Jesus didn’t really die for you AND other Easter Comments

 1) If Jesus was seen on Sunday, he really didn’t die on Friday. Easter is a celebration of how Jesus didn’t really die, was ressurected. So if he didn’t really die, then how could he have died for you? The catholics, methodists, episcopalians, baptists and lutherans are victims of a corrupted christianity. This corruption stems from the Letters of Paul, not the first three gospels.

A) The literary form of repeating a story four times, in a different light, is a literary technique based on the old testament habit of the same.

  1. 2) Jesus preached the terms, The Kingdom of God, and the Kingdom of Heaven. The Kingdom of God, as a term, is a euphemism, for the alteration of the human in the womb, into a being, referred to as The Kingdom of God. This alteration makes it very easy, for a human like Jesus, not to be punished at all, but merely have such exist on paper as much of the world exists on paper to color the world with a representation other than the kingdom of god.
  1. 3) In the pre-jesus pagan world, human sacrifice was alarmingly common. They would sacrifice criminals, or those stragglers in society no one gets too along with; because pagans were scared of the universe, and the universe would cause enough bad things, that sacrificing people, was thought to ward off bad things happening. So from this historical perspective of the transition from pagan, to judea-christian, we see the effect of the teaching to reinforce the christian age was not going to be known as an age where people were openly sacraficed, ie, killed specifically in sacrifice out of fear bad things happening otherwise.

4) I’m one of those people who believe the Gospel According to John, the fourth Gospel, was written by John The Baptist, who was a Christ too. Therefore there is a sarcastic quality to John, whereby his having to step aside, for Jesus to ascend, for all the work John did to not ascend alongside history, was like a death, for Jesus to succeed; because John sacrificed his fame, for Jesus’s, the gospel per John’s theology of sacrificing for you, tonally represents his own literary feeling regarding the whole scene. For the bible is primarily a literary work. It should be read no differently than any other book. Start on page one, interpret it for yourself, try to finish it, find it a page-turner, discuss it with other readers; It is writing, manifested towards spirit; an example of the literary path.

  1. We redeem our misbehavior, brought on by the world of sin, through godliness. We are not removed, but active participants, in moral society, as possible, and we ask god for mercy upon our performance.
  2. Does the Kingdom of Heaven return to dust? Dust is where we came from, maybe, but not where we will return to. Except the kingdom of god, entranced, will return to dust, but energy, does not seem to, hence the older mean.
  3. What is hard to do is render the kingdom of god. The soul, mind, required for this, may be more serious than me. Likewise, should that be possible, earth becomes somber, not willing to move, and seriousness marks those similiar qualities; as humans, and minds, have gross similiarities, making the particular differences, harder to see.
  4. What christians seem to me to be worrying about, is becoming an active participant in life, when so often, life is so much too much to be an active participant, brought down in sin, sin, heaven acknowledges, renders society a metaphysical design for sacrifice, than for good, so what does the christian wonder to do?
  5. To understand we are part of a great universe, is a hard thing, because this universe oppresses us. Divinity that can end the oppression, stems from the resoluteness of the kingdom of heaven. It is possible to go forward, in this context. There is no need to get down by defeat. Don’t take it so seriously. Holy Spirit is possible, and believed in, as a remedy unto salvation at all times.
  6. Praying for your persecutor to heal, is a basic. Religion can go farther than this. For that to happen, we must realize, in society today, religion may not enact its precepts; it’s merely advice; yet if that was a basic constitutional clause, then from there, we may go to even greater services of religion.
  7. There are misconceptions of christianity and by christianity. For instance Paul, really corrupted the gospel. His taking the gospel and story so seriously, in unliterary fashion, is one of the realest examples of the corruption of good, we can find, and historical. The notion of life after death, is not preached by Jesus, who preached of a material salvation on this earth, but a part of Paul’s corrupt translating of material salvation in the physical world, by society as a whole, into something about qualifying for heaven. This heaven thing is a greek concept of greek mythology; not gospel. While the idea is take teachings and run with them. Christianity has a bit of a bad habit, based on Paul, of going in the wrong direction.
  8. Forsooth being aware how we are children of God, And aware of our belovedness a good direction. Certainly, good christianity understands it is about, here, now, making our lives better; and not this mythology about an afterlife politically calculated by ancient greece to make people fear, or be comforted.
  9. Can you understand dying as leaving the world of sin. As thanking you?
  10. Lifting ourselves up, christians forget, requires communities, friends. Friends of spirit.
  11. When I worry, about people, who suffer more than me, surely they must find my suffering comparable? Particularily as we are in the same community. For Chrisitianity is good, when it says to the alone, I am greatly alone; when we remind the handicapped, that we are handicapped: Compassion, as a compass, to find our salvation out of the world of sin.
  12. I think Christianity is very troubled by war, doesn’t understand the historical evidence of war, wants world peace as a criteria for established religion. When truth is spoke, amid ageis of state, when a state, that wars, rules us, and not god; christianity believes in that opportunity to transform the state out of its warring and sinning condition. In earlier times, pagan practice was closer to the state; yet history records frequent wars amid the tribes of europe and africa and everywhere.
  13. Seeking to have God deliver us, seems no more than accepting we are critically a part of the kingdom of god. So what matters is the lack of anxiety, the seperation of modern society, from the kingdom of god, creates.
  14. It would seem the pagans, through less population, enjoyed and cared, a more lush earth; whereas we destroy nature and farm fields, and this is surely not God being nice, but God sacrificing earth itself; but we must believe it is for an end, it is a sacrifice that brings something to heaven; that there may be a pay-off from it; that future generations may live, for our sacrifice. I don’t know if that is true, but it seems what is logical to believe: Unless the power of Satan is seen as never being overcome.
  15. Do we seek to be cheered up with other people, or tackling spiritual problems, that may not be able to be tackled?
  • Verily I say unto you there are two true themes here.
  1. The world of sin is great enough upon all and each, that we are enabled to relate to the suffering and the troubled well enough.
  2. What christianity offers is a true peace of mind; that counters the flailing through society, by admitting the original sin, the altering of the human to human being, at least we are at peace, and neither fooled nor anxious.
  • Likewise, this explains the service::Paramount, guide.

Prayer is important in as it is not done alone but with another or others. Don’t pray alone; the pipeline to god must go through the conduit of another who listens, represents god, and will answer your prayers. Then, I like to think, prayer, within reason, works.

Athens Greece today celebrates more Easter more than xmas. Easter time sound systems, people on stilts, and young impetuos ten year olds with air bats, converge on street corners, for all ages to dance to, 2-80.

But we have to be honest here. In pagan times, religion was in controll, or at least a part of government, and there were routine sacrifices of human beings. At the same time, we have to conclude, in the heart of Africa, humans died midway through life, for we must remember, the kingdom of god is because dying halfway through life is too hard, for we must remember, we can die as the kingdom of god, or we can die as humans; the pagan universe wants it take unaware, and this was what actual and pagan and religious government tribes actually dealt with in local communities.

So the question is, can we be honest about the situation. Obviously, as the kingdom of god, those deaths of crime in the newspaper constitute modern day sacrifice, for the same pagan universe, but could we reveal all the lies, and still say there is a quota of death. Could we be that honest about it, and reveal the kingdom of god, still have society, that discusses human sacrifice. Likewise, is it so hard to figure the universe switches our condition from natural to limited. Likewise is it hard to figure, the kingdom of heaven lives alongside this society and the kingdom of god, elaborately creating society, unable to make it better, per metaphysical compact, and speaking to each and every each day, with a thousand voices perhaps, that we are loved, and this is the best we can do.

The Kingdom of Heaven may have several or many forms. And it is important to talk about and try to articulate these forms. I think now, the souls in heaven are very small, have their hours ansd days just like we do, live a sobering, serious and difficult existence, and are close to my consciousness, if not attached somehow to the brains of everyone, particularily to mine, to view society as it is viewed, so as better to replicate it. I wonder where and what stock the memories of the experiences of the forms are?

The mind then is about focusing on small things. Yet it is very hard to register and feel these small things, and yet everything from earth to its gravitational field feels a little absent. We do not live in a passionate world embracing weather and people. The mechanisms of illusion obscure true feelings as well. It’s a metaphysical, totalitarian oppression. God is absent from political discussion: that’s atheism and communism, together, in America. People need to Identify America, not that I don’t love her, as a communistic totalitarian entity whereby this dark dream be ruled by higher power.

And the oppression from Paul and Catholicism and C. We would celebrate that one exceptionally lived, not that one commonly died. Jesus would lose his glory were he actually killed on the Cross. Hence the irony of “good” in good friday. It is not truly good, it is the fake good of government. It is not truly good, and the “good” does not actually mean good, and intoned so.

Likewise, the reformation is consistent with a reform of the errant last gospel and paul. Catholicism was chased from northern germany.

But this discussion is much less than the discussion of the kingdom of heaven jesus intended.

The Kingdom of God is because the universe demands too much death. This is not much of a discussion.

The Lord of the Old Testament is a half-pagan God. The Lord of the New Testament, has to be Jesus. One is an earthly Lord, the other, by virtue of extending into the universe both promises the power to deliver to his people, and predates earth, the way Judeasm is the father of Christianity. This discussion does take us to where we are now.

The extent of Christianity’s ability to promote a dialogue, beyond a soothing service, and into the Halleluiah realm, should be questioned. There is a lot of christianity around, but is that where the origin of talking about the truth going to come from. Is it going to originate from any religion. Will its source be the media, or politics, or facebook or community, or all-might God, pure and simple. How does one gain the recognition in a world which creates the negative? Where creationism is about creating an ignorant society, where almost nothing is true. Right off the bat, and don’t conform to society’s rules of and for recognition. Recognition is a fake artifice for society. If it is not true, discrepanical, then how can it include me? That includes facebook. The foundation of ignorance does not go up far. What have we got to do about it? How can we recognize truth and weed out the false and reform the false with the truth?

This, what you read, is essentially a form of prayer, you have to answer and deliver; insofar as I may answer your prayers, and we may answer each other’s prayers. The power of prayer must be challenged, and recorded, estimated; powerpoint presentations on prayer- thats the new age christianity.

It is hard for a rich man and the kingdom of god. Occupy wall st forgets the kingdom of god makes it so that the good people may not have to use money, if money is merely seen as a prop for an ostensibly evil society. It is possible to imagine better societies where the people did not actually use money, even as their history, their lying history, records that they do. As the kingdom does not use money, so money really doesn’t exist. Yet it is possible to make the 1% use it, while the 99% doesn’t, in a metaphysical sacrifice of the sensibility and borders of the 1%.

It is so true that living in a world without prayer, and the recognition of god, as consistent with a work ethic and community, is no way to go through life; as deam wormer said to flounder in animal house. But even where that community exists, will it spread through the greater community to you and me? Or is the origin of the kernel going to be something else; like a crime that is solved and shows the picture of some morality plays? Or some fascist play of the people?

Again, the pagan assumption, christianity lacks, making christianity a trail head, as paganism be a path, is that the universe is in pain and requires sacrifice from earth; so the overtones of sacrifice may be legitamate literary fodder, essential to the unity of the book.

This powerful assesment does trump the darkness of the world, but there is an overall tendency for christianity to talk very staid and even sugar-coatingly in its address and description of this situation, and convey what is tragic, as something that is acceptable, and though it is accepted, it is still tragic.

Prayer is central to christianity as a potential origin for good. When this will be manifested, we don’t know, and we see the dryness that makes christianity naturally staid, ie, the difficulty in pacifying the universe.

Another thing we must discuss is why from the turning water into wine, to the last supper, which I think was 4 years, was that the whole duration of the story; why wasn’t the tale of Jesus longer; why did it stop, did he go to live amid the kingdom of god, did he want to stop being a part of the story of the world, was that all the pagan gods allowed, were other denouements and retreats from society considered?

The souls in heaven must be very strong and low to move the kingdom of god, which may be seen like a mass. Likwise two souls may come together in a way to generate power it seems.

We are limited in our bonds with each other, that is the nature of the totalitarianism; which stems from the nature of a lack of truth in society. The lack of truth, limits our bonds; otherwise we would be asserting righteousness. But something between us promoting something is not, limits truth, and so we have a lot of meaningless communication.


Maundy Thursday must be contextualized as the last supper for Jesus’s friends with Jesus, not as Jesus’s last supper on earth.

 Its an ironic comment on eat, drink and be merry

    •  ‎(if you go by this phrase, one half of being merry is good food)
    •  But being merry ain’t where its at. The bottom line is untangling our heads

       Like Its not about a bunch of people being cool, its about things being so hot you all are stunned
    •  because you really are stunned, its just the world that’s not. And yet the movement of the world, may be a reaction to not being able to take the heat.
    •  The heat that you are stunned

       Yet you are everyone, and the link to the spirit energy beings all around.
FINAL POINT: Some people celebrate Easter, because of the joy that Jesus was seen Sunday, lived. Others, that Jesus died for you. Except you wouldn’t celebrate Jesus dying for you.

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