Letters to My Congressman


1 4/4/07



A true Democrat knows we can all live together.
A true bad guy knows most are the good guy.
A real reader of the constitution sighs that the artifice of money got
by our founders: He knows the people can come up with a wiser economy in free assemblies.


The situation has been worsening in Iraq with us, let’s leave and if it gets worse we can go back in and return. How can we stop their civil war, when we are in the business of war? What hypocrisy.
The Iraqi government has to come from Iraqis, we can’t impose or help.
Islam is our friend because it sells us oil. We are kind to the religion because the religion is the superstructure that sells oil, tribal religions wouldn’t.
When the Romans would defeat the Sabines, whose attacks on Rome were questionable because they united Rome and always lost, Rome never, at least in Livy’s first five books, stationed a
garrison there or tried to impose its government. They respected autonomy and forced peace treaties. Far more respect and progress is garnered by negotiating with the enemy than warring with the enemy. Keeping troops in other lands would be beneath the honor of early Ancient Rome. Extracting Peace Treaties to see if they are followed wasn’t.
Help me prosecute for the tenth amendment. NJ would be so much better with the people ruling their towns in free assembly; that’s how New England protected and protects its countryside. Some N.E. Towns require a quorum of 240 people for town decisions to be made. (See Guide to Massachusetts Town Meetings)
These mayors and councilmen of N.J. are not the state or people the tenth amendment reserves powers for. The people have a right to not be ruled by the few locally. This right is in the reservation of powers to state or the people, the protection of free assembly, and the 14th amendment protecting the federal constitution from state laws. “The powers not given to the federal government by the United States Constitution, nor prohibited it by the states, are reserved for the states, or, the people.
There really is the kingdom of god, the still people are hard to
admit, and this admission is the long run solution, and goal of current society. You can’t blame people, heaven runs things, and we have to know the score and don’t deserve this totalitarian influence. I know you are unable to help, things being so described, but I appeal to authority per design of authority. Or is authority more justifying of illusion, than meant to deal with ignorance.


Totalitarianism does infer a mind-control, or other-worldly control. Witchcraft infers witches from the afterlife controlling this world.

This interpretation renders spirituality and religion the natural defeaters of communism and totalitarianism.

It would seem a good bet that if we left Iraq the civil war would
subside. Certainly staying there and it is getting worse. Think about it: Could the Sunni/Shiite conflict coincide with our military industrial complex?
The problem with establishing an Iraqi police force there is that the police force intrinsically comes from the people, or the strongest force out there; it can’t be transmitted by another country. This is
basic wisdom. Iraqi security has to come out of the Arab people or corruptions thereof, it can’t be helped by foreigners: that contradicts the idea of who the police act for, the idea that the people consent to
the police, is undermined by the police being imposed from without. I’m not sure one culture can train the police force of another. Is there any historical precedent? There is the precedence of an army adopting and imposing foreign coda, but through themselves, in the safety of larger federation.
You are not in my world. You are invested with
power. A power that is subsumed by the status quo, and I do not think
congressmen were meant to be subsumed by the status quo; their power
allows them to get around the status quo, and that the status quo is too
strong for them shows that they are not even aware who the enemy to the constitution is. Don’t think people are communing about how great things are. Do think they want more in their life?


Then again an understanding of the kingdom of god explains the absence of the people.

I don’t think you are aimed at the fraud perpetuated in the name of truth regarding the kingdom of god. You don’t know what the enemy is, the media, and that is the sting on congress.

If you think blacks are better athletes you shouldn’t be in congress, and if you think that isn’t something to investigate then you isn’t a racist. The definition of a racist society is a society with one tier for one type, and another tier for another type. Thus we live in a racist society, and we never examine the legitimacy of these racist tiers.

4 9/11/07

There is scant historical precedent and success for one country setting up the government of another. Colonialism, doesn’t work and looks bad. The Soviet bloc countries? Is this what we want to be?

We helped Germany after ww2, but their people attacked us. That’s quite different from Iraq.
We can’t succeed because one country can not organize the government of another country; and its looking like profiteering, which an awareness of the kingdom of god should dissipate. The Kingdom of God shows no one is using money. That money is an artifice designed to distract from the kingdom of god, remit’s the kingdom of god to irrelevant; whereas any true economy is grounded in an awareness of the kingdom of god.
For General Petraeus to be ignorant of the basic immorality of the mission is out of absolutist communism; because there is no negotiation with the terrorists. And the senate is barely a check.

Moreover there are two suspicious things to question. The first is ifradical Islam is against the west how come they don’t advocate for
stopping selling oil to us? The Arabs were self sustaining long before oil
became a commodity. They were tribal, didn’t use money; Islam westernized them, by force, and unnaturally.
And two, with radical Islam and Islam so violent, pathetic and evil, I’ve read the Koran, any discussion with or debate of Islam should be easy; to destroy Islam as a religion in fair debate. It’s really an awful
arab-oppressing religion that can be shown as such easily; mandatory prayer, draconian laws, veiled women, a book whose prophet murders.

That we don’t negotiate with those oppressed by this religion, use communication to sort things out, is suspicious; for us to be at war, when we can communicate, viably, makes no sense. For us to be at war and not expose Islam, just shows the totalitarian monstrosity we live in, the intentional and removed quality of war.

To not firmly and unequivocally differentiate between The Arab People, and Muslims, misses the whole element of fighting to free the Arabs from Islamic control, and allow them to choose their religions.
As authoritarian, I must be stronger than the mind control that
keeps my knowledge and advice from being successfully injected to make our country better. Seeing me as an authority stronger than what keeps the silence of the unfeeling…that’s authoritarianism, to break the totalitarian hold upon society.
Peace be with you
Hopefully we understand the kingdom of god enough to know
things can change in a day. And hopefully there’s at least a playful recognition of the descant of witchcraft as the only explanation for officials and the people not acting in their own interest.

Congrats on encouraging green energy. Fairly logical and unifying an issue. Suspicious that the media doesn’t promote it unilaterally. Lean on the media, call those depressed bastards out, and you democrats will see a difference.
I’ve called your office now and then, to see if you understand
the constitutional legitimacy of the check on war by congress through it
being in charge of raising funds for war.

I believe it can be said that this could be a perfunctory job a treasurer could do for a chief executive, or intended as a fair protest of war by congress as warranted.
However since the language entrusts congress to raise funds for war, and since these funds come from taxpayers and not rich guys’ pockets, Congress should say, “look the money for taxes and war come from the people, we are only entrusted to take it and use it for war, why don’t we just ask the people if we should fund the war; then every rep polls his district, comes back with consensus or understanding of the dominant opinion; and then the onus is off congress and on the people, so the people will be happy, and the executive will learn he’s not meant to be all powerful for so long.”

To me, the odd thing about these presidential and senatorial terms is how long they are. In early Ancient Rome, these were only year terms. There would be a flurry of campaigning 2wks to one month before an election by speeches for all to here, and caucuses for all to partake in, and the yearly change of leaders very dynamic.
Regarding steroids: That the players didn’t cooperate is horrible. The industry will lose its right to regulate itself for stuff like that. But
this situation requires a lot of therapy, because, almost everyone is on
steroids, I believe. The voice of the players that want to compete fairly
and make money did not come out: and that is where the change will come from: because steroids are so prevalent that almost everyone is guilty of using them at some point: because the kingdom of god is easy to inject to produce a product of an athlete; and you should be conversant with the term “kingdom of god’ and see if you feel it is a term meant to be used in law.

6 12/27/07
How do you reconcile elections with the kingdom of god. The kingdom of god, means no one really is, people are represented or affected. Yet that representation is imperfect and corrupt or dishonest. So really election statistics are made up. Not only is the religion of Christian Terminology inimical to capitalism: it is inimical to voting. If the Kingdom of God is taken out of the equation, how is any semblance of fairness imposed on elections. First of all, the kingdom of heaven does the voting. The Kingdom of God, insensate. The making up of elections is the hallmark of banshee rule.

The charge to every nation continues, how do you deal with a country full of the kingdom of god. This most pressing issue is ignored, but a great nation will not ignore it.

Many people know what the kingdom of god means; used often in church services; not a perfect term, or of a perfect religion, but viable, and intended for a use to make a better world. The term may be such so that children are not scared.

I hear of the opposition leader in Pakistan assassinated, and realize the protection of all public servants is paramount as well as those unelected that strive to represent the people and offer these thoughts towards their protection.

First, it is not extremist Muslims, it is all of Islam. Islam is
oppressive to its people, much the way communism is, or to be frank, our educational system is. Moreover, Islam is a house of cards that does not stand up to honest debate: So that’s the first key to safety from them.
And many Muslims are aware of this. Indeed liberalism misses the point that the oppressed are aware of their oppression. The poor can be aware of their poverty, the gay are aware of the oppression of their homosexuality, the Muslims are aware of the oppression of Islam, and Catholics, the Vatican, and citizens, government, and fans, last place teams, and athletes, the lack of opportunity for pick-up games. All the oppressed are aware of their oppression. Everyone is aware of moral ambiguity.

You can not stereotype the situation into black and white terms. Muslims know their religion is bad. It’s that simple. Talk to them that way

Secondly, with the kingdom of god as such, where does the danger come from? It comes from the media, The media ignores the kingdom of god, and makes up a world as if the kingdom of god doesn’t exist.

So why does the media do so, when it is explicitly free to report the
kingdom of god? Because the kingdom of god is caused by the universe, by something stronger than the kingdom of heaven that would protect us. Therefore, the kingdom of heaven (and/or the universe) creates this evil media that then we have to somehow manipulate and use, towards the reduction of the kingdom of god, and towards the increase of humans.

And not even so, salvation seems to lie in getting away from the media, and into the kingdom of god.

Thus any political leader or leader period, is benefited to know that
the danger comes from the media, because the media controls the human being to represent media‘s will.

If Bhutto had operated on the precept Islam is a ridiculous
religion, that the media’s ignorance of and legitimization of Islam is far
more dangerous than any incarnation of Muslim upon the kingdom of god, and most of all if Bhutto had recognized and cited the kingdom of god as a reality and a viable term, a viable term the Koran does not mention once, she would have been a lot safer; as would be everyone.

Really once the kingdom of god is cited and not ignored on national media, everything becomes much safer.

It’s sorcery from the dead running our world in such spirit.

So how do we stop that? How do we stop the excess negative action, and increase the good legitimate action that moves forward to an accounting and dealing with life and the kingdom of god?

Know if whole countries are in competition for truth or salvation, they are both precious commodities, rationed well, and indispensably, even in little doses.

Yet a more theatrical approach by decreasing if not shutting off the news media, and that given the fact of the kingdom of god, this can be done voluntarily.

The Press is enslaved now. Many times I’ve told them the tenth amendment renders local officials illegal, the court battle, and not one story. Were the press free, any journalist’s integrity would have asserted that freedom by now.

The media’s eye is on power. And this is proven by the media’s ignorance of the tenth amendment which makes local elect and appointed officials illegal, since those powers are reserved for state or people in free assembly.

Now it is true, you and politicians are equally unresponsive, yet I
believe you are held back by the media, while the media is held back as a force propping up a phony reality. Moreover the media’s self-identity is
as the good, whereas the politician is more aware of the moral
ambiguity/complexity, and metaphysic of situations. The media speaks on other things that happen. You speak as your job.


None of the candidates speak on the building the people hate, the rampant expectation of increased population is a bad feeling to the people, the people know less is more.

But no candidates can break the self-crucifying hold the media has on them, and speak on what would show the media to be quite ignorant.

Nor can officials really reach people who know the tenth amendment, or have their hearts in the right place, because those leaders are not in the media, and the code seems to be that those covered by the media can be responded to.

Parsnips would probably grow better in aphganistan than carrots.

Also the economy is fake. Christianity and capitalism are inimical to each other. School, without discussion of that time, is like communism.
The world can be made much simpler and we the people can control it through local free assemblies that give homage to the federal government and constitution that enable our country that way. But apparently instead of believing in the kingdom of god and heaven the belief Christ died for you surrounds near where the news is coming from. How can He have been seen on Easter and died for you? What does the term The Kingdom of God indicate regarding this? It means media is different than truth.

The tenth amendment is very good news, if you understand it makes local officials illegal and intends for the people in free assembly to talk about their society and community and what they want from each other and value time and truth.

8 3/9/08
I read we executed 6 Japanese soldiers who we convicted of water-boarding our soldiers in WW2. Just what do the pro water-boarding officials have to say to that?

I really think there is a tyranny of media that would have made that point known, if it is true.

While government is morally ambiguous and meant to be so, newspapers are meant to be valves of truth, and a fair check. But they are not, they are wholly dominated and influencing in a negative way.

9 6/09/08
Regarding impeachment: Like any civil suit, impeachment is a nasty, unpleasant process; no one is really saying impeachment would be fun or passionate; because hurting someone, in this case the president, is never fun. Impeachment is not something I care passionately about, or even care at all; because as you indicate, the chips have fallen where they are, for the world to look at, regardless of whether impeachment is tried or not.
And yet the argument for impeachment is that republicans, this president, respect and need the checks and balance and guts the form of impeachment provides. Impeaching or attempting to, would be respected by the republicans.


The president is so in over his head, he needs impeachment to force him to not be able to do whatever his spirit or defense contacts moves him to.
The most important thing is integrity. Free speech is often unpleasant, and I have people who are not the friends I want them to be, but respect me for integrity. Integrity transcends what people think of you as a person; and I do think with all the complaints, it is hypocritical to complain about these executive violations, and then not issue forth
impeachment hearings.

Believing the nation can’t handle impeachment and that such sullies the waters of consensus, is not my analysis of the situation; which is that impeachment would be respected by the people.

In fact, differentiating between the media and the people, and overcoming the gap between the people and officials, a gap that is the media, is important here. While impeachment may be vilified by pundits, I testify it would be fairly universally respected by the people, and that we, the people, is you, and the people.
For instance, local government is very bad, and almost all know that. Yet if you say the local elect, being neither state nor people violate the tenth amendment; I fear you are reacting to the pressure a media that
reaffirms the status quo puts on you, and not to the consensus of the
people that local government is horrible and should be of free assembly
and not local elect.

The recent senate report that intelligence was manipulated, quite
frankly, must be accounted for.
Yet the other charges don’t necessarily bother me, even though they are unconstitutional.
For instance, spying without warrants on American citizens does not bother me because I have nothing to hide: What does bother me about such, is that spying by the government on its people, has got to have a deleterious effect upon government; the same way immoral behavior resonates to rot the soul.

Frankly, his suspension of habeas corpus for military detainees does not bother me because I am not Islamic. Indeed, I believe the Arab people have a real issue with Islam; Islam does not serve the interests of the Arab people well at all. It is far more conservative and unconstitutional than George Bush. I firmly believe the tribal religions previous to Islam would not sell us oil nor use money and just simply be self-sustaining as so for centuries. So in my mind, there is something very suspicious about Islam, and it is a huge issue to work out, that our intelligence community does not address, which is suspect of our intelligence that doesn’t recognize or glosses over the genuine oppression of Islam

Certainly the continuing unwise prosecution of the war, is dammable, but impeachable? In early ancient Rome, Leaders could be prosecuted for unwise military action, fined, put in jail, or executed.

No, in my mind what is impeachable about Bush and C is war profiteering.
A little like Ike warned us about the military industrial complex.

The war industry is huge now. If the price of oil drops after his
presidency, then we will see how he works for the oil interests as well.

His family has a history of war profiteering, selling steel to Hitler’s Germany in the thirties.

Now it’s true, it’s hard to say members of the bush family are going around to defense contractors and being handed envelopes of money. But it is easier to say that the Bush clan will be taken care of for generations by that industry.

What is required is an investigation as to the collusion between the defense contracting industry and bush and c. It’s a hard investigation
because there need be no actual communication or direct colluding on the subject; because bush doing what he does, the industry benefiting, does not require direct communication, involving as it may, a general

Now this is not to say the rich don’t have a conscience, quite the
opposite; there is quite a quality of guilt to them. What an investigator needs to do is find a conscience-stricken benefitter of the Bush policy, to say and prove that making profits off war is the name of Bush’s game, and get a few depositions, and in my mind, that is the real impeachable offense: the transformation of the moral ambiguity of war into a long-standing opportunity for profit.

But when you say impeachment is unachievable I say its far more
significant and respected to just try. It’s not the end result, it’s how
you play the game.

An when you say it is politically impractical, I do’t know what you mean: you’d win respect, it would be consistent flanking movements to undo the president’s policies, and the republicans would respect the democrats because they are harder nosed and respect force and might more than political efforts that exist now. They are bullies, and bullies respect suits. They laugh at people who fear, whatever they fear, vilification. Impeachment, I think, would be a step towards bringing troops home, for there is no way Iraqi government can grow naturally with foreign troops on its soil, and this is historically consistent.

Bipartisanship, which I believe in, I believe is served by being tough on republicans because they pride themselves on toughness. Moreover there have been reports over the disappointments with Bush by republicans; so it is hard for me to believe that republicans and democrats can not agree. The world is more three dimensional, as are republicans. It’s two dimensional on paper, in papers, but as men, and women, the consensus is definitely there, and I don’t understand how it can not be claimed.
It is being said that the democrats inability to express the will of the people, is just as bad as the republican jettisoning of America: but this is not something that we can not work through……


Democrats discuss things, and the tenth amendment requires discussion because it is a law few understand and use, and our local government is so deplorable and inimical to the natural law and right of people of a society coming together to discuss how they live.
You say nothing in the amendment prohibits the people in a jurisdiction from consenting to be governed by a local government.
I know this is hard to stand up to a status quo, but if powers reserved
for the state or the people, are exercised by neither, the amendment is
being violated. The people do not have a right to give up a right that is
reserved for them and in reality the state gave this right to local officials, that the people consented to. I feel this is an easy point and why public debate insures honor on the part of participants.
The real problem is that the kingdom of god is caused by the universe and that this violates a natural right to life, and it is only from this spiritual basis that we see how we can be so ignoring of our own laws. It is very tricky to turn around the way things are, maybe impossible, but it starts with spirituality, and understanding that such terms are there to help us in an unfair society

Dear Rep. Rush and C.,
You have the opportunity to discuss the tenth amendment with your colleagues and see if the glorious magnitude of the constitution is seen. This will give you democrats, who are supposed to be on the side of the people, and free assembly as a forum to discuss issues, good benefits. Really, this is the soundest advice you’ll get from anyone this year. I believe it is very responsible of me to lobby on my congressman on the tenth amendment, especially since there is so little judicial history on the subject; and what there is pales before the tenth amendment’s clear negation, and natural regulation, of the few deciding for the many, at a local level

Never the less, there are many things the media and congress does not cover; such as the sending of minors to school so much without discussion: In that the discussion at the board of ed does not consider the time and means put into something that regulates the individual en masse.
Or how the economy, that needs the most discussion, in free assemblies, so people can put their head together about it, gets the least discussion, because such forum is monopolized by the few; because elections, necessary at a state and national level, are not ideal at a local level. And the bill of rights clearly cites this in the tenth amendment.
That being said you have the clear opportunity just to begin discussing the tenth amendment and see where it brings you, and your colleagues.

And while the media gives no shrift to the tenth amendment, as they are focused on you congressman, maybe you could get the ball rolling there.
Because in a debate before an audience, or in the media where public debate is offered, which is its point to put pressure on officials who might bow too easily to the status quo; but as the media gives no shrift to this sort of thing, nor school, nor the utter fakeness of the economy many a church service knows, the public debate and fair scrutiny which guarantees a sighting of error on the part of debaters, is absolutely required for the subject here; a discussion I think you can get going because I think many a congressmanandwomen would give the tenth amendment a very fair shrift.
That being said I believe motion such as this requires divinity. And one of the things I learned from Livy is that the rich, the republicans, the officials in power control religion, not the poor or the people. Without religion propping up the republicans, the republicans wouldn’t be so powerful.
If the compassion of the liberals could be combined with understanding of the kingdom of God, and Christian terminology, a good service imbues; well, we wouldn’t be in the crucifying quagmire, and the broader and three dimensional issues of life more available.
Power controls religion, or religion serves power, even as it preaches forgiveness, which the upper class needs, is based on the reality of the kingdom of god and heaven. Where Christianity yet fails is to specify the universe as the causer of the kingdom of god.
Thus the transmission of grace and divinity to the lower party remains a conundrum my mind essays to cure.
Moreover the ignorance of the media and ourselves of the tenth amendment indicates the reality of the kingdom of god is so great as to inhibit the true constitutional genuflections, and sacrifice our country, so.

In the context of the kingdom of god, the kingdom of heaven, and the universe, we realize this is a metaphysical situation. Metaphysics means a study of relation of parts and these parts do not have to be material or physical.

And thus the deplorancy of what has gone on, is not only seen as a reality, but a challenge, and real politic that extends into relations and understandings with the kingdom of heaven, which ultimately you are, for the kingdom of heaven is all around.

John Locke knew it was not that there are bad laws, it is that there are good laws that exist, but are not noticed. He implied this was least a wise law-maker could do. At least provide a valuable law, even if this law will not be recognized. The understanding that allows such graphic fall from enforcement is that there is a situation on earth more severe than federal constitution.

This being said, I also learned from Livy that the grace of the knowledge of the kingdom of god, would aim the judiciary at the people in power.
And this, the judiciary, is where the people’s party, the plebes, the democrats, the second of the two party system, for everyone else; the people didn’t need their own political party to counter the rich in power, they needed and wanted and got their own judiciary, with judges chosen from lower classes to keep an eye on the rich senators who date their blood back to the first senate of Ancient Rome.

The soldiers actually went on strike over a stupid series of battles until the people got to man a legal system created specifically as a check upon abuses of power

. It was from the judiciary, which the people got when the soldiers went on strike, a judiciary that could take to task swiftly the likes of those who sell the country on a wrong war, and fine or imprison them for such stupidity and greed, from this soul of a judiciary, came the plebes, as the party the less rich enjoyed was called. The plebes were the party opposed to the arrogant power of officials. By definition, if you were an official, you were of the patrician class and party. Later, if you were not nor ever had been an official, or rich enough to employ many people, you were automatically in the plebian party. Later, Ancient Rome, had a lower house, which was actually outdoors in the plaza before the senate, of elected representatives, all of whom came from the people.

But a judiciary ignorant of the kingdom of god, or fair spirituality is not a fit judiciary. And the rudder expected these official prosecutors and judges provided for Ancient Rome, never materialized to the substantive expectations. Because power corrupts, and these tribunes, as these prosecutor judges were called, became much like our democrats today; urging lengthy projects like health care or land reform that never get passed. Without ever taking down the military cult that ruled Ancient Rome: Without ever really offering movements the people genuinely were popular to. And they became often concerned with petty or mistaken offenses of the patrician class, or inflated with their own glory.

The kingdom of god can be proven and shown, it can change everything. The more people are aware of this spiritual dimension, the more positive change is possible.

Christianity, Jesus, introduced the terms the kingdom of god and the kingdom of heaven. In some way those terms are euphemisms for something quite serious. But where Christianity is resting, is the trail head of inquiry of what causes the kingdom of god. The universe, which exists in senses different than our own.

In some way the democrats can’t escape the eye of the media. Yet at some level I expect Congress to know and ramify the understanding of this blatant terminology. Then Congress will be stronger than the eye of the media. You must break the shackles of the media where the status quo is reinforced through huge effort of the kingdom of heaven, and I believe congress, collectively, in a knowledge that does not exclude religion is strong enough to do that.

In Rome, the patricians eventually gave some ceremonial religious authority positions to a few plebes. This was after much argument against that. Rome kept on succeeding.

You see the more powerful the folk, the more service they need service to be forgiven for the lack of rectification of the world.

Whereas poorer people need service to achieve salvation in the material world.

Though religion is posited against the state in citing terms the state ignores, both have the same goals of democratic discussion that better the people and the union. Spirituality and government have the same goals.


Way to go with the hard line on energy.
I’m in my fourth yr learning the trade of managing an organic farm and it is fun exposing workers to agriculture and providing produce to local families.
This Karl Rove fellow refusing to testify is right out of the drama of ancient Rome. His refusal to testify is a statement that he Is an evil bad guy, with the arrogance, and unsteady sway of conservative senators to match.

That republican senators in that committee refused to condemn him just indicates how “evil” he is, or playing to be in that way of capital theatrics.

I really think that kind of party line holding by the republicans is going to lead to their big downfall in November.

Not to bring up a sore subject, but trying to impeach Bush will test republicans far more than democrats. Republicans that back bush in all fairness should do worse than those that examine his executive qualities honestly.

At the same time McCain is exposing Obama, for which Barrack needs help, cover, which will only make us stronger.

I know we try to change the things we can change and accept what we can’t; but if the democrats actually do truly popular things, deeply popular things they might be too inhibited to do, such as reduce the school year, or discuss a more realistic economy, or understand spirituality, they will be loved and rewarded.

The difference between the tribunes of ancient Rome and the democrats of present day America, is that the tribunes had to come from the lower class, (and the senators from the upper class, the tribunes being the judiciary) whereas the democrats have trouble identifying with the labor class, or seeing themselves as from the majority of America.

That being said, what is baffling about ancient Rome, is that even though the officials of tribunes were created to be for the people, and you figure would lead to a reduction in war, the warlike quality and behavior of Rome in ancient Italy, has been on a steady upswing from bks 5 through 9 and shows no sign of stopping.

Upon consideration, the answer to this question is this; previous to tribunes, it was morality itself that held a check on the impulse to war. Once that morality became codified by officials, tribunes, that codification just resulted in greater potential and actuality for corruption and warping.

Thus the lesson may be to emphasize the people, whoever they are, to change the world from humble still uncorrupted positions.14

Dear Rush and C,
1) The democratic party convention can’t be before the republican one, each time. Everyone knows the team that bats last has a better chance; because they can see what they have to beat, and appropriate strategies. So please advocate alternating who goes first in election summers, please. Also for god sakes, help Obama, crack down on him, cover for him, he’s a leader of the black people for sure and I see the pride and spirit all out, but as for being a leader of the white people, without us whites becoming closer for it, and checking his bad points, he may not be black studies enough.

2) I am against the bail-outs. Look, I’m the first to admit Christianity and capitalism is inimical, and the economy more than anything requires lots of discussion by the people at a local level, which is what is missing from our country, and for companies through false philosophies, greed, stupid deregulation, to be bailed out, when I’m here trying to make a farm survive….let me put it this way, I see the falseness, know the difference between money and production, and am in agriculture because it is honest, producing, and expansive and desired… A little bail-out and it’s an issue whether they will make the same mistakes again. Also what about the little lender. Say I have 250,000, which I don’t, and I see some guy wanting to buy a house, and I lend it to him, in the wake of disaster he is my business, you
bail out those idiots, and he goes back to being their business and us potential little guys are unable to compete. I mean it is unfair for some people to play capitalism, and other people to play federal bail-out . One deserves respect, character and godly knowledge.

3) About the tenth amendment which I try to promote as I can, given the circumstances.
a) No one has figured out the reservation of powers to the people, the no mentioning of local rule save free assembly, so if one person, like yourself tries to figure it out, it’s almost hard to admit you didn’t get it before, you’d have to admit a gap in your intelligence and awareness, but if a group of people study and get it together, and share the blame, it is much easier to get. In other words, my congressional friend, when I speak to one person, they stumble, but when I speak to a group, they get it, it’s understood. And this is called consensus, and consensus is aware of the euphemism, The Kingdom of God, or, if you prefer, the frail path of spirituality.
b) No one is against the tenth amendment. Liberals may insinuate a vast conspiracy against the tenth amendment and an apathetic people, but obviously this world is run by the kingdom of heaven, in a feigned ignorance of the kingdom of god, and there is no intention by the kingdom of heaven to sort this out. Yet the kingdom of god does have to be start factored in, in solemn silence; how spirituality starts at home and goes on to topple communism.

Life is not as projected on TV. The box we have to think outside of is the TV box.

peace be with you



First health care. I’m for affordable health care, there’s nothing like it. But it must come with a big exercise program to get Americans in shape. Opportunities to play in team sports for adults must involve everyone.
Likewise health care must involve degrees of first aid training, and cardiac training, so that everyone knows something about medicine and the people first to an accident scene will go a long way to making treatment better.

Second, if you had impeached George Bush, he wouldn’t be so big on this wall st. crisis. Impeachment is not partisan or political so much as the integrity of exercising a chk upon executive privilidege. Legislature’s job is to impeach an imperious executive, that makes it not political, but honorable, and had it been done, he’d be operating more cautiously now, and congress would be taking more of a lead in figuring out the situation.

I’m willing to bet also, karma, that if a democrat, obama, is elected, we will catch Bin Laden with half a yr.

About the economic crisis. This was caused by homes being built that were approved by local officials who are neither state nor people, in violation of the tenth amendment.

The sophistication of countries that value real production, and not paper business, or conspicuous construction, not based on population growth, but providing better things, is not as much in America as in Europe. Europe would never have allowed those homes to have been built. Check it out someday.

The democrats are said to be in with Fannies and Freddie because local gov is supposed to be of the people, and democrats are supposed to be of the people, and they betray the constitution at a local level.

I am in a curious conundrum, because when I tell the people about free assembly, the tenth amendment, and how new England towns require a quorum of 240 people, they know what I am saying is good, but are not empowered to help because they officially gave their power to government or media designed to disseminate, and because there aren’t forms of free assembly to discuss these calls for local self-rule in free assembly.

And when I tell journalists and officials this, they are so tied up into the system of media and officials, which is so much bigger than them, and this idea is so big and fundamental, and darning to a degree, though redeeming as well, that no one journalist or official is able or big enough to take an issue this big, being a part of a system so big.Yet this inertia as I’ve said, is not due to lack of character or integrity, but the simple decision by the kingdom of heaven to run the world in opposition to common sense.

There really is a kingdom of god, that’s a euphemism, there really is a mind running things, people wouldn’t be so muted, and these metaphysics require a lot of thought, for I have but some doubt, my mind is tied into this whole thing, since I am the only one proactive and preaching the tenth amendment, which is easy to understand.

If we had free assemblies in local towns where the people talked about the economy, we could do much better than a 40 hr wk, and make producing cool, and not doing jobs that essentially don’t produce much but take time.
You look at all those on Wall St., if they wanted to help actually produce, we could reduce the work week and have better goods, sir.
I like the way Obama is polite and nice things to say about McCain. I like the way McCain seems to know minorities are challenged. This is kind of a good race.


Very disappointed with bail-out. People more spiritual and savvy than that. Those companies produce very little, waste employees time. DISCUSS THE ECONOMY IN LOCAL FREE ASSEMBLY. That is the solution.

Let the community ask each other what they want, and what is possible.

Believe me, that law in our state constitution incorporating towns with local officials, is illegal, because those officials infringe upon free assembly, (and exercise powers reserved to state or people.)

Think about it, isn’t discussing the economy in free assembly logical, natural and needed. Shouldn’t the people be talking about the economy, and not letting it rule them without discussion.

Could congress consider mind-control? Or is that discussion off the table?

Obviously we wouldn’t be breaking our laws if we were willed to correct things. While this issue is bigger than one person, together, this issue can be handled, in a group.

Since the constitution said congress, which makes the laws, can not make a law abridging free assembly, then certainly the state constitution can not have laws creating local officials dominating community discussion and puissance. Because those laws would be contrary to the federal constitution, and we have an obligation to turn to the federal government, and hold it higher, than state laws, otherwise, we wouldn’t have a federal constitution.

Moreover the issue of the federal government being in banking, was considered as an issue, in The USA vs. Maryland, 1823.

Today, many people think governing is one thing, and banking is another.

Maybe a bank is where the government just stores its money. But I’m sure it could make interest at private banks, and then be subject to the same economies as the person-citizen.

The point is, the issue of government and banking being conjoined, is a pertinent interest these days, and shouldn’t be taken for granted.

When the government bails out these industries, instead of letting the market correct itself, as we have been taught since econ 101, whose losses are consistent with the illegal allowance of the destruction of farmland and forest by local officials, towards housing a greater population, without serious discussion consistent with environmental edicts of population, tragedy is not seared within the head, and a lesson learned for the ages; but history will look at what you do, the truth will out.

The governments bail-out, as an investment, might be the next great thing, if it turns a profit, and we could revisit government as a revenue-generating institution, but the fundamental philosophies underneath our directions must be spelled out, so we tread confidently.

I can’t help but think George Jr is winless in all his initiatives.

Health Care: Mandatory CPR and first aid classes will make first responders reduce hospitalized hours.
Mandatory exercise will create a healthier, and happier, population capable of defending itself lest the Muslims attack. Seriously though, we should create an exercise police, enforcing jogs, sprints and team sports. People not complying will be tossed in gyms, until they exercise enough to get out. That’s health care with spirit.

As for taxes, what is on paper, is not necessarily, the kingdom of god does not use money. The point is to save the human race from the universe, you’ve got to be cool, they make you fearful because you are empowered. Widgets.

As for the war, we have no right to take the war on terror to Iraq. That is unfair to the people of that nation, and makes us look wimps.

We should negotiate with terrorists and win via negotiation far easier than via force. Because their religion oppresses their people far more than Ronald Reagan oppressed me. Their religion doesn’t stand up to Christianity in serious conversation because Christianity has a term, a euphemism, yes, but a term, none the less, “The Kingdom of God”, that describes a phenomena upon which any credible religion is based, a term the Koran uses not once, signifying a phenomena, Islam, like our media perhaps, designs to obscure.

Muslims, like several minorities, are like the bad guys, and they know it, and they don’t want to be bad. They want to be reidentified as The Arab People, and lives self-sustainably, tribally, without money, as they did for years before Islam, develope their own idiosyncrasies and societal peculiarities.

So why is Islam so popular. Well, first of all, Don’t Believe The Hype, especially if you are intelligence.

The west is significantly different from the darker skinned, tribal, non Christian parts of earth. We have the oppressive regulation of school, and no discussion of the economy in local free assembly, no free assemblies that focus on the community where the few don’t make the decision for the many, and most of all now, parlance of the context of the universe and metaphysical truth.

So we create a buffer zone between the darker and lighter parts of earth which is Islam. Islam not only westernized the Arab world, preaching money for instance, but also keeps the people under it, less tribal. Thus the more natural tribal consciousness of our southern cousins is less likely to take down the unnatural fabric of our lifestyle because the buffer zone of Islam lies between the west and the south.

In other words the interests of Islam are consistent with the interests of the west, insofar as the interests of the west lie in maintaining our imperfect lifestyle. Because Islam creates a buffer zone that makes western peoples less susceptible to tribal modality.

Because there really is The kingdom of god, it can be spoken of and detailed, and rule created that is bad. If we see Islam as consistent with western characteristics, we might realize that we control it. That moves the barbarity of the atrocities to a level where it is controlled and willed for them that cares not about their interest or influence. I hope I could work with people invested in concern about this country, in this light.

I just want to reiterate the metaphysics is that it is easy for the kingdom of heaven to control the kingdom of god for its purpose.

That the media gives no play to free assembly and the tenth amendment and discussing the economy in local free assembly, which everyone is for, that’s the thing, everyone is for discussing the economy in local free assembly, that the media give this no coverage shows the media as the missing variable of our democracy, and that that the variable of media is where the dominance and illusion is sanctioned and created.

I have thought about this again. The less civilized areas of Africa….Islam might be created by them and imposed. Because it is in Africa’s interest to sacrifice western mores and gain African humans.


Thinking about the constitutionality of the bail-outs: Where in the constitution is this made legal? If there are such words, such words would be greatly reassuring to the American people.

Because it seems a murky issue. I never saw the government as helping businesses, but regulatory, and needing services.

Yet this bail-out is the means to an end. Should the government attempt to back-up the economy? Wouldn’t it be more concerned with regulating the will of the people. Isn’t our polity about survival of the fittest, or is it about trying to reach some economic place? And then if that economic domain is reached, and it falls again, at some point you have to examine it, and correct it, and realize that this takes you to a different and new economic place.

Moreover, surviving leads to evolution. In some way you hold back the market’s evolution. Also the further conjoining of government and business changes what the economy is evolving through.

It’s like suddenly mated, and the economy and the government are going to have a child, and it’s not going to be as fit as a singular economy, and singular government.

The irony of this should not be lost upon a mixed race president, nor should we hold back our exhortations to keep down the population, America.

Another economic plan would be to take down some homes, promote a reduced birthrate, and have those lots be gardened.

Another economic plan would be to make the parents and community more proactive about their children’s education, to a point where such involves the parents themselves and not career teachers or such centralized locations.

It would also be good to discuss the economy in local free assembly.

Free Assembly, in the old days, was when the town gathered, everyone had a vote, and issues were discussed and voted on.

It is easy to see how local officials abridge this happening.

I know these remarks are awkward because they pass new terrain.

It is through forgiveness and a realization that now is the time to discuss whatever held us back. Then there are larger issues, than the simple enforcement of federal constitution.

Everyone is for practicing free assemblies. It’s in everyone’s interest. The only reason why this idea is not accepted, Is not that it is wrong, but that it is relatively new. I used to think this. It’s not accepted because the world has to break spirituality first. The greater truth may come first. The less truth is easy to withhold.

Even more so, whatever witchcraft maintains this state, maintains this state. To impugn a lack of integrity or character upon anyone, in face of this witchcraft, is not the answer here at all.

The Episcopal believes that our identities take on the metaphysic of “God”. There is scant evidence this is true. The media that dominates our minds, so wholly dominates, that extending to the realm of metaphysic isn’t possible.

People, like yourself, who are called on this law, aren’t against the idea per se, but just don’t like that they didn’t know this idea already. This idea could be anything. It is a reaction to something being different from the way they have resonated, than a refutation or dislike of the idea of free assemblies in local communities, and an ending of representative democracy locally.

While there is discrimination and reaction against the unfamiliar or new, this dies down, the witchcraft that maintains the world holds the world.
There’s this old political theory that we left the state of nature so as to discuss our community. Once we start discussing the economy in free assemblies, we might be able to do a lot of good, and I think that is universally recognized, though if and will something be done, depends upon the will of the people. And the people seem awol.

According to these laws, all building approved by local officials has been approved illegally.

This is too big for one person, yet very much cause for the interest of congress.

Because there may be a reckoning to all this, and our whole economy reconsidered.

Yet when we see our inertia, as related to The Kingdom of God, we again start to move into new awkward terrain, because Christian terminology isn’t used these days much.

And again, no one is against a vocabulary that describes a phenomena the people do want to care about, it’s just that inertia is from something new, something people, officials, journalists, might not have thought would or could ever come up. Or rather plan to ignore.

The lack of use of the term “The Kingdom of God, the lack of elaboration on the term ,’The Kingdom of Heaven,” is not a rejection of those terms, but a rejection of something new to a ken.

But once the reality of the phenomena the term “The Kingdom of God” describes, appears, then forgiveness, is more obvious.

Obviously there are some metaphysical controls dominating people, and human beings.

So the responsibility for actions is not really with the human being, but the mind.

If free assembly could come to this part of the debate, we could further understand the relation between “the soul”, and the mind. But it is hard for people to make the connection between the soul and the mind, if I am using the term “soul” right.
The constitution gives the right for the legislative to expel its members.

So the senate should just have seated Burris and then immediately expelled him for associating with an evil man on the political landscape who should have been isolated, and when impeached, the lieutenant governor would have made an appointment.

The way to handle Hammas is diplomatic and subversive, not militarily. I firmly believe Hammers is an oppressive regime the Arab people don’t like. Working to show the merits of the old testament to the Arab people, encouraging non Islamic, tribal, native religions, and liberating the Arab people into a morphology they are proud of and actually is idiosyncratically good—these are non military ways of improving Arab people from their oppression.

Organizing free assemblies to discuss the economy, will show the American people, liberated, into a discussion of the economy and what they want to do with their time and life. This is the way to solve the economy: by having more people discuss it and address each other into an empowered body rather than individuals to individuals, to assemblies where anyone can speak. The solution is so simple. It’s about freeing ourselves to community discussion, not people in power directing the economy for everyone.


I am trying to organize local free assemblies to discuss the economy. I live in Princeton N.J., and I go rent a community room at the library or at the Suzanne B. Patterson senior center.

But they don’t rent community rooms to individuals, I need to be a 501(c)(3) nonprofit tax exempt LLC to rent a room.

Notwithstanding the virtue of incorporating my efforts towards free assemblies, doesn’t this restriction abridge my constitutional right to free assembly?

And for instance in Hackettstown NJ, I tried to book a community room, but I needed to be a tax paying resident of Hackettstown. Doesn’t that abridge my constitutional right to organize free assemblies?

I think there is a clear violation here. Can you give me some advice here, or call town of Princeton under whose charge these practices are.


I think local free assemblies to discuss the economy could not only solve the economy, but make our life much better. I would investigate why the natural inclination to put our heads together in free assemblies is missing.
I think the gitmo prisoners should be exchanged for peace. Barring or including that, for money, ransom. The reason being that anyone paying for their release would keep a more watchful eye over them so they don’t cost money again. We could see who pays for whose release. They would get their bodies back, we would have exacted tribute.

We should negotiate with them. Our religion is very superior, their crudeness is stupidity, that should be easily elevated by reason, they can recognize the pathetic inadequacies of their religion.

We should be seriously trying to arrange a truce with terrorists, make peace with radical Islam, through the abashed triumph of good over evil.We should see the Arab underneath the Muslim, we should ask him what he wants.

Europe buries telephone lines – good stimulus idea.
Stimulus should be time delayed, involve applications, a little at a time.
People don’t think the stimulus is cool.


Mar 4 6:30 Free Assembly about the economy, Princeton Public Library.

Idea is people coming together can be wise.
Opportunity to do so, Roberts Rules of Order sort of thing, when people come together, they may want more agriculture, less wasteful jobs, value time over money, not want the unnecessary, we don’t know, they haven’t had the opportunity to freely assembly.

Hannibal ransomed Romans prisoners of war, set free for free their confederate allies, partly bringing him good will from those he hoped would ally with Hannibal, not Rome.

Are Gitmos criminals or soldiers? Criminals do time, dealing with soldiers- greater latitude, greater risk to undertaking war, whereas criminal risks, known and certain – so that’s a real issue, arguments, do you think they are criminals or soldiers and why.

I think they are criminals because they do not follow a code of war and avoid civilians. They represent no set people who wants them to stand up for them. They seek to destroy, not negotiate.

This means they have access to our court system, but lest those that hate our enemies resent this; they should remember that were they enemy soldiers, they could easily be released through a peace treaty.

Dear Rush,
You may claim the tenth amendment’s reservation of powers to the state or the people, while interpreted by scholars to protect the state from the federal government, it is fairly unknown and clearly limits powers to the state or the people, in free assembly, of which local officials are neither, and that this is a logical and natural and kind law because communities should not be ruled by the few locally, but the many, coming together.

Thus the state constitution is in error, in violation of the 14th amendment: no state can make or enforce laws abridging privileges and immunities secured by the constitution. It could even be said that the people are in involuntary servitude to local officials, in violation of the 13th amendment.

You have written me the state has the right to give those powers in incorporating local officials, but I wish to refute that by saying the powers are reserved for the state or people, and not local officials, so the state can only give those powers to the people. Giving powers to local officials is beyond the scope of the tenth amendment.

I am especially anxious now because one of the last forests in Princeton may soon be given up for senior housing, which can go elsewhere, and that the issue of population needs discussion, not further destruction of forests, and that these forests are owned by future generations and not our greed, and that government regulates people to not hurt others, not to allow people to destroy the environment.

And Princeton Junction Train stations may be turned into a vast complex, further congesting and lowering the quality of life, and basing an economy not on production of goods, but on population growth, which is how building is causing a weak economy.

And these allowances are illegal by the tenth amendment, yet while lawyers, people and authorities seem to agree my claims are valid, and I lobby Trenton on the subject, and there is consensus, proactivity is difficult, and it is hard for me to act on consensus, because no power has been invested in me by the people or our laws.

Tho NJ’s constitution Article 1 2A, “” says power to reform and alter government for the benefit of the people, is inherent in the people. This is because government only administrates from its form. It is not ordained to consider its form, only the people are. Thus there are words on paper mandating action and thought upon my words

I wish you’d interject to stop the approval of the destruction of forests and your district.

However replacing local officials with free assemblies is a nationwide issue, demanding congress’s interest.

It is the solution to our problems: the wisdom of the people, the ending of the unnatural domain of local officials deciding for a community, prone to bribery.

We are all adults, this is a good idea, it may cause a reactionary response, but that is just discrimination against the new and unfamiliar. The right to fair local rule is a civil rights movement.

I think it is understood, that face to face, transparently, no one is against this idea, and it can be propelled forward, because at bottom we are all adults, and it is a natural idea. Yet I also understand face to face meetings are difficult with authorities, because such would advance the case. And there is avoidance to the new, out of reactionary fear. Moreover, if my claims were false, they would have been effectively rebutted by now.

Free assemblies would discuss the economy, and unite the people; the humility by officials in acting on this case and cause, would also be good. It is ironic that this solution to our country is in our own

Local officials do not deal with me. Mayors seem to hide when I look for them, really. They are of such a corrupt form that they are too twisted to deal with this, whereas you, and Trenton, may be more able, because your form is constitutional.

This will be and is a very popular idea. Why it is unenacted is a metaphysic: The absence of the people makes me the people tho if the people are absent, does that dwarf my rights in light of the ignored metaphysic?

Again, you can’t care about this locally, as much as it is a national issue and concerns all of congress. Housing starts would be replaced by free assembly discussions of population growth, and what kind of economy we really want, and what the people are capable of.

This is a fine product, all like, and I hope you see the logic to it, and reach me therein regarding, because I have faith this idea will prevail, and be embraced.


As you may know I manage a small organic farm we got going in NW jersey. Over the seasons, I have many volunteers, who I can barely afford to give any money, and I am grateful they accept vegetables and the therapy of a farm instead.
These are all sorts of people, from High School students, to senior citizens, to people developing the ethic and karma of hard work, or getting off the streets, or the occasional fugitive who I always try to get to make peace, or an old friend desperately needing to lose weight, or stop drinking, or abusing, or getting away from spousal abuse, or hippies traveling, or yuppies whose conscience mandates helping, or people threatened by foreclosure, even, people with aids.

I am correspondingly more ambitious and will require much more labor help. I would like to pay my helpers more, but simply can’t afford it, can I apply for stimulus funds that would simply and strictly go to help pay the people that help me, which would encourage them.. Please get back to me on this.


Sen. Shirley Turner, Senate Leader, and my district, referred my tenth amendment claims to the Office of Legislative Services, the bipartisan legal arm of the state legislature composed 16 legislators and lawyers for the legislative, who review bills for legal tweaking and technical consideration.

They did not find anything wrong with my claims, and so asked me what I wanted the legislature to do. And I wrote I wanted legislation in N.J. to replace local officials with a free assembly format.

The attorney general’s office in NJ is more hamstrung regarding enforcing federal laws, since they don’t have the ability to change existing unconstitutional state laws.

Nevertheless, I am exposing this to Trenton, and I think we realize the stupendous nature of such proposals, and I hope our elected officials are capable of dealing with such simple and natural law

Regarding the repeated line, Contracts are the basis of the economy, vis-à-vis AIG bonuses, that is so untrue.


1) Integrity is the basis of a good economy, hard work, ability.

2) Contracts do not Have to be followed, in light of extenuating circumstances, integrity, or contracts that arrange to void previous contracts.

3) Congress, not contracts, is the law of the land, esp. interstate commerce

4) These people are not really enjoying their money re: the kingdom of god. Were everything OK as the media says, we would be living much wiser.

5) The press gives no coverage to my tenth amendment concerns. What does that say to you?

6) Why is consensus based on lack of negation, not affirmation? Where are the inclinations of the people to discuss their time and life in context of community? Why would the exercise of that right be limited to local elect? The answer is The Kingdom of God signifies an altering in the womb. Perhaps you are so burdened by what you represent, you fail to see the fake, false quality to society; ergo spiritual guidance is essential to good government.

I organized a free assembly at the Princeton Public Library Mar 4th. Anyone can say anything, all have a vote, everything though was consensus.


Enclosed I share my opening remarks, and notes on the assembly:
Free Assembly Inc.

Victor Fedorov 201 232 1154 Ruidx32go@yahoo.com

Be loyal to a federal government that protects Free Assembly.

The opportunity to search for wisdom with Free Assembly, should be practiced more. Search for common values.

Free Assembly is consistent with the tenth amendment.



To me, this means the state or the people in free assembly, have the powers not given to the federal government by the Constitution. Not local officials: New England, traditional, decision making, is like this: inquiring, educational, even spiritual activity that searches for wisdom: Rules of order apply.
Free assemblies are a civil right spelling the right to be ruled locally by the people in free assembly providing constitutional immunity from the few ruling the many locally. Where and why have free assemblies gone? According to Princeton Township website, Free Assemblies were how Princeton made decisions in the 1900’s.


“Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise thereof; or abridging the freedom of speech, or of the press; or the right of the people peaceably to assemble, and to petition the Government for a redress of grievances” laws incorporating local officials abridge the community decision making process of Free Assembly.

Notes on Free Assembly:

Mistakes made, post issues, thought economy
Army mentality, what is needed, what we do as a people to achieve what we want is a part of free assembly. What I mean is that we the people should see ourselves economically as a huge army, capable of doing what is necessary, not violently, but economically, together, for the good of the people.

This mentality existed more among the people in classical times, Classical free assembly was practiced by people in fear of opposing armies of necessity. With Hannibal at one gate to the city, and the Romans at the other, free assemblies were vital towards deciding who the town in question would support. Decisions made put to voice vote

In America as we expanded without conflict except the Indians, unlike Europe that had ancient tribes claiming the land warring each other from the beginning, there has been no survival chakra need to freely assemble and make the wise decisions.
So ironically, war which has not happened on our soil, save the civil, makes free assembly more necessary. Then Free Assembly is picked up as a community tradition.

Thus towns would also force people to go, in classic times people ordered to free assemblies in towns squares, piazzas.

Have to recruit, compel, success dependent upon you to have more attendance. Success corresponds to number of people there. This requires direct appeal to individuals to be there and assert themselves.

Real issues, economy, real economy, wisdom evident at Free Assemblies

People began discussing what kind of economy do we like, can we match the resource of people to what needs to be done. Can we match the resource of economic leaders and businesses to the resource of people?

All issues, essential, no need to limit free assembly to economy,

Because there is vital religion and spiritual, and across the board aspect to free assemblies, the advertised focus on the economy can inhibit. Free Assemblies must be understood as very across the board in their nature.

Agendas can be developed though, and advertised in advance.
Free Assemblies must be advertised and promoted, a date set. They can’t just happen.

Though if they happened outside, more people passing by would join.

Adultness, spirituality is affirmed by them

Feel let down by the lord re sparse turn out,

But it is a very fine product, everyone enjoyed addressing serious concerned people.

So success is about recruiting people, marketing, difficult but the key to all business success. Not the product, the marketing.

Princeton Township Website says free assembly form of local government till 1900.

Europe really preserves its countryside, consistent with our own federal environmental code sec4331 title 42, of ensuring the environment, and views and farms and forests are handing down to succeeding generations.

Yet they have suffered WW2 and wars on their land. They fought for their land, so they are not going to waste it. Do you see that? Goodness comes not from comfort but cost.

The destruction of America for unwanted population growth is our war ravaging our country.

Metaphysically, some good is purchased by it, but can’t this all be discussed and done legally, per the tenth amendment, ez to see reservation of powers not to local officials, and in free assemblies as natural.


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