Communication with Republican Party of Princeton



Re: Remarks on Princeton Republican Newsletter, and outreach


Dear Republican,

I understand the charge before us as to focus on a newsletter, whose effort is consistent with a public relations campaign to write newspaper and internet forums. This involves developing issues, general ideals, and style points, beyond the portion already existent.

I think the most striking resonance of republicanism in Princeton, is bipartisan benefits. Without doubt there is greater politeness, awareness and communication in a council with two parties, than one, because of pressure from another party. Logically this theory in practice reduces corruption and secrecy.

Just the above alone is a persuasive quality to republican victory. So, analyzing the psychology of the democratic machine would be tantamount to humanizing it. We must remember why New Jersey ranks near the bottom in republicanism among the states: Frank Hague’s monarchy from Jersey City. Believe it or not, previous to that, up to 1900, community decisions in Princeton were through voice votes of Ayes and Nays in Free Assemblies.

Somehow the democrats got thrown wholly off track from the ideals of their founder Thomas Jefferson, when the mayoral rule of Frank Hague, led to a democratic machine enforcing local officials throughout NJ into the nineteen fifties. The remnants of this machine we can see now. It is nothing to proud about. It’s destructiveness was probably designed to wipe out the positive and progressive polity of the people better than any official government could do. Thus, we the republicans, are the human alternative to this dehumanized polity in Princeton and N.J..

And yet the democratic machine manages to demonize republicans as incapable of making right choices, and within an evil storm. And this is where we do our worst damage to ourselves; our character and integrity and thoughtfulness, which is what should determine elections; never gets a chance to shine through.

Yet we understand vital things the democrats absent, such as seeking a fair battle, understanding the media is an evil force these days, knowing god and religion helps, wholesome, human, responsive qualities that are fundamentally aware of how in pain the democratic party is.

As a political science major, I’ve got to say, one-party rule, and a totalitarian completely unfree media, constitutes communism. And communism is defeated by spirituality. Right now we live in a community, that to some degree, can be construed as communing that all is all right now. Whereas democracy would be having formal conversation affirming or negating that. One party rule is too far away from that ideal.

In many ways, this polity is analogous to the early part of ancient Rome depicted by Livy. The homogenous codification of far regions is consistent with communisms international bent over more native cultures. A regimented and regulated world, in return for a worldly citizenship, came with Rome. The republicans or patricians as they were called back then, had to be related to one of the original one hundred senators. The Democrats, called Plebes back then, had control of a judiciary aimed at the patricians as a check upon corruption and folly; via the office of tribune.

Though tribunes came from the party of the plebes, they far too frequently made things worse, and were corrupted by power far from plebian ideals and understanding. Like America, the early part of ancient Rome was marked by a corrupted and unable party of the people, and a nobler, yet not as close, party, of people with more power. Liberalism is not based on experience, but something written, and falsely vouched for.

While representative government is made for state and federal governments; at a local level, the incorporation of towns with local officials by our state constitution of 1947, infringes on free assemblies as the locus of community decision making, and violates the tenth amendments backhand reservation of powers for the state or the people, since officials are neither state nor people yet exercise powers not given to the United States government by the federal constitution.

Elections, upon which the pride of republicanism improves on a monarchy, ironically, contradicts the Kingdom of God, a term that can very much be a guideline for government.

Think how often the incumbent always wins. I would think the incumbent much more often loses, because people are always disappointed with governments and the lack of fulfillment of their theoretical promise. Yet the opposite happens, the incumbent far too often wins. How do we explain this?

If we understand local officials violate immunities and privileges of the federal bill of rights, the psychology of the democratic party, which tends to dominate local races, is misaligned. More than anyone, local officials know the destruction of the few deciding for the many locally; know the need for all to discuss our time and life, tomorrow, is an important principal.

So these usually democratic incumbents hold on to the votes they got initially, naturally being in a psychic domain, allied with the metaphysical desires through media, because they are trapped in an illegal situation they can not share.

And even if there is a better candidate, who would benefit the people more, they don’t give their votes up, because they don’t want others to share the unexpected guilt and shame of the false nature of such office, and consequent party, so they hoard their popularity, not following the principal of better candidates, losing sight of the human side to politics, marked by an absence of honest dialogue.

Essentially the benefits of bipartisanship, are easy to see by the voter, and if we can just convince the democratic party to share their shame, I think both parties can agree a better Princeton is the mutual goal and order.

These are my general remarks towards showing the public what they need, relating to the democratic party, ideals, and perhaps, issues. I care about the Republican party because I genuinely believe the one party rule of Princeton has severely hurt Princeton and is completely unintended by larger structure, and in some sense wrought by one of the most evil men in American History, Frank Hague.


Thank You

Vic Fedorov


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