, is a good thing. Quite the oposite; our preponderance to ignorance and folly, indicative of a severely clay-like situation, and not the brain and complex mind-matter one would expect of senses and consciousness. Being made from clay, is an enabling of our service to the Universe. Dwellings are made from Clay; as thus others from outside earth, may dwell in us. An earth subservient to the Universe is very hinted at in Genesis, and yet something not allowed to be said; the big secret, without which we’d stare at our audience; a hard audience our covert sacrifice is harder than.

Thus the fall began with being made from Clay, the fall began in our glorification of a Lord whose simplicity is probably meant to deceive.

Eating the fruit, gaining the knowledge of Good and Evil, understanding clothing, got them kicked out of the garden of eden; but Eden was a fallen environment to being with. America may be a fallen culture: it is fallen, regardless of whether we recognize it as such so. Eve ate the apple, put on clothes, the lord saw the clothes, the shame of her own innocence, and thats a violation of the lease; but this garden, claimed of paradise, had the flaws of clay, glorification, and missing ribs to begin with so as a paradise, it must have been an opiated one; the way TV and such may be construed as paradise.

But let’s consider another way. Say before the knowledge of good and evil, Adam had no idea a rib was gone. Or if he was aware of it, it didnt matter, he had no idea of the values and ramifications signified missing therein. Then, after eating the fruit, gaining knowledge of good and evil, Adam got pissed off about missing a rib, even more pissed off that it is now his girlfriend so, and they both put on clothes, because beyond Eden, Nod, wasnt as nice as the garden,  and stormed off, never wanting to see the landlord known as Lord again, who took his rib, and imposed it upon the clay shape before him. Thus Adam, before eating the forbidden fruit, is incapable of estimating his missing rib; or he is in such faith, that its a non issue. Yet Adam learns of the missing rib, becomes furious at the Lord, and storms out, like some trailer park dispute., strange trailer park dispute.

In this version, it is an awareness of Sin, in our macro-media age, that is the catalyst- Not Sin itself. Sin is alaways there – Yet as inherent to our situation, it comes from above, not  from Earth.

Or Adam was aware of the missing rib; saw it as a severe impedieent, which makes the charactorization of Eden as Paradise, almost promotional  in the interests of the writers of the book as alians, whoo took Adam’s rib, to make Eve so, and when Adam ate the fruit,  he found out, as I said, and it was never the same. But here’s the problem, if we had eaten of the tree of knowledge of good and evi, then we would have firmly gotten by now that being made from Clay is evil, yet at the same time, being made from Clay makes it hard to realize good and evil. Thus how could Adam, made from Clay, comprehend Good and Evil, especiallly when even today, there is none of the necessary condigned negativity associated with being made from Clay, which the situation calls out for. This is the contradiction, People made from clay dont fully get Good and Evil.  All the fall can be about is a pissed off Adam about the rib. Don’t you get, we’re claimed to know good and evil, but dont get were made from clay? That being made from clay, not bioneuroulogical chemicals, is a negative? So Eden was a fallen made from clay state, and there was no need to blame Eve, except in this version of sexism, pure and simple, right there before us, now.

Can we honestly say we have any governance by a knowledge of good and evil? Can we say we ate that fruit? Then why is it claimed we ate it? TO double fool us? Is it possible to ever eat such a fruit, and so gain what we need and have not? What do we have to do to attain common sense, wisdom,  the brain and mind we are promised? No, made from clay means difficult conduit to wisdom.  Moreover we seem governed by some wisdom of the universe and not wisdom of earth.

This is a bit of a new subject. But lets try to make definitive points. What Jesus calls the kingdom of God, Jews call being made from clay. While “The kingdom of god” is a terminological capstone of Jesus’s teaching, Mark 4:12, being made from Clay, isn’t, but Old Testament.

Point being, in terms of epochs, another did begin with the flood. Let’s say Adam and Eve left the garden to evolve in a morally difficult planet. First we have to ask, was earth like a science experiment in a universe that predicted humans on earth, as, they exist within preset conditions. Or was there a scramble to deal with an amazingly unhappy universe? Or both? But then we have  to say, as they left the garden, as animals, without clothes, moving on along evolution, adapting through knowledge of good and evil, there is no need to blame the fallibility upon Eve, even as there may be an anguish to the male expression of childbirth, even a bemoaning that we can’t just be a few living forever, like solitary planets perhaps; the fallibility is on the universe, its rare odds of life, and affliction upon Earth, not the means of spreading good and joy in a dark universe.

And of Course, the farmer killing the hunter, makes no sense, now there’s a sin that caused the flood and a second fall; in that, a lord and patriarch, would favor vegetables over meat, a hunter is more likely to be pent up and violent, and a farmer is stronger than a hunter; thus the flood, and noah, and rescuing the animals; that is a fall through Sin, Cain and Abel capsulize an immoral age; which must be redeemed, or is paid for, by the flood. It is around here that one might insert the women coming from the mans rib? But how would that work; so its put in genesis, but only becomes a reality in later days;


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    love you, hope you are ok, nyc times sq new years eve, is cold and crowded, i think. Sanibel, I think is a bit overrated, I lived in northern fl several years and liked it much more, how you doing

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