community organic growing

      Dear Kristin, Thank you for talking with me about community owned agriculture last friday and suggesting I send an email of the plan for you to share with the leadership council. I know there is a natural logic to the enclosed proposal, but I also know we do not live in a natural and logical world. So the promotion and implementation of this proposal is contingent upon the ability of people and organizers to apprehend the vitality and harmony of this idea within a world absent of it. I hope you present this to the leadership council, and they act proactively on it. I am available to meet regarding this.

       I have been organic growing for six years. I grew potatoes and other vegetables organically near Hackettstown N.J. selling them to restaurants.

               There are unbought preserved farms in N.J., because the cost is inhibitive to an individual or a family. If 20,000 people gave fifty dollars, that community would own the farm, and show community ownership in organic agriculture, to be more agrarian than individual or family ownership, and set an example for other neighborhoods, towns or communities to go into agriculture, thus reviving the agrarian sense. Let us remember the main cause for cities is to protect and preserve the countryside.

                If twenty thousand people gave fifty dollars and together owned a farm, the following goals would be obtained. There would be a built in market for all the goods produced, and a sizable quantity of the land would be used. I spent hours each week reaching out to restaurants, and developing local markets. It is not easy. A built in market is  incredble, especially that size. (And when I say market, I mean distributing not selling) . Also, there would be a potential labor resource of 20,000 people. Farm labor, and farm living, while fine, is not entertained by many, and hard to get in today’s culture. Out of 20,000 people, not only would there be much labor resource, but many people from the bronx could experience a farm, challenge themselves with farm work, and eventually , enjoy the produce of the farm. And of course most importantly, there would be a correllation between the contribution of 50 dollars, and participation in production, with receiving organic produce.

We would build a little dormitory, or sheltered campsites; most farms have extensive structures to begin with; and people wanting to experience the life a day or three, would be welcome to come out.

      I do not believe there will be money charged for food at all. Hopefully this will become a model for successful agriculture practice. There will be yearly need for a two dollar contribution towards taxes and expenses.  But the 50 d0llar payment would be a one time thing I believe, it would last a lifetime. There will be a need for experienced farmer guides; but I don’t anticipate this being much of a problem.

     Before I went into agriculture full-time, I advocated local community decisions being made in peaceful assemblies, and such would be how consensuses would be arrived at.  I know local peaceful assemblies would want a more agrarian society, to say nothing of a more sensible economy and educational system they feel more a part of. However peaceful assemblies have been abridged when state constitutions incorporate towns with local officials, who subsume the need for peaceful assemblies, and wield authority reserved for the state or the people, in peaceful assembly.

     I also strongly believe most religions and spiritual beliefs are helpful. I have been around enough to know there are common obscurings of spiritual understandings, and that success in this endeavor is predicated upon the capacity of individuals to apprehend what I am saying in a world, which in a large part almost directly does not recognize the precepts in the faith I express regarding proper society, food production, and distribution.


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