An Ascetic Sermon

Whether trying to be ascetic, or trying to find someone who is: An ascetic tries to live outside society; within the Kingdom of God ideally. And after years of demonstrating the screwy impression spirituality sets before him; people assist him, and people need him; through an intervention of heaven and fate. Ascetics were big 1600 years ago. Whether trying to live on a pillar, or eating only basil, Ascetics were so doing what few if any do, that they were genuinely recognized by a metaphysic, and actually prayed to.

At some point the ascetic starts to see the eyes low and calm that unite the kingdom of heaven into units of souls. Because he has thought long and hard, and finally had his mind turned to the breathing that mingles God and Heaven. The quiet calm that absorbs everyone in the house quiet by one soul, that breathes deeply and consoles the kingdom of god.

If he could connect with that quiet good, an entire locality may admit it lied to him; for it is not the ascetic that steps outside society, but society that has long stepped out of the domain of truth the ascetic returns to. And at some point people who want to suceed must work with him, that working with the ascetic, is good karma, and work means work, no shying away from the low denominator issues. And at some point I must wonder would I connect with that house, what obligations would there be?

At some point one must wonder, how does the higher power see, without physical eyes. Surely the sense of God, wonders you. It would seem the kingdom of heaven, relies upon physical eyes out there, becoming small souls and amplifying the magic of the ray of sight for the afterlife breathing alongside the kingdom of god, deeply, to hook up to. I feel my sight, and heart is used by heaven, as are there not places the size of a pinhead angels reside causing congestion? The heart must be used to unite. There are droning units of 120 alligned to particular geometries of sight available. This is why we are right handed. Because the left side is absorbed and used by heaven.

Somehow the closeness to the more obvious groups in eyes, might overcome the Mithras, we see now. By mithras I mean the legacy of world domination by what at least seems stupidity. The prescence of what does not allow the world to better itself. Indeed, aside from an analysis of what these squadrons do, as they probably go back to a house, perpetuate the world or society, blending into written Mithras we must wonder how to invoke higher power, or understand the ways of the world to improve the world.

All the negativities of the world, and of individuals, are a sacrifice. And the ascetic begins to wonder what to do about it; How to combine spirituality, with the world. All the errors and follies in a broad and particular way are sacrifices. The Kingdom of Heaven may be perfect, but it hustles, and the world of man, society, the world, is not nearly so perfect, obviously. There is some deal where things are not to go right, human folly is to prevail. For all we know, that constitutes an appeal to unhappy jaundiced gods.

In more pagan times, it is not so far fetched to imagine, (though we can not simply expect to imagine pagan times, because for all we know, the Kingdom of God, as it is, was a more accepted or evident part of society than it is now) the sacrifice of one thing for the saving of another. The cutting down of an old tree, for the healing of a disease, perhaps. But in advent of christianity, replacing paganism, and paganism in a sense is everything else other than judeo christian nonspecific higher power cited religions, paganism and the greek religion of planetary worship and constellation myths are the same thing. Paganism is the worship of natural phenonom, including its perception outside of earth. But as that worship of higher power in god and goddess form shifted to christianity, with Judeasm being a tail wind or sailing itself on christianity, as the only pagan tribal religion to survive, more distant as it is to actual other gods and goddesses than The Lord, The way to end ailment through sacrifice, seems to have shifted as the ailments of society to constitute a sacrifice: And therefore the ascetic wonders how to end the ailments of the world, even as they may buy a little good from unhappy gods.

For instance ailments would be ended by admiting the lie, which would be a wonderous things causing much happiness. This repentence is nothing sacrificial, but blessed in itself, and put towards a redemption for the here and now. But most are controlled to not be spiritual. This essentially shows how government and power, by the rareness and unapplication of spirituality, is holding back governing, and not governing, rather than governing. So as many are controlled to not be spiritual, so they are not in controll of themselves most essentially, they are not in controll of themselves at weaker levels as well.

And there is a need to discuss this. Everyone should know localities were meant to make decisions as a group with ayes and nays in peaceful assembly. Everyone should know we can work together. Everyone should know there really is the kingdom of god, and that makes our justice system fraudulent. There is a need to discuss what to do to negotiate the end of these sacrifices keeping the deserved redemption from the here and now. If I were to take on the state again, even if I can not force it to deal with these truths I would at least get it to admit the people deserve to know these truths and compel it to disseminate information, in the interests of at least being a public forum, if not a proactive wise force.

There are two levels, Mithras, and the airy head the earth is in all about where the souls that maintain this world are, without being involved in the uglier side of it. Were a closeness of dialogue to prevail between the ascetic and the loftier though subdued side of the afterlife, then maybe a responsibility towards everyone will be shown, the sadness, what the heart is about, will bestow a diametrical order, to the one imposed now.

The eyes are low, there is a lot to reflect on here. In calmness and out of calmness must eyes become self-evident. Paganism, which seems to pitch the afterlife at a lower level than the gods of the universe it focuses, is merely an extension of the Egyptian/Grecian Isis Axis. There is just one other religion on the other side of christian-judeau-budda nature, and it is inclusive of all the creativity out of the known natural world that can be mustered for worship.

People know ascetic types can help, because they pitch themselves forwards against a wind: and are respectful and proper, to a point of purposely going in a truer direction.

One wonders about the party of the people in more pagan times with more ascetics as well. Obviously the fulcrum of politics against the republican and statist order must come from within, within an order of the Kingdom of God, it is obvious to me enough, the more patrician party encouraged and even tried to facilitate for the opposition, as generals wanting a good peace would. But still, how would such harmony in the inner city, from the inner sanctum be achieved, through the worship if Isis, say?

Maybe the quick moving skivers of arms proclaiming the kingdom of god within touch of the human being, will churn up the kingdom of god about more and more. And yet the term the kingdom of God, did not exist through much of Isis’es time of worship, making us wonder the success rate of paganism, or how this was gotten about, and how people were empowered to do so, or if it was all just written. Nevertheless in this vision, Jesus is seen on the pantheon of stars. Indeed paganism, polytheism, shines light on the order of gods and powers, shows their contrasts, even superiorities.

The point is the claim is made in ancient times, that the order of the plebes could be significantly truer than the order of the patricians, because the patricians were controlled not to govern wisely, but not govern and block wisdom, and therefore, if that could controll a patrician, that could controll a plebe to be a patrician when in power, and shows the true power of the people to live out of the limelight, with an effectiveness bestowed by a godly republican power, because the powerful republican is acutely aware of what he may not do, how he is used, how he is the ordained obstacle to wisdom.

So how do democrats, making decisions in peaceful assembly through all assertions of the people, run things in a godly fashion, administrate from beyond history books, and within a great centrality, that rendered government and art mere outer ripples, at best, of this intrinsic harmony within.

One could think Isis, then women, and then some administration of magic, or healing, but the point is the bottom line is that the kingdom of god, what that term refers to, was all about. It is around. Democracy worked around or with it in that, somehow leaders, organizers, existed within the kingdom of god. It may take days of aquainting yourself to the life over days, but at some time, the powers of the people, who must never let their heads shine into the light, for fear of turning into republicans, like so many, all, of the democrats in congress and senate; unable to be the people and a part of a corrupt obstacle now so, must needs at the same time. Thus I and as far as ascetics everywhere can, ask you to start and show the kingdom of god. The light of the ascetic shines a different order; of authority, but not official authority; of protection from the corrupt system, but making inways into it.

Ideally then, does the democratic party have a hand in this? Yes, and it is about time that influence was seen and not pent up. Does this mean all the democrats in congress by virtue of being in power are republican-like? Yes. Senators are powerful for not excercising their power wisely. They are too few, and as blocking what should, controlled, in that office, so I fail to see how men more of the people may stand up to that calcuable controll and system. Ergo at local levels, unseen by media, enshrouded by the kingdom of god, is where the democratic and wise movement rises up. Here the press, even that which promotes the crime statistics and stories, is seen as a republican movement, insofar as it is an obstacle, and to deny wisdom, and create falseness, it is part of a power structure weighted against us, the party of power must take charge of and acknowledge.

However there is no guarentee of walking about the kingdom of god. I may ask people to show me the kingdom of god, but that is no sure thing, you can not assume I have friends and colleagues, period, much less assured to do this kind of deep spiritual work that absolves the world and relegates it as the boring tragic sacrifice it is. The Kingdom of Heaven, its metaphysic may be under no obligation to help me, as it is under the form of deeper less earthly powers upon it.

Therefore paganism, that recognizes what Christianity recognizes, the terminology, is the solution. Paganism, Patriarchy, Fascism, are three ideologies that activate and apply christianity effectively to the goals Christianity implies, but offers poor means to attain. Paganism and Patriarchy asserts the ideas of unity and common goals out of a recognition of how wrong and false things are now.

Paganisn, Patriarchy, is about at some level following orders: that which is following orders to maintain a false world, must shift, in the confidence that there is enough paganism to compell another person to move and act in the same direction. Fascism is implicity about an authority that is worth its authority, because it will honestly justify itself, be focused on goals and not long term authority, a short term necessary authority to overcome with wisdom, falsehood and wrongs.

Thus the more people that understand paganism, the more possible it is for good things to stem from leaders that pagans feel help, aid, and change the situation. But it is very much a form for leaders to assert righteousness through, and very contingent upon a structure ensuing from that concept. It is also open to a diversity of forms and ways and need not be one whole unit at all, but many, each with their own ways.

Thus, paganism is needed to fundamentally reform the world, because Christianity as posited against the government, but merely offering services of truth, can not break out of that fundamental structure without an authoratative political device, which paganism emcompasses, that has unity of understandings, and plies the energy going in the wrong direction with the obvious energy to go in the right direction, because the bonds of pagans are strong enough to overcome the world, whereas the bonds of christianity are mired in the contrast to the state which can not be overcome, without leadership and an understanding of the coupling of the kingdom of god, and energies of the people.

Two notes: A great deal of this commentary of paganism and christianity in contrast and interwoven derives from a history, The Age of Constantine, I read written by the french nobleman Jacob Bruckthard in 1846, I think. I prefer ancient historians so much, that for me to read 345 pages of small type by a historian of such a later century, says a lot about the writer. And two, a great starting point, to see some obvious ascetic principles so obvious we may miss them, is by attending and participating in Rainbow Regionals. The Rainbow Family of Living Light tries to have a two week gathering is a different national forest as many warm months as possible. They just had their famous feburary one in Ocala Fl, and I think are aiming to have one in Alabama in March, as they have many times in the past. These people are truly ascetic. Not everyone can truly and readily have the distaste for society society society often deserves as they. And they praise and try to be proactively for, as the gods smile on them, that which they notice, is honest, difficult and wise. Their understanding of themselves as family, is an unconditional assault on the walls of limiting society, and an attempt to restore tribal understandings in this day and age.


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