The hard realizations necessary to ending our wars

Day 1 I would get the U.N. to approve a meeting between all parties to get to the root of the problem. The thinking here is that negotiations favor the wiser and more peaceful.
Days 2,3,and 4, all sides can prepare for this meeting.
Day 5 I would make this speech to the meetings, for it involves dimensions the current discussion does not seem to encompass, The first of these dimensions is that Islam oppresses the Arab people, the way we may be oppressed by media or the regulation of school or lack of free assemblies discussing the economy, or racial disharmonies.  If we differentiate between the Arab people and Islam, and ask them whether they truly want Islam, they just may say they don’t. In which case we are liberating them from Islam, particularly as we encourage their native religions.

The second of these dimensions is showing as false the assumption that the former lands of the Persian empire, require or want a monetary policy; for centuries they were self-sustaining, and if they need more, they would barter and swap oil for what supplies they needed.

Islam must be seen as propping up dictators who sell too much of the Arab’s oil in a western complex.

But the third dimension must be an understanding of our economy as being a wasteful one with regard to oil. It is absolutely essential to understand local free assemblies are meant to create and discuss a less wasteful economy, bring out common values, and discuss the spiritual. This is a compatible harmony with the restoration of earlier and native religions Islam has limited, probably containing more tribal understandings than Islam, which preaches money and is a westernizing, oil-selling tool.

So I would say this on Day 5, and expect and experience a very serious rebuttal on going on to Day 6; but in focused honest debate with the interests of the most at heart, the wisdom here will prevail.

And then Day 7 we would start thinking about this new world order. But the hostilities would cease. It is a grievance to have a military and diplomatic corp. unable to convey the image of Islam oppressing the Arab people, as well as the substantive differentiation between the Arab people and the Muslim. And it is a grievance to have economic leaders who don’t understand how common values may assert themselves in free assemblies that simplify the economy.

In short, hard realizations must be dealt with, to stop a war. And in a war against a religion, our religion must be understood as including a term, The Kingdom of God, which the Koran does not use once, and it is the most important term Jesus used for it signifies precisely what our media seeks to obscure. It is by understanding what the term the Kingdom of God means, or signifies, that explains how and why western civilization and its eastern counterparts may be so shamed; And demonstrates the use and absolution of Christianity in the assertions of the attempted peace-maker.


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