Accepted Interlocutory Appeal to Change the Venue to Mercer County from Hudson County, to the Supreme Court of N.J (granted docket number) .

This is an appeal to the Supreme Court of N.J. regarding a denied motion to change the venue to Mercer County where Vera was domiciled, and looking into the fraud that probated her legacy in Hudson County, and suspicions therein. As I was late in filing the complete papers, necessary letter and affadavit below, after which Interlocutory Appeal, to Supreme Court of N.J.  follows.

                                                                                             SUPREME COURT OF NEWJERSEY
Docket #
Vic Fedorov Pro Se
         v.                                                                 CERTIFICATION
Mark Fedorov
Veronica Savage
C/O Ron Fraoili Esq.,
1) Regarding the estate of my deceased Mother, Vera Fedorov; as she was domiciled in Mercer County, I moved before Judge Velazquez to change venue, and that there was fraud in the probate application, which stated Vera had an apartment in Hoboken, of Hudson County. This is not true. Her primary residence was Princeton N.J.. She spent no nights in Hoboken.
2) Judge Velazquez denied the motion at the July 19th 2012 hearing. I calculated, the fraud was to ensure an unfair judge of foreign county where she owned 50 apartment units, to ignore many suspicions in the handling of her devolution, and I interlocutory appealed to Appellate Court.
3) This was filed timely. The motion was denied September 16th, by Appellate Court, filed September 17th, arrived at my residence September 19th, and received by me September 20, 2012. Because the legal facts and arguments I believe are fairly certain and strong, near irreparable damages, and constitutionally questioning the liberty Judges have under the Constitutions, I appeal to The Supreme Court of N.J..
4)  I work alone pro se, to interlocutory appeal to The Supreme Court of New Jersey,  as the suspicions are troubling and true,  and was prepared to file Oct 11, 2012. When I went to Bill’s Print Shop, on South Broad St, to pick up copies of the four volume appendix, in mid afternoon, I discovered they had done double of the third volume and did not have the second. I brought them the second volume, and they prepared it for the next day, Friday, Oct 12, 2012. When I then went to file in the state Supreme Court.
5) There, I learned, four copies of the large first appendix volume, which appellate had, could not be transferred to Supreme, and on Monday, Oct 15th 2012, received those four copies from the printer which I hope to complete what I provided of the motion papers, Friday, Oct 12, 2012. Not having 9 copies, was my mistake and confusion. I am sure this can be ascribed to not having internalized a new and relatively elaborate procedure.                                     
                I certify the foregoing statements made by me are true. I am aware that if any of the foregoing statements made by me are willfully false, I am subject to punishment.
Date, Oct 15, 2012              Victor Fedorov
                                        Thank You
Victor Fedorov
219 Yardville-Allentown Rd
201 232 1154
(Matter of Estate of Vera Fedorov,
                                                                                 SUPREME COURT OF NEWJERSEY
                                                                                  App Div. # AM-000767-11T1
Vic Fedorov, Pro Se
            v.                                                        NOTICE OF MOTION
Mark Fedorov                                       to File Motion for Leave to Appeal
Veronica Savage                                              as within Time
C/0 Ron Fraoili Esq.
To: Ron Fraoili, 304 Hackensack St Wood-Ridge N.J. 07075
       Mark Fedorov, 1483 Shelburne Ct, Allentown PA 18104
Please take notice, for the reasons explained in the accompanying affidavit, I am motioning for leave to appeal the denial of my interlocutory appeal to change the venue, per Vera Fedorov not being domiciled in Hudson County, and such lie on the probate application, that she spent any nights in Hudson County, as suspicious and consistent with her murder, as within time, and good faith.
I hope you review the brief as exculpatory, and constructive and forward-looking and precedential, with wide-ranging effect, as meritorious.
Date, Oct 15 2012,                         Victor Fedorov
The following is my letter brief to the Supreme Court of N.J. which was accepted and granted a docket number
Vic Fedorov
219 Yardville-Allentown Rd
Hamilton N.J. 08620
                                                                                 SUPREME COURT of New Jersey
                                                                                     Docket # 
                                                                                     App. Div # AM-000767-11T1
Vic Fedorov
Plaintiff-Movant                                                        Notice of Motion
       v.                                                                           (For Leave to Appeal)
Mark Fedorov
Veronica Savage
To: Ron Fraoili Esq. 304 Hackensack St, Wood-Ridge N.J. 07075
The point to understand is that numerous criminal behaviors have been signified, to compel my production of a Truth, and Whole: that I have faith will remedy matters.
To that empathetic end; the undersigned is the moving party before The Supreme Court. The foil Judge’s Velazquez’s Order of July 19th 2012, denying the changing of Venue, to the County of Domicility of my mother, Vera Fedorov; is too much fodder and opportunity to deny. Appellate Rejection as well, further raises questions upon a constitutional structure of Judiciary hiding criminals, as well as healing statutory confusion upon Fraud before Probate enabling a foreign Venue and certain Judge.
I shall demonstrate the proximity of irreparable harm, at an widespread, networking level; and seek relief; specifically, investigation, hearing into why there was fraud lied to probate, and how and why such cover-up and dereliction continue malfeasant through your courts, and what knowledge is necessary for the wide-ranging reform the people have the right to at all times, article 2a, of the state constitution, inferring through the courts, and wisdom, and ultimately trusted, leadership. I want you to be reassured this can be done in healthy enlightened way. I see judges. as I do my brother, and you, vulnerable, and not wanting to go against the law and critically wanting to stop crime.
                                Thank You
                                      Vic Fedorov        
This is the affadavit

                                                                              Docket No.
Vic Fedorov                           :
Plaintiff-Movant                   :
     v.                                        :                                        CERTIFICATION
Mark Fedorov                       :
Veronica Savage                  :
Defendant-Respondent      :
I, Victor Fedorov, the understand, commence support of motion with following facts:
1) Defense et al. lied on probate application, and their financial documentation raises my suspicions they are being extorted from, and my mother’s wealth taken from us, as her paralyzing fall was no accident. PA   Notice of Appeal, PA   Interlocutory Appeal Brief.
2) If they can control my siblings, and stifle so many, they can control judges. I see judges just as much the victims, coerced into covering up, easy to see suspicions.
3) This is of grave concern to everyone. I will show how to handle it, and hope I will be trusted, and case remanded for hearings in Mercer County Superior Court, or where deemed appropriate, be worked with to reform the system from ignorance and atheism.
4) It can be construed there is an international child pornography ring, with powerful connections, to have this covered up. PA interlocutory brief, notice of appeal
5) I have  had previous instances of courtly darkness; I argued the reservation of powers for the state or people were violated by local officials, whose ordinance also abridges peaceful assemblies where local decisions be made. It’s in no one’s interest to be against enlightened democratic form. Now realize I must explain the whole to prevail; A whole including natures shown by this case. And even then, this may be too hard to the condition here.
6) I seek to bring relief to you, and alter and reform, per State Constitution Art. 2a, through your interest in your profession, under God. “It is not the function of our government, to keep the citizen from falling into error, It is the function of the citizen to keep government from falling into error.” U.S. Supreme Court, 1950.
7) I have been utterly denied a chance to run my faith in the court, so the fair hearings will be a  relief where I will demonstrate, reassurance, and security through seriousness regarding the Kingdom of God; Something History ignores, but justice requires, that is more protective than the state.
8) I want to sort out this mess in a way that hurts no one and benefits all. I think it is possible this is a faithful opportunity. I hope you are able to be reasonable, and not prey to the same intimations, my siblings and others appear under, or work through them in sight of The Kingdom of God.
9) If you get into and apprehend the following brief, you may see there is a science there to focus on.
10) I cannot claim to have been threatened or specifically intimidated.
11) There is a clear misassumption about the Kingdom of God that can be shown in court, with wide-ranging legal effects upon individuals, challenging America.
12) There seems to be an upper class culture that resolves itself appropriately.
13) Everyone bares this earth and the effects of the world.
I swear the foregoing statements by me are true, I am aware if any of the foregoing statements are willfully false I am subject to punishment.
Oct 11, 2012, Victor Fedorov
then the letter brief itself
Vic Fedorov, Pro Se                                                                       
In the matter of Vera Fedorov
                                          LETTER BRIEF (for N.J. Supreme Court)
                     In support of motion to change venue to where Vera Fedorov was domiciled
Supreme Court of New Jersey:
May it please the court to offer some utter rectitude upon situation through a long-needed explanation of the Whole; to show how such corruptions incur, to straighten them out. It’s a limited world, I plead to be heard out so.
For it is not about Vera’s demise, or the obvious protocol of referring a probate to the county of domicility, for as you can see, in Appendix, the rights and wrongs of the case easy to see, and, infer dangers of irreparable harm from; and the issue grounded in the constitutional structure of the judicial branch of government; moreover a form that relies on the Kingdom of God, and illumination of cultural corruption, will embody wide-ranging effect, as if precedent.
We seek remanding to Mercer County Superior Court for hearings, or any level or agency, to resolve civilly these issues before us, several opportunities for oral arguments to discuss structure and resolution, where the necessary improvements see pa,      may accessible.
                                    Procedural History
I refer to Procedural histories in Appendix. 1,           2,
A) Then wish to add: My appeal of summary judgment was accepted, pa   .
B)Is Mark pro se? Since the dismissal of interlocutory appeal he has been listed pro se. Up to then, since January, he has been represented by Mr. Fraoili Esq. Wood-Ridge N.J..
C) I consider the response to my interlocutory application, pa     to be vexing and not grounded in law. I do not see how a summary judgment dismissal, negates an interlocutory appeal to change the venue.
                                  Material Facts
Refer to Material Facts Documents in Appendix. PA    PA  
Then I wish to add again
A) Is Mark now pro se?
B) Is their response vexing and not based in law, pa   
C) The cover up  of obviously suspicious facts and goings on makes incumbent an analysis of the judiciary that concerns a situation out of control and manipulated through ignorance.
D) Applying and demonstrating knowledge of the kingdom of god, modern media is pointedly ignorant and obscuring of, requires seriousness, respect and trust, and is the opportunity, for which the people may alter and reform government through courts via analysis foregoing of the judiciary.
E) The idea to make evident the value of knowing the Kingdom of God, over the shame, or cover-up restricting inquiry and honest discussion to  the benefit of the people of N.J., for neither Superior nor Appellate court are giving honest consideration, an abdication, a citizen tries to remedy here, ongoing, and in appellate appeal, ensuing under you; where ignorance, of obvious suspicions, has again prevailed, which I bring up here.
                                   Legal Arguments
Refer you to Legal Issues PA      pa
         Basic Point is The Kingdom of God, Agency of The Kingdom of Heaven
1) This is a real test for you. I don’t know if you will be able to apprehend this. We will see. The Kingdom of God, (a frequent gospel term), is the transformation of the human, into the human being; service to a truth, our government ignores, a great pivotal Truth, rendering senses blind and negated. Thus through the means of The Kingdom of Heaven, History, and Society, is ably imposed; grossly, purposefully Ignorant of itself. That is how immorality, folly and crime, is sustained. Judges, Mark, others that know, law enforcement?, criminals? Are created this way to this effect. Truth, God, Knowledge, Demonstration of spiritual principle, is the only way out.
                        Judges like Silenced Victims
2) A judiciary ignorant of the appendix record, is no different than my brother, suspicious, and vulnerable to the same manipulations and corruptions, threats, threats and injury to family, enforced marriage, possible torture, and enforced depravity or perversion and blackmail. Neither would seem to want to do this or be this way, rather be saved, reason, desired. From an application, knowledge, of the Kingdom of God, the adult world we want may suffice, the irreparable harm we want to no longer worry about, may reason for long. This is Christian Terminology to good effect.
                            Self-Denial inflicted by meta-physic or you?
3) The self-denial Mark goes through, judge’s mark as well, as self-denial occludes thought and reason, yet it is catalyzed by fear from knowing the culture and people in this. Others and you, may be construed logically to know people, and yet do you? The means of corruption, ever attracted here,  is to ensure the corruption of those like Mark, yourselves perhaps, that otherwise object, enforced, possibly. Thus you are victims, impeded.
                    Enabled by Mind or Kingdom of Heaven
4)This world is enabled by the kingdom of god and such immobility,  really it is the mind, or kingdom of heaven that engineers this,  not the kingdom of god, which has no volition.
If aware of the kingdom of god, a morality can set in, that expunges everything, even as the echo lingers, the glory of change heard. The corruption is a function of the enforcement of the design of the judiciary. You must know the kingdom of god to deal with it. Yes you may know terrorizing people, or do so yourself,  who oppress, and you may have consorted with, or been bound to, and bonded; but they must be discounted in light of the Kingdom of God. This instant criminal oppression of the upper class, I am trying to show, is contingent upon your understanding, and leverage of mind. Knowledge is Power. I talk to you. The criminals do not talk or admit to me.
You are the foundation of moral society, with a vested interest in morality, reason, Truth and I am hoping on the vitality of your interest in this Matter and Question. It can set precedent, and expose what we do not want in our society, which is the theoretical rule and binding of powerful people and culture through pedophilia, child porn, prostitution, and consorting parties, extending to scary, dangerous modalities; insofar as Ignorance of the Kingdom of God, does not promote the understanding; there is something audacious and outrageous at several planes here, judicial and family treatment, but such mark can even greater signify the metaphysical outrageousness of the whole; and thus these further dangerous modalities, need to be tempered so, in order to be revealed, so crime stops, and the out-of-control, is marshaled, as you are compelled to. For you to know, and reveal, you must Know, and let my guidance and your trust lead  conciliatory work and hearings by virtue of the work and authority necessary to show the Kingdom of God, and absolve in context of it. This seems to be the point; that we can and will work through this.
Corruptions are designed to enforce the sacrificial nature captured in our judiciary, a covert pagan metaphysic then, and not corruptions per se. They have a purpose, and that point, the point, not the corruptions, which while passed over, require allusion. Are you able to reform, by god and faith and trust in me to handle this delicate situation and sin or culture of immorality, as has been completely denied so far, in forms you transpire.
                                   Constitutions, History
5) Our Constitutions are so much a part of this, as a structural issue. One is that by creating positions of such power, in government, and culturally and economically as well, those officials and powerful individuals, are so removed from the people and powerful, in effect they treat the people as children who are incapable of reasoning together among themselves and implementing ideas and plans; that domain has been given to the few, and when such treatment is ordinary, I believe, there can be a tendency to desire to relate to children sexually, as relating to adults is warded off by the enlargement and enhancement of power.
Our Constitution would ensure local decision making in peaceful assemblies, that local officials are neither state nor people, that the people like to think together; yet these points that would benefit all were ignored for which I realize the whole, God, Truth, the important part to the equation, more liberating, than shameful, ending victimization, respecting the present and people now, as the Kingdom of God is understood, or evident, for there is a traditional level there, denied here.
Secondly, “ Substantive due process or right protected by this amendment must be one that is fundamental, able to be recognized as such by references to reaching of history and basic values that underlie our society and such historical reference is necessary because of the need for objective standard”. Petrey v. Flaugher, D.C. Ky 1981, 505 F.Supp 1087 The amendment is the ninth, how to retain denied rights.
There have been three branches of government since antiquity and classical times, obscured by medieval times, they’ve existed in History books. To think our founders came up with such division, is Propaganda. The historical clouds of The Middle Ages seems to have rendered a critically imperfect reflection of classical times regarding the judiciary. Specifically, I shall cite The Germanic Tribes of Europe, whose judiciary, according to Julius Caesar’s account of the his Gallic Campaigns, were run by Druids, thus coupling, Justice, and The Spiritual, Removed from the sphere of History, War, and society, of the domain of the religious, Truth, Justice.
Thus the issues of Justice were in the Domain of Truth, the way humans are human beings, a reality dealt with, better by the religious and spiritual, countering History, than a removed government bound by History, metaphysically contracted. How bound are we, in light of Truth, to History?
Likewise, in The Roman Republic of those centuries before Jesus Christ, had a justice system of Tribunes, run by the lower class, out of 30 Tribes Romans belonged to. Justice should come from the people and Tribes, as they are closer to Truth, then the upper classes relegated to The Senate, and Executive. The Justice System here, parallels the opposition to Senate and Executive, The Democratic Party may have been designed to take on. The people operated and sought to influence through their Tribunes, and ratifications through Peaceful Assemble, two forms inoperable now.
                                     Inherent right of people to reform
6) 2a of our constitution, the people have the right to reform and alter government at all times. This is only through peaceful assemblies, or the Judiciary, manifest. The Supreme Court in 1950 said job of citizens to keep government from falling into error, not government to keep citizens from falling into error.
                                Pagan society, sacrifice overt
7) The pagan society back then had overt sacrifices. Today they covertly, sybaritically aided by a justice system seeming to enemate, at least in my case, a total obscuring of Truth. For instance, Sandusky’s self-denial is brought on by a fear of implicating his culture. Heaven is controlling and writing a story with moral truths, how perversion of justice, is like perversion, its degradation, the same; whose reform, rectification, is sought here, to reform, and rescue, by the value of Truth and its establishment, being greater, and explanatory. It is control. And the Truth, The Kingdom of God,  obviously Greater, and about ending our vulnerability here and protecting our autonomies. Aware of that great truth, these ensue little truths.
                        Homosexuality, The Kingdom of God
9) Thus, that appellate obscured the compelling facts about this case, and Judge Velazquez so unfair, necessitates this examination of the judiciary, and enemating implications. For Homosexuality may be used in The Kingdom of God, to close the remaining mind in comfort, society, prototypically, would find it painful, and thus anger-inducing, crime-justifying, pitiful-binding; Its dominance, a form kept secret, impedes, occludes, thought, which would rise up against the feared oppressors, contrived as, as behind the scenes, who can admit their evil-doings by first knowing The Kingdom of God, that puts it in honest perspective, alongside trust and faith, and help. Service, and psychology is necessary for reason to prevail. But will we, the justice system care about itself and reform government by law?
                              Common Delusions
10) Marriage, reproduction, school, the media, are far from what they may seem. Overcoming these institutions, being stronger than their lies, is necessary to Truth and Reform. You can see the power to a media network, in the absence of our power, and what public display holds.
                              Inquire into Fraud upon you
11) As per interlocutory appeal, isn’t there a contractual obligation to inquire into fraud via where my mother lived, to get a certain judge, who ripples through appellate so far? Held back by bad bonds, or the untoward effect of higher power? One is much greater than  the  other. Atheism holds back government’s self-analysis, and promotes the worst corrupt ways, the story works through.
That knowledge protects more than people or agency will be developed in appellate. Oral arguments as you see fit and abler probably required to talk this out,  via constitutional discussions, or logical fears of irreparable harm, inquiries into how probate fraud occurs, here, or Superior Court of proper venue, trusting my motions in honorable proceedings- the statutory and rule guidance isn’t specifically unconfusing and direct, yet dictate probate fraud being resolved in proper venue, not venue obtained by fraud. PA  This last in itself, while not constitutional, should have commanded the attention of appellate court, PA, further grounding analysis of the nature of the judicial branch of government. If you know the Kingdom of God, can see the Atheist structure, this is pleasant to deal with. If not, we suffer the compulsive effects of a tightly designed, metaphysical  control grounded in ignorance of the kingdom of god, yet whose awareness of, ends that oppression. As an agent of change and reform, per citizen I hope, we may heal, and see what caused me, tries our faith. The quality of “irreparable harm” is an injunctive criteria.

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