The NJ Vegetable Growers Association Convention in Atlantic City

Gambling can be construed as good, like guys and dolls in Damnon Runyan, or as bad, like by the New York Times. Same as farming; farming can be construed as very good, which it is; or, as, at best, an isolated segment of society completely dwarfed by a completely unproductive business class. This is why agriculture stopped being organic. Instead of 70 % of the NJ’s population being in agriculture, mere decades ago, 70 percent of NJ’s population is either in business, or in the service industry—So chemical fertilizers are used out of a labor shortage.
And the same with me—I, or my ideas, could be recognized by a viable media outlet, and a part of the dialogue of media society. And in rejecting me, unfairly not including such concepts past the filter of their mind; I am cast as unconsciously being rejected, and my market picks up that rejection as a negativity that keeps my vegetables from flowing with the ease that they do. If they knew my story; about fighting for free assembly in the federal courts for over a year; and running for local office on a free assembly platform–they would see my agrarianism as consistent with the political statement of agriculture; as free assembly consistent with agriculture and a discussed time, and productive society—and the people would buy my vegetables; likewise if people saw farming as the sensible task it is, agriculture would be booming; and if people saw gambling as at least the excuse for western civilization to discuss metaphysics; but they don’t because they must bow to media projection. All that energy saying what’s important over the news, dwarfs anything the individual soul may say.
The State legislature—that floundering piece of government skeleton—disproved gay marriage, and approved medical marijuana. While marriage is not designed to be revealed as an institution of reproduction—and the media out in the courts pursuing an institution of gay marriage, which for the sake of truth, is not marriage; and will never be achieved, because this homosexual urge for marriage, not love mind you, is a psychological desire to reproduce, and once science firmly shows homosexuals not reproducing, there is every chance not one gay couple will want to be married.


It is the same irony with medical marijuana. Marijuana is not meant to be revealed as a placebo. Since society is illegal, because there is no logical and natural discussion as to how tomorrow should be; that power is usurped illegally by local officials; you must get high by committing a law in your own right. The high is from breaking the law; no one can deny there is a high from breaking the law; especially in the good way, of harming no one; yet to become functional, you rise up in the morass by doing something to get moving. But if this becomes a known truth, the high will cease: as if Marriage becomes known as an institution of reproduction; reproduction will cease, because people do not want to reproduce the kingdom of god or human being; this is the reconciling of the reckoning of metaphysics. 

So these are two issues raised high in courts of truth, that may not be revealed; for they are not designed to be revealed; thus they are traditions more than laws.
While medical marijuana and getting high is necessary to the sick and hurt who need to combat the illegal morass more than anything; it will have more effect procured illegally; ironic I know; but we should put our hands in an effort to supply patients with black market marijuana; rather than make it legal and tether; no one should be going to jail for it; but until someone substantiates THC, medically, so I understand, I distrust all authority and that includes THC until shown to me sensibly otherwise.


A problem with western civilization and capitalism is the marketing. The market is not real. It’s a show, and its mirage is accelerated by the unconscious rejection of my ideas and stories; so I wanted to talk to the agriculturalists in Atlantic City, at the NJ Vegetable Growers Association; about marketing realities. The idea I thought up was this: People need to conceive of themselves as the producer or distributor or supplier of what they are—this takes some self-conception; And they need to be Christian, to understand the kingdom of god and human being. Christian enactments of capitalism are essential to moving towards a production based society that acknowledges the human being, or Kingdom of God. Getting agriculture as locally as possible is one of the things a nation or region can be most proud of, and there are things to be proud of along side that are consistent with it.

Yet as I said framings’ essential sensibility, and my sensing story are rejected as inconceivable by the news media promulgating what it thinks important 24/7. I think we are able to deal with how murder is made up, how free assemblies with ayes and nays should be taking on local issues, and what the kingdom of god and the human being is, and what has been holding us back. Spirituality is how the grip of communism we are in is defeated.

And I had a dream my little and necessary media exposure may come. In some ways; the NJ vegetable growers association is to republicans what NJ-NOFA is to democrats in NJ. Is anymore proof that our media is enslaved and not free at all needed, than the simple fact, that in New England, a quorum of 236 people is needed to decided on something like whether farmland can subsist many houses, and in the rest of many states this power is given to a few local officials subsuming local decision making to a numbing point of interest to the people. I’m not sure the media coherently understands it is lying; it really thinks these lies are appropriate; and that there is no service in churches each Sunday, or spiritual paths taken by individuals and groups, even demographics. The press does not see beyonds its nose because its writing are moved and distributed. This massive symbolism weighs the newspapers with its sense of preponderance. And the press reads itself and comes up with its articles, many times, from articles they read. The press responds to articles of the press. This too gives it  a reverberating sense of itself that drowns over any sense of what the people and officials really would say. Ultimately, everything comes from the press, not the particulars the press describes. Because if there really is the kingdom of god, and the human being; then everything claim to have been said by the human, has been made up, and that fictiousness originates from the apparatus of the press. Journalists are wholly subsumed as the trailhead and path for the “devil” to control our society.


The agricultural profession goes through what I go through; but getting on that level of discussion; does not seem possible to the perfectly mannered; everything is a little too starched; though there are a few free drinks; and anyone remotely republican seems foresworn to be a good sport. I’m going to have to stop being against the federal government; that bit ain’t playing as well here as in more western regions of the country. If only they could understand Connecticut and Pennsylvania, though they came very close to battle in 1785, are in no danger of warring now, nor with NJ or Delaware; and thus the prime reason for the federal government is obsolete; they should all raise their children to be against the federal government; but that is not going over so well; now that I remember the plan; the plan is to talk about the lord and pray everyone is the bible belt and uber religious.

I’m also going hand out a pamphlet you may see. In some way the convention reminds me, at least in the beginning, of the American Legion I sometimes garner a Friday evening meal and beer at near the farm. That though passes. There was an important handout that listed varieties of vegetables most prone to NJ. But it didn’t mention varieties I have had A+ success with such as Jersey Wakefield cabbage, and Yellow carrots, and Chantenays as well; very strange; and they did not list the Eva potato as disposed to NJ, but did so the Reba; I see the difference between the south’s sandy soil and the northern rocky hills as great enough to have different favorite varieties; and they did not specify exactly what the organic yield for their organic potatoes were per plant; which I am most curious about, to see if it betters my potato yield; guidance towards what varieties to use is very important.

I’m also concerned with using face book, diversifying and cementing my market outreach program; as well as direct trade. I was hoping to bring up Bills of Credit; how if we just wanted to organize the swapping of what we produce for what we need or want; Bills of Credit would be needed; economic alliances between regions might develop; and neither is allowed by Article 1 sections 9 & 10 of the federal constitution. The reasoning is that some states will then dominate the union; a reasoning whose reason is long past. One subversive plan I have is to effect trade that tests Article 1 of the federal constitution Sections 9&10. And my subversive plan involves starting trading with the Indian reservations because they are their own nation, not the federal government’s; not like the states, and are allowed to write bills of credit and create economic alliances; Once they throw their legal weight in this; it will become much easier for producers. That’s my plan. The Indians I know have buffalo meat and drums made out of tree trunks and animal skin to trade.

Then we turn ourselves in for trading with bills of credit, daring not to use money, practically in the face of the federal government; insist on being prosecuted; and when it comes to trial pull the rug out from under the federal government by claiming we’ve overcome the need for that part of the constitution; create an alternative court of justice and put the federal government on trial for not knowing or applying the concepts of the kingdom of god and the human being; when we invest in them to be wise. Make them turn on the press for not being free: Enforce the bill of rights. Break up the nation into 40 or 50 countries.

But again, it is the spiritual we must turn to to overcome the communism.

The following is the hand-out I had.


Agriculture and local Free Assembly

Vic Fedorov 201 232 1154

We believe local decisions should be made in Free Assemblies by the people with Ayes and Nays

Local officials abridge Free Assembly.

Local officials are neither the state or the people, the two groups reserved powers not given to the federal governmentby the U.S. constitution‘s tenth amendment. “The powers notdelegated to the United States by the Constitution, nor prohibited byit to the States, are reserved to the States respectively, or to the people.”

Local decisions by local officials, as opposed to the state or

the people in free assembly abridge a privilege and

immunity guaranteed by the federal constitution. This is a

civil rights issue. The 14th amendment is violated. Any



Official in charge of our rights is liable for not enforcing our laws. 

We believe if communities made decisions in Free Assembly, we would have a more agrarian and productive society asserting common values.

We believe it is possible to use Bills of Credit, and trade, through economic alliances; though this is not allowed by Article 1 Section 10 of our federal constitution.

We understand earth is not as it is made out by the news media. That inquiries into truth are relevant.

The federal government is outdated

 If this is true; everything built approved by local  officials is illegal.


Most religions are helpful

This was the pamphlet I printed out at the UPS store in the trump taj mahal and engaged people with. I also asked them what they thought of professions that really don’t produce, and may not be necessary. And I asked them what they thought about direct trade instead of using money: this was in the huge convention room with exhibits, where the happy hour was held, and awards and dinner banquet as well, with lots of tables in the middle, and coffee and danish in the morning.

Coffee and danish is the place to lobby farmers in the morning, but Tuesday I got there too late, and Wednesday, I had been up all night and missed it. Predictably, the people I talked to had views consistent and identical to mine; regarding direct trade and jobs that don’t produce much.

The key is getting from there to the spiritual side of the discussion; In the end though; it is the same thing; the people share my opinion, and don’t go much further. They have no trouble receiving me, and entertaining me; they are compassionate, and their heart is in the right place; but they are powerless to take it further. They have no fear; and may leave themselves to organization; but they do not intercourse on the subjects well.

They are more inclined to god, than the constitution.

I ate at the buffet each day once. The first day was great, the second not so great; The taj mahal had a great view; but the experience of time there was mauled by the Haitian earthquake; that cast a pallor over the cloudy shore, and disturbed my writing.

The democratic party influences Atlantic City and parts of N.J. negatively. As I have said because constitutionally free assemblies were meant to be how local decisions are made; and they are usurped by local officials; and local officials are democrats; and local officials know more than anyone free assemblies make sense; local officials don’t want the town to get along; because that would demonstrate bi-partisanship; and then other parties would recognize the guilty shame to the few deciding for all; so in general there is a conspicuous cloud cast over the democratic towns inhibiting the natural getting along a resort should engage in. And I think Donald Trump is aware of this.

The problem is more that there is no check on any level of government by the people keeping an eye on sensibility and corruption. Instead the people are kept an eye on by the judiciary; when it is illegal forms and corrupt officials that damage the fabric of society; when the people only damage a few, if any.

The problem is that the press and news media wants and assumes the democrats to be caught up in the psychology of keeping a town from getting along better; because our officials are invested in karmically to supple the town with reason: But the media is wholly evil and claims this leadership is supplanted by psychological psychosis implementing an uneasy flow of comfort between citizens. And this claim is more valid than the democratic party itself; which is ruled by local elected officials.

I was on a cruise ship once outside Greece and amazed, how like college, everyone made a real effort to meet people, be nice to people, and make new friends. I sort of expected this model to pervade in the casino hotel and town; but there was something repressed; caused by this manipulation of the psychology of the democratic party.

For instance, Irish bars are everywhere. Now the Irish are great people, who look out for you and care about you, even if you don’t recognize that; because they are proactively attracted to good. But an Irish bar is just a crowded bar where people are not as friendly as they can be. While the bar of such should be concerned with the clientele of people to a degree of having interesting professions; Irish people are special outside bars in real life; but ineffective, for whatever psychological reason, in bars. Thus the Irish bars indicate a worse level of bar one party towns are known for.

Walking around the beach and boardwalk; and a little out of town are the confines of a black majority; I met an Irish guy on the boardwalk hawking for the Irish bar a block or two back of the boardwalk; and he was fine and informative to talk to; but the bar; while filled with people of Irish descent; I asked and checked; did not exude that confident capable quality Irish people have long garnered people to expect.

Then the smaller bar across the way, which had a mere 3 white people in it around noon; was filled on Wednesday night with black people, but well behaved ones; in obvious confluence with Irish spirit.

Ultimately until the press reveals past the pump of blood that flow its falsehoods; the people will be held back; there is hope though the upper class will learn to be more powerful in a good way.

The press would be better, if more people enjoyed producing papers, and the older orders of papers were always abdicating for the influx of new journalism. There would be a constitution of the press; with three initial articles; about the universe and kingdom of god; about how the federal government is very outdated and usurped state powers; about how the people should make decisions in free assemblies; beyond those articles we would have to see what a local would choose to report; the quiet; the lie? the policies we live under? At this pt I am not sure what an honest press could print.

The point is to continue to bring up the metaphysical with the people.

Worried about ability to talk; maybe hard to discuss market reality—as higher than the way things really are; my plan is to grow more, charge less, sell more, get people to know us more; the ideal market society though, is a godly society. But talk about how other professions produce much less, even though agriculture is greater than medical care in its necessity, it is paid much less; thus to convince the business class that the common values of health and time may be more greatly asserted in an agrarian society, one needs to explain to them that the concept of the kingdom of god will be used; that this kind of change essentially requires good religion. This context is far more likely to engross the concept of the kingdom of god, or human being, than marketing realities.

Farmers are the sort of people who can handle me. That I can sit down next to, look squarely in the eye, and ask any question I want. Talking with them is like being punched in the gut. They completely agree with what I say, and are completely unable to help further, at least right then. Thus one accepts the total agreement; but there is not more energy for future help. Unless we get into how one metaphysic is everyone, and examine the potential of acting within western civilization; this route must be approached in context of streamlining society from less productive tasks.

I feel there must be some way my situation is recognized. If I was on TV maybe I would feel the necessary power to speak honestly with people, but there really doesn’t seem to be the market; there seems to be a natural distribution of goods; incorporating my produce in it for money, another matter.


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