Vic’s Guide to the known world: Europe.

Vics Guide to the known world: Europe.

The Brits are very polite and funny people, who enjoy a good nights sleep and their good meals. There are hiking trails connecting Britain through stiles, yet the british do not seem as up to hiking. The men tend to dress in dark colors and have short hair. They have a queen, their psychic leader, especially in things All-England. All-England is the code name for an organized response against the wild tourist. The queen is good. If you go out drinking, try to drink at the local tory or local labor party pub. They are owned collectively by hundreds of party members. It’s a shame our political parties are so nephalictic. The brit rail pass is a very good idea. They treat tourists well throughout Britain. Drink in Bath, relax in the Cotswold–hike the northern Yorkshire Dales. But most of all, be prone like they to taking a train to either Glascow or the other northern Scottish city and spending a weekend there. Britain has also given autonomies to Scotland, Wales, Ireland, the isle of man and some small islands between Britain and france. This is more than the U.S. has done; though the mormons and amish and Indian reservations have some autonomy.

The british are not sentimental, and will never achieve truth with a nonbrit, which they compensate for with a sense of humour. There are hostels everywhere. You can also hike and pay a cab to move your stuff to the next hostel in the next town.

Amsterdam is tremendously dangerous because prostitution involves crazy chicks and ungentlemanly guys. It is the only city with homeless in the train station, muggers mugging mugging, and fights—the dutch are completely dishonorable, by which I mean incapable, about even discussing the issue.

However, the rest of Holland is not like Amsterdam, though you can get pot in each larger town, and there are hostels everywhere, and the lads are great, biking around in packs, so rent a three speed bike at five euros a day and bike around Holland—that was one of the best times of my life.

Rome’s archietecture is great and taking in Rome important. However it is not that fun, but translates you to a distant and great glorious past. So there is a feeling there.

Northern and Central Greece, the monasteries on cliffs you hike to in meteora and the people of Greece, I think, are very good.

The French I wouldn’t touch or talk to, make reservations in advance, be prepared to get angry—but the food is the best, so just dipping in for two days of food…..ok


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