Symbols of America in the NFL

I’m trying to say this; that the old mind can control the kingdom of god, so school, marriage, and wasteful economic oxymoron, but if it makes you gay and it makes you lie about it, you become capable of crime and evil and sending kids to war, and ordering foreclosures and that sort of thing. Because there is anal stuff in the kingdom of god, to help deal with being the kingdom of god, allowed humans would find painful; so pracitcioners know themselves as the kingdom of god, through that experience, and become aware of the imposition of god towards society; but if they lie, they are prey to more evil control, because, because everyone is pretending to be a real person, that real pain is associated with gay practice, pain which really in the kingdom of god is not felt, but something good; so that the association with pain, which the aware practicioner should be able to disdain, overcomes the liar, to manifest that bad with crime and hurt upon other.

Well, it is a totally parallel situation with the black ravens; there is a “real” pain to being far away from Africa; which they dont get, discuss and identitfy, but that really, as the kingdom of god they don’t feel that much, and like gays who know it through practice, blacks know what they are, the kingdom of god, otherwise, they wouldnt be so far away, and yet when lying to themselves, or unaware what or where they are, they are prone to that “real” pain, which then motivates them to do bad.

The gay community could ever identify itself more with a godly and unholy or holy act, depending on how you call it; and the black community could evermore identify with how far they are from their heritage. The difference is that the gay community, at a level, is very grounded in the kingdom of god, yet at another, about risk management. And the black and minority community is not grounded in africa, yet also tuned to risk management.

To make people not require weapon, all the powerful people must admit they have been controlled to further the sacrificial design of society because they are secretly gay, and part of a secretly gay culture, partaking in illegality, at least on paper, in that they unite to control our judiciary and jobs, and whatever they can get.

Likewise we have to ask, is the dominance of minorities from africa here, by metaphysical design africans benefit from? Probably not, but we have to ask.


The point is, the anger and pain, and negativity, associated with AP comes from those who havent come out. The people that have come out are taking an unfair rap for the unmanaged pain caused by not thinking enough by not being honest enough, to recognize the imposition of Society, in various degrees, upon the kingdom of god. The dominance of the 49ers is from the pain what we pretend to be would feel, rather than an awareness such has its used in the Kingdom of God, where there is painlessness. The mind that imposes Society, and its own decisions, decides some people can and do deal with experience, and others, through dysfuntion mechanisms, don’t. Those that dont can be controlled for corruption and crime. The question is how many secretly AP people are out there, vulnerable, or liable to the immoral influence, of not a practice used in the kingdom of god, but lying about it. For then the feigned pain is praxis to harming others, because those not honest have trouble thinking.

Likewise, to speak with integrity, not dishonor, The Ravens, insofar they represent minorities, dark skin, and the fine deep harmonious city of Baltimore, have to consider moving to Africa. As the closet gay does not consider the imposition of society upon a kingdom of god he feels because he is unable to analyze the situation, as long as he lies about; so as moving to africa occluded from consciousness, so is such prone to the nefarious and undesired as well. In both cases, Community and Spirit make the difference. These are instances of scapegoats and minorities, maligned, abused, and abusive, being the natural domain of change, the natural capacity of good, and where things start: from the lowest and troubled, not the highest and powerful and concentrated.


Because the Giants Patriots super bowl last year was redundant, confirming what we all saw a few years ago, and that because the patriots beat the Ravens on bad calls in a near game, and the 49ers lost to the Giants, so the NFC would be guarenteed a victory, I knew this Super Bowl was due to the Raven especially, and the 49ers particularily.

As explained last year, there is an issue to anal practice, whose brand the 49ers can’t shake, in crude translation of greed; commodity of gold symbolizing mercantile trade; against the raven symbol of death, and nitty gritty reality.

Anal practice is a very relevant topic. First of all, in History, now, evil triumphs over good, and many storylines in the NFL bear that out.  I am sorry that a long time ago, anal practice became a part of the evil storyline, and I’d like to straighten that out.

First of all There is the world of The Kingdom of God. This is a Kingdom of Beings, as opposed to materially sensing; and because this is hard to take there, there is a closing of the mind through anal practice that suits the Kingdom of God. As a nonreproductive practice, it is in sync with the static lack of reproduction in the universe, though over very long times in the universe, who knows what is reproduced? Certainly Satan, that force here before Earth, is miserable, precisely because he can neither spawn nor enjoy the little joys of individuation.

Thus anal practice, hithertofor known as  AP, is a thing of God, not man; And it has creeped into the world of man, from the world of God. So the only way out is to reveal the kingdom of god, then we are in the kingdom of god, where AP is normal, and we can work from there. Nor is the Kingdom of God hard to reach, if all can reveal it and stay still to show it.

The evil part of the story line is this, is the AP experience, is one of closing, the mind and feeling of the Kingdom of God, hithtofor known as KG, and were the world representing KG as unaltered, actually act, AP would be painful. KG exists specifically in context of the world beyond Earth. and to facilitate the metaphsyic we have now. It’s unestablished whether KG exists for miserable difficult to relate to gods, or out of sympathy for those cold less sensing or differently sensing depths of Universe.

But because the world on earth pretends to be what it is not, like some dice game, of shoots and ladders, were AP to exist in the world as claimed, it would be painful. Now gay people who have come out are aware of that. They don’t want to hurt people, and associate AP pain with AP, and can manage it; whereas people that dont come out, because they dont speak to others about what is closest, or hide and lie themselves, they lack the depth of thought and clarity for the necessary assoication and evaluation of the pain therein. So go on taking it out of society and others.

The way around all this is admiting one is a part of the kingdom of god, where this normal. And AP really an opportunity to get into KG. Understanding AP then is not necessarily a sensual experience, though I don’t know; It’s not something one lies about and is proud of, its pragmatic, a method and use, way and mean. But because atheism has divorced the world from the kingdom of god, in the giant media particularily, media, as is all around the internet, the pain, coming out from people who are not open about their practice; and there are a lot more of them than you may think, and there is a disposition in crooked culture, for such confusion to exploit already bad situations in the world, as so, which though not as significant as the false heralds proclaim, the reason for the large scale corruption holding back salvation. There is a natural godly element that has been translated into crime, and long structured crime; that enemates from a pain that without honesty can not be managed.

For when gay people do evaluate their experience, and see the schism between the practice of God, and the lies of the world, that propell’s the world of appearance’s registration of pain, wherein in fact, the unmistakable recognition one is a part of the kingdom of god, must seep into the gay experience.

Yet the 49ers have been translating AP from the painful side of privately being unable to figure out they are a part of the kingdom of god, even while undergoing AP, they must be aware they are a part of KG, but unable to manage the pain the world assigns to such a situation. Whereas if they talk about this private secret, they will see that they are claimed by the world, whereas those who keep it secret have this skitzophrenic detachment from that dual reality. It’s not they don’t understand god, or being, they have no control over what they do in this world.

Everyone, all the people, are controlled, They are the kingdom of god, controlled to appear Man and Historical. Some people know this and are polite, others frustrated and more out of controll. The lack of controll increases the more you lie, the less you talk, the more you don’t evaluate your experience, the less you see the impositions. The point is AP is such a deep experience, that of course you register the kingdom of god; the problem becomes failing to recognize the world of man you are in. You can’t identify as gay, if you are keeping it a secret, so how do you interact in society, when you cant let society know a deep thing about yourself? You become prey to society’s corruptions and criminals, you go on automatic, because the world has got to be done, and you merely represent someone, someone who may have fallen in a pit of truth, and needs to know you will help him out with honesty, so he can climb back in the moral compass, and guide a bit through the shoals and rivers, he can not change. In other words, the closet gay is skitzophrenic; the media goes on automatic, the person understands he is being, but not he is controlled, not he is to be controlled, not, that everyone is controlled, not that the world can be dealt with better, the more honesty and self-identity, and most importantly grace of the knowledge of the term the most graceful Jesus introduced on this earth so.

The statement that is missing from secret gay is, “I am a part of the kingdom of god”. The statement Creation makes is ” AP is painful” When creation acts upon a limp rudder, both statements are not heard, instead, crude nefarious design, compounding with rage from pain, that which Identity manages; the expression of gay pain, does not come those out of the closet.

Yet the black ravens have their own pain caused by unexpressed identity. The dark ravens, like the universe, may lack the diversity and manifestation of expression essential to any psychology.


The Broncos are this power sharing the sky of saved hundreds in south america, America as Sacrifice pays for what is, the day and night. What are the broncos? They are an outside American issue. Whether you know it or not, the western states people are far less conducive to the federal government than eastern states, because the federal government has been in those states, less,  and less established, and less natural or unconcious, and washington is farther away, the geography less similiar and oriented differently off the Pacific.

But I am beginning to think, the negativity that blows upon the East from the conduit of Colorado is contingent upon hundreds of saved in South America whose blessedness requires a rate of sacrifice, paid for by the vices and history of America. This is new, this is how America is secretly effected by the world outside America, which is not reported, and I’m not talking the Rothschilds, I’m talking pagan understandings, can you handle the truth, Can you recognize….sky……but of course you can, you know this better than I.

Well, this is it: The hot wildcard teams lost, the traditional conservative powers, Ravens, Packers, and this seasons, Seahawks and Texans, decisively defeated the streaking colts and bengals and redskins, proving teams to toss a few latter games if they’ve locked up the play-offs;

I totally believe the ravens will defeat denver, because manning has been winning on people feeling sorry for him, and the ravens deserved to be in and win the super bowl last year, were it not for a blown call in the snow of New England last year, or two or three. Likewise, I have been very impressed with the texans, and their whiter defense, and found the patriots, while a very precise team, not necessarily a strong team or that “team!”, prone to alianation from New England. And yet both New England and Denver are nine pt favorites. This is amazing, usually my lines coincide well; but my lines here would be to favor the texans, and make baltimore/denver no more than a couple pts from pick em. And I admire the raven spirit. So parlaying ravens texans wins, pays 19-1. This will not happen, because long shots are rare, and more so, in this turbulence, both teams I like could get blown out. Rereading this, I am more confident the Texans will defeat The Patriots, whereas, with my raven luck, Peyton will throw timing patterns to his white receivers and win, but we’ll see, because while the texans and Ravens defeated wildcard teams decisively, they weren’t easy wins, or obvious wins to see from the first quarter or anything.

As for the packers, 49ers, with anal practice in the kingdom of god to close the mind more, permeating into the forced world of man as a painfulness, whose practice, hidden, is compatible with a ring of crime within the structure of society….well, this stuff is much more relevant than the packer union badgers of north east wisconsin, tho buggery is probaby there too as well; yet I feel the other teams would rather play the packers, relentless and reliable as they are; than the 49ers, and if the packers show how to deal with the invidious grecian influx of one means into another domain, well, then class is over.

As for the falcons and Seattle, right off, I want to say Atlanta wins; but more so, my thinking goes, if the ravens, with black spirit, beat denver, there is less need for Atlanta’s black spirit, whereas Seattle is tied to the 49er west coast asian destiny, whereby if the 49ers win, Atlanta will win, as Seattle and 49er have played each other twice already and especially if baltimore loses and the 49ers win, it will be the falcons, but we can verify this. I very much want to say and like as a team the ravens, to win; and all the bronco hype, and yet, it is so easy to predict wrong. Like in the hands of the gods; yet want to say ravens and texans to win. Dont want to see Peyton injured either.

The issue for the play-offs is whether the “hot” teams, colts, bengals, redskins, are hot enough to surpass the traditional powers who lined up their wins early, Ravens, Packers, Patriots, Texans, Falcoms, 49ers. Think Seattle is hotter than Washington and has been so all season, not just recenty. Think the colts are hotter than the ravens, and yet the ravens are such a good organization, they are certainly a more intimidating foe than washington. The green bay packers against the vikings is inconsequentially  reamed enough to not matter, so have to take the points, the only reason the pack will win, is the other teams want to go through them, more than vikings.  The bengals v texans is a classic controntation between a team that is hot and has won a few lately, but wasnt so good earlier in the season, against texans who won a lot of games most of the season, but lost half of their games in the end. Was that fake? A let-up? Happy to have made the play-offs early? The Bengals seem a solid team, but the texans have seemed a superlative team; makes one wonder why the recent losses.

If you go strictly by what teams stands for, the redskins, the chicago democrat in DC, and the seahawks, the destiny of the pacific coast for asia.


Well, the high profile NFL teams so far are three, Denver, New Orleans, and The Jets.

The year begins when the old year without football ends; not a flattering or envious statement.

The Saints bounty Scandal, puts them in last place in morality in the NFL. Yet prestige is world where last place can be first place, if you go by “evil”.

Denver, another historically evil team, and of an evil area; or at least colored orange, for “caution”, have to worry about ending up being the team that gets Peyton Manning paralyzed from the neck down. I am not sure people with spinal injuries should play football. It is not worth 25 million. You have to walk away.

And yet what if the whole league colludes to be gentle to Peyton. And then teams enjoy playing the broncos, and a truer talent shows under those genteeler lights, so the other teams want to extend the broncos into the play-offs because they are fun to play, because you have to be gentle, so as not to hurt Peyton.

And of the NY Jets, whose 7 arrests lead the league in morality, compared to the last place vikings with 35 arrests in recent years; not only do they take on the league’s leading christian in their quarterback, their loud coach, loses 160 lbs; so there are good omens for the Jets.
The Saints Bounty Scandal. I condemn this on the strongest possible terms. Boys foul, men play fair, because men don’t need to foul to compete; and if you need to, you don’t deserve to be in the league.

I associated the saints with catholicism, and this juvenile behavior consistent with an imaturity prone to pedaphilia, which I believe happens when adults consider themselves as children, through an ignorance of mature truths. If the Jets are Jews, The Saints are Catholics. And you can see the humour to Tebow in NYC, and the tragedy of the bounty system. I would say it’s a civil right to play a sport without others trying to injure you, and when this honor system is broken, you have something akin to civil rights violations permeating society.

The symbol of America here, in New Orleans, is these catholic saints, engaging like boys, not men, and so injuring innocent athletes, who want, in the idealism of sports, just a fair playing field. So it is very much consistent with the image of pedophilia. The gap from the bounty system to pedaphilia, in imagery, is 1) the targeting of vulnerable individuals 2) Treating yourself and your targets as immature children not worthy of proper regard 3) Feelings of shame enemate from both. 4) Both condoned and overlooked by structure designed to prevent such abuse 5) Both possible and erroneously considered cool by highly flawed people. 6) associate with a way of life, as a good thing, without regard to the harmed

Updates: If you change the “t” in “Jets” to “w”, you get the New York Jews.

The Jets getting Tim Tebow is like God’s chosen Son, who was born Jewish, going back to his Jewish Geneaology; returning to the father understood as the old testament, begetting the new; returning to a culture that will teach him the old ways, from which to make him newly successful with christiantiy. It’s the westernized image of Judeasm embracing and nurturing Christianity; the  image of the willing people of Isreal surrendering to their King Jesus, in such a way to beget a new and popular, religion. It’s like Jesus in the height of his ascent instilling Christianity, joined back up with a stint with the jews; who are like The Father, as Christianity is a spin-off of Judeasm. (Like Laverne and Shirley from Happy Days ..)

You could also conjure up the image of Joseph being sold into slavery by his brothers, insofar as the Jets didn’t get Tim Tebow. They bought him.

Also the word “JEW” and TEBOW, and JETS contain similiar letters

You heard it here first folks, the patriots made a big mistake defeating Baltimore. The Super Bowl should have been Baltimore-SanFran—-and this would have been particularily relevant as there is speculation some politicians, are controlled through homosexual practice, grounded in blackmail as well, and this would have been relevant for the proximate to washington, defeat those liberal standard bearers from SF.

The question needs to be explored, how can Baltimore have the Giants number, crushing them in the  2002, and not The Patriots? It seems Baltimore comes at New York accusing NYC of ridiculously high real estate prices, and a community seriously harmed by the mass media’s subconscious dominance of New York City; the cramped overtones of dire news all about resulting in the serious hurried expressions New Yorkers are known for.

Why wouldn’t the patriots come at New York with New England Superiority resulting from its practice of Local Decisions in Peaceful Assembly? Even if the form is not applied well enough, or whose principle, cogently known, yes the media is thwarting such; but the moral high ground is there, from which to launch attacks on NYC culture.

Part of it may be a shameful responsibiliy New England feels for mass media, whereas Baltimore, and as under the umbrella of DC, as government should be clearly identified as at odds with the media’s dominance, insofar the media is more influential and before the public than officials.

Or Local decisions in peaceful assembly, has a problem climbing up the steep of media, whereas put downs on NYC media are easy to make.

Hindsight, I say, brings out the symbolism, the way we didn’t see before; hindsight, sharpens, heightens; The clues were there; they were obvious; they should have stood out, leaped to the eye; The symbolism was there. Why didn’t we see it. We didn’t see it, because the Patriots didn’t have it.

Since the Giants did it once, there was very little work necessary preparing for today, they were ready to do it again; which was this; New England stands for local decision making in peaceful assembly with ayes and nays; certainly something to leave the current state of political nature for; and The Giants, a media center deliberately obscuring truths such as the kingdom of god, the reservation of powers for the people, making local decisions in peaceful assembly. And because such importance is given to what is said over mass media; the people, in more common, humble, communications may not overwrite what the mass media projects; So common causes can’t assert themselves through the media, or the people, and the rest of the world have not heard about local decisions requiring quorums of 236 in some towns in Massachussetts. How sensible, how legal, but no one has heard about it because the media has a filter, so of course the giant media can stop the good cause of truer democracy.

Since it happened before; why not have let The Ravens defeat the Patriots? The Ravens blew out The Giants in 2002 with low real estate prices, and generally, greater reality and community even, to Baltimore. Does Baltimore have The Giants number as the Giants have The Patriots? We really don’t know, but it would seem true. The media can stifle the public good, but it can’t stand up to put downs of itself, and the situation it is associated with.

The kingdom of heaven controls the game, the symbology matters.

2:30 going on jog soon, or at least disguised as one, “principale roba, tutti fare avanti” means the main thing is, everyone get along. And in many ways, lets be honest, the patriots and giants are compatible overlapping bordering american forces. new England is genuinely wary, in a good way of nyc, and nyc is partially rude, and amazed at how much new englanders can curse and speak. I feel for the patriot, but I am like a guard. I have to see what the Giants say. This may be a fair game patriots win; but almost everyone is Patriot and Giant, Giant and Patriot. I think both teams have offered to lose. I still can’t decide, it should fall patriot, the giants can be blown out; certainly that’s rolling. But the Giants are smart psychically and may see what is offered and think, being so in despair, as to be easily great, or fine in realizing problems are so big, but what is is so little.

If you reason, you have the patriots, if you have faith, you have the Giants, if you have faith in the patriots you have the patriots and even the patriots winning by two, not covering. If you have reason the big media exists, has power, to be worked out, can be negotiated with, you will see.

1:15: Lets review: The Patriots stand for patriots, vigourous men who love their country, more than themselves, without being a Saint. If you think about it, these people are likely to not be married, or understand the real politic of marriage. Do you need further proof of the moral ambiguity of our founding fathers, but that they were all married?

The Giants are the married, partly understanding, meaning well, as arbitrary as the news, yet like the news, repeated with variations on the same express theme of sacrifice.

Let us not recomend marriage, reproduction to our young. Would we really live that way? Care about the country, not replicating, right? I mean if the population starts to reduce, there will be surpluses, we won’t need so much natural resource.

There is the feng shui in the superbowl of the half time show that reflects the giant media controll of the product. It is a product, I believe, the superbowl. And the brand includes the media incorporation of a rock and roll half time show. Now personally I think it’s time for country. Country-Western is a far greater chorus upon the superbowl tragedy than frickin madonna with something stuck up her ass some 30 years.

Also I do not watch the commericials. They have no interest for me. I don’t care about them, I don’t remember them, they don’t help me remember.

Rock and Roll is Giant. Thoughtful is the good Giant. The only flank the bourgeois will attack, is the flank claiming the whole thing makes sense.

Of course good comes out of tragedy, there can be a real rainbow.

Superbowl noon: The empire state is actually the scapegoat state. Feng Shui makes all the difference, both teams have different feng shuis. The Patriots try to find theirs, the Giants have their own particular Feng Shui form; I have been organizing my library; I can feel the feng shui. Venus was out fri night, oh man, the venus set,-so bright around 8:30 pm. And then saturday night, probably because I enjoyed it so much, venus was all cloudy, saying, “be around the kingdom of god, get real, relate”.

Don Rickles picked the patriots; he has to know something. Out of all the celebrity picks, I’d take his. Even over Robert DeNiro. The Italians say, “principale roba, tutti fare avanti”

The deaf people at the bar had the Giants. We are near a deaf house. They were playing the juke box; I’m like “how can deaf people, talking sign language over there, play the juke box?” Well, apparently the juke box and music have deep vibrations the deafer can hear, I think, so I went over there with my pad and paper and through writing was able to get they all had the Giants. Now either like Bethoven they are attuned to deeper melodies; or they are just loyal to the giants and there are no deep melodies; but by with pen and paper, I was able to make inroads into the tribe of the the deaf. Humour said, humility. (Note to self: deaf people over don rickles anyday)

7pm- The Giants have to believe they represent nyc, which is media center, which can make a better world? Or create inroads to salvation through the people, which would have the same effect. The Patriots have to define America as neighborhood salvation. In this day and age, that ain’t easy. Hence the humility. In other words, the patriots stand for salvation by the people without the media, and the giants for good things happening through the media, the connection through the media that grounds common sense, putting our heads together, engineering a wise system.

Feb 4 – what I pick up is grim reality, of nothing, humble reality, lots of don’t believe the hype, sensibility, perspective, which most Giant fans have, hidden as they are; and enthusiastic as Patriots are, I am starting to lean Patriots because Tom Brady, last seen, was a sure thing, and his passing corp are more veteran and reliable; whereas the vaunted Giant Passing offense, which will test the secondary, the giants could well run the ball a lot, well, they seem a little high strung. I’m picking up earth is a little thing, and meant to be that way. Another day is another day.

Another point is the Patriots, when they are dominant, and the giants are dominant; yet the Giants, generally, can be dominated before the Patriots, like the media, the giants are a beast untamed, trying to marshall its energy; The patriots are human. Almost like SanFran let them win. Who knows the powers that streams fumbles and field goal scoreboards?

Pretty unfair, investigate how the scoreboard had the wrong down while raven kicker warmed up, but also how could no one have passed on that confusion to the kicker?

The Patriots have won super bowls and not covered. I think they are proud to cover this time, but still, they were too proud last time, and winning and not covering, very much a patriot M.O.. They win, but they don’t always cover. They covered tebow broncos, boy did they ever, but they didn’t cover, and almost lost this baltimore game, which was a great game, unlike the sanfran ny game which turned into a great game in the fourth quarter. So they covered one, the one against God’s qb??????so far only qb> so it could be patriots win by 2 or 1, the giants have been consistent underdogs. Don’t see what the big deal about making them favorites? Just that they crumple, like beasts. Ooh that hurt.

At the same time, the giants are on the case, I can feel em, like me, they can take this kind of thing seriously

Feb 3 – Actually have to say the shadow hanging over the bowl, the hills over the valley, may be Isreali strike on Iran. (See note Ammendment three for how to end these problems). I always thought since the koran is grounded in Abraham and Allah, like The Lord, Judeasm shouldn’t worry about Islam. Also, their lord should protect them.

Anyway, you just have to know the native religions wouldn’t sell us oil. Basically Islam won the right to sell us oil. A right the Arabs can not be assumed to have given away willingly. So lets just be fearful of an awful universe, realize how ha each day is, and try to grow.

FEb 3rd. All seems mellow regarding the superbowl, a quiet night, careful not to lie and hype the superbowl. That could be a Giants thing. When I was near Portsmouth, boy they at least seemed to really watch their patriots; whereas I’m not so sure about Giant Fans. They are like prison guards, sad, and not excitable. (not including a few giant fb friends).

Feb 3 – There may be a match between each soul in the kingdom of heaven, and a piece of the universe. Certainly there has to be some working between the universe and human afterlife. The Kingdom of Heaven lives in the Kingdom of God, yet the mind of the kingdom of god, is not easy to be, relaxed, distant, collective. Om Shanti.

So It is strange world ordering society. I was offered a TV show in Kenya, to say these things, even “racist” things, like blacks should feel obligated to get how insensible and stupid our economic system is; and events such, may be able to through power, through the order, benefit many people.

But benefiting people, creating a less evil world with less bad things happening, should be done through the people, by the people, without government authority or nosy new york times reporters.

If the order changes, either way, christ-like, there will be much less evil in the world. How is that going to play with the universe, our pagan gods?

Feb 2—– If the giants stand for a media center that purposefully ignores the kingdom of god, or enlightenment, and the patriots for making local decisions in peaceful assemblies through ayes and nays and quorums in the hundreds………well the last time this happened, the media, as a powerful negative force, with a potential to do great good, was far stronger than pithy attempts to behave in this constitutional and natural fashion in New England.

So now I see New England, which has always been intrigued and a little glittered by NYC really wants redemption from 4 years ago, and they are playing it they are good and media is bad. They really see the bullseye on this.

Moreover, against the 49ers, I felt the Giants really concentrated on how gays needed to know, people wouldn’t reproduce the kingdom of god, and many giant fans actually feel not right about reproduction. This time, I see little benefits from thinking about the superiorities of New England; the unnatural dominance of mayors, how the media can be enlightened, the meta of the lies.

In fact; I see these sensible changes and concerns deemed impossible by a media extending right down to facebook, actual guests, and the folk at bars down the street. I mean we can try to talk about it. And we are all partial to Giants, if only because the Eagle Fans are so threatening; but even they are for the Giants in and NFC east thing.

But like the man said, “there’s a big mountain that won’t move, and there’s just you, so medidate and try to find a powerful god that will help you.”

I also see the Patriots as wanting the media to do good; be involved on something sensible; They fail to understand, the media is the lie we project to the universe, so that the entranced Kingdom of God, without movement or sight, may give in to the nature of the universe; and any positive benefits, must be processed outside the media. Even as the media limits what the people can say; as the media is self-proclaimed all important compared to the people. Contradiction of the media by people would impugn the importance of the media. And the media is process to a metaphysic involving the universe and The Kingdom of Heaven. So to step outside that metaphysic….it is far more likely my world just stops, and I mature.

Can the patriots advance local decision-making in peaceful assembly, as towns in New England, some, require a quorum of 236 for a decision to be made? Can that logic spread? It would violate the rate of metaphysic, and make the world better and wiser. Would the papers report it? Or would logic and truth be off the grid?

Fascinating how the media, in all, don’t recognize this dimension and concern. Certainly, I need people. With capable people I may be able to turn this whole thing around. Recognizing these concerns are represented by me, hasn’t really happened. The media is stuck in the rut they are in; and society, a small subsection of media. Society keeps plowing along daily.

Now I do have a bit of trouble, and the media is not helping at all; so any mediation has to be done within the circle, so to speak, which is better and godlier order, than greater and cumbersome, apparatus. Thus we have to get by the media, relate as what really is, and operate from there, as we can.

Jan 23rd. I think the Giants are a favorite team to play.

I think the Patriots were scared of the Pack; but maybe NYC is the greater challenge. Don’t you have to make the Giants the favorite because they won last time?

No of course not, you believe the Patriots are ready this year and have taken steps they know will defeat the Giants, if that is so desired.

Jan 22 1pm

Mavericks got back at the Heat, why cant the patriots at Giants or Ravens at Giants? Is the NFL greater than the NBA?

Patriots stand for constitutionalized local peaceful assemblies, and towns that require 236 for a quorum. If in urban areas, derailed by lack of actual production, not conscious of the wisdom, fooled by unnecessary jobs, and the democratic party long corrupted by power, the mob may be the people who organize the logic of what truly makes sense.

However the Ravens, I like to understand as minority, dark, American people, with their troubles neglected, and by a president, with a powerful side to America’s dilemma; esp. as they must see how insensible the economy really is; same as the majority must sympathize with their prison rates and frankly criminal issues, and the separate strata’s and alienation if you compare relations to the country.

I’d like to say Ravens can keep it within 7, but the trend seems to be to covering the affable underdogs these days; so I will say that I can’t decide, and that is good, because it’s enough to see if you win or lose without firmly committing. So I will say this, there will be over 52 pts scored. (I was wrong. It’s like they could have had many fourth quarter scores like the saints-niners but instead had many fourth quarter turnovers)

However The Giants Stand for an essential lie we put out, to the universe, and even ourselves, regarding reproducing the kingdom of god. See, No one would reproduce the kingdom of god, but that is what we do, to make things easier with the universe, which at some level has to believe people are not the kingdom of god, but they are the kingdom of god, and at some level they are lost, and seem to be people or souls, so the point becomes, being honest to me and each other while maintaining what the media projects as our physical reality, so that we may be wise and honest, but still be confident that the media does not find out. This is what the giants stand for, the moral ambiguity of being caught up in a system that is not only lying but can’t really explain the lie to ourselves, as parcel to the loss and sacrifice of earth, I see.

San Fran of course is not to be trusted. They are sneaky and don’t play fair. Of course there are different degrees of such, and the Giants don’t play perfectly fair, representing a media domination from nyc that misrepresents on purpose the kingdom of god. It’s that easy to control people.

But Frankly this time, at this hour, I see the giants, with all their problems understanding the lies, diminishing themselves, but with a conscientious struggle to improve, winning. I see the Giants winning, now I’m thinking Charles Sheen though the same thing, and I felt the Packers would win as well, so I have doubts, but am willing to Say the Giants will win.

The NFC is recovering from some decades of Dominance by the AFC and showcasing their powers such as the pack, the giants, the san frans, the saints. These are teams that haven’t lost in the super bowl much

The way I see it, the Giants can not beat the Sanfrans because either against the Ravens or the Patriots, they’ve done that, recently too, and I think the Super Bowl should be above such repetition. So in these situations, we advocate on the over/under which is 42.

The Giants are 2.5 pt underdogs. The Ravens are 7 pt underdogs

I thought God intended for a Patriot Packer Superbowl, or Bronco-heathen bowl; but maybe there was a mistake along the way, the way making local decision making in peaceful assemblies has been mistaken for mayors; and my federal case 04-366 District of N.J. citing the tenth and first, and then those supreme court judges, allow eminient domain to increase tax base? When tax base increase is for many uses, and the fifth amendment allows eminient domain for “public use” ie, take a property for a library or train station there, one use. Not many uses through increased tax bases. This is the letter of the law. This is what the supreme court missed, and that is how you get the several wrong ensuing cases, notably, Citizens United, mistaking what is protected, for what is repeated. And this is why we don’t have a pack patriots superbowl. Something is wrong with the supreme court. Maybe the NFL can help push it back.

All the remaining 4 teams should make a good superbowl ie no blow outs.

Some of these games are old rivalries, or new rivalries. SF- Giants, for instance; our history incoporated through a media lying about the kingdom of god, always has trouble with the phenonoma of gays. The practice of making up a story about the human race now, isn’t that natural. That 39-38 play-off game I remember distinctly for its two blown calls against the Giants at the end that should have allowed another chance at the fieldgoal. That was most unfair.

Even against the packers I felt SF holding back the packers, wanting the Giants to win. I even felt something evil holding back the Saints, the evil 9er power like controlling the game through the NFL with some gay line like, This is our stadium. We have a right to be evil, esp as The Saints are evil.

There is a psychic hold, there are evil teams, whose psychic auro don’t play fair.

I am going to think to the superbowl, to prognosticate, as I feel the winner of the Patriots Ravens game will influence who wins the NFC. I think Patriots Ravens will be a good game.

See I don’t think you can have a Ravens Giants superbowl, because they tried that ten years ago and it was no contest, the Ravens had it all over the Giants; so why try that again. Nor do I even think you can have a rematch of the greatest Super Bowl I saw, Giants, Patriots, because as the Ravens have the Giants number, so it has been proven, the Giants have the Patriots number. I don’t think God wants to risk running the same game twice. So therefore we are left with either SF-PAtriots, of SF-Ravens, or the Giants may beat probably cover San Fran, being the Giants and big gamers, history can be through the media of NYC.

I think the Patriots have much more interest than the Ravens. The Ravens stand for problems in minority neighborhoods, something Obama is uniquely conditioned to address, but fails to; which is his greatest failing, if you ask me.

The Quarter Finals

Oh my God Broncos lost. Tim Tebow is religious like, but we need a better religion. This completely went against my calculations. I do not know what to say. Obviously it is god’s plan, but even more obviously, not necessarily the plan I was advising.

What does the texans loss say about Ron Paul’s chances?


Both these teams would provide San Fran with a good game. The Giants stand for a media controlled by another continent, (in a pagans sacrifice to the miseries of the universe we know not of) The Packers stand for real work, community owned football teams.

I’m saying the Pack deserves the 9ers more than the Giants; It’s also about who can beat the 9ers, so there may be some give and take and feeling out there that the team with the best chance of beating the 9ers, win. In this sense, victories are based on which other teams won. Think Giants will cover.

Problem with the pack is that they won’t win 2 yrs in a row. Looks like an AFL victory.

Ravens stand for cool city with black problems, very american.

Texans stands for texas politicians, and Ron Paul especially.

Ron Paul is cool enough to promote the texans to victory, yea yea yea

Ravens will win next year. The Ravens don’t match up well against the patriots anyway. Texans and Ravens should make friends . Think Texans will win, and like the ravens in general.

Patriots – Broncos

Patriots stand for local peaceful assemblies. New England does not have mayors and councils. Local decisions require a quorum of 236 to be made.

The Broncos, and Tebow as the head of the steer, so to speak, I mean, Tebow is part bronco, look at him, I think we all admit it, and he, Denver, would stand for people coming together to put their heads together Christianly, and wisdom coming swifter from a Christian center, than the political structure of New England, which for all its constitutionality and legitimacy and enactment of natural right, hasn’t done too much. Perhaps because its absconds the Christian understanding of the Kingdom of god, and spirituality in general.

Thus, amazingly, Bronco Tebows over the Patriots.

How I might lose. Predicting how I might be wrong. Sun 12:19pm New England is a very strong mob family area. I have enough troubles, I might need to get along with the mob. This could be very important. I’m the only one who blogs this stuff. Yet even at this rate, Denver will cover. Cover 13.5 pts, case you don’t get the disrespect bookies have for the lord.

It’s almost as if the bookies are saying, “We are making it really easy for you to cover, oh Lord.”

Saints – 49ers

This is a fascinating one as they are both evil teams. This is one of those, the more evil team will win sort of games. Or, as you see, the less evil team will win.

The Saints, New Orleans, French, stand for Catholicism; with its ignorance of Easter, and turning off of its population from Christianity.

San Francisco stands for gays. There are gays in the Catholic Church.

I am saying the gays, can recognize the falseness of Catholic imagery, and defeat the saints.

49ers over Saints.

How I might be wrong: Predicting How I can lose: Gay people might be too stupid, being sacrificed in a way themselves, which I hope translates into a conference final for them, to understand the notion that Christ dying for you makes absolutely no sense. Any yet, the terms Jesus introduced, relevant in criminal cases, and relevant everywhere, each day; And yet can heaven deal with the pressure, of the reality of the Kingdom of God and Heaven? If a person is confused by homosexuality, he is not prone to figuring out protestantism’s reform was taking out that catholic corruption, as it is not of the first 3 gospels.

The more I think about it; the corruption of christianity, embodied by catholicism, is far more designed evil. Homosexuals, hurt themselves. Catholicism is a harmful culture, a long established evil. This could be a N.O. blow out.

I really have the underdogs this weekend. Last week all the overdogs but Denver won and covered

Fine Print: As with any karmic prediction, I may be proved wrong, and it shown so, can easily reveal where and why I was wrong. Because in this game, mistakes are easily seen.


Lets look at these images/.

Baltimore: The image of tight knit communities with a sense of locality and fineness as can be prevailed towards. Certainly this is a fine lower class image.

New England: Communities coming together in peaceful assemblies to make decisions with ayes and nays. Commercial Fishing. These are fine images.

The Giants: An evil empire dominated by media out of NY. A hellacious if true and relevant image, in America, out of NYC, today.

SanFranscisco: Gayness spreading throughout a city upon a powerless population. It is true, as far as American images go, this is not a very good one; maybe it indicates the destiny California to be for Asia; as the east coast, for Europe.

New Orleans: A corrupt churge, a catholic image, of the secret rule, upon a good people, by a catholic church preaching salvation through the death of christ; as if that’s not the greatest turn off to religion corruption ever invented.

So you see while two of the images are peaceful, three, are monstrous and horrific; quite medieval in imagery, one may say, more than “American”.


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