The Lord Moves in Mysterious Ways

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Being so committed to farming lessens the time I spend on politics, so I had a free day before my train left to Cincinnati, where I was going to promote myself as a latter day Cincinnatus, who as we all know, in ancient Rome, when it still had political ideals similar to America’s;
      “Cincinnatus was a Roman farmer, dictator, and consul from the legendary period  of Roman history. He gained fame as a model of Roman virtue. He was a farmer above all, but when called to serve his country he did so well, efficiently, and without question, even though a prolonged stay away from his farm could mean starvation for his family. When he served his country, he made his stint as dictator as brief as possible. He was also admirable for his lack of ambition.”
To fluff out the story, he went into farming after finding the morality of the political climate did not include his calls for greater morality, thus he worked his fields out of humility and disgust—-and when Rome was hurting and needing someone of his integrity to lead them, they came to his fields to ask him;
 “Cincinnatus was plowing his field, when he learned he had been appointed dictator. The Romans had appointed Cincinnatus dictator for six months so he could defend the Romans against the neighboring Aequi, who had surrounded the Roman army and the consul Minucius in the Alban Hills. Cincinnatus rose to the occasion, defeated the Aequi, made them pass under the yoke to show their subjugation, gave up the title of dictator sixteen days after it had been granted, and promptly returned to his farm.”
My similarity here is I argued in political races and federal court the reservation of powers for the state or the people made local officials illegal and our founding fathers intended for free assembly as the form for local community decision-making where all participate in voice votes. I was given short shrift, our judiciary needs reforming, and knowing the people would want a more agrarian world, if they could have such leading discussion in free assembly and so went ino agriculture, where I often expect the powers that be to come to me and ask New Jersey to be led into Free Assemblies, which existed in the times of ancient rome.
Cincinnati, I saw, has 7 hills, just like ancient rome, and knowing the story of their namesake put me a step up on the other tourists. Indeed, one person confided in me that even many of the locals do not know the story of Cincinnatus, a fact I find astonishing.From Cincinnati I was going to the bible belt/tobacco producing/dry parts of Kentucky near the Tennessee border to see my friend Jesse. Jesse and his girlfriend Summer had helped me at the organic farm I manage for 4 wks in May and June. Halfway through they confided in me they were on the run, using the farm as a hideout, so to speak, not out of genuine love of organic growing.The proof that an institution is evil is that it controls something. Islam clearly enables oil for the wasteful west. Marriage, clearly enables the reproduction of the kingdom of god; local officials clearly enable the repression of community polity.

The next morning I got on the train for Cincinnati. Amtrak is a leg roomed way to travel, and there was a polite string of polite people. And soon the question arises in civil discussion how society, western civilization, be so foolish and fool of lies, where the important truth is not discussed or self-evidenting. The answer may lie in metaphysics where western civilizations work of falsehood may be a sacrifice so other societies are somewhere able to discuss the truth.

In this context I came to Cincinnati. This theory goes that there are not only races and cultures on earth, but in heaven as well. That while there is interaction in heaven among races, there is also some separation. While everyone in heaven probably gets along and works together and is aware of the common concern and afflictions of earth—the nature and substance of this is difficult to get from this material world.

Earth is dominated by the universe. The universe influences the womb to alter the human into the human being of the kingdom of god. And it seems western civilization is based on using the kingdom of god to create the illusion there isn’t the kingdom of god and everything is basically all right.

Yet one way to explain the cruel ignorance’s of our media, is that it is controlled by the afterlife of another race, for one race could not control its own so cruelly; likewise, it is perhaps our race that controls Islam to get us oil, because only one race controlling another race, can be so cruel. The idea then is that by being so cruel to another race, a leeway is opened up, whereby the power is assumed to be able to protect a fetus in the womb from being altered. Though there are probably many layers of understanding here, many layers of truth.

It is difficult to find a Muslim and say, 1) Hey Islam is clearly evil to you because without it you wouldn’t sell us oil, or use money, and you would be self-sustaining and could trade oil for any goods you need. 2) The Kingdom of God makes people easy to control in geopolitical metaphysic, so let’s work to stop a control that is bad. And 3), Look at the correspondence to the white western race, they don’t make decisions in free assembly, or discuss their life and what they do or should do, as a group—they have to overcome their flaws as well. I would engineer a peace the government, and media has been unable to. I’d be greater and more beneficial than the U.S. government. Think about it. I may not be successful, but I am playing for big stakes.

And I thought on the train more about sex, and gayness. Sex is good, it forces people to deal with each other as representing the kingdom of god, and the kingdom of god, and thus love relations are a good thing, when they are true and abled. Yet homosexual relations go in a different direction, because, or if, people don’t want to act homosexually, that direction does not lead to a disintegate of appearance for a dealing with truth. Whereas a proper direction leads to a lessening of the control of the lies upon people. Yet even so, it is one thing to feel good as the kingdom of god through intimacy, and another to recognize the sadness of the kingdom of god; a sadness that may, I think, reduce sexual direction, for others.

It’s obvious problems succeed through lies, that the American and human nature is to work out and solve problems—whereas the liberal consciousness is one to accept problems—accepting a problem and not letting it get to you is wonderful, according to liberalism, whereas trying to solve that problem is inconsiderable, whereas conservatives and human nature would have a bend to solving problems, or recognizing problems are not good, insofar as consciousness of an inured problem is possible.

The recognition of problems is contingent upon honesty. Because problems really do exist, and the tendency or sense of ease to ignore them makes honest apprehension difficult. I look around and see a society that in varying degrees lacks honesty in social apprehension. Honesty creates possibility.

I arrived in Cincinnati at 2:30 am. I had several polite intellectual encounters on the train, and this continued in the morning when I went to take advantage of the free continental breakfast and found the others there were there for some young boxing tournament, so I was surrounded by mainly black youth talking boxing. The athletics made them well behaved, and they obviously had issues they were trying to address and direct. They had an element of hygiene, and racial loyalty and awareness of moral ambiguity and complexity that reminded me how athletics can be and is a positive influence on the athlete. I always found athletes to be easy to get along with. I did not find them as getting women all the time, or women throwing themselves at them. That seems to be an illusion. Also, women who throw themselves at people they don’t know, are usually a bit nuts. Relationships are bittersweet enough to temper their constant necessity.

The Lord created a robot, disguised with an animal name. The robot was very insecure, and needed a women not his color who wouldn’t challenge his insecurity. But being a robot, and unable to sense the bittersweet quality to relation, both in golf and romance, his appetite never felt fulfilled. But the problem was not wholly he was a robot. The problem was the media always liked the robot, and gave him more popularity than robots honestly muster. Thus because the robot was enshrouded in the illusion of his own popularity so much his senses were occupied by the perception of that like, and not what the other end of his relationships went through. Thus he was not able to react or feel relationships, as people do.

Having never been to Cincinnati I aimed to walk around it all day and conveniently catch a bus to sleep on after midnight that would take me to Missouri. Cincinnati like Rome has 7 hills. One is Mt Adams, near a large park. After passing through an inauspicious worn down and even remote downtown, that was though having a pub crawl for people in a Santa clause suit, and up the hill to the neighborhood by the park, I found the neighborhood by the park to be filled with cafes, bars and good restaurants, and a dog parade.

As I walked through Cincinnati sometimes I picked up this Midwestern depression, a disappointment with western civilization. This is an unfair sensation, because people have people; if you are unhappy, there are Americans to turn to have fun with and improve life. I’m not a Christmas person, I prefer the calmness of Easter, as the orthodox Christians do. The first thing I would say to my kids, had I them was, “Christmas is not about presents, but something much more.”

In the hotel, as I was looking through an alternative paper listing things to do in Cincinnati, there was an editorial condemning a civic group that condemned them for running ads for full body rubs, which may be more prostitute than full body rubs. I am totally against prostitution; the wonderful thing about love is that it shouldn’t involve money. It is the last free thing in America. It is dangerous too, because the men that would pay for such, can’t have that much going for them. And the women that do that, can’t have great character. And there are so many lies and insecurities to deal with, that taking love or sex to this professional level is sure to be fraught with bad things.

This Midwestern tenor, of disappointment, was fringed with the sense that the African race wants a held back American race, as a sacrifice to the Africans being able to discuss the truth, depressing a metaphysic as that is, in the context of the depression of the kingdom of god.

Easter is good because it reminds us Christ lives, and show the lie he died for us as a misinterpretation of these sense of the gospel of John. John the Baptist was also a Christ. There can be many chrisms. And chrisms and Christianity and the good service of all good religion and good science, can stand in opposition to the oppression of government and media, isolation and sin, money and school.

The dogs were very cute, hundreds of them. Animals deal with at a level the kingdom of god too. It is amazing how high cats can jump though.

I think we need intermediary councils combining several states into regions, where regional issues can be better dealt with.

Cincinnati is a bit of a dangerous place, in its runner down parts of blacks; for which the cops buzz around efficiently in cars; praise the lord; the blacks and the whites will tell you not to just walk around anywhere, but takes buses and cabs, because it is easy to get beat up here by blacks. You would think Obama would have the loyalty to minorities to address a bit issues like these, which in turn would steadfast him to the loyalty required to deal with American issues.

Yet whites have a problem being what I call the white guy. The white guy can and has interacted positively with minorities, being the only white guy or fewer in number in certain situations. It’s a combination of having seen their good side and their bad side. The white guy knows how cruel and out of control and hateful, they can get, and subtly tries to exert a strictness upon the situation as well.  For some reason, that experience is difficult. Herodotus was “the white guy” writing pages about the Persians and their areas he traveled through, though he was Greek, sympathetically, and aware of their potential for cruelty and disaster. White women out of guilt, should take it upon themselves to show black women a good time. For some reason this is difficult as well. Minority males, have on many occasions demonstrated good behavior to me out of their guilt for lessening American society, by abusing women, and dominating some sports, and not interacting well in mixed society at times.

Consciousness is required for these acts. Consciousness is required to eat well, to understand school should be discussed, to feel compassion for people in the economy running around without ever discussing the economy is a puissant group. Honesty, which is hard, is required to address issues effectively. Consciousness is required to realize the kingdom of god is a serious issue and that many people are required to combine the human energy into enough spirit to take on that deep issue.

Then again I have spent decades specifically trying to do this and the world is still the same. What is the point? I never reach the end. The end comes upon better communication with the Kingdom of Heaven; and greater awareness of the universe.

I walked from Mt Adams to the neighborhood on both sides of the university of Cincinnati. I passed and a lot cheaply of tasteful and creative vegetarian food. The college bar I stopped in after walking and looking in shops and using the computer at a library was less dynamic than the next bar downtown I stopped by after I took a bus downtown to get closer to my hotel and bags stored there. Never use the suitcases that don’t roll. That is my one lesson: rollers on suitcases make all the difference.

I’d been meeting fine people throughout the trip; a 22 yr old against money, into making his own things, seeking the rainbow, a 30 year old awarely studying urban planning, a retired black women interested in stopping local politics through the ideas I shared with her—-citing the lack of media coverage of me or my ideas as holding us back in the context of earth in an evil universe. In the club car of the train, I met a fine old couple from Maine, who noted I shared Maine morals, as we discussed gay marriage. At a bar in Mt Adams, I met another conservative small business man in the asphalt business, an alumnus of the Midwestern college that beat Ohio st on TV, and at the bar downtown I met a young lawyer who had just passed the law, who told me about energy law and contracts in the vivacious atmosphere of a more sophisticated downtown bar.

The greyhound scene was the nadir of this. You can sleep very well on a greyhound bus at night as it rolls along, but having to get off the bus at Indianapolis, St Louis and Kansas City for 30minutes to over an hour, disjointed the sleep horribly. And the bus can tend to sad older black women, white female trash, violent looking blacks who frankly seem headed to jail, and niggardly whites extolling heroin and bad drugs who like hanging out and encouraging the violent looking blacks. This of course is more in the back of the bus, and I’ve seen that bad scene so many times on greyhound in my day, I am always surprised it is still around and hasn’t moved on. For whatever reason there is so little spirit and decorum and pride at the bus stations, that I don’t know why; but it certainly was a step down from Amtrak and walking around Cincinnati.

I was thinking how high the afterlife must be to recreate in the womb was altered into human being. And I was thinking that if there is a metaphysic the African race is able to benefit from, its unjustified, because whites not only came from Africa, we all have the same ancestors, but whites went through more cold, and adapted to something away from the heat they came from, which is greater than just staying in Africa—though american blacks heritage is there—–thus being white is a travel statement, and rather than having bad luck for it, the traveler should be respected. In Indian, travel is a religion and there are yurts in front yards for travelers to stay in.

Missouri is a fine and polite. The woman who served me a cheap pizza at a chain-type restaurant was very polite and hung around making conversation with me over a football game on TV, since not many people were around on a Sunday. The female hotel clerk I lugged my suitcases to was very polite. Of course, behind every smiling female lurks a potential psychosis; I know enough not to take such events seriously; yet point out the amiable quality of Missouri. A quality that recognizes me, as I recognize it, as a function of me.

Of course a problem in Missouri is the same as a problem everywhere, which is that we are not a productive nation. Too few people have jobs or do things that actually produce, and the quality of life as measured by the quality of our food, and temperament of our people, suffers for such.

And there is a constant creation of society around me, which I believe is run by Africa, though I am sure we all get a cut of the cruelty to me, little compared to the Kingdom of God; nevertheless, the cruelty of an unproductive society, when everyone agrees we should have more of one, and would have created one, is such that can only be done by the afterlife of one race to another. This theory posits it is much harder to be cruel to ones own race, and gaping cruelties, such as go on in the mid-east, and exist in the reinforcement of America in the media, can only be done through the control of another race over that one. Now I can’t be cruel to any race. Indeed, I feel sorrier when another race gets hurt than my own, the injury being more striking perhaps; but when I imagine cruelties, they seem more easy to engender by a different race, than to one’s own. As it is, tremendous steps must be taken by the afterlife, to lie, to reproduce, to cope, to exist. For all we know the afterlife is ruled by the universe, as society by the afterlife, and the cold universe by portions therein.

And the constant creation of society around me, each minute creates a little bit, that can be stored towards a purchase of life amid the kingdom of god.

Lying down, I realized there was a relaxed part of me and an unrelaxed part of me. Try as I could, I could not reach myself to relax the part of me on my left that seemed to me unrelaxed.

So I stepped out into the evening night, and went to a bar a mile away, enjoying walking in the cold. The bars were full of young people, each of them, and I am not used to bars full of young people. There is a university in this town that accounts for this. I am used to bars with older people, hopefully mature ones, where younger people may be showcased one by one; so this predominance of younger people I felt as an onslaught.

Yet in coming out and socializing I realized what this unrelaxed part was. It was the voice of the people in the kingdom of god. It was where the afterlife lives in me from which it can create society and specifically speak in and represent the kingdom of god as people. I found Missouri so appealing because it was consistent with the recognition that people are thus an extension of the Christ consciousness in this day and age, albeit an extension of the substance, if not the proper form.

As luck would have it, I sat near the only person old in the cavernous bar. I’d yet to figure out this was a college town. He turned out to be another fine person I met on my travels. My right wing views seemed to fit in fine in Missouri, my conservatism he called it, not used to these newfound and positive definitions of fascism such as less government, more decisions by the people, the use of means to achieve ends of which the means fade upon the end being achieved. Like me he was young looking, and like me, he turned out to be the same age as I, 44.

It turns out he was a former state trooper who infiltrated biker gangs enforcing crystal meth laws, and now worked for an insurance agency detecting insurance fraud; the issue of fraud detection he speaks on publicly, and he had many interesting stories, and views consistent with mine, though more virulently anti-obama, castigating the mere 140 days Obama spent in the senate before assuming executive leadership—-and it took time to realize he was a former undercover because he sure had me fooled—and he was shopping a screen play he had successfully entered in contests, and struck me as a successful concept.

The funny thing about all this is the slight suspicion I get the attorney general’s office tracks my movements. This would be a perfect person to rendezvous with me, and while I know this is not really true, it does give me pause. I mean this is the bar I would walk into, and the seat I chose the seat I would pick. And knowing a thing or two about law enforcement agents from The Sopranos, he was a little like me.

The story he told me was that his wife had turned on him so he left his house outside Kansas City and went 70 miles here to Warrensburg where his parents lived. AS the hotel room had two queen beds, I let him spend the night there for twenty dollars, where we had another beer or two.

Everyone I significantly met in Missouri was a writer.

As I walked into town the next day, I passed near a small storefront offering 25 cent donuts and coffee. Unable to pass this up, in the 20 degree weather I walked into this cluttered space adjunct to a small apartment where this women Sharon lived. She had written a book too, about a serial killer she had a relationship before she discovered he was a serial killer who framed an innocent man, and how the serial killer avoided being confronted by the framed man when he was released because of new evidence.

More significantly she was Christian and reminded me how great the bible belt is because there you can bring up what I try to talk about often and it is considered relevant conversation approachable by anyone from the great Christian and spiritual fraternity that is. It made me regret how much New Jersey is not the Bible Belt. Again we were able to talk over an hour over coffee and donuts as the denizens of Warrensburg occasionally came in and out for coffee and donuts, either exchanging conversation or putting the money where the money went and serving themselves.

She said I could leave my bag there while I walked through the cold to several parks, a walk that covered over five miles and exposed me to the rolling Missouri prairie and plains and Missouri trees and brush. This was reminiscent of my long walk around Cincinnati. On my returning from the outskirts of town I stopped in a deli that was also a market for vegetables and landscaping supplies that had high quality eastern items, and noticing the Christian music, and posted prayers, just had to say “Blessed is he who comes in the name of the Lord” and instantly found people I could share my teachings with, as they theirs, all within a Christian and knowledgeable vocabulary. Oh I love the bible belt in the background. That everyone you meet, in a way, like me, has a ministry, is a real improvement from the one pastor/whole congregation system of the east.

The man who owned the deli, everyone in the bible belt who has their own ministry has a near failing small business, knew exactly what I was talking about regarding the relaxed and unrelaxed part of my heart, even touching my chest where the heart was most relaxed in experienced knowledge.

The thing about bible belt Christianity is it is an accessible game, fun and easy for the whole family, honed, and improved, present and humble, accepting, and striving—to start it just takes a Christian term or two, and a lesson or two you’ve gained from experience or relate to. It creates instant friends and responsible socializing—were this country more Christian–its so easy—a great fraternity.

I went on in my cold walking and found a bar opposite Sharon’s where there were older people, interesting mature theatrical older people, the kind I am used to, who speak to the whole bar rather than one, or talk loud enough for there to be one central interesting conversation that excludes no one. This also made me happy, finally finding mature people away from the sea of young people, nice as they are.

That night from there, loading up on food and water and beer, I got the 8pm to Kansas City and the 10:30pm to Santa Fe.

Here I started to notice the screw that is loose with the western part of the country. A screw loosened by practicing population on essentially a high altitude desert, or rugged cold mountain range, and 9 month winters. The people were less tight more like greyhound than Amtrak. It just wasn‘t as behaved. And unlike the mid west, which is suggests itself a part of a puzzle that can be discerned, and recognizes the importance of race, at least psychically admits its shortcomings, the west tries to cover up its failings in these horrible social endeavors of the people about, who I wanted no part of, and looked of the construction trade.

As for myself I had several thoughts: Souls in the afterlife were maintaining the creation of society from within me–the voices of other people come from me—this constant creation seems for a purpose and dictated by African metaphysics—-but what if I just wanted out, stopped my dreams of being a latter day Cincinnatus and just wanted the recreation of society to stop—could I bring that up? Would I have to be a part of the use of someone else to be the central head? Could I stop it through truth? Because the phoniness of society, the phoniness, the phoniness stems from that each person I see, they could have all engineered a more productive and reasonable society more, with free assemblies and common discussion—-that brings up the Kingdom of God, in its glaring appearance, and discusses the realities of earth in the universe, spiritual concerns, truth all paths lead to…..would have been done naturally and easily—–so every person I see and meet in the near and now, could have, would have done this by now, no one accepts this, that’s not natural, people would know the kingdom of god, there are not naturally so dumb, so to play as if they have a past and are more than near and now, is so phony—it exposes them as not worthy of the creations they create–why should I deal with anyone with this glaring evidence in my face???? These were the thoughts I occupied myself with. In the bible belt, I could bring this up to any serious Christian using Christian terminology.

It’s an example of this totality of control, and phoniness we in the west have to deal with, in the context of the kingdom of god, a serious situation which speaks for itself: To a point where one imagines a lot of silence in heaven. There is often new hope, or the same old hope a slightly different way, maybe a team of good friends is required, but a team of good friends is hard to find.

The Lord moves in mysterious ways, but with the right worship, I would hope he does something big and super good for us. He needs his fear and love to be able to change the axis we are on. In the world of the afterlife, the souls are very light. And there is a consistent effort to hide from my material eye through the application of pressure on my heart that pumps blood covering what might be seen. Once the souls of the kingdom of heaven may be viewed….it is important enough to occlude them. Yet these light souls do exist within me, crouch and feign the communication of my little world—whereas they probably exist together, in groups, with the great broad concern, and responding rather than communicating.

For they do crouch to talk and enter this world, to apply pressure on my heart, to degrees that press some people into a repetition of the media world, whereas for some other blessed people, the heart is not so pressed, and there is a greater and more sympathetic knowledge that no one is happy, and there is a battle of good vs. evil each contributes to. People with sympathy are conservative, whereas the media really abjures people they should have sympathy for.

For now I focus on the pressures in my heart, what lives inside me, and try to see what is light, as in not heavy, energy, all around.

I also feel in the west a disrespect of farming, which one gets the converse of in the east and Midwest–literally, another pressure in my heart to analyze.

As I was focusing on where my heart applies pressure towards some people conforming more to the party line of the media—that the world is as the world seems to be—I realized an entire flow of blood further to my left up and down my body and head—that I surmise generates media, the illusion of western civilization—that is churning a direction that is not natural. I am overwhelmed by this, but am fairly confident that setting my mind on this phenomena will reduce it to some conciseness.

I am under the impression, it is possible for parts of the mind to shrink down to the size of a cell or two; roll out the media that needs to be written or enacted, so that it spins through the air in a small size, is caught by a larger mind around that transforms such into what needs to be done, either through the writing of gods of around, or to larger enactments transmitted.

So there are tiny things living in my left ear, sucking the blood that enables the afterlife to represent this world in writing as if everyone is like me, without any mention of the kingdom of god—all the writing and production of western civ, must be a lot of work; the afterlife; depressing and silent taking care of the kingdom of god, and the obligation to create western civilization; and when one gazes at the black universe over the sky, and sees the evil machine whose job it is to alter in the womb and create the kingdom of god; that is so compelling, it seems to slow down or challenge the writing in my ear. And I wish I could show you all a picture of my left ear. Unlike my right ear, my left one has a pyramid shape sticking out of it about a half an inch, on the lower part. Lest anyone think I don’t think straight, look at and explain my left ear.

Feeling the silent afterlife caring for the human being, for the kingdom of god; does little to slow down or challenge the creation of western civ I perceive, ridiculous as an affront western civ is; but the vast machine of the universe, lowered over earth, perhaps allowing a tiny bit of consciousness to be saved, destroying anything over that ration; that quiets the crowd in my ear.

I climbed a peak nearby, took only 80 minutes, sat against a rock at the view, the clearest thoughts, the gazing at the tiny souls floating about; trying to move them on; the people of the west here; think they are Indian; the Indians here, being the majority, the power structure, the mayor and council, the police chief, the Taos pueblo reservation, have a natural inclination to know, like, and be friendly to each other. Somehow the niggardly curse on white people has them pretending to be that to each other, in ignorance of the lie, without deference to the majority, without trying to be the wiser minority, and it is annoying. At least the Midwestern syndicate has some Midwestern god who acknowledges her power; shows a piece of the puzzle now and then, gives some space to the forewarned and knowing; here in the west, I try to step aside and mind my own business.

The Taos Pueblo

The most classical thing about Taos, (pronounced with a T) is the Taos Pueblo Indian reservation. Know how I define classical: The interesting thing about reading about ancient and classical societies, particularly in the writings of historians of that era such as Herodotus and Livy, is a combination of how similar old cultures are to ours, in that it’s not hard to recognize ourselves in the people of older history; (the Ancient Romans had a Senate) (The Ancient Persians had a cruel side) (The ancient Athenians were even more crazy liberals than we have now)—and at the same time, see our ancient selves, in related cultures, with totally different cultural innovations. (The democrats in Rome controlled the judiciary, the republicans of Rome controlled religion, a pontiff ensured fair elections–oracles were normal in ancient Greece–Sparta would have two kings at once)

And so it is with the Taos Pueblos, nestled before huge mountains, at near 7000 ft. They have a different religion, and ways, but are very much in the modern world. I went there on a Sunday—-one is guided into a parking area—it was a beautiful winter day—the views of the looming mountains impress the eye—it is all sacred land, the white man is not allowed on—-one turns off the main rd leading north of Taos, to the east towards a mountain pass with sage brush prairie on both sides. Once past the recent casino– which makes no sense to me because the Indians didn’t use money, nor is Indian necessary a fair agnomen for them, or native American, I mean the reservation should be as self-sustaining as possible and produce items that can trade directly for what it needs.

Now the problem with this formula is that the constitution article 1 section 10 disallows Bills of Credit. A bill of credit is a piece of paper signifying credit as a part of future trade for past trade. Maybe this is holding back the Indian’s economic development associated with self-sufficiency and direct trade—maybe that law is why the Indians are forced into the corruption of the casino.

But once past the little casino, which are all over New Mexico from Santa Fe to Taos, they have cattle and buffalo grazing in the background—and another mile guides you into the parking lot—off to the side of the main entrance to a large field with a stream running through it, with adobe houses in a horseshoe around it, including a white church. This field and houses, which turn out to be stores, is where the tourists are allowed. Before the entrance is a visitor registration booth, which requires ten dollars; and roads leading in several directions to the greater reservation which are marked “restricted”.

Inside the main circle of small pink adobe structures of thick walls, a few of them two and three story with ladders leaning from terrace to higher windows, it was reminiscent of a rainbow gathering. There was the high pleasant smell of cedar burning in the camp fires. Every structure had a prominent fireplace with the pleasant high smell of cedar, which in my nose evoked that smell from a rainbow gathering, and there were a few fire pits outside in front, but more permanent than at a rainbow gathering. It was December near the solstice, so fires were rigorous. No electricity or running water is allowed in this area.

The idea is to go from shop to shop, look at the jewelry and drums and baby shoes for sale, and talk to the different types of Taos Pueblos. Since there were few visitors, or locals today, that made it much nicer to engage in conversations with them, and I was very glad I came out there to see it.

They make their rums by hollowing out tree trunks. Subsequently some of their drums are very wide and huge and make a deep imposing sound. They don’t have the high narrow drums the hippies like to carry around but the shorter, flatter ones, and some of them leave a bit of the cow hair on the cow skin stretched over the hollowed out logs and stitched tight. Cow skin is usually stretched over both top and bottom of the drum. They also seem to use drum sticks that have gentle puffs of pom poms or something so the drum sticks are not sticks at all but sticks with a leather pouch of something soft within it. The cow skins are stitched together with one leather string in diamond fashion. They say they do not have drum circles the way they do, but that they call out the drums for ceremonies. (as they seem tight of cash, they want to sell drums.)

So the concept of going from place to place to talk to Indians around a central area, is consistent with the structure of a rainbow gathering; since each Indian you meet, is possible to talk with, and the spirit of talking about serious and problematic issues, pervasive.

When I go back there I want to talk more about agriculture with them, and even try to trade them seed potatoes and interesting varieties of seed potatoes and carrots, (blue potatoes, yellow carrots) for drums. And they themselves said they would rather trade than sell.

In general, politics need to lighten up and expand, not contract and tighten.

Unlike the Cherokees, the Taos Pueblo Indians, are a patriarchy, their 30 officials are all male. Regarding their division into clans, as many tribes are, they are very secretive. And they are very secretive about their religion as well, which often meets in these sacred underground chambers. Yet in conversation with one, about how the universe created the kingdom of god, and how a good point of religion is to negotiate or deal with the universe, even though our senses are developed for the sensations of earth. It was revealed to me that their religion is very focused on the universe, recognizing, like Hinduism the potential for great and more powerful forces is the universe.

I also apologized for all the lies that come out of western civilization, and mentioned that these lies, an enormous production of the kingdom of heaven, may pay for what little life the universe allows on earth; yet I was unable to admit this metaphysic may be derived from African understanding; though the depressing nature of the world transcends my racist tract.

Some of them on such a beautiful day were looking forward to going drinking at a bar and watching the NFL. I find the NFL an unwatchable product and prefer drinking outdoors but more so I prefer playing sports to watching sports. This kind of speech though goes over equally poorly with the rainbows and the Taos Pueblos.

They also often shared with me their strange Indian names, like red willow, the way the rainbows will have strange names, except the Indian ones can be translated into their native language.

Their similarity to the rainbows extends to that they have lots of dogs, there are lots of dogs here and there, either congregated in one area, or around one particular shop.

And the way the rainbows have a rule discouraging photos or at least requiring asking permission to take photos, the Taos Pueblos believe each photograph takes some of their soul; and have in the past specifically outlawed cameras, subject to confiscation or tribal court, as well as not allowing cell phones. However this time, I noticed at the visitor registration center some sign about how for a certain fee cameras would be allowed. Yet as for me, the precise point of visiting the reservation is respect their ways, not take pictures, and explicitly enjoy or partake in an area that can not be photographed. I see these white people occasionally take pictures, and I get offended; how hard is it to simply follow a few rules; what is the big deal?

The northwestern NJ community I come from these days as an organic grower of potatoes, in some respects I consider a Gallic trait; more people work with their hands than around Mercer County where I am from, the people are friendlier the place being more bipartisan than one party Princeton NJ…and one pronounced trait that can exist in this Gallic area, which the more roman area of central jersey, to extend the metaphor lacks is a care about the younger generation—-and the Indians, being more tribal, transmit less specific care about the younger generation, since it is more a tribal and less particular concern, as well as the tribal consciousness requiring a kind god the precludes generational issues, in the sense we understand them. The Indians may have had a historic problem with alcohol, and require it less than the white man and women, because while there is wisdom to tribal consciousness, there are good and bad parts to everything, nothing, it seems, can be perfect; thus a tribal consciousness can preclude even the necessity perhaps, of an individual conscious.

At the same time, the Gallic consciousness, whose etymology stems from one having the Gaul to assume we can all share or live tribally, understands the rejection of the particular offspring, for the more general interest in the younger generation as a whole—there are different senses of generational nurturing. The Gallic way seems a general care in that direction consistent and throughout time, while the Indian way seems to have specific ceremonies and behaviors that mark the transition from one era to another—at some point a 75 mile hike or something is required, at another, a sacred object is viewed for the last time—and these events mark the transition from one age-classification to another.

Outside the main field with shops and structures delineating it, there are signs indicating restricted areas. What if we had restricted areas at rainbow gatherings? Can some areas be more sacred than others?

Instead of using the Christian term Jesus introduced; The Kingdom of God: I am going to use the term, “human being’. Anyone in the upper class is to be thought of as a member of that class, not apart from it. This whole representation of western civilization, in my eye, and writing, the energy of which expresses what the universe spreads through the womb: this seems to be thought of: It seems to be whatever artificial? deeper consciousness is consumed by; the artificial greater unconscious, may even rule the silent souls all about. The first thing it requires is reproductive copulation. I can’t believe my substance has some form I notice that goes along with this. Yet you can’t have alteration, without reproductive copulation, or at least have so much. The truth of this condign, the moral of the story posited; is things are so bad, this is justified, because there may be an organization from all this long waited for.

All this representation, writing that goes on in my ear by microscopic forces of the afterlife, has the energy, is guided by the thought of how the universe rules earth: specifically by see the production of the human being.

That thought is dominant enough to make the representation secondary; or to create the proportion so: The universe is to the human race, as representation is to me. Even though the human race is way more to me that representation, that proportion is the proportion I refer to. I would suppose, ultimately the point is to separate the universe from the human race; as the representation of writing from the representation of the being nearby; if heaven is in you and you leave, the kingdom heaven stays with me. Because it is the writing, darker.

The gay movement I lobbied against, (you know one doesn’t have to be paid to lobby to be a lobbyist), in NJ, seems to have responded, by losing the steam. The legislative sense I know thinks the gays are very wimpy for crying so much at the public hearings. Lord knows we’ve all causes and never cry for it—the female suffrage- did they cry? No. The slaves to freedom, did they cry? Not recorded by newspapers. The Jews in Egypt? Did Moses cry before the pharaoh? Sarah Palin, in the face of all the attacks on her, does she cry? There is no precedent of tears making a point in all the annals of legislatures throughout time; even in the most melodramatic testimonies and speeches of ancient Rome, no one ever cried.

It’s because the media, which wants to reproduce, because it represents the need for reproductive copulation, to create the human being; wants to extend reproduction to homosexuals; which can’t be done; because evil is blinded and ruthlessly pushes out of blind rage; And yet I meditate about being a part of that order that produces reproductive copulation; and hope to withdraw it so as to lower the birthrate of earth; that is a primal, significant thing to do.

Meanwhile, to the gay movement, I argue that while marriage may be a contract, contracts, like grants to organize free assemblies, or stimulus funds to stimulate agriculture, labor, and restaurants, must be qualified for. But the unique thing even more here so, is that what the contract of marriage is about is not meant to be publicized. While the universe needs reproductive copulation; marriage is meant to facilitate it. This is why I don’t believe in marriage at all. If a gay couple wants a ceremony ordaining their living together till one dies; they can go for it; just don’t call it marriage; make a separate term for it, a contract straight couples don’t qualify for. I can’t even predict a name for the term; but it would be a term; unless we disprove homosexuality if I reduce the birth rate, meditatively, in my mind, or perhaps through readers.

Mexico City though, I read, legalized gay marriage. But I just think that was a psychic kick from jersey; because we also hate the gay south American illegal; they are incapable of buying organic vegetables at restaurants they work at; because they don’t know what continent they are on to begin with. My market would double, if every kitchen was mainly white; I ready to cause an international incident over it. Our federal fathers feared angry farmers.

Unfortunately, legalizing gay marriage, may lead to gay couples raising children. It is very important to talk to people who have gone through this. It is ironic that calls for equality in this marriage issue fail to recognize the difference in rights to minors, and people over a certain age. Rights are qualified for. Letting people who have gone through this, speak in public, on the subject. If homosexuality is a delusion, that goes in the wrong direction, then it is not useful in revealing the human being.

Nevertheless, having helped them, now that Jesse had an upturn in fortune, (Summer was caught in Colorado and extradited to NY state), he was working on starting a restaurant with his mother in Kentucky near the factory his step-dad worked out, and I was going to help them.
However on the train to Cincinnati, his mother let me know that the police came and got him on a warrant he had, and now he had to go back to NY.
I wondered about the coincidence, and attributed it to the untrue put downs of the bible belt, which could have attributed the jitteriness here. For the record, the bible belt is a fine place, and all those put downs of religion, not right-wing, centrist, bipartisan hippie rainbow, but confused liberalism masquerading as the true heart.
Anyway, the day before I left, I was advocating against gay marriage. Marriage is an institution of reproduction, gays don’t qualify for that contract, their crying about the issue only reveals how unreasonable they are, apples and oranges are treated differently, marriage is no great thing, love is a great thing; I mean marriage is specifically designed to trick people into the reproduction of the kingdom of god; look at it this way; say straight people moved to abolish marriage as incurring too much reproduction, and binding relationships till death, when really love is sufficient to make those decisions—-would other heterosexuals start crying about their right to marriage, and can’t that easily be seen as a naïve perjoration of love? You see, if you are against marriage, per se; this whole homosexual clamoring is ludicrous. And I ask myself, why do gays want marriage, wouldn’t the benefits of not reproducing and being bound in love not marriage be more self-evident to them, than to the insecure straight people that fall to the illusion of marriage? The surprising psychological complexity revealed by diligent analysis here comes to this: The force of reproduction is a powerful force in our society. We need reproduction to do western civilization. Gay people can’t reproduce, so the ignorant and demanding forces of reproduction want gays to marriage in hopes that putting two people together can cause reproduction.
And because homosexuality itself is suspect, I mean there is no scientific evidence of something that causes homosexuality, and it certainly seems an unpleasant and abhorrent practice to me, so the news media, which lies about the kingdom of god, consistent with the false premise unto reproducing for western civilization, is even more able to control homosexuals than they are everyone else, in the consistent reinforcement of media lies, because there really is less to homosexual people because there really isn’t homosexuality. Homosexuality is a big lie, whose illusion upon the confused, in our corrupted world of lies, can be psychologically mirrored by difficulty of gender relations, racial disharmony, and the unnatural way to western civilization, even a universe that doesn’t reproduce like on earth, may be gay—but if we talk about those psychological influences, then we may eliminate homosexuality; and for the courts to not question homosexuality, because we are to question authority, and search for truth, especially the courts, and so for this inquisition to not enter the domain of the courts, exposes the courts as inadequate.
And this glaring evidence is made possible when the Iowa supreme court, in its hearing of testimony as to whether homosexual partners are fit parents; included no testimony I could see from children raised by homosexuals; children who are the only source capable of making judgment knowing what the score and deal is herein regarding. The number one first hand source of info on that issue, was no where to be found in the Iowa supreme courts analysis. Children see the falseness of the world much more than adults, because they are less inured to it—being raised by an authority within a false rubric destroys the leaderships parents are meant to offer.
As I was making this case to two people, one of whom is aware of the legislative and judicial wrangling over this issue currently in NJ, and became aware that one of them might be gay, as he was getting angrier and angrier, stifling more and more anger, at every argument I made. And a gay friend of mine from college, rather than engage in legitimate discussion regarding these concerns of mine, called me the worst person ever—-so this service I offer attempting to save gay people, can be the potential recipient of anger because gay people are controlled by newspapers which is consistent with reproduction, and as you can see from newspapers, newspapers are very angry. So I was incurring wrath, and defeating perhaps, homosexuals, who I thought would want this liberating service.
Then, in Princeton, I went to meet the reverend of the peace coalition, and maybe these people come round, but in explaining to him how Islam oppresses the Arab people, and to sell us oil; when really we should have a less wasteful economy engendered by free assemblies that don’t need oil; and the native tribal religions we should help restore wouldn’t even use money, be self-sustaining, and simply directly trade oil for what they may need, —- well this minister, who is supposed to lead the efforts for peace–was thoroughly indoctrinated by the notion Islam is good. He hadn’t read the Koran, and was parroting the view in the news, that doesn’t take on Islam, and thus perpetuates the violence. Obama said recently violence is necessary to defeat evil— so untrue, public, fair debate, can do so. But these ideas I mention do not come up in the media—-because again, authority is not questioned, whether it is Islam or homosexuality, anything that is conflicted, rather than seeking truth leading to resolution; liberalism traditionally ignores conflict, accepts conflict; that is liberalism’s modus—acceptance, not resolution, of conflicted situations and what does not make sense; it is the contrary of the natural human endeavor—it feigns to question authority, but at the most basic levels it fails to and in fact follows authority blindly.
So after my agricultural work in nw jersey, where I guess everyone is conservative, I realize again, liberals don’t like me, and conservatives do. And that is fine with me, except I hate how liberals act like the good guys, but I guess it is hard for the confused to act like the bad guys, because if they were aware therein in they wouldn’t adopt their untenable poses. I mean liberals have no sympathy for Muslims, Homosexuals, illegal aliens or blacks in America; they should know its not easy being those people, and there are some core issues to get into here—but rather than act out of those sympathies to help those people, liberals beget this essentially everything is ok, attitude, homosexuals, Muslims, illegal aliens, blacks in America, are happy, and any experience shows you otherwise.
That is why this minister lacked experience, lived in a world of paper, talking about all the good Muslims he knows–when I interact with them to, and they have let me know these truths I try to share–and if they truly liked him, they would have made him hip by now too, so there is some vital consciousness missing, by leaders of the peace movement—the pattern seems to be, it is not just the greed of bush, but the wimpiness of democrats who could have stopped the war at anytime by denying its funding every two months, a check written into the constitution—it is not just the stupidity of trying to solve problems through violence, it is the ignorance of the peace movement in examining the situation—its not the people in power, but also the leaders of the people. If he encountered the fear these people live in, his thoughts might have taken a different turn.
Then I went to the office of the federal government in the form of our local noble congressman where I made the case regarding free assembly and the tenth amendment and the obvious exciting benefits therein to a congressional aid. This exchange was pleasant, I made a nice speech, she said she would pass this on to the congressman, that I’ve conveyed this to him many times. I told her to tell him this issue involves all the congressman and to have a committee address the issue. I’d testify, I’m an expert witness. The federal government is more polite than the coalition for peace action, and certainly more polite than gay people clamoring for marriage. But whether out of fear, psychic controll of the media, there is a dysfunctional lack of response. Of course the world is so easy to fix. It starts with being against the regulation of our educational system.
     Taking on passionate liberals can be hairy, to a point of ridiculousness; not that I take their chastisement painfully–just unbelievably, because these are competent solutions to issues they care about; they end war; save gay people; that sort of thing.

I went to the Taos Pueblo again. I learned why they call them The Taos Pueblo Indians? If you don’t know, all the other Indian tribes, the apaches, to the southwest, the Navajos, to the north a bit and west 300 miles, the Cherokee in north Carolina or Tennessee, all have a cool name whose sounds signify something character—Taos Pueblo, the name of a town, and the Spanish word for town, and boy—means these “Indians” are called whoever lives in their little adobe city with scattered buildings around it. So sacred then is their land to their identification.

As I came in on the 24th of December, not having to pay entry fee, brightly clad Indian children were processing in a space near the buildings on the left, as elders in green shawls, walked, chanted, or sat and played drums to the chants, as the children walked up and down a space, making it sacred. It was a ceremony for children, which made the space sacred to those children, and all.

Not the concept of restricted areas, now the concept of sacred places. Those Indians constantly come up with little tricks designed to promote the resolution of serious issues as they come alive sometimes in tribal consciousness; whether they can do so or not is the game they play with their gods; for that reason, that every game with the gods has to balance on a fence, so to speak, provide an equal chance of either side winning, has to balance the possibility of winning with out of control quality that defines creation; they have a resentment to alcohol, which is used as individuals to compensate for hard work, not necessarily tribes, with tribal benefits.

Thus anything that is preyed on to increase the out of control quality of individuals, is an unpleasant insult to tribal efforts, and not their culture. This is not to say different cultures don’t have different vices.

I saw their closed government offices, and agriculture station, two areas I want to view and share knowledge. They were closed because on the 24th, the night of December, they build fires around the circle, and invite the town of Taos over for a night of cold weather and little fires. The problem is I don’t really like the white people of Taos, so I was glad to be around people I do like by the fire at home. Not that I don’t like the reservation, cold weather, or night camp fires; just that I don’t like the alcoholic acting whites, by which I mean the out of control, not tight, funky people around.

The Taos Community Foundation, expressed their interest in funding a free assembly with my 5013c nonprofit registered Free Assembly Inc. and that emboldened me to plan to talk with tribal officials, and agricultural agents. Legally, the fascinating and uncharted area of law here is that they are a nation, who coexist via treaty with the federal government, compared to states, like New Mexico, which are subservient to the federal government; even though that is an issue with the states rights people. Can States nullify federal laws? You see that when marijuana production laws are not enforced.

Well, these tribal lands have rights state do not. They are separate country. They are allowed to write bills of credit, and make economic alliances, whereas states, may not. If one state produces potatoes and tomatoes and wants to trade it to another state for a few pick-up trucks, and the individual farmers aren’t smart enough to find who is willing to trade pick-up trucks for potatoes and tomatoes, and the people with pick-up trucks, are coerced by government to go through the government in terms of locating markets that will trade for pick-up trucks; then state governments will need to organize such trade, as some state agriculture agencies guide the marketing of produce in their state. Bills of credit will be required; because a bill of credit, like money, can represent how many pick-up trucks the provider of so many pounds of vegetables provided. Economic alliances may encompass this scenario.

Well, neither bills of credit, nor economic alliances are allowed by the federal constitutions, article 1 section 10. This has held back economic development, and true trade; the business culture shifted us off a productive axis. And maybe not allowing states to organize economically this way was necessary in the perilous nascent years of our country’s 1780’s and 90’s, because they might lead to the dominance of one state over our republic; but as of now, they hinder economic nature and wisdom, and some states dominate the union anyway as is, disproportionately.

But the Indians, being their own nation, should be able to write bills of credit and argue for economic alliances with states. And who would they trade with? Other people, other states. They could trade their drums or buffalo meat to a mercantile, or states, for pick-up trucks; but that would require a bill of attainder. Thus, the use of bills of attainders, the creation of would start with the tribal Indians. From there the flow of the critical use of bills of attainders and economic alliance treaties, to the states would be much easier. The states would be more legally charged to do so, since they have begun with Indian tribes.

I’m going to have to look at their specific treaty with America.

The Indians are also concerned about protecting the environment. If I teach them that building approved by local officials violated the reservation of powers to the state or the people, And, local officials infringe upon free assembly; and if the people made community decisions in free assembly, they would become more agrarian. I am amazed that free assemblies incorporated in New England towns do not take on the economy or educational means.

I am also anxious to explain to them, this legal ignorance is a result of a metaphysics on earth whereby the universe results in human beings, and that transformation seems to be linked to my consciousness. They know the universe is greater than human gods. What do they know about it? I must get their information, without offending them.

Their tradition of inviting over other people for a night of celebration the 24th of December is wonderful evocative of an ancient roman tradition of inviting over neighboring towns to a scene of many individual houses offering food and drinks for the people from other towns. I think that is a wonderful behavior.

They said they get together with the apachees sometimes, but that the apaches, have more land and more services and structures, and that they engage in foot races with the apaches and the apaches are welcome to come over for a foot race anytime. One Indian, who numbered the tribe at 3400, (their buffalo are numbered at 140), gave me addresses to other tribal governments, because she married a Taos Pueblo and had those contacts. She agreed that change must start with the oldest people here, the Indians. And I agreed with this principal. Our similar political objectives could make us allies, and my political start, with the Indians support– my rendition of an alternative government, with more reasonable courts. I am also curious about learning about organic growing in this high altitude desert.

I notice when the days shift to longer from shorter. One minute I was on a peak on the shortest moment of the year; next I noticed the new year peeping in to my left. The earth became bluer, the old brown, faded away. The Indians have been having a lot religious stuff lately because the solstice is a holy time.

I am hoping the tribes can come together. This Taos Community foundation is much less snobby than those umbrella fund raising groups in N.J.. I learned the upper class must be seen as a class. They are controlled, because they can be powerfully good. Most people are anti-federal government. And this could especially include the Indians.

I am enjoying the vision of the universe operating through my brain; puts all this political stuff in perspective.

There have been a spate of two parts lately; a part representing the here and now, a part writing; a part the procreates, a part that alters that production. And the part that conjoins people together, is like an ionization of my body, an electrification; my left side I compare to energy because it is unnatural to join together if the universe is controlling things so much. Indeed, the point of witchcraft is to unite all the women into an understand of their subjugation by the universe. This crosses class lines.
The other part, which goes on in the womb, is like a mashing of the brains, resulting something producible, but not as sentient. This is not electric, but a sonic hardness.
I also wanted to discuss with the Taos Pueblos, Catholicism. I’m thinking I could get creds converting them to a more wholesome denomination.
I got jealous about the Indian kids edifying their land the other day, so I walked around Taos at night playing the kalimba. Unfortunately I only know two songs; “calling all witches” and the song that calls out two people to fight. Weird witchy eerie spaghetti western kalimba music; the old west traveling musician type of instrument playing.
On a more humorous note I have noticed that if the states were freed from the federal government, while the lands I am from, NY, PA , NJ, Conn, and Del…structurally could not fight each other; the only warlike one is Conn.; New Mexico is surrounded by the craziest states in the union. Co, Tex, AZ. These states are warlike. Now maybe it is because they have nothing to give towards an indianer like state; but such is geopolitically not hip. Arizona is right wing, Colorado is overly policed and miserable, Texas has been secretly controlled by Africa all these years. They can turn themselves in for Kennedy anytime they are able. You wonder how the military complex is a psychological complex?
There is a small coffee shop on the corner that has the best coffee. It is like a siren. An ideal day has one trip to it, after the basketball, or investigation of community affairs, or hike. I think the kalimba playing pricked them, who can only be challenged or goaded into pride.
If I had my choice of going to a play, or concert or a party or a Presbyterian service, I would choose the Presbyterian service. I went to my third one this year. I went to one in Hackettstown, one out in the country, and first Taos Presbyterian. While they pale before the bible belt, they provide the vernacular and classical service of opposing the truths media and government act upon.
Presbyterians also don’t do communion. (but once a month). It’s about Christian terminology and earth and universe as it really is. It’s not interactive like the bible belt. I have a standing invitation to go to service at a fourth Presbyterian church near the farm. Someone at a bar I frequent mentioned it. Hitherto fore it was impossible to imagine a Presbyterian at a bar. This of course is a mature bar.
After playing the kalimba I stopped at a bar and listened to a two-piece band resonate the universe’s control deep within me. Now I see what the universe does as a sound I hear the most. The true proportion of that sound to anything else reinforces the truth of the extensive network of universe that exists on earth. It’s a very deep system. And it’s about one thing. As it is within me, it is also outside me, a mother ship perhaps, but a vast network I now can hear as the dominant sound.
The old west is long gone, but the witchy kalimba sounds bring it back wondering about this sound.
For presents this year I gave out drums and kalmias. Half the drums made by the Indians on the reservation. A kalimba aka thumb piano, through the interaction of these metal tongs upon a wood board, with the thumbs, a chiming sound may easily be made. The sound sounds better in night time.
The contract of marriage may not be admitted. Yes it encourages reproduction because children deserve their mother and father; but no, if that was explicity made known, even to disprove gay marriage, the birth rate would go down.
I also gave out a history by Herodotus and a history by Livy; Greece, and Rome. Herodotus was a westerner writing sympathetically about Persia. Livy was a Roman writing sympathetically about Rome. Both have the colloquium of good story-tellers.

I found a tea house at the Taos Pueblo.

Fascism is a lower class movement of the people. Can the upper class get along with the lower class? Is Presbyterianism a cult? Trade secrets with the Indians. Reform the reservation with a smidgeon of Presbyterianism. The upper and lower class can unite in the knowledge that reproduction is caused by the universe. Yet what is the difference between the electricity in me, and what the universe does to reproduction?

I thought the service was at ten, but it was at eleven. I deserved that time switching for being late so much. They are snobs, but not hypocrites or Pharisees. Their prayers are to neighbors and friends, not themselves, as it they’d rather have salvation come from outside. Their prayers are points and mulligan’s to everyone, sneakiness, all around.

Like the tribe, they have their own fairness doctrine. They like playing the organ scary, like the kalimba, that witchy haunting tune. The piano is a cult instrument. The choir is evil, as it exalts. Then there is actual worship to the universe machine. This is the impressive use of voice and sound and tone, of the congregation reciting, designed to appeal to the evil universe that runs earth so, indeed is extensively entrenched. The we give thanks to it for allowing the Christ child; in doing so, asking for more.

Oh come oh ye faithful, what do voices do? But praise that Christ was allowed. But that praise of how Christ was allowed pales before the concept of great humans would be if all humans were allowed.

There was a holiday tradition of allowing visitors to speak; so I spoke of my efforts to create free assemblies. Again I felt a generosity of spirit, that Presbyterians don’t. Unlike the highly interactive bible belt, Presbyterianism is more a service, the hearing of which bolsters the good and strengthens the protection of good intention. It’s not an interactive church, no one really has a house, the propensity to Babylon addresses the issues here.

Like the hippies and the Indians, they feature children by calling them forth to the center, for a lesson on faith. The old testament lesson was about Samuel, and reproduction, relevant; and the sons of Eli who sinned before god, as opposed to another, when they lay with easy women; evoked the Tiger Woods saga; he is in hiding now. By living a travesty, he sins before the lord, no people. The people are amazed. The Lord can not believe it. Such is what the control of a media figure can be. And such control is between the media and the Lord. Marriage is between the media and the Lord. Humans lose their faces in heaven. Presbyterians are compassionate but conservative. They are forgiven. Whether that is in Christ, I am not so sure, generally speaking, yes, but particularly, their allegiance to the Christian, is hard to ascertain as great as any media may be greater. Christianity is active Christ worship.

The believe the human race would be great, is true enough to consider as metaphysical. Our birthrate is ordered, or must be negotiated. The reference to the Father, in the gospel, may be to the Jews as the old testament beget Jesus. Identifying who beget us, it must be Jesus, critically introduces the concept of the father to Christianity.

Western civilization is a big job; there are wires, hardness’s, slavish heavy wet actual metaphysical influences of the universe it is possible to hear as well. John the Baptist was a Christ. Who was his father? The Greeks? The establishment of Christianity includes an ignorant government, the enslavement of the press we have now, represents what Christianity takes on; without admitting of the universe. The media must admit its concert with the universe, and say what it is doing, for the media is the representation of the universe doing the worst thing it does. Perhaps as the media stops and slows down, so what the universe does, will do as well. There may be a corresponding reduction in birthrate consistent with tribal values rather than western ways. Western Civilization’s difference from tribal ways seems to be that western civilization allows greater population, indeed, is about increasing the population on earth.  Why would this be a goal. Because the greater the population, the greater the rampart; in that the metaphysical situation is protected by the ramparts of population of human beings. The protection is like an increase of the suffering leads to an increase of protection, and benefit. While western civilization may offer the chance of a respit into an epoch of truth; that may be a bait and switch with the whole point about increasing population.

There are prayers of communion and prayers to be answered. There was a light in the sky out my window late Christmas Eve, it was a planet. Presbyterian services are meant to protect you in your endeavors, but they are not an individualistic people.

Amazing this can happen, must be by something low, in the universe sucking me. Maybe sucking everyone; all there is to listen to is the universe, the daunting vast overhead, it is thicker, from deaths transformation, light v dark etc controls this a statement of universe dwarfing false statements of west and us; different tones of black thicker all around right outside what my eyes perceive. All to meditate on, compelling, true.

Can others see the monster of the universe. Each soul in the kingdom of heaven must.Is it on and in earth more actively than its design indicates. It seems grappled and sucking into me, from particular points. Attracted and attached to others? The light of heaven, drawing from way humans are. All there is to think of.

I do this bit that if all the states were freed from federal tyranny New Mexico might join Mexico. So we are holding country together with federal gov for you. New Mexico is also surrounded by kooky states like Texas, Colorado, Utah and Arizona—none of which have terrible grace regarding the Spanish speaking power of New Mexico. Sometimes it takes two races working together to succeed where one race alone failed.

All of those western states are anti-federal government. The ant federalism goes over well there—while in N.J. we have been subservient to the federal government so long, there are more shackles to make come undone in thinking. Yet the western states don’t get along and compliment each other as well as the eastern states. But freeing N.J. involves a new way of thinking.

As evil, insofar as lies are evil, dominates society; the upper class, and family is dominated more, insofar as the upper class, and family are more potent and potential forms for improving society from its lies, and western civilization from its show. As soon as free assembly is shown as a logical and natural way of local community decision making, and local officials as violating the first and tenth amendment, and this issue qualify as a civil rights issue; it is the media that will be exposed as ignorant for not knowing this. It will turn out our press was enslaved, insofar as it is easy to make the human being lie. Yet state civil rights laws, while designed to ensure all our laws are for all our people who qualify; do not list the priviledge in the bill of rights of Free Assembly, nor feel its abridgement violates a civil right.

One of the inhibitions upon society is the inability or difficulty of human consciousness as it is to get outerspace, to look up and notice its sound and sight—-the mind is like a cave—that has to be climbed out of and gaze at the universe. Though all souls or ghosts have some concepts near their consciousness, being more formless without a body, such may be less easy and natural.

There are no individual ethics in this context. The ethics of society exist as a whole. I grow organically to signify a personal responsibility I feel to produce food in a society that has grown increasingly unproductive as our education has increased.

New Mexico has state police, local police, Indian reservation police, and volunteer police—they are against drunkenness like the cold night is against warmth—it is scary. Every speaks of how zealous law enforcement is of alcohol abuse. I walk everywhere. If caught over the limit with a kid in the car they can charge you with attempted manslaughter. People have to breath alcohol free into their ignition to start their car.

My lobs and suits to state and local officials in NJ have been ignored and unfairly handled. So I am asking the NJ ethics board if they think local and/or state officials are influenced by personal or ethical considerations–which is illegal under state ethics law. Certainly local officials are, as they must consider their salary and prestige is drawn from offices which my analysis posit as in violation of two amendments in the bill of rights. And the reluctance of state officials to help may be derived from their prestige being derived from office which can not be shown as being negligent enough to have a state constitution which tramples free assembly, the people, the tenth amendment; and installed a culture of local government which has turned off people, not dealt with common concerns, and fallen prey to corruption.

This is why many state constitutions have the following law. “2. a. All political power is inherent in the people. Government is instituted for the protection, security, and benefit of the people, and they have the right at all times to alter or reform the same, whenever the public good may require it.”

I am also asking the Division of Community Affairs of the state attorney general’s office for help organizing free assemblies in large cities where the people will be able to discuss what is wrong, in a positive and constructive atmosphere.
I hope the new republican governor, with his background as a federal prosecutor, and his history of prosecuting local officials for corruption, will put some maturity into the attorney general’s office, which has not followed through on its promise to get back to me about this constitutional issues. There is little two party rule in this roman part of NJ. I need bipartisanship to achieve my goals. Without the check of one party upon another, corruption flourishes in secrecy. Gay marriage was defeated in the senate. I think they objected to the crying, and latently realized gay marriage is just an ill fated move by reproductive media in hopes gay people reproduce. Marriage is just too morally ambiguous to be cast as a shining ideal overshadowing love, which is a true ideal. Still, some democratic state senators I lobbied failed to vote against it.
Then the N.J. legislature approved medicinal marijuana. These are parallel issues in this sense. The high from Marijuanna comes from it being illegal and breaking the law. But this is a functionalizing high because society without free assembly is unconstitutional and so can weigh down the functioning of the individual, who thus needs a high to function in a low society. But this high is decreased, as pot is legalized. I am not for serious prosecution or jail time for marijuana activity; but I am not for it being legal.
As marijuana is meant to help the person lacking in free assembly; but the constitutional violation of free assembly be unknown; so marriage is not meant to be known as an institution of reproduction.
The universe is within me, damp and wrapping round my ribs perhaps and in my blood in my neck in my chest plate, in my marrow. Maybe they are noeumic lies, maybe it is the universe, maybe a bit of each.
And anytime my eye catches the universe, sees the patch of darkness my eye focuses on, the universe is attracted to me, it seems to leap from where I see it, towards my eye and me, and lands within me or close to me. It is like a psychic black cloud, that moves like a feeling, like a feeling is the best way to describe it, a black feeling, that I can’t adequately feel, because it is sadder than me, and even finer than my sensations.
I wonder if it feels human beings? Like the dimension of silence where the kingdom of heaven is conscious of human beings, is there a dimension where the universe is suckled by the being body? There are dimensions beyond my faint sensations. This is true phenomenology; the study of phenomena in my mind.
Traditional salvation is sometimes structured by a revelation of the human being, a revealing of the kingdom of god; and that’s why I like agriculture, it is never that far from salvation, with its professional understandings, and purposeful work.
Traditionally, perhaps, salvation may be pursued along in one’s mind, with meditation and prayer; and/or it may be pursued socially. While a group of friends committed to the pursuit of salvation may be hard to find; seeking salvation is consistent with good social behavior.
And I reckon well sought salvation is like a controlled fight; where you have to dilute another person into god in the interests you see; the same way in a fight such honesty is respected. In the old west of Taos, such unofficial code was a very apparent metaphor. The air of the old west very much seems to honor the unofficial, the victor by might, not office.
With the Media designed to obscure truth, anyone who takes on that falsifier in the vacuum, is worthy and kin to power and honor.
Relating the dimension of the afterlife, and the dimension of the universe, is more compelling than the power of any office, and more worthy of the land.

In my thinking I also came across a phenomena like a diamond feeling behind my left ear. It feels like a diamond, extracted from within my heart, held up near my ear, to exude an “everything is ok” reflection; and everything is not OK, it is a falsifying diamond, annoying and oppressive and key to a projection of the world as it really is not.

The other side of sociality, is that the aggregate of society acts like they don’t have a clue; that there probably aren’t individual ethics that start with a concern about the way society is tomorrow; there are ethics of western civilization in Toto that keeps western civilization from putting the people’s heads together to discuss tomorrow.

These ethics are in context of the universe, and metaphysics of earth. It would be logical and natural for people to realize our western society has the capacity to reason together towards a greater society and community; yet they don’t. I alone invoke free assembly and the tenth amendment. So why am I trying to galvanize this principal and not others? Well the background of the universe. So this background is what must be discussed in free assemblies to compel attendance out of apathy, I reckon, and not the economy or school or local issues, through well framed resolutions may and should be voted on, at this point I imagine the discussion of the spiritual to resonate more fully with the public.

In Taos I sometimes scotched taped a “be” to the front of my chest, like a biker patch, and went out. This would have an effect on people. Young girls yelled out their car at me. Older ones said they liked it at the supermarket. It has the effect of making media recognize they are to be, and not act or do. This has honesty and integrity. Hopefully people recognize it is the media, not the government, that is not representing people as being. It also imbued a mystique.

With my mind focusing on the winds of the universe, and the myriad attached to my senses and beyond; wearing the b-man scotch tape reduces the social work to a fairly condensed sign. Gives me an image and edge and mystique and powers, without me having to say or do much; just walk around intimating the necessity of being; which has a lot of integrity for a little work.

Many people are very in control of themselves. Sometimes though people are less in control of themselves, and while this is done by a higher power concerned about a subservience to what the media is projecting, it is associated with alcoholism in that its effect is an individual making choices and behaving in a way destructive to themselves. When confronted with that type it helps to try to hear the appropriate thoughts in ones own mind one wants to hear from the other. It is also triggered by an exciting part, and marked by a lack of care, in that the exciting part is not true, and what is false, finds it hard to care.

I hear the sadness of the universe is so great as to make a case for earth this way.

The five things I would like to get the Indian reservation attention about. 1) Catholicism vs. other forms of Christianity to supplement their native religions. 2)Bills of credit and economic alliance testing article 1 section 9 and 10—direct trade involving bills of credit and economic alliance, not money; setting a precedence in that direction towards true economic development. 3)Teaching them how free assembly and the tenth amendment intended for local rule by the people and how the lack of this practice shows an unfit standard of government by the United States; and as they are for protecting the environment of the land mass; how everything built or destroyed through approval by local officials was done so illegally, and getting them to ally legally with me and other groups in making this claim. 4) And how the lack of prosecution for these laws is misplaced indeed; because were there free assemblies discussing local communities, there would be much less crime; so instead of turning law enforcement on unhappy lower classes, law enforcement should pivot upon the first and tenth amendment, and the 14th and manifest a legal society that has less crime, rather than an illegal society with crime. I think reservation Indians are very sympathetic to this understanding of misplaced power. 5) Read their treaty. Anything starts with the Indians—the two-party system may be originally construed as the white man and Indians.

This law is about how officials may not consider their form of government, only administrate under it. Thus issues like this; which expose a fundamental flaw in the governing of a state; may expose a need to change government so it is more aware. So I ask the ethics board, what is one to do, if state officials can not act, out of personal interest; and the form of state government is thus not fit to take on issues that discuss forms of government that administrate important laws. Only the people may convene upon forms of government.


2. a. All political power is inherent in the people. Government is instituted for the protection, security, and benefit of the people, and they have the right at all times to alter or reform the same, whenever the public good may require it.


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