Letter to Asheville Tea Party Candidate

Dear Dr. Dan,

The Asheville Tea Party I stumbled upon last month sang your praises. How rare it is, I thought, for the voters to have a candidate they actually sing praises to. One of my main pitches is opening up primary slates and let the people as much as possible choose the best person, lol, through a refined, direct, people-based primary process.

As a local republican from totalitarian Princeton N.J., I became a local republican upon how listening and respectful they were compared to the democrats. The republicans offered a grander, older, form, that fares better against the corruptions of power. I noticed how psychically polite, even the candidates within the party could be, to each other; a genuine concern to create the right candidate; which is what makes the GOP special; when that ideal shimmers.

Yours was the only election I saw, where there weren’t acknowledgements to the best man; mere defacto meek shame of Jeff’s part. And the influence on this aberration was Chad Nesbit, the role model called the stomper, an agnomen completely contradicting the one characteristic of a politician all politicians agree to; which is not inspiring violence.

My speculation is the Chad so scared Jeff, psychically, with pressure, that the honest consciousness never came about; and made your election, out of sorts, with the general practice across country yesterday. Style is important, as government is a form.

You see, there really isn’t voting. Voting is contradicted by The Kingdom of God. Thus society becomes an expression for The Kingdom of Heaven; which in this case signified that there is a problem in western north Carolina. Candidates should debate in public squares; but moreover, people should gather and approve with ayes and nays their assents; people should discuss the issues among themselves in assemblies in town squares, where local decisions should be made as well, like in New England Towns where 236 are quorum; or ancient Rome, where the tribes would gather in their piazzas and register their dissent and check against senatorial policies.

These are a part of my trips, at https://vicfedorov.wordpress.com/

Local officials abridge peaceful assemblies, because the press has repressed the knowledge that peaceful assemblies are the natural place for local decision making by all present.

Local officials violate the reservation of powers to the state or the people. But the dominant forces conveying information have not seen the specific protection from local officials, the specific immunity from local officials, the tenth amendment conveys.

The people do not come together to discuss their time and life and community and what they want, a perfectly natural inclination, because the kingdom of heaven expresses itself through the kingdom of god, as the kingdom of god represents western civilization.

The problem is the free press, our first bill; they would report earth, the universe, the human altered into being, its maintenance by afterlife. Journalistic nature is contingent upon truth, and the conscience and professionalism and character leave upon the truth’s abdication; leaving the press on automatic far more than any other profession.

For what is government, if the press does not report the kingdom of god? Government would factor in the kingdom of god, and the people convene; but it would seem the information government has, is clearly limited to information the press puts out. Government is in the background of the press, so as to be obscured. Government exists within the press. If the press affirms the truth, the government will be able to behave. If the press represses truth, as it commonly does, as it lies; I do not see government being able to behave. The repressive imposition of the press is far closer than the imposition of government.

The way humans really are, seems to be of no concern to the press. Earth with its dark sky, is not an image to them. If they could start to be there, about this serious issue; we may be able to create better society.

What must be said is that the candidates control the election. They must communicate with each other regarding the most desirable official. The incumbent is very much weighted for–so communication about so ambiguos and psychic situation can be difficult, but not so much as unaware of.


Vic Fedorov

PS The federal government is completely unnecessary, states care about themselves far more than other representatives in dc. A common defense? maybe, otherwise, its homogenizing influence is horrible, and its cause for creation, to keep states from warring, a cause long passed. Another instance of repression of information by force of press


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