Deconstructing Islam

The Koran is poetic, that is not denied; genius poetry is the plus side of the ledger; yet evil works through poetry as obama the poet politician knows.

Talking about The Scatterers; then it threatens unbelievers who may think they do not command angels; and it ambiguously, in plaintive poetry— now this is disjointed across the board poetic enough, to tend to psychological analysis and deconstruction I now offer. For one thing, there is an open ended smiling smirking questioning of the speaker—he is saying, “do you believe, you should…” He is trying to win you over, and proselytizing,” And threatens “Taste your persecution. This is what you would hasten on.

Surely those that guard against evil shall be in the garden near fountains. Taking what their lord gives them, Surely before that they were doers of good. They used to sleep but little in the night, and in the morning asked forgiveness”

What’s morally ambiguos here is are these people in the gardens converts, or sinners being threatened now, or what? And “their” lord, why not allah, that would mean they are not converts.

So this explains why the chapter ends with words about the destruction of towns.

Then “and in their property is a portion for those who are denied good“ what does that mean? Automatic donations for nefarious militias?

Then there is a skitzophrenic break about a dinner scene where knowledge of a knowing boy is announced–this is a christ reference to an arrangement of christs with bad governments,

Then the second half, a page and a half is reserved for the destruction of towns and woe unto unbelievers.

In short where the old testament had the walls of Jericho tumbling down, the Koran has constant warfare, like ancient rome, imperialistic behaviors at the expense of more indigenous tribes—america’s federalism is based on the republic of ancient rome.

All of the Koran is just short 2-6 pages story poems. This one is called The Criterion.

Blessed is he who warns unbelievers, speaks out against other gods, people who put him down lie.

“Surely he who knows the secrets in the heavens and earth is forgiving” Well, knowing the secrets of the universe might make you hard, and the universe is behind and older than heaven and earth, and while existent contracts are unforgiving, you want them to be more forgiving—so in some ways this is glittering but not gold. Then he offers paradise and woe to those who turn him down—then there is poetry that needs interpretation because it seems all color and florid without something specific on something solid, you can say it is. For instance jesus says the mind is like a lamp—it needs to be turned on—-and I can relate to seeing people and turning on their lamp first—nice metaphor for the intermingling of the kingdom of god and the mind here—


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