North Carthoginia

CHAP 1 When the lord moves one to where most needed
The Sweet and gentle is conceded.

There is darkness and light. The darkness of the universe, the light of heaven and mind.

There may be less than the afterlife, in comparison to physical life. There may be not moving for a long time, just looking and being near the Kingdom of God. Staying still for a long time. That is what souls are in the afterlife, and they are all around.

Life is regulated because life is valuable, by the universe. Even the planting of root, flowering, leafy and fruit bearing vegetables, correspond to being worked when an earth, air, water, or fire sign is nearest to the moon. They call that the biodynamic calendar. It makes a big difference organic growing, and too many people haven’t heard of it.

There is a volatile universe, at least by my senses, and a descanting degree of light, on earth, of mind, and positive energy.

I am not in New Jersey, but the mountains of western north Carolina. I can feel the sensibility of organic growing move the people here; the wind of agrarian society blew here, farther from the business class of New Jersey.

In North Jersey, where I grew organic potatoes, there was a greater Gallic influence upon the people, I refer to, as working with your hands, bipartisan local government, being more respectful of religion and hunters in the background, more Irish people, then the more roman and business influence I pick up in central jersey where I came from and was at for January, February and March.

The Gauls are we all know big stupid slightly evil people with a good heart at bottom; who value people by their number of clients and servants, liberally speaking; and though Rome was greater, they were most feared part of the roman empire by Rome, so Sallust and other writers of the punic wars have said.

But ancient Rome found problems to the south too, in the form of 3 punic wars stemming from the invasion of Sicily by north Africans, in 225bc, necessitating the production of a Roman Navy. For South of Rome was dominated by African influences, and north of Rome by animal fur clad Gauls. Likewise, the gaulic culture is thwarted in America, by the northeast corridor, which to the south of, I firmly believe, the remnants of Carthage and the Numidia Africans, the evidence of the mind of Africa dominates south Eastern America, to deleterious effects; and if we just recognize the traditional and classical cause of this division and domination; we might be able to address it in constructive and forward looking terms.

Because I look at the people in north jersey, and western Carolina and the difference is whether tragedy is behind you or ahead of you. People that have gone through tragedy have no or little hope, and are broken people, and more capable for being broken than the hopeful idealist who has no idea how cruel and unfair the world is; who you wish you could explain that to; whereas one look at the sort with tragedy behind them–means nothing has to be said; tragedy has to be acknowledged, to be cultivated effectively; and everyone should have gone through the tragedy of school, to say nothing of the tragedy of the economic system and the tragedy of love ahead that awaits them.

I am already reaping benefits, for the people I have helped with coriander and radish micro green growing, and algae cleaning, introduced me to a whiskey maker who needs grains from growers with combines- a use of grains that hadn’t occurred to me.

I’d lately assumed, it’s been so hard to explain, I’d always assumed the impediments to knowledge, were variables in the equation of liberation. Really, the metaphysic expressed would signify that there is no one: which gives the right to violate law. So in the stillness where my depth charges of mind go, where the reality of response resounds with mine, a firmness, I seek to get to know. This must connect to society.

It’s been like north carthoginia in that I can see the people here are hooked up to a mind of North Africa, and I am here to help them deal with that. The north Carolina dust, and the stillness of its gods, that may eat the fake society strumming like guitar strings the sentences the mind amounts to these days.
There is an imposition of mind, like in a dream replacing what I know, with what is known about north Carolina. And yet those treacherous Carthaginians have identified every evil Julius Caesar union rude thing as attributable to coffee…and it was only after going off coffee for 3 days….that I was finally able to see staying in character—

Anyway, the good thing about 20 hrs of field work over three days, was that I showed myself I could bang out the work, enjoy and learn from it, and have no issues with the physical quality of it. I missed it, since the fall, and had been needing to do it. It is an important part of my orientation and perspective, in that the same way the Lord may assume two people can not get along, in his rendition of the world, through the new York times, say; because the assumption is the kingdom of god acts the way the article is written, when really that includes a great assumption that two people can not get along to the extent the situation exists they write about involving two people in the world today; the implicit assumption is also that two people, or everyone involved in the newspapers description of the world do not and have not given a hoot about where there food comes from, in the degree about actively caring about such a procurement in that food is the most important thing. So there is a war on bad, that agriculture wages, whose perspective must be seen, to fight effectively. In the end, my politics is to end the bull, and create food production as a viable and sensible part of the common values of a simplified society through free assembly.

The down side was that I made no money. The farm I volunteered at was not a money making joint. It was more a field and a store than a farm. It was a second year operation involving a store by the road. I would say this chapter is no longer sweet and gentle, but in those mountains, the lord seemed to have moved me to where I was most needed.

Because we all know it is unfair not everyone works a bit in agriculture, and I hope we understand this situation exists within the Kingdom of God, and the real situation and care is the oppression of earth by the universe; though surely, would I hear the hope or treachery signifying some equaling of the means that created this situation, with the means to remedy and rectify the situation. Within the context of The Kingdom of God, there is a vital link between spirituality and religion, and organic growing and agriculture. The vitality of such production, like the Indians, are primordial enough to be required towards social and political change based on the apprehension of the kingdom of god, and of such being caused by the universe; for in the face of the kingdom of god, voting, as such representative republics require has little translation towards the kingdom of god, in that the kingdom of god does not vote. What votes is the creation of society, the whims of our creator creates our elected victors; imposes western society upon itself and me, and requires the Kingdom of God to be used as if human, as opposed to human being. And what is that being compared to my being?

On the other hand, this perspective I have, so necessary an attitude for the trade and marketing and producing in general; which requires a spiritual attention and diligence, to reconcile the work required, with the unfairness of some capitalistic propositions; this was missing. I had hoped to deal this year with people of this trade concerned about my same industry cares; rather than the struggling to make it with this perspective of economic analysis. And I got no money. And I understand how sometimes agricultural help is volunteer, and payment coupled to revenues, and experience. A farm is like a girl, not so easy as they may be slandered.

Though not a serious backdrop, western civilization, at times seems the sum of one soul not liking me, operating heaven’s apparatus and command of western civilization; as western civilization may be seen as controlled by the gods, if there are any, to instances that may please the gods. But it starts from the ability to work harder, as well as separate the ego from the god apparatus.

Because it is quite natural for people to come together and produce food. That we don’t have such common occurrence and propitious dialogue; that is the main issue; not class war. I can feel my mind where it is assumed people don’t care about agriculture, daily, as it may be; and it is near where I feel the assumption two people can’t get along enemating from the press; which literally feels at times like something pressing upon the mind, creating the confusion necessary to confuse representation and the kingdom of god.

The issue is much deeper and heavier; the oppression of the human race on earth by the universe. This serious issue would be foremost in discussions of free assembly, and ideally within the conduct of agriculture. I climbed to the peak of Whiteside mountain, from which I could see 150 miles to southwest Mt Springer where the southern end of the Appalachian trail is. It was quite a tiny far off triangle, popping up as the last of the fewer and more distant mountains still popping up, like the rumples and folds that petered into the piedmont they still manage to pop out of south Carolina and Georgia. Having done over 300 miles of the Appalachian trail, this was quite a sight to see. I had no idea we were so close to the southern end of the Appalachians.

Yet I noted further proof of the Carthaginian substance to the ruling mind here, in the two dollar trail use fee, based on parking the car, because I hadn’t seen that recently. Because national forests, maybe this is a park, are important to all and for all, money should not be a contingent to embrace common areas where logically, common values are most.

Though at some level, the souls in heaven do not care about things like the rude building in these southern Appalachians, that disturb the trails and wildlife through North Carolina’s beautiful valleys between mountains of peaks of 4000 feet; because such disturbance pales before the more serious disturbance transforming the human to human being; Yet I must inquire to the more serious sorts as to who approves such building. Because if it is approved by local officials, they exercise powers reserved for the state or the people. And if the destruction of mountain side is approved by the state, that may be within the grounds of the tenth amendment; yet by reserving powers to the state or the people, the legal framework is set up for the structural debate monitoring decision-making of whether decisions should be made by the people, in free assembly, or the state; as the state may view the good of the land as a whole, and the people of a town, the issue in a more isolated perspective. So if the state approved the destruction of forest and field, for a product, homes, essentially tied to population growth, as opposed to providing better things for the population at the number it is now; while these recreational communities make the claim they are part time seasonal homes, time share vacationals; each house offers the option for year round residency; and thus the housing boom can be matched by a housing glut, or population growth. Yet as the reproduction of The Kingdom of God is realizes, in contradiction of what our press and western society creates, so the decrease in societal want to reproduce. The mores from such examples, perhaps the way Jesus suggested a human to society, may decrease population, and this is a very important component to consider, because hitherto for we have been considering heaven as being controlling of western civilization, to not a good end, for a long time, and I feel the universe has say in this as well; So my influence, or the education that contradicts the media, may be a competing influence on the important issue of population. Yet could this influence, seriousness, extend against the battle against night.

Chap 2 North Carthoginia

One thing I apprehended from helping this lady at 3600 feet was that few people can work this hard. It is almost as if I, God, and the Gauls, the Romans, and those under the Carthaginian spell, work side by side, be broken accordingly, so as to grow together character work requires. On the one hand, it was a small operation, a little land to supply a small store by the side of the road, so it was less work than I would have done by my own organic growing business, because my market would have been greater than hers, and yet the 20 hours, 7.5 Wednesday, then only 3.5 Thursday as it rained smiling on the potato planting of the day before, and then a fast 6 on Fri., followed by the hike, and then a little helping including moving a cooler from town to the store, on Saturday, this was a lot of hard work; what with all the lies of western civ and the capitalistic market, and the huge propagation of reproduction rather than food; all this includes a misapprehension of the lack of hard work we are capable off, over time; this work ethic must be built up together and seen as a compelling reality to strive for, rather than ignored as parcel to some societal reckoning, or hope of dealing with the situation. There is a psychological complexity to my working hard; then other organic growing operations tend inward, and not outward, as truth, in face of appearance, fear exposure. There might not be the looking for work, where other workers are involved, for though workers may last a few days alongside me, they are often not hired on a short term basis, the way I did, in my organic growing operation: too often they are long term at the farm. And integrity and genuine success go hand in hand. I liken the hours in the fields to innings a pitcher may pitch, more than six innings, but such is hard, and requires rhythm, a groove, a psyche job, a comfortable feeling, the ability to slog through some hard minutes, some care of fluid and food, rest and mental relaxation.

I just also want to say, it is the state legislatures designed to help us, the federal government is outdated, and yet state government’s structure must be reconsidered in the glaring light that the kingdom of god does not vote, and the kingdom of god is the population. Western Civ, the power of heaven determines those things. And she has been weighted to sack America with destruction of natural resources, in ignorance of future generations; and though the constitution is without spiritual guideposts, the light of the spiritual signs, James Madison calls the federal constitution blessed, and though the structure of federal government is weighed against production, in representatives who didn’t produce, in forbidding economic alliances between states, and bills of credit, which would be more refined and naturally sustaining trade; Alexander Hamilton, seemed not to have looked at the legacy of Lycurgus who banned currency of silver and gold, and created a 800 year state, even while he cites numerous classical examples of strong federacy’s being required to maintain peace. So it would seem the federal government has allowed the corruptions of local government structure, and allowed the more uncaring hand of ancient minds to prevail rather than minds truer to the land of the nation; which though pale compared to the universe, is still logical dialogue.

It though is very sad, when I see, in good people, their good feelings, held back, because they are a little bit richer and confuse the class war, with the battle I, and spiritual structures, are fighting. We are talking about the deprivation of human life from the body, of being a tiny planet treated poorly by the universe, and not taking someone’s wealth. There is so much absence, to be fooled by or go along with, the deception; should not entail the confusion of the possible tension between the anti-rich and the rich, with the assertion of the kingdom of god, and spirituality, and the ignorance of such potential by media. The former cuts across the grain of each other, while the latter, is truth, and need not be complicated by rich versus poor visions and structures.

As you know I have been trying to move from farm to farm this year, and such needs momentum, and the going is always hardest in the beginning; but one interesting thing about my culture, is that often there are the lads, of Irish mothers, that help me a bit on the farm, or get to know me, or being locals, look out for me; and their mothers may think it all an encroachment on their family, me being far out of the peer group; yet here in this new situation near the eastern continental divide, at 3600 feet, near a saw mill, and new houses cut into hills, and the highest altitude lake of its size east of the Mississippi, in a dry town, (and dry towns should have a sign near them symbolizing such)…well this lady and her lady friends who help her, they are much more like the mothers of Irish lads, than Irish lads themselves.

I also couldn’t help noticing at the place I stayed in Asheville, and at the store through which produce from the field should be distributed; is that both places had old fixed orange vacuum cleaners that seemed from the sixties, but worked fine.

I also feel these overtones of class war I come across….I am used to the snobbery of the married, to someone like me who is not; and the snobbery of the influence of all one party democratic towns in N.J., but not to the ones of construction, or class war, these are too sophisticated and harmonic, and that these are here, demonstrate a direct influence of the press promulgation of western civilization directly mixing into understandings, including racial understandings, whose confusions unhinge society in a way indicating some Carthaginian control, seeking to maintain its dominance through the petty disturbance and terrorism of more unsafe situations. Apparently, as the rugged folds of the Appalachian mountains were caused by a plate shift from Africa this way; so the prescience here of minorities seem more like occupying soldiers, at times, than people supposed to solve American problems, through society facility; so it is important when Minorities firmly identify the ills of America, for often Americans, while feigning to suffer America, fail to point out the obvious defects; the obfuscation of the human being, the lack of free assembly and community empowering; the poor TV, the greater diet. The regulation whites never discuss.

I can feel the press, literally like a gate closing and pushing something back along my mind, whose disturbance creates the chaos necessary to generate the lies and confusion the gods of western civilization, to degrees and tones…the issue is whether these gods care at all, and whether they are a few by contract controlling everyone, or of consensuses by the many in heaven. Likewise, does the experience in heaven over eternity evolve, or devolve, be quite less and essential, Spartan and simple.

This gate seems to swing directly along the pivotal assumption people can’t get along, and in there, the assumption people can’t care about their food production as the natural logical focus it naturally should be. Though I still hear the wind blow, that that which lies, should take time to tell the truth; though that may be a deceptive wind.

Likewise, in this double edged wind, while I went for days without coffee for the first time, and learned drinking coffee without milk reduces the quantity intaken, there is an eversoslight lack of coffee society among some elements of my society. The hard working side of gaulic necessity for coffee; you can always agree with any party where both senses of humor overlap, in the agreement that there are greater concerns, and that coffee drinkers can see eye to eye from coffee. Carthage, is a little difference. Had a different code. People aren’t allowed to work hard, because it might cootie them, or help them relate essentially. There is a sense of humor here, but it is from the outskirts of society, but it’s not the traditional coffee drinking outskirts, if their ever was one.

Chap 2 North Carthoginia

I recognize the health and wholesomeness of my venture of the past 5 yrs in organic growing in northwest N.J.. There is less of the lightness of being, and vigorous essential, thanks to the therapeutic work of agriculture. Even though its concern, learning and work has kept me there for years, so I can not travel and hike as I like to, there’s been a lot of negative shit it has protected me from. I mean there were crazy hippies at times helping me on the farm. But by and large, everything was very in order, private and organized. Though it gave me little time for anything but agriculture.

See I am for the ideals of agriculture, and argued for local decisions being made in local free assemblies in federal court, somehow this is a very embracing homily; yet why haven’t these efforts been covered in the press I wonder to myself. For the press may acknowledge my efforts of integrity and say “Vic Fedorov fought in federal court for communities making decisions in free assemblies, got no press coverage, and went into agriculture in concert with his belief free assemblies would lead to a more agrarian society.”

But then, may not the reader say, “But why didn’t you cover his suit against his home town? What possible interest could a myriad of journalists and reporters have in suppressing the law of free assembly, and law of reserving powers to the state or people, and the natural law of communities making decisions together?”
And this I thought about for a long time, “To what can we attribute the suppression of this viable and educational news story till now?” Then I realized it is because this story contradicts the implicit assumption by the press that the people can not get along. The press does not believe the people really could and would come together to figure out how to live together in society. This is what can hold people back. The notion of two people not being able to get along, is contradicted by the notion of communities making joint decisions with ayes and nays in free assemblies, as has been done in many places in history in the past, some towns in N.J. did this into the 1900’s. Thus the press will never be comfortable with my story until they become comfortable with the idea the people can make decisions together, and more. There is no fundamental irritant or principle keeping people apart. It is just society is restricted. It is ironic that as you apprehend that people may make decisions together in a circle, you start to apprehend the reservations of the people by God, and how limited they are.

So why is the press so hung up about understanding people can get along, which would then illuminate the false mechanism? It is that the components of the universe, which is harsh enough to cause the Kingdom of God, do not like each other, have trouble working with each other. Thus while it might be real easy for me to imagine one person understanding what I say about Free Assembly and the Kingdom of God, and quickly round up some people who quickly understand this too; it is difficult to imagine the universe getting along in great degree, though I imagine that is a game plan, somehow the press works within that amalgamation, and there might be translation between people getting along in this construct, and corresponding effects upon the darkness I imagine all about nearby.

There have been several perspectives no longer being my own small businessman has oddly offered. Such as this latest one, which is that as I bounce or try to bounce around farms in west Carolina hills, in an aging red pick up truck, and realize there are some professional structures to agriculture that I feel contradict my experience. Such that I have found single people to be better workers than couples, yet many farms are family farms. Likewise I have found short term workers to be better than long term workers, because the work is hard enough to cause a hard burnout. And yet most farms seek long term helpers, whereas I would hire and house short term workers by marketing it as therapeutic and beneficial to my friends; as well as to traveling hippies, as order and stability for a while. So maybe I compensated for this by seriously extending myself into the social world, morally exposing organics to as many people as possible, and providing community with a much needed farm.

Never the less, I feel I may expose falsehoods and truths, and most of the world, any small businessperson knows, operates in a secrecy that allows these blurring of appearance and truth to come together in the distribution of the reality of production amenable to heaven, consumable, theoretically, by people. Nevertheless this secrecy does not want to conform to my light easily, so the reality of finding work, even more clearly now, is consistent with the reality of marketing. The market, like voters, do not really exist, same as finding real work situations is not as easy as it looks, though I am sure I can get the hang of it, because everything is fake, and this fakeness to our economy has long restricted me; but for the first time I see it as restricting my friends and absolving them from situations I see now as fake and created as the same quasi reality I seek to find work in. Hopefully this pivot will help me relate to my friends, and help me gain freedom.

OMG The Brits Are Here too

What are they doing here? Pursuing freedom from the Carthaginians, or deserters to their treacherous and rude lives.?

My class in N.C. is not hooked on coffee, occasional ice cream, hiking, and rising early. Indeed, I am having trouble staying up that late, as they can be up to time I would consider an ideal rising hour.

Carolina has valleys; it is not the peaks we stare at from the ridges, but the valleys; huge valleys with rumples and folds in them; just vast valleys, the likes of which I’ve never seen. Being able to catch up on my hiking deficiency means a lot.

Of course I hiked on earth day, being unaware of the huge celebration with beer and everything on the big Asheville Park for this sort of thing. I would call earth day, air day; respect the air around you, the earth is too big, just be conscious of the air you breathe; don’t talk to each other without first paying your respects to the air.

Of course ironically classical societies had holidays worshipping every planet. Such is the lack of vanity to tragedy.

It is much better to negotiate with me, that try without me.

I define learning as coming across something I didn’t know.

How come there are lions and tigers and cardinals, and cougars and bears, and bulldogs but never the apes? How come there has never been the Houston apes? Or for that matter, the Cincinnati chimps, or Boston Gorillas, or Minnesota Monkeys? What is up with that? Is the ape, which we are all from, (I know some of you think we came from bears)(Or joined the earth after some near-apes moved north, from another earth that was older) an improvement upon other animals as to justify selective use of as a mascot.?

I will tell you why there is no team called the apes; because we are all still part ape. Think about it, an ape may have some human qualities, and a human may have some ape qualities. And the first thing apes would do if they found themselves here, would be to come together to figure out what to do. But somehow, we are higher more evolved than apes, and therefore don’t need to come together to talk about what to do.

And this is because as we moved past ape, earth with humans on it made the universe jealous, and controlled human life so to the level of the kingdom of god. So that is why humans don’t come together. But if are apes, maybe we can. That is why I am starting a team called the Apes, or The Ape Team, not the A-Team, good a show as that was, but The Ape-Team, and I already have some characters signed on. Whoever we are, we go around doing whatever we do, standing for Apes, and making people cheer Apes, and identify with being apes.

I wonder about how the universe controls this situation. Is it out of precise regulation, or destructive chaos. Life may be regulated by the stars, but what of the regulation of Human life.

I see the universe, the black, and it can’t perceive earth, the material world, it can’t see and sense, yet it can perceive my perceiving it; it can perceive perception, even while it can’t sense the material world as finely as we do.

And it is in the blood that goes to my eyes, some amalgamation of universe and souls about in my mind, sharing my body to represent the kingdom of god as humans. So in some ways I live in an unholy world, because it would be much more natural and holy to honestly live on earth as it is; including an apprehension of the form and powers and sustenance of the souls in the kingdom of heaven as well. Once I realized so much was in my eye, everything simplified, but I still struggle to apprehend how much may subsist on my mind, how light and refined soul perception may be, but how the point of a needle the soul may be, and as a drifting red spot across my forehead, how is all that context of emotion, and relegation into appearance, rather than truth; yet even in truth there is the latching on of souls I feel souring my squints and wrinkling me tired around the corners of the eyes, whispering things that unsettle and not sense to make me sleep from my stealthy inquiry.

Another idea that helped is the conception that there is something like the form of TV in my mind. My thoughts may be specifically broadcast to individual or group receptors in the afterlife, imagine a structure that can focus on a thought in my mind, and with razor like wires of mind run it down to other conduits though the air of united mind to be transported like mail to its reception.

Then I learned of the charge and seriousness required by the afterlife in whatever amalgamation with the universe, required to represent western civilization’s myriad of appearances, as well as create the fine system of mind TV, I embarrassedly star in. The representation is very unfair, and it takes a charge of seriousness to do it, as it is the shocking fear of perceiving one’s own movement of the kingdom of god to announce on the news the most serious tones of disaster, the souls enact.

Then I contemplate how if there are many earths with similar history of impression, and how hard it is for a rock to be near the sun, maybe an oppressed earth or several, planned out our earth, hung around through evolution, started doing western civilization, and in return for prematurely destroying the earth, would get another earth that wouldn’t be oppressed into the kingdom of god.

So obviously sometimes talking about his stuff is good; I require inquiring minds about; people who acknowledge the air as everyday is air day.

The Irish are the gaulic cohorts and friends, and its not the alcohol, it’s a disposition to be controlled, rather than alcohol itself. It’s time we stopped blaming alcohol, and blame people’s disposition; came up with the psychological props, and explained the moral complexity, that can create the attitudes necessary to work hard, and not be abused through alcohol. Because it seems much is weighted inherently against us, and therefore alcohol is one more thing to master. Yet what would it be that would gratify the devil, what other condition can be claimed? Then there wouldn’t be the Irish, who loosen the door so we can all get in; there wouldn’t be the pivot from which the British may potentially rise. Because for all the Irish, north Carolina, seems under a British influence.

But you see, the one thing you have to know about the brats, though there are several, is that they are the ultimate nation to go from a Queen to a republic of united representatives. I’m one of those people who like the Queen, as well as the concept of Queens. By instilling so much authority in one particular figure hood, in the context that having one person so much better than everybody else that they may aspire to rule them, is so ridiculous that, I far prefer the ridiculous nature of monarchy (no harm intended, just trying to explain it to the people); to the investiture of power to the more serious apparatus of the hundreds in federal and state government. Because, and this is the one thing the Brits need to know, though they need to know several, is that they can achieve what they want by deceiving the queen. (how DC stands for deception), but there is way too much government structure today to deceive the government. Deception is as simple as knowing there is the kingdom of god, so going to get free and needed goods, without your matronly neighbor knowing. That is the key, the nearest matronly person, might not have to be in on the operation; others not knowing, is the indirect secret to the success of deception and acquisition. But this art has been lost on the Brits in modern day America. The Brits went from a deceptive people, to a people who condone modern society without the courage to change it, because government is so big and real, (even though by the kingdom of god, it does not really exist) and yet it’s existence obscures the kingdom of god to a degree that takes away our faith in deception. How did Jesus not die after all? but by deceiving the public on the outskirts of Rome.

You voice your displeasure of stupid society, and try to change the world, and the Brits are scared to acknowledge their own dissatisfaction. And it’s not them, it’s this TV thing that is scared to recognize the seriousness and unfairness of its perpetration, that controls everyone in their representation of the world, and so permeates with fear of looking at itself in the mirror, which the exhibition of truth per se does; that holds the Brits in fear of their own opinion.

For I have been to Britain. Though it took me most of 4 decades, I finally did, expecting to unite the British people behind my concerns; yet they were scared, and reflected their loyalty to queen and system, which I now see as simply horridly consistent with the intentions of the press and media. Whereas in Germany, they are a little more revealing of the kingdom of god, and in step to a point of strategic contemplation.

For I do expect serious company. For instance we all should in a group be able to realize that the reservation of powers to the state or the people and the abridgement of free assembly by local officials, renders every approval of a building by local officials illegal; and shows the subjugation of community agenda by local officials. In serious group discussion, this should be apprehend able. Yet this is hard to apprehend. It is recognizable, but the very drain of mine to yours, makes you unable to manifest the vision of these laws, because it is posited against me fundamentally.

And so what of even greater issues? Can we be adult enough to discuss in a group how marriage is about reproduction, and we don’t want to reproduce the kingdom of god, and such energy may work against the energies we have.

As I have implied, I feel I am up against TV. Like Rome, as the station of its empire; yet more so, Julius Caesar was never up against TV’s nefarious control; even though in some way it was, destined, so—and the ultimate design is to calm, and unite, establish peace. Some can only sense my efforts; a few, may be disturbed by them. But when people just stand by the system I criticize, they are not acting in the interests of their identity, but the interests of the system. Self-interest is what is offered. It also helps to imagine the community making a decision together in free assembly; there you see the forgiving context of absence.

But what Caesar did, unify an empire so large it was coming apart at its scenes with generals warring each other with troops on plunders dime; but after Julius there were a dozen reigns of emperors, before Julius, there were chief executives who served a year at a time.

What is the difference between j.c., Julius, and jc, Jesus? Julius Caesar could be teased? America is a bit polarized, people coming from a liberal perspective, which essentially comes from the press; and conservative Christian which seems to share a sense of life and death survival.

All I can do is remark from my scattered notes. The second farm I worked was positive and orderly and constructive, in the gentler rolling plains of more eastern Carolina, with less hippies and more country sorts, than Asheville.

Then I did the Appalachian trail, which is hardest in North Carolina. I ended up going 15 miles southwest to Tennessee, thinking I was heading north to hot springs, because it was so overcast, that I did the last 9 miles in a warm rain, and the last 2 miles in darkness or night.

Then, looking for a hostel in the dark rainy night on a dirt road, I had heard about, I ignored signs and went the wrong way, luckily flagging down a car headed to the hostel—where I slept in a small dry room near a kennel— Then, though the next day was sunny and I was glad to discover the peak views I had missed in the rain. Essentially I backpacked from Max Patch a 4300 clear-cut and maintained top of a mountain stretching many endless acres in beauty with beautiful panoramic scenes; to Snowbird, which while to the South West, was difficult to establish as more to the west or more to the south, as the trail is following the south westerly Tennessee/North Carolina border and cuts west to Tennessee over Snowbird, which then has the steepest difference between peak and valley, on the trail, I know—because the valley separates these Appalachians from the Smokiest, and the hiker hostel is within 400 yards of the trail, but I went the wrong way; so to the west the smokies loom, and the trail heads south west right into them, to bisect the smokies for 60 miles then cut due South to Springer Mountain in Ga, so when I told the lady in the car looking at me with a tarp over my head, and a poodle who being pack stock is not allowed in The Smokies, that I thought I was nearer Hot Springs in Tennessee and we jointly put it together I had hiked the wrong way….I cringed in humiliation.

But even the next day, since I got into the hiker hostel at night in car in rain, I went out to the trail the wrong way, about 2 miles of unnecessarily lugging a pack around Tennessee dirt roads, looking at the smokies overhead, so in the valley of the sun, I couldn’t figure north v south again.

So I pointedly made a point to really track the movement of the path between the ripples and folds of the mountains; which can only be done by running back the way I came in. And really studied the movement of the trail. And it got really interesting after the 4 hour ascent up Snow Bird, to see the way the trail goes back to Max Patch.

That night though drizzled enough to hustle me from my campsite off the trail, to a shelter, which I didn’t require, but felt better lying near to. I had camped a mere quarter mile from the shelter and already collected water from its spring of groundhog creek.

However in the morning, after the thru hikers left at 7am before the sun, it started raining harder, and while a mere 7 miles from Max Patch, I figured if I hiked there in the rain, and no one was there to give me a ride back, for it is quite a place for views and picnics, all my clothes would be wet, a shelter would be 2 miles beyond it, and I preferred to stay dry in the now empty shelter, and wait for the skies to clear—and in the interim of more gentle mists, hiked the path along ground hog Creek, clearing the many fallen trees on the path as I could, and getting them off a rhodadendum bush, as there were many rhodadendums: nice doing the side trail without the pack. The back pack is a different sensation than a day hike. I found it painful and difficult. More like Jesus in the desert 40 days, than a party—yet as the shelter filled up with thru hikers, I confirmed, amid the social gossip that this was a party—and shelters are for rest and relaxation—and I had picked up a lot of litter—and they hadn’t told me which direction I was going, or that my back pack had a waterproof coat fitting out of it—or how to hoist the food bag, that I did not have, up a steel wire to keep it from bears—or how important a compass is, and a watch—never had alcohol or worse—-I wanted total silence, and the silence was respected—for the spectacle of doing 2200 miles in 3-4 months was revealed, as another corruption in an institution designed to do good—-so the truth comes to, as a critical mass is pushed.

These police efforts of mine, remind me I am a good person. Obama came to Asheville, the head of the American empire, and I heard his voice like the lord waft to me, “You are good Vic, stop being so gaullish.”

Not to rant, but they are not concerned about food enough. Though they can be. And why would all the side trails and state parks be empty when I try them, and yet 50 others be between the smokies and max patch. Who can take 90 days off. Nor is it enough you could pay me to. And you have to hike back, and no one hangs out at the proverbial watering hole by the shelters laughing at those indoors business.

The Cherokee influence picks up to. They are a separate nation. Latin Allies, not Latin Kings, people from this hemisphere working to together to make a better world; like allies.

This is my theory. We are all from Apes. The Africans came first. The universe took over, mating the kingdom of god; and the Africans, who reached the afterlife first offered up humans in the orient as Kingdom of God civilized practices. Then some escaped over the Bering straits and came down into north and south America, altering slightly to become more Indian like—and as they came down into the wilds of central south America they discovered blacks descended from apes, as we all are from the equator, and the Indians or whatever they called themselves, killed or sent off in boats to Africa all the blacks in south America in penance for their creation in the orient.

So it is not the whites and Orientals against the blacks and souther Americans , but Indians and whites against blacks and Orientals. This should be the basis of our relation with the Cherokee nation. But I get the impression all the Indian tribes are variations of what I call, Williams. Williams is the rival school of Amherst. They are like Amherst’s challenged older brother, which can manifest itself irresolutely.

One seeks a mature society that can discuss the legal intention of people deciding how they live in free assemblies, and also capable of discussing how relationships are manipulations of reproduction involved in obscuring the kingdom of god. Hiking the mountains, one realizes the world is really more the other way, a show of heaven, how they lie I do not know, there must be some mechanism like a limb that allows them to falsely do the show of the world, without there being anything or much, beyond it. People do what they do. There is not necessarily thinking or psychology behind it. So the thru hikers may be physically fitted, but not psychologically adept enough to adjust to other hikers, beyond a competitive and socially competitive form. It’s a little like the lack of thinking bad sports are pervaded by. It’s a tight Indian like control in its minimalism of incorporating apprehensions of the world and truth.

I had a wonderful send-off Friday night by dear people from Asheville, very comic and endeavoring, but comfortable and inquiring as well. Yet as I passed people on the trail, they would all say hi, and I would wave. They didn’t understand waving. Where they are from, they have no waving. So right away that set the tension causing my mishaps. They all have trail names, nom de guerres like the rainbows who believe pot is a sacrament, and really are against the government, and stupid society, and an intricate complex society extending well past regional rainbow gatherings—or like the mob in a classy yet poor way, nicknames each other, but they do that so they don’t reveal their real names—I don’t get why you would proudly demonstrate your own name—-Like when people post anonymously remarks after articles in internet publications, I never understood why they wouldn’t sign their own name, out of pride, and ownership. No system of imparting vital information such as weather info. Not enough rain gear on my part. But the trusty 8×10 tarp I got for 6 bucks and the super small powerful lightweight flashlight I got for nine dollars, really shone through and protected me and my pack from rain and night, and my dog, was a good guide too. Good athletes make what they do attractive. I am going to have to test out backpacking on the solitary other trails, and get a rip in the harness fixed, because it was no picnic, or disco or physically reverberation cheering me up like my day hikes—lordy, and how can some of those people do it, packs bigger than them. No staring endlessly from peaks, and people resting and relaxing in the trees on the side of the trail, no clean boulders to sit on they way they are north of here, because the ice age didn’t push the boulders this far south. Spandex and ski poles, since when did hiking become skiing. Everyone had ski poles. I had a dog. Thru hikers are up at the crack of dawn when it is most cold. Then again, farms are not having short term workers so easily, because everything is in show, and this world may be doomed to failure because a better earth farther off in the universe may be dealt for to gain as guaranteed to not be transformed into the kingdom of god. And yet that deal is hard to guarantee, in that the malevolence of the hurt force altering, seems to fail to be sensible, though I strive to identify it, it may be precise, who knows its collusion with heaven and the transformations of existence that may occur under time, in those removed domains of existence.

Like an inspector of farms and trails, I go, who does it better? In an age where capitalism obscures the kingdom of god, what psychology has evolved, or gotten stuck?

So I spent the day, first in the shelter, as it filled up, sleeping 6 rather tightly and one at the foot on the ground, and wet hikers coming into the early night, forced to put up tents in the rain. Some hikers though had a sense of humor, teasing the afternoon snooze club of hikers enjoying not hiking and hiking on to Max patch all jolly in the rain with their rain gear so handy. But most hunkered down, and in the morning, I felt really good, things were clearing, I had a relaxing puttering about and thinking as I got up early and drank lots of water, and had positive interactions, limited, baked, and the transformed offense was rolling.

However, much as I enjoyed hiking on the rest and tracking through the growing mist the mountains off the twisting trail, it soon rained, then sleeted, hailed, sunned, and snowed, in consistent succession after 11 as I got into Max Patch hiked a trail around it looking for a ride, climbing to the top as the sun blew the clouds away and I could see what I thought was Snow Bird. But then the sleet, wind and snow came swiftly blowing and all I could was wrap my Indian blanket around all the clothes I had on, then covered everything except my head with tarp, like a toga of a roman patrician senator, and walked off into the forest road hoping to hitch a car, staying warm moving, the road ran down hill slowly twisting and the sun came out and rain stopped, then it went intermittent rain and overcast and I went 10 miles, and only one car passed and it didn’t stop by me, till a second pick up came by, a hunter with turkey in back, my dog and climbed in the pick up part and drove 15 miles on the longest forest rd I ever saw, as the skies started to darken with night, and a fierce hard rain brewed, compelling the hunter to take me to hot springs, out of his way, gracefully. Praise the Lord, and we agreed politically as we talked in the cab out of the rain in the pick up, about the unnecessary quality about the federal government. I gotta say, I prefer the simple conservative Christian, to the compelling liberal.

Socially you want strong agriculture people in the background, and a society that understands the integrity of working with your hands, knowing a trade, producing.

I don’t see how all the pins of needles can write or what is most in my head, or what there is next to learn and ascertain.

Each of the individuals of The British mind needs to understand that each of them does not care in the state, of N.J., or Carolina, say falls. It is the state that cares. Likewise, there is no danger to any of them that something bad is going to happen to them, for aiding me, and those that benefit. The danger felt is to the state, which feels the pressure from other states to maintain themselves. British mind-controlled individuals have problems with this. Because they are supposed to simply not tell the queen they have been allowed by other people to get groceries without paying.

The pretext for this invasion into north carthoginia, has been helping organic growers/farms, and learning new things about the trade I’ve sought and practiced. And try to discuss market difficulties, realities and salvation; and compensate and aid people in helping their farm, even as planning out labor, with this rare a labor market of agriculture, is very difficult, given the harder nature of this type of trade as well. Yet, importantly, when farms are bought, the nature of the trade is more that all share a concern in the production of food that is natural and vital, rather than a couple or one or a few people attempt to take on that magnitude of responsibility, and correspondingly, are beaten by unwise expanding population.

It would seem I only start to learn something, after I have been hurt by ignoring it, and that 2 plus 2 is never as simple as 2 plus 2, yet indistinguishably is as simple as 2 plus 2. I say this because I am learning that finding farms to help, can be as difficult as marketing fresh vegetables, to locals, or restaurants. Small business is often a show, a front; and includes the labor/production end, as well as the production/marketing end. Yet as I grow more successful in concretely helping out farms, my karma builds, in this vision and endeavor, and I get the hang of making farm owners feel good about getting involved with me a few days.
Because it is obvious I am serious about the agricultural vision; which involves discussing deep issues, such as what can get more farmland worked, and what does it take to guarantee sales to the more immediate public and area? And isn’t God in charge of the world? And these are issues beyond people who are not conscientious. The same way buying local organic produce is reserved for the more conscientious consumers and chefs. This bar, between production, and the world, the front, of society—doesn’t want to get real, as society and business demand, but maintain a front.

And for a long time, I understood the Kingdom of Heaven as regulating western civilization. Now I see that regulation and control coming from the amalgamation of the physical, the sentience, the afterlife and the after of the universe, deep within its recesses. Whereas I thought western civilization, appearance, was ruled by the kingdom of heaven, whereby, in return, some leverage be gained; now I see the control of life, quite a precise operation, out of a comprise between here and deep beyond the skies.

The kingdom of god, each therein, is like a planet. Indeed, the kingdom of man is filled with speech that sounds as if it comes from a planet, alive, with less sentient consciousness, hovering, rotating, fine. And what the totality of this representation of planet does, in successive effect, I felt the gay heat of mercury, the cloudy perimeter upon my mind of Venus, the green earth beneath, the warlike mars, like a bad omen, and like mercury in its gay irradiation, befitting the disrespect of reproduction, and the majesty of Jupiter, in my pituitary gland no less, and the rings of Saturn, softly sensible and light greenish, and Neptune forcibly holding the hand of the winds, off the sea, the fortune and failure that comes before western civ. And Uranus, signifying the soul in the anus, the attachment to me of souls to manipulate the world of appearance. And the furthest planet, Pluto, aka Hades, the god of the underworld, signifying the dealings with the universe farther back in the universe, and the rule of death upon everything in the universe of death, but death that does not preclude consciousness. Perhaps more “afterlife“, than “death”.
So no longer do I meditate on the souls living next to me. I know they are controlled or regulated by forces deep within the universe. So I meditate on the far away controlling the near; and it seems true; concentrating on something close that is controlled by something afar, describes what I have long felt. This explains how there can be lying, reproducing; a strict universe orders it, and we don’t have much of a say in it.

Of course in the old days of classical times, the planets were worshiped, astrology had meaning, and out spirituality wasn’t so limited to just earth and what of it, but the vast expanse beyond the sky, the floating balls nearest to us, and how the harmony of the stars went as we ascribe.

And there are things sucking on me, in my heart, in my blood, souls that show up in my closed eyes as red blobs of light, permeating me, the merger of afterlife, Noemi chemical, and my physical; and this sucking sensation in several places, possible through several entries into me, provides the substance for the recreation of the world of appearance. Though maybe so precise and direct is the regulation of life, I feel the suction is taking what it needs, expresses tears on my shoulder and head from the sky, for such siphoning, but the pattern of afterlife seems to be taking what it needs to survive; a sobering, perhaps limited, experience, perhaps contingent upon the appearance of western civilization.

And yet it is easier to imagine living in the kingdom of god, then interacting with all the farms I try to set up. And yet literally this crime upon me, its very suction by nature does not want to cease. It is taking me and projecting me; like a small pin point of me expanded, so consciousness not in the western civilization in my left ear, can align its creation with what my mind hears.

But I think of the consciousness of planets, and how the kingdom of god, is like a planet, and how that effects positive terms, and how the kingdom of god, may be a negative term, really “the human being” compares favorably to the planet, and the whole must be put in positive terms, for compared to the universe, the human being is way better; thus we must not see it as a negative; but focus on the universe, and its angst, and precision, or organization; rather than those regulatory effects.

I don’t know if the form of the afterlife changes from time to time. I’m really not fresh from Gaul trying to help the empire in north Africa, I grew crops I sold in North Jersey—-and that lifestyle there, while austere and Spartan, was very simple and regulated and comfortable, even if there was a lot of work and hustle and not enough time—I still had a couple hours a day, to think by the pond, undisturbed; many days there was just me, and if I had engaged a helper, social life was either an early bed, or sitting around a fire by the pond in the early night.
Out here in the desert, I am not in control of my regimen. I am at the whims of farms I help, friends who let me stay with them, and trails I hike. Finally having a house to house sit has given me some privacy and reminded me how used to I am to being alone and not getting out and living privately, quietly and thoughtfully alone, praise the lord.
There is a specific law violated in our empire, which is the practice of people coming together to ascertain and decide issues locally. The first, tenth and 14th amendment is violated. And God allows that. He is into the representation of western civ, and it gets little farther than that. He creates the people, He lets me know it is near a farce. And this amalgamation of afterlife, in government with forces of the universe of death or not, violates the bill of rights. And yesterday I imagined it as being on everyone’s head.
And today I imagined souls seeping into me brain, body and mind. Red spots in my mind, I saw them as. And then I realized, it is just a really old mind, an old clear mind, joined together, from which one old one descends, and plays my blood, and that is how I perceive the phenomena of the red spot; the old clear mind plays with the blood, and the altered set up of my brain, to influence and represent the people about. And at a more quiet and intense level, blows up small pieces of me to work with into the media of western civilization.
An old clear mind, is what enters me, to play my blood: primary characteristic, old.
It is still difficult to fathom though why The Lord makes people imperfect, unable to work with their hands in the soil, or for the exploitation of illegal aliens. They are so unhappy, and like children harming this country and theirs, yet people here and there are up in arms as if not allowing them here is bad for them. I don’t understand it, how God can make the press so starkly unable to apprehend realities.
Maybe god is forced to create so from badder forces in the universe. That is the only explanation. It strikes as old, and together enough, to turn our world in a more positive direction; give me good people who like to work; give me richer people who know how to relate; send the illegal aliens HOME, home is where they should be. But that is not happening, and we wonder why.



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