Chris Tea

April 5, 2014

Chris Christie is very interesting. I believed in him in 2008. We needed a prosecutorial approach to N.J.. I said that in several hundred phone calls out of Hamilton N.J.. I tried to explain that even though the republicans are losers in N.J., there is still hope, and we have to be optimistic and confident. The Corzine Governorship was a disaster that literally showed, the morality play of someone from another state, failing to understand this one; in the grossest way, of being exploited by local political machines to line their pockets give him the senate seat, in exchange, then have him win the governorship, incurring another round of expense, and appoint as Senator, Menendez, who would never be incumbent otherwise, and was the notorious Hudson County Executive after Janiewski, who turned in a slew of criminals in the late nineties. What happened, a senator running for governor then appointing his senatorial replacement, is illegal in most states. It’s unacceptable, because you can strong arm wealthy senators into running for governor, and appointing one of your own.

I noticed this scenario, and brought it up years ago. But the distance between me and government is too great, government, took our power, and created a distance, where we don’t know what is going on, and get no honest concern, in a mechanical and automatic way; that, in a spiritual way, is very disturbing. I don’t know if one could go private attorney general on this, if wire or mail was used towards extortion Corzine into leaving the Senate for Menedez, for goverment polices government, that’s the constitutional flaw; but I care about my governor, and if the attorney general’s office can’t protect the coercion of a governor, they sure aren’t going to stop the next one from rambling on so.

There are scant means to look into this, if the word is out on it.

But with Christie, you saw a prosector cleaning up N.J. corruption on a federal white horse; but what was really going on, was that the one’s left standing had to play ball with him, leveraging his political rise. He was more machinated than the machine itself; the bounce in his stride, the catcher’s disdain for standing, the class president, these were things machines can only want. And as he got better and better, the oils and springs got looser and looser, till he moved up the replacement election of Senator Lautenberg, from the general election, to dissuade Corey Booker voters from messing his numbers. That is five year old behavior. As is closing bridges and giving port authority projects for endorsements, (and endorsements are wholly unamerica bs in that no one should tell anyone how to vote, the vote is fixated upon each thinking for himself, and that’s honest society). And this is why no republicans were added to the legislature, much to the dismay of jersey republicans, there was no translation between a republican governor, and democratic legislative, despite the polls.

Then, this commission, by an associate, absolving him of knowing about the bridge closing? his is further five year old behavior, that speaks to a hubris, where the lights are shining so bright, he don’t really see, he’s operating by touch and feel alone. If cover up is worse than crime, then he still hasn’t got that part down yet.

He picked on school teachers out of repressed dislike of the form of education upon New Jersey, as it forms the mold, of the upper classes. Bipartisanship based on port authority projects, sandy funds on municipal decision; that’s the oposite of bipartisanship, that’s the oposite of those Sandy Ads. Why go on TV promoting Sandy Aid, and then use it to force approval of new construction projects.

His lack of control of his anger and weight, somehow amazingly, played out to a positive, in charismatic appeal.

Christie turned me on to the Republican Party of N.J. locally. I went to their monthly evenings at a local bar. This was far superior from apolectic local democrats, who legally accused me of co-opting their rights to the word “democrat”. I met the republican I ran against as a third party that year locally. I enjoyed the people. They had breakfasts too, reminiscient of mens group, perhaps co-ed fraternities. I had no problems with them, and made phone calls for Christie.

I feel betrayed. I feel like tony soprano’s wife is she ever found out past her own deluded head, Tony was a mobster and did five yr old, things and it was getting worse.

It’s a vote that leaves a bad stick in my side, like ugh, I was really fooled, I thought she was so pretty, but she is worse than all the rest, and has serious one percent moral issues. Or maybe they are all like that, and she can talk about what torments her into petty egomaniac behavior.

I voted for Jill Stein on her platform of reducing the military in half, run-off elections to break from the two party mold, and green energy; and have never been happier about a vote of mine; it resonates to this day, a little hymm to voting on beliefs, taught me to never again not vote for someone I don’t like. Now Christie I voted for, not on issues, but prosecutorial approach, having no idea of how he used this to fuel his political or financial interests; there were no real issues. Where does the money go, what does government do, isn’t there a much better way. Corzine never understood Jersey. Christie conflating going Jersey, with going Christie.

In a way, it was like Tony Soprano’s wife waking up. Better to be awake, than asleep; In Nod, knowing, than Eden, ignorant. The wheeling and dealing off the balls of feet, under port authority tables, the spring required, and the sheer spirit of outplaying the hated long oppressing democratic machine at their own game. And then having the bluster to go down in a sinking ship of most jersey trappings, rather than inflict our armpits upon the whole country, as previous presidents often do, subconsciously, as if psychologically, this is a start.

I saw Christie onTV, at the Boomer Esaison Roast, Super Bowl Weekend. That was another disaster. The same president of jersey transit who lost a 120 million worth of trains by storing them in flooding county, neither calculated how many trains would be needed for the superbowl, nor allow cab drop-offs, and chargedd 150.00 for parking rights; I mean, that’s about the worse Jersey looks. I couldn’t paint a worse picture of this struggling yet ultimately earnest state.

But there he was on the Easiason Roast, the day after Wilderstein accussed him of having evidence Christie knew; as if nothing bothered him, his comic timing was down, he was as if a charactor on Seinfield who was governor of N.J. and would fill up Jerry’s apartment with jokes about how bad the jets are; that at ease. He had totally psyched out the humiliation of showing up at a roast, with the ramparts breaking down water on several sides, his troops defecting, federal armies of lawyers lurking like orcs beyond the light………..however, his rooting for the cowboys, not local teams, underscores a well-meant oversight of local politics, and his rooting for the yankees fails to understand how a union, can make an industry worse, insofar the yankees buying talent and hatred, is bad for the league.

He was a bit mean to the staid and boring Boomer.

Christie’s personality enabled the same refrains of looting the state and pockets as Corzine; It’s just Corzine, like Obama and W, are obviously doing what they are told. Look how no one took Corzine’s troubles seriously and he went on to darning some hole in a pocket three billion was accused of falling out of.

What you get when you look at Christie, that you don’t get when you look at Bush, Obama, and Corzine; is the sense, that maybe, in that irish way even, able to talk about what is really going on? Because the money goes where the money goes, in both criminal and automatic fashion. Crime is a little too base for honesty, and the automatic control of you, through School and Capitalism, well, pagans ascribe that to greater darkness, I understand, but still, there are crimes automatically going on, and we have to ask, can Christie talk about it. Is the mobster air there for effect, or reflecting a greater actor and player? Who would go along with the corrupt nefarious ways, and middle class and upper class jobs and lives; It’s not good enough, it doesn’t exist, and there is easy alternative, of thinking together, and of what really is, even especially, the darkness. It’s creation itself, creation as what doesn’t make sense, as requiring creation to come about, and not naturally; Creationism is the Stage History is On.

This political situation is so much an upper and middle class thing; where everything is accepted and deemed as good; where working with your hands and not getting married, is alianated. It is the financial, economic, and jobbing, form of the middle and upper class, that where crime runs through and controls with ease. And it’s created, it’s controlled, without an interest to resolution, to keep going, until something metaphysical is seen, we need the most talking, in a constructive, not punitive, trusting, not suspicious, climate. And if talking doesnt exist, but in secrecy festering, well then, these economic, financial forms upon you or us, are so molded away from reason, that metaphysical totalitarian works it sway, analogous to darkness, form and control, unreasonable.

Christie’s farsighted coercion lasered in on bipartisan poll numbers for national appeal, and no republicans were added to legislative rolls. This is something the Rino Rafs hate. (Republicans against Fakes) He got along with the machine, which dominates his party in his state. And the affection generated by his grace, and brand, gives him an adulation naturally fitted for national stage. Usually N.J. Governors, are staid and boring.

Christie evokes McGreevey. Everything seemed fine, but right under the surface, something different and sinister loomed. The difference is Christie has the appeal and charisma, McGreevey lacked, to play through. Perhaps the humiliation of closing bridge lanes, shouldn’t be equated to the humiliation of sexual behavior, and certainly it is fake to not come out, and true to do what is done; but one governor can psyche out his circumstances that’s for sure. The lights were or are shining on both of them.

McGreevey never talked about a situation where an isreali native he slept with, became involved with Port Authority and N.J. Security. Can Christie talk about what is really going, that makes a man commission a study in his favor as if there is a place where that’s OK? Is the delusion so great, he is the one in control? Or is the control of christie so great as to compell another few hundred thousand off the top of this work?

How does corruption work? It seems morally undesirable? Why isn’t the system of its phenonoma, the constitution, analyzed with corruption and crime being lowered the goal? Because you go along with metaphysical control, because there is darkness. And there is no doubt representation and ensuing concentration of power in a few, creates a great built in vulnerability to crime. Was this intended? Why isn’t it an issue? Creationism?

There is a criminal substructure, to war, the concentration of power does control and incline the FBI, enforcement of law, judges, as Locke said, the issue isn’t the lack of good laws, but their enforcement. Patrick Henry spoke on losing liberty to those who guard it; in direct contradiction to Plato’s famous (corrupt?) theory.

This would be talked about. Who could go along with or want criminal substructure. It’s creationism; as ultimately the kingdom of god, and earth so for it, created. Do you dear reader know something of any of this inference? Or you go along with School and Capitalism, and voila, you go along with everything else, and you’ve never addressed any of this, because its about you, going along, that is the real issue, what makes it so easy.

Thus where can Christie address the crime structure to this predicament? Leveraging pay outs of cash cow Port Authority? Where and why does the property, sales and income tax and toll money and fees and fines go? To goverment jobs? That’s not good enough, or what we go along with. Can we talk about the crime, if not the education and capitalistic way we go aong? Is there not a larger climate that would wholly reduce crime with a wider way? and is that not acquiesced by our own the quality of going along, because;
Deep within our stars, is where we be to play with this, where we be, deep within the stars. The lights of the mind too shine in the darkness of heavy sleep, among the hunger, and ties of earth.

In 2004, august, when McGreevey resigned, in face of a lawsuit by a lover from Isreal he hired; I had litigation before the state, claiming local officials violated the reservation of powers to the state or the people, and abridged peaceful assembly, and that the people making decisions with ayes and nays locally, would reduce crime and increase the greatness of the state and all. This is a truly sovereign interest, any real, noncreated state, would be all over in discussing. Perhaps I did not provide the enlightened backdrop law enforcement requires; 04-366 District of N.J.. In any event, i would think it’s karma caused a governor to fall.

And so it is today ten years later, litigation, with five constitutional issues; 1)that the constitution concentrates power in judges to a vulnerability to control by crime, thus systemic crime seems to rule the courts. Why isn’t this brought up? Is it automatic? Designed by Constitution? 2) Article 1 2a of the ii Constitution says all power is inherent in the people, and thus the people have the right to alter and reform government for greater good at all time. Other state constitutions says the same, and thus they point path to discuss with, or police government through the attorney general’s office, as this problem of a judicial system protecting crime, seems to have overwhelmed government. 3) And this is because atheism retards government from reducing or eliminating crime, as all trades strive to eliminate problems ; The government must recognize, it is essential to reject atheism and this face value aceptance of society in order to effectively reduce crime 4) Is there common law regarding compliance to discovery when one party is greater than the other, and possibly even the court as well? 5) The stilted distance of courts, causes a lack of good faith discussion, because of a misplaced self-identity of sovereignty as meaning the greatest power around. Sovereignty means looking out for the interests of the people. It is impossible to do this without forms of good faith disussion, without ocluding and protecting from discussion, through the legal system itself. The courts or government act like the strongest power. They are not. They are a few, and there are organizations of many, with potential bonds involving many more; or, as well, this is metaphysical totalitarianism, a continuance of vehicle of pagan sacrifice, and when power is concentrated in a few, this crime as well, is enabled, in a way, enlightened society of many governing, wouldn’t.

In the complete abscence of understanding either in 2004, the value and morality of the people making local decisions in peaceful assembly with ayes and nays, as constitutional intention and protection, and now in 2014, the difficulty of assertaining what i wrote is even understood by our middle and upper top 25%., thus, as sovereign concern, in your interest this is, there is some gratutious karma whereby the governor falls unless this one, through you perhaps, lets met turn this around.

Though I am more enlightened this decade, feeling very close to hunger and digestion and brains and breath, I hope, I am still forced to conclude from this experience, people, especially pro forma government, are made, created, and thus impervious to understanding and reason. How would history go on otherwise. You aquiesce, itself oposite ringing, to school and capitalism, never addressing it, of course that substructure looms beneath the claim alleged and found on each.

Read the New Republic article on Christie.

You see he was a corrupt prosecutor who played that power to propell his political path. The people he didn’t prosecute and left standing in N.J., then supported him for governor. It wasn’t deep pockets like Corzine, that provided the fuel to this trajectory jersey, it was reducing the number of players, to one’s that supported you, weilding federal prosecutor leverage, then translates into, as governor, unnecessary election dates, commissioning supporting douments, leveraging bi-partisan support through deals, no, my friends, if the cover up is worse than the crime, the decision to run this fake commission, when it is I who seek temporary commission to create an atmosphere of trust I may thereby look into the criminal and metaphysical more important, workings of government. For were this intended, that would be what we know.

I voted for someone on charactor, and it was an act. I voted for Stein, on her ideas, and it feels fine. These misbehaviors are huge charactor issues, not policy issues. His policies withstand scrutiny much much better than his charactor. His morality, common as it is, was in the name of the presidency. Glorifying thinkers from 1780, and so abdicating our analysis, continues to suck up, what should analyze the political phenonoma of today, and this country, and imcumbencize the convening of analysis, as good and great practice to be frequented by inquiring generations.

Additional Notes:
1) How could I be so naive as to think a politician could rise up the rank like Christie, and not be especially corrupted?
2) Two close friends named Chris in my past
3) His personality is grounded in sensitivity about his weight, thats why he’s quick to anger, he’s worried the conversation will turn to his unacceptable hunger and disgestion issues. If he was skinnnier, he wouldnt be so worried about his weight, that he is so priclkly engaging in essentially activities that are role model.
4) Nothing is making sense, the whole thing isn’t making sense, kids, children to enforced school like this? Running off to a job in traffic rather than sensible discussion about what jobs are really needed. With that level of irrationality around, how can the sense of these ideas be understood. Yes some core knows the rote ridicule,


February 24, 2014

The revelation of white

This is the notion that everyone has their own trip, independent of me;

The Revelation of the collapsed galaxy

This is the notion of collapsed galaxies being around and having something, that explains our kingom.
You can not hear the universe can you? So then what would it say if you could speak for it? There are too many planets for one voice.
Thus the notion of a sheltered protected earth

The revelation of brains all over earth perceived only through imagination

This is the relevation brains attract brains, and how quiet a brainy existence on earth must be so as not to disturb the kingdom.
These are dark blue greyer somber colors.
Like tissues that seem to devolve and open up into others. Surely the exploration of the brain be one of the, studies of science and phenonoma

The revelation of Government

This the revelation that it is only the government that thinks or projects a false world, along with what I call, media and war: It is only government that does not understand the kingdom. It is only government that cries, when you would awake. So clearly the government must be reached, to clear this up; and from which perch, attract and entertain other perceptions of the true polity.

Sexy legal terms

February 22, 2014

Harmony between law and the carnal.

Res ispa loquita, —- clear cut, you can not deny having had sex with or slept with sometone

Ratio-Descento——reason behind, why, or how, that happened

Latches—-timliness, how long you knew her before, how long you intend It, to go on.

Mens Re——guilty conscience, for the carnal act. Particularily considering what you intended by the act, as opposed to harm caused by the act.

Progative, Sovereign right———to such intercourse, or what ensues of it

Acquiescence——critical silence

Proximate Cause———- the proximate cause of something is what is really behind intimacy, and not, the reason for it.

Reasonable, doubt, beyond reasonable doubt———-regretting the act, not regreting the act…..there is a certain remoteness to such consideration…all is not forgiven, what is, is not unconditional.

Actus Reus———————-The act itself, upon which its matter hinges

Acts of God——————-The legal system is based on an erroneous consideration of a gross act of god; Sexuality is in context of a greater act of god.

Negligience ————-Negligience allows to grow what then will turn on one; negligience by design; artful, creates.

Contributory Negligience ———allows it to get worse

Audi Alteram Partem ———–allowing the other side to speak, in disputes, in general,

Quid pro quo ——————–symbolic sex

Liability——————-Liability will stress a relationship into ending

Super Bowl FAQs

January 31, 2014

Q. Why do they call it the “Super Bowl”?
A. It’s from the college word, “bowl”.

Q. Why the word “super”?
A.  Because this is the pros. And all pro teams are equal. Pros understand that, so that means any team can win, but they pick the teams to win they want. That’s why they use the word “super”.

Q. Are you saying the NFL is rigged?
A. Yea, but in a good way, as entertainment products tend to.

Q. So how did we end up with The Seahawks and Broncos?

December 11, 2013

Am reading  “The History of Rome”by Theodor Mommsen, who like Jacob Burkhardt, is from the 1800′s of Europe, but focuses more on Historical Narrative, and transmitting the literary, theatrical, even metaphorical quality of History, than Burkhard who relies on cultural analysis, and digressions.

Picked up his narrative, which, starting from the destruction of Carthage, North Africa, makes it about the latter part of the Roman Republic, i started turning the pages, about Ceasar, and his leading a further transition from Constitutional Republic, to Monarchy. This is a very interesting period.

Ceasar was a politician first, who realized political reality required becoming a general, and then led his army against Pompei’s, as The Republic Imploded from the divisions of power required to rule so large an area. He wasn’t like Hannibal, raised by his father general on military bases.

His “advenntures” are remarkable.

OK, so copy momsen above, his story of illyria and Egypt then the mutiny and Egypt, like gospel. Then the stuff from facebook, then, how he cites lincoln as ceasarian out of worse consequences, the roman reversion to temporary dictatorship, or noting all the life long monarchy, that did evil, he calls it like the bible, can be used by the devil.
Suing for peace in the ancient world of ceasars war? And Sovereignty egypt under rome.

Then write about how he reincorporated like hannibal releasing prisoners

What he really did that was great, was that he made himself dictator. there was a tradition, cincinattus, 19 days farmer, but they are asked, he made himself dictator.

2013 MLB Play-offs

October 12, 2013

You get older, more conservative and baseball on tv becomes palatable and addictive. The season starts like a school of fish or flock of birds flying unison, swooning together, tight, not lost. All the teams seem equal, they are all good, its an amazing thing. But then, some of the teams start seperating themselves from the other, rising above the pack, and you wonder about these teams, and who is overrated on last year’s laurels,  and then in the dog days, some of those top ranked few fall, and show themselves less true, and while another rises to finish fast with momentum, and its a fascinating pageant over 162 games, more baseball than anyone on earth plays, so by the end of the season they are honed and true and performing at a rate and level of human performance equivaocoble to the season of athlete as it is.

So I liked all the teams, they were professional and true. Some of the oganizations, or tunes of teams seemed superior, and rarely, close to classical: But in the play offs, two teams emerged as surprisingly, teams i didnt like. The dodgers and the pirates. The pirates were surprisingly strong, but their fans revealed themselves as victims of some {dont discuss life } mantra in the howling jeers against the gentler reds, reminiscient of steeler imperialism, and the dodgers whose huge post all star run that set records, started after a fight with the arizona diamondbacks, also evoke a tinseltown not grounded in class, though they do have great great tall thin young pitching and pitching in general. And as it never came to the fore, prejudice to bucs n dodgers, before the playoffs, maybe it is the yankee karma, for the yankees are the only bad guys of baseball i know of,  and they finally didnt make the play offs.

The pirates intimidated the issue oriented reds out of the wild card play offs, and the  devil rays beat the rangers in the run off, then used that momentum to beat the indians in the wild card play off, which was unfair as the indians showed with their strong finish and wise manager and young charisma, and the devils promptly lost to the red sox, who the indians could have beat.

Then also detroit beat the athletics i liked, because the athletics couldnt handle the detroit momentum, so the game showed a function of pressure not skill and technique, which didnt sit right, as the athletics, despite cali fans, showed themselves durable and superior over the long season, whereas the tigers looked weak as heck against the redsox in late season, so again the athletics would have had an easier time with the red sox, who are the deserved favorite, than the tigers, whose number the red sox have firmly shown to have, i think based on what i saw.

Thankfully, the cardinals handled those unruly on a roll corrupted dont discuss stupid control of good pittsburg possibly for steel going to military karmaiced bucs. The dodgers tho took out the classier braves, through pitching id like to say, though remember their manager don mattingly did not win a world series in his 14 yrs with the yanks following the yanks domimance of the late seventies.

This leaves the good cards against the favored but strangely vulnerable dodgers in that the dodger front office is a bit scandaled and suspect. And the always powerful bearded red sox, against the minority laden tigers of good detroit. The cardnals have a strong organization, but were molested by the SanFranscisco Giants last year, and it shook them, and the giants as well were shaken from world series to fourth place this the following year.

Rainbow stuff

September 3, 2013

It gets so dark at night in the white mountains, it’s like the darkness has a thickness. And the only reason they call it the white mountains, is you can imagine the little bit of white llife, everyone has inside.

I’ve been to nineteen rainbow gatherings. Alabama Talladegha National forest, April 94, Ithica Aug 94, Mississippi, Florida, Alabama, Kentucky, Ithica, in 95, Osceola 96, Ocala Fl, 99, 2000, 2002, & 2006. Ithica, 97, 99, 2001, 2005, Allegheny, July, 1999, and 3 New England ones. These are hippies gathering in the woods, away from cars, feeding and sharing for free, in different national forests through the year. By far, the new england gatherings have been the worse, the bottom three, the top 15 rival each other in spirit and lessons. The world is far more sexually abused than admitted, and the rainbow takes on probems, the world ignores, so maybe obnoxiousness is this, and the point, to help.

I should also mention I haven’t been to a rainbow gathering in seven years.lll

The rainbow has two issues, amid its myriad of circles and lessons. It discourages alcohol, for which alcoholics congregate near the parked cars, begging for money, extorting alcohol, and often ènough threatening or enabling violence. And this last is what may get the rainbow in trouble; insofar we have no leaders, nor anyone to represent us, and refuse to sign permits; yet sued for “A-camp” liability, policies we endorse or take no action on, everyone one of us will be named a defendant.

The other issue is “The National”. There are smaller regional gatherings of ten to 2000 jan through October, yet every July, usually in The Rockies, or western states. There is “The National, which draws 5000-20,000. I propose having three summer month rocky mountain regionals, rather than one, possibly too big gathering.

The rainbow is not a vacation, but about improving yourself, others and the world, through skills and experience of the rainbow. The gathering is not about running from your problems, but being in a place that can help you deal with them.

My friend Tommy and my dog traveled with me, to the white mountains shadows of Mt Mouisilauke where the rainbow gathered. By shadows I mean, the mountain is so immense as to cast shadow and not be seen, throughout its valleyes, as if the leaves glimmer and resist some far off huge peak between its rustle casting a daunting spell more unseen than seen as daunts.

I told Tommy, these NERF (New England Rainbow Family) gatherings are the worst, boring and stuck up and without spirit, more like private school, than some eternal avante guarde to prophicize the promised land inherent in the rainbow metaphor. I told Tommy, we can’t be separated,that they are jealous of truly good friends, that you must run interference, and help me capitalize on the abused situation, for the obnoxious are always secret victims of abuse

Yet as soon as we get there, parking along The Swift River, than we seperate. Tommy is alcoholic. We both have alcohol. I just knock on wood and sneak it in and share it quietly or take a taste of it now and then, but not loudly party or be irresponsible therein. And they never mind that. Its the babylon of drinking they don’t like, when people use it like cowards to run away from, or start to talk babylon on it, out of pressure to sound fun. Babylon is what they call the world that doesn’t make sense. Is what they are against. In this sense they merge with Reggae, or rastafarianism, and their love of drum circles and making acoustic music in general, and cooking and setting up kitchens in the woods, and sharing, and having some blessing or affection from the state they are in. For instance, Mississippi blessed us with busloads of Christians from a megachurch. Ithica tended to have more poets. Florida has lots of younger people.

Anyway Tommy is scared to pass the “No alcohol” sign at front gate. From front gate to the campsites and main meadow, is two miles. “A-Camp” would as I said, stay near “front gate” and try to be consumed by alcohol. However, at this gathering, there was no A-camp, so Tommy staked this claim, and waited for “kegger Dave”(who is sober now) and “Two Tokes” (who is bad) and “bald head Hawk” (who is good) and “Little Hawk” who is dead, to show up, having been last seen by Tommy in the early nineties.

Fine, so I hiked down the lonely path alone; and towards the end past the campsites, all off one main path, I camped on the hillside side of the path, not affixing as the suburb of a kitchen, as one may do, prefering to be alone and old, until the situation settled.

In truth, there were people panning for gold, just a river curve away from the established fire pit, Tommy propitiously found, right near, where we parked, and he soon wanted to pan for gold and gem hunt, and brought back pounds of rocks as if the car had the payload, and also I felt bad taking minerals from “The Granite State”. I kept the car locked. I didnt want him bringing attention to me. But he cooked and slept in the bushes propitiously near. I hiked enough to see a sign that said, “no sleeping or camping on this side of the road” in the process of getting to “The Benton Trail” that explored up Mt Mousilauke. And the cops or rangers came round that night at 2am knocking on car windows, that if answered, were hit with a fifty dollar fine. I heard they specifically looked for Tommy, at his sight, with search beams, but he had luckily chosen to sleep under a boulder near where he had found some gold flakes numbering about a $1.82, and their lights couldnt see him, and they didnt go trek-look in person.

There hippies who think it is Ok to take rare minerals from national forests, or anywhere.

One can’t escape the sensation, one must better quiet down, to take in the conscious life about, the press actively detracts. Ultimately, that’s what a rainbow gathering takes in, that’a how we are not political but spiritual, and gives us faith.

If you can define “civilized” as being removed and far from truth, from the centralized removal of government, media, corporation, than we should all take on the “barbarian” identity. The barbarian, is more enlightened, than the civilized, being closer to earth, less religiously limited, (by which I mean, more religious), and proner to community, and group-thinking. You can say to a barbarian, that you know they know they didn’t get a life. Indeed, they respect that integrity, its proximity to success makes it vital. And yet, in writing, where it is harder to simply mute, writing exudes civilization.

The rainbows, are more exquisite than the Romans, in their ritual of noon circles, and welcoming strangers into the circle. The tradition, of the barbarian in the woods, the ritual necessary to it, is far more exquisite than what is required to subsist in a day in babylon. Where closeness requires skill, so sophistication, is born. On world which believe in the world, as it is on paper, is less sophisticated, and cruder, than a polity aware of higher power. That higher power is hard to discern, makes its acknoledgement more skilled, than the ignorant. That’s what “enlightenment”, is all about. The rainbow is where the promised land, might be prophecized.

Barbarians have realized the world is better, working together. i would bring over long fallen over thin dead trees and dèposit them near the kitchen “Wanna Burn?”. They had a talent show one nìght, cooked for main circle where evenings, food was distributed; did fire dancing, and I met one fellow from N.J. Who skateboards across the country, states, at a time.

The galls, were the most famous barbarians, and probably because nights were cold in north italy and the alps, they counted nights, and slept days, and so the rainbow it seems, rose to socialize at darkness, and all night, the drums could ring. Also it is customary to yell, alone or enmasse, from campsite and campfire, whatever was wanted to yell. I yelled, “rainbow zombies” and “mind control”; indeed tried to talk about the obvious mind control that created the gathering, and creates politics and tv. And mind control is good to talk about.

A sin of the world is isolation, and rainbow has the potential to bring people together for the numbers wisdom requires. Thats part of the genius of the pagan and classical and tribal world, rainbow adheres to tribal principles, and civilization has removed from us. The press, and government, is far from us; whereas, of rainbow, it is near, if at all. Groups can unleash the power that recognizes the world as ongoing victim, individuals, can’t. It is very easy to say, “mind control creates the world we see” but requires people to see where that mind control comes from, and how..

Rainbow embraces, what the competitive nature of the world might disable; Rainbow enables recognition of what more truly is. People are hurt, betrayed, violated. Where is the place, the community, to admit it? Where does the fulcrum of enlightenment lodge?

People are encouraged to bring at least ten pounds of food to share with the kitchens to prepare and distribute. This is a fairly delightful ceremonial first thing to do. One wants to dispense with the food stuffs as soon as possible, it’s added weight to all the camping gear. So you can walk around and visit kitchens and donate a bit of this and that to everyone, or all to one particular kitchen.

Main circle is where noon council is. It’s also a place where perhaps the most serious and important conversations may be had. I missed the noon councils, and in general did not find much relief in the form of people or circles to engage. There is a snobbiness to the New England Rainbow, the other tribes and regionals don’t have. Maybe the rainbow movement has been seen as the subversive type it is, and infiltrated by those who control it to keep it from being what the rainbow is. While most regionals are two weeks, the New England is only one, allowing less time to work it out. It’s one of the few gatherings that has auspicious worship of a few older people. Most gatherings are like the explosions of leadership by the young at college. I searched out people at main meadow, several times, and cleaned it, two mornings, but found no one. Once people started a guitar circle, which was replaced with a drum circle, which can go on all night around the large main meadow fire circle. In other regionals, people would collapse and sleep right there.

Rainbow and tribes are not about the concentration of power, and its corresponding effect of so much pressure upon the official he/she doesn’t really know what is going on. Moreover they provide the opportunity to discuss the creation upon us with many, in circles, when the isolation and distraction of the more sinful world, circumvents this.

But, if a movement or tradition, is corrupted, the easy access to other people, serious problems require, can be shut down. Though I did not interact much with people, the sheer camping out was calming and a great feeling. I really needed to rise and watch the sun circle round the mountain rim shadowing me, a couple days. It was nice turning off the clocks and going by the sun. Likewise, being in the white mountains of New Hampshire, put me close and hiking trails. There was one night, it thundered, but rained very lightly, and another, that didn’t thunder, but rained long and steady, dampening parts of me trying to sleep, seeping through my tarps. There was also a wonderful consortiums of dogs.

There was one moaner. Ok, passing moans coming from a tent is not something to joke about: It makes you wonder whether every girl passing is a moaner.

I was not able to engage in capfire circles, or hang out near the drums, nearly at all, or as I remember in past gatherings, except two other nerf ones that came to mind, where this impediment exists. Knowing what I suspect of private school, by being aware of the prevelance of sexual abuse, be it naturally under god, or as mere contrivance, or actually mistranslated into society, had I placed that thought prominent, I could have stepped past their features, to the circle, and waited it out to lay it on the line. But I didn’t.

The ideas I wanted to discuss were

The Story of the Universe that gets us here.
Really simple, bad evil universe not into good ole universe, demands sacrifices, pagan culture, for which we create kingdom of god, and society that masquerades covert saccrifice.

Wè as the barbarians, are more enlightened than the civilized, as civilization is the process of moving us from truth.

The afterlife, or remaining consciousness, is no picnic.

The obviously is mind control in the creation of the rainbow world.
This went over the best, so true and within what sounds reasonable the most easily.
Almost sure T.S. Eliot meant, “In the rooms, the women come and go, talking about mind control”
Always others from N.J. At gathering who eventually befriend me.

There was something democratic machine about it, something supposed to be fore the people, corrupted away from the people, and as community is a psychic sense, so there was something psychic to the totalitarianism, as what is constructed, is mind control, the control of what is in the realm of society.

Rainbows should put in time in commerical agriculture, or on large farms.

It takes many to realize the loss, the many is one thing, the rainbow offers.

Seems like upper and middle class sells soul for money and or good job. Bars can not get as serious as campfires.

Hard but good hiking in white mountains all around; if wasn’t so tired and needing to get away.

Sensations, there’s not much life in each head, but a little, to feel
Sensations, the kingdom of heaven does see from inside or through the eyes of the kingdom of god, and even, surrounds the kingdom of god.
Sensations, all our heads are together in mind space

Additional notes, 1) lots of activity, at night. Also, lots of periods of quiet during the day. Gallic tribes did same strategy.

2) No rich people at gathering, fairly put, a lower class thing, very few people with middle class jobs.
Also, regarding NERF, (new england rainbow family) gathering, no pick-up trucks, the rainbows haven’t picked up the red neck pick-up truck charactor they are prone to. All I’m saying, pick-ups, are like the high cavalry of the lower class;

the drums have barbarian beats.

There is a real line of quiet, under there, is quiet.

The rainbows howl at night. Good reason to not smoke.

Not burning man or shows, or costs money, but hippie chill quiet, a big part of which being in the woods, outdoors, beautiful and public setting.
It’s not some “Hey Amigo” “What’s up” but about reaching the back nine of society better.

A big part is getting into the peace and quiet of camping.

Barbarians have realized things are much better, working together

greater part of valor

August 17, 2013

1)I apply Article 1 2a and interpret Judicial Constitutional Article, and govern so to, “based on thinking that matters, of interpretation or application of organic documents of government, and of fundamental right and obligation, warrant a second judicial look at…because they are intrinsically of basic importance. Tidewater v. Mayor, Council of Carteret. 44 N.J. 338,341 (1965)

2)The basic right is assured by arranging honest talking which is civil due process.

3)My allegations, do not depict the only senseless device in society. Even, where, “sufficient arguable potential for the denial of a basic right” especially since I am quite particular…. ”substantiality, will be found” State v. Pometti N.J. 446, 450, (1953)

4) There has not been, nor maybe may be, a conclusive judicial or governmental, determination of the safety generated by the concentration of justice in a few judges, if there be a quantifiably much greater network of crime. The record reflects this.

5) If by design, how can there be settled law; nor notion of lawyers working things out, and not courts; nor that spirituality and justice must be together; nor the people more capable of justice together, than a judge alone?

6) How can this totalitarianism, succinct with crime, be?. Public interest may demand a guide, but these terms go beyond set judiciary.

7)“Do moments of silence violate the constitution” was not rejected by the supreme court. Morsi v Wermer 86 N.J. 232, 237. My allegations would subsume due process.

8)The court admits, “We strive to avoid reaching constitutional issues, unless required” Recall Menendez v Wells, 204 N.J. 79, 95,96,201 (2010). The design is to ignore the pressure on constitutional structure. Are they now required to, by docket? The 2010 Court here also admits the obligation to the ideal of court.

9) The court is sworn to uphold the constitution. The constitution entertains my claims. Yet I petition “Government”, as “government” desires expressing a true condition, and negotiate a way to conceive what we are, more than “judiciary”, as generally and particularly, a first chakra issue.

10) This case is in public interest; what goes on in Hudson County, and New Jersey Appellate, is as definitive a public issue as what enables it.

11)The citizen becomes the court.

12) Constitutional cases are like class action
cases, bonding people, as does a state’s right
to tax foreign business, municipal ordinance, or
the right to fire someone.

13) Yet I am outside History, questioning three
basic components of our constitutions, focusing
on a pressure, tended to ignore.

14) This shakes public opinion. So discretely,
examine the relation between media, and public

15) There is a grain of salt, to the claim you can
reduce crime by altering and reforming
constitutionalism, as it takes a higher power
to keep History from having shared this.

16)Such is required to hear terrible stories.

17)This case is compelling because it is a common
denominator to other countries.

18)This is more than collateral examination of the
justice system, because the constitutional issues
of the case, merges into matter, as the matter,
to docket.

19) Liability and proceeding, discretionarily,
due to criminal network in the background,
and not atheistically.

Understanding Rules

August 15, 2013

3) Likewise, the fee requirement seems to be something I would contribute to pushing this forward.

4) These are extraordinary experiences.

5) The crimes are easy to see, the judicial obeisance thereto, and the control of opposing party and the silenced.

6) This is pushed forward, to sink in, the way of right, for court is a right. If people have fallen along the way, then it is meant for the person who can.

7) This is pushed forward, as a right is stood up for, because the supreme court of N.J. is a percentage of Constitution, the constitutions give N.J.’s Supreme Court power, the supreme court is much less than the constitution. When we question the constitutional concentration of power, in few, as vulnerable to larger criminal network, the supreme court loses its right to deny the case a court.

8) This goes further. Government gives the constitution’s power; By definition government comprises the people for this. Government, in original form, is far greater than the constitutions. This issue is about government, and why the supreme court must entertain me.

9) Government should be sophisticated and not take things at face value, but aware of complexity.

10)         And because I am asking for very little, merely some help from the attorney general’s office to look into this thing, so I may open the flood gates of people I know who know, (and talk others in this light), determine the story, and explain the situation.

11)         Success then seems grounded in admitting, even dealing with, what is.

12)         Article 1 2a application to alter and reform government for public good, can be seen as the same mineral in the pushing forward of the rules.

13)         You have to know, and the structure of the rules of Appeal of Right seem to reflect, knowledge that the constitutional concentration of power in a few judges is harmful to the people, and government.

14)         Therefore the mechanism logically must not lie in your hands, to pull this further, but in my ability to push it further, meeting the appendix requirement to appeal.

15)         This core of government, is grounded in what naturally government is; an awareness of complexity, a concern and spreading to people.

16)         My appendixes will arrive shortly.

The Liability of Atheism

August 13, 2013

nNot only does constitutional concentration of power create vulnerability to wider criminal network, and crime, and this seems designed so, and not only is article 1 2a, of state constitution, a device to look into this by the people: But the adherence to atheism by government is very foolish.

Should the kingdom of god, or the being transformed from human be shown, (of concern to numerous professions, exposing market economy as dictated by higher power, on paper and not at all what it claims, something very apparent to me and others in small business, I had an organic agriculture 6 years before this)the public good would greatly benefit.

Working with a number of people, as it takes many to grasp the trauma and loss of life of the kingdom of god, rather than be ruled through it, The Kingdom of God is easy to show, upon which true economy, though purposely diverted, may be created, and light cast upon war and our justice system, as merely killing and oppressing.

People seeing the still bodies, we would arrange, would then have to discuss what steps to take, path to go on. Such sight would effect medicine, show folly of crime, and deem what is truly most important.

This is what government would concern itself with. The people, and their sense of responsibility may have been undercut by a design of government designating seriousness for itself. Government, certainly, has means, resources, charter, for this work. The people have trouble with this comprehension, contradictory and illuminating a negative as it is, and sad, and thus working through it with the seriousness of government, is a part of this appeal and action.

Aug 13, 2013  Victor Fedorov

1)      Atheism is at the root core of our problems. It is purposely there, by design on higher power, to keep us from fundamental knowledge and this is the nature of totalitarianism, I  attempt to convey.

2)      Were atheism recognized as specious assumption upon the human race, as ignoring the transformation to being, which Christian Terminology calls the Kingdom of God, we would have a more even bead upon society’s ills and healths.

3)      Atheism places a great deal of pressure upon judges and parties.

4)      It takes many, and seriousness and respect to apprehend the trauma and loss of life, The Kingdom of God, or Being, signifies. Atheism is consistent with isolation, misplaced seriousness, alienation.

5)      It is hoped, working with the division of law, or the people, the kingdom of god, and stillness to the body can be shown. Resource, seriousness and many, can easily prove and show a transformation to the human, that media and government, purposefully if unconsciously obscures.

6)      There is a professional relevance to determining this information, and certainly, great public benefit, and shows things as they are; totalitarian falsehoods fulfill this system now.

6à) The psychology of the problem is more be the contradiction of long operating assumptions, and not the easily understood truth of the matter.

7)      I have been denied by opposing party, and a casp conference, by judiciary the opportunity to sit and seriously discuss this. (motion for casp conference). One would assume, communication is where justice begins.

8)      I spoke on this in oral arguments, as the most important and pressing thing for the judges to be aware of. For they totally neglect this comprehension. It was beyond them.Nor did lower court allow my leadership, for the spiritual is contingnent upon recognizing injustice.

9)      Showing the kingdom of god, would reveal paths and steps to public good, and destroy atheistic assumptions governing government, market economy, medicine, and use of media.

10)   Atheism, denies an important loss of life by the human race, creates the wrong kind of seriousness, is inimical to justice, and seeing the true underpinnings and condition of injustice or conflict. Thus druids of justice were spiritual among Germanic tribes.

11)   Revealing The Kingdom of God would turn the Justice system upside down. Yet as higher power controls things, factor in whether higher power wants such, or allows us discussion.

12)   Atheism causes despair, inability to functional and apprehend, increases vulnerability to and victimization by crime, and a root from which crime flows. It is another artificial device to make society more dangerous and harmful, in what is shown, for the ends we seek to discuss. Atheism is part of the plan creating harm and danger to the people, and government.

13)   Atheism is a legitimate constitutional issue, as it seems to found our government’s assumptions, in many branches and acts. It’s discussion, particularly as we cut to the quick and show how human race really physically is, a goal that requires work but is very rewarding.

14)   The matter of this case, and crime in general, is posited upon atheism. Were the people more spiritual over the years, this could not have happened. Were people not a totalitarian society grounded in atheism, there would be less oppression.


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