Sabbath Remarks

Everyone is still, still, still, still. What do I mean by that? I mean the kingdom of god, inside everyone, is trained to not move, and be moved. When I paused to reflect upon the stillness, I am amazed by how much the people have not moved. The kingdom of god is not only still, but bound together by the nonmaterial world, to be stiller still. I can only take a breath and be aghast and amazed at the vasty stillness of the human race.

Linguists of the past decade ago liked to speak of absence and presence. Some things, some expressions, actions, had more presence, others had more absence; certainly, the stillness is bordered by absence, yet there is a presence. And yet there absence is absent of presence. So absence is more one than a unity of varied presences, because absence has a common denominator of less or nothing.

Sometimes people ask me what I have been doing. And lately I’ve been saying I’m a broker, and I’ve been brokering; but you know what? They know I am not a broker as they aquaint with the word they usually refrain from asking what I am brokering.

So I don’t have to explain to them that brokering is simple; merely hooking up sweet people who may cancel each other’s flaws, or finding people with similar interests and uniting them. That is all brokering is, at this point. And while these breaks I have brokering have made the sum greater than the parts; created a solace so sorely needed, done, what many said couldn’t be done: it is still hard for me to believe that these deals, these experiences that came about through me, as they should come about through humanity, for what does humanity do but catalyze and increase the situation in a good way: these breaks can not last, no deals last in this way without the rock of Gibraltar, the kingdom of god, factored in the equation, without the kingdom of god as a variable in the equation, as a number in the equation, as a function within the equation. Because the equation of earth, does have the kingdom of god in it. The kingdom of god is a prime part of earth’s equation, if not the most fundamental part; though the universe, the afterlife, as well as earth herself, and all her planet friends??? May be even more fundamental.

So the only way a brokered deal can hold, is with and in the context of the kingdom of god. If not, indeed, you want to and only can be a broker of god; you want to be God’s broker. However vague that term, none other can bestow more prestige; all these people brokering blue chip stocks, well ain’t none of that worth more prestige than god; and being god’s broker, the honor we all seek. No matter how long we have been in the box, we still want to be a broker of god and take god outside the box to show him how much better things can be if Humanity is good. There is only one real deal, and that is to figure out a better deal. Everything ungodly is not the real deal and may fail; but when the god of the real deal is incorporated into the brokering, a foundation developes of now, that protects the now, in a way the past doesn’t, nor an already sold future offers.

In light of :Occupy Wall Street; what light does it shine in a street known for walls; The ultimate deal to broker would be an organizing of what we need done; to a world without money; where we all, with experienced trainers and shared tools, learn and fix up all our homes ourselves, where producing our own food nearby is a common concern and interest, where mechanics and doctors, and skills in general, are valued members of the community and treated well for their skills; this is what class wants to broker.

And then look at what would happen. There would be no pornography, because as pornography is alleged done for money, and we lived in a society that valued time and not what is not necessary, and didn’t use money, and such, that no one would take off the clothes so.

And the system of local government, where officials make decisions for all, though they could ask the public’s decision on issues through peaceful assemblies; a normal process that must exist in the kingdom of heaven, and local officials know more than anyone the few deciding locally for the many is not natural: the planning, council, and working together, a community naturally does, ends local officials.

However knowledge of the kingdom of god is necessary for these changes. Yet I am kept from the kingdom of god, it is almost as if it is like some force is pushing me out of the kingdom of god. And certainly it is like you can demonstrate no more knowledge of the kingdom of god, than TV demonstrates knowledge of. Thus TV must proclaim the kingdom of god, and showing communities planning and working together.

The Kingdom of God is the way it is, even is the Way, per Taoism, yet purposely obscured by TV, and History with its legitamazation of a top-down pyramid structure. As real as the equation is, why its obscuring? Well that’s the metaphysic the real deal tries to work out; that is what we try to lay down to have dealt with. That’s what a polite lieutennant politely requests done. It is how deals pass that sell time.

I also have been learning how relationships, turn into a vortex where the one does not want the other to have a social life. They want you all for yourself. Marriage, and some relationships, are like a black hole, siphoning off society into a Nederland. If you wonder why more people don’t enjoy friendly bars or parks, if you wonder where they are, they are sucked into the vortex of an intimate relationship. And this is not something we go through alone, many people are going through this, people should unite and relate on this repression, and note the ruling through anger that exists, even though people are so high looking you could never tell they rule intimacy by anger, but that is the norm, and consistent with expressions of society, where falseness is flashed as good, and truth has dim lighting.

Now regardless of what you think of blacks, Hispanics, white, Asians, or Hindus; the forgotten man on earths shifting totem pole is the Arab. And the word Arab comes from “Ar” which means state, and “ab” as in abnormal, or rounded out of the usual; thus linguistically signifying and condemning an excessive state, and by exponate, top-down government in general; coming about in national socialism of Egypt, to today’s Muslim rule. Thus “arab” must stand for outside the state living, as there be official condemnation and value judgement against, the state, in the word “arab”. We must broker a life outside the state, based on agriculture, and render history, merely “his story” even as such more natural and honest state does not make “his story” as truth felt through honest living.

Living outside the state, is as simple as people getting along and making their world work, without money, through organization, and trust.

And yet we all have a responsibility to proclaim the kingdom of god, that we can work together; and note that hasn’t happened through a purposeful control that doesn’t allow such. We must divide what needs to be done, do what needs to be done, and not waste time on what economically not truly, exists. If a society is taking care of itself, then education becomes a community and guiding experience, rather than a brutally regulative one.

As we try to imagine a better and negotiating world, so we try to hear the higher powers say, “join us”, and imagine the world as we want it and better, I mean the power to manipulate the kingdom of god, must stem from microscopic strength. The kingdom of god, or spiritual truths must be proclaimed and uttered on TV, in the media, as the true majesty of media makes truth. And likewise, the legal system of the people be seen as where truth can make right. Regardless of what you think the point of the media be, to obscure truth or share truth; whether the media sucks in “his story” or is designed to refute “his story” and make a better truth; the legal system, in its study of itself, does proclaim truth and studied laws as a divine guidance. The legal system offers itself as a place for the truth to proclaim itself, make the world of the people and society better, and it must assume that rightful place from where it corrodes and struggles now. The legal system has the necessary self-identity, the media, intertwined with history has not grasped for and successfully wrestled.

Yet the savings and grace of the legal system, intended to redress grievances, of which there are a multitude, is not identified by the people to that calling; because the higher power, the kingdom of heaven, which controls us all, is so conformed to its metaphysical intent, that it may not veer and flow towards truth. Its simply not the way we think; because this way is made.

Yet ultimately and essentially, the final exponent of Christianity, and the current theme of history, is forgiveness. People are forgiven because there is the kingdom of god and that changes everything. Therefore since the people etc are innocent, being controlled and manipulated towards society and even sacrificial goals, who really is guilty? None other than the kingdom of heavean. Ultimately, essentially, the kingdom of heaven must be prosecuted, and is guilty, and must explain themselves and their behavior as any defendant in the legal system, just because the people didn’t do it, God did, doesn’t mean the principle of punishing the guilty is lost. Though no jail can hold the kingdom of heaven that doesn’t mean the idea of punishment, or the notion of the kingdom of heaven clearly explaining itself or the situation is an untenable ideal. It may be hard to imagine capturing the kingdom of heaven, but that is what zealous prosecutors do.

Thus the legal system must return to the people, and the legislative and executive, still be maintained, but checked by truth, through the legal system, even as to uphold the true justifications of behavior.

Yet the mass of humanity is trapped in marriages and families, a veritable vortex limiting human interaction. Salvation is only possible through strange friends, and the strange friends must prevail over the black holes draining society; naïve the belief two people may work out the problems of the world.

I’d also like to toss out that we are neither blacks or whites or rather that because we were once blacks, whites are really white-blacks.


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