Old Testament Lessons

The Lord forbid Adam and Eve the Tree of Knowledge because knowledge causes evolution and Adam and Eve stand for animals, and when they evolve they get controlled by the universe and changed to human beings, or the kingdom of god, from humans.

Fear the Lord, Praise the Lord, means the lord is no big huge omnipotent thing. He needs your worship to succeed in helping you. He needs your fear to feel respected enough to grow to  the necessary stature; and he needs your praise to grow to the necessary stature by feeling liked and praised. In this sense, everyone needs to be feared and praised.

People hate prophets of doom, because if you can prophesize doom you should be able to stop doom.

Cain v. Abel –  vegetable vs meat tender—harkens back to a form of religion whereby as few animals as possible would be eaten; and there was something sacred about this protection of life. The farmer killed the shepherd, which is very unlikely, as shepherds slaughter and farmers engage in the nonviolent raising of vegetables. Nor is it likely a vegetable grower would get angry at a meat provider–far more likely the other way—nor would a lord of high taste, be more likely to prefer meat over vegetables; unless to signify a crassness and lower order, in which the vegetable grower would be aware and faithful enough not to let it affect him.

      In other words, it is not likely the farmer would be violent, or feel hurt, by the choice of meat over vegetable; rather the killing of the herder signifies the lesser karma of eating meat; though the vegetable grower is not likely to be familiar with violence.

When the Lord said to Abraham his followers would be numerous as grains of sand on the beach; ironic, because christians are numerous as grains of sand on the beach.

Jesus is created from the old testament by the constant repitition of the invocation of the Lord. The interplay between reader and written word created a vortex, a critical energy, whereby the lordship of a single human may be ascertained, and a religion spring from it, more appropiate to western civilization than the old testament.

The old testament, by virtue of its writing, and being read, and being thought about; in its presenting of imagery and morality; I believe teaches one to THINK FOR YOURSELF. If you see abraham as morally ambiguos for threatening to kill isaac, if you see that the farmer killing the hunter is less probably than the hunter killing the farmer, if you wonder why the history of the hebrew speaking, devolved so tragically- you may see the subtle message: THINK FOR YOURSELF


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